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A Family Journal Devoted to Polities, Literature, Local, Domestic and Foreign Ncavs, Agriculture, Education, and the Interests of ^^-ott Ccnuiv. 

vol.. Ill- 




NO. 42. 

H. H. WILLIA.n^. [ T II i: 

r.s.TSo States Dkhpt rou.ECTOR asp ' CfT A TZ-Opup APPTTQ I ^/"'^'^ ^os^^*^ j'"P«"eDce Choke that ( 
•atr rro»««tM.»rihain.r.N..tic..uiH.v. (hrtcrat K.rm- »^ A-li"!. JVV>f X lUrA A,tX\J \J O. oown wLich gDows Ht youT heart, because 

• r's Bank, :>hjU<>iicc. 

latenuUKcTsMif ^T\MPS rur 
v3 1137 tf 

I certain proof that they are poisoD.s. No ! A 
truce to such jmDatieDce. Choke that envy 


j are not in the same lot with others ; briiig 

AVIien he rose from his knee^ K^oire W., 
the opening counsel, very much exii>perated 
by the turn the case hud taken, said : Mr 


Correet Speaking. ! t^ 

Wc advise nil young jwople to acquire in \J* 

.,.,,,.. .,,eh„bi..,.r.i,„ ,.„. ,.„,,.,„. NEWSAOLEW WARE HOUSE 

». W.Oi*o»»IC«. '* 



COMML'<SIO.\' MERCtu.yrs. 

Crn-T E«»l Water and Erlr StrrrK, 



Dry Goods Groceries d'C. 

TtlHMS: fia.OO i.i Advance, nr SQ.50 
it'pttia %vitliiii tlte V«ar. 


Crc« Lint! or Unmake a S<tuart.) 


-\U»ul.l liifurui lh«ciUx<pii«..lSli»kopc«»ini vliliiliy.tiitkt 
u« U pret'urrii to 

R E I> A. I R 

Wmli-»ip».ei">tk». «nii.lew<'lr»,ofeverv<1o»crli>tlo'!. 

prayer with his practice, wisely forcborc, leav I '" ''* abuse, the uofojtnnate viciinn of iieglec- 1 W'><>r.- -m u- hai ev.r.vthini{ iM-rtaimiiK lu ti.c imgi i 

ing poor Nr. A. to win his ease as he did bv I ^f *i"*'"*!^" 'K^'^' Probably doomed to talk ,.•»., 

• slang tor lite. Moutjy is not necessary to pro- 

One Situjie 

bany Ar?us are we to ha-e ? How inar.y 

more drafts ? IIcw mauy more thousands of 

millions pent ? How loog are oar iusiitu- 

Two jiquarr., i" \ Z I 3 w'l 1 m\ '^Zl loZ I 'uoo ^'""s to be crushcd by military rule? How 

fhr— 8«rni» rcs i j soj j-mj ^tou 1 8 (10 1 13 00 1 20 00 'o^o ^ labor to be drained by the exhaustioo 

,.„..,.„..--.-. - " » «oci 6 00! 9 0oTii«»ji5«| xsoo of men and means ! 

^„,u.ou „,vvv^rvr* I o-^I^^ZZOioa-Msooiwconaouil^n^^^ Ket us look for the answer among those au- 
jillAKorFh - - - - MlNNhSOIA.j ~- ,- i—_; tho-iscd to speak. j 

How Many More Years of War. 
How many more years of war, asks the Al- "'f "*''®' '"°*'® of presenting it.— Herald o/, cure this education. Kvery ronn lias it in his 


. power. He has merely to use the languai,"C 
' which he reads instead of the slau<r which he 

TI«»<«nha«i<l.»"dlcconit«ntlr r*felvli.£ frt»li «lip - — 


Charles Hartmaii; 

nr.Ai.Kii IN 

Grncerics, Dry Uoods &c. 

riKsT sTRntrr. shjkopke. 

• 4ri:'»>i:tr.>_^ 

im. J. I.. WAKKFiLH. 

piiysrciAX Axn sciiGEOiX,^;;, „„,^f ,,^ cne.tdiws 


» »i:e 

';':;-:^'":;"", n^'";JoVr,:::.u!^:^ I ^'»'^»» ^iocoin »id « the rUiladdphi. known ju.lgement and freedom from •• senaa- 

j toi,epti,if.>r!iiT«rUbiytn«dv»no«. 'Fair — "I Only ask for four years more of war ' ^'onal " atetcments, maka this testimony of the 

I i^*t ADTnTiinmTs,r«te.t ■•tranrtMt.iniitnii.tin ' to abolish slavery in every one of oucjouthern | highest value, and wc may confidentially ask 

for it the cousideraiion of gentlemeu w jo are 
in the habit ol rejecting the assertions of more 
ordinary political s|>eakers. He said : 

Among the lelu^^es from Atlanta immedi- 
' *' ' ■ ur 

Important Statement of Robert C- r'^'^' ^'J *"T. ''" ^"''*' ^'■•'™ *'''' ^''^^ ^'^*''P" 

xgr- ^x. nnd poets of the country, to trca-sureujichoict^ 

Winuiroi). , ^>bra6e8 in his memory and habituate himself 

In ths great speach of Robert C. U'inthrop j ^° ^''^ "=*• avoiding at the same time that pe- 

made last week in Connecticut, occurs a most '■ '^^"!'^ precision and bombast which shawsihc 

:»,,.-.►.„.,. ., .. „ .^ „ I ■ I. . ■ r.,. weakness of vain ambition rathes than the pol- 

important passage, which we repeat here. The ,sb of an educated mind. 

high charracter of Mr Winihrop, his wcl — ^— ^^^^^^^^,^^^^^^^^_^ 

Military Co 0(1 b% v^c, 

»:i..i*i.t.e,in for bcfoie »ii «ffl Uvlt of puuicatlui. , o. . -. 
wlllbeplvpn lotates. 

Bc«jfEM ja«ds. note«fce<iin« flreiinef.»4per»nnnin I The Newport (N. H.) Arjfus has this oara- 

Blaiiki of all klmlt Altars on hand or prhitail to order j P'"*P° ' 

»«. i A TwFMTT Tbars' Wak— Col. George sta- 

jted in his spee-cti in this town, on Satur.lav ' ^*^'>' "'^'*-"'" '^ captiiiv, there came within om 
Uirge for a Soldier. last, that Gen. Butler told his partner, William ''"*^'* " '^■^' ''='.^" ''^'" " pt'rs«-n ot tin; most cs 

The fallowing beautiful lines were writtten ^'- Foster, Ksq., while on a recent visit to the f "'"J''^'- ""•' ^'xceknt cliaracter, who had eii- 
by Mr (;eorge h'. Boker. of Boston, in memo- ' ^"""'J' "^ '''^ Potomac, that the re-electio.. of J?>'''**' ^''J^ '»^'=^.* o| ul understanding 



THK Underaigned 

hasjiiu riturtie'l fn u. tt.e 
Ka>t wltha iiv«ir<ui'pl> of 

Dental Material. 

. .. Bnit la prrparr<l to <!• rU 

^ ••lioratifttiaacc'Tllinfto tho laleal lii.prov.n.^Pt*. Al>«, 

THS T72isxif:srs ktsbsk wcr.x, 

; mI'i!"".''i"",'"^'.'m"" :\ "•' ^'•'•■•"l»-»»» - I^uM.l ..vra- 
I MIln.Krai.l.n.viaklnK tli.- p!;icc oi f..i«I plair KTliis-'t- 

i !m.''v"«"" **"•''• »P«tH"«i» o( tbc w..rk i-ai, b«M*n 
' ntliiy "ini.i!. 

j l.u'%*n^"* .'rl'!". 'r '""*•"** «>»»«-'l«'l fW of rjurge wLl.« 

■ f,.f?".y',*'V.r^" ^'"",\ '»'*i'-».l. Pr1r,.ar»a«)n.b>. Fi f 
; I'Irtll^rpa:ll«.ular^,l•aIlotll>^n'1drr>.* 

i . 1'*. K. JUfAV. 

' n of re™iruTl»V.'in7r ■' "' """r'' '"."""""■ L-ncold would be equivalent to a TWEN IT i ?^« soutlun. heart 
^ ry Ol oenerul I hihp Kearney and tf thought j YKARS' WAR. 

Geo. Jim Lane, in a speech to the Reuubli- i ^. .1 . n • 

, 1^ "*■"*- *'^H""" I most authentic sunne. I hev were commuiii- 

S'xt •!.•- yr<.*i. of n.*'* I>ru« ?t -re. (Jl 

, VuliiO-M.*.l 


Coiiiiiiissioii Merchants, 

24-4 Takk a.m» -<'J SoiTU Wate« .Sts., 

Chicago, Illinois. 

K N Y , 

p O R 1: 

The National Hotel Stand, 

.,1-a ji-- 

rl .Mf 

T. J. IH'FFV. 


R. M. Wright. 

in the English j 
boguagc : 

"Close his eyes his work is doue ! 

W'huL to him is friend or foeman, 
Rise of moon, or s»-t of sun. 

Hand of man, ..r kiss of woman ? 
L«y him low, lay him low, 
In the clovkr or the unow ! 
^\ hut cares he ? lie cannot know 
Lav liiiu low ! 

As man may he fought his fight, 

Troved his truth l.y his endeavor ; 
L*-t him f,leejj in solemn night, 
.S.eep forever and forever, 
L»«y him low, lay him low, 
J II the clov. r ami the snow ! 
\\ hat cares he ♦ he eannut know 
IjiV hint low ? 

Yankee Notions, 

jtnor A' snon mjhur. ', 

./.V/> REI'.llRKR, 

SI I AKOlT-l*. Minn. 


t *MV,.W!.ri..r.H. •i:.a;ikl'i.l-..l work in .:iy Ilnr 
, uUrm* -tr.. I ..».» iMUil*- I'l'. work ' <3 i 41 

i: H. tlinTK.M»KN, 

rvTB«Lir Sl»:<i.'i-: I(!l. TlIIBl>»nit».T. 

f:t.i\T fAri.. 


„l)o« att.n.1r.<. »«. Title. InveMUatr. 

r»rE«trv<»:-i. non.nmr. init; •t..«i»prt»m|. «■"'"•': 
. ;.w.r.rk. M'!-r-n.rn..: . iv..v.;^;;;..j7; »;;*: 

(i-ir 1, I'. I>. 

Fold him in his country's star?, 

R'lll the drum and tire the volley • 
W bat to hiiii are all our warii. 

What but death beinocking folly ? 
Lay him low, lay him low, 
111 the clover or the s-now ! 
What cares he ? he cannot know : 
Lmy him low ! 

Leave him to God's watching eye, 

Trust him to the hand that inad« him, 
•Mortal love weeps idly by : 

God alone hiw power to aid him. 
I.ay him low. lay him low, 
III the clover or the snow .' 
AVhat eares he / he cannot know : 
I.ay him low I '' 

And what saiij he, on In' 
ing interrogated a-i to the prospects of the fti- ' 
ture ? I can L'ive you his remarks from the' 
, r V -v I J 1 J . most authentic Sonne. Thev were conn 

[cans ot .New York, declared amid applause:— , cated to me by a gootlfiien.l of the Union in 
I 'I'.y G — d, I want to make this war a perma' one ot the border state*, "If Mr. Lincoln is ' 
nent iuslitution." j re-elected." said he, "the people «»f the south ! 

M'l 1 »i' 1 1 • •, .... will fi.'ht for thi»-tv vears for thcv fi-fl thii f *'"'»'"'' '^aji tt>'«it«>ntion of th« citiifni of .<?cou 

Ihurlow Vi eed. who IS well acquainted Wth I .. """^ '"^ i" i> J«-*'N lur uity ue I ".U an,.H.|juininc(unntie«tooursl.jikof 
..... , . ' . they can do netl'iiij; betttr: l»ut il .McClellan I r\ r>i i t ' 

the interior purposes of the repubhcau organi. ' j^ electedsuch an overwhelming Union pariy j UTV GOOUS ancl 
zations ?ays : i will be formed in the sontli that |)eace will be { *^ -tt- i' »■ 

Abolition influences in congress and in the I ^''^ immediate nsult. I speak," said j 
cabinet have double<l the millions of dollars ' ^^' "'^"-* sentiments of the i)eoplc, not the oflTi- I . , ^ 

and deepened the rivers of blood spent and ^ials. The leaders of the rebellion arc ai,.xious | '»^'«»''^'>"<"^'""s «• r-iu^-i ,.rice.t»s,.i,the time., 
shed, in a war, which, bo long as such infl.K-u- f"'' '^e re-election of .Mr. LincMln, as givin- s^:;,^te\\7.;:; .;.oVsro."k .fr""''* ^"'"" ' ^^J" "»'»''• 
ces uod counsels sway the governnient, pr .m- ■ "'O^^ h<'F "•" 'he ultimate ^uceesi of the rebel ! DRESIS GOODS, L.l DIES' CLOCKS 
i^eri nothing but an LNTEKMINABLE '^''"^'?- lint the peopi ," he added, "resfjcet ; IXTt CI n lKI\'r 

CONFLICT or an inglv^rious lemiiuai ion. McClellan, and believe in his honesty cap:.c- i , . , „ „ o , r ™. ,/;ww. ., ,.,„„. 

ity ai-.l pauioiism; and, being l.earlils- tired of ^'^t.MOR.IL Ji.XD HOOP SKIRTS 
the war. they will be willing to trust "him." i HOOLE.X SH.'Ilf LS, 

Such is the latejt and most mit hemic test i- ' RRE.1KF.IST .S7/.'7/f L.S, SO.XTGS 
mony from the very heart of the t^outhern ' ,l,\'l) ,XU1H iS 

Confederacy. It w « communicated to me r'T n'PIISi ' ' a \ui i « 

«o long as'the north iimslVupon'sub- 1 ffO"' n source entitled to the hi;rhist confi- ^^'^ ^ ''"^ >'l.\ V C.ISSIMERES 
jui-atiiig the souih-governing it by bullets and I dence, and it concrs. I need hardiv say, with I 4'^^> •J'C, ^-C. 

I ballots. .;»nd so long as the south resists this I every opinion which I have been able lo torn. | p..„,„, ,,,„„., ,„ p,„.,.,.,, ^^^. ,,„„„^ ^,„ 
subjugation, the war must goon. 1 he Rus- '•^'^ my.-elf, 1 do nrmly and honestly believe^iLint lo .<l i-uuiaihU'ivc u« a i«ii. 
,sian war in Circassia lasted twcntv years, riie !*''*'• 'f by the aid of this good oldstaleofi ■> K<«f via »a.^n rr-BiE. n«.^.» I 
I Spaniards and Moors were at war eiirht bun- Connecticut George Brinton McClellan shall I "■='^" *'-"«*'■* * "E PLACE. | 
hundred years. The Moors were driven out ^^ proclaimed president of the United States j fVtiria, IT^ "^ m^U '— Nrfw 

jof Spain, and Circa.ssni has been conquered, 1 "^^ -A^n'^-'rica on the 4th day of .March next, as j KfeS^es^S-^ ^^''^^^^lly 

{the remnant of the people who refused to sub- j I ''"Pe and trust he may be, niiother year will ' 
I mit to liu>;-ia taking refuge with the turks. In "0^ '»a^c expired without witncs>iiig'thc final ! *^(J Qf C^^ Poill Afinn 


''rni: only orgnnized Insnram-e roirpanv • f 

»#-Oili.., |„ , •„,,..,., M.,,1 KUak, h«..r iw. lxl:\,nl, . ' 


i W. ,\, w. 


<>• r. A. «. K. „,i.,n. .r, u .{,_,,.., M.,,,,- ..•!«• (•, 
\ \Kj~t MjltMiui, K'Kl.tfai. r. 


•'■ ••• Jl'. raf. 
C.l'. Coir. I'ro 

J. I^TII.<^TPsn^•, Tr',»Ki,r. r 
I . V\ . KK.VHI.I.w... r*t:.r» ■ 
.M..I.\(>i;TUKfl'. ff^lli-nt; 
y. WKUIl, V(o« I'rV^ iri.t 
W. A. W »:i.l.S. ij«i,eral Ar. u 

Ar. ut. 


The London correspondent of the New 
j York Times writes from Loudon of the peace 
rumors : 

I I try it every way and cannot cypher out a 
peace '^'- ' ' ' 

; ten or twenty or thirty years the Roulherners **^""'"''''*^" of the rebellion; and tiiatthej 
\ who have not escaped to Canada or Europe ! succeeding 4ih of .luly will find us c^^lubratiiig ' 
jmay take refuge in .Me.\ico such a jubilee as has not been seen .since that i 

(Jov. biings some evidence upon ' '^"^ ^'■"'' '*•'' ^''"^*^'^ '^'^ *''^ birthday of .\meri- 1 

can independence. I do net forget the dan- j 
gcr of indulging in ninety days, or even > 

.1.^ .^..1 • . • .1 » 11 • " ^^''•" iudenendcnce. 

the subject, in the following passage of his i - ' 



< ..». K. ^auni'.n. Wl«..-"?' 


t .>n<u 

i-v.;»\i»nsiii Kiis-di.-^h. Fn-n.-b ami « lerinaii. 

-Deathleis Determination. 

P. F. Mcquillan, 

w n. n.rsAi I . 

recent .<;peech at Philadelphia : twelve months prophecies. I'do not forgi-t i 

The men who wen' drafted this year under ''ow many memorable warnings wc have had i 

the five hundred thousand call hsive but one '^'^•' ^'"■■''' fallacy. I win only say, that, in 
<' tin I • f J"*^^*"" ^*^ serve. The three vears' men who that hojie, in that trust, in that firm and un- 

^.ocint, me glorious (.trman poet, gave ut- were taken into the army in 18C2 will go out ; swerving confidence 1 shall give my vole to i 

t tenincc to this important truth 



of the .service ne.\t year. 'J'heir terms begin j ''"^ candidate of the democratic party, ai.d j 

'The longer I live the more certain I aai ' '" <?xpirc in the spring. In nine months the I whether that vote shall prove to have been' 

thit the great diffen-iice between men. the '"""'•^' '*'" "^'^'^ *'"-' largest additions that have ' past with the many or with the few, willi ma- ! 

•.reat and insignificant, i:j energy, l^t'cn made at any one time. As the adminis 'joritics or with minorities, I shall feel that I i 

[ I ik-termiution, au honest purpo.^ once fixed. '™''^'" s'""""'* 'fo'" calling for more than I {"'^'c followed the diefales of my own best j 

and then victory. 'J'hai quality will do anv- t ^^ fee years' »iien ju.-;t before an eleetioii, the ; J''*^K"'cut, of my owncon.scieutious j 

« nap FniKS»rK VERY I»KSCRlPTlON ''''"S *•'"' ''a" be dote in the world, and no I*'='<^P"* '« ^*<? vacated by the one year men must { of duty, and of my own unalterable attacb- 

CRvrf. -. ^ - -.•v-i'i^ ["'^■""'«*«»"<"<'. "o opportunity, will make a two *^^ J"'»^vided to be filled in nine nmnthji, and I "J^^^f »oJ dpvolion to the couslitutionaud'the ,' 

I .( >W' !•'. H 1^1*' > r.I*«, l«"gKeil ereui arc a MA.v, without it." thus it is r»'n«onable to believe that the laij j L'nion of my country. 

Ml.y.\t:^">T.1 Verily :. shouts couvietion ; verily, echoes ''^-"'^ '"''^f^ ^"^^ "'*■■' ^" ''-ek-n madk w;ix bk j This statement is borne out by the mo.<a ! 

I*"^!"!!";"^'- *'"t i« the imiiu indi.pnMble o«/»»:Rei) at tiik hkoi.m.v; or the vkak 1 Be."), j complete chain of testimonv The Richmond i 

.onditK.n of sucvess in this age of ^ *^" "^« ^V^'"^ unadvisedlv. for the adnH'ni.stra- 1 ''""'P"''^ *="*'" *". »^siimonj . J lie Kicbniond , 

n.i.Miigeoii.jKiition. .^nct^.s is the veriliet of ''"" ''"'' •"''"':«»i'd to me tliat they e.xjKJCt an- ^^P*"" °'^^ nnanimou.sly express their de.dre 

br;ivr tiwhavor and un^irJdmg iiersistince. other draft. Tlie stale of New York had fur- 1 ^^' '^^ election of Mr. Lincoln, 'ihey rciter- 1 


»r fhi' I. 


f) • ••! r it ic and I lu p n rtt d 

uriwrrx j»« KS4>N am» kouki.t .stkkct!*. 
ST. VM L, .V/.V.V. 

(■,...«. i t V "• ' .f I « nil' ^tii.plT i-f 

McuK utiiniu iiD 0Li» Boii8tiSi>nRM;ttniskns 

John O'Neile. 

Aai«Bg tlic uuaterc us arttrlrc arr, - < 





I \\U\V'i>—tyhol sole and Retail, 

rilAVELlNt; BACnS— ofrvery variety, 
llUBHKIi (.OODS— of all .sorts, 


Fine ilvcr PlufnJ Sicil Jii/s, 

Henry's C«rlebral«(t IlriiralluK RIflr, 
n.iUl. \UI)'.'4 IllKKK, 


P. A CON.- Pl.^rOLS, 

Pistols and Hoiii/ hnii'i .i of all forii, 


PI.«T(>L CAinUII)(n':>— of every variety, ' 



Gig Saddles, Whip Ln'«he»<, j ^ ____^ 

Harnrssand S/;irliri/r Lrathn —oak tanned. ; I8(>1 ''^•''''•NG ANI» SU.MMER 1 QP i 

lIMI't.. i'T^»}, 

BRUSHE.-.I; CITlllV C()MB.=i. 
"vVliolesale and Hetail. 
Persons ill the trade will do well lo exnin*' 
inc my stork be|■ol•(^ piiicliasiiigcl.sirtli»-ri-. 'DKV GdOD-" 
octoi.R6.T iM 1.-.;-, -^ • • •a..:i....ic') ' " •■•♦"iRoCKHU:?^. ■ , 

Biuij.ii \ r-FfOi:.J. 
( H.riS A CAf'v; 


1;0<'K.-^ ic, 

A'<i- « si.i.,I n.^..rt^ ■'•I f .if 



I'*'.Al.l,K IN 

rirst atrret Hhakopte, 

All kiiid^ ,.f 

U" I.) ..rVr „„ ,i„ w„ HITItST NoTirK. Tt:t;l't 



II i.** 

nE}r(y\-Ki) ,^jH-Li\EnY(;ooi)s, 


•» : j; • 

r..|i.nir.v:.i,.l ri.irtiiinir.l. at 


' lUit 

K.MA'ci. V oi:s. 



Put in view ofiheobsLiefes and enibarraR?- "'''h«'<' an c.\ees.<! of three years' men and I i ate from day to d.iy their apprcLensions of ULLLK PL.I.XE Ml\\\FSOT 

">■ !>!.- to siKxe.s.s, no man without pr pondt r- i??"^';' ''"'»• '" making up the quota of New j the falline off of the tkjodIc in the event of TiA,'l..r In 

ant plu.k~.ner;:y trmjn red with fortitude- ^ "'l^' '^"^' "'"'t^' .ve-^rs' man shoald be counted .,,^'11. °' "' ^"^^ '" , *'''."* °M ^'e^'""^ "» 

...nertrn-iuh that guHl in triumph. The ""'''I""' '^' ""••■€ one years' men. Thejr said I -^**^^'*'"^' ^ '^'^'=*'°"- I hey declare this to j "ny*. C* f\^Att " 

faint hejirtfd fail.while the .seemiiiijly nvkUss. ''"''J'. '^""''' "<*' ''" *''"^ as they needed men im- j ^ ^^^^'^ greatest danger. 
«le$pile all blunders are invariablv for- '"^'«''n<<-''y; '"'t they provided that a three ! 

iinate. The never-give-up principle is i'nvln- ^^'""^ ""*" "''""'d count as one man on this 
iblr. .Men that gather fre^h determinaiion «''"af% as one man on the .\e.\t praft. and as 
nd new stnngth from rever:^'s andd fTicnlties ^'"*' "'"" "f-'"'" "" '""•'• '''"lUD DRAFT, < ^'''"'^ 


alw.iys prniidly succeed. 

Fire in Bed-Booms 

people, even many intelligent reform- 
ami thus thi' matter would be equalized. '.So ?""'*' '"'^'*' ^^^ ''^^" *''"* *° '*'*^'*"P '" " col«l room < ''^•^•'''"> 

Dry Goods, 



Oil th».(Vrnprof fIriK *Il'>lini'm>Te*t, whfti h».itriJ» V .Ap, n -y ,, ,, If /"* J 

t..hi. 04 .nl npw M..,Kl. ..n.ol thr LAIIUEST AM. ; OjUID'' <Hl(| olIflljIKT (jOOM.'s! 
BK.ST STOCK OF iJit.iPS , ..-r br-m'slil t" .•'l,.^l;.■prl , ' * <-' '" ' 1 

I .irii. i»l»r.,ttr.itl..i, p.t.i la ,,, „r,|,r. 



oiiiprlniiiK, liiptrt.aa 'iitriv.ilv<l bl.x t, uf 

Hftia & l^aixny Dress G.oods, 


I'0t'!.l\.«. MOIIMI: 

ISKI'irf, r.)nVK<i»^; 

.sTKH'Eli AMit'l.AlV VAl.t \f:iA«, 


4<;ii^ ..vrr III .,„y ..l,B,.r .-. ^|r,i u .,,„| er ,t,r i. tt. r. 
*K^: }>■- fi;-*'; e'.f..;> «'ii t;^»..i.i ritfiAr. .n.i r,.. 

CA.-II <i.M,\,o« cue: fcjv.. ,.,f„h,,,,.,„",:; 


I St-i»t»>r.»>c. Ma.v Till. I*jW 



nii.MORAi. & iiooPMiiRisi, lloiiic liiMiraiii r f oiiiuain 

""';:::.... ./""'*•'• i . <>f^t rAui. minn. * " 

HlilT.1.X.\'l.ll*.1RE.*y'-.,4'C., '",^' : bnt the daunik^.s projector .>trips it idf, •»'" '•"•{T^' '»''niics to lioid ibesoulh in subjnga- "*^^ J?'^''"')'^" '•"'^ needed ventilation. But 

„ »»'""»• •'♦J-T'^'^ th«^ bidi.en mien for its bvDo- •'"" ^o i"«fv "Ut the eniaucipatiou proclama- "'*>"^ l''»" »h"S with u tire you will have fewer 

,1 .'a.! »«>.i.iL. wait.'r . j.ieti iisiou.*. This whiuiug over 'tfim ''""""d confiscation act. bedeh.lhes over y,.u, which is a gain, as a 

Milwaukee, "Wis. ;:;;,':; i:j;;;.'rr/""'? ^''"" "•""•"'V : »oibi..{: -i^onr years mon.,- «.y, Lincoln; .'Twenty ]^]^j::::'^,:'lJ:^:^!::^^:^j''!^!^^ 

s«iiiCK| is often 


1H-K1.I.KI'. f;»:.r.i;| 


IS vv, r by such ignominiou.. deluv— all vears mon. " ^av. «.,ilr.r:_..TiMW.- ..»„.... " ,.„'„ f"'|'«wliat with the circulation and re.^piration 
IS olten -What you have to do, do with '.u^ v 
— all your n.ighf.-is a veiy valuable admonition, ... - '^ '.*"''* "'"''"^' *''^" ""itofmiuable con- the skin is constantly emitting 

IIAVIM; now r- -.•Hi- I mr K«'l in I Winter »t.>.k of 

< Ueiay— all vears more,"savsi Butler— "Thirlv vears " imvs ».i.» ,^„ ... .i ——-•-"■•""" .... pi.u.,.,i , mj- motto i, Qi ic 

do. do with ;u^ Vnnr ^- rl,V 1 i !?' ^ ., V^'^r"'^ "'« «^"P« «f »'"•* K«««* which ,' T,..- l.Uhc. n. .rW.t 

ailmomtmn "**^ •^*'*^ ork I iin<y; *• An lutcf miiiablc cou- the skin is coii.slantly emitting. Even furnace i coi:.v.«iuii.Nuf 

G.K..IS, I am now j.r. i>..ri.| f. »• 11 auytliins in uiv 

St. Paul Prices. | 

K SAI.K.s .N.t .>*MAr,L I'llOFTT.'--. : 
price uul.l fur « HKAr,0.\T.\miid ' 

AiirWion Si (%)nnnis^i()n -'^'''.'f'f frup*'"- ««"•*"?. «"d comes on: 

J\ Hi, 1 1 WJ I IX V ^ M 1 1 II 1 1 . . 1 1 M I I ,,c ii,.v.„„tc to mighty Napoleon's v 

n hi-h |.rieej.t ofsiiec<s>. Evtrybotlv clears ^'^^" ^" ^^^^^'- "T^i? ^^'a'" » permanent in- "'' *^'J**-' "*^»*l ^'''i «*•> t'ptu window is betti r j 
i!"- tnak for the staunch locomotive", which stitution," says Jim Uiie— and then follow j """'" ^■''^*' *^"''^ '■"'^"'- I'l'dxliaiiged with 

Cou-itry Produce. 


» ;c.- Biii'JU,- u'! Ti'lrJ stn-ef. Mi-rkli«iii-' I'.'fr^ 

St. I»a,Txl, »«lxxix. 

CAsu ADr4.\tLo "V co^.':ll■^.v^ ^ i^- 

a»«c» • OKI*. 

drafts and drafts. 

W'hat fay the people 7 

... < . t II. <". hiitf.iMt. 

»'-.|.i..M.T« llii'.t- 

- . . VlCtO- 

rici nas .H.iindcd at the ^nalc of gory Wa- 
I frrloc— it w:is his death-bed coiif.-ssioii. His 
dmntless HUd i;uard,'' of legion victories. 
« ere signaled tosuia-mTer before the heavilv 
eharjied of carnare — the matches 

already lifivd .' .\lon.>. «lef»'iiseles.s they stood occurred in his practice _ 
Till, the iiuindbk. CambronHc sternlv "^^ «as trying a petty ca.«;e, in which one of T'^nrT' "| .;''-^'" '!".""« <he e.x|Kii-e is 

r;-' v.I*:,^^r;.lf ,:;,;;,;,:;rsi "-.p""'— "■« •»« c,...., ..,::. sir'?,:" ""-™ - •"-"■^■' 

the .xlermd ntmosphere dep-nds upon the \ wan-tkh -t. ,• ..,., ,:.„» Iii.i^.. for whUh I w,n p., 
uinereiiet; r)fiweftii tne tempt-ratun! of the air, "'c i'ii'i">t '^«i' prue. 

wiihiii uiiii tiia without. But let us liuve tlK»j 

open fire. I^'t us go without ihe .silk.^ firoa<!- 

A IThv*] P1«« cloths, carpets, and finery of all kinds, if nee • 

novci riea. | p.^ary, that we may have this beauiiful purifi [ 

A lawyer relates the following incident that cr and diffuser of joy in all onr hoii>eii. hij 

j n»y own 1 havi; Ifii open grates ami fimi | 

Novenibtr l<t, IJ6». 


11. >iEOKi:N^, 

I«rwar4ii? k ( •ininb!*tou, 

ll.OVR 4- PORh. 

ro R /:/f;.v d- DOM t:s ru 

i.H{i (tRs .\- rn;.iRs 

ff»RNKn<">VT!IIKI> 4 J.Vi'K-<>\ .STS. 


and adroit attorney who managed the for 

Ihe m«i, ul o Lu u* i"""' t^suneiMkr :•• the other party. wiVs to mueh for him in le-al 
int. niitii wi.o kiiow^ I, us uowcis. and I «• ^,,..,.„„.. „..• • .i , . . ~ 

stiategy. evidently making the worse appear 
the better cause. j 




Hoi.MKs strfet, su \K<'ntr. mi.w., 

Hi* rec'lTeil and ba« oa liaii'l • frill anj cuni:>lvt<' 
t'cck ttf 

M-<ii,ing d,.fvat is nraile glorious vietory. And 
wh.:t a noble epiiaph i, that for the monu- 
"P't.- of i!ie mariyrs of the Bevolntion • 
I'M-d lu tl.f rbntiM : spa 

, .,. '»•■* powcis, uud the 

mr.i:il.ilrv of human ;ll;.ii-?. and who looks ob..^ac!.s ai.d nli^fl,rt■ne!<, the wofhi's 
^^orrying -p-ek ol trouble" i.« scarce a thim- 

I'l" III'. 

Oh. *xhy .should man, who has the breath 
of AbMgl.ty G'cd within liini. tamelv shnddir 
jit t.he v:,ti..i,t,!)-^ cf the wimk ? He is grand- 
ly above fu!e*s x-M?5>ii,„|,.s Yva. thon-di 
tl.cM.- tales may banda?.- onr eves in the miiNt 

• '» the nio-t shoekinir iiril. ihej can not ever 

• larkeii or ini)ii>de nnvieldiui? 
proL'ttw-s. t»nly ki us labor earnestiv and 


, ...(iisekri'ping I should feel I could 

undertook to plead hs own ca^c. But he , ['Ot afford it ; bat in this I do not flinch, so | 
fouml in the coars.- of the trial, that the kt-Cn ''"I'Wtaut do 1 deem the open fia-. — Or 

Photographs ! 

»o.\T.\<:.«. ro^iFiiiiT-. 

Mi»\KS uni iio.-.n:r,T. 

FIHUI.s. Ill WKKT-', 
c A.-'.siM i;i;i.>. •• • 

COT TON A UK .s . 

nnowN A.M> iti.rAt'iiKii . iii:i;Tr<i;s 

PLAT.V AM) KAECY }<LANMi;i>. W'JOl, A AR.V. .t. 
B9pltrn.!iil analcaiiMish .-tt.'rk nf 

Boots and 8iioes^ 

111 whiili rypr. Ill iiriiviKiMii li;i» i.fii iriiv'* 

FOR THE l..,I)Ji::^. . 

A fl.lllllM-..f 

ill wliti-h w;il Jirfi.uii.i »1I l'r.Ti'!/ , f 

'SUGAS. TEA.-. fOFFKE"^, SPlitES. .tc. 

A Mr. A <•. \ii<tlr. Ii.nj,,^ 

j -. l''iM.<l.«-T 11 Hia-.s-.^rit I't 

. T..-:it,.ry |„ ,M. '•■ t'.|).:i.:.-. .x-*i.„.lTyiti.. ».....nj,.r ihv 
. ...i.t...l.i sii.l. „,..■.,„„ „b., f.,Tr.i.-rli »«-r-ii.r.-.t.,r-lii 
. tl.fllo.k R v., In3iir.,ii. . «'..m.,an;..,f W:.<.-cu*l,. tl-,. 
1 f.,ll..v»in, cM-'i. t .1.- ,.i..i ,., tft» .». :,rc. l..-,» 1,,.^,. f.,r,',„h- 
. eJ bT til.' n..,.i.-.-t ol lljt |( ,11,^ I, 
•itjr :-- 

ii> . I W U.,.„,.,(„. a„„ i-.;,, „,. ^. _ '"it 

I ..ordaiMf Willi i.iv I...J (|.iK»'t..i>. • *^ *"'■'"•• 

I'sura; cjCmiu- 

" Jll.n..-.ij.o:iK. .Mliiii., .Tui. J J, i^u. 
I h vc ti.l- l/iv 

la »c 
••A.C. ACVft.H. 


.- fi tl'..l If.- I . I,.,. I H'l; Ijn,. ... .1 ... 

y».f «,....,..■ ,,. lb... M..i..«ri>t.^u -.i^rrwlii.r i, : 1 ;, . »' 

»»\» "«iHl 

I 'I. ■«>•.•>']., 


I I am now prepared to take Photographs, 

I Aml.r..ty|;e*. ati.l Mi!,„,<. j,. a ,|, 1« tJut I wjiraiil 

; t<. fc'lVO f,,,. 

Selfish Bombast- 

The correspoiidt-nt of the -Irish American,' 
writing from the monitor Onondaga, on James ''•''; ^" «••""' •'••"« n'^-'in'l-t-ir'. 


rart!Ctllaratt<til|..n .-.v. n t.. ClIII.IiKK.N'.s I'ktur 


laciianU tiur'.lii ^'ullrw v.irifl> .of fh.- !al••^■s^^ty|«•. 
A lull>l'>< k ti( 

laithlully, and then tnru triLstingeyes toward "o objectioiii Whereupon Mr A. went down 

'«"^«^"- W.H.O. 

Good Advice. 

The poor man. Mr. A., was in a state of allo.«ioii to Yankee boabiing says :— 
mind bordering on dtfsfieration, when the op- 1 fn-quenily marvel over the unwarrantable 
posing council close«l his plea, and the case *^''*-*'^"- 'vhieh native Americaiw (as they call 

was about to be submitted to the justice for 

'•May it please your honor" said the man, 
'•may I pray ? " The ju<lge was taken some- 
what by surprise, and could only say he saw 

! r-riictiiar att.-.,i|..n .'IV. n to Cmi.liKK.N'.s I'ktur.*. . Ctlf\t*Wli\f P f^t d QQItt A f> t»» ""■•"" 
! Tl.o<,«*l«l.ln8 0I.DIM(rrCl<ES.oplcUorr«,air..l.cani''»»»^*'»» ^ UU/ldQWAn£, '"'• 

Call ami sec s,.cciiiiriis i;.«»ms ..v.-r .-^ir i.f A IF<.It.,ii-« 


Inrriilrti r .u r»ii !i-il .ii:} mini: j.'ii lu;* w.iul 
tlicamallvat vaa.'.iip. In tli.- Iin<- uf 

.■■I'll' elaiiu in this connection, as they T^ 
preface their remarks with tlie exp.-essioo, "I* *- * 


X H I R S C H E R 


was born and bred in America, and, as such, 
wouldn't yk'ld to no d d rebel one iota," a 
Ac. Now, it appears to me that there are, ^|j- 
nien who were bom and bred out of America' V^ 
as sclf-sacnfieing and patriotic us many defunct ^L 
knights of tlie ••dark lantern." -1 was born i .N" 
upou his knees and made a fervant prayer in and bred in Amer.ea''— as much as lo say, I \^Z 
which belaid the merits of his case before the ^"^*-' '""''c ii'terest in the affairs of my eouulry , 'X' 
Lord in a very clear and meth.idical statement ''"^'V^*^" .^ll" ^'"'■^ .^^"5 ''»'•''. dependeni on , 


^r::i^Tj^:'.'"y"""'"^- j-'-p'-^ "^ •" "" p»«-i"-. t^^-s .1... n,,. .„d rhS::".'';,.,™l.;:;Sc.pls,"'' 



We lia- <• a lull hlH'-k'.t I'.il.'.i .ii:ii I'u.'k- I 


* II ftf which, hv a trial ynti wlli Lf cof li-.i'i- «.•»!! 
•vM on iii'.rr iiti»-ra! t^•rll.^ ih.nn tln}>r;.ii l>f'].r..i .-I,.,- 
wlitTc tlil» si.lf ot Clii.Hp..— .-». {'.lii not •■\l■i■^•u^<,— 

Or Aiiroilior I'laci . 

Shakojiec, Xov.'iuij»''-2l»t. iR«..i 

LlC; ; -,.M.M,.- , 
J.Iiir •^f-^ i-J,, ; 
'1E«.V. r-TTrn. K-t.n.r'; -Ufr^r-.-r ( ..ait. Mit.j . 

/^far.^.i-r l.:,i^ tuUn.u: a H-ll. r »f ji.r...-.p-, ;- • 
fa. . ..i:.|,..,v ..; M. ,.,.„, r..r'«.,..:,, ,"■.,(.• ^',7 
.-ii.i... t ikm- II,. ,,.,luv I • „v.. ,,,„ ., . ..,;.,.,;.,i,.„,*,.,,-, • 

II..-»;.;.p.r i,. .,,,; ,;;(..„ 1.. ,|„ I,.,,,,"',. Ilirf . 

• .i.-Lf n.,..i;s. I.,.,.i.„ .-.- ,., ,,..: r-Un-tinK »,..i ,.,•.„,"„ .„,,',. 
.|..-...:. ;.«.;.•.>.. H|e j.,.,rw|.i, i... 1- ,.«r,r.I ,.,„..; 
1.1 .•,.<.tI;ilK ^ f.iir- 

_ JAittf r. «i j:sa>. 

.'"'"''"'''•*"""•••"*•■' *^''< >'<■<• '/ 

.)(v;_« ».Krrs<v. 1.1. »>...,, ,,,_jji„„ 

/<..'<■ .M; .• Ill r> .-...jiic.- 1" \nv.r rfu.ick' 1 ! /..M'.f 

'""•'i-i'"*" < l"i..' rr,. ni.v vrL.inlit'.; I., tl;. ., 

U\. Ihat ilf «."«.„.i.jfi> If .'Tv ^r,•:;t■r 
■ 'j.ii. ew til i.iola .•. ^« fi iois .•tiUf." 

; .' li...4<4r'. I font ar.- .•I'n B..t.'«| rf V^ 
u.....Ui.n!...l.,! Hl..ij,..f,. am,.,,.: t'li- ..N<.*, 
.1 t .In .•(T.t •. ai..i tfi,, 11,.. r.j itation 

U i..lll'i.ll IVI'I*. Inn;-..;, I I,, ,J... 

|.inr. I I. ,•.-. f,. «:ir f!,:,, | |,„v 
n.l iii\ . M i>.Mlv<kl i 

• 'li.''i a 

t l'»v,( n<..| 

. n.i'ti.,, n ,]... ,,.,„. 
• •••'■■•"•■■'■> . j; ii.;!.. .1 

[iri ar 'iia.le 

■<"'^'" ^ ,,,,.„, vonr h»rdshiiw • iwvor A. .«J k V*^ "^ ■ . .\ *^ s '"""'»"'•""«' sucij eunniiig, iiarrow-mmileU expressions— it -^ »J -aru jc« ju "A" tJ .t 

Sprinq< Summer Goods cridrs:.St'1f;oaon^^^^^^^ JustMre might prev.i1. '•O Lord thou knowest would be .upcrtluous to rcdute . Kern. Bu, I {:;;:;;- ---^^^^^^^^ 

jjy,t j^ KJ ^'^^''^^ lot and sphere a^v^igni* vou: God Si- thi8 lawyer has misrepresented the facts, and «ould tel my "bt.rn and bred in Amencan ' „rg.„,,^ Tabl««. CliaIrM 

0< . Ml* to an .11 orderss«t|.f.cwri!, Mamls his own plan, and k^ knows what you thou knowest that this is so aud »o''— to the "j'^'"**'' "»»l the hustory of this war wil j,,^^^,^.^.^^,,^,^^,,, „,^ ^„^,,,,,^^^j^,^^ ' 


MEJifOjy.iBLR n.lTES 

lia'.ud la c.DtiPiialcstlon wl^h the most faaaieasblc 
• atiblltha. Uta tb« Sm clotliI«s luaOe 



I . ti«i>iK«|»af9ortk«]iaMlri«r(t*^tfuUys.iU<nied 


want a great deal better than you do. i he ^nd of the chapter, 
very thing tlatyou deprecate aa f*tal limita- 

chroniele as much, if not more, imported 

, hrroi.sni, braverv, pluck, gallantrv, ami devo- 

-.•>^c, tioiis or o-bstruc.ioD.s ire probably what yoi. , ^'^"™"'» "'»",'^'> be co.ld not present in tednej« lo the' Aine. icon Union than any, 

^'••! want most. What you call liindrances ob^ta- ^'^ array to the uudersanding of men, he "born or bred ' frantic can lay claim to. .Such 

' cles, diicounurement^ are probably God's oih ^^<* "» difficulty in addressing to the Lord, <^^pr^**'o«'s "J* calculated to alienate the ties 

rtunitiea ; and il i« Botbinf new that th, being .^Tklently b<.ttcr versed in oraver than Tr""' «''«>"'d l>""> ^•'c "«t'^e -"J «J?Plcd 

tient .ho,!d di^iikc hia mJdica^s, or «iy j,. j^ttifoggJng. ^^ the UuS '"""" ' ""•' ^"^"""^'""^^ 

By IIOKAOKO KKI.Y, wlllU- i.rf.u.'l .n ti..- pn?,. r.ati 
l>»uv.| ill two l.irrr'iinis, of ,;x lui!, .r* I .jriiii.). -. .,' 
'-'.".".'-•.'^''-■•'.••'^-'Mr'.' '* T'O- ISKSr .s|\ l.K. »iiii H\K 

l-Howg I I 

,«>!; ill pn. 

K'oni I'l' 

.•ri. I r- 




Shahipff.fmtt 0).,yiiTch It.»..l8(ii^ trn'T, 




A Family Journal Devoted to Polities, Literature, Local, Domestic and Foreio-n Is^ews, Agriculture, Education, and the Litercsts of 

^'eolt Ccnniv. 

vol.. III. 




NO. 42. 

H. H. \VILLIAn«>i. 

T H i: 

TrstTsn r^tiTEi i>Kn IT 
»r'» Da!ii>, >f! jlio^/i-e 

certain proof that they are poisons. No ! A When he rose from his knees, Esquire W. I 

Correct Speaking^. 

■o,.,>xTuR ANp'CfT A l^/^ppi; AT>r:TT^ truce to such jmpatience. Choke that envy I the op.•nin^r counsel, very much exa..por.'itcd ' Wo „^.-^ n 

„!>. «Micr.itK..rMi- '^ll-^IVV>fL XjIj j!V11viL'o. down which gnaws »t your heart, because you u.. .• . _ .. \. . ", . . ./ .- i "<* advise nil young people lo acq 

laternal UtTKMiK Srtxi's x^z . 
\ 3 u37 tf I 


gnaws »t your heart, because vou . ., . ., u i • • . .. 

are not in the same lot with others ; bring 7 "."-' 7'"" "'^' '^'^^ ,"'**' ''''^^'"' '''""' = -^'■■. e^'rly life the hubit of using good lan^fua-e 


«;(H»I>Rl('H A' TKRUV, n. .1. i 

Wholesale Grocers, PECK 


C -rv.-'T f «»: Wstrr aiil Erlr Sirp.-i», 



Dry Goods Groceries li'C. 

Ila...nh3>i<l aii<l!»conit«rtl» refelvli.g fr«»Ji KMp 

!^n AKorFK - - - - MINNKSOTA. 


Charles Hartman, 

I'l; Ai.i.ii IN 

rrrncerio.s. Dry tioods 4c. 

riHsr sTNt: lir, suJK(H'Kt:. 

..-.r't;'? > _ 


•Woul.l lrit..riii lli«..itii«-ii»..i»|i»kopce»i,u»liliiHy.iu»t 
Uc i» j.rriarrii to 

RK T> A^ I K 

W »t-ti.'».C'I'ick». auil .lcw.lry,ojrvn\ .|.)^crlt'tIor. 

TKltMS: 82.00 in Advanor, or S'i.'iO 
it'pi«i<i wiiliin the Vejij-. 

j prayer with his practice, wivclv forebore, ieav ' '" ''•' abuse, the uufoitunate victim of iK^glec- 1 "''♦'i'- ' »» »"• hai .^wrythit.K' i.-ri.iiiiii,y t.. tin- \,»*\ \ 

How Many More Years of War. i i"? Poor Nr. A. to win his case a. he di.l bv ' yi^trn^" ''ir""^' ^'-'''''''f'^' ''""""'' ''^ '^'"' i "'"'" "" " 

J »wxt, ^v»xa VA »Tai. oi ^ ^ -_ flang fur life. Money is not necessary to pro- 1 

i *"" «Vx p r ■' ■' "'■-^"'- "' '•»^^*"'""««T , How many more years of war, asks the Al- ^^ '"^^'■'' '"O'J^ «f F^'^cnling \i.-Hcrold of cm?this "(iducaUon. Kvery man has it in" his 
RATES OF ADVERTISING. ' bauy Ar?us are we to ha-e ? Jiow niar.y/^'^'- power. He has merely to use the languairc 

I more drafts ? Hew many more of' -i-.—^^ \ which he reads instead of the slan- which he 

iTtn Liiiesor Ujtmal^e a Siiuarc.) 

On« Siiujie 

I.^l!^*"4/*.'.f ' *'" ' " millions pout? JIow long are onr institu- ^"^P®*"^^^* Statement 
itiwi iU!m"'):-$4o„;,i,n i$ioro .:„..„.., i__.. l., .__■,? . „ .. ! Winthro 

rw, y^iL-rr.. I 2 ',1.1 3 .« > 4 .V. I 6i.. , i.i i.i . ifi i7c lii">s to bc cru>hcd by military rule? Mow' 

of Robert C ^''*'^^' ^"^ *'^'^'" ^" ^"•■^^''' ^'"'^'" ^'^'^ ^'**^ si)eakers 
and poets of the country, to treasure upchoico 

1 w , rq.i..rr,. i 2 <. i 3 i« 1 4 fti» | 6im 1 1(1 (ki ifi uc -. « ..w. ..j ..„.^ . ui»i i iiutt i'* | pbrusi^'S Iu his memory and habituate himself 

rhr»» .Siiare^ i 3 51)^1 < <» | « ((, | 8 tw I ij «) i 20 00 '©^g Is labor lo be drained by the exhaustion ^° ^''" gr<isit speach of Robert C. Winthrop j *^ ''"^ "=*> a^'oiding al the same time that pe- 
v«_roi.>m,.. _ 1 s oc I 6 00 ! 9 ou 1 12 <D i IS CO rsiw of men and means ! ' < made last week in Connecticut, occurs a most '''"'!'*^ precision and bo.nbast which shows the j 

'. ivitimn. I s»i;ioooii.iooiijn()i25ooiTa"o& l: .» .. i„ i r .u , ';,«.,„.. .. ii ■ .... | *'**'J'^"^s of vain ambition ralhes than the pol- 

<>n.-.-«mmnr _ I li cj 115 00 : 20 CO 25 «.' 45 «. ' 7jT) ^^^ "^ '°°'' '^°'" ^^"^ ^''^'^'''' ""'^^^S ^''^s<^ «"- ""POf^«"' P"=*'■'«^^'^'• «-'"^-»' '^'-' "-epeat here. The ' ,sL of an educated mind. * 

tho-i.^cd to speak. j high clia'^racter of Mr Winthrop, his wcl 

'■;':Vi"-*"rr.n"" Abraham Lincoln «id at the Philadelphia known judgement and freedom from •• scn.u- j 

t'>i,»pii,ii-„r!i,T»ri.<uiyiii i,iva„re. Fair — '-I only ask for four years more of war tional " »latemcnts, mak^ this testimony of the i 

i.Bou .*D»rRT,»«iirMT».r.te.t «i tranii..nt.«nrtn.o»tin 'to abolish slavery in every one of oursoutheru highest value, and wc mav confidentially ask! 

a^l-ii<»i.* ,wl for brfviie aiiafflUvit (.fpulill.ailuh (..... e -..v. ■ i • ,■* . 

wini.eirivpii .btates. j tor it the consujeraiion ol genllemeu w'ao are! 

ail l-?ji lia.Mltlarialitnrtl. 
Blaiika of :i!! ilwuy.n ou han.l or |>rlllte<l t« order. 

The Newport (N. U.) Argus has thii para- > 'Q the habit ol icjcctiug the assertions of more 
'graph: j ordinary political speakers. He said : 

i A TwFMTY Ykars' Wae.— Col. (icorgesta- ' -A-""^"? '''^^ iern.r''s from Atlanta immodi- 
tcd in his .>-pe<cli in this town, on Sarunlav "''^'.^' "''^''" '^^ eai.tiuv. there came within our 
( last, that Gen. iJutler told his partner, Williatii '""'•\'! '^■^^' 'l^'^"* "r" " P<^rs..n of tin; most cs 

.T. 1.. \VAKr.l'iM>, 

Dirge for a Soldier. 

1 he foiiuvring beautiful lines were writttin ' ^" fo'^t'-'r, Ksq , while on a recent vi.sit fotlie ^"""•j'^- "'"' i-->;^'li"t cliara.HT, who had en- 
by Mr (Jcorge il. Huker. of Hoslon. in memo- ' -^""•^' ""^ ''"' **"t^'""^- '^"^ ^^'^ ro-eleclion of J?^*"''* »''^' '»*^^:» oppwriunuus of nndotandmg 

.... rTi'^. 1 III I- wr- . i^Miuum wdu.ij lie 

nnsn i. \ x a \n sruoEoy Z t '^"'"-' \ '''"f' '^^'^""■^ -"•^ '" "'-s''' . vkars' war. 

» M 


s \^xi ■: ••■ '■■■■"■ >' 11 

one of the fincit dirges in the Knglish ; 
language : i 

Lincold would be couivalent to a TWKN TY '*'^ southiin heart 

eu. Jim I,anc, in a .speech to the Reoubli- „, .. . f. . 

_. . ' wi v»n|ju;ii iiiost authentic st.Uice. Ilie\ were cuinniiiin- 

A'l'l wiiat >aiii he, mi lie- 
iiig interrogated a<lo the pru.-jncis uf tiic fu- 
ture ? I can L'ive yuu his remarks In. m the 


, v<>3iio.i«.'-t i 



(;ommi>sion Merchant.^, 

24-4 I \i^ *M' -'J^ >'»nti Water ."^is., 

Chicago, IUinois.| 

1.^ o r. u K N r . 

The National Hotel Stand, ; 


T. .f. IMFFY. 

R. M. Wright. 

' j.yn Ki:r.iiKt:it. 

SJ I \ N< >l'l"r. Miri.l. 


• I .-til' '. 

.» J- •!.. 


t <M -^ w;.ri .r.U.. .J.i.:!kl'.:--!'v..-V in -:.y 
.I..1 in ri- 1--I :«•••• •"•■'» <"• '••'• . 

'"'*„,:;.. V. r.Mt. r..:l .It ni. .I...I. 

u ; . % iiiiiu.^ t'... --..ri: -I..:!". ' ? i II 

. H-' 

i: 11 t iin ri.M'JA. 



Tltl. » liivc»li.;ji<''; 



. ;?'*^*ri>:n!;: ..!r:i:^r":v''" •r-'v,-''-'*^ yI rk 

"Close his eyes his work in done ! 

What to him is friend or foeiian, 
Rise of iiiOKii, or s«t of sun, 

J land i)f man, i.r ki.vs of woniRii ? 
Lay him low, lay him l«»w, 
In the cliivkr or the jinow ! 
^\ iiat cares he ? In; cuunol knoT : 
I^y Liiu low : 

As man may he fought his fight, 

I'ruved his truth l.y his eiideavi.r ; 
I.<t him sleep in .»oleniii night, 
.S.eep lorever and forever, 
K»«y him hiw, lay him low. 
Jn the clover uii<i the snow ! 
\\ hat cares he ? he caniu.t know : 
l^y him low ? 

Told him in his ceuntry's stars, 

R'lll (he <irum and lire the volley I 
^^ bat Id liim are all our wars. 

What but deutii beniockiiig folly 7 
I.iv him low, Ia\ him low, 
111 the clover or thf snow I cares he ? he cannot know : 
Lay him low .' 

Leave him to <iod"s watching eve, 

rru>t him to the hand that inad'j him, 
.Mortal love weeps idly by ; 

Cud alone has j.ower to aid Iiim. 
Lay him low. lay him low. 
Ill llic clover or the snow ! 
>Vhat fares he .' hi> cannot know : 
Lav him low I " 

, cans of New York, declared amid applause:— cated to me by a good fi i.-n.i of the Vnioii n 

(••I'.y 0— d, I waut to make this war a peruia* one ot the border states, '-if Mr. Jiineoln u 

Inent institution."' j reelected." .>aid he. "the people of the south 

W^ wonM rsll the »tt<'nt1on of the rUlzrni of .'.•■>! i 
anci .H'lJulnlngi'uiiDtiei to our stuck of 

Dry Goods, and 

Yankee Notions,' 

I an.l deepened the rivers of blo..d spent and t''"'^- The leaders of the rebeiiion are ai,.xious '*'"•'' """'^ '<'"*"•;'" r-i"-i pH-s to^ ti.ue,. | 

'shed. i„ a war. which, =,. long as suet! inflnen- '«"• "'^ re-election of Mr. Lincol,,, as givin- m!""!;'!'!;:;..':;;^ ^Jr^^.r'' ''"'"'" " "^^ •■->"■'»! 

: ces and counsels .sway the government, jir .in- '""^^ ''<']»^' of the ultimate succes-i of the rebel J)Rt:,SS (.()() I)S, L.l DII^S' CLO^ilitS ' 

jisee nothing but an I.NTEUM INARLK ^'"''^^■- li'it the peopj ," he added. "re,<i.ect 1X1) CI () IKIXl' i 

CONLLlCr or an inpLrious leiininaiiou. , -McClellan, and believe in his lunu-sfy ea|»:ie- ** . . . *. 

; Thurlow Weed, who is well acquainted with "^^[^'^^ f"" "."."'^ 'V'^' ^'l" /'r-\^:'!, !!'='^ 

;., . . .. , /, they can do iiotl'ini: better: but it McClellan 

the interior purposes ol the republican organi. i, electe.l.-uch nn overwhelming Uiii.m pariy 

nations .:ays : , will be lormed in the suulii thai peace will be 

Abolition influences in congre.«3 and in the ' "'^" »'•>'"«' iininediate rtsult. I s{»eak-," ^aid 

cabinet hav« doubled ibe millioiu of dollar.*, ''y. "'he sentiincnts of ihe people, not the ofli 

MiUta.ry C«kkI>', ^^c, 

ABouf tlic uuiuer«ui arllrlrs urr, 

C K\ TLKM K.N'S HA I » 1 > LK.-, 
LAI)Ii::.S" .<AIH>L!:.<, . 


l!L'(i(;Y HAltNK.S.'^, 

Tiuvni\(i nAR\i;.<s, 


W I m'.S— />/,«/ ,<,/t. and Rrt„ll, 
'i'iirXKS A VALL^K.^. 

rilAVKLlXt; IJAiJS— ofvveiy vaihty, 
RCRHKU <;<KH».S— of all.soit.s 

ri'15i;i:k rlaxkkts, 


rcurkr talmas, 



TIIK I'ndemigned 

liB^Jiiit r.-turiie'l tn u ti.e 
Ka>t with a n-iv <uj !>:> of 

Dental Material. 

an-l 1» pr^p«r«>.| to io nil 
•.liord! tho latesilii.t.f.v.ii.rrt^. Ai.««. 

«;I:1<-1.,..,: :,c..;ili,i ,,i n, c l.,;i„lij.-»» , . .-,, ,.i,. ,. u l"! •!■, fa- 

' .•''i"v.israi,i.ii> t.•.klM^- tlw p'.KT .,1 F..i,i ,.!,,, ir.rHK.'t- 

i I'i ^"'''•'••'i t.-.-tli. .SpotliiiMikot ttr. w-.rk i-aii ijr««vii 
* at my mPI.i*. 

\ l.aN*n'^"*.rk !"..!r '""""'*' «><►=■«•■'*•! «"'•««• <>'" ■ Uarse w».l.« 

..■^".y',*'V.i"";"" '^''■"V, ■''»''•»•'■ >'r!'-<(ir.a»pnaL-.e. I. f 
f'lrtiiri i>a:«ltii!ari,.«iloii.., n.1dr,vt 

; Dk. j:. di.'ay. 

T S'K>I' (1 

t ar > er. M'.rn 

11 <.) M J-: 


'IMM: only org:inijrer] Jjisuranee CfirrnnvT . f 

«• .»:.!.•. l.ii.„,.vri ll..lll!i.»k. .,»■..! II,.: U,.'^c:,. • ■ 


At .1 \. ,-,:,-„., 
>-■ r: \ W. K. ,, I. 


'».. n^j «ft„,: .VK.Tl,-,,,.,^,... ,,., 

J. i:. TII.n!r<;nN-, 
I . V\ . KI..\'M I .<,.. r*t...» ■ 
M..I. NoiriHKfe, I'r.-! ■>,..." 
K Mi;i!ll. Vv.;!',-.., ir, t ■ ■ 
^W. A. Wi:!.|.s. .Jeieril Ap ..t. xj .j,,.,^ 


; Iif..\L:i: i.n 


FiiH' ilrcr Phifnl SUcJ lilts, 

The London correspondent oMhe Xew ''-^ '''''' ''■''''"''^'''= ''''''• '''■"'" ''^'''"''^ ''"''' ^'" ^^'^^"^'^^•''' -^^^'^'^^ ^'^^^^ '' ''^^^lfiT'^n*'^"'y'' Cru\*rat,a ur|.r.iii.R niflr.' 

the war, they will be willing to trust him." 

, \ orU 1 lines writes from London of the peace ^ y^eh is the late.«t and most amh.Mi.ic te.-..i- liRE.\Kl\lST'LS, !SU.VTaS | ('uLTS 1— Tt i| 

, rumors: j mony f:oiii the very heart of the Southern .I.Vl) XL'IUJS ' ' " " 

j I try it every way and cannot cypher out a ' <'""'*"deraey. It w- * eommunieat.-d to m.- rr (iTIls! ' \ \''it / ' j Jv-r ir ;• ». #'^. 

'peace. So as the north in>isls upon su>.- from n source entitled to the hi-l.c^t c.nfi- '-''^^"-^ .i.MJ ^ t . /.>.>/.!/ /./i£.6 

jit.'atingthe souUi-governing it by bullets and dcnce, ami it concrs, I nerd hardlv ^av, with ' 4'^-- 'j'^'i ^"f'- 
■ ballot.s. and so long as the south resists this every opinion ivhici. I have been able to ton., I p,.,„„, ,.,,„„„ „. ,.„,. ,..^., „^,. ,,,„.,,^ ^.„, 
jsiilijugation, the war must goon. The R us- 'or niy.-ell, I do hrmly ami honestly believe , 'i"-'' i"t«r(.-^it....:i.u lost. i'aiii;iii,uivc u.t a can. 
'siaii war in Circa.s.sia lasted twenty years. I'lic *''^'- '' ^y '''^ aid of" this good old stat^of; 

Spaniards and Moors were al war eiuht hun- Connecticut. Ceorge Rrintoii McClellan .shall I 

hundred yea r,^. The Moors were driven out '-'e proclaimed president of the Cniteil Stales j -^^ — 

I of Spain, ami Circiissm has been conquered, '^' -"^'"erica on the 4!h day ol' .Match ne.\f, as ; ^)kJE~^ 

the remnant ofthe pcojilc who rcfu.sed to sub- ^ ''opc and trust he may be, aiiot'ier yenr will ' ,^ _ ■,-■,,.■., 

mit to Rus.-ia taking refuge with the turks. In "ot have expired wiihout witnessing'the linal *i(l ^f Cjf PmiiI lVfIi-.ii i"l-V."V,!"' 

rs b'rniiiiatioii ofthe rebellion ; an<l tiiatthol *'-^^*? ^^^' -•-t'-li'j i>lllin.l Gig ^saddles. 

il.\KI. MinVS ItlKI.K. 

KC.>lE:>lltER THE PMC'E. 

r..\r()\.- PISTOLS. 

SMi 111 .\ WK.^IOX'S PI.-Tt»LS. 
I'ifloh iiiiii Itiiii i' hiiiii .f uf nil norin, 
\\\V\.V !• VlM'HlD<";r.s. 
PISTOL C A RrRI|Mii:.-—u! ever; v:iriely. 

shORDs. iiKLT.'<.<y s.isur.s,' 


ten or twenty or thirty yeari? the soulherner^ 

who have ii-jt ewaped to (,'anada or Kuropc ' succeeding -lih of duly will find us c lebratwu' 
may take refuge in Mexico i ^"eh a jubilee as has not been seen since that ' 

tJov. .S-yim.iir biings some evidence upon ' '^"^' ^'''^■'' ^""^ '""'^''' ''' ^'"^ l'i'll>'l-'y <>f Ameri- . 

Ail k^\-,i- (.f 

Jon ifuRK.i.xi, jn:/\iiRj.x(: 

'•> ■■ri.T „„ ,1.. Ml lltTBSIT N.jr.TK. »,:i;;1'i 


V3i:t9 ly 

1'. I'. 

•J II 

P. F. Mcquillan, 

\S H' >l.l S.\ I I 

-Deathless Determination. 

'Joelhe, the glorious «;erman poet, gave ut- 
tf raneo i,. this important truth : 



/>••;. r ftic II I'd I HI /•« '•'< d 

,1,., .,, ).:,.,.. :,, ,1 . f 11 • ,.",. can iiiilepeiideiice. I do not forget the daii- 

th.. sul.j.Lt, in the following pass.igo ol h,s ger of indnli-ing in these ninety dav.., or even 
recent .sjKCeh at Philadelphia : j twelve months prophesies. I do not forget 

The men who wrr.' drafted this year under '"*^^ many memorable warnings we have had 
the live liundred thonsand call have but one '^o'" t''^"''" fallacy. I can only say. that, in 
yrar to n-rvc. The three years' men who 'hat hoj)e, in that triHt, in that linn and nn 
were taken into the army in ihC2 will go out swerving conlidence 1 shall give my vote to 
of the .^ervice ne\t year, 'iheir terms begin '''^ candidate of the democratic jiarty. ai.d : 
"The longer I live the more oerlain lam ^">ii"c in the sprinir. In nine months llic : <vhether that vote shall jnove to have lieen ' 

that the difference between men, the •"■"'}' '^i" """*' the largest addilion.s that have e.xst with the many or with the few, with ma- 

ireat and insignificant, i^ energy, invinKil.le heen made at any one lime. As the adminis jorities or with ndiorities, I shall feel that 1 

Iraticii shrank Irom calling lor more i ''"^"*-* followed the dictates of my own best 
three years' >i,eii just before an election, the judgment, of my <iwncon.seientious coiivieti. wis - 
jilaces to be vacated by the oii<? year men must of duty, and of my own unalteial)le attach-! 
be provided to be tilled in nine months, and : m*^"' ""d devotion to the constitution and'the ' 
thus il is ren<onable lo liclieve that riiE i,ai: i l-'nion of my country. j 

<iK.sT i.KAFTTifAT HAS VKT v.v.v.s .madk wn.i, BK This statement is bori.c out by the most 

iZTt oed-'ntl^ivf";! "r "'If " .'"• ^"!'''- 1 ^^'"P'«'« <^^'«'" ^^ ^^^^»^ouv. Thc Richmond 
- „- " ,.„- ' *'" not speaiN unadvisedlv. tor theuflmiiiistra- ' 

! inisinge petition. Sunvss is the verdict of ''"" ''='" in'i'i-Hcd to me that they e.xpcct an- f''*'""'"^ ""'^' n""'"'"'>"~l.^ express their de-ire 

j brave 1 ndeavor aiid ui.yiehlmg |Mr>ist<nce. ^'!'"''' '''■'''^'- '""' •'''''''•^ of Xew York h.i.l fur- , •^^"" ^^^ election of Mr. Lincoln. They reiter- 

Pui in VM w of ijieobst ifl.', and embana.s»- "'^'"'d •»•' fNcess of three years' men and I ate from day to day their apprehensions of RhLLL PL.hXK, ML\'.XEi:iOr,1. 

Ileah-r in 

5«i A D D I. r: K V IB \ n n u \ is i: 

\\ hip Laohe.', 
llurnrgsand S/:irll„f:l.f,ith,i—o.ikt,innfd,] \H{)i "''''IXt; AVDsCMMKR iCi'l 

DPI siiKs .V crpRV co\ii;s. i, - 


V\ holesale aini Hefiiil, | 

l*ersi>ns in Ihe trade \.ill do well locviini'' 
ine my sloi-ix brfoic jin;clia>\li»-re. 
octol.KC:! l.t i.v.v; * \ ..Ii'.'.-iC j 


deternMiiation. an hone>t purpi)^- once fixed. 

„n,K,. ,v •',".'' "''" ^'^-'oiy. 'ihat q-iahfy will d.) unv- 

«.Rarillii-s«f KVKRVl»KSCUlPTION thing that '-an be doic in the world, and no 

,,.,..,,.,,,,.,. ;''^"n>stai»ce!io,.pportunity, willmakeatwo 

I ,< >\\ r.iv Ij1'.> r.l', h'gJiciicreaiiire a .vv\, without it," 

tfW Pil' I. - ■ .W/.V.Vf:>'f>7'.? Verily : diouts conviction ; verily, echoes 

* _ _ ie\i-Mi.nee. (Jrit is the main indi>p.-i)sible 

I •■^•"d't of siieces!" in this age of 


II i^ 

IH:V CttCiiy. 

' •■t-ii{<>cf;ini>'. • 

I»»nis .V >Fft»r.-* 

^ AXKTP. \oriO\s 
L<-»««KS Ac. 

RNMo [:/■;/} Mii^i'ixi:i{V(;()oi)s, 

•p.. l;.t...-.( .t>'.« .1 Lu'lirO. »!,..,„• J 

I lluilf. ....|i..| I 1.1 111,1,,,,.. I ,, 


' ii,.i 

Til !lis 

John O'Neile, 


K.MA i:i. V Ol.S. 

lUiUC<^ DinUOVCi $. iiCiaVCiJ.'"';';';' "'"VrV'"'"' V'''?'''''"'''"'^^^^^^ Vori' on'',l n'""''':'"~- "'' 'VTm? "^.^'^■^:i'»'e failing oS- ofthe people in theevdrtor 

i.Vlilli'j »* »'-|*'^ ^- ^^ ^ O V -"If p'"' ■»— -•"*r-'y trinp, red With fortitude • ""^'^ one II, nr \enrs man shonid be counted '.,,,,„ , , .. '„., , , 

TM.^o aT-Kfct-r can ,.v,r re:!eh that goal in iriumidi The '^'^ '"'I""' ■"""•'« one vcjrs' men. They s.tid '^ election. I hey declare this to 
... ... .. ....Ill I I siiii-n s I....... 1... — J ,• M i i .. . .« ■ .. •! 1.1 ... . 1 .. : .. , . "^ . i.„ •i.,.;„ . .1 _ 


•■• Klxtur tw f* 


m 1 »'. rc\ .f \<KS<>N \M> KoiiKi.i svi;i:kts 
.ST. t'.ill.. Mi.x.y 

NiUK Mturim .n» (Hit BiniBuVi\nKM.wniskns 


• «»v.«Ti m > !•'■•'• '■' '■■' 

Crockery, Glass & China, 

. TflJ .T. vMr'.W .MTtl^.sII VI !;ll.VTl.l".o..|.S 

niiiT.i.x.xLi I* .iiii:. A'- , »H. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

w!Ki t r.ii . ■•r-' 


Aueiioji 1^ C<»nnnissinii 

* M I. K< • II .\ N i s. 

« c. Bii'Jin.-or TiilrJ fir -e;. r.-.r Mir^ l.aiM .■ I!l<-. 

St. I*«,VLl, IWCliin.- 


Soat r • o«a(«. 

»-S; B.«"'.f 

.1. « . 1 tl. «■ \i> kmM. 

»..;.. M'T. ll.i't 


l«rw.iNiii!i; <&: ( omDii>'«i<>u, 

lamt hearted fail.while the i-eemiiejlv reehles.^. 
'lesj.ite :d! blun.iers. are almost invariably for- 
tunate. The never-givpiij) prinrij.le is i'nvin- 
cil'lc. .Men that gather fresh determinaiion 
and new strength from revcr.-es andd flieultie^ 
alw.iys prnudly .«.uceecd. 

\\ c have settled coiifiden.'e in lho>e per- 
Hitij. -vho po-scss decisive characters, and who 
liu.>l una-mitlingly in their own power*, in mo. 
mei.ts of cinergeuey. It i» mie that l!ie world 
ha-, un a burh mask to Irighlen tfie Mi-peet- 
"•-' : l-nt the daimile.N-, projector strips it eir, 
ai d bur de.«pisej, ihf hid<.<-n nileu for its bvpo- 
critical jiieleiisions. This whinimr over 'dilTi- 
nilth s IS no les.M futile than unmanlv : nothing 

IS r\tr gained by such ignominiou./delav all 

... ui«- "^ I •> often lost. 'What you have lo do, do with 

-- - all your iijght." i> a veiy valuable admonition. 

!' ht-h |.r-iee]it ofsurces^. Kverybody clears 

th..- track f,.r thc staunch locomotive", which 

L'ive- Ihe warning, and comes on .' 

I i:e loy note to miglity Napolet.n's victo- 
riei was .>.oundcd at the Jlnalc of irorv Wa- 
!rr!oc— it was hi« death-bed conf-.s^on.' His 
.iinntless Hi|.| tJuanh" of legion victories. 
were signale.l to .vji render before thc hcavilv 
eharge.l avalanel es of carnari— the matches 

rtln-ady UIk.,! ; .\Ioii.-, •k-feiiseles.s thev stood, ^^f^'urivd in his practice 
Ihn Ihi' iinin..i!d-- C</)ji/>;fyn«t- * steriilv 
sj.out..I : -'The livarddi.s. it n,nr,„rrin'- 
f^r.*: 'Ihiis are all lilcV ir.umphs crowned : 
-e-ming defeat i- made gloriotts vietory. And 
what n noble epiiapl, is that fur the nionu- 
"••'•nts ot liie ii.ariyrs of thc Revolntion • 
•••leil m t!u- contis; 

they could not do that, as they needed men im- '"^ ""•'''' K'^-'iilt'st danger. 

inedialely; but they provhied that a three ' ■ — ^."♦.^^ 

ytars-man shouM count as one man on tliisj . Fire in Bed-Rooms. 

"Iiiil*, as one man on the .vkxt nnAFT. and as """*». 

Dry Goods, 

M if 'fiR F {-^"AKOl'LL. 

On tlir Ccrtifr of Fli*t 4 ■ Ililiioii vr^-t. « li»i. ! j.. , \i-\t.|ti/»- <,,, I C' /"'J 

t..hi. ol.l ani n.w f l.-.!-:. ..r. \.i t^.- I, \ R.iEST A M. M j M I • • '^ <l||(l ►lIlHIIiM'l' (jOrKjS 

UKST STOCK OK <;o .I>s . ,-r l.r...ri:lil I.. sl,,...t. p" . ' * "^ ' ' » 

•,..MTl.«.'.K, l..:.irt..ui eoivai,. i si... 1. .! I "u,\y'!l,^."'^1*'^ t..^xl,lhit ih- l„;.rs. ;.,..! ...... „^ , .... , 

I Mil ... .11 »,v. I I. r.,l|v|,t f. tl, t |n.i; Yi ' 

\ """"•-"•«'v...i...i ,..,., ,„,„„Mrr... 

Puna vKj: I«arx('y I)rc?s GA>«j»ij5, j ladiks- hats and noxvns 

»» '^•r 



11I.IAN AMI KI'"ii;H!.l> fllJ.V. n M'fM.VOC 



" "^- 1 .|ii.iii/.^ 11, .73U . - - -.- 
il ajipiars from thi> we are to have at least '■"* t?ood — escential to health, 
two more drafts. [ Voice — •Thais refreshing.) '^ '* better to have .in open (ire in your bed- 
Lvery man knows that wc niust have thisdratt. ■"''""•• '"'^' almosphere is not only by this 


one man irgain on TIIK TIIIUD DRAFT ' ^lost people, even many intelligent reform- 
ami thus the matter would be eou.ilized So ^^''^ '""^'^ ^^^ ''^^" *''"* '" ^'•^'P '" ncold room •^^•^•''"i 

■• ■ ■ - •■•-•■•• It i;,nn error.— IIARDWARL, 


.Afer the War Is ended under the policy of this "'^■""•■* <;""^''i'"l>' ehanged, but wil'h the fire "' 

.-V.lininistration. we shall be con.pelled to nmin y" '*'" ''^^^'P ^^^ window open, which will 

MOII Ml; ' A-" ".M.i.u, II...- r.j... ,.,,.„).,. ,^,., "'*'- ■' 



HAVIN't; iMw f-.-:v(. I mv K,'| v\ I \ ►t.>i-k of 
^.i■M.•l^, 1 am iiijH iir. |iir.-l t-. i-ll aujtliin;; in mv 
ii.t; al 1 r. . 

St. Paul Prices. 

tain large armies lo hoid the .south in sul.jnga- '"^^' greatly to the needed ventilation. Rut] 
lion to cary out the euiancipation proclaiiia- '"^'■'-' ^''"" 'l^'N ^*''''' " tire you will have fewer 
lion and confi.-catlon act. bedclothes over you, which is a gain, as a 

• Four years more,- pav, Lincoln; • '"'"^ ?"!"''V;,''f, '•'=»"'<';'^""t ""])• i"'!r!eres 
years mo,v."sav. Hutlcr— Thiriy year. " say's buM n v ,n t ' " '^"■'"'•"ir' "'"^ ''•^P"-"/'"';' i .Mr u qtick sai.ks .h,. ..mall i-hoftt.^- 
the New ^-ork- rime, •• An interm^^^Iu; Z ull^S ;::o::::a:u;^.Utinr Kv^^t J^ i ^l^^^^-T' ^^ -' ^ " -r.oATs.a.; 
flict, -says Weed: '•The War a permanent in- "•" *'ove iieai with un o|Kn window isbettiri C*f\n\¥ T> A 

.stitution." Mvs dim Lane— and then follow """'" ^■'"'^■' ^'"'^ '■^"^"'- I'"e'<-haiiged with' ^OUarry irrOQUCe. 

, 'he external ntniosphere dep.nds up..., the WAVTi-h -n v :...., .j.-e..,. ii, ,-,. for ^n,,, „ , wii; p.. 
(Mleieiiee between tne teinperalure of the air "'= i"e''--' \>:u e. 


drafts and drafts. 

^^'hat .eay thc iieople ? 

A Novel Plea- 

wiiliiii aii'l tna without. But let us have th.*, 
ojH.'n fire. Let Us go without ihe ,»i!k>, t.roa.!- ' 
cloths, carpets, and tinery of uH kinds, if nee- ' 
e-sary, that we may havt.- this beiinilul purifi ' 
A lawyer lei.Tl.-s the following iiieidcnt that er ami ddfu.ver <.f'j..y in all onr house.-. In ' 

my own I have ten open grates, and fin.l ! 

lie was Irving ;i petty case in which one nf *"'.' ^■"''' "^ '''■'''" '^""■"■■'* '''^' lApen-e is 

th.- n..r.i . „■ t I . ? Irightful. ami if ,t were in anv other v.-pari- ; 

th. p.,rlies not a!,le to pay counsel foes, and menl of hon>,k.-epintr 1 should feel l" e.iui.l 

undertiok to plea.l h s own ea>c. P.ul he not utlbr-l it ; l.m in this I do not flinch, so 

found in the coars4^ of the trial, that the k^-cn '"'portaul do 1 deem the opeu fire, — Dr. 

November l<t, ISCi. 

dO.'IX ox KILL. 

J!KI'>\ •■.)[,! It., f; 

.-TIMfKO AM.I'l.AlV VUtVflA?*. 
i Ar.CACAS, ei.AIN A\r> KK.IKKIi 1>KI,AI\TF. 

R4l.:ilORAli Ai. IIOOi> MilRT.s. 

iioim. .m;bi*.s, 

SOMAtiS. f<0.;F'>I;T', 

•if.i»\r;s ;in 1 lio.»ii;r.v, 

.«ll VW I.-. ni WKKTJ. 

« A s s I M 1. 1; J. -. • ■ 


rOT ii.N A i»i:,s . 

nu.'iwv A.M. iii.rAfiirii iii:.'.; i «■;« 

f'I.AI\ AND KAli'.V .N|,ANMi:(,s. n<>oi. 1 A I: V. X. 

8 ?1>I. ii:i.| otel ( at.-i'-^l' '• «'■•(> nf 

Boots and Shoes. 

r(tf{ run r.. nn:-. 

A fi.Ilih 

.,,.• I. - 
'•»Iy u-T 

St-iil-ot.... .M.i 

lloiiio liiMiraiKf r<»iii|»:iii\, 


A Mr. K r. X,;.,.,. u..M..^ ,..a.l>l..-: „ ..„•.,..„, ,-, 

..••ii-O ,., i',i. *• " n.,..,:.lf^)ti.. J,. ,.,,.j. r !►.., 

!.!. j..--.r.ii» «b.. iMrni-flv w.r»i;.r.-.t..r.- r, 

• ■ ln:;ur.,n. . I'-m'-un, ,:f WfT-.u*',- ti ,. 

f.,l|...»lnK ,-.;.'i. t .1. :., .1 ,„ ,-, , ,. ..,^. ,,.,^ ,„...,, ,,„.;,,;.. 

ej bT hit-.,, ji lii • ir . ... . I ,1 tu !!.•;.., ( 

any : — 

. •H.I...1 «i .»- 
l!.e It'j. •-; K 

.r». ..-.•t". 1- 

, t :'iii ■Mt; s ii »T.t j>... /rp>,- 

I !. '. .V|(|. .). , . j(|, ,. It -r-fii . .. . 
j iiv. I .\ii'.,i..ii,,a„„ i.,_, ,j,.., ,, 
. ■.urilaiMt„ i,v ji. ., il.i-.'t .«■'.•. 

;• A...-. At M-N. 

' r l^^■I^.> . I „.j,, , 

•e*i'i- !.g-i«.?. it, i|^ 



, .M;,i., ..!,. 

I Ii v«. tl.l- .|.,j ,, 
''"•i ij-i;>ti cj .-f j-"„, 
*» A. »i r:,. 

VI.. ."■■".'• '."■ '''"" J-r'Tc, 

Mil. 11. !\il,, li.i.,... ,,■ ,:,,.,. , ., 

..„ . , , .,, '■■ "'■ '•'■■ »<;l -I...I.I.U 
.....-»•.. k.kjii ., (.. i.,1 f:..,.i-. ^,... ,,. 
Ill , tf. . il. ,....,„;_vflTl . |)„„ j,. ..,|i,i 
f.U: r....,„„.....„.,t ..,„,. ,,.,,, r,.. ,^. .^. if i^y-e 

- :iii>... I I. r.. ,ia.,"„i ,..- -' ■ \ ' "^ ■■ V; • r. , 

< ..Il.|. l.J. !•; J,,., ,,, I , 

1!. 1|1..^> 


'I !'>*» «.-. ».,• 

•t|,.;. f ..,;.. 

. I' r. , , ri I : 

.1 ^ .f. ,1.1 III.,!,!, 

...r I 

and adroit attorney who managed the case for 
thc other party, was to much for him in 
str.ntegy. evidently making the worse aj.poar 

Lcicis. R 4- vfHih. 

ro i: i:n:.v d- in km ksth 

i.i({i oHs ,s- rn:.ins 

r •■'.•M i: ••rTilUll' i .i\.'K-.>N .-IS. 


'Ihe man wl o l..' . 'T'"'' '"=*"■■' ^'''t'.'" ^''*' ""'^•'' P^""'-?"- "='^ «« "'"^-l' for him in legal 
in. man wi,o Kuoiih I, us powtis, ami the ^ 

i.iutal.iliy of luuiati jllair*. and who looks 
.•;br,ve ob-tae!. s y;..| mi>f..rlBn.-^ li-e World's 
vorrymg -j.-ek ol Iroubie" is .scarce a thim- 
l'l' 'nl. 

Ch. vvl.y .should man. who has the breath 
•f .Ml 

Photographs ! 

r am now prepare.l to take Photographs, HATS AND CAPS 

Atiii,r..f y|.cs. ai..l .Mt|.^.., in j »!> 1,; ,;,;,t I w.ii ruit 

" ' K'.r lueii jiiil iioy.'.tii ^-I'iir"? v.iri.'!' ,..i f>i. i.»i. . tlftyi"- 

«— «« «»«^ wt-z mm SB M-vr.«<^ 

il. wM.-h \r:ii !).• •..ui'i t.r.i'. W < ; 

si;«;a8, tf.\s. coffkf-;-'. splV-ls. .;c. 

M:r.!.«;»,..:tl;. „::>■. I.-^;. 

C l..p.1>.;. ;. 1 

; ut>. f ■ : <X ■• :, ■ 

!,■» ; Hi; t.. t I. 

l»V< XiM I I' 


<iK... V. iv:T-r. j: 

, I • 

• tij r»»«'»- ( ,«,..•. Mi!.. 

A iui;>i'.< L of 

fU< .in;. . 
sin..,: I ikiii:' tl 

II... i<f\Vf.,;.f,-: 

jLiir .-'.!.» :i. St. I 

.ll..* luil.Uv. il i|.|.|J 

'..;•• I. • Ii- ;. i...|i. V ol ,i...i- .r-» •«. 

tai'.i.v'.. M.l-i...i.J..r «l..:i I ,,,.*••.... ' 

J-.l... I I... v., ►,„ :,,,.,:.,,;, ,i, .,,„.„'i • 

'•' t|..l •.lulrliti^ ,4,,.; ,,.„.;({ 

••f Aln.igl.ty Cod within liim, tamelv shiid.l.T 
j.t the \aM..liun.s of ihe win-b .' Me is '-rand- 


JOHN scifw A in/.. 

HOt.MFi* STRFFT, stI\K'-riCF. V;\\.. 

ly abov.. rates vi,-i.sMtnd.-s Yea. thou-h 
the-^-lalCs may banda-,- our eyes in the midst 
' t ti.e m..-t shofkinir Kril, lliej ean not ever 
dari^t 11 or imi^'de unviehliu" 
pr..gre.HS. Only ji_t v^ ij,!.,„- earnt^iiv and 

'•may I pray ? " The judge was taken .=ionit- 
what by surpriso, and could only .,av he saw 

iVe. Nuw, il apjK-ars to me that tlicie are 


men wiio were boiii and bred out of America' i^^ 

.i;i..,.iiv. i„„n,,™,„,„ ,™,.i,„.v«,iwi;j »ooi*ctio„. w„«„„p.„M, A.«„.d«.„ k;.S:^fS?,;::l't:':t""T'i:^t™ k 

** " " "P»" l^'* knctv an.j made a fervant prayer in and bred in"— as much as lo say, I K 
which belaid the merits of his ca',e belore the ^''^*-' """"^^ interest in the affairs of my conutry 'J^ 

W. H. O. 

Good Advice 

Lord in a very clear and nieth.-dical statement " ,•'"" -''''" ^'"''^ i*^*^'",*-' ''*■"■'■' d*F"J^''" «» 



wi.ert- tlll^ .-ii'l*- ot Ciii'-nB'.— .-». J'« ni i.'jt, 

Or.litT oilK'f l*la<-< . 

Shalioi.*"!-, Nov.'iu'i."'2i»t, ni<.'. vf. •'; 

The Amerieiiu Coiiliicl. 

-■-!• /• . (..'••I a 

r..|.11.... t!...*«ff.,t...^".,'r.."'.-..t.r-.- .1 'S S'l,r,.v«.. 

u.. . .Ui.-ii;..-l..t ^l-..u, -T.. at'...,.. t'„. - ^"'^—•** 

'■■ f.isS^i.-..-. o|,.i ....;,, ,i,. r.-jHan...> 

1. .....I i.-i! i:. ... Jn II :• .'..I I., ,j:. ,,„„,,i 

iM.y. I I- V. t.i *:,j- ti.i, I |,,,v,. ,..r..:.'l , 

:..| III. .-; I. I.\ t! 4 |...|-!.r.-.-s ..: i;. -*"■''•-■• 
'i.tii; . 't..- r. ^l4U xi » I... i, . x..;.ii. ; 
iiiK .h'- »l.'.r> p.i'...l iM f' . \ .-, 
r-.-M. i.r.-;^.-i.„: i-J,!,. 1... , ;, , ,;,., 
r'i.i.Ki tn" ..nil... 1,1 i.| :i.;:!.-j :, .,. 

1.' ',.i^i.<.| 

•tg t. ••!.-• 
t..- r ■• i-,.r ,,„„. 

••■> ► • ■ .lii.»t «'ii.-. 
■r. .» h.-;» 1 ,.:.,• j;., 
■ i • .' r\. ;.,.■► i.. 
a: . ai rt,. » XJ: 

rii-iP <l'Vr I.' AND KAmilnV ; Cles-. dJaCOUraeement."!, are probably t;od'soi»- "iJO tlO UmiCUlty in addressing to the Lord '--M."^«^*^'Onh art CaiCUiaiCU to ailtnaie Uie lltS w.irktne.iin my nnploy. I can w.irrantcv.ryartlckta- tin... I utll«f.o.H... il..r.,jnlaiMr.l ...i at... i.j.m-i ....;.. 

.laoi niiDEt A.-fi t «.-^ai 4\.».>. -s ' I. J v.£,ujr- 3 ' which should bind the native and u.lonle.I kenfrBtumyshnp. . tni'n'»-".rii-<'i<.rtli.> lat. .-t .-tu.i t;k-t Hi-.-, t ••» mi i-,. 

^^,.^t.,t.t,^.:.,rM^<..u^;r.^I..uu S'ro;!.^!'^* L?J 2lr ^^ or at" = ? "^ ^' '"'' ''^^' '" ^^^'' ^'-^^ citiren.t?drhesoJutT they ate d^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^Temu 0..k or Rrady Pay.^ -■'iV--" ''- - '-" - •--^■-'"- -'-^'^^ 

■•• * ' . 1" prilliogjj'ng. the bl-tter. '■hop on Iio!ii.»« aireft. n-«; i-jor to the A-irr!r.«i ' IIh.>J<\ l.i.LIOIJ. 

1... 1... '..-lit....... ,i,;.t.... ^o. ,, ,..„,,.,^,..^ „ »,,,..-,,; 

•■•••■•■-•'-' f •' "I-- lt.'li:v|i..,. I,,, .,...,.. „, ..,,■ 

i.-..l..t i-Uz :,. In |i,-.-|..ri.t., ■. k ...i!V....!y ;. ~ 

t,..i.«.,„.i t.i,i',jt.c-.i,. I- ..1.1, ,..,„,„„.,.. ...... : 

villi..) t II..- t«,ir.'.i I'.-. .1 «• . f.,. ,,.. ..ttr:-. "-t: . 
!— i,-i#ri'. 11.1 ll.'. »,. ni,-<i:.t.i;i. ti. •■ ■.> '.v. » 
«'.i, I. III... I l,..,„ .«.t:,rir M—t:f l4<>fi..... 

" »M a • l;.l. ..-..:. I ,, ||.,.., I., 

i:il;C., ' 

• .J J .Ij - 
■ I St, la 

« t.« tr, 

t- t«,. f T»«^ 

' 1-. k.j'ifia! -. :..r • r-ir 
iKUuuir .It •«. r. 

V .a..'. tTn'r. 

li'u) r.tcr-.rr. 




' . ■ ■.■* L 

Mortf a^e Sale. 


1>f^ault huviii); (■i-fii'WKuk* iit lite r<*n«Uti->n 
i-i i« i-vrlniii iniiriffii^* iiMiiv umI »Ia iil ifc 
t tiA\ »ij;htl. (lay of t'il>rii»r, Iftll, ' y llvi* 
r- i>. ,"'jK •'.• n- ami Mn'vina A ."fnfivr Ji:.-* 
v» .1 aii'l < ii;»rl«'s ll-.irKttiv- k .""I'li 'i:i'l fliily 
I.t>>ri!«il oil Iti* nil (|:iy itl A)iril l^tll in Jfit 
i • lll-ltj v\ IK'V<1.< ill r«tylt L'nUliI}. MlltiM. i»-.» 
ill l'tn>\i ••!»" <>[ .Miirig.ix>a pu^i- 4'>';. loiiv, ; 
j..;; iIk" fullimliis pii'c s«>r j».«n-»l> i»f .:«ml l\- 
i'l:; :iimI t« in«5 ili the ••litlll'V ••! r»«'i>l1 uliil Sl:|lr 
nl »1 li!ic>iii:i, :i!»l kiiu\vi> a.» fiiliitn*. I<> w il :— 
\ .uti'l>.vk nil ciro.; a!l nlMixk tw«iit\ loir, 
1 ■ ■^•vcn ill l»l«»rk liftv->i.\; luls fi»»* iiii'i m-vi'ii j 
ill bii'ok tifiv-twu. uii*i U>\s uii«', tliri'i' .iini lour ; 
ii ini-k ihir1v->ii ri ili«' ti>«ii nf l.«»ii.-\iilf, • 
^ftor<ii.i;j ii> iIk- r»-fi>nl*'«l pl"t t rn'ol. AiMi> 
^y :is>i!:iiiiH-iit »'\rcmtil by Wiliiaiii I' Clasf- 
li r.i, r««' iviT of !ho fir.nof*' M;irkiM'>* A 
.".iM. d.iU'il Au,::ij>t ^il\tc« iilli l>*»»4. n- 'Knl" •! : 
ni'istry t.f iKi-iNuOirt; lU' thim tlay of Scpl. j 
irGiiii lH>;>k "V" oi luuriga^^i l"*'s^' •'•''^ *■'" 
!.ij;:ii«'«l tr JohH AsblinsM. j 

itn wlji''!i ini>rli:i»::«' llur. is 'li!*' :il tin* >inU' ' 
V»T<Mir, Oiiv liiiinlrv<l ami lliirt_\-s \ «|.-ll;iri« ami ! 
«■ II ly-fivi- f'Mit.* '?l3f».?r>) I's j-r ii.>u- «>( f 
liciiry II. S|n-iM-vr »>f S4»iii»> •l»l»-. Mini >rf«n'i| • 
b-. ."-ai i UK-rt-ra;:!', »nti »«> pnx'tHiliiijr!* al .»w { 
hrtviiig^ Ix ( II ii)-(|i1nti i I.' iT(*i>ViT any |»ar! J 
'ii'-ntif. mj'x llttn-ftire iititirif is li»-t» l»y wivin ^ 
liiiit l-v virtiK' ><f ;> ]>'>wi-r iif j>aK' iu saiti inoil . 
>:.»•_'<• t-oiit.iineil kihI ttn^rewiib rvc»rik«i. ami j 
p r->aatit to StaiMtr the inoripajrtr W'H '»«* '"'v I 
<ii»-ttj I'V u salv i/f ■taid inurlsf-.tio^ pri'iui c» !■• | 
'•»r iiiHik'ly lli«- Slii-riffofsajd lomiiy of Sinit ; 
af pijitlic; uticlioii at tb«- Tourl lli>n-«- iii Sim ! 
kiiinriii th'-iail •onri'y oiiTuiwlay tin; l."»t|i| 
ii.iV of \ovi"ml.«T 1»S4 ui • «»Vl»»-k ill tli«- *f ; 
i« o? thnt djy to «ali>fy «»•! iM<'r«;r'»?« | 
\v:;n (Jt>lKir:H:i!>t.:i:.'4 <>(' rnn\'l>>3ur>'. i 

I)jlo«i, MiiitK'a|»oli« MiHH.. S«v? '2»>. l?i 4. i 

JOHN AriiHntsr. » 

J S. IJCRI*. A.viffiirv-. 1 

Atty. fvjr A??I^:u-*. .• 






"THE rjT/Oe^^^ AT ALL HAZARDS."— G?c««?r«f jMcCMUm, 

In Probate Court. 


Sr \TK fir Mi>»\'^">T«. } 

I '<• >rY OK .Si -irT. i ! ^ '~- ■ — -''■ — - *"■ ~ 

1.1 ti« mut:«r of Ihv Krtifc ( f IW- r« ir*-; OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE COUNTY. 

!*{>Mi r>*a<lip;r ariu "■'ili'i;: t!.** jk'Viiu.i '>( i 
• "•.ritf 1:1 A. Fn».-»rr :'>i: f •.•" r»"»M>ii t'w t-i JL ^ ^^ . 

I ; .^.f? ''oaitl; t'j.-«t rli«' !. • :»;.f'.Mf.' 4 .s.|i:ii-i 
iritor of iL-i (.•'■tait ff liol-c:t V.'^.x «iv- i 

If M .'"f.Ti;"! that th- lali .lii> "f Orioin-ri -^^^jr .-•'-" !"--'" 

\ 1» if*fli, at f< .". «'V!wk i'l th»- fofioM'ii ui | '^^..■' . [oiMgcuAtrtL,^ ' > ■> ^"^ 

i < in wi.! ••o,:r!tj (/f {•••••tt 'f a-ij:; f 1 for j 
"f If aiii:^' of .,a'.i pp'itt' n, a::*! llut tl.'. !nir- • 

:.l •:».» BIh] ai! ;*th«.- J-T.VH.S ifil^i >ti-.J ;•. ll.r I 

•-•••tr.» cf th • ii'-fTSH-l j:jipk.';ir :it - .-•i-riou ol ! 

t'.o I*r'./b4fe •iittrt tf»*ii «'fd tticrv ft» bt- ?«ol- j v 

<!':ii to *h«>i* •.MC".!' Mi'iVili' : r^'•• t </!' o.*;.! :•«• ' 
• • • « . 

*.: ioni«l;'j'!i.l 'lot ht jf-aiit-'ti. i 

Ar;.J it i.- f;ii tljnr i-ri.-rci ;.aM\-e ..f lb.- 
J. -nic Jf'y i^f ^■.aid ;)t?it!«>n »a<1 t'f tb*' '.ii'«» »»u'l 
)>iuc'.: .jf liM'.ri'i^' 'h- r • *', '^^ jiivf.! U\ a j.^Mi | 
■ .ilii.n cf ('"..■ f itCjfoiujt «»r»lfr : ■ *'.«• ."Imk.'jM-i J 

• /-, 



\ rkjii;. a !♦:* >;»i4jK .- jirititr.! at <!.:iko:K.j in Srililpl.-lV, XoVriJlbcr .'), 1>^01 

f li'l .'.(Uiitv. !'r.- l!:r..* T»»cl»j ivi*. ^'.•{Viv tN#-! * 

»J:i>- of Tja-Ii'lT. 

nKMtv ni.MH. 

H. J. PECK. 

' ~ , ' . " 

I ' I 1..- < '•.II.-- :t M • Ion ri.<t II.— L iili>ii 

[ .\ftfw. \»m i *r.*»oi*v *•<!, -v^- Viiit o •. «'r iiiuy l>o 

I .;»••. ••■j«.' , Ik I tiiiv, 'l'rO..-«iir«' Mil'l J tt«»o»J." 


MAJ.Viy. M tLLLL.iy. 

In Probate Couit. 

i.;tt-!-<' 'lavi .J *,•■.. •juiy ♦•• ! by'!!*'-. . -^ *- • ■ ^ 

!i.v.. v.. c. i.-.i;^iH.-r..i>u.;,-.:.-f !•.-..:,:... ;.. u!-..i : « ""»" lleiiiorralic ickct. 

r.- 'hv 'v.i!»iy ol" Uju:i>>'y a?'! .^i:«.tcof MiinK- ! i'oli rilKSll»KN'l' : 
f-»i.i, lo V,-!' l!.c U.'J iif.i ir.aflir .i.-sciibrd i>r ! 

•.,;.., t.. t^. ...:.. or n....vr Min.!(;i;o. 1^ M'CLELLAX, 

. ' - I lK .NF.VV \OItK. 

ini; VlfKl'llKSIDKNT: 

j' .ttu 

■ So-K '.]•>::: .'■:.; I •:.. rr.'.i'oy ;;!•■' -.oli.T tli:;! ' 

• -.KT :ril par-rr^r t to the ur.|.r of >M .-oiirt ; ^, , , , . _ _ ».. , , ^. ^x, , , ,,,-,/ ^ » - 
I .:nr ,..- v...... .....t nil! ..■!! at pabl!- ai.< - : G ]j),\\. V KN D 1 . 1*71 ON , 

'<>-U, IJ tUc «i;»li-.. I bi'M-' 

r iM-li, :if (hi- , 

*-n.i' dofr .-ftiw </i>'jrt floaof in tho lo-.»i» of ( 

.■«h;ikoJCA i'l th»* "•«'i'y lif ' J*«:Ott. ST t««|. [ 
• Hook ir. l-'iir r«.,rw4.«>»i or; M •ii.luy ih • t« rity j 
'!>.t da*' i~t .N .»vci:ir».:;r a. i.. l-*»iV, tii.- luijitw- ■ 
i-:^ «io-jiihoti t'iVl.* f>i pare •!.< of bin-!. .«i;»iafc i 
; iii'.^ ami bdiiff ui thr ci'tm'y of S<*. It. .^lati ; 
r Mitit'.i«ot;i vlx: TUo F..t:<t fid. of I'.i- .Niirlli- j 
' i.t fpiiirt r ;i'id tSr N**rtb-v.r.t ij uirt- r td ; 
•>«• Ni'i-th L'JSt iji.irlir i»f stf«ti.> : f Wi-ii' v f.iti. i 
i'*'\; 'l..r:o 0- c f.i:ttlftd and fliirlv.-ii ilTl;! 
ii»»^'.,- •.«¥*ify r»:r i'li) uiii ib.f S 'Uti: \ • 
>• itrtc* of lb ■ N'.irllt w-ji ij i.»r: ;- uf -.i-iion \ 
. ;-rLcan .'I'.''" To-^ii-'kij*. Oil'? ImuilrMf 4ii(t tbir- . 
• ■m; [Ui, Nor.L of Il:i;iyc f*.M.ty tHn'*- I'T.'; ; 
^S Tst.oi i.toiiiin? l.'.'iuT li»')iicr-.--'..ri;ii'l i -• s ; 

oi' umo. 

For Preiidvntial Electors. 

rtiihu;-* II*itKf:.N.<, I K. i^T. Jvi.ikn- <'ox. 
W. «'. i;Li.i.>N, I W. L. Hu.K KK.Miti m; 

For Judges of Supreme Court. 

<iii./Jjftirr^\. {,. ^•IIAT^•I^X1>. 

s i:r.i T. \vn,i)K«. 

mhf' rl.itrf 

/ i;i»\V. O. MAMl.lN. 

R.;pres ntativo to Congrett. 

.-ri"Mi M*TU1<T. 

ri»iT iiotri- T. 

t.«^fnty •J'V.a^Ti.j a- r.rt'fjrc .•■ d i • j «. •••riri.t HKMIY W. I-A.MHKUI'nN. or Wix<«Nt. 
>.-h.'!fc5.ic:-. ■ ■ 

lUff.:,lMwbvr2':!i. lofik ' 
Aro»'*fL"^ I.Atv-, K\>-..'»ir«r ••!' 

^;fcl'. t; llrrir rv K Mi.'-. .';r-'nrfi'. ! 

, J HIV M. lilLMAN, t'l KxM.-^itT ('.>i>Tr 

1 t^ 

In Protats Cour*. 

< iiltitv \>f S.-ntt. 1^ ' 

■>att>»- of ihe l\..,ta;r wf .Wu- ...; .Somh.- i 

r a fftitrrji i.o». S'h Ju-ll<'l.'il r>l«tf'' t, 

i;. w. i«AT<Mir.i.i»j:r.. 

I po:i rra«li:i^ Slid flii:,? !? V Jnti'-or. of niio ! 
•I:» »j:itbHorlii, a iMiiiiislrafr i oftliv «■ t.ilf ot 
Nowtoii .HoutliwTtli, ik'icri-nl. pr.yiii;.; tbil , 
^^»•• 1:k; li<.*tii«»'d t.tiwli >o in irh «if tis- n .il <■« ■ 
t.ilc of tht' ill ir-a?'i-.J a-f .--bHll in? iH^-rs-aiy !<• ' 
j-.iy the d«*f»ts cf Ihv drrcM^'d mid '.•xiwi'-.m-.- 
adiniiii.-.lration, Tihereby it B}>;iC:vrs !li;*.l tluTf! 
U uol »iif!ii-'«'»ii p«:r*t«»iMl «'-t.i'c i:t t.iT liai«l« t>i | 
!tay tb<.' d« St.; >>; ;i/.«iy«l tJij- liivi*- ! 
» d mid lh»« isj».:j3f.* >■>( i\w ajiiiiiii.-lralii*'] :uid i 
that il is u»?'.v.s>ary to jk-I! a portior. <i Ow rv j 
f' 'state ».d lb : dc'Oj.s;i fr t'j'.' j» lysiaut of 
lii« dtrbls. 

Novv thsTcroro it i^ or •<>n'd, I li.if :ili jmt- 
.» HIS inlctvsU'd ill tnc ^st:»t«e i»f.M:di lirci-aH-tl 
^rt'and apjKiir b»ff>r^' tb«* Jiid>^*tif I*iu»»ati' of 

• lid couiiiy, at bis .MR-." a? .-!iiiko>n" in ■'.li.l 

• :»uiify ul •••♦I .•".-liU-k itl llif fori no. It of tl..- 
1: fill day of l»<'o-iiilvr, .». i» K-»i I, ti •.h..» 

• ause why a licvn-.*' .^honld ni>t \<v pr:iiily«j to 

• aid adiiiiiii-tr.iJrix t-; •';!! ><» ir.Hcb of t!ic r.'.d 
»>.itte t'f ttif d«<-'^a-« : tw 7^h;»ll b.- ii \v.--;ir/ t" 
{•;iy ih-i ilebt-s uir-;iaitdiii'.r a;?:4iM'«t tlir d ■•.v.i.-i- 
i i >!»«] exji<'ii3i> .1" ;':>• ad:M':iisfr.«': 'U. 

Ami It 1* fiirthiT ortL-rivI thaCf^if f >r>tfwi:iL' 
ordfP b<« {)'jbt',s:!«d'lli Kir r"!i;»l(o'»!-o A •/•..• s fiw 
fo If ja:--,'iMve ■•>• ck^ i>vf^r' .*;»id il:-.\ ot Ikmi- 
iii '. 

iitv'iv irivn.i. 

Legislstiv* Ticket. 

r:\ ii»crisiNTAri»« 

.«~rr.nii:N n. jav. 


TjR I'M.rr.jr.. 

M. liK.s.S |»l'NAM». 

Fnii:M» J. wiini.tuK. 

ri»i' •r!lfT'C<.'MX!-<I"1IV«. 

nd !»i^triri— It. M. \vHi(;nr. 

4 i, l>i,iriit— MAIMI.N I'llKI.AN. 
.rh |)i>.iri..t — loHN l;lKinH»N. 

tfAPE or M;N\F.-«^>rA. 

) ' L'. 9. lii.rrH«i lj«T<fcUt- 

•J !;; ratals of MtMri-^vota to Pavid W. llra.Jky 

•.!ic ubov.? :i.-iirit>d d f«'!ul;iiit : 

A'ou arv bi^rrl.y aumiu'jrjc.i uni rtoiil:.'"! to- 
il isircr Ibu C'«tnplait}i i'l t!ii.< u^sMioii. whfi-Ii i- [ 
f :d i^ tl.u (.•ISjc of tli'.- ("k-rk if 
I';:!* court i i jjhakoj^e*-, ii» l!rc said, routity of 
.-<:olt, and t..» •• rve a c.»py i»f yo'jr aiL-wt-r' 
t'lTcto or. tbs 3'ib>crib«^r at bis . oflivr Im llic 
' -t!> of n «Iltf >*Uii»« i;» til': a-iid oojHty, with- : 
1 1 twi'iuy day.", aflef tb<: .■^••vi'--' of lhi< sam- ! 
I '••■M O'l yo>', «:x -'...isivo of tbe d jy ut .siich mt- 
vit.e ; aiid if y."i fail to a i.i<«rf tb« i»ai<.l roni- 
ji:'';t within IJiC Vitue afon'sail I'li; I'iaiutiflF 
i^\V. apply ly the <' jurt fjr l!i'-' fjlicf d-'iiiaiid- 
ti •h.-rvjn. •' 

;.»-t<J. Oct»b^r ia;Ij. IciOTt." 

A. (f. (Jt»ATFTi;:n. 

v3 nil 7; Ally fur FUiuliff 

a. H. M ILLIii.lf^. . 

U.Mr^n r»T.*TH i^trv^r Cpu-bctoh a>o 

>)ipii[ir I'.-Df "Si MwMU-il U'raeaf^f'^nr^'j. «JIIV;« at P.-im- 
•r »Di ii. ~': ftnp.jC* f^ Vti«Mil Krf «MJ» M*«r! fir 

Dunand vs. Setuerbox, 

\Vh"rj hliall nu support for l!ic office of 
<"„tinfy Auditor al the coming okctioii, M. 
\l,'-< Piuiand or .1. V\ . Seincrbi..x ? 

\V' .viijh to call the atlriitiou of the volor.s 
of (!.«■ I'oucty t« this qimtion, a« the namo^ 
if t!i<':!C two gciiiK*mfii uppetr upon the 
IfliJ.'craticti.-ket. With all ditlVrvii'^c to ll.c 
!itin-s atid caj.ability of Mr. .^ciici'rbox for 
tlic I flicc, and .ns a ptrsOn whom we hijffily 
I i»I« nil as a man and a genlbjinstn, we e«o but 
e.xpii-<iour di.«ap{)robat!oii of the cou^e Lc 
•s tukiiij, in hi* attempt lo comiimB in an 
olTi-v wbicb bo has bcid, alniosl witliout np- 
po.x?tioii, for tbe kut six or e:Rhl yeais. Tbe 
facts iu a few words ar« 'Rimply tbepc.' At 
the fonatj C'jiiretiljon, as you all well know, 
'Lf>.-c two iiaiuen' wvre up for iioininaiiou. 
Mr. I>anand received a largv najority of iLe 
Tote.-: Tn that Coiiventioii, aud wa« romiuaUd 
i!uno:<lljr und fairly ; upon motion that num. 
i:iation nas uiiauiuioui. Siuc-o tbat time be 
ha<i bccu VI ry active, and rpeut time and 

iDuncy i!) cauvasoitig the couuty, ba'^^ing 
spoki^u iu nearly every town, for tbe election 
of tbs I'resideutial, Stale and Coaoty 
Uciuocratic ticket. Mr Seocerbox wa^ ot 
cjurse considered dt of tbe riog. 

The Rcpablicans uominaled tor that oflBce 
P. L. How, Esq., of Shakopee, as tbcir caudi- 
da'c, wim of coarse, little idea of bis election. 
Seeing this eiace tbtt, Uid witbio a tbort 
time, he toi re?igOfjd, and the Bepublicaa'* 

of this Collllt^ UKMKVI.MJ Se.V.'KKU>>X THK 

STRosr.KR Max op tiir TWO. Jind jr.-.r tho 
AUK -MADK, have Mibilitu'ed iim nam^ 
upon llioir lick''t, t!>at by .an doln? tl oy 
n(i;,'!it DiiKK A T thi: itri;if,AR I'^mockath: 
TI' KKT mid l>n'iaiid. Wr, a.-; PoinorraW wl'j 
work, tbiiik and vote tlie P.-nio(r:itic 
li(.-kct, cull uputi all true iK-inucrat." iu tbid 
County to KT.\sn »r tiik roi..>i.a ©r tiif.ih 
I'.vuTY. and to .swR.v every such Bitcnijit to 
>'lide into office over tlie head of the re;rular 
fmmiiire, a blvck RsrfBi.lovv or a wkak- 
itacir.n Democrat. For we tell you thi.^< is a 
FMMp (riimc. ?prunif upon the voters of thi.i 
<'oiiii!y by R.p'iblicaii wirr piillir.», politicians 
anil grrenbucks to dcfi-ut the re^tular icket. 

Tlie iXpcriiiice of ycar.s pa.->t n.u-i h;ive 
taught the Deniocnils of thir Coiiiity u li-M^on, 
when ibey rcmenibei iliat upuu two ur tLrcc 
rueb oeea.<io:i«, the U^-publieaii!> have sue- 
ciTilcd in thi.'< fame gnmo, and eUctiil almost 
a county ticket throu;:hcui. Jl is a cursed 
political iiclumr, di.-hoiic>tiy aud nnjustly 
cri/Wilcd upon li.e County, ihrou^fb tliv work 
of ti.e leading R. publicans and a few Demo- 
crat > \Mo would cell tbcmsclvos, iluirnei^b- 
boi-s and the pivly for Icsj than what l->au 
got for hi? biitliriyht, a mk»sok jmttack. 

Democrats look well to yjur TK'Kl-iT.S ; 
s'?f to it that }ou have ibe iiK.N'CINK, aid 
not the bojrin. If you wo'jl.l !iii.-.taiii the 
parly uu.l the Democratic eaus<', voti* the 
i»trai},'bl ticket with tbe uanios (heroon yuu 
lunniuated al th'; Convent km 

Il is liOl from iiiiy pcr.-<onal ftclinj or pre- 
ffrenco that we arc thus interested, but fr.jin 
j.rii ciplc. :i!:d lo warn those who do not fully 
.-;r tl.t Ircjichciy that if beinir practiced iijiou 

Lt.T NOTTIIl.-l Cof.NTT UK PI»<;n.\CK!l UV ANV 

PITH FC.*^I<JN betweintbe two patties, (f.r 
n.» doiibt there are a few DcmoiTuts who will 
.liDpport Mr. ."^'iitx'rbox iijno-ant of the fact^,) 
rfjrart'le.vs of justice or iij;ht. 

both arc men of f.\j oriii.rr, j nicliral 
knculedce and an ply qualified for the tfliie, 
but we look upon tl.ig p. ttifo^' Mcbi-mu 
witU ron-empt, i.nd believe the DcmoeraLt cf 
thi* Conn'y will not be v. l.eid!..! in'o atiy 
•tch arru!igt;nn'nt. 

How will Minnesotn go? 

Tiiii. ^J^l♦•^ i«»'i We oftcii hear askcil, and we 
miswer that iherr i» a stioiiir proj-jK'ct of our 
cirryin;,' thu stute at the coining: rlecti m. a'- 
tlnHurb it is lioi roniitvil it.s one of the .-tati'S 
tor .MrClcUau; that ifUierebavr *nvit b)> Inreo 
1 'cnioi ratif irains in oilier lucalitic.s, as will I e 
cftn from tlii.s portion, llicn bid jour Ib-pnl — 
li.-aii fri. ini.'* jjood bvf, as they *v ill m-vi r be 
beard Irom a^ain. liit as look at tlwCirun .'«. 
:ind Be<» what we liavo jjol to do, then go ut 
the w.iik iiniicrstandiiijrly. 

IVtwccn l-'^*!!) and last year, the I'eirocrat- 
ii* ijaiii was 1,732, while llic liepnbiienns h>.-t 
ill the Miiic tin.e on their Vite, abnat one 
thuu<aiid, so that the mil dem.'cratic jrain 
was near tline ihou.-aud, and llial upon a slate 

The Uv'jiiiblican majority f.r Mi'Ier (fJov ) 
was between four aud live ihou.^and oiil_> ; .«o 
you -iie it tie e is a proper mllyiit/r at the 
polls, by the dcinocrats on Tui.sday oe.xr, tlie 
ftaie may Ikj carried, m we conlideutially ex- 
p,^;t tor Little .Mac. 

no Democrat io stay awuy trom the jiolii? at 
such a time ui ihia If you have any neigh- 
bors wno arc ind.IT rent upon tbe que&tion. 
tiud llieni ami bring Ikeia out, them 
to go to the poll*. I.rf».-t }ear Cicoit County 
cast a Democratic majority of StiO voit>, let il 
be four instead of tiiree lhi.-« jear. 

Kemember il in the poU'mn duty of every 
freemea to voic iu this time .four country's 
peril, if you uo D»t vote, jna may m-vt.r 
have another opportunity ol' votiii*^. 

I>'t Old fccott .--tili keep ber n-putalion as the 
banner deniocralic county of tiie State. No 
one has a doubt m to how the County clcc- 
tiou vjll go, but we bliouid p^»l 1 ever - {Nt^i- 
blc vote in the County for George B. MeClel- 

liCt us prove to tbe country that the demo- 
cratic ticket iit tbe people's ticket, aud i20t tbe 
politicians. Let us prove that Miooeaola iii 
opposed lo faualictsm aoder any form, wheih- 
er called abolitiou or a o oe ni ion, that we arc 
'cir the QDiofl at all hazards, and that "the qu> 


ion is ttie one eouoiuon of peace." lu'im-iii- 
bi»r natif.nal rnin and bHiikiup'cy must come 
if i.-. rc-ikcled, for hf tritt nevrr try 
to miihf jtrcice. He !.•< tilin;: the land wilb 
wiii.>ws ami orphans, nionriiinir imd mi.^ery, 
while he wap'* a war, nit for th(^ Con.-tifiitiov, 
for the .•i'.iprematy of law, but to fice the ne- 
jjro, nndi-r the plea of military luo. i-siiy ni.d 
that t;> blind the jieople's eyes, and if re-<-l''«'t- 
cd it nvisf eo 0", iiN. ON. more DUAFr."^, 
Itl.HDKNS <*/»</ DI:BT, until "the la I man 
aiKJ the ia.>t dollar are c.xhau.sted,' aud tbe na- 
tion is left di^g^accd and ru'n'.d. 

Voters Remember, 

That fiUlitnn h'indoinihv Ilcpublicen can- 
didate for ('oiiure-«t iu lhi.s District doe.'^ not 
own a cent^ worth of profierty in this STATK. 
and thai his family resides in Massacliuseltn. 
and tha* Ihcn-fon-nK isa resident of I ha I state 
— that he would ntnek pooner letri.-'lHte for tbit 
iuU're>ts of New ' n;;l4nd th m Minnesota. 


Voters Remember, 

That J. \V . .'^encvrb'-x is not tlic drmocnitic 
r.inili'la'e for County Auditor iu this couniy. 
rrmrmbcr l!:at no di-inoeral woul'l consent t'j 
run npoi. tlie Republican ti«kef, rnnrmber 
thit lie is a "tioller' from tleniocratic lulcs 
and pra' ti«e, that he is an indepen lent can- 
didate without jiarty or piim-iple:< uulcss he is 
a 'rpubllciin. 

To the Democracy of Scott County. 

The following commiinicition from ilc 
Chairman of tin; Scott ("ouiity Centred (Jom- 
uiittee, is received just us wc go to pic.-i', 
which speaks for itself. 

Fki.iow CiTi/K.v.s : — As tho chown oiriceri 
of the Democratic party m ^rcoll County, it 
becomi'ii our duty to cull your atU-iition to 
the fact that an insidious attempt is being 
nia-lo to defeat I he clearly and fairly exj're^sed 
will of the jiarly iu liie lute county conven- 

We allude to the fact that J. V,'. Sencer- 
liDX has 'l oltcd" from the nominations 
by tbe c. invention and bus become an "iiide- 
jii'l) lent " caiidiiialc for the olUce of County 
Auditor, ill o|iposi(ion to the regular numinec 
.M. lliKs Dnnaiiii, Ksq., and .M<eks to rccure 
bi^ eUciii'ii by pbiciiig his name upon coun~ 
trifcit iH-mocratic lickei.«, u:.d by lte<:oiiiiiig 
the ciiiiditlalc of the It-publican parly under 
an express arrangcmcnl with the llipiib;icau 

That Mr. Scnctrbux hat a rigiit to join 
opmlij the Repuidican party, we do not j>ro- 
jio.->e lo iincslion ; nut wbtn he .seeks lo wcurc 
Deinocratic \otes by printing Democratic 
li'-kels with lii^ na-ne substituted for thai of 
the regulut nominee, in the hojjc that he may 
.Kocurc bis election by this .sjiecics offrau'l 
and chii aiiety, it beconiis our boundcn du'y 
1 1 exp<i.»e his infamy, and warn i>eni4)erats of 
\i\* inachery. 

\ brief recital of llie circun^'anccs cou- 
nt ctcd with I lie noniinu'.ioa of tho rc;;uiur 
Deinoc.-aiic nominee, Mr. Dunand, will exnibit 
iiioa- fully tho disreputable conduct of Mr. 
.Sei'.cerbox and his di>ffra'!eful abaiid.innien*, 
of iK'inocratc priiKipl<;s and usa^.-s. 

I'rerious to lUc kwl'liiiLr -jf the late eouii'y 
eon vein ion — and even tlie primary meetings 
to elect dele_'ale< thereto— I geii.-rally 
kii'iwu thai .Mj. Du.iau I and .Mr. S^noeriiox 
would be eandidacs t'efore that convention 
for the noiiiiiiatioit of < 'ou ity Auditor, and a 
large m»ijt»rii\ of the delegatca to the conven- 
tion were .■^•letted wiib reloicnee to the iii.nn- 
iier in which tbi-y would vote in the conven- 
tion, ill noininatiiig a- candidate lor that ofTice, 
an<l a^ a matter of course the merits of those 
two gentlemen were luliy caiiva-eii and dis- 
cnss'fJ. In the convention Mr. SciKcrbox 
was a candidate lor re nominal ion to the oQicu 
of Ctfuniy Auditor, but tbe conveutiun upon 
a fair ballot and afier a warm eonteat decided 
by a largo majoiity a.jains. Mr. .Seiicerbox 
aii^l nonnnatcd Mr. Dunand. Thu.'i nfier a 
fair contest Sir. frencerbox was a? fairly 
beaten, and became, by every principal of 
bnuor and Democratic usage boun I to abide 
by the deeiaion of llje coaveu:iou, and lo .-.up- 
porl S\t. Dunand. 

liul iu tue face of these fac*.«, wj find that 
Mr. Scneerbox, di>rvgardiiig all party princi- 
ples honor, has proved to bis prufcs- 
siDiu of d^mocrucy, and eutered iulo an ar. 
rau:;emeDt with the Republicans by wliicb 
tbeir candidate, Mr. llow, withdraws, and he 
(.Mr. Sencerbox) becomes tbe Ulack Cvidi- 
Uate io;teau of Mr. iJow, and thus joins tbe 
ranks of oar op|K)Deurs and polilical eneiuies. 
Having tbos followed Mr. Seucerbox in his 
disgraceful change of base, until we find bim 
in "Abraham's bosofu" there wc will leave 
him for tbe present, to ruminate upon bis reo- 
rfaacT (tod infratitndo to that party who has 

favored him so much, but on ly to be betrayed. 
It will hardlv be ueee.-sarv for u* to refer 
you to the im| ortancc of the jiresoiil elect iou 
and the great and vital iittercsts involved 
therein, and ihc nece.«.-iiy of united and vigor- 
ous action, if we would succeed ; nor will it 
be n ■cess.iry for us to demonstrate to you 
that any attempt to citrate divisions or dis- 
sentions i'^ our ranks, for evi'U the most insig- 
nificiint ofS(e npon the ticket, lo a certHiii 
extent en laugiTs the success of our cause — 
tb:U cause whirh in a great meiiHurc is in- 
volved the right to enjoy life, liberty and the 
pursuit of hnppiness. 

We therefore hope that you will frown 
this and ivery other attempt to betray the 
Deinoemtic party into the hands of its ene- 
mien. When we arc striving tc preserve our 
liberties, wc must .see to it that we do not 
allow ourselves lo he betrayed by trailorK to 
party. In the conduct of Mr. Sencerbox the 
members of the Democratic party of this 
county discovers that they have nourished a 
vi)>erin their bosom that now would fain turn 
and sink its poiscnotis fangs into tbeir vital.^. 
See lo it therefore fellow-eitizcDs, that this 
ingratitude and treason of Mf. S< ncerbox 
meets witii its proper reward. He has bad 
an opjiorlunity through the indulgeney of the 
Deinicratie party, to secure for himself a 
ban Isoiiie competency out of the Au.litur's 
ofli^''. and h'S d'^binninilioii to hold llieofliv-c 
al hU hazzards, regartllcsn of the wishes of tho 
party, is the best iea.«on in the world why hu 
flionid be defeated and spurned, instead of 
our paying a premium or reward for the be- 
trayal of our party. 

J. el us then, by a long pnll, a strong pull, 
and a jmll altogether elect our enli'C ticket 
by the largest majority ever given by "Old 
J^eott," uinl whatever may be the result else- 
where, we of the "Banner Couny" will have 
no reason to feci that in the hour of her need 
we allowed dissensiou.s to prevent u.s from 
doing our duly in thi.s the most trying hour 
of our county. 

Rv or.ler of 

Deni. CcuJrJ t/'ommlttoc. 

Bead the Following Letter. 

WaLpIJuTt, Ricr Co., .Mi.nx., i 
.S'pt. 16, I8G-1. i 

/.. />'. K'-nLiU. E'q.. .SVc. Ilnnr lasur- 
iiiC'' Conp'y of Hi. /^nu/, .U-/i/i— l>i.'ii t^ r: 
.\llow nij i.» e.Morcis niv lliunks tlir^jij;:!! vou 
to i:ie D.roctor-i o*" t.ji ii j;n • Ins iranc! Cini- 
pjiiy'jf.Sl. I'aiil, .Mhm., for ihc pro.iipt an I 
h)n.>ra!dj iii.i mcr in w ijch my loss by lire iu 
tile d;.itruction of my divelling house ami coii- 
leiit.s insured m that co.tipany lias been a ijust- 
cd and pai I. Feeling a.4 I do in timci like 
thes'''througIi which wo arc pissing it i.^ tho 
duty of cT.-ry good •.riti/.eTi i-) do all in bis p jw- 
er to p 'Jinolelhj geii.ral welfar.; of the p.-o- 
ple ol our Slate an I country, and believing 
l!iat the S!i!ij;;cl of insurance is occupynig the- 
a!t'j:ilio:i of pi-opcrty hollers to an extent |)cr- 
haps only to I tic matter of th'.; infamous rebtdl- 
ioii against the government under which wc 
hive live<l, prospt'ie«I so loii:r I uhk [ 
lo publisli to the w.jrlil that 1 have found by 
practical exjierience the lltmi;? Insurance Com- 
pjiiy lob.; rcspoabible and honorable in all it.s 
ilealiug-i. and pro iijit in the paynieiit of its 
lo.-'ves. To sliow tiifi to be ilio casC, I wish lo 
Hrato that I wasiiismx-d on the first of Septem- 
ber, Itiiii, an-l gave my noic iu payment, due 
in abou 'JO day-, llicroaltor. O.i tue \\\\ of 
r'^epti'ini'T my nousi.* aud x portion of its con- 
tents Oiiriied to ashes. Iin ncdialely on 
rcc pi «if notice .if my Ions by the company, 
it w.'s adjusl-d an 1 ii.tid, to my eutir-.; .-ati>— 
faction, i.y W. A. Uell.j.-, tlieirt i neral Agent 
So tti'.' pi'dic I will .state tliU if th !y iii-urj 
in the H.i.ii.; — if wj ca.i ju Igo the futuro by 
t.'ic p-i^-l — tncy will bj lio lorabiy dcali wiib 
ami receive tnc m >ii;'y du.^ tlieiii on any los.s 
wliieh tliey may aiHtain *i\\\i oui delay. This 
iK'ing the ease, it c^miiuends it>eif lo the ear- 
nest .tiipp )rl of ail who wisti to build nji h.nne 
iiistitiMonsand euncli our own Slaiv and cor- 
porati.ins in prefrence to olbers. Hoping 
liial you niiy m.-el unrivaled success 
tlirougliout oiir H luri.ih ng .<:laie, I rciuain, as 
ever, yours witu re.-»pect, S. HARRIS. 

the military of the United States in the re- 
cent election.s held in Kentui-ky, Maiyl iml, 
•Mi-soiiri and I>elewire was a shameful viola- 
lion of th'! Constitution aud a repetition id 
Fucb actioe in the approaching election will 
ht hell as n'voliitionary. and resi.sted with nil 
the iinaii< ami po>ver under our control. 

Hrgtdxti', Thai the aim and object of the 
DcTiioeralic parly is to prcHTVe the Ked.-ral 
Union and the right^< of the States uniiiij>ain'.| 
and therefore declare that they consiiler the 
Adniini.-tration ususpation of exlraorhnaiy 
.•Hid dangerous powers, not granted by tli.' 
c.insiitiiticn, the siibver.-ion of the civil i.y Ihe 
military law, by theStatcsnow in in»iirreciioii, 
the arbitral^" military arrest, imprisonment, 
trial aU'l bVntcnce of A meeican citizens in 
States where civ. 1 law exists in full force, ibu 
suppression of fnj.'dom of speech and <if tho 
prci^s, the denial of the right of aeyliim, the 
open and avowed disregard of .State rights; 
Ike employiiicnt of unusuul test oaths, ami 
the interference with and deiii;.l of the righi 
of the jicople fo bear nrms in their defenM\ as 
calculated to prevent the iTSloralioii of the 
Union, an that the poners of a gov.-riinient 
derives its jusj powers from the couseut of the 

llrsolvrd. That the shaniefiil ilisregard of 
the adniinistration to it.s duty i'l reaped to 
our fellow ciliz MIS who nr»w and long have 
been prisoners of war in a sidleriiiir condition 
de.-iervcs the high'-s' reprob.itifni on the .-icire 
alike of public [lolicy niid common huinnnity. 

Jiesulved, Ttial the syinpalhy of the Dcm- 
ftcratic party is heartilv and earnestly extend- 
f:d to tlie .-oldiers of our army who now iire 
and have tieen in the field under the tlag <d 
their country, and iu tlie event of a chaii:.'e of 
poWiT they will receive all llie care and pro 
tecfion and n»if ird thit the brave sohl ers of 
tic Rejmblic have so noldy eanie i. 

Photographs ! 

I am now preparcl to take riiofographs, 

Amlir^il.ri cs. ami Mil«liiiljn», In u mir tlmt I wai r.iiit 


KXTiHi:,uyno.\ • 

farliciiUir jtlviitl-'Utflviii l<( t°llll.ll|:KN'S IM.tiir. *. 

f: — i W/toUaale and Retail Dtaler in 

Hardware and Cutlery 


Stoves Tin and Seebt 

Agricultural Inipienientw 


General Forwarding- and Ccm- 
mission Merchants. 

Ueinomber the Old Stand j cor. 
n-r of Holmes ant' First Streeie 
Shakopee, Minnesota. 

Job Work and Repairing of al) 
kind."? done at short notice. 



Dry Goods for Cash Only I 
Mn. WAU KgE. 




Rapid Increase of Our Sales, 

Bumble ciwin,n«t(letrln5»r.. to o»rtat»rMU.U 

I¥o other House can < ompete 

The Best is tlie Cheapest 


: i^-*^>"'' 

Tl,..,.. wl.hl..KOJ,|. IM«nr,i;L<...i.|rJ.,rr.-i.4lr.-.l,<ai. I. VIRT ASH INLAND N A VIOATIOV RlfSBS ,.r,r.M 

GEO. H. srilNCKR. ! ,. J^-.;,,,. ^, ,,, ,r^pu.« .....o.^... 


niioi.KSAi.K AM>iii:TAii. m;\i,{:i;.s 
In Foreign and Dvmrsttc 



Tiitnn !» r., n>:TwrK-. jacksox * i:obi i:t. 

'^^\\S^ '^^>&\»^ W^^ISS. 

W»li.iv»r-..ii»tj;it; . 'Ill Ii.iikI It ti'^-r S(»< V uf 

KENTCi'lvV COl'l'FR D1.<T1L1.I.D 

A« ' ■\re «»il»ll>' 1. iriiitt iiir r«|i< rn n- «• It th*- l'tii;<iic» 

ili«t 119 utiif r ll"U»' 111 llir lit)- f.iu ilii l.ii!»r n.i fii-n 

»r«. .*lri- u* .11 ill bi-f.-r' i''<..< »i,r« lifT' :i«: 











i. THK I'l.AN om; *MZAT10.\ „t O-r JETno »' 
t»r 4i v.-«ri. Mv.rr Iiai t>Allf4 tl r Kirai.-r 
Iiubllr «jiv,i,U|ti«i..lMirr.ftpf til, •. »rluu»»YMrif • 
ut Firi-Lauraiicr In tb« iniiiitrr. It ti uuw'U'-.l 
Itia.i rvrr [.fiarrd roniuiy. 

je. THK r.i\si .\ii-rio.\ ok Pitoi-Kniv iiv niir ii 

thr 1 1,11, -I Pl.i.^a. a»rrui-»i «vrr $l<*.olod„i;r U 

7. AUK VCIIN.SIKKIU If io,t.»l,»„r,,r Tl.rroif. 
r'im "r ';'r'"' 'l '"'";•'>' ■• ••" r.^«l, n.uix.t 

T '111 i.M ..;,.- r,.,,i, run - «l,||r.lrlar .ml I.^rl^rt i-iay 

S.PARTICfl.AR ATTENTION ,na reK.,r.! N ,l»,„ (. 

•.ipn^|..r..,.;,in.riUla.}i.,itaA;,i. ^ 

^St- Folicies issuc.l without l>cliiv 






M I r.wAT '2vI':e newc? 

FOB 1864. 

The Democratic Platform. 

Retolrtd, That in the future ax in the past 
we will udiicre with uuswerviug fidelity to the 
Union under the Constitution, us tbe only sol* 
id loundiiioii of our streoglb, i-ecurity and 
happnius.s »s a w ork of govuruntenl and equal- 
ly conducive lo the welfare and pro.-^perity of 
;dl the Stales both Northern and Souiberu. 

Rr.sutved, Tbal this Convenliou does ex- 
plicitly declare an the Minsc of the American 
{fcople ibal after four years uf failure to re- 
store the Union by ibe experiuieiit of war, 
during which aiider the pretense of a military 
necessity or war power, higher in power than 
tbe Constitution, the Ooa<ilitutiou iU>elf has 
bix'U disrvgurded in every |iart, ao>i public 
liberty and private rights alike iro^Jdeu down 
and ine inaieriul prosperity of tbe country es- 
isenlialty impaired— justice, humanity, liberty 
and lb>^ public welfare demand that imniediato 
effjri^ be made tor a cessation of hoslibtieii 
with a vkw lo an ultimate cou?uuti>u of the 
Stales or olber {icacablo maaua to tbe end 
that at tbe eailiest practicable moment peace 
may bo lestored on the basts of the Federal 
Union of tbe States. 
Retoivtd, That the direct ioterferea« of 

bi-M liitc..^ ihciaiuf 01 uurwl.«.« p.i,..|« au.: m-, 
wtiolc louiitiy. f-^ki^^Huwnr 

tl will i,v 11... njlb^l'.n of this pap-r, ioj"c 

U r.-..itr. Willi iiTM «t„ loua ,;. u^..n., p",; ,;;; «:*^,a .• 
Ilc ».irtl.e|fr«.i..r w,.rk. wL;.;U dium uet-il» .Jc-.cJa ?» ., 

Tl««ui»i.r l«pirimniti.,(Ui,pjp,r_„^.„ '•'•frelU' ■ 

D. L. HOW 

Wholesale & Retail 


uu. mmii. cflEffitm. 



UMR, KEROi{t..\E 

IC Ly£S, F^,ycy GOO OH. 

All orders .'roraCoantry brattropreuiptlyattcudtU io 



•t prices wt^tchAf loaiaii tbe P«K;vle, st— 

HOW'S Drnggist 

ll.e .• ..I Til* .NcH-gUnow u-m lamp.-dln ■« 
of III. fr,ci..Js .....1 „ c..i.t ,..i...,c, ,t l.,l, pnotii ►/," t,:; 


DAlLl-».TK!j byiurilcis al fS.UI per auaitrr ar f- 
ecI.T^ p. r K... k. i.i uiali. $5 .or alluouttV. »7 :<; 
fortli.f. D.iifltbl). ' ^ 

vaTfe". *"•"•'"•'■"'"'"" "• '•"^M»»i''y p«y«b:e Ion 



ot ALL KIM>6. 

AIM, >V«r«auaae Truck*. X<tUcr Presfra, Ac . <«, 



■t l t' 


T« iO.\!<»|.TirTlV«l*. 

r n i: 

' rt'lica of a blunkvt were found iliut could be 

CjtiSKJUitfve stift-rcra wiil reciivi- a VNilw;.- C t f A VOpp V A 1^ fM "^ t<a:.ily nroirnin-d a^i mch, with a K'a»t iimuy 

M.! pre;cri|ilion for the curv of Cousuinpvloi 
A-thuja. broneliiti.--, aiitJ all Tbr»»«»i and L*^«f. 1 ■^-^ 
uff.clious, (free of cbar-nv) l>y svadinj their 

Kev. tr/w ^ro A. Witsoy, 


v3 u3S 3:a N«w Yo»k. 



MY ^ifV. Fanny Sutton, b«vw|t left my bed 

nv.l 'jiij*'!. Ill th» t'j!»n I'f ?prtB; IjrtP. 5f<m cAiintT, 
MtuB.. wUhfUt I'an'C i>r [>rnT.HatioT>, Bii or «t»'iut the 
Jiili I.I iK--,rtttr. 1*1!. I therrtur* wjfii all <i«i tOt-rr<llt or 
•. -ust hir •••I n; a- -i'iin(.«» I «itlnf>t ba r'»i'Oii»tM'.' fiT 
iirv Jf'..!* or Mlit.-'Utrai tvl l»> b«r ;r<«iu thU -lat'. 

3^.M)i3^»^•.l^<l. oro. w. dittos. 



Is... IT. J 

r!i curiixis and in};i-iii>.n.s. 

-— ! Tii»'y art' situuti* in avi-ry Inuutiful o:ik >»rovt» 

upon tlio smuit of qiiile a hil', but wiili no 

mark or vi>ible nioiiument to tell where prob- 

^ 1 £j3io. '•'''•'' •''''■''P ''"■ warriorsof the t.ibes thut once 

'■ exisitf^d in all their pHde, before the while man 

Shakopee, November 5, ISOl. awrm 

Howed the beeds of ruin and death amoii'; 

M. C. Russell. 

' Ba rare yoa'ra right> thea go ahead." 

C' rvK'^iinn S-iiuiiiy »l lO^a A.U.: an>l 3 t. M. 

f The race is nt»w defrenerate and nearly cx- 
I tinct; and iu a few years more they will only j 

be rcmc;n*'ered as we find their [ilncein histo. ' widoWS Cry ! ! 

rv or as the white m.nn tollowin:r in their I 
i tracks lingers for a uiomeul by .some relic of 

Abolitionists dancey .while sol- 
diers die; negroes laugh, while 

tlieir fiirmer greatness. 

fRKSHYTKUtiN ClirKl'Il. 
Mrv. >. \\ . Foin, l'.t>i<ir S>tv1c«-'« on ^ntti'ny »i Jr.v 

l*.-:i; ' r !Ti •■-•tin;; Weil;!-:* l<y ••■• rii'.iiKS af 7 >iVt»>rk. 

LvDiKs .\M» tirMir^u-.N. — If you wish to!" zz — r ---\r-:~-T 

•.%;ii .'tijiii- yiu :o ! :jrry>- j-.i »u«!'-Jiij, srvrn^n-; yf^i,l,irhj. lire- rm'tt'-ited til ifire notice ill 
tiv.' ff i|fr, wca'tti or • fjuf. ThUln-icRMf!'':! .».Il . o»t , . f. -^ ^ 

^ ..c I'ti.: n:. •Ill •; juu wish lu marrv. I wlii >li. .Ti'ully •*'* oj/icc. 

'r.'oriiiatloTi ftr.'. by reliir-j Kiali.aii-l no %uo.»:i'iM.- »»1.<-'J, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - -^^^^^^^^~' . 

*iijrf.i« S'-Cva 6. tiiiMRT. tircrupulu.'. k::i«> Co., 
/} nw;t.^ .NKU YUi(K. 

Kkmkmhkk, tliis h the last pa- 
jppi' that will ho sent to auj/ one 


f-in. !c»oth- n-v.aro ofuKouoK »ciiMjT. In *e | w hu, bv oiu* hook.s, appear not to 

t wi f' E»'V »'re..k. J^rstl 0>.. ii'i- Ltnrf I-ik<-. uii or ! * _ 

«.,.iut I'M- 1-t Of*t Uiit, A IIIKKK V..AR OLD l|.iip T 'lill fur thf^lT rillltPr 111 Jill — 

:.teiT ;j r»^uf»t«a to prove i-rvia-rtr, pi y >;h»J^u*, *iiil j 
t.i« ir awaiv. _ 


uKORoe aciiMiT. 

vanoe for the present year. 

Howard Association. 


ISKASKS of the Nervous. Seminal, Uri- 


SKS of the Nervous. Se 

r.i— :r. rri»"rt? of Ihp II )»»r<l Anitoclation— »tnt by! 
.1 i'l »«ilr liMltT fnve:'i>#». Aitilrmm. Dr. J. SHILDIj^ 


ina.i - _ 

H 'I'liliroM, HoWdM As 
Street. l'hl!»«leip!>U, f». 

Asauciatloa. No. {South Sliiih 

Urea.t Imerican Tea Company. 

AT their orf^uuizatioa iutenpetl to do a strict 
;t rKA ba)!n>i>t. but n thryhxt «oni«castuBirr» i 
w 1 > «i!ih> 1 1* U« lupplleU trum ttrtt hamU «ttk r»tet, \ 
Ml *• 1 a» Tea*. «n-t as their lea 7.iMrT wa< p.>»!>c-a*«a •! i n>t'0.i r-;»tlre to acolf-e mhWh coir'l lie Iiiriit»hr4 j 
»» J m)t»r«l«prc*«n'l)Cl^e unlver».-«l ^atufi*' ti..;i. tlicy . 
h »»■• »l !»■•. ala.'<r roasilnnapi'«r«la« to thrtr«rl«t>li»U- i 
jn.-iit « 'i t ii"n \»rg<- or.lerj for tai|>orUtloii. ThU Cv( | 
r f'd I'.if.l tii« ••rr.-ncli t:re-\lift»l «n<t iMincrOffM." i 

«s.*,cHc.:er,w!iircc.ivef..M p«rtirt,iar. in • cireu'M Vote for McClellau and preserve 

i»tt«r l>y »«n«:inic their aitUrtf* to toe l 

tiRltAr AMKRIC^N TKA COMPAXV. ,, ,, . ,, 

TJ43;I» No*.3»*37 V«eyS!...N.T 'theLniOnll 

Ho Side Shows. — Let everj- Democrat in 

Tak^ no wore unpl«asaat and ua«afe Medi- 

»« >i.tys iXTiiAcr BVt.Hi. wi-ichha- ricei.pii th» eu- hcotl couutv considiT Will his dutv Oli I l»P>- 

<.is- r.x-nl c( llie Mi'-i>'. -.-omlnot J.l,y^^-l.lI • in Ihf r.»«. 

l^.,^.:;^.^US^:ia'^^:i:^^r::\^^:;^\nnr^,'i'^7- I^t them noll.e deceived ».y o..t>ide 

• -Mr-ii I'?! !•.:'. Mf-nt..! *"ii Khv .leal l'<-pri;i.»ii>n. Ira pj.rtifs Aho (are iiiuro tlieir Toles tliuii 

'.ir>.-';'tv. Drt»ri:i,r*!I«T of U'l-O'i to th» Head. C"iifmr<l . 

li aNHtiTi.*. ♦'*af»i trrtuuiicv. %.*tu-s^'<>-*^ an-i t!:eir livcs : beware ol coM/i/fz/fi/*. bewan- ol 

»>.<:fpl?»«iii'4«»t VfjClii, A!.<fnce i»f «ii*'t ar ElUiclenry. 1 ' •' 

^r*;rl^!^b.•^fti"<>r^.n;l7^n!;t::;^„^";p1^^^^ and buteberedup tickets that will be 

t • 111.- Il^»ri. «>i.l. In f.i.-t. all th» •■oiir'.rttj;t^ai5 of a Nfr /- , , ». • i ¥» 

• BLin I l"i'i 'i»t»-(«tat» "f tht; sT«t'iB -To Insure t\* n;iluit-d OB uooi) Tou as thc strai"ht Dcmo— 

xenuiii^. Mi!-, i;'. A^k f^.r HKLMIJkLD S. Tnli* n- ' "^ '. 

ether. CurM»ua-«:.ue»i. bi* aUv. ftL,e!;jejt i'.aii«thrr cratic tiekoi- ; bewarc of oilv tohsned, sniilinp- 
- - . — 1 faeed wrolvcH in ■<hc<'ii's rlothinjr, who «ill do 

0^ \ number of j»ar« hav* tljyreJ "liicthc lilt r ; ' '^ 

■In. l..i> nf llu»t-nrr"» CVl'-'.'ratril Kilters to flip jiibllu , „_. ,|,,,,,, :,, , !,,.;_ ,,ft«p,.- ♦-, KfOnri. In their AWii 

Th« pr^o I*'* nuiiBc In tho m»in.i»of iiiany yor*-?! , ttnuiiin^T 111 iiitir pow( T 10 t-ecnre to iiieir own 

.<^»in,l what arr 4len..nill»il pafrni iii«ll< liira at rnc ! ,. , . . ,, , . . , 

,r.-viy r>:tar.i»<nt»aaU: biit.aa ita virian a».i nn-i 1 sclli.'.h intfri'iti*. legaruIcAs of princinle, your 

h..<-ni>» k:?n»n tills I arr:»r"f pr'-ju.lli t w:iao»i-rji.TJ \t ' 

• nl ifceO«cu.«Mlln'-r.>.i :•<!!■•» rapi'ty thai !-» a'trf ' .,..», . I,., »|,..,e bc u'o htib-T'oblin nide- show« 
w:«rr«l> a Tll.'aKo e«!«t»J In the r..'t»4 Stat-.trnt flU . ^«'l" . " '■ '"«-it "*' uo il>»w l,oi>un niut Miowj. 

Xuito^^ .irr^: I '" i^c waiter ; take your ticket and compare 

r...?-",* 'I':' r^t "rVari'^lrrV:"] ^y^^^"rViLl'uo : it clos. ly with tho oi... on thc second page of 

a 1 >»h.» Piij- -.»i»h 11 iTrrf', a Rerlp'-. «'.'-h full itlrccllur' ! 

Ho ! for Springfield !. I 

Henry Hinds, Esq., will a<}drcss the 
citizens of Shakopee and vicitiily npon tlie 
isfeue? of the day at the Court ilswc on Mon- 
day. November 7th, at 2 o'clock, p. m. 

Mr. Hinds baa been absent for several weeks 
speakinrr in nearly ercry Tonnty in the State, j 

Orphans Fair.— The charitable lailies of' ""'^ '« ^P'^''*'" ^^ ^7 ^''^ P^P*^" "» diflereut j 
Shakopee are making nrrangenieuts to hold ?""■•» "^ ""® <*' ^^"^ \^^t^'isX working at>.l ubledt ^ 
a fair for the benefit of the orphan children , speakers in Minnesota. | 

throughout our community. Among other | ^-^t t^c citizens of this town and vicinity j 
arranccmenls made by the coinmittics, is the t^""" °"^ ""'^ ''^«'" ''""' ^^'^ ^'«^ a»s«'"^' }»" * | 
holding of a fair at the Court IFcu:* on . '"''^^ ^'■«'»'- '^'^^ ladies and Repu blicans are j 
Thursday. Dec, llth, and in order to raise c^P"'a"y ''^^''«^«' 
the mesns iiecctssary more readily they will ' 
have a irrand raflle iiuliided in which will be \ 
five excellent p.i/.i'S to be drawn as follows : | 

No. 1. One dent's Dressing Oown, value { 
S20 ; No. 2. One Ottoman, vidue 325 ; No. I 

3. Two Fanry Worked F..oL<tools. value S25 ; I I^G^ TrcaSOH and AbolitionisHl 
No. 4. One Bible Cushion, v.ilue 3l0 : No. y. bc buried in the samo COflin. ! 

j The existence of more than one ciiiid's Dress and Cape, value $20. | -^ , ^ j 

i Government over the region over ''"><'kets will be sold fmm this time up to Our friend S. B. Strait. Esq.. is about i 

I 1 . , , n • • "'"-*''»^ of ^»'*^'">f "'>'-''"'•''■ '^y^'ic «-*omn»iitee,seningnis large farm in St. Lawrence town. 

WhK.h Onee waved our flap, is m- at o,.*; rfo//«r e,irh • mid nnv nn.» rMirr-Kisin^ • f u- u I- ,1 „ 

r' ai 0/ie aoHrtr cacn , ana anj one purchasing jr. consequence of which he will sell at auctirn 

I compatible with the peace, the n ticket between now and then, will by going ! on Saturday, Nov. 12th, oommenciag at 11 
power and the happiness of the *" ^''^ fair and presenting his ticket be entitled! o'clock A.M. all the stock and agricultural 

to one of the .ibove prizes, provided their | implements belonging thereto, consisting in 
ticket is one of the hickey numbers. The live ' part of hors<'s, broodmares, colts, cow.s, reap- 
>Kv ev 1. T J- * V /11 11 pf'zesareto be drawnbysonicoue. or ones, ! ers, .«eed drills, fanning Mills, some blooded 

The Shakopee Ladies for McCleUan and it is so arranged that all will stand an [stock, etc.; all sales under tweuty-Ove dollars 
to a man.- 1 ho g..od ladii^s ol our town ^„^, ^j,3„^^ . ^„^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^o not draw any to be paid down, and all over that ammount, 
at a charitable gathering a f.w days since, p^^es can have the consolation of knowing six months time will bc given on notes bear- 
where a ve.y argt, and respectable company ^^,t ^,,,., d^,„„, ,„, g,„, ;„ ^ h„„.,,„, and ing interest, with approved .security. Now is 
nad assembled, after the business had been so ^^^le cause, which should, of itself, repay any your time to fit vourselves out in good shape, 
ar got along with as that a sum of the need- „„^,g,i, ^^^^ ,,„ f„,,,. ^e, ,^^^^ ^„^ j„^^ I .^ ^^^^,^^^ ^/j,, ^^ j.^,^,„j , f„ ,,^,i, 

fu! was the next thing in order, one of the ^ ^^^..^^^ „„,, ^^^^. ^.,,0 ^ave the spare means j ^. ^.^ L 

•committee on cash," as an example in the gj,ould buy a h.ulf dov n or tlozen , we hope 
contributing way. drew form her wallet, "^nd :,„„;„ ^g sold that is expected to be. and 

more too. 

Bgi^rt^Don't buy your Goods where you \..\ 
have to pay thc Extra Chicago Profit 

B^^Buy from those who htm% their Go< .•: 
thixd from^he EASTERN Markets. 



:'> cfcriir^r t f rir»| A noltri» »Tr«t«i,liave Juit rtturrpd froB tU* lUattrii Cli J/r» 





-^ f 



people. — Mc CkUan. 

after donating in a liberal manner, .eaggested 
that three cheers be given fo.- th • hero candi- 
laie for IVeside^ii ; which was tlio signal lor 
I tremeiidiusout hiirsiiie/of reirul ir feminine 
• nihr..siit.»in ; lumnets, handkerehiijfs and deli— 
i-a'c h iiuU wen! svfuii^ li irj, ill the air, and 
tifcrr aiwr tiirtr liursl from their ii'ipefiil and 
riisiii^ lieai'la, until the l)ijilding from cellar 
I) garret tivmiiled like an aspen in a hurricane; 
a''icr their enthusiastic dc niMi^iratiniis had 
-ubsided sndi 'iently, <>pi:iiuiH, wishen and 
ni'pes that tlie iiivin -itde *'Liiil<- Mat;.*' would 
succeed iii beco ning our capable and honor 
able Chief Magistrate, 'i'he company then 
.li.*.olved with the best possible fee!in<;s, confi- 
dent that as they had been charitable to 
I heir poor fellow-cr**a'.urej, so wunld .Met'lel 
lull he charitable and humane in dealing jus- 
tice to our ptior needy au<J iileedin-,' coniilry. 
We, with our |iOor talent feel ourselves wholly 
incupable to expn?ss our appivciatiim of the 
•pint manifested by our ladies on this occa- 
sion, liul can only that hmg may they 

Ti>s''tliefwltb auiniMiao.attock of 

Crockery, Glaj^sware & Hardware * 


'•Old Abe's" dog — there's where 
the Gold is. 

Strait & Hol'on — These gentlemen liave 

opened out u mainolh stock of fresh good.s, 

just received from New York City. They arc 

of the very hcst and latest grade of goods 
I consistini of l)ry-(jr0»d.s, (Groceries, Bool: & 
I shocs.Lailiea Dress (ioods.Jleady made Cloth- 
I ing, and on the whole is the best, most c.xtcn- 
! siveand complete stock ofgo>)ds now in .Slia- 

kopee; and tlicy promise ty sell them as cheap ' 

as goods of the same clas-s can bo sold any- I Trantr^riationaiMej. m <• h&ve tb« l.rcm ani beii et-w of 

where in the Slate. They buy all kinds of I 

grain and produce, and aa- right out for an I 

active winier's campaign, bound not to be j 

out done in either purchases or sales. Call 

around for it is a real sight to see their goods. j,. ^ uro»,..t to thin market. Thou,t» prt.c.r. Li,b. 

Kead their advertisement. 


Is full of all kinds and styles of goods usually Itept in ktrge - '■■' 


All p^Mon* looMii? f^/r any of rlie itlore goo J«, will AaJ tt to IbelradvaataKcJto r^'J at Ot'R S'l > .'^ 
imrrliakltig cl*«wtiLr«, it 

Our Goods will be sold at Eastern rfiev* 

Threshing. — Our fai mers are busy now-o" 

An ex team that was left alone at tiie door 

days in tlire.-iniig out their grain preparatory ir ,. -, •,, _,-i^»i., i- . , . 

"; . . . , '^ ' ' ^ of the grist mill, while the driver stepcd in 

to bringing it to market ; and the whole coun- , • . » .1 -n . 1 ^ . 

,",.,.. ' , , ,. for ft minute to see the miller, concluded to 

try, far and wide, i.* in a jierfect howling up 
roar with the rattling eight lior.^e Machines ; 

f..-tt»iki.r<auii i»:iu:» itiupij Vectabie luini, »!i! unr pap*T, for instancf, and it every name \\y^ ^^, ^^^ ^\^n mni, ol th ir ihoice nr»-sidiii"^ ' " *" ^-^P^'^-'i f**'^*" ^^ "^' completely inunda 
.-ff-ctitj'.'v reoDoi e In t"n rtayn Itniple*, Bloti hej.laa, i . '."i.i -.u .1 . • 1 r 1 ■ t 

yretkx.'ari ill ir.iiMi-irtr» in the fii!i. UaUiir tii* : ij .,.^.,.,. „„-..„=. ..til, ♦i,., ,.,„.c f-.tin.' ili».po I triuiiuiiiantlv asour ntleeiiiT. Oar «<ii'<or. 1 t»?u *iln t"** raw malcnal tor maiiinc ln« 

i.r«vk>« ari Ml Ir..PU-irV^1Il the fkti, : ,J . . , ngfecs with the HIICS fouiu! tbcrC. 
• iurf » ft, cl'.'ar. •■n'«jili .I'm! beauti'tti. 1 ^ 

I will «.,i mail »r«.- t) th-kf hivin.; B-kM Ho«>l», r i», -i , 1 _.., ., <i . ,i._.^ /'„....».• 

Bar»»'ji:e<..i>H;»i- <-• r»,:t.a.» s,na ir.:..rmati'>n that kill iroin 1 I't -iibiit J.iivn to t lie three Lount\ 

•-oah>lt«in ti »Urt it lull growth I'f Luinrlaiil Ha;r, [ 

WUUl(rr<. -ira Mc.-'a.h-, n >5j than tUlrty .lay*. I ('oniiui.-si<>ntr>», (hoii be asaund that VOH IX>S- 

A.i app.lcat: ■.* ^Bnwereil t-y rr^jra lu.iM w.thont , • ' 

tba.-^e. *'"^fH,jslY.V^aAr.M*N.Ch.mi!it. i >«'« 1>ie MguiMrly anthf.ri».d ticket — and 

■:3-:?,3n 'mIB' '"a<i way^ New v'-irk. j ... ,,., • • .. , 

■ none otner is pcntiino. li 1.* is no time for 

A C; urtl ro tU« Suffwriua. j .... • 1 » 

• ••VAi i,owiwoorfireehosih.a.t5of •• Ba •m.-'-r^j ^cratcblng tukt ts ; Ir t our County ticket (es- 

rlo U.'fiTj.'-aariararMI.i," • N.irvoni AntlJotes." A-.. I 

..rl ar.»- .T..U are »ati«i!<-'l with the r«'ii'rY' J.r : .joeiailyj ffO tO thc builot boX aJI lllCV 

Hl.Lrv- ir'l i/r r«.li>ri«-l t" health ami vljor l» !€»•< tl»;ni ,..._, ,_ ,i,,.,,-.,l rmin iKr. <.rtt,voiii imi tlmt c/»_ 

"^•.nr d.i'j. i!i-y are pur.i/ ve!ri.t»i,ie. pleasant t.. '•^^^*- proilti- eU Irom thc eon%eiition lliaise- 

fci*«.(.'->' an.iaa! it.iry III th«ir efffrta on th» bpik.-ii I »■• 1 » 1 t 1 •.. 

. iwn »n.l ah.iHcreJ kousiltutiua. «»l(l ami yoMig .i | lecltu lurll!. >* '; iiavc Icari'.tit tiv liitter cx- 

t.ikM tr-.i-m «UJk adcaMa^e. liprf^rtet arnl k.>l>l)n tbi; 1 

eii.'.«,;i y ij- JA!*.?. BtTTLKK . j-,,.,i,.|iee in thiscouiity t'lat in the Convention 

:*f •?«. r.. pf*"*""'/"' ": V'l!"M.'"'r •; , ' i^ «»>' i'l''--^ t.. .«=rl't our tickets, and not at tk^ 

J .n-p vi -."-lev reMraaJ It Ui- ^iccat It eafre .atu ■ foil* .' I-"! thc Democrats of >cott County 

i....'-.i ii •>/t e'.\ en. I ..... . 

bi'i.f tbf »! ta.-»s i.'i nuiid ; vote your party s 

Uoticg is liPaby given that I have received j t'cket an I no olhrr, nl all haxards ; listen .0 ie signed by Di.«-l.«rgc.i I>rar i „ ,,^ ,j^,, j^j sch.iines of grinning phized 
led Tersous for I raveling Pay ; all *uch I • " e & » 

r»crsi>n>^ are n<i'ieisted to call and aitrn thi- ' abolilioni-t-. who would j^eek to destroy our 
liaine at mc oflkc at the Fanner. B.tnk. Shak j organi.-.-.tion ; if wean- to have a party. 

IKp't. I'rovo. Marshal, Scott Coaotr ! lei os ha\i« one, and never alhiw ourselves to . , , 

'^ 1 ; A Local Editor. — A sort of specie of the 

^ rut its very throat bv feediiK' the ballot box ' , .1 . • 11 

lyi, ' ' • I human race, that is supposed by some to 


oiR iiKRo. OUU rilK.^IDKNI !! 

Our tattered flag — honored by 
our soldiers, disgracctl by the Ad-' 
ministration ! ! 

sweet whi-aten loaf, the iicarty johnny-cake, 
and rib-soilhing 'slapjack." But, fanners, 
slop the machines, sliip t!ie harness from your 
faithful horsi's, mount them earlv on Tuesdav 

go down to the river and '-take a drink," in 
thc meantime ; so off they started pell mell. 
and in turning to the steep bank to go 
down the dugway the wagon ran over 
the precipice and upset, spilling the 
contents — consisting of a number of sacks of 
grain and flour, two barn^ls of lime, and a lot 
of other traps — all into the river kersplash. A 

moninig, ride ihtin to vour .Sv'veral votiii}' ^ . j • r , ,. i ■ 

, , , . , '. , . . , " very bad MUi-forlune for theowner, but acat)- 
pla.-es. and 'leposit the rightful and tromen- ! ;.. , ,. , , , . ,., , . , , , , 

dous weapon, that liy the law.s of our father 

is placed in the hands id' every nian of lawful 
age, and the weapon that will bring the hero 
McClellau to the head of the government, 
and ill consequence will vnite Un; whole North 
and divide lliii whoU- .South I Hurrah, hurrah, 
hurrah ! 

riMfO )'!Cn.T.i;S CO.MAIN'ING ONE HC.Vt R> 

Weigh well tlic matter, fellow- 
citizens who yet stand irresolute. 

ital result for a local editor who is hard jiushed 
ed for a suliject. 

. eooTS AND mil, mi m ^. 





Of a'.lklri'le watiteJ In r». ! ..ut» f -|r.-«'». 

Shakopee, (.Kl. 2h^ii), IJCU. 


D. M. Siorer, 

IIoLMKs Stkeet, - - _ Shakopee. 
Dealer in Choice 

Family Groceries 



Th«'VKRV nF.STqiialltl.i of TKA, f I'OA II, roFFFF 

5plf #s Drletl anHM.N.VKD Villi I'S. S3 nip*. Carlwii Oil 
Caii'UeJ, Choir'- cr iii U of Siiioklnif an I t'h■:^^ '.•'.)£ 



*n>l In fart cTorrthln-iKiMllykoiit l;- afinJT f'l.ASS 
I F:iiiilly tirotery Sti-rf. k\oi, V:itikr<: Votlnna ati<t VIUL 

i ■ker..-s>es '»•) ofthc Union gentials • \*ill» »''««>l-''cd baU-.ts; and the O.N'LY WAY j ii„ow evervthiiig, and hv others not to be v. rv 1 • 1 n 1 i' -...,..•.-—. 

ur.lSUotth*ulK-l..:Mze of sheet 17 by '.'l . ,„ a^..;., „.is .•nta..fropI,y, into vole the | smart afte'r all ;' a thing that sort of inovt^ fl"'! let yOUr COncIu.SlOn be Go<l, | ^t^'n^-^C^^^^ ,3,^^^,^. 

;uS'o^^S^u7ou''t.^'" X<\^ t !-STFMI.;irr I.KM0CU.VTIC>t-not from indh.a ion ; is frequent- McClolIan, and " OUr COUUtry ! 

\KLSUN,41l HIlOOMKi?if«et.\ew-Voik;i..XACTLY AS IT i.kIT THE (^ON- ! '^ '*"*'*'*' ""*^ '^"'^■'''-■'' ''^ • he sharp portion 

Look Out for the Cars ! 

M •. I 

«iir«al iiillt 


Waithcs t'baius. Diamond Uings, &.f. 

\v.»(Ull OVl V. 


a:: t ■ !.« s-'A ft 

■j,.L L - L L h 1 1 t M w 1 1 ! ; j 

V."j!h**.rt re;<Brd to value : Ni>t to be pai«] j 
fvr ULti! J«)U know what you are to 

receive 1 ! j 

^lUrUid Lift af .Irfic'ef 1 1 Ml to he at,t,t i 
/tr One Dollar K^ich ! .' j 

»arS. ' 
?-,•• O^nf V '» 11 Il'-.n'lrc'-sji'' TVa'<.hr» %-'^ t<. »».>• • 

.•»jC 0»'jts' llunrloif tas.- .•Uwr WntvUea ** 

?.«, l>l.M:inT;.| Kl'iK« ^ 

>••• >jtA i v.»: aii'J .Seek Clia'.na i 

.-.••I 4'j il'i « 

iWJ 0->'A Or;il banit Brn'eIot» « 

C•J^*: C.Mietl i»»»ui krocoiru •* 

:f:<x Chaitlair. Cli uiis aaaUairl r>iilj.» i 

' '.»J s.llta'rcin:': »K'la iJr«;j<..iva 4 

aT-j !.»'■« st! I'^'^r.-iittiie Hrwfclim i 

,«/i>.i C'^ra.'. '.'•.; •.laii'J tiuyra.'a Aruurli'-* 4 

5aJ .■*;»an;,Jet,L«'a,»u«li'i.-rciit!iic tar ilr:!:-! « 

7> .0 tJ.^rai, OJ'atan.i M-jrralJ K«r l»t«.;>a ♦ 

♦JjO t'Jl.fjriiia Wai'i'^uo frea.-t rl'.a 2 .''i 

jUW O-Jta f"b fzil Arst Watch Kryt ] St) 

•ViV f-f^an-l Ve.l Ktht-vn 5lulea » 

•»^« «it» »»i'tair« isie-vr Buit-jos, S'.:-!*, Ac. 5 

X-.'-' viiJi.l ih'ni»iv». I'«:k.1I?. «i:. 4 

I V.v* .'iiiiUliixa Lu.aela 2 M 

;<jlM ao <!'( .Haflc8prlr.( 1 

s«3 iuM tuothplckK.l'ruaaeaai.. t 

auuu fulii Uol-t Mi'iica i 

MM Cii^aoU .*oitI K'liK^ 4 

iijfi. .'t me :^t auU ^jc^t Kiivn 9 N) 

i^XK) Calitortiia l;iamuBu Kin;.* :; 

7J.U ct.» Lauiea J«*»ir> — Jet aail Onl<l 5 

■*J>I4 *;t» J .•welry-Oamto, fear i Ac. 4 

J'W«j v»'JiJ fer.s, 3i;-.»r li'licra, ami I'eBct!* 4 

]<UU4 uc'U fens aii^ •ioi'i .>tuunretl UuMrra 9 

.'-iUO OolJ feua anil Uola Kitenaluu Uularrs (< 

/• lyj ^'.i^or l>ai>lei3 aad l>riulitu^ Cupa i 

;»jO:) »iivtr datura fi 

■«iii rmit sua Cake Basket* 20 

I i ol cotnimiiity whenvei a favor is wanted, mi,^ ,.,!,•»„» „r ti.o \v;i.n..ii-.>Tn fJu- 

I VEN'IION HALL i: : We have no inter- ' . ,•,. ■ , ,. r > "® '^ "'"^ "' " \> "tnH.ago I its 

lii^tl'ihullOli ! ' *'"^ '■' ""' ina't-r, we wi-h it understood, I i^clfinHD.'s • bv vnella hu iinnriiw he is doiin' ,. a '■ , ■ ■ \ 

MF|!9ii aapaaaavaa . .jacKinap. s , ny sptiis nt im.igins nc "S uoing j jj^jj^j^j,]^. j^.jj .^^,j„,„ y^^,, j],^. j.,.,^^.jj,nj,j pr^-i.^ I 

.i.or- than .tnj candid vnhnhed iH-moonit , the thing up i.wn, an.l then ag.'iin be is con- 1 ,,f ,,p,,,v,^„,, „,„, ^„n,ieiing when the day 

^fhould u:ive ; and .-peak in behalf of principle, 

not men ; in behalf ni justice, not greenbacks; 

j aid lK.iie\i: that a trtrd /i» the ttise is svji- 

■ •'■( II f. 

I... I 


• : 
• i 


Coller & Bro. 

Cneaper than the C'itenpetit 

COLLKK A BfiO. liav.on haml.RT.I arc 

ristie, we admit there i:» a ban- possibility ' ceivi!,-.iii.piiesofDUVtiUol>bai.iHji;ocLUit; 
. . I J>.-.».rJpti'jii..-at 

nstii^t l^ ri" ' 

him two paced for everything he buyst, and 
still he can't see it ; one that everybody ex- 1 
pccts to chronicle everything, and more too, ' 
even thc numl)er of babies born, their name* 
weight, sex, and whether they look like ma or 
pa— or "any other man ;" in fact a poor, un- 
coiicions wretch that everybody expects to be r 
thc rattle-trap of all God's nation, and the! 
'Vl Indian ReUcs.-Travclers and explorers ' '^■8^ ""^ mankind, that gets but little to eai. | 
1} ■ ri-eonlcd many remarkable facts counctcd ^"^^ing to wear, and believes in taking both j 
}:j!witL the Indians, or natives of thia country. I '»*'»^ ""*^ raiment in a /iyui</ form, besides 
their habits nature and >triki g peculiarities, ; <»'''"« tli'"g=« 'bat he cau reach and nothing ; 

The fruits of Abolitiouism ! ! 




vinced that he is green ; a sort of .see„nd : ^^y„,j ^^^^^^ ^g„,„ ^.,,p„ ^„ editor could aflbrd 
hand cats paw for one horse politicians. ""'1 1 ,o have a nice dinner of fr-h meat, he wn< 
sorekeejiiTS ; an institution similar in many , ,,^^y^,, ,„^ „ ^,,p „. ,i,^ ,j^^,. ^,,,, „p^„ „j^„, 
re^n^-is to an vh] squeaking town pump, that .^^^^ .^ ,.,„,,,;, ^^, ,_i^ ,^,.j ^ ,,^.^,, ,„,e,ni|ge that 

will smicak anv ti.iic for a drink, and itrink as i , , i i i , •. i i i •(„ r _ i : 

» • ' had unluckily lor it and very lucki'v for him 

often AS he pet.^ a cha cc ; an indiviULal whoi ■% . „ a • . .i„ i,.«- ...;iu I 

'^ ; ;i;ci i-n'a'iv n mv nTain.«t thc tloor with j 

scratches and .>cribbles awav till m'idnighi ... ',i .-. i > . „ •, i,„„ i ..„.:..,.i,. i 

^ ; such force lliHt it had stove its head cntin-ly . 

telling thc public a pack of lie.-) about the!. ■ r i- i vi- i i;l \' I 

" t t I ,„^ ,„ consequence of which, Elijah like, he i 

good qualities of souiebodv elM^, until his i ,, , , ,. • i • .u i ri 

. , • . '. ., I was enabled to biivc his wish m the sharie of^_,_^^ '^.i t%«— /5..-.-.J-. V^^ 

bead IS turned round, and hi4 tcaspoouful of I , ,. . ., ,. v- u .i I iarrOCeneS, JL/ry UrOOClS, XjtC 

' ' a delicious pari rid>je dinner. iNow. brother | ,...,, ,^.„ ' ^ ' 

brain is entirely exhausted, and is compelled ; p. 

I to go to scratching his head for ideas ; a chap : ../y^yf being a Christie (an) but can Lardl'v 

. who .puffs" the merchants and they to show ,.^^.j.^ .,^^^ ^^^^.^.^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ g^^.^ ^^^ ^j^^^^ 

I their appreciation of a local editor, charge' . ., ., . , -. , n. ..-.a , _ 

'' ' r, to be worfhv the interposiiiori ol 1 rovidencT 1 

i.:_ A !•__ .1 :. _ I.. 1 1 - » iTiuii;; whlrn'ara 

COFFEE, isji, nn.i /'f. .v, 

iSCG.m, C.I.XDI. KH', 

TEJ, .SO J I*. 

synri's, roiuco. 

f LVEG.JiJ, i^c. .f-c. 

AUo a constant supply of 


C.illccs.Itrlanr*. Mns'tt s.Cli..i!i", t'Ak>!- 

Ui',-r«'>.Sa'Iiietih.Kriiii.rk\ .Iraiir.' ■' 

Cott'iii aiiil I^tiiiit'ii 1>t:')i^: 

The above groda we oflTcr Cheap fort' aali : 
or ready pa>'. ; 

tilt ic ask is to give vn a cull Uefurf ; 



TMfE attention of tlic Tublic and the trade is invited to onr Nrw FrAiu 7 OCT.' 

-*- RilSK\V*>»I» PI A\n FoKTi;.-', wlilrh fiirviiliiiii.'.-iii.l iiui-liv ..f tmienri- nnr'v.ile.l hv ai.y tiliheri.., ».ii 
till* ii'ar'ifl. Tiny rii.talii nil tti.' 111'! Ii'rii lmpr.n..|iiciU>, Prrnrh, firnnd Ai'ti-yt, Ht.-ji P^/'nl. /r.*i /rum 
?'.- '»'•■/ >'.•«,<<■.•. .11]. I •■•li, lii-u iiii.iii l.-lii,' ni.ilr uihl'T till- piTMiiial nip.:r\ :i,iiiii ■.( Mr. J. II W.r ••■•«,•:•, « 
h»-: « pr,i« til SI 0' p' rlf-nci- i;f ovir .1 1 vi-.iTf iii.lloir iiiaiiuiurnir*, la .fiUI)/ u-'irmtitfritn fri rj purt>.-uh'r. 

The "Urovcstetn i'iaiio Forte' received the Highest Awird ('.♦■ .Merit i.V':r ail otr, • 

at thc Celelinited World's Fair. 

Wh<-r» WHfff cT'illilt'l liirlriinic'iitii fnirn ihf l)r>l in ikcrii of IiO'i.l «n. earl*,n»rt>i!iTiT, Pl»lla(tr1p!i1a. r ■" • 
U'-' .11 .'iii.i Xrw V-.r); ; all I ll^"alt'n• imi ririm lmHlu\r/f)r,tirttu<xenivt]/tiiTt,\.t.i. f<A AtnifWvr v!.r(i I'r . 
Ill' li iX M 111. li r:.ri Ii:' < •••11 al 1)11 r \var.'iiii.iil..<, 

1!> tli«- l:itr.. liiril..ii III liii;)r..vciii'-iit> «•• iiiako iivllll more pi-rfect I'lar" F«"rt». an.l M i'nrn)<|.'«'i'!ric \t' 
« itaatrlcllv ra'li s -triit, ile .:iiili!i-.l lo nil r 'Iii-m- iiisi ruiiH mio.i' a v'ic vi UirU wi;l prcc'UIi. tilcvlupi ti I 
I'l.Kk.'. .V.I.I. Sr.-iiii i»ei.ivi.,-.innil corn.'r^, Koi'i wioil filaiii i-.t'|. ?:;.Vi. 

>••.;;, ^ •»! II ii.rl ive. r •il'i.|'"ri.T.'». lliir H I li- jvv iiiiiiiMlii^ JITS. 

N'J.U, !■»•» rri t I ivi>. r.,11 nl ,• irn.'r.. <i>c add.I l,.iii in .\I V ..t ' le $ .0<i, h far j'ri'V ..f t*>.* abtrV ct.<- 

rillMS: Ni:f O.VSH, IN cLiiiu:Nr kc.mjh. 
♦^•iC-'fRifnvr; (;(i:i:tb\ii.> sK 

and therefore conclude that it w.-vs either sent 
bv the old fuiinv man whose name you have 
nailed to vour in.i.-tlivad an vuur candidate for 
the Presidency by one of his under ground 
railroads, or clsi- you arc joking— at least we 
Would like to .«t<c the papers for it. 




flAltlJON i!JL AND LAiirS, 

ri..iTi:n h.ire 





From St. Paul to New Orleans!! 

but lione p«jrliaps are of more luierest than "'"'"*'• 

;;^: their ourying gronnds, and the manner in 


•.•fl'L. L.^-ioK-' TO COtlCV. (UW ta A Co..} 


which they dispose of their dead. 

i>>0 aV XabiB spovua iau fork, w u. 41. ' uo j I" ~^^'* parts of the fouiitry hillslof consid- 

t-*M I'uieu S:,ver Tea j»po«.-n$ _ $10 to fCO per Joteu. 

In cin»»<jtience of the great stagnaUon pf traje.r- M.e "able height and covering acrej of groaud 

Z'i^:^::i\;i':n\^T^P%^l ^:^^lTi"S^ have been found to be the burying ground* 

l1^::l\tr^rl'^l^ytiZ''^^^^^^^ ^pon investigation hundred, 

*^i:,^le^'i.e°;^urci.■u;uut*';?AKKA.^DAl.K * aud thousands havc been found buried iliert, 
•o l:7vrr^'vi.V u'^pr'a^oK^foTf^ialw^ , «-. i'.icl»cated froin the bones excavated there- 


Bao'«.t to me loilowlng retculatloua 

v,>..iiiiKiCA» li?, n*mia« each article as J Its value, are 
pUv;«.im Si.*Lr.O envel'jpes. aiiU well uilieJ. oiia ut 
t.ics« cureiupes wtu be Mul t<y Wall lu aay aOdrets. ub 
rw:eipi uf Uce.ils. 


Ob receipt uftlto Certificate, yon win see what 701 
are ^'.".ag to kave. ana tbcu it U at yusr eptlon tu ^e||U 
tae t>>>liar aaa tase the article or aut. l'urcba.«er:< may 
tuua 'Ciaia a hii-i Watvti. UiiinuDU Klug, or aoy ^.-t u: 
JeW.-iry uauO- Us:, lor uN* Uji,l,Kti, aua in avcase en 
tu-.-y get iesa Ibau o ns ilo.lar t wurtb, as tbere are uu 
MauaS. Xae yrice pTic« ef Cerliacates.i* as lulluwa : 

Several of sach mounds havc lately been 
scovereu a short distance from tbia town.— 
ere are, about two miles wetit ot here, 01 
half way between Shakopee and Chaska, thir 

How & Bro., have j.i.t ivceived x\,,.\r\P«'ch<tsin!^ elsewhere. \ 

\ , .ill' Wii-aii ilwaysbcfounit atoi!rOLI>iTANy'..:i riK;3 I 
Winters suppiv ot stnidrrd school books sti:kkt. firii i< t^ «• 

(Parker i: ».at.son -8 K-rii^) of every descrip- SHAKOPEE ... - Mlnneaot. WholeSaU (l rOCCrS UUd CommUSSlOll McrchantS. 

tion. from thc A U C primer up to ili** high- \ •'""•"•"^•'- cq mkb a iti.-. I » 

Iin|ioiirr» *>r and Ucalrr* iA 


rni.'ii;\ .VNl» iHiMISIl' LHiVO ?. F?XIT8, NUTB, WiN£i5, i* . 

- . ST. PAUL, MIMr 

est books used in any schools throu^'hout thc ! AdmioiStrator 8 Salc 

pared to fill orders: yx , be nutter ( 
holcsale or retail. ! J[ aude. decei: 

State; and they arii prepared to fill orders^ y>; „,g m.-.tter of the estate of David Potten- 
froai abroad either at wholesale or retail. ! J^ aude. decei.sed, I hereby give notitx- thai ; 

They have also made important achlitions to i under and purtnant to an order and Keens*! , ^**''^^*'* ^^m utt*lf<'B l.< T«'«* A luifti, 
their alreadv immense i-lock of drugs and ; I'^T^'/'f^re "'i»'«« I'.v 'he Prolate Touit, in ' 
... '. . •, . 1 i I and for the county of li.iii»'v. Ill the" State of • 

McClellan will allow us the "lib- '"^>'^"'*^^' *''«"'^"^"^^' ^"'^^"^ '"'^^ '»'''" ^"'■'*»'^'« ; Minne-sota. for the sale of the real e'lale be-; iv tmk tfi..i:TMFM - 1 • t'.- «. w jv, ... ,.; .. 11: stock wii.i. iv. roi M. lAf ri am'i t 

I of goods ngually kept in a fin-t class houic of j longing to gaid eB'ate, t> j»ay (irbt^. Jte., | ri.KT» ai ai.i. ri.M .<'.an:» atciuck.* ••'•>tii vn:«>o>'.iiKrL«'rKhTi:t v i.J ^ 

diacovereu a short distance from tbia town.— Crty of the Press," and ''freedom ! |j,jj, j-jy,} . ,„j „,. g^n j^oag^ (,f j|,pjr j,oTing '*''' "ff*^"" f'^"" **'* »""^ ''""•'' I'"'*'*''- ='"*-"'•"• '" „ _. 

'^::::^^J:!!^:T.:!^Z of speech-cast your votes in ac-: by larthJ most exl^isive and completedrug "^ i;if^t^ 'i;^^ " '"" 

One for 
FlTe tor 
Jii«Ten f*r 
Tuirty for 
tlK;;- ave for 
Uau aundre«t for 




ty or forty mounds, from three to ten feet high , 
each covering an area of scveml rods, extend- ' 
ing in a straight line nearly a mile, encu mound 

cordanco ! ! 

btore in .Minnesota, St. Paul not excepted 

Scott and .State of .Miiiiie»o'a, at niin.' oVlix-k ; 
in the forenoon, on Snturdav tlK«Twenlv-*iT i, • 

i;i)W.uu> II. iu<;(js, 

tx%. Markham's 8«-*>ool will commence ''k^'f^'o member, A. D. 1664. th.- follow in. _'; .t-jstt- -^:r- rf-> T. ISl S -A- X^ ^E3 ID H. TT r^ <^ T- ia *l« 

w , .. ...u • ,, ,., „ „ n.»..j„< described pn»p. rtv, sitmifed in fui.i ei.m.'y oi" ^^ ""^^ ^"^ "^"^ "^ *^ ^^^^ x.*- -l. ^ M. 

MiHulav the itn inst., at the new l>istncl ,. ... "^ ' ,,, • ' ,...,., ... v . 

! Scott, tp wit : Tmc Wriit half of tliv N'orlii- 


MiR-i^y'DjiLS i' CO. 

BecatUO we. as loyal citizens, obey the on 

probably 'he grave of a great number of the laws and regulations in.^tituied by At-raham y^.hooi Houae on Second street— so we arc part q-iarter of »ction Fitteen fI;V. it, T-w.. 

original inhabitauU of Minnesota. Curioiity Lincoln and bis admiuialr»lioiJ,i» that any rea- iufornied, ship One Hundred and Thirte«-ii ( I V.i^ oi ramri- 

prompted a couplu of our citiiens a short lime son » by we should step »o lar from what we , ^ , Twenty five (25) containing Kij:hfy;icre< more ' 

since to iuvcbtigal^ these lit de hillock*, and if deem right and proper, as law nibiding A meii- Peter Oejermann has just rweived a "'" '*^"*' .'t'St'^htr with the imprjveiuekieuti, ii.-,j,f t,,.,, 

po.=3ible discover their coutcms. diging cans, as to consent to Waa him, " or bis wife, large loi of woolen goods consisting of sontag.s ^ ^^"Jj^^jj^'^"^^^^ jpg^ 

down two or three feet they came upon hu- or his luan-senrant, or his maid-servant, his ox, nubias, comforters, woolen shawls 4c., *c. — '^ * Etrst.UE Beauskjoib, 

mac bones in large quantities, batchetu arrow- or bis aw, or anything that is" Mr. Lio- j He is alsoreceivieg alarge stock ofdry goods ■ Adminisitnitor of the F-'-ite cf Dnvid IVt -n 

I*T Hrr'ad'^Aj', N?*" YorV Ii-nd--, !•'«'] ip tVfF-r'nt ff>rT! r, •n'i iy cD? C9fi* eolcV 

NO. i:ii IlilhD ?>1 J.l.KT i*.Pl'OJ-ITF 1HOMPSONV lUNK.) 

I. ;■t:'^^ "i ■.■KTi.iui<'r'- 1- t *• ;w,•'^♦ ii.t t'-t ^-tecte^lrteek c*tr ^T'WJi,•vt ti M:r.-.»ec«a.r*>f alrtlrj •■ 

I Di'ii'j>', McJic'.ms, Pahli<, OIU, Tvrpaitine, Windotv Claj^s, Pvilfy, 

• .\ ",<] cverv £:';«;'•: cc;: r!-t<i irj H w '! C'.'. ' I'r tj; StO!C, a- i! asavrtt n]' rf n-tilif.'erion in evi^- 


C.-.ii ni.W'iamine. 

«'i'i*. I>«>c<*as. fl . 

r. .-t • 





M.\CHIN£lar«»t Kninl-jc « w rlvJ-wl.Ie ri-t>utitlvt 
t* boyoii.l doultttic b>"-i! «'!•! ••hi-:ip«f-tt :ini! mcft traiitt 
iil ..filifjiiiiUy ar.ffitis JIachlti>'i««t "tr^re'lto ih* pu' 
. Noothtrr r^aly Hewing' Ma-'ilne has Su m»i«) I*, 
f -1 ij.|»lU:"-»»tor U-uim;ii«. B'.ii.liiijr. f>Illi>if, fuclciiii: 
•; .;n-iiiHf. OaUKiZ K. Bra:-;iii»;. Knit'tuldrtlu^, C-irJit.,; 
..ii't •>•> f'^arth. ?C<<»ther fomllj' sowini; mMhtn'liAic 
nnuhcav;u-Uy for a ^-r^il v.irloty of work. It will Mw 
; 'rc'iKlcii! iluth. an-l «fif(i a;i k'lulst of throail. Or*«l 
ami r»"-»-iit Impr >v«iuciu iu»ke '>ur Kauilly .'ewlur M« 
thine mn-it rel(»'jli-,an'l mcwt ■Inrsbla, and rao«tciTi»li> 
litacilun alallrAi!* cf !i'^-'- 1. It ni:iko< tln^iiifiTlockeU 
f'.itrh.whlih lathe l~»f-';:»!i »ni-» II- Any "iie.eveiio 

llie most lOllTiarr capa«!ty,c»n »>' a o''ai .how 

■..'ic the letter A ymillj S.-wIik M.n-hii«*. Our K.i n 
Sjwlns Mmj'alti?^ are flnUhcil lu t'ui'e ami ««anUli 

Tbr FolJir.Tra*.; of tbe Timfly Sl.irhUic :» a p ^-^ « 
r.: RiilDg norkinarKMp of di-- iii'Vt uitful klml. It pi 
I "•t«tU* tukofiliie wh li ODtiii usi-.-irnl »hf i:al«.nu>< t-. 
"porat^.l Tiiay hv upeue<l a« -i iir>«clous .inl «'ii>st4nt!;*i 
t kbir tti suataln U>« wurk. X\i Uue iume at Lli«t.'.i^p^.'iij<lt- 
' ;; of t:.e rhttlcrat utchj-J*. au.l B!iU!i<-<l In ihc .Minplca 
;.:.'lt;ha>tr8tmann< r po»« otl rr» ar« atfoni^ .! an- 
r.r ^^•l^l«h<• I (•. Vie nio»t c^^MIy an I nUM-rb liiSrin.T. 

It l**Mei;u'r.y iicoaaarr t.i.Vf ftii- r^iiillt MarliiiiP '.i 
T.Tai'.oti , *o aa l'>ju«lge of Ita.;i'<r4l cjparl'v .iml fc<>jtit\ 
!s U fast brconiitig a« popular Vv 'iiiij >. v.-'ft;; »» o;ii 
?1 if; 4.:iuri:is in;»clilun»ar* l''.r>ii.nrii;:j. miHuk t-orpoyre. 

'ih^: Hraarh OfB-ca are wll sui-pilM! » ii. «>ik nvi.-i 
t!:r»M';«tiloj»,ol!.4c.,of liic Tery lc-.t tu.tU.i. 

.•'iail (or a Paxfui-EI. 

rinro *J.' Broa'l-.v.,y. \,Kr..ri 

Atf-S». Paul Omcr. 2&0 Tltirtl Sr.-«* 

oivt buv vour Goods Avlierc aou will 

- > »■ 

have to pay the Fxtra Chicago Profit, 

B^^Buv from those who briiis; their Goods 
direct frmn^he EASTERN Markefs. 


t»n :!ie comer of Flrat A Iloiiap Slrcesa, hare tuat rttnme.! frnsi ihe Eastern Clllei 



K h M IJ O L D ' S 


Genuine Preparations. 


Tosftbefwlth stock of 

Oij>f for.vp ?m:id f:\traot bi niT.-i rr:.t»irean't 

S,»?v.:a.' Kriur'i;. f.jr >I;»f:»-.i» ul ;lie Uiu .J.T. Ki'lii'y.-s, , 
'•"»»eI..inU Ut>t j: J il >w«;lliip»:s. 

l<.i< tlf'lit'iiie i.KfvaMktliv i-'>«'er '-f Iit.-ralion.arul ex- j 
1. '•• l;»-: A^'M<^ll^.■llt'< UiU» tn'.iitiiy aiti'"ii. ly wUi-U Ilia 
•* j; -.y '.r v'.tl' »r»<U«<4ep"»M'':''. ■'»"ii "" L i.i; En- 1 
' ),tir^eM» Mia t%.'li<.-;d, ts wril a* I'^ia aualiitUuiatiuii. 

flIeliiiliold'«t f^itract niicliii. 

tur t^>'.-iUiifi>i.eii :iri>!ii2 I'ruiu Kxc!>»a>>s, lIuLtiaor liusl- 
;>f:lon, iU<i> liiat»;reli«iu ui Abusr, atteuuei KllU lUe 
f •.'.»i\\\ii rymatu;:!*:— 

if ti-p"«iti-»ii t'l KwTwOn, Los^nf I'owr, I.oR^ of M<'mo- 
rv. I»rin' UJiy .11 Br'.*!!.::!?. Hurr'T •■: U;->c.ia.-, Trembling;. 
Ii..ii Lisi.'f Vi^l.iii, W ik.'falii.-mi, Wi-ali Ni-rYi-a. Uiifver 
n< l..4»>itit<le »t tii<> Mai.''aiar STfttni. llul ilaiialii, 
>1'ishi!ni <'f tli« B''ly. I Tfnt3i>,i the >Wu, Kraptlon-ton 
tlk* tac«r, I'tlr.M i-uiileii4i.i ••. 

rhp«.- >y!ij|>t-.iii.». '.! iti!-jvr,-.j to K" on, whirh tnUm.'.II- 
r\ni li. v.iri.itiy .r'::wvei«, a.juii fi>|lu«kt ImtivttHty. yutniiy, 
t'tfitt^lu: mt,'in out* ol m-hUh thr imtlrnt may 'Xpire. 

vVli.»c:in >ay th;»f t'l. y ^[c .iut Imiueiiti} lulluwci l.y 
.tliesu "Uiri'iaiiliat'aac'.' 

"Insanity and Consumption." 

Ma'iT are a'»ar.- '■t t.'i«. -a^lS' » "f t'lfir sn!f.-r, iu>r>on' 
via e(»t\f'.ft of ■!■ nytnltni t->< /h-uhc .tsi/l-iiK/. An<l Mei- 
aM' l:"ly Itoatli* l.y r..iio<io>i'lU>ii In-^r umile «ltne»iiiv 
til- Tauth-.f r!i--?.ni';riU>?i. 

Tea i-jitttitutu/n •■ri.i-r tjf.tnl vith t>riiiiiiie Wciltirfsre- 
Hl'.rt^ the. I' I '^f M-'.li' 111" t/ ftlTf Mil!i.?ti an. I liLjiiixrair 
t'le .'<y.teni.u>/>.«'c'» Hr.tJl».>u>"t K\'IKA(."T IM^'lll inri»- 
kai^y dutt. X Irlai wlU t.'Oii*iui>: iL« uiu;t ikrpliral. 

F i:m alks— fk.m a lks— fk.m a i.k.s . 

y.i wciny A^ ttioKM pcC'tHnr t'l f>Mijltf I'nf Kxr'MtTlH 
C.IUU u.ii»fi.j.ili«-il !>y .»iy '.>tiuT PTiieity, i, ::i Olili>ri.<tc or i 
Ketffitl'ia, Irr^euUrity. r4i!iii!rt>sa.""r i^iippreaUmi i> 
t"u*¥ Kvj, iiati •ii.., ( ;c«-»t'-.| or S< inliuu-i fciair i.' I 
ti.e L'l.-ru*. Leuciiurrhoea nr Wine*-*. M«*rlliiv, aiKllcr .•».' ' 
t .• IncMriit t.) thi'ii''x. wln-flior .iriaiuc frwiim | 
ctJC.'«:.'.)n ilalittiiit I'l^iirpat lull >r III liiu | 


Crofkery, Glassware & Hardware. 



It a"'. th«ir.SU7ea. At Ltf He Expense. 

i.:tticurDaCtian$ii !n Diet. .>>< Inconvculem-e. 

And iUpoturt. 

Ttcaniasa frequt.-iit.l. aire »i> l k'1v"-» strength fo frln- 
ate, ili.)-liy rem.>i|ii|t OMire' tl'i*. I'r' v.-Mtiiii: ihefii- 
riu* ■*irUtur'-*ot the L'r.«tlira, ill tyiii>,- i'.iln anij Infl.ima- 
tliii. « fr-ijuent liituc .-;.•»■• ot •lia.'a»>'«. an<l ex !•■•!: In^ 
alt /^ ifm"!!*, OitioMd itnJ Hf^motu M'ttrr. 

ThTii*i:i i» ■:;> .11 tli.inHiril« *•!!•> hn.- I. -fn the vic- 
tim* .>f Unirk't. .in I wh.» h.iv- o iia !].-av v r<.,.s |.i i,c .ur- 
9 1 la a '•li.>rt time, hitTC. foiiii.lrin-y a-.t.i .i-.rnr.M|.an.t 
lliAtthe'" Poia n ■■ h«», l.y il;» ns! r.r •'•... wirful a>irlii- 
g-'M'ai" l..'e!i'l.'1»d up 111 tli» .sysi.-ii>, (.. 'in-ali .,ut In an 
as»ra_»ateafvr3i,*ii4p«rhap'<.iftcr .M.irria^o. 

t'^e ffrlmhnltrs Ezfrart Buchu (•>t a:\ alT'-rt'onsan'T 4l9- 
eas-a ..." th.- Urimtrtj Oiy-mt. wli.-tSer ^jusfliiz in the 
Mai" or feiii.. -. rr..:ii whit -ver cau..- osijii.aflns .ui.l 
ii'' i^.ittero: /A»w /...iiy ^anin-j. 

D'.:,-..«..-i :.f ii,.M.- ritaha re(i;.;'r<-5 the jM i.f » bll-UK- 
ric UU.MWH.D'.-'f.XTKAcl'Bn'llt; I.<*TIIK()KKAT 
I'll RKTIC, aii.l Is riTtalii t.> have tnt- Je!*ire>l eire> I III 
u ! I'mtnet/.r tcliidi it it IOcu>Hmii„t.'l, 

KvI.>Po<> if theiiioar reHaM«a:i.lri.-*i».>n!.il/;ectiarafcT 
»'ll ivc..>r>pa:iy the iiiri:i..'iiii<, 

rricc -91 00 fH.r boJtI.-. or .six f..r -$:» 00. 

T*;Ii'er.>.l fo r.ny .<.|.Ires». ».-.urp1y p.-icko.! f-'.rii nh*txTi 
llotl. Vcieritic Symj.'t-mf in uH (baa.xXMi- •/■>/»(. 


Is full of all kinQs and styles of goods usually kept in large .^torcs^ 


^.^%=V.>i^.^ ^,\^^A.^ %^-^A^^ ^1 ^VA^ ^ ^^1^. 

All pr^oiia l.i.iklnir for any of riie aU»Te gooJa, will fluU It to ihclradvautaseito call at OCH 8T0KB befo 
l.ur.hasiujeliewhjrtf. as 

Our Goods will be sold at Eastern Prices, 

Transporlalioo aditnl. We hare the largest .^n.l l»cst «totk of 


E»cr bronglil to lUla market. Tlmusli prices are high, ^ 





St, Paul, Jlimicsota, 

nKOGKRS, baviiijr connoctctl liiin- 
• !ie>f with uf ihc Ix >i .-iiid Lir^i'St niaiiufuc- 
turii-i* 111 Ihi- ."*tale ol .Vrw Vurk. ha.s m.w <i)><'iii'<l 
a lA-a'her-/.lumiii a nmri- ••xluiislvr m-ali- lliaii In 
UMUalfora wvaieni city, mill hf liite'iiU to licllus 
LOW rtHCMii be purchawd In CliU-ago or .^lilwaii- 
krr,(frttli:ht cxci-pfeil). 

II iviiij? bifii ^.-iica.'.-d for lhlrty-;iv>. yeiir.s in tho 
It-allu r cradi-, tiii<i '.flii^ a piaillral taii'or by 
tra.K'.fi'clnasaureil.l'riini lil.s kimwlHiliri' and long 
ctlHTli-iice in the liu»,tliat hf r.Mi brintisncli 
ktiii'k to tills niarki-i .i..« will suit all. (iivt. us a 
call ►•ffori' you buv vonr 8i"< 1>. 

«t)-|li-«iirean<llin4Uiri lor ilie .\Vw lork Lra- 

' II. ROGERS &. Co 

r.S. Allklmliir,- H|.'«-B l)..u^'iit lor-.ur Kaalirn 
Taniii-rv, for whkh the Ulahe.'i' r.i»h pric* will 
br paid. 

If yuu 


;;otot'io \rw Virk l,i»atlii-r .-^t.'r... No. 1 Koacrs" B'ock 
» Ill-re y.ii .-an ■i.-li-i t from u lar^i- Int. 
If you w lilt iliir 

Real Philadelphia Kip and Calf-skins, 

sot.ithi- Ni-w Vi.rk l.e.itlii-r ."•lori-. 
Ir you w lilt a iiUe artirle i»l 

;;o t» ihe N.-w Vork l,..^itlier :<toro, whi-re yon can seli'i I 

irmii li.ii i"ii lill.' flit l.rai.iis. 
Till, ii ;u<' tn liuy 

if a'l kiri.l-. Is ul Hit- N.-w Vork l,i-.;tlier .^ture, N.^. 
Itogrr^' l!io. k, 111 ."'i.f.iiil. (ii'i your 

I- .-x S T S 
»tthoNp\v Y'lrk LL'allicr Store, Xo. I T!«!ter.«'niooK, .-^^ 
I'aiil. Miiiv. v.i2ro.lC.:/l 

Chicago & Milwankee Ry. 

L'rral United States Mail ^' Ezjirtfs Route 
The Only Ucliable and All -Rail Route 

To Tiir. 


And the only lino .Ma<im; SCRK CONXKOTKJNS, 


WITH v.lf.j WITH 

Mii'h. rent. It. I!. ItacUwJt: MUl.R. K«-n'>sha K. A I: 
M. ji.-t N. I. K. K. It Ur I. 11. K. for 

rt'lii; Kt.W lyiie .1 IVInit, (irnna. 

ChiiMKu It. K. fri-iport, li.bron, 

riii. \lr Line IMt. (Jiilona, llarvanl. 

St. I.niils. Alton Jc Idiliniiue, Calfdoiila, 

<.'lili-;,(;o U. II. I.tnark. o.-k(ord. 

lll.Oeii'. IMt. 
and all i.tli»-rlin's !tt»tii>ii 

• ^-Ihilly Iraliii leave Milw.nukeeln .llreit ronnectioii 
inltli iraliis from tin- Norlhweat for CbicuKi<,niakliiRa5 
guild tiiiii' as any other line, 

■rickfls may l.c ol.t.iliifd l>y thle popular route at all 
lar crlowiiii in the Xoriliwost 

.S. C. UAI.t>Wl.V,Superlnt-.'nd<iit. 


Gen. Ticket .A.^cnt. \Si2:lj 


Mii.| iiilfrniudl.ile I and int'rnieillalr 
I !«tati>>tis 

Mfallk'nils wanted In exe1iHRgef>r goo '.». 
Shakopce. Oct. 2Stli, 1863. 


C'iire« Gnaruntctd ! 

Atlvice i;rat!i« ! 

A.'Jreijatl '.• tfira !\>J 1 ii"o'riiati.':i to 

ii. IL 1IKLM1;«)LI», Clieniist. 

!'J4.'V>uthT.fnth-«t , bel. Cheitnnt, PtjlU. 
HEI.MRtil.n'!* Mr,UcM I'.i-t. 
llELMll il.US th-uy 'tni ■\imi-ul irarf!,nu$t. 

G94 Hroailway, Ncw-\"ork. 

I Lhr> L'hAI.KK." wh«« i,,.|.,p..... ".ytAriroim'" "n'Aer" ■jrh'-Us rm Iherrput.^iOTiiaUiintdby 
lt«liuh.>iu'«iiooulu« I'rcpjratliina. 
■■ \\ E\traa Uuchii. 

■' Sar^aparilla, 

*• improved Ko&e Wash. 

BOM) nv 


(■iit..HitheaKrtT..-il*-nientand aeca for !t. andaroi* 
-1>1 «o2iii>M>:l/ 

Iiiipo^llloii iiiidoda' 

•An Ounoe of Frevention is worth Pouni cf Curt. 
A NEW w.iuK uy m:. uL.Nx: i 

Gunn's New Domestic Pliv.sician;! 


AConif'^ti Oxx'ie for ranillle. giving nimv Valuable I 
.vi-.igvsli.,;,» t..r AM.hiUg liMeasr .iml l'r..loiigliig Life. I 
With dlini.. IHr.-i tloiiit in c»ii»^ i.f eniaTrmry, fr»ni ' 
aU'l.len D'-<.is.-,arri.|eiifai Wmiti.'s. |'.ji«oiifnB,iti and ■ 
pointing cut In faniilltr laiiL-ua^e the .'aii»ea. fiy'mp. i 
lonis, Trratiiirni and I'-iri- uf ii:e nr»»3».-ii l-icidenf to ' 
.Men. Moni.n. an. I Clilidren; T.U'tti.r wlt'ia Tieal!«e I 
on till" I'as^loiiii and CnTof (..n*. srch na l.<>U'-, II.. in- Jov I 
Alfrcti'in, Anit'-r, .leal.'Uay, Urin. f.-ur, I>->.iMir 'av':«' ' 
rlc.-. Charity. Clii-eriulne*-, Kaliitton.i't.-., sr.^wliyt tj,.- ' 
iMll'ii-nc..- of th* .^llllao!l tiic iJu.iy aa .k C.uae 01 Ueaitli i 
or i»is-,i*». Also. 


• >r List Id all the principal Kt-nieiiiro iia<d in theTre»t < 
niHiit oi Itise.isa, lut!u-lii.|t n-. .riv Thr.-.- Ilnn.l e,l M.-.ii 
c«l Pl.intd. H'rba, ani Tefetalis- kemedli*, with l«» 
iriptl-.naoi each. and Uimtlxnaf. r l'r.p:irlt.,- jnd Laiinf 
tii.-Mi. With a:i Lii-Kai.t an. I forrect LlkenrMk ..i rii,- 
Anth.»t .; By J»«M C. tU-Mx. M. r>.. ..! L'Ui«v..le Ky Au- 
thor o: tMe old work, knuw.i ai •' (hifin'a Ouuicstk Medl- 
cliit-."* Hlth a .-"unpteuieniaiy Trealis.- on 

Anatomy, rb) aloIoKy aurt Il> senr, 

A."<r o.v 

NUiisiNti 1 iil: sick, 

A-'fO Tn« 

With idnta "n '.Us drainage of prei ilsf«. the proper > fn 
til itioii of .|rf.-ll!n/», elc, nialii:iB a Urtc vo'unir .it itv>r 
low pa-'e«. with nunivrum fUll eiic-ravings aud illusira- 
tHius '>f ai t'laiita, et.-. 

Ir !s I..; t.-va-i thai the knowle.U'e Imp.trietMn (n.-r 
pa<ea I'll the« .if l'hv»tol..jy aii.l llr.-iiiii.thou^jli li 
b« ill .•« t'Uiu .^ad tamllliratyle. wM l>« w.irtbinoral.ianT 
one lii'- wiiolecttst "f th« lio.ii;. 

The <>icci-s< » hich has (.tt.-nd*'! Iia p-eseini. 
AtiO'i, :us b.j«ii an e»<>r-prp*ent liu-MitKv l^ ui ik" th' 
w>r» as nearly pi-rfi-U lu It* cnna-its— j« t!|.>rout:h!y 
».i4Pt.'.i U> I'n wants ui' those for *ti..«e '«"ii.-flr the A:i- 
th-ir iijs written. as poTOlnie. When Itve l.un'ireil thi.u- 
•unt p«..Mie are a bo.. a. Mi* ta.t houi.i linprcas an 
aut'ii.r ■» t'l .* string wnse of r-«i>.»iuii.|iity. 

Ill tlw cr "Wilt edition, iiianv dl3i«i«rs ur.* tiieutlone.l 
f«r ih« nrst time ; and an oiitireiy !io w treatlvc la Kiv>-n. 
forr.»ln-f a lOinplet-r itui !<• to |ii« ni*ni«eniriif "f the 
aifk riHiu ; tcachliK the carvfnl rea'ier, la»l " llnW |0 
NCRSE rllK SICK:" than which t.m tVw rUinfa cih he 
wi.jre minioliti'Jaa or dealrat.;e. Tn relieve »nlTVriB-.r. I* 
e«-tal ily a n.>t>l» mlaaion! .m.; that the xcntler ii<-s'ai 
leaat, and m.viy of lh« slr.Miicer. ahi.iild Ix- fltiel for.— 
Thus may the voluin- inori- cI.-»nT than ever demon, 
ata'tf it«.:rcat pr.artioal a<ei'ulnesa to it« Innniaerabload- 
llilr.-rs, ml I'Ver wl Irii1ii)c clnleof fri.ii.l-i. 

T.h • w.rk con#tit;iire a (-.inultt- F-inu!]i JfHU-al Li- 
*r,tr*-irllY.Mt,IA\ J.\ TlUl MOISK. rea-ir ... l«- con 
solte I at any :n >nj-nf , wiien ^n I '»•! .li»..aR.. an.i nnfoye- 
f^,\ .-a«ii,..Iti.« reudrr Uini-i.-jtc rtilri the one tliliu- 
a^n^ht for al'OV'' allela*. 

Th9 pe.ip;« thov i«n<>! own .^tn't h^ve r^.i.) the 
!>•»■>*, ar.' .la r.-.wly a.< the pui.'ijhT* to s.i\ tnatit i» ii'ic- 
qitaile-i !.y anyoLnsr w..rk .f t!;. kiiiiUn ex:>tt-ii.-.-. Ma- 
wy Uav e i*f u ui to part with it fur .<r« an.l tr.-n ten time* 
tt« cost. 

•%,S .i| "tilr hy .l»| »»»nta. an.I not ot>- 
t»IaaM« tiiroajb b-K/kae^Vr-, ..r lUe fubllshert. 


I<ocat AK*>te lor- iv.•o^t Cotiiity. 

Iiitonial KeveDue Notice. 

Ofwc J <"or.t.>tcT.ia I:»ni»^4t Rrrrwr. > 
HT InsT.. Ml>> . >Unkato. A'lf, J4(li. JdM-X 

KN tiiat twa.innu.l .lu-<ai,.l im sunder t\* aot 
of C-.n-^res* rr.iitli-u ■•.\ii Aot to ]iro\ Lie liit.-rnal reve 
•.-.»:•> to. .-iil'Piri the«i<«v..rniii.-ii». aii.l in pav Intereat on 
t';e pu ilU- t«ot,"ap,>r>>ve.l Jaly 1. is(2, aad ao act to 
pr.>»l :• intcfiiai r>;n/i.u« to »un;jort ihe uoTernmrnt. 
an I J-» |iay lu'»r.-*t on tiie ;iim.!c .Icl.t. and for other 
piirposea, ai'T»rov«.t June »>th. LSftl. are now due and 
payahiC. »i ' tl"t l wiM >it,.Trl, .-Ither In person or bv 
«iepi»tv. at Hie Ota--- "f II. II. XVlLI.MM.a. th.- Deputy 
C.»ll*.t>r fi.' tde Kii^'-nlh Dit Uiiiii at the Ist Collection 
iMktrict of ihe .-iiate of »lin:u-s 't i,at the store of trait 
A li •.ton. In .-hakop e. in the CaiitT of »c"tt. from the 
•«'. 0'it'.;uth 'h«y to the tbtrtlelli day of SeptemlMr. A. D. 
U-it. -iJustve, to receive all the eail it'iea aod taxea 
ua i«r ».ud act in aaM County a-*eaa«d In tha .Annual 
Llat : aad If a.Ud .mo* an.l tazea ar« not pal<< at tbtt 
■ma an4piAC«,t«a parceatim will !.e thereto. 
'^ JOHK l>iOR«i8 Hijr, 

C>V.j:'...rT.:it C>'dj^-.!3a L'.iTl.t, \rRi.Ǥo 


X'lF. attention of llic Public an«J the trade is invite! to onr Nrw .^»ai,k T OCT .WE i 

*- Rii-iKWOiiI) IMANO roUTK.'*. which fi-rviilniMean I i-urltv lift nnriv.iled l.v ai.y lilllieit.. anerr. in 
thlainarki-t. To y J .itatii .all tin- mo iTti lni|irovemrn!s. Kr-ixh. I.r"n<i A,l,-„. Harj. ffl'- . Ir- n trnm'.UrtT. 
t! F<n7 «a«. * , ui.l ra. h iiistruineiii l»ini< iin.lir the p.-rsoiml sn|...rMsi..ii ot Mr.l. lH..r..vr.i.,wiio iuk 
hsd<pra. thJexperii-ncvof ..»vr.T)n'ir»ln.thflr ma a.iiiri. is y,.;/v vMrro»W»i/i« '>"ry j«';7i. k/.t. 

The •'(;roNC.*tei.ii Fiano Forte" receivcij ilip Hiulic!«t Awiinl of Mtril over all ullKr.-. 

at tlie (Vlel.ratiil WtuMs Fuir. 

Where we-e cxMiltel l0!«frnment» fMui the l.e«l in I'o-i « of l,> i l.o, t'arU.Onnanr, Phll.idHph|i«. ItaUUnftre 

Boj-iuu an.l .New Y-rk : an I .il*.. jtl'i.- .Iwri ksui /lufi/iiir/tlr./ii-i: jjicceMtifyc ;>•», the K..ld and idivrr iiii-.l»l.> ir>.iii j 

t.Mih ••f » huh run he s'"ii .1 oiir Wiir.-iooin*. . , , ( 

— - ' ' unnlai inrlnc lar; el j 


Sale of School Lands. 

J .Mellralii, (.'ninini^sioner f>f the .State 
Lain! OIlifL' of the State of Mi:iiic.<otii, do 
ht-reliv deelart! and make knoxsn. that ii I'liW- 
lic sale i»f tlie Scliool Ijiiid-i will lie held in 
the niiderinentioiied Coniily, at the pluee uikI 
time iicreiiiafier tlesigiiated. to wil : 


At Shakopee, Friday, November 4, 1864 

I'jif liiiliwiiig dfscriljed Iraeta and jiracc-U ot 
laud, viz.: 

li LEN D A LE.— T. 115, R. 'J 1 . 

hice. Value |>er Imp't.s. 

U( If. 

lie iiw 16 T'lairie §6 

.sw KW " " r» 

CEDAR L.aKE.— T. 113. R. 22. 
iiesw 16 J'raiiic S-) §60 

nw sw " " .*> 

sw sw " •' ."i 

se sw «• ■ i» 5 

SriNG LAKK — r. 114. R. 22, 
JC rruiric ;?5 

«i •! Ty 

It II fl 


II 1« f^ 

I* tl *. 

<l !• ^ 

il II **. 

.. r, 

14 II r. 


•I 41 r: 

41 (I ^ 

li i« Tl 

:G •• 5 

<• •' 5 

" " 5 

" " C 

5 S2"i 

" ."i 

" " :> 

EAGLE CREEK.— T. 11. V R. 22. 
ntv lie 16 Frairie 812 

sw lie " '• H> 

8W nw « « 7 

ne sw " " 10 " •• 12 

nw so " "12 

se >o " •• ir» 

se sw 36 " ,» 82 10 

>e so '* '* ."» 

ea<;le chiek.-t. \v\. r. 22. 

lotK 4 und .') Ii6 S'.'> .'><) 

HELENA.— T. IKI. R. 2L». 
1 6 Frairif g."i 











II w 


nc sw 

11 w 





















! BELLE FLAINE,— T. 114, R. 25. 
' lots 1.8,'.MU,li 36 Frairie S5 
I REDIT RI VEK,— r. 114, R. 2l. 
llot.^1 4 3 i.f nw 16 Frairie ^S 

lots 2 7 .^ 5 nw " 

lot 6 nw " '• 

lots 12 3 4 sw " " 

lids 8 5 7 sw " " 

lot 6 sw " " 

.SFRING LAKE.— T 114. R. 22. 

lots 1 A tt sw 16 Timher )?•') 

lots 2 3 4 5 6 7 " Fniirie 5 

HELENA.— T. 11.1, R. 23. 



Bk f,i-i.itr".lnctj.iii of lio|>i..vrii.<-iils »•.. niai^e a«llll ni'irr i.j-rfe.l I'tnuo Fi n-'. and I y niai 
wtta'stri>.tl»caah«v..tein,at« .-inlde-lio r 'lir!.i.iiiatriiiiieiiis it a price whirh Will preilude allcoiii|» ll.lnli 
r«xcf ?.— No.l. rt -vail Oetave.r.innd .■uriiers. l!i.s< wood (.'ali. c.i«e Jl-JO. 

No. 3 •'.'VrnO-HTe. round i-ornern. llo* hlhI l.^-avv iiionlillnL. f27'.. 

Xii.J.:«evi.niKf 4V...roii:i Icornerii. > «^- > "•> I I...UU XI V st>le»»iii. » fac »lmlle of the alMiv ml- 

•ii:kmk: Ni:r o.\sn. is cuuhlini i-u.nds. 

•arOr-'CRIfriViiCIKtX'LARS !»K 






uSLnd r'xi.m.ieila.ln.a? C3^ o o d. Sy 


ST. I>^VTJT., - - - - MliSrisrESOTA 

ne nc 

nw nr " " .•> 

II.' nw " •' 6 

11 w nw *' " ^ 

sw nw " " 6 

se nw '• '' S 

IIW sw u U - 

.sw SW i» « 7 

lie .«■« '• " 7 

nw nw 36 . " 5 

sw II w •• " .I 

lie sw " " 5 

nw .-w " •' 

sw aw •' " 

■ S." sw I' «i 

■ .-iW so •' " 
I so ^C " " 

.^AND CREEK.— T. 114. R. 23. 

nc DC 1») Frairie 



? 06 



r9rcVES.'»OR8 TO COCI.UV. T.JWKB k CO..] 

Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants 


nw lie " •' 5 

ne nw " '• 5 

nw nw *• '• .*» 

.H' nw " " 5 

se nw •* " r* 

nc sW " " .•) 

}>W .sW " " .*) 

I sc sw " " ;'» 

j SC SW 36 " 5 

lie PC " " 5 

j LOriSVILLE.— r. 1 

j pw r.e 16 I'rairie 

I nw sp .. M 



Importers of and Oealcrs In 

F0RH;N and DOME.^TIC LlgUO. ?, FlU'lTs^, NUT.S WiNES, kc, 

Jacks«B St., BftwffB L«Tee& Third, - . ST. PAUL, HIKK 





lavitea tha attention of purchaaers to th* largeat and beat aelected atock crer brotichtto Mlnneaota.coeslalliiK < 

Drvy/Sy Medicines, Paints, Oils, Turpentine, Window Glass, Putty, 

And evt?ry article conprieed in a well filltl Drug Stoic, aod assures all of MtisfactioDin erery i 
rwpect. T3nl6:ly I 

nc nc 
nw nc 
sw nc 
se ne 
ne nw 
uw nw 
sw nw 
se nw 
lie sw 
nw sw 
sw sw 
se sw 
ne K 
nw s« 
8w se 

sw DC 

uc nw 
ne sw 
sc sw 
Dw se 







ne nw 36 Prairie 

nw nw •' " 

sc nw MM 

nw Bw " « 

sw sw «< •« 

oe DW 16 Prairie 

nw nw 1' >i 

1.". F. 23. 


113, R. 24. 



114, B. 2J. 




113, R. 25. 


lot 1 sw 
hit 2 .sw 
lot 3 sw 
lot 4 sw 
lot 5 >w 
li)i< 6 7 8 sw 
lot 1 se 
Iiit.s 2 4 5 90 
Ims 3 6 sc 
lots 7 & 4C 


Frairie §6 

•' .'» 

" 7 


" Timber 

I. 44 

" Frairie 

it .1 

44 •( 

" Timber 


LOUISVILLE,- T. 11.5. R. 23. 
lots 1 2 3 nw 10 Frairie 310 
lot 5 sw u .4 

lilt 1 nw 36 

lot 3 nw *• 

lots 4 8 13 14 nw ' 

lot 9 nw ' 

lors 11 16 nw 

lot 15 nw 

lot 1 .sw 

lots 2 A 1 1 '-W 

lots 3 A .S sw ' 

l:)ts4A9sW ' 










lots 12 A 16 sw 15 

lot 13 sw 

lot l5sw " 


Value ])rr 


Prairiv §20 



No lands will be sold for Icjs than their ap- 
praised value. 

The term* of the sale are snch that lands^iiated "Timber,'' sewniy-flvt; per cent, oi 
the piiivli ise nioiity be paid at tlu- lime 
of .«iale ; but on lands desiirnated "Frairie," 
idi'y fifli'ea per e.ent. of ilie pnrehaso moiR-y 
will be ntpiircil. In iiwh lase, the balanci- 
of the piireha.<e inom-y can be paid at any 
lime thereafter, iVoiii time to time, within 
twenty years, at Ihr o}>tion of the pun:ha,ser: 
provided iiili>rest in advance at the rale of 
-even jicr eenf. per aniiiiiii, on the unpiid 
balance is paid to the day of June, 1865. 
and aniinally tlu-ieaficf. 

Fuichase money payable in L-gal tender 

Persons purtliasiiig lands upon which oth- 
er parties have made improvements, will In- 
required to p.ay the owner of the same the 
appraised value of improvenient.s, one half to 
be paid at trie time of the .sale, an<l the bal 
anee within six months thereafter, with inter- 
est at seven j»cr cent, per annum. 

Tlic olK'riiif; of said lands will commonpe 
at 10 o'clock A. M., at the usual place of hoi 
<lini» eourt, on the ''ay spceitied, and will pro- 
ceed in the order in which they are advertised. 
until fill arc olTercd No sah- will be kep! 
open loii<rer than one day, und no laiitls will 
be sold exetpt at public- sale. 

('HAS. M( ILRATfl. 
32:td Stale Lind Odlee. 




I pure and powrrliil tnnlc^, csrrcctifK- jiiiil vlier.-fii i 
1 wotiderful ein. ary In dlacaaen of the 

j Stomach, Ltvcr au ti B yufls. 

' '^'}^'',^,P'"'''"'P*'»• I-'^^e"" Complaint. Ih i'»chC>-'='i- 
OKblllty. .\,.rvousii.-f.«, l»c|.r.-c»iin ol J. a and 
.pi.tion. Colic, Inltruiitl.'iii >'|.virs, 1 I. . ., 
.TI'uMiis. and all C'oiiipluini; o| »-iili. i. 
arislii;; iroui UiAlily Weakiiess wlieOnr # 
luheii'iit In the systeiii or pr.jiluioU 
by spiTial 1 auiics. 

Xothinc thatlsimt whni..«i>iiie,gpulal .in.l restfratlv. 
'i!V.. ? n.itiir... emeia luto the i-i>ninoalli<.ii ol llo.siM 
Jt.K.S.STO.MACH UIITKK.s. This poquh.r prewar. lioi 
contains no mineral of any kind, no d.adlv 
ment; built Is a ontubliiarivn uf the o! an 
hjilsuinli lirrhsand plunta with,- pnrcn and iiilluiiloial. 
diflu.slvv silniulauta. 

it Is «li; to he lorearm . 1 a;,Mliist dlsraae, an'! no hr 
as tho hunmn .system can lii> ,.r. te.tsd l.j hniiian nifan 
aaa'.nRt uiala.lli-s eiiijfnider U, an n.-n. liuleaoiiieuiii ii.s- 
Idieri-.luipuru water and ulhcri.x trial iau>«-.-. 

llostctlcrs Bitlers m\ k rflicil enasaSaft-Cuaiil 

foUndlifadlnleasaproveiitlv.. and Irr.rsl^ rem 
>; l> .and Ihonsaiins v1.,m. .»...rt l.> It uii.,i-. :i,,-.r.-h,-, M.,i, . 
an cliaik.cM.-i].,. tl:r aiuiii-^e; alia tiii>!:uiii v who n. • 
-lit to av.iii ti,,.ni.Mlv«.s ul |.ndc,ti\r ynalitles In au*- 
V4ii.|., ,ri- I 111,!,. i,y ., vi-iy brief toil rse of this niirv.i- 
oiiii iiieiiili.r. ffv.r and A:;ut j.aiki.U. al!.-r l.eini: 
I'l-ut;.- ;illt..l will, uniiiliie iiumihs in vali .nidll infri- 
Mtiirati.i uiili I,,., I .^.u-ei-ons iilk«Iol.!. are not uiimJi. 
(inciu.N n-Mor ■.! loh.Miiii wlthliia f.-wilays l.v lui- a-i-ia 


The weak st..ti,;,. K is rap|.|lnvlt'or..itc.l and tho appetite 
rctoivd l.ythis a^-rceulde Tonic, .md hen..- it w..rih 
won.lci-.s In las.M oi Dvspepiila and in l..«i .-onnrnir.. 
forms ol lii.lii;..sii<,n. Act Ins; as a ','eiill.- and palnleM 
aparlaiit. i« wellas mion the I|.|.t Ii als.i in\ ailahlv r. 
Ilevts lh.;i:.i:!stii.atlon siiperliMii e.l b Irr.-sular a.-tioii 
of thk dis.siivp jiiij .seiTt-tiv.. orxiiiis. 

IVrsrjiis.ii If.-l.l.-hahit.llahl.; f. Wriiius at tacki". T/>w- 
n.-ss Spirit and Kts of's'u..-. Hiol i.roiMj.t and lorina- 
nent r.U.-i from the Tiic le»tini..iiv on Ihl.s >,'»ln 
la uioat (-iiii.-lnslvr iroin lii.rli henes. 

Theak'uiiy nl IlllllousCdili- U lniliiedlutelva!(iiua.;ei| l.\ 
a ^l •si.' do»e (d tli.' sliiiinlint. and l.^ o. casl.inlv i.',..rt- 
lus to It. the return »f ilie coinpiaini may I.e i.rcrni|ei.i. 

As a General Tonlr, 

!!0.«TKTTKR S HITTKIiS prodn.o efto,t« whU h niusl be 
rX|i'riciirei| or wiiiicssod hcfi.r.- llieyc.-.n hi- inllv ajiiirc 
ilali-.|. Ill rasi-.! of t'oiisiilnlinnal \\>a:.iii-s.<. i'i<-iiiatiir.- 
U.-.iiy,ntii| DriillliTand Dei repltuil. arl.*in),' ir.'in old Ate 
it eStTilsr.H llic rli , tiir liilliicn, c. In tin- lunral.Mfiil 
^laB.sof alldlaeaa.'sli op-;ali«aiail4.ii(;hii" ii . ant 
H en the ii.iWiTs cf iniiirr are rela.\.-^l, it rates tu r- 
riiforreand rr-cstabliah Ihvui. 
La»t, bu not Jvaft, 

It IS the Only Siafc StliiiMiaial, 

helncmnnufartored framsoiin.I and In .oo,ioii3tnnti>riaK 
and j-ntlrely free from the ai i.l .-1 iiie t» pre,vi,t iii..r. .ir 

V V '","'•■ nrllnnry t-nlis and s'l.mailil.hs.d ti.f .\ii\ . 

^o family nipdl. ine lias bem k« iiiilv.-mall) . ni>\ 
hetrnly ald«d,Jc.trri-,v//i/panlkr with i!i* liii.-lllv.-iu por- 
ilonol the ronuiiuiiiiy aa 


Pn-iiariil by IIOfTKTrLIt A SMITH. I'lilsiMivh, Pa. 
• ».Sold by all Ur'i.-si»t>. Cio.ers and Slur, ki- nem 
I'veijwiiere. v..rnoSS:|y 


Sewing Machines. 

Tiif:sb tnachine.i make the alikt^oek-stich 

on I'Dlh si.leii, aiil «»•" l'«s thail li.ilf vh.. ihr ■» 1 ati-l 

xllk that the single or double thr.-ad loop filivh .Ma 

hincsdo; will lli'in, Fell, Cat cr. Cord, Bral!. Bin. 1 

,0.. .nnil are better a.iapted thnti any otij.r, 

lachlnc lu ii-e to ilic Ire'jdtnt chaiiyea aod K>'"*'«t va- 

ety of iewliiB reqnlrod In a fimily, j.,r tiiey wl!' »iw 

om one to iwi-nty thk-koeasca of M«rscil!.:s v Hhoui 

•iioi>iiiiij', an.l make every sIkh pprf< it, or tro i; tl.f il 

lesl gaiiii' to th.- hi-avli'St l.inver ci.iih, or even t.'lt.e 

.lonl.'st llarnl>^ l.-allitr, without ihuntillic ti.'> I'.'cd. 

lee.lle, or teiislo!! or inuKlns any adjuftnum of 3ia 

chilli" i.hatevrr I I '. 

They .^rc >ini|i!e In ran«ln)cll'..n, and eailly tildrr 
stood; and if any i.-trt Iihrok.-n I' rcaullr 
ej) laced, 

Tli.-M- are r>..-fia\ii rAcT.«, auU will go far to deter- 
mine fhe <h.jl. c of any lntelll|;eDt buyer. 
iY<ii.«f CiiU intd Examiiit, .ir mul for Cir.lildr. 
N. K. I.oc.^l AS'"iit<i nanted In icrtloLS Oatjetec 
cnpli.l. A.Mr(.««. 




Michiii,an Central R. 1\. 

Thegrcat (hroiiRh ronte t-j 

Detroit, Toroiifo. .Movt eiil,J\'i(iiriiia Falff, 

livjfalo, Illinira, ,Ubon\i, Saratoga 

Sprin^f, ,\'fir Yorl:, liortou, 

.Vn. I all points III New York, N. w Knt;Iarid andtbc Cana 

dal. .\'i<", I.) 

lafayt'lle, In<li:inajiolis, rincinnali, Iidiiisvilli', 


arj-TrHliiih-avi- <;r..aH'intr«l l>ctioi,<V|.haKo;Mf.rii- 
iiiiiaii.i V'.\.-iiiiii:, liiakln^ clua.. • umi.-t itoiislur ai'. Katl- 
em piiin;". 

ba<;<;a(;e ciiKt ked i urouch. 

Elrnsnt Sli'fpins; Tars on all \\sk IiaiLs* 

III T.W'.'^ I'atiMii VHiiiil4i|.>r« an.l I»ii«|..r5r.n all Cara 
ol Oay Trams. 

T^noiu'h Tlikits for sxlc yt .-ill om..,.> .f rohne.-tlr.K 
lines. Ill I'lii.asii, .it I iii.'ii ''jbie, in i'reniont llouta 
lllock,. -.tidal l>«.pol,|in.i of l...k ."'Ir. ■ 1. 


U. nl \Vc»l. I'afcs. .•4.i..(hi..,fa. 

Valuable StaiidarJ Books 


rcni.isiirp at 


3 9 BitOADWAY, N. Y. 

Thk Ti.Lt'«!TR VTKn lIvp'ioniATic E.vrrrLop.i: 

BU : a system of llv.lropatliy ili'l Ilvei-iir (".infainim. 
»lut;iiie~Mf .\iialoiiiy: ^ily^iolol..y .if th.- Uniiia'. Ibilv: 
Ily If-nlc AL'encies.'aiiil tlK- )ir.— ••rvati..ii of Headh : 
I>i..|i-rllrii. and llvilroi.tiatii- ('o.ik.-ry; Tin- ry aii' 
I'racti.e ..f vVafer-frealnieril ; Special Fathobnv, aii'i 
lly.lro-Theraiiinlii ». Iii<'ln.l<iii; f e .Nature. C.iUses 
.Svin.iinnis and Trea'ni..:if ol all known l>ise:i«.-s ; Ap 
p;li-.iti .n of llvd.oiiifiy t-i Midwln.rv iiii I lli.- Nnr-e- 
rv. Ilr»l-..n».-l MS a tliii 1' !• Fiiniil.-s ai.l Stn l>-n'a, in 
aTexi-l!o<ikl.r I'hysl.laiis Ily II.T Tiili. Ml'. I 
lnsti..te.l Willi iipwar Is .if 3 >f> Kiisravin.-s an-l I'olorf 
I'lat- » Siii.,i:i-ii;alir Iv.iin 1 In one larwe vohinie — 
Pric, pr.'pii-l by nia!,$i yj. 

Of all III." nnnieroim pnlilirallon* wldih hare attain 
ed such a wide popularity, a* Is-ucl by M.-ssrs. KowW' 
aii'l Welles, p^rl aps none ar.- iiior.- adalite.l f» ee:iera 
iitllltv tiisn this ricb.i'iiiii.rch. ii-ive, ami well-arraii 
ced K'l. yclnpae.lla.- .V. )'. Trihuiir 

Works or Hon. Horack Mann, inehiilint' 

h.s br.t public lectiir»«. anioiiL- wlilcb are Thoughts for 
aV'UiiffMin; I'l-v.-r- a:i.| Diiti'n of Women: |t.nia:i I- 
..f the .KiP on ('.ill.-:.'^* ; liich ^nd Kdn.'Hed ; I'ooraii 
Icnor.iiil; llacc ilail -..a:.- .\ Mress. ilr. Thi-sc le. iiri-s 
I.artii'Ul irlv tlie llrst two. have in thi-«e srpar it" f.iriii 
ha.l iniiii.-fis- .In alj'ior, and are ii.ilv-rsiMy ackuowl 1 to be of ilic r"at«-!i va^ue. M OU. 

EidCATroN : Its Elemditary FiinciplesFouii 

d-don Ihe \.itiire..f Man. lie '.Mi. Spiir-licini. >I. I>. 
With an Ap;.eiitl.x. . .iii'aliiini.' a iiptlon nf t',i 
T.-mp'-riiii.-i.ts .11 < i-i • ni!» sis of the I'liren.dogica 
Kaetiti IS. .MnsMn, tl 10. 

We re:;ar.l this volanie as one of h' niogi Importai.i 
that ha* lie.-i ..IT. -.-el l. Ill • pii lie for iin-y year.s. Ii 
U full of aoillid d.Ktriiie^ mi. I iirm llral w « loin. 

— Kf/rtiti yriJ.ntHl Surij. Jonrn'Jl. 

PiiRE.voi.ooY Froteii. I i.i.iiriiATKn ami Ar 

PLttn; iccoiiipanle I liv i .'la I, einbra.inL' an Analys'- 
01 th" IViniiry M.-iilai l'.«.r« In tln-lr Vnrioiis |)e:;re 
..» Di-v.-lopinei t. tin- l'li.-iion ma pro.ln. e.! by Ibi-i 
I oiiiblned .\i tivitv, and lb.' I,.)< itlon ol Ihe I'iirrno!..:;! 
ral (iriaiM 111 the ll'a.!. Tor»^li'-r «lth a Vi'WoliI 
Mural an.l TheoloxU .1 iK-arlmtoi the Science. I'rice 1.7.'. 

TlIK .NkW .SKI.r-IvsTllliTOR IX FlIRK.Vol.Ota 

A\» l*HT-loio<;v. It ...nt.iins a d.-nnitioii of eaih fa 
clllty .It t'l.. mill I, full enoii.;li to b" il.-ar, yrt s-i short 
as 11.. t tn wearv ; io;;.-th..r with c'.'nhhiati'iiis .il lli.- fy- 
culli-s. an.l 100 Kn;rav|nK« t-. .Imw t'l.- '.ru'siis U.i." 
and SMI ill : tli.-r«hy .-naiibii!: aM i>:t»";\*. with ll'tb to h.-1-nin' aiqiu'.ni.>d with I'racilcal i'lireiiolo- 
..ry. An excellcnl w .ik b.r »iu Iriits. Ticti.. 

TlIK NkW Il,l,l-TRATf:i» Famii.v (Jvms'a.silm 
with niini. roi;« Kn;rav:n»f ; cut lining tin- most ini 
iir./v..| nii-tho Is ofa:.i>y!ii< <«.vinna»iic, (^alisthenic. 
klneslpathlr. .in.l Voral l.xercl*. s. t" ihi- ilevelopiiieiii 

0. the III. Illy orsaii*. Hi.- tnviaorati-ioof th-dr fni.tlona. 
th.- prf».rvatlon .'f health, and .-iire of diseaac'S air, 
delorniillc. ByPr.Tral. I'rice Si 70. 

Weaver's Wqrk.s for thk Yolm;. Compri- 

nini; llop'-a an.l ILIp*. Ainia an<l .\l><s, an ' Wavs r>: 

1. e •hi- v.d. IVIce as on. 

'I ne freat pniml.irlly of Ihe WrlMma of Mr. Wearer 
anioiij >oiiti.' penplc In In. o I us to pub i^h liiciii to 
gether. In wlihli f.jrm they »r<-ni tube nior.- Kcnerallv 
approred than sepjrati'Iy. 

Ei.r.fTKKAL FsvfUoi.ooY : Il.« I'liilo.sopliy and 

I'ra. tice fuHy Kxpl.iinr.l. Uy Dr. .t. H. |),|.|.. Iir no-ln 
has an exteiisve repnt.itlnii a* one of the most (fiwer 
fill I's'chol.. -is.s a> widl an.l one of thr wrlicr* 
In the country- This work ttanda at the b-a.' of all 
tlict h. s '*en written on the ani.J.-ct. I'rue SI iX 

EniCATio.v CoMrLCTE. Embraeinp Fliy.siol 

oify. Animal aa.l .Me.tal. applleil to th.- Pri-servatinn 
aHd Kesi.irallon ol llcitliho It.Mlyan.l rower'.f Min.l: 
Seli-f'ulture, anl of Character, liuln.ilii;: 
the Manatenirut of Y'outh; Memory an.l Intelli-i tn il 
I nipr.>reniriit applied to ^clf-l.'lni ntbni and Juvenile 
Inatructleu. In one large volanie, $1.00 

CoNSTlTCTTOK OF Ma.h, Considered in Relation 

to External iHiJ.-ct^. By fle.^r.'e Combe. The only 
authorize.! Am-rlcan edition. Wiih Twenty Kneri- 
▼Ingn. an.l a P.irirait of tlie Author. Xlna'in, $I.TS. 
THKcr llrxPRio Tnois*<» Conr.-^ oi thia grea work 
have be«'i soM, and the .leman.l stlM Increaaes. 

HvPRoPATHio Family FHv.<!iri-A.v. A Ready { 

1' an.l Ilyitien'c Advln-r. -'Ith refereiic- t'.the 
Nainre. Canaca. Prevention an.l Tri-atniC! t of l>iiw-a*ea. 
Acchl'iits andrasnalttiB of evcrv iiln.l. Ry .lo ISbew. 
M. D. Illnatrated with nearly aOn'Entravln^'a. $|,0Q 

Pri.vciples of Physiology applied to the 

rreaervalioii of Health, an.l to the iiiiproveinent of 
Physical and Mental Js-lueatlon. By Or. A. (."otnbe. 
Thla w rk haaf .r a long time beenjn«f|\- oonaldi-reii 
cne of the he«. works ou (feoertl I'hyalology eTer 
wrlUen. Price tl.79. 

CBILDRF..N-; Their Hjdrophatic Management 

iii.Ielath ani Dta-?.\s ■. A Ue^ripnve and Pr.ictlcic : 
Work, 'l.-aigned as aliuide for KaniiI.esand Physicians. \ 
With numerous cisea described. By Joel 2jhe , M. l>, 
ISmo. i-TS paeea. Muaiin $1.79 

Combe's Moral PhiLosophy; or the duties 

of Man considered in nis la.lvi lual. Doiueatic. and .So- 
3lal Capacitlea. By Qenr;:e Combo. Keprliite.1 irom ti.e 
I'^linburtcbe.litinn with the Auihor'alateal correations. 
Lar;;e 12nio. $1.75. 

Combe's Lgcturk o.v Phbe.noixksy. including 

Itaappllcat'ons to the present and prospectiTccomll- 
ti on 01 theaniten Stales, with notes and iatrudnctory 
£8suy, au d a Uiatorica:. SI,7S. 

Soyiea f the woolc or part of these works, win be sent 
po«t paidST may M\iL on receipt of the price, .\geuts 
wanted- address with sumv, 



THai! "WOH.XaX>s 

Aiili,i/tp-;fifutr>iii!ii..s,u„-H;,:.lyu,i<l ttfiU^ ,\,,,-.j,„j„,- 

j UNION OF THE WORLD am, .\R{;rs. 

TIIKW.ilU.n. to whirl, lb.. Nf.v.Y.rU ir.,;/., I.-:,,,,; 

Iiaj. b.ii, liiiii,..! bas :ay hv.-tiiiirs lb.- a;; .- vir i 

OllutMii ol any |,,-,i,o, ralic or coin..-, v:iliM n. •., ...aii-r 
II an h.-ssiii v.<-v\i} al..i,i iiniri- IImii I.Kl i im . h:.-, , ,i„.r .' i 

-.ndcilsljl.t pill, |,J,-,„.;.„illi-. •^«l.r,,^l /,„?*■„ ,„,t i 

.I'Oi \ntli Ih.- a.-a'lv in. rfa ,• In .-In i,|..,ii„„ I 

Wlll.l. 11 now l-ljo^,!..-«l(l„„.|i|„.,|„ill,|,.,r i 

.>..thiin; lf>» th.iii Ihl- fhvnia K.iil-u iIi.m -\ i,r. b.-lli.\ .^ ! 

Ilial the ..Illy b,,p.. oi r.-w|„rli,L tlji; I ..i-.| th.- «u- I 

ilio.ll> o! Ihc C'liisllintioii o\fr a i'.;u .il-tia, ir.l , ,„i I 

i|,ili.tiy.l|.-s i:, \ir.-M'ni; pon cr lb. Ii.«.,„|> I 

ol tlios- \\li,.M- f;u..||, ism ),asbelp.-.t to pr.,v.,L^ id- lie I 

..■ 1 lir..|..iiv 111., war; an.l that to a. < ..mplnb ibu , nd I 

nn-aiis Is fo . ff,., tivr aMi..- .Il|!ii-|,.ii. ■Hii.njnb nbli- and I 

enter prism; nrrtaiiap.-r», of s..iiij.| polltl. ai knowS-di.- I 

ainoiiiilbe M,.rkliiir n. th.: tbIiiLlnj; men. an.l llic lo- ' 

11IIK men ot 111.. No, ill. j 

Kiiterprlse. Iii.|ii?trv nn.| ni..n*v will he liberally ex 

■ cnile 1 lo nial... lb.. W i.r.l Ihi- bi«i nnvuptiper In Atn.-rl- 
,.a. llN ncu « Iroiii ev. ry part of th* worM will I.- .-arll- 
indauioenti.-. M h.-rev. r ili.. Icbcrai.b r\t»6.;» .«' rail- ' ua.or ati-auilioats plr, li » ill (.v.^her llif in- I 
lelllireiir:e. It ha.saUr,- ~l-lf .d a .■.•iiiplUlie-l .mp s 
..o i.!..nt« » Ith all the l.-i.-ral aitiii. «. nlio will liltKiiiph 
iifl wriie to i.s tliH Ut.-t II. ws trcm the various ». ais of ' 
> It liiK .-..rr.-i,, uii'lei.t^aH.l r.-pi.rter«lii..v. ry inlll- ' 

a' ani .onini.-n iai cenlrc in ,\iiirai,aand Kiirop,- « h»»,- ' 
disp till.- will leaM- ii..ihin,; worthy of note un'knodii i 
■.> its rraile... 

The MAKKET riEIIiKTS cflH.- llV.rW an h;oi.. rnm- 
plM.. thsii tlio-e of anv otbrr n.-w^pato-r- Tli.- i;,i|u,rs 
nivlt.- .,)iiii)ari»-. hill tills rBspr, t ami |ioli,| ti, Uii- r.-poits 

■ >f the tlaitn- M irk.-t-, tin- teinral an.l cunlry pin.liicc till- Ml > Markei In lis crlnnnif mpi.,«f 

of itsFMi'lUine In Ihisii-spM t. Th.- I»:,r?<f has alsoa 
spctlal-li-puinient d. voc.l to A krii nliur.-, niir.l will. 

• iitorlalart|.-|.'s .oinm'i!iii at|..iis IV.. in pi.ictbal lariii. r- 
anlscie, tel tnaitcr, niakii.if a valital.l.. «n.| iiselnlpap r 
fir the larmeraaiid iiie..h.inici<.if ihi- .ouiiirT 

The war In wlilcli th.- nat'oii is .-iiKice.! sii.liiBl arm.-.l 
n ! i!ilati|at-:,l U.'b..|s, mii,| lb.-, al |m.Ii.v v." th:- a-l- 
iiiinlstratlQii whi.ii p olo.,^;« ii, bav.- coohplici lo i.rln,- 
t'lsi ther upon one plaflorm .nil .-onMrvatr. i-, Tnlon h,\- 
iiii an. I Iniv.- nii.i-. of wh. t.-wr t..ii.i. r 
nam., and 1 •!- -d. Mam ,,| tb.iM- r. b.i. w iliin It,.' Ilmlls 

• I Ihe l°)insi,tiilinn. r,,i.>.bt tl.s bat ' b i. nl tin- ha|l..t 1,..^ 
.Jii'lei Ihi- ie.i.l.rahlp ,.| lb. is.- patri.ill. 4l4te>nir|i i) o'h- 
.Taii'l b.-t'rr .lays. H.-i.ry day aii-l f».ii|r| W<.l,s«r, t .- 
.:•• hf r w itii ih.. l|.a^s. - win s. i>rin. Ip'c« « . r.- Ibo-'r i.i 
-.1. !i pat bita Aii,lr * .l.u l.»,,^ ni,.i WiiiUm |,. Mai. . , Si- 
ij. W ric'it III I Stc di,.! A. I).,ii.-I»., i-pv. sf.,iii|sl.i,rii',|i.r 
to .bonbl. r upon tkr-mi, ii'r.iioin, and ilii.l.-r th.- s.n.'e 
iMoner. Th plal loriii 1- a plain m .•.■ If If t-. /•.;/,.r' '/.« 
I III'.:/. Id li 1,1-11 II tlit f '•nniiu'iiti, ■>H-I f'.i-i'f III' 1 11 u's. - 
WhaK'V.r ma::e.4 for this rii.l. ib.- cxe:. is.- ol fu..... or 
ihe iioll.T ol com Illation, thr. HirW vv,,la,Uo. at, ; wlui- 

• V. r niak. » ae.TliPI il.lli- ir..r/« x\ i.l opj. .•■.<■. 

It will rpp.isp ..v..rv eniii.y t,. TIIK TMliN wbi-lh.r 
.'iiie.i III r. belli.. I, at lb.- *■ ulii or l:.s|,lloiiaiv p'^ 
thr,..e.|, of disunion ani .•»s..iitial dish. rail v ui the 

j II »IIIo,,p., eevrr« vio;alion.ilTIIi;coS?TITI'TIo\ 
I a-iil- h if llic ..ii!y hop.- an.l hood oi I'liion, :in,| mn 
lit I ritv lorexhorilnKor < on>p.-llinf: ihc alleiiancr ol 
iiie S,,iiili. 

It w II opp„.e cv"rylnfr.vtlon .»r THK LAW: In h('.:h 

l)l !,.-». .r III :, w, i.y r»ckl..s. anI mls-nblr. ; i,3rli-ai,s,oi 
v lb.- j.lnili;»|,.ii wliiclihas b-.-ii th.-ir ..s^inple. 
: I' .vrll f"xr|..«.|y i-xercise liu- ynnhm r^fthr I'lrti; It 

V : ; inns aid ^.llphold and.Icfeiid yrc-iloii <f SjffchtHf'. 
I I .i.<lnTn<tf Hi'hit, 

To the laivN'-sai tsnf the admiiil-tratlor. !t<: arbitrary 

, ami anJiHt arrests and e\palslali,.ns. Its •leplal f, the 

' riylit to til., wr t .,1 linli'ntr„ip,i$\ i|~ lllrval prnlaniatlons 

I !l« jbrojrafion ..f Stale nn.l |.-.|. ral l..w-.ii^ i;..>(„,i|, a. 1 

; ' niiiii'atlon oi iint'ranteil p-w^r, II» .-iibvernfon of ib.- 

I V 4|..)fiiai-d. )i •iril irnti i^rnitiullilirrfi/. it will .■.,,i«imi.||j 

j .ipp-.s- the ieu.ran,! t'l.- spirit • f -■nr >iiprenie Uw aim 

ilir u I\9.;i< y Of s.)und.|oi:i rliie, 11 'itii Am. ri.'aii frccinen 

I s'lail I... roiM -.1 to t'le rainvery ol th.-lr ri»'bl-, their lib 

.rtb ». their I. te». atnl their llnille.i an.i w.-ll-balsni cd 

.•.ivprnm.' it, r,y iIih re-l-tle»s d.-clsioii ot ball.. I. 

Prof.:un,Ih lnipr-«c.! Hlth thedeslr.- to cni.irlbutenll 
tb if It iii..y f.i the work of this Kovernnieni.— 
i«, t.i r.-st,>r.- on: ii..tional iiiilly. and to pla. e the 
lint-l stall s acalii foremost aniotiR the nation;- of the tir«. In the p<:.r..-. prosperity ani 
of I'speipl.- Til» W-iKMi -eekalroin those who .leklr.- 
such thinira Ih^ir oyiiipatby an.l anpp.irt, and. above all, 
the favor ot Iliin who crowns ev..r\ kooJ Work. 

J r,i{.MS. 

DiitT W«iii7>.— Snli.icrli,ers ov niall.fS. 

•"'^i^l'-JJ"™'"' ^*'o'.ii'.--Sinflc itnl.sirib».r«, per annum 
»3 00; 1 woe J l.-s I.. nii^a.|dr.-s<. $i 00; Three lopies 
til one ail'lri-as. $7 W: Klvc copies to one address $12 iJO: 
Ten co|d^« n on.- ad.lrcs«. $ti 50. 

Webklt Wo«!.b.-Mnsle sub-ctibers per annum. (2 CO 
I lire- coplBs ra.Jdresis on pap. r) S-I 00, Klv.- . op- 
L!rir*ssViM*"oo'^^''"'*^*' •'^'*- ^henty copies (to otic 

Clubs ol^twenty or over can have adilreiti put on each 
paper for an additional charzeof ten .-enls each. 

(■orer.;ry cluhof ticiity en extra copy will be added 
f.)rth..u'Cfii.rnp»f the club. 

Foi '»ery cluhof fifty, the Seinl-Weakly. and for every 
club of one hn ret.thedallv will b,- a.-nt when re"- 
on. B-.ed in li. u of til. extra copies of the \\V. klv. 

Ad.|ltlonB may So mad^ at any tlnn- at the s.inie'ratea. 
Paiiers cannot bo chan^e.l front one club to another 
butr.-qiiestof the [,ers..n ordcrlnu the dnb. an.l on" 
receipt of Ofty ci;nts extra, slnalc papers will be taken 
from the tluband s-:nt a Ki-paratc aiMri '^!l. 

All onlers luast Im: accompanied I.y the c.,.|i' 

."5 Park Row, .New York. 

Froncli Krfp.kfnst ;!n«l Dinner 

()wi\f; to tlie Vfry liiirli iiii-e fd t'tilPe, rikI 

ail'! Ilii. crral illltl, i\ lo pr,,.-iirlii^' .i ;: ....;. mil rni 
an.l reliable or»;ilc ••nr cu-.l.iii.ri. iia. i- ..Heti i-^pr. ss.-.j 
a « Nil tlmt tlicy . .mid be ■.ui'pllt .1 l,<>in i:r«t b«!.u>. It 
..rak the Intention ot 

The Great American Tea Company 

to ibi a strictly T..a hus|:es». I,t;t a.-- w:- hu« e 1,.,! f imo 
.nstouirralivlii!: at a .IlKsam e I bat hu> • r.liid »ii U5 I • 
-npply iheiii v\. Iiihiv. iy w liti lea Ng.l <>.(;, f , |i l.s:nie ii - 
.•oiiveidenl fu lii.i i Income to .N> n York. tl.. /•■» 
III../ '\fiir ynijiriiini of Ibis t,u;trt ; ».' »•• mr Vet 
Ta-'-i V js p. ^^l■s-.•,l ,,f irforni it r»!aiui;M • i <", f. ~ 
tliat iMiil,! bi^ fiiiiilkli. •! at a P:.iieiili pr..-« agd i..^« il sjtl-fa. -i the .^i.i,i.- i iie i^tl '•! 'li. r— 
f ih'ra hall. !r. •nil l^r^H » «• live f. i-n , . n j.f '. d t. 
»niii,'y tli,,se paiil.s ''■_/»■. r .4. .' ^.e,-."..' »c.j-j «' "e 
itlthmir <ii»l,>iinni nml Ihi-lr i.ale» lone In. f.-L-.n..! t-. 
kUi'b a|. .'vl. -lit that vif liaT.* ii -ii . ..inpi-ii.-d t"' l.isl -• 
I ir/e .i.l,rni,iii> •,, i,Hr niiti hli.eiy. wide!. « .1' ejmb;.- i. « 
11 -,i|.pl> a r.» i.o.r.- . ii.i.,iu.r< v. itii IT. Vi »,littl:.:». 
I... ^'■:^l li lo th '^.■ vvho IiuJ orJi r. 

ll U Fast Snpi^reetliii;; all fi'.her ('i.ff.*<>. 

ThI: r-ilT'-e ha' l.teii nsr.l f .r nr.r» t> sn n ..tfU'i !•• 
Palis, .iiiii -111. 4 Its liil'o.iu. I loll ll !•• this , -.i^i.l'y ,i bis 
li..<ii in im- bv Some of th.- Ii-adl'ii;.- Kr,-^i h f r-jiaoTiiM * 
her.-. Till- Parisian- an h.ii.l to Ic lb l.e«l .l|,|,:e^ ..| cot- 
ler: an, I lb.-;.r.-:.l Iiivor In %\bli 1. It Is lo hi l'> ll.. m 1> tl .i 
b4'^t riconinirii'lalloii thii . .in !;•• pr.ilufi-.| lor l'» Di« 
davor :iiid bi-allhy ift'e.i . iitoii ih.- human »> ?fi m 

\\ .■ put lip b It on., xr.-oleof tli's loll.-.- an.l Il.vt H of a 
i|iialily ili.n •.;ir ruat.iniri ► h iv. f,,iin.| Mom . \l•ellrl:l..• 
'v,ll si, <■ perl*. I wit sbiciion ;nd nier i :ill iln- .!<'i' 
ol tra'l:-. Il Is ibe lowi-hl pric- that -At- c»?! r.'.-ii:- 

\« «• i|o all oill bii-iiii ssni Ihr I'l.i?! 111. T ,-■• . sra!..hli-- 

I y I be ..ari'i :iii.l •-. 11 at 'inls ivs . i i,t- j t p< en. I j r.-Oi. 

Wl- put U)) Ilils r, !\i-e in I vrri-'a niily, ol U'A p'Oiuls 
eat h. Th's iio-llind >•! i.i.tilnc tl iiK -av,k fr,.iii t to .*> 
crnis p4 r p'.nii'l t.i the c.'iiMiiin r, aii'i l,> li" beiiif In m. 
laryf i|iiaiilllv it n l.tinn its n.icll iv,.r loiub l..i.ccrliilli'« 
loiiii t, an In any other. M> k'ii I wlti, ■•». b i.krv. I kl i •>- 
car.l«. . ii. iilars am' )iosl.r». t.. a«^l• t iln- .0 hIt i., inir.- 
liil.e ll to his > niiloniers. We hop' r,-,:' ,ia>t. n;, le will 
take pall c t'l h;ive llietn veil pon..l i,p and dhlrlt 'jli.l, 
.19 il will be to their ad\ antait. to do >,.. 

TliisCofre,- Wl- warrciil to V'l'. rp. rf'i t sallsfarllnri, a^•l 
it l|.b,»~iioi p;.-:is, , 111.- pill. lian;r has llii- Jiri.liri:.' .f 
relnii.liiii tlie nhi.l.- or any |..nrl cflt »lthiii Aida> s. aiivl 
b.i vfiiK 1.1:. Iii'iinv re: nil. I' .1. I.., i-il.. r with all the • xj.ei.- 
s.' .ll traiisji.rr tioii I olli v,.\k. 

Vi'<- i.~u.' 11 prill- . Mi-ul..r '■! out Tea.- snd ( ' UV. ». which 
« ar.- .-rill I", siii^l 'r.-i- 1-, all w. !,., uMi II. Cnsnni-i- ;,f 
('oi)..r iliold .oiiiir* b.r ih.- /'ivi.</. Jf.r.t/.f.i.f aim' i'i:n rr 
tiij>',, HI,.! Ill* ►nr.. ih.l i' Is pn:. h-.s, .1 . t l.i ■ 


lH!'.oI».IIS 4 V|i J.. lie, . ', 

\3 .V.Vlm ;-. i :ir V.s. » St.N.-w Tor;. 

Fish's Lamp Heating Apparatus 

RjJLI.Ni;- tP.VIMi- Sl» A»l>i *tH PIN' - W I'Jif 
nil. 1 1 \.Mi. II. \ I ir.iita ^t^lL. ko<-m. 

* • * R> ill.' (lame ol i: . on:!!,"!' '.amp. .St the (■..►1 .•( 
■ leiii's I'.'ii: ib "t .iti. :i vi-ty < Kinioi t ible bi. ast.i?t ■ i.i I a 
.■o.ike I. s * » .v.)'. ifVtf.lii... 

* 's • simple lit <',i'.itrt|.-ti.iii, ra-;i> l.iardrr 
r.-a.'v II.-.- Ill .s nioirii-:.;. '■■*■• -. iie.-i.Sid toli^-.e 
on I. an.l. * • ► Itrti-ijl.f.' r.Kf'ii'. 

* * • |'« I ini|. I. ..i|.- ..1 rh.. n'«.-i |...|.i.iar n* vs;- 
I'l-s of th." .lay . ' ■' ■> lb" nlit'l.- 01 tl !' i;.i.,i.. -llotl • 
abb. a L'ri- il .'.ltlll^■l« ma.Jr i:. ■- .iii.^- a>..; . ....Mni .iia ^ 
a'lb l.-f .ant . in b.- mad.- t'l ..-I. iiii al- ii'i . »teet «:iat \ 
liersutia, «ld. Ii Is a.inal'j doii.- .ifi ll..- atruat-.n- e .ata 
.vniih. :iir> lb. :<!. k -<-d li^fs. » * - .V.-... t,».|</- a,«^-iV< ,,. 

* • * |o{ i.iiiiil} iM '. I|..-;.l i'. I.arij' K i-'- I,'. I. 
fl.shih;;. nnrsi-rv .,i ►b-t r....Iii. if i- :'TIi,|.'."l . '.loforl l» 
y iii'I .111 : r .port i.-i o; ii> r.i.t. * - Ih.'l'i th 'Hh .h' r. 

* • • I hav.i tri.'.l '....apparal.)-. sn.l r>.« • 
prftrlalin lb' » iini- a i-i.,ft /a'>;.tbh' an. I lii|,|>p, '.: - .i',.'.r a- 
th-|i-,3iiil now v.-,iii,:vr how iv.- innld h.i' •> .bji,.; i -.u.iC 
without It. • • * HI. t' 

* "• .All f ..)'!. .iiil.-al i-..iilil\an.c f..r v-ttlne VI '.£1 
I aaiirt iiot'ce l..r liurs-'rv and ifiK t J |...iisi.ii..l,| pn- p. , 
es. e. » • ,,„„ iMip.iitii t p,dlit I'M.. aa> i. c ii: , ■.s- 
v» r coal flr^ ». * » • --.V, y. J.itnnip I'u.t. 


CAPifl! V riCOM t'VK TO f 1.1 tt ofAi:,-.-. 
T'irff Ai-lkhi r„,1,,;nii,ie ii%ir vUl- 0.:f Bi.rt.r- 
.Ai r.iiijf.- 1 for Ki-i-«.sr-i;i- .,r ''., ,1 1 111, . rf..-^^, Jt, ;.*,-. s. 
till- p.inipl.Iet .,{ ll I ty p .fu !Hridsl.«.i fc-raiU A.-,. 

T 11 E i: N I N ATT A C II M L \ I 

Trice Mcei.ta, 

To be nlta. he.! lo a c.)iiiiii..n ICi-r-)«ene T.4»np. or l.'ja 

ltnr:i,-r, by whl.-h wa'»rmiy be bolle.-. a:. 1 

lou.l cuokeil; ..I.., 3rr»i:,-cd t ' ifp-port a shi le. 

E r E H Y F .i M I J. r y y i: p .V o .\ r . 
U-. D. RLSSELL, Ag-n'. 

]l,rACKKN-. lK'."s I'ATK.NT AITO rR.tpiM.iv,, 


A Patent Ilort* f .. ,.;irrv Ids iiia«trr 
N. no spur to tnaLi- |,im cor.air-- 
lluns aloini ( h< erii.\ as >..',ii as v..,, „; p" j,, v(j„ 
Ready 'OBO wiier.-ver yi.i; giii.'ip hi,,,' "* " * 

Manhood : how Lost, how Restored 

TCS''' pnbli.shcd, a ueweditien of Db. CUL- 

yMiRW KLL'-s Celebrated Eksav on th,- ra.Hcal cur- 
(wlthoBt medicine) .d Spf.rmr,o.rr),o»,, or sen I ..Iw.T- 
ne.s, iiivolnniary s.-ii.lua| lojs.k. Inipot.iicx- i...-.t Ji -1 i,i,„p,,,li,„eiits t .'^Sa; iiJ.'' . '"'•;^' 
Consutnptlon. Kpliepsr,:,n.| Kits. InduJe-! by'se f-jn. u: 
sen e or sexual extravauatici-. innui- 

*9-l'rice. liias«aledenvelope,rinly6ccnLi. 

Ine celebrated author In ihUa-lmlrabie H.Vavclearly 
.lenio-istra cs from a thirty years sucn.sfiful pr-ctice 
thi^t the alarming cona.^quenec, ot self-abuse may be 
meiiH.'lL".^'*'''^'" »''•-' ''-"'eerous use 01 interna' 
me icliieorthe*ppllai«.sof the knlfe-polntlng out a 

which every i-iifr^rer.uo matter what his condition njay 
'""i^+.-'iV htntself cheaply, prlvatelj and radlcallv ' 

JW-riJIslectu re should belu the hands of everv youth 
and every niau in the land. 

bent urtder aeal. In a plain envelope to any address 
post paid, on recelptef six cent* or two post-aUiDDs — ' ' 
Addrtastlupablisbcra. *^ 

.. . CnAS.J.C. KLINFACO-, 

5 l.v' U: l»Tr •'v.N.-w V..f.-. Post Office Box 4«i3 

Th.-.:f ho's"sriinr,-ip:.Ily„\rr anv cor..i road »; '. w x 
or i.ark >:ro.iii.U. will, ,a R racctu'. .-anforfnj; i„.i!, , . „l 
liflM niiinilij hi, Ihi u-.til.t i-f fht ruti-r. ali-ri »lli.t i,, m, 
Iha .sii.ldle U> the p- nis. in the a. t -h rising (..the i:.r ,i. ,. 
of the horse, and with about the i. iin • anif*M,i o) . «, r. 
^cl»e te the tPler aslii ri.llfjelir,. l,..r.^r. Tb. .i i.,: • » ,.• 
, tart. -.1. s|,ipp.-.| short. or coiilroll...! !•- Koin^' .j., »,'•.,: 

ytherl.ler. They n lllrni, up a iii..l..rBi. .i-. c if i. i;,! 
■""ail Is har.l an.l llrm. Tbryjire 'lire. t.. I |.\ tbr *fi.t- - ( 

Asthi- Uiot:i.|i.«aii.- I' 'aa j/'if-/ ,-(.Weo/'|r,/,, .., « ^^ 
/..r npi,>!riinii^in. Tin y are u:ii-.|iialleil as a 'ii.r.»: .. i,.' 
a?r.>«.ai,le ami li.';,lll.fiil out-do',r ei'cn if» niltle-.^r 
round, lor adnlls n- w.-!! nt t-dtis a> U l.r.vs>i< ',»/, 
years ohi and upward, (ilr.ii ride by ti«!i g t),,. ,.^, .,.,,,, 
die b'.rn — ihos,. niiilrr ••■n .m ar- .dd iMnnll\ r|. r a,i'il-, 
Thcs'Z.-rir b'lysUslroi:^ rnoii;.ii to.-ai,-\'a n.ui n Sift 
pounds Wficnt. On thr sMm,,,); r>r If. elron.' a t|."l i 
carriaK' »ilh chlbl In It ran be ittarln-d ami .Ir- w'o / i v 
person havluk' but oliu li-vran rl.h p< ri. i-i-y w, i 

Forrrle.h.lii.iulr. a' the ofiic i f tii> iiaiM r ..rkn;d 
»taiiii.or ir<nlar«a-dprl. cIM. tiapi r,..rkri,o 

STBIMIEX W. SJalTII.iSsnroadwaj.N. T.-V.rk 

Notice Under the Poor 


t^ un.lrr the exi.-floc P'-or l.a«d. ninst a|.ji v t. ..i 
Lonnty Corninl«»ion<r In the f>i>ti!" wli«-ri- gt.ih uppil- 
cantg rcklde. or te the Couijty Board whin tn ses»<r,r;. 

By order ot the CoarJ. 

L. R.IIAMKI\8-Chs!rr»n 

V«y2S,l*«4- TS-.ip— 

' ^ 






^^ea d' 



i- -J" 

A Family Journal Devoted to Politics, Literature, Local, Domestic nnd Foreign Ne>ys, Aoriculture, Education, and the Literests of Scott County 



NO. 4,}. 

t. W CAOOMfBt 



IXTholesale Grocers, 


Cornur Kut Water aud £rl»- Stn-rta, 

T H K 

I yon keep tbo litlle joW ,pri^ [ dared lo offer about a franc mxl a half or about 30 cents a ; ial., and s,>eiuiinjr voar, at Lis task, died, r^ ». p n » t ' u 
ki rr 4 li'f IPF V A "R r: TTG '• ?" ^"" ," iiT* "'"\^""?'^>'»'"5 «• nime may. day, the worknion tii.duig Ibomsclvos. In the broken hoarl.-d nr(.l)ublv, before Iio ba-J finish- ' ( ) ^ ^' ^^ ^^ '^ ^ 



Dry Goods Groceries dr. 

ir»!i on hand, and i« constantly r.-celvlnn rresh <ni> 
r1lr«ufS«M>d<of allkli»lii,tu«Blt Ike tlriiiaiKlul ib«cvlu ' 


Tl;it9i;Aiii . 


TKJi.M.S: *;'i.00 in. Aavniioo,' or «;%>.. 'iO 
irp:iiil 'W'ithiit tl»«5 Y«!t»r. 

— J, " "^ ,. V ., '^ „,.,/ I, — •'"•••"" — - ^x-....,. —i iii<. i.uiii ui iHuut: u) uie rone, inaT at vasi cost and labor 

nod keep you troni lurther .«onow. 1 .11 nvc , the Ai,'nculturai Insffnte at Geisburj^. „ear ! they had printed twelve thousand but 
meet, pray for I.AWRExr e. \\ lesbadoii the pri.-e paid is 3C krcufzcrs per foi want of buyers they wore no ion-er able 

Itwasa"--"'^ '-"*-"- "- "••''»- — "' "- -•- -11 -- ...... - ^_ . r. 

the leader 
retamod ne 


NEW 5 ADLERV WABE HOUSE ,. ";:".'ii!""'T. •"e«^«ti».".of.s..ako,.c,a,.u,..i»t 

Corner of Third 4* fiobff t slg , 

urncK l\ TlTLs's Bt'iLDiNu.ox LEH is"STKEKT ! poor lawyer, .-trufr<:lin!^ again>t fortune an 
RATES OF /TdV E RT I S I N G I l*"''''*'"^^. ^J " *''"^*^ '^-'''^c of liis father's large 

brilliant party that .Mrs., ' ^"J' of-^l c'l'S the men in all easi's board : to bear the expense of lionsi>keeniir» ; their 
of fa«liion in silverWale. gave to her ">? tln'ni--elv('s. Jn and about Heidellierg, in ' dwelling was full of quiix-s of uriiited book.*, 
pphew. Jle ha<l Ifft tl.o village a 'he (^rand Ducliy of Ilat'cn, it varies form 12 but destitute of every necessarv and comfort' 

i,d to 48 kreu.zers. In and around (^as.^! the Others encountered the active' opposition of 
ge <«aily wages to 1.") sih-er poschcn, or 37 cents, malignant despotism.*, and suffered death for 
id At the Apncuinirnl (Jollegi- at Weinhcnstcpen their heroic effort.-^ in the cause of human en- 

ST. PAUr., 


R E ]? A. I R 

I'n-.'Irv.ofcv.rx .l".i rliitJftB. 

j debts. Vainly striving to pay these, he h 

l)iie .-•(ii.iii' 

J 3* I «w I aw I .lai I 6li 

Where c'.Mi be h;nl evprylliioir portiiiiiin); tu tli<- biixl 

MiUto.vy Ctuods, Ic, 

Charles Hartman^ 


Groceries, Dry Uoodo Ac. 

K**l>ii'r>nffaBnt1} on liandafull .in<l r>iiii[ii«lf> »*%itTi 
ai'nt oith* aN"*' '•aoiril artli'Irl (■• a< ■.••■>iiii<><!at<' tM 


, Two .Sjilflir^, I 2 SI I 3 l« I 4 »i 1 6 UU \ l(MW 

; rbree.-snare2_l 3»L«om icoi smiufjoj 9J 00 j tio.. of seeking his fortune in Aiistrali:L 
' >i_r..imi»ii. I 3 oc I 6 (n I 9 « 

S^uliimn. [_8 00 | 10 00 I 13 <I0 I 1 

: '^''-^^^^^^^,'^y*^^"''*^^^ « «>l " OT j ijj, io,j:^ |„„ f„„. iipjirt .«e„t f.,rlii prayers fur ^ivc doublr and board their workmen at thai, j 
ivf.i.:xr:i!.v;«TMtxstTi. ^sr^nt^p^T i.^^,:,r.^ rnriiir .' h»* «ifcty, but oiic ol all his frienO* watched ^'«*'. '}} •" 'r"e <hat the price of living is lu.t ' 

isrrilon , - -_ 

t.. Uf p ii.i i..r-riv.iriji»i.T in a.ivjiMP. i a letter to liis aniit announced fiis return aftor " nai»ed as with us, yit the difference is iiowhen 

,,., , , -pu-e. lliese early pnnlers; 

'•J s everywhere seemed small for wore a noble race, and deserve to be held in ' 

ij CD 1 15 00 1 s»o o I relatives were rather glad to bo rid of him. and f'a»■*^. eani'si labor, and I could not help lliink- , veneration as amon" the first benefactors o 

'ji'^'.'-V^'. V'--° ! <*f*'' ''^'' *■*''■''"'*'' *"" oue heart hud aelicil for ''|i? how ghui our own farmers would Ijc to | mankind. * 

'" ravers fur rj^c doubir and board their workmen at thai. 

I watched Now, it is true that the price of living is not 

iiru-.i.»rti..rt»n.M->.p«t»iorpai-ua.iaitioD»iiiisrriion for his return. No woril had ecmr to any till generally ijuiie so high in theconulries 1 liave 

^^ ii\Tis Rkmoio-v ? — True religion carries' 
health and .strength into the soul ; it regulates \ 

i.x.;ai. \Dvr«T,»KsiKNT^.r»t(..i a, niuMin thirleon vears of travel. All hi.- la'her's debts «•' P'eat, eomi.arai vely, as the prices paid for ''!' '''ii>g*^ : but it withdraws from man no fac- ; 
-"•■ ' •■•■-«-'- --..-....--^ I .- 1. ..... .. • • . - ullvMi ties up no power ; it e.xlinguislies no I 

•»M,r„,..f.-c.t-tv>uj.ty .v'i...s,-N...,ii,i lor i.«f«ie aiiafliuvit of puMUation ,rvK paid, and his lawvPf spoke ol large sums 'abor. In l-a:t lo live as well M our people of' . •'". ' " "'^'^ "P "^ P""'''" ' '' e.xlmguislies n 

riKST STRELT, SlUhOl'hh. .*;';';-^^:-" ^, „ , „ ., I invested iu various ^yuW■, so .Mrs. Ha<> eon- 'he same .lass do. ;he cost would be vcrv near- • '"-'•"^'• 

^ir'-»'-«/» !;:wr;.;;:,M,.:n^;r/;r .f5por.,„n«m ,„,„,,..,,,, ^,.. «„d'Uu. resnH was the brm- ly Uie same. The price of potatoes, "for in- ; ^-^-^ ■ 

I>R. .1. L. WAKKKiLP ■ ."'•'"'''*'"■ "J' ''i"i'-i*-'>»oii h.i«.i i.r ,.rinfo.i t..oi.i.r. otit B.'-scmbhige wliicli I.aiira :ind l!(M(ha were ■^•auce. in tlie iu-igliborhood of Dublin is 7; Tliero is nothing purer than honesty — notli 


S H A KO PEK, M T X X . | 

Ko One's Darling. 


_— I to honor, and whore that ••lilile ilried-iij) ohl l»fn;-e a stone of 1 I oounds. This is a cent a ing sweeter than charity — no'.hin^' Warmer 

l^ar after 1. ii yeais P'>»'"1 "r <'••> ceists a,buslicl. Parsnips are XT than bne — nothing rieher'thaii wisilom — iioth- 

maM," their aniit. toap|H 

I »l<i >- MczlJUvvr weal wf ilQw'a Urus St >ri-, CJ| 



Commission Merchants, 

214 Lake and 2t>j Soitu W ntek Sts., 

Chicago, Illinois 

p o u K K \ T. 

The N&tional Hotel Stand, 

A tH iitk-<i>*>. l*M>»Ml<iii i^lveit luilii<'-l:jt.-l> . 
■ ■■{u'rr uf ur aU-trrSa 


»3nJ:tf .Mi.iL.t'U'i-. \ni II. ; .,, , , , 

__.__ , _. i Olia.stly aii>l pale, with hi- daik eye* elo-cd. 

^fc ^^ ««v • 1— A ' "■'^ pale hands nioviiiir ill de:idly piiin ; 

A* SKa ^rl*lgtlba j Aeil no one to kiieH by hi.'^ >id«- .-ximI prav. 

BOOT ^ .S7/0/; M.iHt:n ' •''" ""'" '^' '■"" ''"" '"'^ '"'■ ='-^'"- 

./.V*/> Jit:i\}llit:U. Willi no one to brn.«.h from hi> boyi.-h bi. -v 
SIIAKOI'KK, >!j.,i,. The t.iiigled nias>e<! of nut-browi> hair ; 

- .,, - -- With MO OIM- to W;ift to the Si)irit liMlid 

I AM now |.r..»»r».| to .io aIJkl'«.|«..'.—-li !n my line ... ■ i .> im . i>iiii li.iiiu 

or about .^"211 a ton. 'I'he price of good but- '■ in 
ter tlirouglioiii Ireland is on an averaire a -Jiil- st 

Amon;; tli*> namrrpun artlolm nrr. 

r.KN ri.KM KN.S S A UDLK.-?, 
fl LADIES S A l)UU:.S 


1{HI1)LK.«^ .V MA1!T1N«; ALH, 
rAl.M{I.\(;K IIAlINES.S 
IU(a;Y 11 AHNE.S.S 

TitoTTiNt; nAi;Ni;.<.-^. 


kxi'im:.>s harness. 

.V v.iriitv of 


THE Undersigned 

has Just rftunird l'r».tii tli« 
ha.<'t nitll a new auiiltly uf 

Dental Material, 

n«, .TTT^I .T"". . •■"''' '* Prpparnl to do all 
il':ratlon>.icc..r.iliipfa tho lnipr«>v..m«-til». AUu, 

I ..fiis rle-nillarK, ^h..»|,rtM, ,n.l <1tiTa- 

' ; u ; ml"''.'- '/{""'J-' »'".»"'"•••"' •="'" ^'»f f..rln.rrt- 
iiik .irtiiliiHl u-ith. i«priliupiiaoi the w.,rk caiit>r«r«n 

III % 11 1 ji "'int'i** 
IVrsoii, iroiii a distaiicp l.oar.1.,1 fre.; of rharcr wblla 
naMtir work iloric. * 

i lrt-Vi.sUsiii«.|,. ulicn .lo«lr<Hl. Prl,-..g r»i.M^.iiab»«. U>f 
, fMrtlnrr|.auK-ulBrii.calloiiora.'.lr.« -•«■. •»•» 

' Dk. e. rray, 

I vo2(io4' If 


(.'.trvi-r, MIno 

ing briiiiiter than virtue — ;ind iiothiua,- more 

The berf. of the evening iiad i.f)t apjieai-eil J.*^'" tinouglioiii Ireland is on an aveniire a -liil- than faith. These united in oiieinind WIlIl*.'^— />//«/ .<,//,• and littnil, 

when the trio, underjthe esiort of .Mr. I,e.slir. 'i"S :' p*'^'"'- ^'^ "'"""''"■•* t*> work hard twelve ' form the jnirest, w.-iriuesf, briglitest, 'ii>ivt- • \- v i i -r • 

I IWtba and Lai:ra's father, enteivd. lint ?oon '"j fourteen hours to earn a pound of butter, j and most Bteadfa.'it happivs.s. " ' ''^ ' '"''^ ''^' ^ •^1'1>E'S. 


Out on the \»altle-fi.-l«l, gory and chill. 

I , ,V"/ *\*'^7', *'"^ •;!"''. «•" '"j^" ■"'"'" '""' -l"^l a .stir near tlie door am,oun<u-il his arrival'. .V 'I'''''^ i- »f'i' l"ite in town i.i.'d eountrv. The 

A II day had been lalbng, the night cam.- down, (all, di.stingni.«h'ti-lookin- Man of ihirtv-ii.p modtl fjim at Clii^nevin got IS p.-nee or 3G I 

An.f gloomy night shrouded the .«pof. or sJ.v, and a well modulated v lire. .V' man i^"«- " I""""l i" •' muary .jf year. ]S(;t ! 

' «:rose bv a bank, where the l>ullels fell thick. .'" ??'"''' '" ''!'> '''"''^!'- ^"' ""' '"■"•'»•' '""■'''^- ""'\.|'"- ''•^•'•^' l"';^"' any time is' a shilling j 

Rattlinsr like hail-slorn- over the -roun.l, '""' '"■:'"• ""*' ^-''K 'V"""^' •'^^^ "'^'' «"^""-'> '"" •'. .l"".'"-^— ''''='^ ^ J4 and '2*. eeMs. I j and dvii..'. a s.,Idier boy lav ' >'?'""'• "^ '""'' """' ''"" -''""" '''' '''' '''''"'' '""'''^ ^"'." •"' "'T'"-"-^ as lo the price of eom- 

; And His pillow wa. onlv a mound. ' ' -'^l^'"l •'^">" ^''•a^■e and feat nre. a man. Silv.r- '"«"' '"•'"'^•^ •'■^ ^' meaMyif cofnp.»rison every- ; 

1 ' • tlale Ihoughf. to fill down and wi.rship. , wbere 1 wiiii. and I know about how the! 

Of the fresh turned i-arlh wheiv a shell plou'd ; ^'.'P •""' srreefed his ho«te-s. hail made- near- '^^'^^ .stands, for 1 made it a praeliee to n^- 

<:i-ep. ly the circle of the room, bo-ving to new i '■"'■'' '""«''' '!' "i^ on the spot. The p;ice ofj 

As ii moved with a murderous powi-r. friends L'ree.inu nndially his oil ones, when Hour is about ns high on ihe t'oiitiii. iit a- ^ilh j 

Iheii 'twas .sileiil and still ; the bre</n ►i"h, '''^ ''}*'' ''*" "!'"" •"* i-'ohien e:ir <>\' wlwat. re>l- "^ "'"' | ih'uk the .same <|iiality of meal- aliout ! 

.Making mon sitd the midniL'ht hour. 

ing ujion a bioad braid of Idack hair, 'llie 
light that sprnin_' to his eve», the sii.ilf upon 
his lijis, carried -ueh dn-p [,»aec lo one L^-arT. 
gave one lifi- nf |i;iriciil wiiitjiej st;c|i a new 
^priiij.' of happiii' ss. that t! e v. i.rd.- 'tf [>oli'e 
;:rceting lell isp n curs l!:af .st-aicly lie..rd 

True I true I iicr Iriivt re]);iid I Iier lonv: eon- 
stniK'V lewaidid I 

a.< lii<'li. 

Clerkships at Washington. 

The gte::lly i?.ei<-a.sed pn>-!iiT of v. urk in 
lumlitiii lip- rti Till- Trt'aMir; "'oi War |>e- 
parlnieiii> mce-^iiaes ttio ei >]iio\niiiil ol 
hosts oi'eierks. Il would anui/. • b.'iekwond^- 
n;eii to -ee the eo.iiiiiiKius s-iieiiin 

• II »li..'t •, aril 111 !<■■ •.tf.t au : i- •-t !»ly|.». .\|| 
k .1 ii'>f rrpalrlnc n»a'J]r .I'.iK., aiKl a'l i\ ■ K w.irr.iiitr.t.- 

J*r' ■•• .!< .' .IT a< Ihr IIIII.-H H III lirr'i'if. «'.i'l :ll m y «l,<.f» 
«>'. MwtOl.'^ «(r<-rt. ml i-S.l!lliUr t>l*- Vl't . Iiilii.. '.J fill 


i: TT. t'iirrn:vf»i:\, 

sM.^r f II r. uf.\ \j.-t,ij. 

C«'i#<tl.»i; ,»r.»n«p[Iy att>-ii*tr<l lo. Titltx iiivi-^tiiratro 

RKKHlENrKS.- Ilon.nmr- l»iiftoti.Siiiir..|iie 4'..iiri 
of K-rnr«.(J,iM,.; I|.in.«»fr,.rfl'. llri>M<"ii.ror|i.r<iiiij...| 
*f ^<w.Vor»; M»».»ri«. airroy. l>r<'filU-A t'..., S^w-A. r> ; 
•</v. K. S«iui:i.>n. Wla. ..iisin: J. 4 C. I» >iiirill;in, .-i.Tme 

A. J. '•i-flaa Co.. OtiliajT" : Ur\ . Sam. o-c i, l>. ■• 

>'aw'T..rk. ii..:n>..3ir 

Con.<ult4lionsiu Engli.-h, FrciuhamMieiiuau ■ 



Hi", ui w iturn soul on the wings uf pra\er. 

With no one to walch and i.. wait liis r''li:rti. 

\\ ith t» ar-wit eye.- and heartlelt pain : 
\\ ith no one ii* iMiiirii as the iiiontii.- go Iv, 

.\i.d lh«- ."oldier bov ne'er eoiiies again. 

W.. »r..'il.i '■.:I! !!i":ilt.'iit(i.:i «f III.- 
I -nd .H.IJ">liiiii;ii'oiitit!r« lo nur stwoW of 

Nuoneebe iiote.l more tinn l!:e greeting \U,ieh daily oours into the '^ Treasury _. 
of old friends; but tw.i |,eart.> « ere full of building, a'lid li.e sime sw:MiniiiU' e-a'SM,ii [)j'y (j OodS aud 

■IIIZrIK of ."-'colt 

eio>e III l>ii>ii;i>.' 
lo I y. M. 

.■"'•I vie.:- i> had fioiii L' v .V. 

<»V"r his grave phiee liie .Jmail wooden .^hii.. 

farvr iiiiJ the words with a throb of pain ; 
••.\o i)iii''.« darliii:; is iluinbeiin/ here ;" 

lloiiieles-s orphaned, no fii.nd lau he claim 

dp«*p joy, ie>t aft.T weiirv Innjinu'. 

4)iieaiiil aito'hi I- i.f iln- gii-.|<. wi-re itivited 
by lh<- reinrie.l .V ii.t::i!i;ni to a liniix- warm- Ti„- |., «...,■ s.-darv is 3l.2l)(). Tiiise 

ing, learning, for t!.e liist lime, thai u i.ew baits atr seented af;'r off. 

man.sion. whove builtiieir and furnishing had robair re|.orter i:.i\e out. in f»et 

lofii,' b(.-n a ^- iii-e if -j ecalitiui.. \\as l<. Im' tbai •• el 



Yaukce Notions, 

r.ON.NKI' TltlNKS, 
TIlAYF.LlNt; P.A(;.-i— .drvTv variety. 

Rrr.r.i;i; tioous— .,f aii s„ris, 
Ri i;i!i;i; ulankkts. 
in'i'.iJi:i{ coats, 


Fill,- i/rrrP/f(/c(f S'i(('l /ii/s, 

llrury'a Ccltliraitil llriK-ntlii^ Itlflr, 

I COLT'S rSj^ToL.-;, ^ 



I'i.H'ih iind liaifirKiiivrf of nil •khi.i. 

11 o :m k 


^jMIE only organized Insurance Company of 

ililsSi;,t... Iiisiir-iioiilj K.irinnint ti^^>l-l'lJ^^ i.r..^VnT 

««r oirto ill r..ii.-.Tr iLMi iii.a i<.i,<..,r lut ivm on*, r, ■ 


W '4 w- .M'^'"'i''"u =.• ■ "■ 'l-'"^- >'^'V'T of'.-*!. l'»u\ 
vu>t Mar.<lial. KiH' r. • ■- '■ ■»-•■»,« r» 

OFi ICI-.ns. 

J K, TIIO^IPSON, rrjjKiir. r. 
1.. U. i;t;Mi\|.|,.s.., r.l.iiv 
M..I. NOICIIIIII r. |'r..| 

j;. WK«ii. vu.i'iv.i.i..iit. ' 

M'. A. W KI.I.S. Oi-ioT.'tl A /rut. vSnMjCm 




r .■.,.. ,'".. tn II muoi. I., t'lr ii«u3i ifooiM ic'i.tiii a Or.v (ioo.u Pl.'^TOl, C.\ ll'TIl IlXi K> — ofcverv Variety. 

'"' ' '^■'o^ . ! Stf.P' . «. li.Tvr rt ;:o<>.| « . k of 

111.- Ion. . n luiir'Tr' "'" ' ',"'"" :"""•"• ;;''','\^ «:'''';..*^'""r;' '•". ^h'j-'^''^' imiiss goods, ljdirs- ci.ojks 

III. tuiiire l.oii.t..! Liwiinre l.a:ie. '.<ofm began (l.ekmg ;ii like w, id pigei.ii>. bound i . .... ,,,,, ,, ,^.., 

Kverybiiih a.-e.p d r.,- mhI many a i„ '•feaii.ei their iie.-^t." Now be it knOMi I.. ' '"''^ " ri.(KU\.l.\ (,, 

toung heart Hutt.ted at the il.on..'l.l thai .so all wlmm ii m.iy cnn-ni. that it is slatiil oi. BJil.M( J.Xl) UOOJ' SKIHTS 

sjdendid a man-ii.n n.iist .-<.,.n iieetl a mi-tnss. ^r„od aniliority'tliat tlun' twe-itv-five or ihir- 

(bM litrle ve,k »...iii ;.;!id.d away. Am, I Iv ai^p!ieaiil..!.'alri "fiit ami dried," fur .v- 

Eaiiny wa^ vei) kind in la'"ping I., irii.i mw ,"rv pioli..b|.- eppo:tunitv during ihe, , »./, \'i HI ;v 

No more a .Hianger. frien«IIi~s and orphanfil. i P"'^'"""''/''''^ :"•*■• '•>«• the .-i -ter*: but there the j.r.'>i at adiiiiiiislralion: besides, t|, ere are ,, •'.>".></>/./.>, 

Call il a bh-.-siiig that earih-life is iluiif. was an o.M sn.ile on her lips nln-n L.iwnnre iinjn-ilv manv supereiim.iries. So wuitin.. ,or ('f-f^'i'^l'^ .i.XD CISSIM I'Jt I-:s 

^•..^.«^ . I«MI '- metiinioni;d iir....pee|.. Wire diM-ii«.e.l. a il.ft-iee woi.l pav. when the applieanrhas j <S-f\, 4'^^. •j'C. 

'I hi- eViiing eaiiie at Ii.-t. «;arriage after lo pav from ten tu'twnifv livedollurs per wirk ' 

•'P >.iil iliiH'li itc lii'iil nl' T-iir I'litiow iu>r..m r .1 ' I ».- -• T i . .• • 1 •. r«»r..i.Oi^ vr'slih.;: lo inirrli.i.i- |;rv IJoo'!-. will fl-ilU 

.1 sii Mown IIS lo.iu 01 rair Miner. i>< lore loi board. ••I»iM:i,gmsl.,-d le-tiim.iiiaL; are i:,..!r . .ler-.i tu.rn..- to s,. |...u,.,„., a,,-.- n.a.aii. 

Sir onus, lilll.TS. ,\' S.lSllES, 

j .sa]>dij:k V II A If i>^v.% nii 

': OlgSaddl.s. 

Rut in the .Summer I^aml an.ils await him. 
Rtaring acroun for the vieiories won 

! tH)OLK.\ SILIU I.S, 

niiii.ihr.isT sn.uf i.s. .s.o.vy'y.vv^''*'"""'''"'''*''^'''"^'''- '''•'''' 

Kroni !•«< --oi,"« ^l.^.•a/llll■. 

That Little Old Maid. 

■<>!i I aunt Fanny, how h.vely I Are jhev 



ihcsnperb, who-ei'veiy v\itidou blazed 

«ilh light, \ raie.' il.n.nirh hail iiiri>ial|I-d ,.j| 

:<'in:ai!y reL'i:i.;-d liy ih.- disrriminaiiiitr and 

Whip I. ashes. 

iitifc tiiiinrd. 

- j^Vholk'nido and Retail. 
Persons in the trade will do will lo •■vani- 
inc aiy >toek ln-roie purcliasing<vlu:re. 

ocloi'Hfi:; i«riF<i.i voZroric r 

M^rst Strttl Shatcoptr, 

All kinds of 

jofi iroiih .i.xD RKPjinr.xa 

n«t.. orJer on llir si|,ihxk.-<T .NOTIPK. vi:ij:m 






'lor l.aiira. er lor me •/ * Thi-»itfaki'r a i>ii-tl'v •"i"' rooms, jri.v ;oii!...tep- Hew iroin mii- bi-;iii- ii.niornmi'v 

• I .1 ^ .11 > . . . '. . . . • • ,;i..l '. I _ • 1 .. 1 . ' . 


K- men; ineei o 

f .-!ivi 

iei:tii:>iiti:u Tin: i»i.i<i:. 

OB.CKHIEaTKVKiivnFtscitn-iinx';"' '•"«l'«-'- "'-ipi'»-l"«'»'i;i!,' I'h.n le. held np. aV '''»' =T«rtmen! to a-i oih r. i:l it wa.> whi-p-r- |, is p.Mi'ively pitiable to ^-c .ibie bodi.-d j H^^JT'^SX 8 '"S^-/ ' «• 

^ ■ , Mie spoke, a iluster of •.'■•hi ornaments for Ihe ''" — •"> 'ine kie-.-. by whom— -that the reveh r, yoiiiv;^ men eoiai- a thousand or moru miles lor ! I 

I A)Wi-.K I^l^\ I"l', ' hair, a .-prig of wheat and .striped gra.>-. \. TV <vere invind to a wediliiiir. The eh-sid door> ',1,,. v,., v dnl-ioe, .-lui-e of a iitllc clerkslMii ; •>.] iJ f Cf P.-»nl ATI ' 

HT.F.l'.L ' • - .»i7.V.V^;>-.'iV./ ;.''"»''''"l and preily. • Wini.; have you kepi "**''<^'."'l^"' "'♦:' >""«" ""'"i '''.m the loii;: now. e-'pe,i .llv, when all av.niies of tMi.-.iiie.J '*^* *-'^-« ^^''* A «l 11 1 j iMIilll.i 

. . __ t hidden ?■• ' drawing r i«.re wa'.I.eii eayeily. a« the „ro inviliiijrlv "wide o|H-n. Ob. these acornf.-d j j 

CI P PPAROnV 'Tliey were a kiej^ake lr..m ai. ohi frieml. f^''^^'- i-^^''"'! '!••'': and n . in.-i came lo we!- ^ho.•l|s. ^,ii.:.'lin..' for a dive at ihepnblif rrib. ' H. KNOX TAYLOR. | 


DRY (;ooii^\ 

HA IS k (APS. 

i'.OKKS Ac. 

AUo a yi.oil n^^'.rimrrit of 


»«i.>i «•«!.( lo " I < 
U^nte ttic and I m p <, r 1 1 d 

uiid have been anion;: m_\ liia...iiie.. for tlin h-eii 
\eai-. Piilhii."' 

"IbU now ihi-y are for me." .«aid the voiiiig 


tall, Iiaiubiiiiie 

U)iiic6,tiquov5 v<c <£\^\5.^t:'.::;:r'^L,:;:'!:7- ■ - 1-* '•■■• 


wiiile tbe •iiiK ;at<i! liovir-li d ' areyei ^zMio! 
iie.; around f.-i more I ll ii a .^haiec thai tin v 

T»-«IRO 8-rHI£ET 
BKTWKi;V.IA(.h-i>\ ».M> KUIIKI.'l 

ST. r.ll L. 

<'on«t»ictl> •>': haiol a riiU.^<i!>|>I; 

• I 


d I iiiii-t look my brsl, 
j for the girls will all don thi-ir iiKist faeinating 
'at I ill- ill h.inor of the (K-caslon.'" 

• I> it no*, rather marked to l»e . o verv nn.x- 

eome thfie. 

-\f la-l tiny op' III d. 

hero of the lionr. a smaii. vM.iM-roie-.i ngnre. |,„ve i.o liiglur ambition. Asa gen-ral i.rop ', 

with a long Mil ,,f white .one. alinv' every f.a osition ihe only .-ale wav to come lo Wa^h- :' 

ture. the go.fd old clergMnan of Silver.hde. in.ri.,ii i, ;o be' -eiit or "sent for. .\n.l it IM 

ami .Mr, L"s!ie formed tiie giouj) .h>lo,e.l.— ,„.„ri;-,tlv th.- oel ..-af.; wav. Tue n.-diemio!/ I 

'Ihe short'^.'.ive.servi.-e was ivad, ami ev- fealure i^' iliiw-ambi.ious adveniunr-. oil ' 

i-rj ear wa- vframed to e.itrb ii„. name. More l„okintr d<o*;, f.-.-m the .j.aciou, j;all. ri.s up,,,, j 

K \s . ' ...... o. ... 

\3iiiy i» 


•> |iou>r In n.yyonngdavs hi'Iies wai;'ed to """' ""'" '-''''I' "I* a.'^toni-hmint oreeiwl the tie e..:ior.>s in . M'-.M.m. mav resolve • 'if tl,at 

MWI MlIIHW M» «l|i l(MKIl>.\UI>li\fcWUISkM.<>«' souoht .and eourted. but. to jmlpe from ' ''''■•■"■'}" I'ronoiijMed "rraii. e> Son.ers;- r.iu\ i> all tii..l is i:.-e,v>aiA. Id go baek and inn 

what you have told me. this hrro of vonrs *''.*'"''"' ^^'•''vi'e concli|.!ed, a:ii] tli.- bri.les' for Con','rr.s.s. 

veil wa.a rpii.oved, in.m- ttiaii oin ill-natui.d 






mPuK(kr.« 1 jiEAi IE- :n 

m:iy hav.« any one in Silvi-rdaii- f..r askiin.'.'' 
'.Veil, hr uoi."i know il. And aunt I'aimv 

whi-pi-r was diieeud at Lawii-nee l.:uie 

I soriowiii!!y ob.s«Tvr ihat maiy f-f the eld * 
cli-rk- bi-ar fviiu-iiic of impaired Inalth. The ■ 

_ he IS n ally worth courting h^ is., o v.ryrieh."" '«»'<? ,'" chooMm.'. whin »ll the iM-aiily of U.-l-alr mo-ie ot v» aiming their rooms. mxI 

WrOClCery, G-laSS & China,' -l-^ that a.l that is rniuiie.!. Uenha. ill a •"*"V"roaU- w.:s l.-Iore hi>r.. -rail- i.iiii.i. ojo that rCv'in.s al-nc f-anble, is intvitabh p.-rni- 

V- ii.»;av.i.Ai«P8.wxi i kks. sd.v m; i i. vi i i.i.,„.i,^ ' '"'."»-'",! '., ... ... , " **"' . ':""^- I^i'^'-i'--- •'"• eonciousm-Ss of w.-armg 

" 1-^ Ibe mam tiling anUiow now-.- — . .»..».» hoe elotle s Uiakes them verv enntious and 

JiRI r.1,y,\I.I n^lltK. Ji-*-: A-c. hiys. Rut L:iwr»Mice Ume has more than '_- . , „, ■ . . ^ mihl in .heir ii;i.v.i,i<-iit.s. Nn'doubl son-c ol 

K«.«1 kaat Watrrttraot, oppcoolo Hit- W.iIV.-r Ii 

Mil^raukee, Wis. 

riehe.<«. I^.fon- he went to Ansir.ilia. report 
says, he was one of the most tallentcd nun of 

Work and Wages in America and Ev 

tlic'ii think ilial as tli-y art ckrks {..Ii !; ol • 
the'.l S'airslioviinment of North .\;!1.t 


.'.»:.Jiii I 


Auction & Commission 


• -Irk BuiMIOioaThlr.l Ktrrrt. nrar «l>r. l.aiit> llotrl 

flit. Z'A'UJ., IShXlxxzx. 


T«aii.«0!« fta.'tritii.*. Bom p n tVu vr:.iN. 

BuKi p a 04Ka'<, J.C. a ll. «'. lit i;n.<\K. 

t3i2U:tf Bauktcra. C..ui..Mtrt liai.t. 

W\S, '':; ' ;'> • '""' ^^" \"'"*' ""^' !;:; »-"'^ .^l-^^ 'l"- ' S.ves..siou Mmthemers and their M.iti.h allies i"'^- "''' ^^""i-"''^" ' x-rlions urc "vulKa. . ' This J UUM U il 8116, 

<r.iir. .. i'i 7'';" -V/"",.'" '''"I"''*"- ' "*' "'«' •^'<''.'"- in En^^land un-. ndeavoring to prevent .nii-ra. ''^^P>''^f ""^'»kf. j 

- nVcii r '^'' "^*••'>■^*•'T"''''"' '"'■/i ••""'•' '^i« «■-'''•'"• f'^- hol.l ng lip the idea ^ . ^i'"-- .Vl.m -fili," man but the aiton.r,. m.LU: Pl.^lXK MIVXI'SO 

true .oMian g».n.leman. ..o I suppose he I ,hat the.e is dan,'.V oi the imin;-! ml, bein-^ t.M- 'o AiA.„- ., ./iM, lor -Mbsistenee and M,r- / l-.#.% A. Ml.\.\ LSI, 

.nhlsciarity tuincbestofallraetions.forslK. u.rcf.l into tae rnion armv. We have no P'"- •'•-!''•.' '-^ '•-'*^ robbery, an 1 the' '»''•'•'••• ■" 

•' , • '-■•'!''V"V'r''"'l''""'*-' "'''••■>•-! one 1.S willing lo doubt they know beibr than this but are '•^•'l^ "ho 'pills in hi- time by taking it' «g^„,„ ^*4 ^ ^ 

A 7. 

fearful that th. ir pojinlation will be dra 'eed !.. 
soft light eanic into her dark eye. and a snnle and =n Uk- n.echai.ic establi> which 

mn;\'7fi''''f"'"'-^"" ■'"""• "'"'"' ^■'''"">" fill "P the vaeaneV/whieh .in- n-a i,,.. .le 

repealed the phnuso in a while a .naial f.r labor in A merle.; both on thc'l. ml 


t^e'^oli Un !; '"" K^rtha. >cen,g that ; war has occa-s^h-ned and th.v und-rtake |.. J""' 

.( iHU r n-pluceU her treasures in her jew- , taken 

vntuaiiy rob., at I asi begs I They, ami eve- ; 
rybod} lau.-t. lo fnjoy h.'ab'i. :ind resoiii ses. 
an.l hon-tr. do tl.iir best i.» di-paieli and linish (ipOf.'EKI E-^ 
Here iilore&t and iluiy happily con- 1 

Dry Goods, 

t>ii iliH ('..rM'T I.f Kl.'i .V M..II11IH. r<-.'l. « iH-rc ll. ..ifJ, 
• .Ilia ilil nii.t ii"i\ frli'ii'ls nn.'oi tli<< I.AIOIKST AMI 
I!':ST sTiMK or (Jo ,11..* i-vpr l.r..ii.t.i fl .-liiUopef, 
'(■ilprUiiiKi l'> !■ i''t,.iil il.i Iv il.'il ,t<" • .if 

einiu ijc FiUD-y Urc!-*s (tooiLs, 

lll.f AN Ain IHMUr.ri l KK\< it .MhIMNOS. 

' i'.»i'i,i.\s. Mitii.Mi; 

[ KV.XI. roi:ri;(...': 

j Si;:jf'M> SMlI'f.AIN VAI.tVCIAS. 

; Ai.PAr \s. i-niv AMI ri.;ri!Mi im:i.aim:s, j 
Ilil.'tlOaSA I. & IIOOI* SIilE«l'*>. I 

II ">r»s. M 111 AS. i 

I'O.NT.*';."'. (" i^tF.iin'S, I 

<;i,o\i;s aii.i iiosirKv, ■ 

.>^IIV\\I,S. BI ANKKfJ. 
« • \ S S I .M K ll K S. 

It. iTITs. 

r ' r r o n a i» v. < . 
i:i;o\VN- AND ni.i:AC,ii:n <iu;!'.ti\<j«> 


.V'-M-Lior l.i llitr fi.MOlU, .., 

"^HAKOPEI.; ■ J„;^v 

I iin lion- opiiijiiy niy 

Spring Jiiid Suinnjcr (imb^ 

■ «ii.l .■.,11 pr..|.ar...l lo<>x1ill.ll ih..|ar/.-*i „„.l t.„,«|,cl.4 

•'',';'" ',' i "•■'••'•'•r.iuifl,! loilit, iM,,il..i 

I 1 irti. 111:.., H(i. .„,).,,, ,,..,).j ,., .,|j,,r.i,r»_ 


* * "■ ''■ •••"> *•'»!'<• • ."iml.J. .a,„l ..„ ..I,..,., „..|lr<.. 

I AMI .IM.4..1* III. y havi l--f,) t.illtbl ..«. IbtlTolf I 



Roiiir la^iirnncf <'«>iii|»aii>, 

j or .<T. PALI., MI N.N. 

I A Mr. A C. liKtiii liavli.K (.uUllshr.l a aii.Mp#»,t (•« 

I foi'aforj t'j till.- IVuii.ji.y. i-Mm,!!.;: ,1 ,„ h. uii,l«f ili« 

roiitrols, »oi.iep..|...„s who lorin^rlv w,ri- .lir- < torn In 

• ll. lIokRiv.T lo-.ii.ii,r. i;.i„,,;,i.i.ol Wl»<oi„!i, I,,, 
ruU,.wii,K.-v|..|, •,.i,.„i,,| o, t^.. l.;.al.r«„f,irBla»i. 

• IL: l.fiii..;tnie ri-qii. -t ol tl.f l|.,ii„: I'.aurii c» IwiB. 
aiiy :— 



some pains to aseertain what lh»» wagiN 
lor are j • -• - 

York, to day. there are handoilU in several 

.,., . . , I oflabor are in the I'niteft Stabs. In V-w «*'''i •"•>''«iy ''!'••" e.\ie»-ds its mal violence. — 

I he ne.xt evening Laura aud l^^riha. in flee- 1 VnrL »« .i...- .i,!. ./l ........ :,.^ :..'" .^.!. \ Whih- tl-u- vmH be deveh.,--.! a bushu-s ea- j 

HOtrrs .t SHOES. 

Then their 'ritnfinnn.iit" whieh L so gen- S A.^ll, f.JL.A.^.^. 

erally depie.Mi,-ii. imt sliglilly adeei ' M.VRDW.VRE, 

them. bcgi-j.^ JH fancies; th'.- dread (TTLERY. <'ROCKrilV 


E, &C., JtC, A:c| 

••-t mr Fiii i:i 1 W:.if.>r at- k of] 
parc.l lo s ll diijiiiiuK m ii,> I 

. ■ - ■ ... 'from an rKaii.lnafi.,, , I am sxil.Of^d HiaUl.H //„■« 

M.AIv. AM) F\tr\ M.ANMII.s. \v.,. I, V \i:.\. t, /''"t-'h-* r.V.i«j«„^ ol .M. Ciilt. Mi.iii.. 1, ,.,",, ,elTJIfc 

f.r.„t..j„,..„iy l-.oMll.. l:o.k,,i,r.,/..!.r',T.,'^.'.*^ 

8s;., ...a.i~:;. .......f i-:;i.:^:Miu^c:i.-n;;a'iv^.r*' — -^-^ 

Boots and Shoes* 

I " ^lliii»'.i|.«liB, Mliiu.. .Ii,< i;, I.**-,!. 

.\.C. At .-TLX. 

Paul Prices. i ^ "'^ * '-^ •;• : M....i.-.o,.,..iuiy v?. 

■»««/««... ^ M. A-xj-^Jm , ll, wiki, wfll I.. jnt-raiMinoi J 

.vw.Ks ,„.. s,n,.r. ii'.nrT.«. sUtJAS, TEA.-'. COEEEE.S HIMCES, Ac i 

1. » p.i'l lor v. IIKA,J : [ (Ik*. 


La r'arjcK VT. Mir*., » 
•'iii"2?lli. itict i 
F. PoTTKB. »v., Cric f-npriTif Caurt. Mloo. 

Kor ,,|.ii au.l :ios ^ 

\V *VTr.n.-T) y a„.| <l-,,.n iri.K'.5.r-r whi.ii I wlil p.x 
til* liife'ii.-l caali prl. .•. ' 


Noxi-iiOiiT J"!, ItCl. 

,lii o •• 
A 1 



..fV r«c«l»«<l anU bM oa hMtd »fiiil and complete 

• tOCB Vf ' 

^priTig I Summer Goods 

■• li.Mw pr«p*r«<| to fill »ll.oriJer»satlsr*c»orilT 
•b4 at 


Batttt tae^BiMnicationwiS thelmoat f»*hlon«ble ' 


I 'ifc«patroii«f«(>fth«publiciar».Dectfuiivaollclle<l I 
^•3iiol»;tf JOH>» SCHWARTZ, j 

UtrrrsD Statu 

••pgtr ?WVMI lUralwl 
■ra B— >. ifcitnm. 

Early Printers. 

Tlie first printers were Tiian?. and they 
IierforintHl a Titanic work. They were no 
mere skillful inicha ies. or jilfKlding' arti.sans. 
They were, what indeed the e.vigeneies of their 

task nquiri'd them to be, .'•cholars, patriot.'.' 

philanthropists, ammig the first of lh< ir a:.'e.' „ "id ~C3w»^«-r»T V^-T « 

'I hey were mt-n of large intelligence, with a ■* • *^' OXiJBK W IIn & CO, 

risrht eoncejifion of the im-h |K)w.'r whirh j 

printing had iinrodueeil into the world, and a ' '-^^^ snutw i\, nohkllx iTtATT, 

eiiii- 'i'***"" conwiou-ness that Ibey were Uborini: y^^^ r-i^^j "7 ^ , ^ 

^- ..^ f«>r the illumination and improvement of the -'-'^y GOOdS fOF Cash Only! 

ahe was not beaotifal yet there wa.s a charm j work a.vd w u-.vj, in- furoik ' ^'^'''^ -^'"^ 'J^T <'«»V'lit the in-pirathm of 

in her sweet face, a grace in ih=r gentle move- Tbe ^.^tarv ,fTh . ^^ J r a • u t'>*'ir lofty mission. Theyaddresld il.e.n-: 

ments, and a music iu her voice was ! ,„S.V^^ - ^ ' Roard of Agricalturc selves to their work with the hearts of h.-rfls „.„ .. 

sought iu Tain in her more dashing nieces.— !?»r!rJ,""" ^ ""^^^"^ ^'.'^'^ ^" Europe, and in tbe spirit of martyrs. Their diBicilf ies ' *^^ ^' ^'"^'^^^'^'''^'i* RE.StM RCES A ND 'riIOI(;!ni,i. |i.bHlion is m.i el,.-..!, i, j, 

• ' ■' '■ ■ some interesting particulars la regard lo tbe were enormous The e'arlr i>riut, r hul ofron^ s..f..r.r.,>;i..i ,i..: .....ui..-. a...i i*,i ,.,.,.,r« ,i;..,. 

■•S.,«.ilUoldUobcjyoarf.ther.i«diJS.,'i:SS"'":'i,i"'^l!l";r^ TOOBTIIEn .it,, o„: I „>,,,,. .,,,y,,..,,;,,,,,,.,...,«...,,.,,..,. 

I caoBot commaod the som 

wa.s rr.liev*.d hv ri«.h ••«llu..rhi i i V}'^'^'^^y ns but yesterday that labonrs fr'sh from the 

TAILOR. : £SH?^r^-^- ' =--^.--^ "."'I'nii' 

years. ; tied 

hair gleamed the golden ornaments whic-h The ' Z^ tU T """ "'■".• "? .'' ^ 

i:»ti«^i 1 .« 11 II ."'"•*"""•/'••""■" >»e Sm-nUnie .-imencan oi Seoteinbcr I'.J 
httle old maid had cherished for thirteen years, iiwl .- ^i^nm 

111 H'lili-ll V U ijiliii-l .ii.y tliil 
liiC «lll.llll-.-l V.1...I,,,. |„ tii.-||li 

13LA,1EL X>"W"-A.X^ 313, 

Wh ii.T c a 1 nil ►i.„-!i of V ii.'.i .i.n; ;'■...►, I 

riTLERY. A.XES AND y.\ii„^. 

\ll of wlii'li, Iiv n tri.ll »<.|i will 111 i'i'i:« ill I It, wi. tvi 
-.•11 oil iiior.- liii'-r.i' i.TiTi- lit.-.n t'i;.> i ...i in- i,.i.i ..|^ 

wloTr till* Hill., ol I l.'.jiri. — .*, , 1*. 11 ■ ■>■,! *• ■., ..; Iv.i — 

Or .Viii OiliPf i'it>(i'. 

S1ii«',;o|>o , .V..V. ml.,.. 21-1 . -SCI \ ;. i';\f 

Orrii 111 «ir».x or Si i-vimi Tutt > 

M. I'iitll, .'Mliiii.,.lu J 6ili. OM. '/ 
■I^NF«^. Kki:S4\. L».Cr.f(r,ii. \|i„„. 

hrur Su: |,i r. ^;.o,lc.• lo your r»<|npal, I< rarr(i,|. 
V X..III 11.^1 i.«., r ... Mj.i.iii,/ „n,l <ou.m>on ..| tu. „. w 
l-.i.,.-.!...- (..i,.,.„, r..,...,,:, or»-:,,.i/r.l 1,1 lliU .11.. 

*f I 'lvij''".I!"'nr.. '"'■'"""*• '"►"'«'•" foi-pa,;/ 

l^l. Mill III'- (■(•i.ip.i'iiv )!..!«!% orcanlxed fu'J^ la ar«<.> 

i;ii..^« t;. !i.»i:.«, fif 11,1..-,.,,^. "'' laare.,*. 

I I'i. lii.ii ;li.. l>lrrpitor« «r«. .'■ ,iiti'«<'il of Viiiii»a«ta 
Ill 1. i'ai.l lo i;,.. ..,ii.]||i..n »t i|,f 

I-V. I !,.». I., ,;., ,i,„, I ua\> 

• I I V. »tiv.-!r III.- In.. 
. H.. If 

Mii.wAuivKK. ,Tho American Conflict. 

As she waited, her eyes rested upon a letter, 
yellow and worn, which had long been hidden 
under her treasared ottiaments, and she read 

•t t 

"•""•'•■' '••••■ — 1.11.1, ii..n •! IIip r»».. 

|.p-»oi.iill.v .xainiHtd 

, ., . '"•! 'r.*- ■•■It p,I,J, |„|„|; ,^|^ 

' > till |v.!ii. , , .-. of IU,. , ,,., , ,,,; ,., 

I..M.., .fl. r. ,„ 1 ... ...:.., I, .y ni.ii., ► ,1„p. 

l...l<|. «.. \^ liii rU.» I. v...;- Tr.,|i, .,f ,1. I.wara!. ot 
riiM. •.. 1... ,ni..i.,.l if'f.r-.'.s.lT,*).. Atom 4.i,»;ii.h ..f 
M.Mi. ...nil ,.„., -,, i.uil.!i,ii... iiie |.,.,i„„i,. (t rifk | 
. li-l.! lun. liir... l.irinlnv uo n.MU, rrali.. h«» 

•Ml H.< 

,. , , , . , ^ " '..-, ...■Of, nni , 

».... . .... a . I ..» ..I |o..irniii .- wMi li 1.- r»|.!,ri)r.l ar II a 

. r. i.i.i ol r>,.- 1.1,-1,. t!,<- clu,.ce tvr aalva».e Uii* 

'I V..I1 ^T.-ili-r fl. I., oil !.iiil.«iTii.-R * •<^ii< 

ui», auu auc rtau; j„ 1^ ron-nrfa >a tv,c I . j II 'i '-■i"«^« ".> iraiisiauon or onginai antiiorsbiu.— 

.y your father, and i ^'rer bSS^gl ^tel^ sfn.™ p^a';^' of*I^' ■ J'^ \''l'^ "'^^« ^'^ "'^^ printit,g-pre.s;, to 
he demands to pay • land the fannfabore'^tstt J^'S ^'5^ ' ^^^ 'ZT i^^^^ ""•^ manufacture Lis owi 
J, we must part— I Md boards and Iod.T^ himaelf— nnH \^ th.* He wa.s compositor, and pressman, 

Part for a time only, for though seas rlill be- ,1 ™S Knnot get °w^rk SlTt^tiL The ' ""'•''"'^ °^'''^ '^'^ "« ^^^ ^« ""^^ 

* ni.-n; i ..f |*r. m'-io rf. cv.i.l l.y ilir rnnir.aut ]y t\ 

'\*^iX tl,ll|. not,..' ^Q lUlrf - 

r.ilniii i.>.l<-> *«.l77.0i'. 

i..>!..«»«', ,.,.. ,,„,t i,i„..|,ou>. ;9,4«ic,<io; it; '{.u. 

my dead fathers debt to him. we must part- 1 ^^ boards and lodges him^lf-and "at that , correct^; oVTl.;' 

own book. lie was his own editor, publisher 

was necosisari ^ 
small fortUQC iu tiie 

One, after lav- »i>«.a'.oof price* wituwhi.-h 

arge pum on apparatus vid mater- IVo Otbcr Hoiine Can (-'omprfc 

t..«)ii.«,.rii,<.tortlio lafi.M in.l RK.<T ll:^r.i. > ..'i' tiii. it.-- •>•■ '"•»ri< uiml.V lo nialntaln llo inc,.|rr« In tbe fiau' 
i I L».l..x//,.tf i.|< tj"n .,f 'I'tll l,r ntH^.I r.,T!h' n'il (i,rtu' *''^'"""'^ ''"''"■» •l'**'r p^nr.- of l.t;.ln»*.. 


\V I'la.lalMO,,,,, of I!,,.... ,„, u, anbrurtted «*t roBT 
BI. '.■fl.ii'%,1., r r.-i. air ..» • vi-r, ' "^ 

i'-nij tru'v^ 

OBO F. rorrn. 







Mortjfagc Sale 


Leon muao in the coi.aition gj]^ \ KOPE E AIiCf L b | fj^rk^s llurk 
tpjre mutlc ami Ua'etl Hie ^ ^ _^ _ ' ^y j (•„]!,.„ 

iHifauk luuing 
of a 'vrtaiu tiior\ ^. 

twftitv eighth day of February \^i>[. ••} lk:»- 
ry U.'Spvn<.-fMind Mnlvjna A f?j>e"ctT his 
wife and CharUv llaikiu-s« & Sou awl duly 
rocordvd on tha4lli day of Aprd IS61 iii iht- 
F^gi^^try of L)ifd.-< in Si"oilL\>ui)ly. Miniuvtjia 
ill Book -l) ' of Morig!ip<s y>iXi:<.' 4ijn. ronvi-y- 
ii»g th« IblltiWM? pk'cis or j.«rct Is of Iiiud l\- 
injf and being inthecouni\ of Scott ;unJ Stuic 
wf Minnesoln. and kc.jWQ iis follow-, to wit: — 
A I! .>f bUn-k nineteen; all ofblock twcnfy-fuiir, 
l.n -CTet) in block fiftyv-lx; lots tive anti seven 
ill bliirk lirrv-two. and lott^ one, throo and f.'iir 
m t.l.M-k thirtv-six in the town of Louifcvilie. , 


iJVfUlAi, VOTE. or scon COIN iv. 
Elect, rf. 


(.'havii's II Liiids'ey 
Jo'.n*; Hetz 
J N Murdoek 
.1 W Moiford 




.1/. inhers of Cvngnst—lst D'utrut. 

rbCMOCHAncL, .^ 

n-Ki>trv of P.-tMUoDTK-u Ibu thiru day of Sept. 
l!J64iri b,..4c •F" of mort^'txj.'es page S'Jxt a.- 

lipned to John A-»hhui>t. 

y)n whicii inwrtgage tlor. is dm- at tlie d:.t.- 
hrn-id". on- h«n>»in'd and thirty-six d.-ilar.-. and 
niiirtv-Bvo c.uts (5130.9:.) a-, p. r noie of 
Heur'v H. Sp^nc. r of sain.- dativ and strnred 
bv .>al I ni'.rt-.'a;,'C, and no proceedings at .aw 
).i4Tii.jr inr'titijifd to recover any part 
I'len-i.f. now therefore r.>tico is hereby pven \ 
that bv virtue of a pow.T of sale in <aid mt.rt- 
ga?e eotitained and therewith nconled. and 
pnrsuauL to Statute the niorttra^'.- will be 'ur- 
closed bv a sale of said mortirau'ed pfomi-ea to . 
be made bv the Sliciift'ofsaiil C"uii!y ; 
at public anctioij at thf I'-'ort H'>»J>ein Sha 
kop-ein the said Coiin'y o:i Tuesday tli'J If'ih 
dav of November 1='<;4 at 1' o'clock in the af- 


Satiiriliiv, November 12,1804. 

II W I^mbfitou 
Wni Wiiii'.ini 

t'hlef Justice iiupremr Covrt. 

A G Chat field 
Tnoinas Wilson 

^•htociuU Juttitct. 

!k T Wilder 
K O Hardin 
S .) Ji .MeMi.laa 
- John Al lierry 

PUtrict JudfTf—bth District 

J W IJatclielder 
N M l)oiii;ldsi>n 

atatc .VoiJ.'or. 




II A 3 


I a col been lirarJ of bincc tiie explosion. I 

What eass'd the exp!orii>n. will probably 
never be ki.owii. U. M . Sii-*«cer of the Al- 
bany has u piece of the boik-r that struck near 
hiiii — worn very lliin, willi the appearance of 
an old crack upon its cdtio. The best Judge? 
■^ay that tli«: water in the boiler nui.-t have 
bt-eu low, or they wouI<l have l»ecD scolded — 
otdy mud, sediment and bcaloj hit any one. 

District Court. 

('oiirt in this I'istriet will convene on Mon- OuUipC rm rir First l llolmrsitreot, where he offpJa 
,h\ N ov.n.b. r the 14^h at '.) o'clock A. M. \ toh\* ol.J ftn.l .kw f,U-u.U one of the L.VUUKST AN1> 1 ^ 

UKST .SIOCK OF UOjlia ivor brou-ht to SliaUopce 
omprUlng, In ^art, an aiirlT*lpJ stocli of I 

axi;l joiujknsen", 


ue'l^";rll:;V^i:''^^''^^''^'^"--'^'"'''^'''^'"''^"''='"''^"'''^ Goods for Cash Only! 

\Vnlr»iP.'=.Cl.>ckg. aiiil .!!rv,ofi-Vfrv .loscrlutloa. JVl 1 X> \V A U IVXL.X'j. 

SHO^—'Pwo doors s..atli»ftUe>!ailou«aUgt«l,aiuikop«e _^_ 


ev . 

The faiiuwing is a list of the jurors : 
JLTiT Ji: ;£>«■«. 

J'i!ui Co.dmon, 

] ra"rii!i QnaiM. 
141 ' Lucius t» Ki^ld. 

<'!!arli-> Lord, 
- 1. (■ I'.iker, 
r.fer Duffy. 
Wi;i turning, 
(Hdrjjc Allen, 
I. It IWwkius, 
11 I! Sii.'accr. 


(/eoriT" A 'JtV 'd, James T Macdouald, 

1041 ' Lucius t» Ki^ld 
1U4G; Henry I.isi.r, 
oD2 Dai,i-"l i;..r, 
3'JO Wni l^i.J.ic. 
Jolm ("i.r< k.-tf, 

12n2 i 

Plaia k Ifaacv Dccb^s GoqiU, 

Liii IV 1 11 1 • 

THE Undersigned 

ln>t retunic'I from the 
I uUUa lieivsuppiv of 

Dentsi Material, 

aii'l la prepared to dn al 
operations ;iCcor''.;ii?t'> thr> lato^t iiiipruvi ii.ent^. Also 

, which i>ii accoiuili-nis >;o:ui!l:ics» cheapness anil ■IiirB- 
IILIAN AFD VKil Ki.1) HILNLII ^.Ul.I^Ob, | ^^^„ :,niticial teeth. Speciiiieus oi the work can heseeii 

i'OriJX?. •'^^'^'''^ ■'I'ersonsVroTii a distance hoaricd free of charge wliile 

pvpi C.inrUGS:: I h;iviin; work il .rio. 

'''•^■' I i»;5-V;>ifsniN le \v:i-..n .leii!re<I. Trices rcasonahle. rot 

i'T^UPjJD A\P PLAIN VAI.tNCI.\S, | fiittiicr pjilU u!ai.-,<.aiioi. or a^'ilriss 




Rapid Increase of Our Sales, 

Enable U3 without detriment to onr Interctti.t* 


« sca'.o of prlcei wltti ^hlch 

^'^o Other noiiMC can ('ompef o 

H. J. PECK. 

** '1 ii*- <.'iii.«iiC»itioii nil. I tin- Li>ii>»» 
Mii-it l>«» l*r.---i.>rv.-«l, -vvliMtcvrT ni!«y 1>»' 
t>»« fo»t. 111 I i>>«'i. I'r**.!-.!! r •^ himI lllo.xl. 
M U.(.I y. M(l.i:l.l.i\. 

Day of Than' s^ivin^ Appointed. 

t.r'aoon of that day t.. .ati-fy ^aid .nort-Mjre WA-iU> O. t. 21.-I resident ^^^,„^.^i,^^. 

L !. liaxter 

Siiuiuel Dooiey 


S 11 Jav 
i.- liixler 

County AxidHor. 

.M IK.-s Dunai.d 
.1 W Senccrbi X 
l> L Huw 

1<'^38 \i L5 .M.., 
a7U J W L u.;ii. 
i Wni liua n. 
Geoi-c V .-.irait. 
^■'"' KG M'.i.hy, 


Danil \, 

|C t;, 

Lawrence Carr, 
Nathan Roder, 
U H Suunk, 
Mos s (jreeukaf, 
Joan Kiaiiiija!i, 
F I' I'uiid. 
N M I) .UcMullcn, 
Wm C Mara. 

fiALllOflAli & IIO»i» SiKIRTS, 

11 JO lid, NT P.I AS. 


OLO\ E3 and IIOJ^lLIiY, 


vulnoi" If 

Dk. E. BRAT. 


r,y,j .Ios«.j)li tJrafeiist-idt, Jacob Sieiiy 
"^g : Ma'.iiitw ii-'ddy. Iteiirv,, 


iJcnuis Diadlev. 

with disbiirsem»!its of f'>recl>sure 


.•d, Miuneap«.lis Minn.. Sept. 2<i, I":<C4. 

Ally. f»»r As.-,i<nee. 



In Probate Court 

i ha.s i.->ued a proc-laniation, f.' tting apart the , County Jlttorney. 

I [a.,l Thiir-day in NoA-ebiber, .-s a tlav of j,' j Whillock 
' Thank.-giving and rraise to Almighty God, ^ L .'1 liiuwo 

! throughout the United Slat. s. f..r the many. 

I . , 1 ' II M Wright } ,.• , X' Q 

! signal vic'trcM over the enemy, and rccom- .^ ^^ ^^^r^ > I»i=t. No. .{ 


hr.VTK Ol MlNNK.*f>T<. } 

C«'C.>*Ty or .S'OTr. S 

Countij Comuiissionrrt. 

'^' \ I.i=t. No. .1. 

"•••••"-Martin ri.elan ? .... v. i 
I 111. • > Dist. >o. 4. 
iiav'.rs J'sllubbaru ^ 

t mending his f.llow citiienV to humble them- ■ >i;irtin ri.dan 
' selves, tot ffei penireiit and fervent \ 

In the mailer of the I :.-tafe of Robert Era- '.and supplications ... ...v ^^.v... ^..^.. -. ^^ ^^. ^^.^^ ^^ 

str Decfa;'ed. ' Kveiit.s, for the inestimable blessings of peace ; .-initi'Wi.g 

10.2G'^*2 Jtcccastrusticn-Iettcr Trom the 
:>7tJ ; Hebel Vico President. 

1 From Ihf rtlcliiuoti.l II^Mpnteh. O.t 31. j 

„ _ i Tiic letter from Vice r.-csidont .Stephens 
jjl j to Willia'ii King, tlic messenger f'-om Gen. 
g3 ' Sherman, with proji'isiiions to negotiate \< 

c A s s I >i j: r. L s. 

C;>T rO.V ADES. 

Boots and S' 

In w-iich eiip'Hl,.; provlsli.ia has heen nia(J» 


A full line of 

3- K«. C» «5^ Jf^ ■™® ^^ ^^^^ ^-^ 9 

l!! W.iicii will lif fuv.'i'i a!! I'-a'i^o "f 

Uoia&c 9ii«icErnB3CC Company, 

OF bl'. I'AUL, MINN. 

. /. » T\- „^ r John RearKili ^ n- . v r 

IIS to the Great Disjicii e.- .jf ^, ^^. j _ _^ \ Mist. No. .: 

' Shakopee. 
I Kagle t iv« k. 
; t;icml..le, 
('redi; Uiver, 

voiK ir TiiE i?r.v;r. \t. ti.w.-.s. 

1». :aMtr_li 


Upon reading and filing the l^'^^''l^f^ j,,^,^ ,-,.;.,„ ,„a Uarn.onv mav prevail 
OvMtliii A Fra->»-r prayrng b.r re».sons tlie e-| *■"'"■ . . i 

rn" set fourth that she be iif.pi.inted ailnii.— i ,,m i>_o land. 

rrator of the e-late ..f iir-'crt Kra.ser de- «...^.« 


It i.< ord^Tcd that tlic iGth day of O.tobcrj Election Eetnmi. 

A D. iMtM. at fen n-<-Iock in the fore.,.;...t. al ; ,^._^ ^.^ ^^ ^ ,._^, j^. ^^.^^^^^^^ ^.^^.^. ,,^.^,„ re^^^vd s^rx .Market, 
the ofTice of the Judjfc ."f I'riibaic at .^inake— I - . , • .- , .i , i\..i ,r I vl- . 

lliln^Ml et«.ntr.:> r^ be assigned .or ; a. yet. Mill .here is et...,gh to md:cate "^-'V l:;;^- \;^- 
ihc hearii-g of said [.L-tiii-.n, and that the licir- 1 Lincoln i:t eledcd. 'I'he 1 ile>t d^patchc? give : "j j^^ _~.|n .^ ' 
i.t law nn.fall other jK-rsons interested in the|j,,g „(„,,.,, f.^ him about a.s f dIowH : Th- _^'..n,| ('....Jj^ 
e..fale»f ihcdetTasi-,! app-ar at aaessionof' ^.^^^ J.;„Hand States except Cos.n clicat. ' M, !,■:,.." 

;;: 'i:^ ii^r ;^' .;i;« ':< ':^^ \ «i.^^^ ^^ ''"■■ •'••■•^■•^"- - »"• •"»• «- -- : ttv:::^ 

titionKhouhl not be granted. , L.ncohi a m.juri'y ol •J.l'.« town. > »-'- ••"• ^« ^^ 

And it is fnrther ordered that notice of the i ,,, ^J^, |^,.jj,j ir„„j ve«. which may change ii : ' _' ' J*'^*" . . 

^■ ..f «ud petition uud o« the time and ' ^^^^^^^ ,^, ^,,^^;^. .^ ,^,^ m.cji,,!,;,.,. i From Skeriaaa 3 Army, 

placv i>f hertriii? lliereof, be given by a publi- I '" ■ u , u., i n',;,-. MM-.r-n,' 

cation t.f llie fo.egoing order in the .->h..kope.- i lV.,n.>\Uan.a. Mar, hnl, Ua.o. .M. l„gun. , 



^^ After cxpre.'siiig hiy at \iety to prDmoto ti.e 

teraiiiealii'U of l'ui.-» '.ValiieiJal," Mr. .Stc- i For mon nvivny^ 

A Mr. A.C. A-,!stlti having published a Mateticnt de 
ripitiny to this tViiiijany. i.-.MiudnK itto be under the j 
C'tntrol ~f S'juie persons who rurMAeily were directors in , 
t'le Ro'-S Rlvir Insur;iiie; Ci>;>i;jany, .if Wisconsin, the ! 
f>Hi>« i'lK <.'.Nl''it It denial ol the el:rir;;« has been farnish- i 
e.l l..jr tlie re';'j<-3t uf the Uuiul> Insurance Com- 
' PLAI.>C AND FAK'JY n!,AN.MEL>. WOOL VAU.Y. 4c i nay:- j 

! " ^_^ " Krom a'l exaniinatlri , l am satl.sfled that Ihe //om* j 

] Jnsuriince i'nt.-.pani/ >.i .-t. I'lu:, .M'lin., Is an entirely liif- I 
6 5plcmllil and extensive .steck of i ler.-Mt toii.j»,iiiy Ih.mi iT.. Luk l.iv.r liiburaM e Conipa I 

iiy ..;' \> Ut'oticiti, an^i t.iat iUe> aiv du::ig busiuc6s in at* { 

-, --^ ' cordance ♦ItU laws i.f Maio. i 

^'S. ! "A.C. AESTIX. 1 

^^5, "Mimeap.-:is,Mlnii,.i\i'y 12, is;-!.'' | 

] I !i ve t'ii-< .lay recived from tne //om* Infiirancc 

(',!i;>:itrj <>: M. Paul. .*iii.i.. I.y iliC hn!:. is oi their At;riil' i 
; U . A. Weil..', H),^ t!;e lull ainoi]r.t of lo.<s on uiy I 

hVi- stDi-;;, Mll.-.l tiv li-!ilii.;i;;. All.l flulil lh< ■- pii.mi'vi 
j and ^cntieJiNiidy ati<i,>;iia In si tliilu: tills los«, i ch«iT- I 
I Hilly rec. lumen. 1 them t" llu- <.>i tin- public as being ; 

a s.ile ail I leliaMt cii'i'^uiy ic ii, .K.uf with, ll.e I^.^B ■ 
I wa> a.ljlisfe 1 liiree ...i;. .- iilUiiioiite i.f it wasiccrivel I y 
■ till' Ciliipiiiy. Pi tr'l.ile l.i JJ'.- ii still. tioi.s, ami kiiji 

vuur ijio.iei 111 the Mull- iiiMi »id ..t sCMlliii; It away. 

1)\\ iMili' lOUUuOD. I 
M asa: • <i •.vr,''hi'»t<'ad Ci^UIitv.l 

Mi^:i.e»i.l, ,. Jiyi... , 1;U. > 

H AR D W A RE S TOR E,^ ^ , 


Shakopec- 'in* 




iyrtolrsedc and Retail ncaUriti 

pii'.il.^hed. The iiiviiHiioii was for tlic ^'i^-^*? _c:j;(;,\g, TE.\S, COFEF.ES, SPICES, ic. 
President to meet l!:e •i'ankecs al Ailai.ta.— ' ^. ^ .^^ 


Hardware and Cutlery 


















In e:i !U'<:s variety, of the '.ateest styk - 
A m;i.s!'.;k..f 

plicn.* .«;ay:« : 

B-it. in the presoiit instance, the cnti.-e y- v-^fv-*-..*-" .r ^ '- — -- — " - — r , m.^Kei.:. •.:>•• i. -i 

^■n e of any ]»OWer on my part to enter into „ ^..,5^.,, y „ can fln.l ary iui:y ^ 1 theC-.i ...a;.i..>iMi:iv.- ...i-v 

any ii.v":iatialions. and the like!T iiesmaiie-t vas.-.up. in tiicii:ie..i- 

^M, A/*. »>*4'n *f «V !«»♦ ^i i%!rtiti *■ t^t* ' ''•<i iiw.-. !'•■ i" opi.suiun to the ( .'ii 

VUv*^Ul-i»« » V^* Wx^H♦♦WV^»¥*•»♦»Vl^ nuke.i.!. -nvl. 'Pilrya-:.. t(i«-.»rnii.1l»rs.i 

n w:i!eh V u can flii'l ary;; ym iai:y ?•. ai.t— Is>«m 

lie »aia!!e-t vasi-.up. in the iiae of 

of any ^ncil p.t.vrr on his part, so far as ap- .^-j- /\ "7"? T^ "^17«7" .^^ ZUL 33 i'.oni h s"mc<.s«gc, iiice.v;a;ilv prcclud vs — ^a- -:-^ -i- -^ "- " 

Inv ac.-e,,ta.ic.. of ihe invitation thu.s lemlered. ■ "'•^'"'- '^•-'"•^'' ^'■"'^''' -'•■" ^^'''^ ' '""• ' 

I. A r:;!-cEST.Mixrf 

.lunr Z9t)., Itiii J 

Unp. F P.>rT-".:. El, , C'.erk Suprcn.e Court. .Miiui. 

Pi'ftrSir:—\ have taken cut a policy of i::riirr>nre In ' 
I the oai. I .nil. I ly of .-t. I'aiii.f r «li,>h 1 p:.l.l f3.i H. 

I .-incolaii'.;-' 'ii. p liiy 1 have .-. i .. a ei.ninniiic.iM..ii in Ojs—.., _ I"™' i r* i -. 

tneiiw.-. !•.■ i;. opi.siiion to the (Vmpany. Duii..;; »w tO V 6.^ .l"ill clllCl SsOOUb 

:.d it y. u w.iumI , 

nd ciiiuliri'ii r.f 
;i idi.ii In leijuLl to ;hs' 
lies.>.'iU'..t:3r \e3.-', 

jAMi.s F. ki:e:i;a!!. 

In commuiii'-atiiig this to Gen. Sherman, you ■ CUTLERY, AXES AND NAILS. 

may Miy ti^ iiim. ll'l.t if l.C is ot opinion iliat ^;i,„- ,vi,:.h, bra trial yonwUlle e.M.vMue.;. we wil 

I Or.!*":; or ci.rv.'; '-t Prriii yr O'^crT.I 

j M. P. u!. Mliiti.,.ln t6:U, UCJ. / 

.7 >ji5? F lir.rNts. la. < reseeiii, >ili'n. 

Ihiir ■<\i : la ri s;."... .■ t ' M.tir leii.iis!. I '(ive enrefn!- 
■y i:<aiii n.-.l Into t.i. s:ali liii: i.n I i oi.iiitl'.ii ol the n<w 
l.iaU.Nn. e (\ nip n.y n n i l y ori'ai.lyrd in llii.i ciiy, 
kiKiWh IvMi. nail I th."Hoaie lusurancB Company 

iron "ware. 


I , • - . - ' . . ■.,■■.1 -. ".■ ■• ,•■•■■,', I „,, ,i,.,v,.,.i, l,|. I. -id fl*.' hii'iWh ivMi. nail I tli."ii>iaie ii.surancB company 

there s anv pro.^jRvt of our agre-ing ujp.u -'■^ i ''^''-''^ .■,''''/7;' ••"'IIv'Vn^ 'm ri-Tir.r«] V^w^-^-^Ai 

. ... - f Till .„,..■.» till... to »!i,» w..irethiss.leoll.huMKO-si.I i..t...cei.ieo i.;t, t!..ii Cnu, .nv U .'«!«• or-;,ntred fu'ly I.t actor- tri-nOrai ± OrU arOl 

|tenii.- of a.-Jil-tmeat, to l;e .Vlb.l.llt'U to tnO <Jr Itir OlIatT 1' J;3C«'. I .l.mcr «:f. t. ..-h.v ■. ... iliU.-tate. I 

1 action of oui- re.s;>ective povirn-neiitv, even' * | 2 »i. iim t:..- idr.e.f .rs me ,;.«.'d of Minne^oii T^^'c^In-i TiTrt-.- 

L.1 lit , . ■ • . . , • eu . . « v,.„ .,,,1.. .K.-! v'i44:tf ii.t-n,t he ::i..s: of V I ..ill ;a-e anions the rddeht HilSSiOIl iu,01 

thoilgll he has no power to act la ai.V.iUCe sn i Sha\upe-..\"vemhei.lst,.Ki x.i4^.ii | ,.f and leai r.* repi.taii. n of |.eli..;^.od| 

the pn-nM^cs. and will make th^s k....wn to me' j !i":'rv!.";'::';.. !.!:.r'^;!::; ';',i';:'.^';'r:!M:'\,':':r' ';:"i;! p^....,..r..... n. . ,^ 

ardingand Ccm- 

e pfi nii>cs. aid will laake tit's kii.wii to me 
D .some forma! ai.d (bring ' / \ 
desin.n- f II- p:-; ce ii;i!v-elf, as you i(';jr<sciii \j , 

V U A L "S 

t.oD t.i iiie .o„-j:...n|. ...... . ■ • • ■ " •■";«■. ■ . .,.■. „...^,., .^.. .,,,.1 ir.^^.- „,,o;i.s that ofTieers from Ci;u;ta- 

V'lH ane\TNpap.r printed at >hak.>jH;e in Uliu.,!-, W iscoiuin, .Mii.iie>ota, Iowa .m i iN..tii "I-"' " . , . , 

d county, f.'r three week.s i.eAt before the '. ^,^ (•„, jj,,,.^;,,. x,.,^ York elaiined by ^ nooga .ep-^rt that Sbcimnn returned to A'iaD. 

<•.c.^.tn. N.v. .._ve.te,d.ys i.iiian- ^T^' .1'"- -'--1'-;:?' )•.!-""' "I-^ ^HVi/ SADlEnV W AHH H0U3E 


dav of hearing. 

"D*led Shnkopce IDth. 1804. 

Judt;e of I'robati-. 

, eheerlally ai: I w.liingly, w:;U liie om-eit 
j our U'ltlliM-itics. afrce.ic to hi.s rcqne.-t tluis: 
; manift.sied, iiud eiii. r, ui'ii all tlsc ea(rae.itue.s.i \ 

! parties on a verv small majoritv. K-i.tu. kv ' 'a 1 ist week with five c rps of his ariMy. ' of my nature, n; on t.:e re-p....s.|.l« and ar-iu- ' 
I .urtits a ^.ry I J - . ,^^^ ,^^^ .^^.^^ ^^^^^^ .,^ TeniKs.nx auWer 'ITomas "-'•'^ l-^'^ ''' '•'■.-t..n:.g iK'a. e and harmony to c^r^^ ^y y^ jj, j ^^ 

I he country ii,ion pnm ipl s o. noncr, rig. it 

Curner of Thud (J- Rohrtts'f 

MisJ-ouri. Dehware, and N'. v J.-rsiy :ire 


jcUiimed for M.jClellan. 

77(W >^tate has polled a u'reat many more 
I votes at this clcctiou tUau evc-r b.-fore. and the i the iron to the pace. Atlanta «as 

to watch Hood. He di'slry; d the raii.uad 
from (Jhattanooga to Atlanta, u::d is sending 


and jU.^liee f-iiriies. 'fliis >io?SllOt Sivin \V.;erc on be had everythl.iK pTMinlnglo t!i« bnsi 
to be i.t nil in po-Mlde, if Insth and roa-oa „^5:..n» w^ius 
shoidd bii jcnniacd to h:i\ ■-■ i'all .-^w.iy, : 

iUUtarv Gooil.-', ,<::(*., 

; lln.iiKl..l ip.ii. In r.niaui !•• ilii' e..i!.ntl.'H <.l li.e i.iiii- _, » ^. 

pal.^. I !i: vil.. Kay fitt I have p.-.,..nally e-<..inlned llCiMCiM (irr till' ()lll Siniul • CnV 

I and i:iv.M^_;.ie1 the !.....( s. -It;. e ...irp:,!y, b-lii.: a>sis . •^v- »v- hum. i utL \Jia OL.Iim,10r. 

t.'.l ti.i rei. l.\ ttie p..lii !• <> ' 1 the .tla Ms <d the r,.ni- , c tt i 

p-tiiy. i he f, lit otv. hi 1, ,\„n. nation iii.ow. that fir- n-'V 01 1 1 oliiics aii(' 1' ifst Strecis 

iii).'il..'>:.. Tt i.ivjiMi 1 i th< a 1 .\;,^iii..e. It hu^ I s-ieil .IS'i , v.ii^.j .ill. x kt 7H. iJtlCVia 

p.ili. I. s cv.-'i.,;: vl~i.> h vine li. Ill on. to II Vi- ji aid I" ' r-., . ., , . 

run, o. th. nil. .1101 . i .'t.T.' .■.:;: m;- .M.i ut oi,r sixlh of p.h.'lkoiieo aIi11110SA<»> 

lii'.-'.n...niit oiiiy.,i: l,HMi!r.-,f;e l;,!ane«iilrlslv bilo« , " "^ i^*^i ..'1 UUH,&<ll.t . 

on turn Inr". t. r.i'.iie; n . nrt^, i;iviiii. hay. 1 

stork. \r.: « il -.--ot i..« .T.itu.- win. li i> rej;r.r i. d .i< the I j . t^r j 1 li • • #• ii 

main ol I'l.- ., t e eii.u.ce lor Ualv.itf be;!:s I tlOD W OFK .tl'll 1 1 <' 1 Ijl IfJ JV^ Ofnll 

lunch »;ie..t'T II..III o;. iiiii'lin h I I .-^ 

Thi .•in.ini'i « f Preiiiiii'i ri" I've.l i.viiieconip.''t>y l»aii • 1 • i i i ^ , 

(i.f.ns, hie. s'l ;. ■ I s'.-.t t'.lii. l.i.'e . C'J,.') >V>il; In pre- KUKLS (10110 .'it .SJlUlt llOtlCC. 
ialu*ttii<jl iif.-,«77,v.<». : 

F.-' n r '!'<;■• fot-i T re-* .r I i". s'r'i<p/p'. r v h. :?" .1 

F..' n r i^-fo t-i I re-'.rl I". s'e'i<p/p'. r V ii, :r"'.i s.Tl' ..., .-.^ , 

an 1 ,e la!, 1 ,., 1 t-u.'.- All., a l.. in? e\rli.s;v. iy ",'rjwk l^/'ki'f |C•.^^wv^^l»/•lr»l^/^.•.■#.' ii.-tltiiti..n. ^m ii cm ine-i.ii. it.-ei! to tie XJ1\.. l-^C^l 1 >. lUKj vTH tlI)(.St 

euriost supi'ir ol' wu.i (li ►li-n t.. f-st.r, eiicnr : I 

»Stuti, . , 

Now tiiercfore, I do hereby give noti'-e tial IJrpubiican between five an 

nn.l.r and pHr«naDt t.> ih.- ord.r ..fsaM curt j pr,ji,;,t,:v r.i.t 

I Will olTtT f >r .-^le. and will .sell at public anc- j ' ■ 

»i.,., to the hi^'hcit bidih-r tor cash, ot ih.| nkw vor.K. j 

rn.iit do-.r of the G'.urt Houh" in »he town o» J Ai.bvvv, Nov. 9 — I'he Jour-al .-laimt the ; 
ShrtkoiM'c. ill the county of Scott, at ten ; j;,.,,^. „f >;eir Vork by aboai .">.r.()ij IS-pnMi- ' 

„-,.|.„.k in the forem.on on M.inday the twn.ty- 1 _ ___ „,,.,..,•„,. .,•„.. ,; Kir... it .^av-, are va.rv I ^ron> Liverpf ol on the 'J'Jth. p.nd Qnceii-i- wn 

on t!i.! :>0 li. arr vcd at l.'a'ift.v ye:-,:.Ti!.iy.— 

lid >'.s thou-and- ' di>-patch th"rs mori.iug, givim: it that SIpriiiaii 
is pvopably on hi.i way to S;ivunnah, <Ja 

Frcm Europe. 

Nkw ViiMv, Nov. 10 — The .steamer .\ni.-a 

..... .. ... . m:.joritv. 

Hr-t ilav of .November A. I». 1.-1)4. the lolliM»- J • . . ,. . 

- . t 4- I 1 *. . . .£.*-tt l.*riikir !t!iti li .11 1 la-^I ^iV U IiMN.i.VC C^lllll.l 

iri . de-crib-.l tracts oi pirccl.s ol land, situate >c.»ii. riuj,. .mo u ..i i j i • .. a | 

hting," i.i a 
di.slic ir- 
they say. Wvj tin.- ; and yei^ huih i.s the na- ]>(^y_< ;,• A DDL! ..■^, 
tine ofio'Iig" •oil man thai lignting i.-» oiii-'ii 
llie on'.v roaii lo nego^ia'ioiis. Two iii-'ii on 
t!;c court-;.:recn eiigaae in a caanlial to .vUle 
MUite ii;l;ieui<y, .-li'ir's of .Vu-nd.- 'laviag lie.-u 
litiuvaiiitig. In the tir-^i .-lux'ix ai.d f.iry of 
tiglit, v.'ie be lo l:iia who alien pts to part 
I;uin ai..l instituie ".i-goliaiion.'.' 15ut vva;l 
u liil tliey nro t\til lilo^va. nniil blaeliea-il 

Ninons the nuinerer.s n; tides ^re. 


ai-e a'l'l p.iiir.-l lb.' Iii!n»t.y,, we«:tii and cap- 
ital of oar .iliz n- In Jeel. reiei- 1l li.llroiiljtl.C InstitU 
tions .Ml I I'lin-if I' 11' i.r> l:li i i.mi •'oies, inal y ' f, 

j «llh. 01 t'l.' |...l:..l an- ot the I . I p.r i-<, f.ils .>-l:lfe, Wnuld 
J be i|! tni.ii.:.- I,, ni.-.ii tain »I "I. <• v. s In tiie J>tati 
j Wi:i. It ihe.- i;,»lni i..~ t'liir i.l.",'.- ..t liii-liic. 

Wt'. a >iateiii.-i.t ol liM'.ie, sui.i. lilted lor > our 


gratifKiitio! , 1 f lu-iin »!> e\.r. 

V<.n..« ire'v. 

lii.O K. POTTEPv. 

Photograplis ! 

.Muller.the R ]\ murderer, hii? been sentenced ■ ^.,.,„^,^ .^,;,i i,i, ,.,j,.,jr ,\,Hin s have take-i aw.-\ j 



Ti'.n: Ti.vt: iiAii\;..>s, 

W.\'.;t)N IIAUNES.S 

1 am row pr-^parr 1 to ttike rhofogniphs, 

■ .\in''..t>ies. ; .iUl.Tli 1 lyi «i-, in .. ji.>le lli\I I warrant 
lo jtiv<- ■ 

I E.\ Tl .7 E S.J ris r. ICTIO.X ! 

' P.irt'.'!lar.,tiei.j|.in •.■.v. n to •'IIII.hLI.VS Phtins. 

I Tho5" Als ilioiOt.Ii r.lTI.i.K.- I op.el.jr repaired, ran I. FIP!' ANT> tM.AMi N .^ VIC ATIOX ntf-K^Knn , 0ir.,\ 

I hi. ve It. -ill •'••.e In k'. ."■' >t>|.-. j i.'.w ...'. li.T< t..l'.'<-. i.» 1 .;r i. i. ■ I'l.i 111-.||.). »* 

CallaiiU .-eei...eeiiiii;is V. i< ••••.•r Mr iit A Itolion's. 2. Ut!»IM;.s.s I'O.Mll CI El> with cOftai t .H.p-lib uk.l 

I (Ji.l'. Ii. .- i'j'..\'CLR. S. Lo-i-liS niwayit nut wlih pioinptets.i «i!d romilH* 

1 lusiUe. . • . • . 

„ . , sey iJiown up ... 

W- •' corininiii" l.">'J 'M iOt'jicrt..^ ..f iaitU. s- 2.i"<0. I i. t i i. ,,,; ti.>a until Hie u<.-ailmg p irty M is b^-en puni- ; , ... 

'l..;,K '•'!""•!;. blri-iorn. ..llt.Georg.-; I, is stated that Dr..o:.. t. d.iVa'e 1 in Uk- I '1"^'^' ^'-^"1 '''"'' ^"y^ '^ » ''■^-''^^ ^^ ^ uicied out ol hi. fu-y. "'• t.> despair of ■ TK A VEMNli HAG.^-of every vanety, 

S..h.;iw!kr; ■s,hCo.--.e^>i.mal (N. w Y.-ik) di.tiict The' "'"^t ""iblo acndeiU whu-h cv: r oe-nnv.! „„.^,,^, '1 b^ laibH%; ^f h;.p^ will be at eaded UU iU^ER GOODS— of alW-rt., 

Da'od <>.-t .b.T 2i>«h. :-r.t. ■' ,. , .Z ■ . , - 1. ,; „ 1 hciv, look plat-e in the rivir jn.^t beh.w tne witli a wiim; ..1 rtc.uine.-^s ai>,i cnIi-ois ion tluit 

a'^^Js Loss. KM..-:.ter of 1 ^^ -'•' ^ ;""-'- '•"- "?-.,,. ^ ^. ^^^ , ,,^.! ,,,,. ,, uL t/chiek Fridav it rnomi. \ wil: pnpa.v . ur alver.. ..tbr i.ogouati .i.-: 

v'JnllU Hcncrv E Mil!-, •hcea.-ed ; Ilic AH-any c.;^im.^ N' v. ^ o.K i.\ , -.-,,. ,,♦,„,,„ ..„,.,„„.,: Till then, and wHic they wvre ra.nmg thcr 

___! _ _- ' '-rt lea.t :,m.> Rpu-ilican r.mi.ditv. The i » ^^'^ f-''-''=t »'".'^-. the J dm Lam^v and ,,,^,.„^ „j,..„ „, ^,.;tu all :^tir f.iry, andliamg! 

T y% ' V . n * ' \r'us claims the ^^.te bv l..-.Ot» Demo-ratic , il'^' A'.b.iny. w-rr co.nmmg np tla- r:v.r oacl. ; t|,,, ,,,, «.,^i, v.i.mluu's of victory, the p.-ilioi. j 

in i rOOatO LOUri. '" T . ' i towing two barges of frei;:!.t. A^ it ey turned for j.eacc, C'lmng Ir .mi u-, would be a.s mjiv,.! j 

^r ar: or ta. / :n"J rity. j ^ ^ ^^^-^^^ , ^^^ ,^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ .^^ ^^^ Alii'.tnv v.-w '■ hng as the .vipp.icaling -I'leuhe, sir," wiii-h is \ 

luui.ry of Scott. S [ v •KvrrsP. t ^^ ^.^^.^ .^^ ^.^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^,^^ -^,^^^^^^ ,_,..^;, ,,^^. h-a,! at ti... waippit.g p.Hl lu ua.wer to 

SKUEHY^i-QIiCTHEn, PIT ?iv^lT'n^f. FURY ifif/ 

i wn„u>ALKA.M.:..tA.Lni:M..:,-.« ! \ '^^^ ^^'^^^^ imm. M 

Ll\4U<)il^, UilwL Lhlh-^. ' S.TIIEPLA.V AM>0r.0AM7.AT1i,\ ... ar .«„„ ,^ 

1 t.-r 4."i y.-:iri; » lii.-.l. I. ii. r..a|!ju.« Jl .. >«.«},.,» 

! TTJ'iP! A ♦"•' O'-' P-n P'''.iie:o \.ii.t«>?.- mi.! .-Vic-rs. I fl.. v n.ij. ►j..,i,.„ , 

iu:i;;5ER hlankets, 




.TIIIRt) ST.,1!..T\V1.I'..: .rA' li.'oN A lOIit I;T, 


.\ii ' ii-e aa'^f!'' !. :r'>ni .>'!' '••;,.' ti-i < r li t'le hinlneh 
Ih.iT 110 ot ;•' ILili-..- Ill t'i>- i-i J •■,,;. ilo better loi l».-ii 
eriL (Jiv« usai . II .i-Iorr i.ti.-li,-.-'- •. .•im.'u In 1 1- ii4|; 



ot Fit.- Il 5lir.',i..;. hi ll,,: ii.tli.tiv. .'J U I.. w'ikII. t 
thrill ev.-r piiMiMll f.r.Jll.. 
.'.'I<'.,. c. 1. »- «!,(,;i.s h.i^.- hei'ii f»f th-.I mi.l i.- 1.: Kiv 
j TLIN MiLI.IO.S 01 O.l.LAl!.-: 

;(!. THE rn\?i MpTJo.v OK rnorpiiTV »;> nnp tn 

I t I.- I iiil.d Slji'i-.-., It. -rav.-" •.»er Jluo.w 6 .i«il. . I* 

I ViiUr 1 r-.p'-l!. ■.>.p.>..-d .l-l'f Ur.pIOtri le.i » 

7. .'.JlK VI I- I.NSI III 11* !f n..t. whv i,.,t ' 1l...„.ti» 

tlljiirx; the mil M niii,:(.,i.. til.- r-mu 4.„v t.« 

y.itr •-'..].,■ f,.,wi run - wh^it-.u-m* ..lui i,,ti,.^t „„, 

poIi'inV T' "'''■'''''■ ''''"'^'■' ''"'"'■'■' ■'' '■''"■' "^'"' 

il.PAP.TlCfLAn ATTT.VTION nud re,or! |. i:l*l<h !• 

•I"-'- ''"''' .1' w-ii^- •,. .Vh ,•.,,.. ,1.1,, ,,,.4 

»i|e, lur ...Miini. n IjI a.ivant.ii;' » .ir./i-li-.i. 

^■ir Polices i>.'iied wilh-.i-.l Ih'r.iV.^j; 

thal il i.s iie.-e*-ary to .-eil a portion of t'.e re- ^..^>^.,.,, ,) r,.^. out of live Congre-.snK-ii 

. . , , ,^ publican 1 

hi> deoti. ; ' 

.So-.t then-fore il li or 'ered. That al! per- .'> 000. 
ik.ns inltjre-ted in lue estate of sti I deceased 

Hi eta..- of the dcccast*.! f.r ihe V^P^-^»^ ^^ ,\;;^jC,ir]^,,u^u \n \u^ State i.timated ' ^«s concider.d,:y siuiUercd but b-yond tiiat j 

J " • % ___ I k . ■I,.. I. . • k^'./. I 

3^. 21 

v3: 2:3n 



.^ 1 1 1, w A u Ki-: i: n k w s 

rOH 1EG4. 

I no .<er;oiis damage was done to the boat. .She ' 

WVT viitc!.v:.\. 

Wii^:f.t.ixc. -Nov. 8. — Return-; f om nne 

! 'lUl buek, as socn a.s pos^ble. to tiic wreck, 

' i 

;;ut as that wa.s on lire and .-la; was encuni- 

be and ap:x»ar before the Judge of Prohate (d 

►aid co'iniy. at iii-« olTicc at Shakop<.'e in said " " - "' "'' ' i,crcd wilb two bargee she wa-. u.iable to reii- 

countyattea o'chK-k in the foreno-ui vf the eounties show a lar-e L mon gam over tne, _ ^ _ - ^ ^ ^^^^ 





<rd an 


or.k. . . r- 

four successive weeks before said day of heai- 

GREAr r\l!'ROVE.Mi;NlS l.V .-I.. 
i.Wj MAG DIM. .-5. 

i: M M I P E 



rul:: cARrRiDtiEs, 

PI.-TOE CAR rRHlGES— of every variety. 


iivsxtti^ Ta^jiM*. tJUtiirs, 

.S.lIJIJf'S-IE^Y SS.^Rk^'^* .^uSS'^l lufxct.-.-erytnlr.pi. -hi- Furi.lliri- L(n». 

Gig Saddles >Vhip L.ishc?. 

TT» TT 3FI lyr 31 "S? TJ H. 213-1 tiie yoatlWl. In rve.yi.dni of vjfw. premise, tn hft 

■ U .V -V (-"tcrii.'.o-. eoir ;. .''.y o-i l.anLl ^r'ji.ile t..i.»i.m.t.-.i uu ej-.-wi 1:1 p-.. t;<Niuni.«ih ,a n:di.tai<i. 

A pje,i;.ulaie,.-»iioii|i(io ui.e pUt, p |hf » M*nHori 
Ih not w holly I^M. ore.'. «ul the la.i.p.,!^-,., r.Tiew ..i tho 
uraviti 01 iiic lh.u.»„i .tiike, 1. j.i i.e ou« ol tr«n- 
^.e■...c;.l li.iei-i st, ' lifctM..|il..ij lio. Il— »-!..(., 
•ireauifcitr.UciH-.l !iu um weail*.. no oarkt-.i i,ur Im.d 
and onr b.'p.h-may t-o. >li)iy tL..iiiiii,.t,r.»i,,i wIk-i. the 
l.lo.;.iy traoKtoy Is.-ii.Jo.l. iheciiiMlre.,( re«i.'-n re.tore.i 
111.-11 will peace have her ojitles t-i n,'i.t, ii,r vlct-.ii.-r ..' 

t.>'>r.l«r. rompri .arj lii p.irt. 

Ta^jD'S. CliaJrs. &c. 

ofa'i-<lT.e»a!»(SkIi»-is*ep' i..l.^•.allt:y on hard or made 
t'. or-u-r. 


;v -r east in the wLo'.c state. 

R. W . t/Ruti-y, Operator. 

Ihe follow iiig is a list of the killed and , '''*-^'<c,-;'j^ei'^/';j;^;-„ j,,, „^,„ 

l>.4tcd, October 1 *'-'•■ j|;|5.;f-^. j,^^.^^ ! TFNNK..sKt=:. omcKKS "lno .ki-w of tdf. lat" Jon.M rcm 

v3 q41 4t Ju'lge of Piobate. Loiisvillf, Nov. y.— N a-hviUe gives Lin j set. 

' coin 1,2C7 majority ' j ('i,ptain. M. W. Hairia, left leg broken 

I t-vo- Milve.ab.,r to t!ie operator: 2. l-laiiiiiiy i.> gei el.nix-t' \ \ D m'M M KR 1 Of * < 

..•ll."rl.r:3. J,S,..-a.e. 1 ...-s 01 t.uo- In r- • ' 1 Cf ! ( SI RE-iG A .M> t5l> >i •>! l^'"- J ,S(j4 
ip.irinc:! li.c..p-c.iyl/»e»evciy.a-'.w-.i,tlm. ofiuate-: ICOl. 'il! M<E. •• '^^' 


fTAraOT MtX'iE^OTA.l 
CauiiCy ol 3. oti. > 

j DNtrKf rnnr-. 
mh l>l.ti'i..l. 

Mii.WAiUKK Nov. UV— Wisc-.nsiii will givej 
-.Lincoln about t<,ti00 majority on the boim- ' 

Amhm** B. W,»Ite-, 
DavU W. BriiUley. 

> ( C'.S. Int^niii UeveiiUe I ; 

> i M c. lit*. ) vole 

} . j 

The State of Minne.snta to David W. Bradl.y! 
the above namod defendant 

I'lPL.^PETPiiiA, Not. 10 — The Press est! 

I'liol, L. W. He\laiii:n, unliuil. 

l.^l i;ieik, S. S. Kid l-jr, c It ov.r left eye. 

2nd " H S. Slmgiull", ui.'iurt. 

J,-l Eiigii.evr, Wm. Lta, uihurt. 

2.1.1 •' Wm. Domiegaii, unhurt. 

.Mate — V>'. M. Dean, uuhu.t. 

Carpeater — C. G- Dunn, unlr.irt. 

Fireman — John Roihuicyer, Iroiu DuranJ, 

lliesc cbj-'ClioB* 

II hisaUral„ht .!cciie. p-ipeHdirnlar action, male* j pHY tI()OT)S, 
lueL. Kh. urMiCi li-t..-nli.ii. wuirn will (iUOCl RIF"..^ 

I ri",.Us a:..e 0,1 nolo :;. le-: p.rl.i.m. ^^' \,\,\\ ^ : t 

ycrV . t *. winK ...I every .le* rlpt;..ii "l material, ir-.m JjyO J ."^ & h 


I .it,!.-rl>' Ihi. liii.-.i: .^un^•lMln.w:tn.;olt 1.1. 1 leit, 
',iiK iur.'.«.l.'i""i c.iars<»t lot le Uuest i.u.u.ier. 
ILiViiig uelliiTCA.vl 11. r»-^Ki v> li M-.aal I .e .east 
.-vlbie f.l..ti"'-.'' rm-»assuioot.ias.;ias«. and Is 

p )i- 


Vol arc hereby summoned and required to ' mates ibe Union m:-j -rity in IVimsylvania on | Wis., instantiy killed j i,^,c i-iirc, fifty PKK ''^vNy-i'f.P°:;f[,!°;c'Jv7,is 

.i.^eJu;ee.»mpUintmthis action, which is ,l,e home v.te to be from 6 (X'O tolO.OtlO.-j F.r.mau- v\ oi. ILiggerty. cut over the V;- -li^^-^T^'/^Sy wii^I^Jui uulu^^^^^^ 
fieJ in the* offi:e of the Clerk of p^^. .^ ^^ ^.^,j,,;j,,^ ii„; result doubtful ou the ' f'S'^^ «y^" 
tl.m coart in Shukopee. hi the -aid county of 
jic.»tt. and to nerve a copy of y. nr answer """"■ " * 




lUerelo on tlie !«ubscriber at his olVp-e in the ^^^ 

town of R.dle Plaine in the s.ii.1 cccauty. with- , >;^.^ y^,,^^ ^ov. 10.— Delaware ba.=; gone , " j^/JJa' O'Reillr, utihurt. 

.,. iweuiy tlayn after the *rv,co of this sum- ^^.^^^^^,1.,^ by l.>0 majority 

.i;oiw on yo". exclusive of the day ol such scr-,'-"^-'^^**^' i J ^ 

; r,ee: and if yon fail to a-iswer the .aid com- ! kkw jphskt. __ 

- pliuat withio the time aforesaid tlie Plaintia-^ PuiLAnELPULX, Nov. 10.— Ihe rcsmt m i j^na McGce, leg 

wilf apply to the Court for iLe relief demand- 1 ^^^j^^^^^, j^ ^bout 7,000 majority for Mc- ; Paul. 

ad thttr«iH. 

Dated, October 19tb. I8o4. 

A. ti- Oh.vtfiet.p, 

Julin King, wouiidod and ia S». Joseph ; f^}^*^^_ 

Its >t-enEtli and WONDEUFUL SIMPLICITY of con- 
« rncii-.a render it alm.:ist imp .s.-ihie l" yet out ol order, 

Chris FiiiDe;ty, unliurt 
Denis Ilin^.s uahuit. 
James Mc.Mahon, wounded. 

brokeu and in West St. 

t3 o41 Tt 

Att y for Plaintiff 


ClelLn^-two Republican and three Democratic i Michael Melville, killed; body at the Court 

I'airick Cochrane, missing. 

members of Congress elected. 


New Y'or.K, Nov. 10. — It is stated that 
Kentucky and Missouri have gone Democratic 

UwiTSD 3TATK3 Deptjtt COLLECTOR A.ND |Jjqq„1j but little bas bccn heard froia the 
,£f:Vi^r^SS^^"^^'^"^'^^"^'''^^^^^ ' Weet° in consequence of storms. 

Dai.icl Sweeny, killed, 
.lames Jordau, w^oundcd. 
Edward Kearney, killed. 
Peter Sovrers. unhurt. 

Tat. Donoran a deck hand on the Ramsey 

^'^l^tielU-'ousand CharlUble InsilUtlons will b« llbcr- 
allj dealt witli. 


No. 1. Family Machine, wlt»» Hemmer cimplete. $.M.0O 
■■ z. Small ilanuiact'a,-. wiib txleusion l.ib.e.W^ 

3, •Larl-e. for Leather, with roiling foot. *c.. 


We want agents foralltowns In theCnlted StatesCan- 
da.Cui^a. Meilco.Ciwitral aud South Aui erica, where 
aKencies ire not already estabii.bed, to whom a liberal 
•iiK-OBnt will be given, but we make no consignments. 
J. T. Mc ABTHCK Ss, Co., 
A3ft Broa<lw«r> 'i ^. 


DOOKS &c. 

AI«o a good assortment of 


The latest «tvles of Ladies', Mlsset' aadChlUren' Uats and Cnirimnied, at 


Xestdoor to the Post Office, 


I ana uow opening my 

Spring and Summer Goods, 

Particular attention paid to all orders. 


<one over In any shape' eiesirable. and on Ehortnotlce. 

«a_-v- -R —rhcae poods will be sold CHEAP, and for 
CASU oKlV." they have been bought exclusively f»r 


Bl-»kopee.M»rTth.l8e4. vo3nol7<m 

D. La HOW 

Wholesale & Retail 








All orders from Conntry Dealers promptly attended 



ft t price* whicti ftitonlgh t he P eople, at— 

HOW'S Druggiit 

ilclortiieurciierwurk, wuicn muunttda sucieea iL-s 
.1<-Milaii..>ii ot arms 

■iheoihi r.icp.,r-tnentS'.f ii,epnpcr-)..w..!;i:,r,;!anT 
marli.-t<, &(.— we t.::itVi miiitr. mak. »ttP itibti- Inereftlot 
anl til. a il tuay a.Wuys be a Hcicotut Kbcki >t 
ibe laiuili U-eM-:e. . 

Ciio t... wid be tiioioiiBhiy apuciiatf. »i,.l ij;(.> br cro- 
auclive ot rau. Il *^ 

'ihe c, 'i'he News Is now u:irxaiJTVd In lt» 
past, and 1« excetaleU by Uiittofuu other jR if «o:.«Jn f^ ^ 

Already we are enabled to present the p;.j.crln new- 
ly ije an.i an improved toriu by tl.eseiier.,u\ ex.-rl|..u» 
of Us ir.cnds.and a continuance Of ilili pMbac-*|»lr;le.l 
aid will eiisuie corre.'poii.aiig .ttoiiaou out pan to eu 
bai.te its value. ; 

TE1;i»I.a. ' 

After this (late, nntllfuriher notice, tua term* oflUe 
Milwaukee N»wb will he as lolli wb: 

l)AlL\—.*erve.| by Carriers at J.l.tO per »,u«it»r,»r 2t 
cents per week, hy luall, tA tor *lz utoiitbs. •2,Mk 
for th:e-. months. 
SEMi-\VtKKi.V-i;y mall. $4,00 per Fe«r«i ta.OO fot 

SIX laoiitlts. 
WEEKI,V-.siujrl8 copies $2,'0 per year. a«bs ef tr> 
$l,.'.'J'-aeli per y.-:.r. 

«^All »uk»criptloo8 are lavarSebly perabte load. 

M,twxr«r.Julyl.l£6«. "'OJ.- * PAUL 



f iV ALI« KIMW. 

Also. Warehoaie Tmeki. Letter PrMsei, *•., fe^ 

o.CraecarefliIteb«y enlrtb* ^ectiiDf ▼ 






•"Hi* ' * 

. * 





T u !•: 


(Jtf tClAl. VOTE. OF 8001 r COIN I Y. 

Mortgage Sale. I ott M^ AT)T^ V \Vnr^\ ^'-* - 

I>er«ull having been ma.k in the couaition V^J^-[ .^ JVUi -L i-J AiVU L iJ 1 d.arlca Unrkens 

W .1 <;nl!.ii 

K ."^t .lulicii I'nx 

of a cirtaJii inortfr"^ ina«le and J«fed ibe 

^T^^^'^^'^'^^'S^ OFFICIAL PA PEB OF THE COUNTY. , ;■ - --^.^..'S,, 

wire and Charle.-. llarkness & Sou and duly . Jk-L— . iCha'i.sll Lii.ds'e' 

roconkil on lh3 4lh day of Aprd IS61 m the 

K^gistry ofDwdMiu Sioit County, Minue.olH 
in Book •'!) ' of Murigagcs puire 400, conviy- 
iijg the following piccvs or |.Hrc«rU of laud ly- 
injr and being in the counly of Scott luiil Stale 
«f Minnesota, ami koowo xs follow-, to wit: 


TTiT?>} }k-tz 
'j N .Murdock 
J W Morford 




.V« Mi'>r/» o/ Con^--*-**— Irf Diitruf. 

, '^n 

All of block nineteen; all of block twcnfy-fonr, fr^ . ;> .:^ 

l,ji «eTen in bltJCk fifty-.-^ix; lots five and seven 

iu bli>«-k lifiv-two, and lots one, three ami four 

m M'K-k ihirty-six in the town of Louitville. i 

•ccopliog to the recorded pint thei^-ot. And 

by a:viirnin«nt cxccutid by William C (Mag- : 

horn, rroivcr of the finn of I'. HurknessA", 

Son. dated August sixteenth 18t;4, reeonKd 

re^islrv of IVrd^oBicc the ihiru day of Sept. 

1864 iii bo.* "K" of mortgages page 3'Jo a.-. 

■igneU to John A'hhurst. 

On which mortgage th«'r, is dnc at the d;.te 
her»-of o^e hnmlretJ and thirty-,««ix dollars and 
i,iijrtv-Hv.- c...,ts(3l3G.9:>) 8:^ [KT note of: 
Heiirv H. Sp<>uc«:r of sani.: daft*, and si-cnred 
bv >al I uiort^rage, and no proceedings ul law 
hiving b.en ia-«titated to reeovcr any part 

then-of, now lhcn»fore notice is hereby given ; ^ 

that bv virtne of a powor of sale in said niort- - - - 

jra^e contained and therewith recorded, and ^ " Tl.^ to,..,itv.tio.i nua tUo L ...... 

pjir^uaut to .-^ atut.. the "»";'>^'"i?\'*'» '^ f ' „.. co-r. i» I i>»e, !>-.-. ■ a Uioo.i. • c u iMcr 

closed bv a sale ot ^aid ino:tsrag*d pronu-es lo . maj-oly. milkLLa.\. 

be made by the Sheriff ofsaid County of : ___^^_— — ^— - ' County A-udilor. 

M lle?,s Dunai.d 

Satunlny, November 12, 18G-1 

H W I^mbeiton 
Win Wiiiilom 

Chief Justice Svpreme Covrt. 
A G Chat field 
Tuoinaa Wilson 

m-hsociulc Ju»ticc$. 

K T Wilder 
E O Han.lin 
S J It Me.Mi.laQ 
-• John M Uerry 

I District Judf^e—^tk District 

j J W BaJolieider 
. ! N M Donaldson 

=r I i>late Smator. 



I 8- not boon hrarii of since tiie explosion. 

What caas'-il the oxplo.-^iun. will probably 
never be known. 11. M. Spencer of the Al- 
bany has a piece of the boilerlhat struck near 
liini — worn very thin, willj the appearance of 
an old crack npoii its edge. Th« best Judges 
^ay liiat tli.; water in the boiler must have 
b»eu low, or tliey would have been scoldeJ — 
only mud, sediment and ticutes hit any one. 

District Court. 
Court in this I'istriut will convene on Mon- 
day r the Uth nt I) o'clock A. M. 
The fuUowiiig i.s a list of the jurors : 
i-LfiT Jt lions. 

Joliii (joolman, 

I I'a'rick Qnaiii, 
' Lucius U Kii,.'d, 

<'harlf:> Lord, 
' 1. C P.iikcr, 
I'i-tcr Duffy, 
Win Earning, 
(Jforgc Allen, 
L it llrtwkiiis, 
II II Sj)v'nccr. 

j (iKA.M) JIUORS. 

I GeoriT" .\ tttV id, James T Macdouald, 

1044 ; i.ucius u !• li, 

I'JtG [ llenrv Liattr, 

31)2 Daiiici l!r. r, 

3'JO; Wmi l^^,^ic. 

J John ('i,)i k.'tf, 

. .„! Wm A Tukr, 
12.-.2 I 





TO uis 


OiithpCornrro? First 1 IIulraesstreDt,wt)creh»^ofl'pJ9 
loJilnolil «H'l iK-w fiifuiiuunuof the L.VIIUKST AJ^ 
UKST .SfOCK OF G0Jl»6 ( vcr brouylit to hliakopee. 
ouivrlslng. In ;>art,an mirtYalcd »tock of 


VouMliif')rti tln.iltizousoi,Shakopceand vlclnlty.Ujal 

" n E i> A I It 

\Vat<~ti<>?,CU)cltf. ami ,Ic\vrIrv,ofi'verj' doscrlutlOD. 
«iio^— T^* <»««r» mm h of tke M altunal I " • -- • 


THE Undersigned 

has Inst retunic'l from the 
liasi wltU a new supply of 


an. I Is rrpparcd to <^n at 
operations aCeoT'liiipto the latosllini>i'o^''-T.eiits. Also 

H. J. PECK. 

L L Baxter 
Samuel Dooley 


1038 K D .\|.,.v;il.-, 
370 J W L. n,;!i. 
j Wni Qua 11. 
Gt-oigc h .-.iniit. 


KG .M'l.phy, 

public anction at thr Court Honsein Sha j 
pee in the said Coan'y on Tuesday the Ifiih 


kope - 

dav of November 1«<;4 at 2 r>'elock m the af- ^ 
lonmoti of that d.iy to sati-fy wd mortffngej 
With disbursennrits of foreclo.sure. j 

Dated, Miuneapfdi? .Minn.. Sept. 2*», I><C4. 
JOll.V ASiniUltST, 
J. S. BURD. As.^ig"ee. 

Ally, for Asaijjiue. 

Day of Than' sjiving Appointed. 
WA.-m.'*oTo.v, Ott. 21. — rrciident Lincoln 

! J W Sencerbiix 
■ 1> L How 
, Scatlcrinu 

Danil Aji-..r, 
jC G M.-n;M)ii, 

ryg ! ,Ios*.i»h tiralenst-idt, Jacob Sleliy 
jjg ; .Ma!! new LjJdy, licnrv Loneh,, 

Lawrence Carr, 
Nathan lloder, 
H H Sviunk, 
Wos. s Giveukaf, 
Joim Fianigan, 
F i* Toad, 
N .M I) .UcMnUcn, 
Wni C .Mara, 

I has i.<.Hued a prodaniation. FCtting apart the | ^.^^^^^ Atiorncy. 

llsisK ThnrMlay in .N'o^'eijiber. rs a d.nv of j,' j ^vhitlock 
and I'raise to God, L il IJruwn 

Dennis liradlev. 




fiAL^lOflAI^ & IIOOl* 8RIRTS, 


SJNTAG3. cajiFonrs, 

OLO\i:S and IIC^^IUKY. 

C A S S I M E 11 1 S. 


cor 10NADE3. 



S ?p1cndtd and extensive steck of 

Boots and Shoes, 

. ... ....,,.,.., , „„ , ... ..luicssani) dnra- 

liilltv,l8 riiiildly t.ikim: tin- pl.ico of pold plate forinsi-rt- 
I Uis teeth, !!peclun.-ii» ol the work can besceu 
MOIIAIR atiiiy ort,e, 

, i'ersoiii! rrf)Tii a diiiUiiiGeijoardcdfrce of charce while 
, liaviiia work d'liic. 

I je'ij-Vi.>it.>iiii;i ie \r;;r;n iloiircd. Prices reasonable. Fot 
' fUItherpdUUular^,l.'ail0I;l>ra'!d^l'S8 

Dr. E. BBAT, 

' vo2.'i>j4' tf -Carvttf.>lliu> 

Hoiste SiiscEi'niicc Company, 


A Mr. A. C. Austin Jiavlii;; published a •iatrfeiit de 

rogutitry to this Ccmpany. as.MJivlnu itto be under Ibe 

1 C'>ntfoI wf suiiie persoirs wlio fwrmcrly were directors In 

t'le Ro<-lt Rtvi.T Insuraiics Company, of Wisconsin, the 

! fuHiiwliiS ol lliecti!it!?« ha« been furnish- 

I ed by Mm. at the riMjui-st of tUe Home Insurance Com- 

a;iy :- 

"from a'l examinatlor,! ani Ratlsflcd thatlhe //wn< 
Jhsurunce louipuny id ^t. I'au!, Jliuii., is au ciitlreiy uif- 
hT<-i:t uocpany fi<.:ji tr™ l;inK l.ivcr liiburaMf Ctim^a 
!' Uial:■■ll^iIl,Bllti t.Kil IlifV uiuuotug bUaiUeiiS in ae 



Dry Goods for Cash Only! 





Bapid Increase of Our Sales, 

Enable us \rithout detriment to oar Interccts.t* 


atca'.oofprlcea vitlivbtcti 

IVo other House can C6mpel4c ilW 


cordjiice #iih Ijwstd' tlii» ttuio. 
** Ml:inoapi):i», >llna , ,/uiy 12, ISfl."' 


IQ2G The Ilecon5tructicii---Iettcr From the 

In Probate Court 

•irATK Ol- MiNNMOTA. } 
CfC^TY or .S<«fTT. i 

III the in-.i 
»tr Derfa*;d. 


Ihrou'-boul the United States, f-r liie many! Count>/ Commimonrrs. 

' R M 

siipnal vic'or'eH over the cneniy, .nn-1 rccom- j^' ^ ^^^^^ 

! niendin-' his fellow ci'.iiens: to humb'.e tliem- ■ ^^rtin riielan } ,,. . v t 
1 ! I I! I I • / IJisl. ->o. 4. 

' selves, to I ffor penitent and fervent prayers , J<'S liubbaiu ^ 

' ^' ^^ ^^•••'f » \ Di.t. No. 3. 
rait ^ 

liter of the K.-tate of Robert Fra- ; and supplications to the Gn>at Dl-i.en e.- of J^'^^^l j J^J,,"" ^ Hist. No. h. 






in wTilcli esp'^clil provision has been mad* 

FOR THE L.iDlF^^. 

A full II no of 

Event.s for the inft-tiniable ble^^^ings of peace ; ! .-\-aitfiing 

Upon readintr and fillnjr the petiti-.u of, . .^., ^.^^^^ ,.^. 

Cynthia .V«r prayruK l<>r r.-H.suii< the-e- i ^nai i nn n a. u : . V o 

ill' *;l fourth that she be a(ipi>inted a<lniis- j ^,,4 i>j^. JauJ. 
f rutor of lh« otate ff Robert Kra.«er ile- 

It is onWed that the lilh day of 0<t(.bcr 
A D. lyU-L ul ten o'clock in the forenoon at 
the office of the Juder of Probate at Shak<i- 

' Shakopee, 
»..^.«.> \ Ka^le I reik. 

Election Return?. 1 (.^^.,,i, i^:,,,.,^ 

No vcrv n liable returns ljavv.-i>ecn n-cc'ved Xe'v .Market, 

Cedar Lkk<-, 


li.':U'jcr_ti>.'. R.pnb! 

ihf Learitrij of .^aid [)Ctiiion, ami that the heirs I Lincoln i* elected. The lale-,t d:-patch(? f,'ive , j *^,;^'^.,,,,. ' 
»t law nnifall other p<.rsoi.s interested in the I ,,,g j.,,,,^^ ^^„ ^Im about a.s f .Hows : ''h- ' ,^',.nj ^.|.^.J.jj^ 
e..rateof tUcdeceased app.'ar at ascs.sionof| ^. ,..„„|^,„i States, except Co..n,ctic:.t. ' *IK.|,,,„,, 

'1'. ';::;::!: ^m:" ;a>%7 1" '^i., ,t i .1.... . ;... ......Mr,... .- ..- ; «. u™. 

lili.>n shonhl not be granted. > Lincoln a n. .juri'y of 2.l9-l,;and.thir.een town, . '»• 

And it is fnrtlrtr ordered that notice of the I ,y ^ |j,a,,j !,.„„, j-pt, whivh ni.ny change it j 
pendency of «ii<l i^itition and nl the time and 

























Mblv carrv it tor McClella :i 

From Sherman's Army. 

llebsl Vic3 President. , 

From 11»e KlclHHo?id Dexpntoh. 0«-t. SI. j 

The letter fioin Vice Fi-esident Stephens j 
to Wiliia'ii Kin;:, I'.ie ines3en.:^or f'-oni Gen. 
Sherman, with propn8iiion.s to negotiate is j i„ wv.oi.wni bcfov..... ui:i.r..,n.-sof 

pubii.^hed. The inviiaiion was for the ^''^-'^ ' c.^j(;as. TLAS, COFFKES, SPICKS, 4c. 
Pixsi.ient to meet l!;e Yankees at Atlanta. — ; ' 

65 j Alter c.\prcr.>iiiK his aiLvieiy to promote tiie ] EA.TS AITD GAPS 

** tenninalion of ibis ■'.Vallicidal war," Mr. StC- i Kor men ami boy*. in cndleiis variety, of tl>el.i»eest et.vtc-* Fay?: j ' a :«'..knf 

But. in the present I.L-.;ance. the cnti.-e /.- ' GBOCKEHV & GL/l8SWAnE^ 

sen.e of .tny power on my p.irt to enter into „^..,.,^.,, ^ ,„ c^nfl...! nry t;.i..;:yfm uo:y v.ui.t-t»om 

any such ne^oiiatialions. and the like absensf) uc»maiu-^.t vns.-.up. l» tiieiinfor 

(if any hueii posvir on his part, so far as ap- -j^^ ^^ -^-j y^ "^7^ .^^ lE^ TT! 

pe: rs r.oni li s'lni'ssij^r, necessaiilv -h — :*- -^-^ — 

iny oc.-e,)ta.,ee <,f the invitation tii.»s tendered. «''^'-- '^■'>'"'= -••"^^"f ^•'''"^^'■^ ' '"';• ' 

In conimunicaiing tliis ti> Gen. .Sbernian, you CUTLKUY, AXES AND NAILS. 

may .•■.•IV to him, tl'j;t if Lc i.S ol opinion lliat ^.i„|- „.),i.h brn trlnl yon vrlll le cotivIh.po.wi- wU 

.iheVe i; any pro.pect of our agre -in;; upon -.^-,--: /^.t^^.f^-ilVi^Y-.^lr'^^'J^^e;.!;:;!^'" 

leriii.i of a.iju-tineiit, to lie subntiil'd to toe «r liiT OlEiCT I'lac*'. 

action of on.- n'speetive poveni'iu-til^ even' ' 

thou^Ii he has no power to act iu advjuce in 
•( the pi-enr..-<'s. and wiil i;i:ike tli's kn-Avn to inc' 

in .some rorn.a! and aii'hor.itr.e (li.inj; t\ p n () A L 'S 

so ilesiri.u- f-.r i>:'. ce iiiii»<cir. bs you re;nist.-ni \j^ 


\ I Uve IMs .lay rcrlved from tne JTomt Intitrance 

■ CurniKititj 111 M.l'aui, .\iiMi. l.y ihe liaii<i» ol tlieir ABeiif 

\V. A. We'd.---, 5tj, \K\r.g tile tuU aniu\:i-.l of lo.<8 on my 

liVi- stoil;, kill.d liy li..;liiii.i)^-. Aial friim] I 

aii.l ;;<-litii'ii!iiidy :iltri.ti.':i In fi tlilni; tid.-i loy*, i cliver- 

1 fiill.i ri'i>.iiinit.ii,l ilieni l.. tin- f.ivur ol the public an being 

la s.ife nii.l ifliMblc tiiii.i..Tiiy f^ li.K-iro will). The lobg 

I WHS ndJiLSO' I liiri'c liiivs alUTiioike of It wa.s receive. 1 ly 

I till' C'lnii'^iiy. 1*1 tr'.iiiiv 1.. iii>- ii .silii.tlojis, and keip 

ET '■Tt: F'S m ' viiiir nioiiev I'ii llu-Mutr iMMiud ..f bCLdiiiK It away. 

' ■ DWitJliT TOOlioOD. 

I'J. a*ii ' f;-<>vr,'"Iiii».ti'ad CuUlitv.^ 
Ml:aic»i.i.-,. j!y •»;,.. . i:il. > 


Shakopee- *i'ii*i 




Uni). F IVTT.. 

J.ACnr^cKNT.MisN., \ 
June 29tii, Miii J 
V.^ . , CUrk Supren.c Court. Minn. 

ShaVope ■, Novi-nibtvZIst. iKS 

v:i 4l;tf 

jr ii«*ti.>-j •■. .— -. 1-^ --- . Mune nosMoiv earrv ii lor .■»iei.-ieija i. i - ... * . i • >i- » f i i » i 

placeof bearing thereof, be Kivcn by a publij -I - -. ^ . . ,,.-., M:..i;.,an; Ci.v, i.vNATi, Nov. 9.— Ycf,t<-rdt,v-s L..;ian- ''"" ^'' ''"**^ ''•"^^^''^'1 ''""^'' ^ *''''"''' ''''''*1.' *t**tv O ft 

cation of Ih^ f.ncjroin- order in the .ShakojKe : Peun.,yUan.a, .Maraud, Uiuo, .M.. l.^'an. ^ i- .•• . r..,..n ri ...»« i cheerluily and «,liinLdy. wilb .he cn-e. t ot , ^^^\,^ SiiJ)U£UY WiiUfc OyU 

\rctw anc^spaivr printed at Shakoj^c in ' Illiuo..-. \Viscon.Vm. Iowa and Kan" ; apo.ts Journal sa^sth^t oineers C.;ulta- . ^,,^ u-.tllorities, acce.ii, to hi. n«jue>l tiuis: *'*^ 

iaid countv, fuc lhrc« weeL» n*.-At before the! f,,, [ji„.oi„. New York claimed by both' nooj;u report that f-hetman rctun.ed to A'lan- , n, i;ml ennr, wi-U all the ea«ae.,!ne.s.s j Corner of Third ^- Rohcrtstf, 

W*Ao/f«rt/f and Rctati ncalcrin 

^Hardware and Cudery 


Stoves Tin and Seebt 

Ag^ricultaral Ea!ipieinent«/^<^ iitlO 


General Forwarding and Ccwti-l j ••■■• 
mission Merchants. 
Ilci;-ioinbcr llic OM Stand ; cor. 
n-r of Holmes anO First Streets * 

parties on a very small majority. 
Missouri. Deleware, and New 

dav of hearin;f. 

ij»led Shakopee 15th, 7864. 

lIKMtY TTIND-*. 1 

Judge of I'robut^. I c'aimed for MeClellan. 

• I 7'Au t'tate has polled a trrcal many more 

" ^~~~ n * ! votes at this election than ever b..-foie, and the 

In Probate Conrt. | ^^^^^^ ^.^^^ j,^.^,„ ,.,,i,riiied nmsilv to towns and 

Fale of Real Est:.te by K.xecutor. , «„unti»-s that are, and have been, en- 

Llewse haTine been duly eranted by the p-"" ""^* '" ' 

IloM. K. G. Umbert, Judf^'of Prol)atein and | urely one way or the other. 
for the county of Ramsey and Sfatp of .Minne- 1 The Republican couinie>sh»)W Inrgc Repnl 

ers.-v are i leaving two corps in TennesM>c u.uler Thomas ;;"S Usk of "'^""^^Jf F»;-<^ ""'j.J^i;';^^^;'^^^^ ST. PAUL, 

Kei tutkv. ' 'a last week with five c( rps of. his army, | of niv nature, nnon re.<i>onsil.lo uiid 

i'A pe.nre and harmony to c;rj, pAUIj. ISIINX., 

the coniiiry u,H)ii pnneipl s o." honor, rigM 

and just ice' I o ull ponies. I' 'ioi'snot seem \v;>erp cnn b.> had everytUluK p-rtHlnlneto tlubnsl 

to be i.t u!l in po.-sibie, if trntii und rea-o:i „^.^ ,s w-iiaa 

bhould be j'onniute.l to havd iuli 6\v.!y. 

to watch llood. lie dc.<tr..yfd the r.iiI.oiid 
frf)in Clialtanoopa to Atlanta, and is .seiniin;.; 
the iron to the former p'ace. Atlaiit.t was 
burned, andShirnian is now murcLing directly 
for Charleston, South Carolina. 
Nkw York. Nov. 10.— The rtory pnbli,h- ^ .negotiati-n. t . comk om.y wiii-n twe Uixi.ia- 

cd that Atlanta had been burtied. r.n 1 Shir- 

You's, most iT-.pecii"tillv. 


Ho,. K. G. Un.bert, Judf,'e of Prol.a e in and , iireij one wa^ ur u.,. ....... „ , : ...t .t,„. Atlanta had been burned rn 1 Sher- '•^^^M'^ ^^'^ kxii.-.vst.o. 

for the county of Ramsey and Stato of Mmne- , The Republican count .e> show 1 nrgc Repnb- ; ul that A t lanta had bee ne 1. r.n 1 .... r ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ 

,..U^, lo s,-ll the land hrn/ioaftrr de.-ribcl be- n,,^„ ,;„,, ^-i^i;^ ,],,. „..„„K-ratic co.mtics ; n'-n w;« niarehmg direct y on Lhar.eston, ,s , 

M..,i,., ,o tHe estate of Memr R ^""i sbo-v lar^ democratic .ain. At the fi,»re. discredited inini.itary crcles. l.ut the ^^-\'^:::::l,ll,:X:.^^u^U^^^^^^^ 

d«eea<ed. to «t.,fy debt, ajjainst the ^-'X* | ^^ ,,,,^.,° ,^ f^, ,„^ ,^,^„. ,„,,., have I York Times \\ --.hingt on special lia.s a long j j,.;_^j ..j^ ,„„.j ,^^ ,„^^,,„ ^^^ „ ...,tiaii.m.- 

•*'**te : .... . . . I . . .. i • .1 1 ! iii..iiiil(>ti tl.Hi inoli.illV. friviiii'' it that ShrrillaU »1..... o.n. V. rv tn... • inul vei kiii-h i« the iia- 

Now lheref..r^, I *^o hereby pive noti'-e I'laf lleputiliean between Bve am 
«n.ler and parinaDt t.» the ord.r of said curt j ^r,j[,.^\/,y ,.yt nior.-. 
I Will o(r<fr f »r sale, and will sell at public auc- j 

rion, to the hi-,'heit bidder tor c.isli. at il..' n>:w Yor.K. 

Trout do-.r .»rth.! Court Hou-<e in the ol ] Ai.bvvt, Not. 9 — The Jounml <-).-»ims lli« j 
Shrtko|M'e. in the county of Scott, at ten : ^j^p ^f ^-p,, York by ubi.ul 5.000 U- pnMi-,i 

I six thoU'und- ; dispatch this inoriiing, pivin-.' it that Sherman 

i,>^ propably on hi/, way to S:ivunnah, (Ja. 

Frcm Europe. 

New Y'Itic, Nov, lb — 'Ihe .■steamer .\fri.-a 

they siiy, Vtry tiu.; ; and yei bueh is the na- 
ture of Lie!i!;e,:iiit man thai fi..jiitin;.^ is oilon 
l!ie only roa.i to iie;;o;ia;ions. Two m.-n <m 
t!ie courl-t;reen enf/uiiC in a combat to s"tile 
souio liiSieuitv, elloris of iriends liaviiig been 
n:iava;lii!;i. In i!ie lir-;i Ai^M-k ai.d firy of tae 
fi;::it, woe be Iu liir.i vviio atieupts lo pot 

&UUtary Goo*.!.'?, 5:c,, 

\ioons the n«iD>rreB« articles err. 

ROYS S.\DI)Li:s, 


CA'ilUAGE HAllNl'.H.s. 
DCGGY liAUNi'.S.-;, 


Denr Sir:-\ havi- tj-.tcen on* a policy of itirnrnnce In I 
tlie ii;nf 1 I ly of ."^t. I'aiil.f.r ivliuli I puld fa. W. 
."-imo laKi'i;: 'iii- p lliy 1 li;tvi- .1. |.|. a coiiinni'iiiMimn In 
tne ii.M.<. !>.■ ill o|>iisiilun to ti.e Cunipany. Duiini; 
yi.iir I.I.. 11. St. Inul 1 »i nl.i i< t i i.l.ltKfii ii \"U «uui<l i 
nuke. I, ;i ■!:.■"• I. .jiiiry a> : .• »l"«- .^mn.lOrs nnii oiidlfen "f< 
the tloiu kia:ii , .111.1 Mi"' iiii- > I'l-" . •.I'liloii iuiryur.l tDihei 
Same. Iiesi>«-i n...i;j Vj'B.v. _ _ I 


OK/ic'jfi »,i.Kis tf Srrni >;i' C.'trT,\ 
?^«.I',.u':, Mlii!i.,.>n y 6;b, UCJ. > 

.TiJTEsF lir.rvts, l.a.<.r«'.<cfiii, >ili.n. | 

I)i<irS\r: 1 11 n s'l'tM,.- f. vmir •.rq-.H at, I '-ave earefnl- 
!y isani iM-.l Into tn" .-;an llii... ;.ii I t ui.dilltiii of tbc mw j 
iKauminf Ciinij.iy pn i 1 y tiri-'uidrrd In tliis rliy, ! 
knoWh by !lu- iiaiiii- '.a ili,- "'li^aie ll.^uranl.•e Coiupany 
vf .-t. I'au'," i.n-l flu., 

1st, tiiai tin- C'liMfiniiytddniv or?flnlred fully la accor- 
danir wt'. tielawn ol lliU .-t.ilr. 

2id. ii.,11 t:ii- Uli!...! TS are (■.nip"»od of Mlniip'ot.-i 
li.t-li, thi- lii'.Nt of V I i,ni :iri- union:: thi- old<»t 
of t .i« St..I.', and li-,.i i::» rfi.i,t«ii. n of brli..: i4.o.t 
tlnaini.l ii.iii. In rriBam I." tli.' v.n.Utl.'U ot U.c mni- 
lUll^ , I linvi' t'l R«y t'Vil 1 liavc |..- -..ii.nally cXaHilned 

aiid'liivi i.i.-;.tol tin- I k« III l'..r <'.>iii|>;ii:y, l.'-ln,; iissis 

te.l t'.i veri. !■> the pi.Iil- 1 • s> <-t tin- itlUHHOl the roni- i 

pitiiv. ;lii- !• I ul I't <\i.. Il . Mindimt'i'ii iilii>w,th»t rttir- • 

iiur il.«. >I.. rr i.irlnd 1 I t!i< :i • \\su 1. r. It huf l-sMirt JSo . 

polii I. :*'.l!,;; r|.-l.i. li.vltir I" ni ciu to llvt- y<ai(i !<• ' j-,! 1 ■• . . 

run, HI t'l Hiii.iiiiii 1 iri.-j.w7(e.-.Mnut I'lir hixili ''f f<.|^ji{^(>pprt Minilpsofrt 

ti.-.sio.i..n;it ii.)iy...i l»lHn<«.itrl...k l,.l<i« i " '"^ P^^' ''^ *i"i^a«>t-M . 

on l}.iii^'-liwl I I urn liir-. I.r.isiti.; u 1 ii.--ll>, urnUx. h.iy. j 

Dtoik.^i-.: a cl ...'liol i..o..T.eii .• vfl.i. It |Ni«^iit.;<<l as the -r . »»» . -i i> • • <> i« 

cnini 1.1 111.. Ijiidiio -, t'l- tl..u.v«- lor »alv,ite beinj JOD >\ OTiv .111(1 IVOnairill"' Offtll 

umrh »;Vf..t'-r Il.ati 01. i.iiil.lln > | I O 

■fill ".iii'mi'i »f i'ri'iii.ii'.i ri" •■vi'd tiT Oir comriify 1.'a» ■ 1 • i i a 1 j 

fi.t'.iwK. H'l uj I »'.-.t toil. uiii.. . e9,5..S,0O; in pre- klDU.S (lOllC 'it f-JlOlt llOtlCC. 
iniu«f»<i<>t b $.-,t77,>.0. j .^__^_^___^^^^^ 

F." n Ces • ri.t< r r.»~ir! r..."-'n>pjinvr » bcln".! »nfo ' .. _,^ , " 

anl fp 1,0. ' "iir "• l,»ur. .Aili. it i.rlns |.\<li;!<!v. ly «.'|"|io |-?r^C'f I C fll/k / ' lirvrk i-v/-vfi^ 
hi.iiir aii.las su. li co'i.iiif 1..I" tt.-eil lo tl «■ J. 111.^ UL.tI lo IIIU V' 1 1 " cl I )" St 

eani'M >iii> id «.l tli"f». wm. flii-Wn tn f .Ht.T, cnc'iir A 

aKe a. 1.1 | lb>- lii.!ii»|iy. tnuip'lse, \vf»ltii and cup- 

ttaliif liiir •• tix 11- in ji'i'i. rcuf Iu It'stlln 

tioiii' ;.li I I' 111 l..r< l;n n.mi .-rirs, leai y . f wImoi, 

wlllf.iil t'l.- p..l:'.i.i!n- Id tin- I .ipii- id t'.il..* M:itf. wiin'.d 

bP ii!!iir:> iiiialiif l.i ni..<!i tain H'.irs.lvi » In tin* Stiitt 

W'll'di ilirk- i!»lni ...> t'lilr pifc- of Im-liK"...'. 

Wt'i M >iiiti-iin'..t ifi t!K>»c i;»ct%, snuniitled lor your 
gratilUiiUoi , 1 r'. tiiuin ur t-v.r, 

V<.a.» iri'W. 

liiO K. rOTTETl. 







Photographs ! 

I am now •ir-'parr I to take I'hofocrnp'.s, 
.\jn'.i't>i I'*.:.!! i .Milnli I lyi.i>-. Ill a »t>le tl.;^t 1 vs arrant 
to Rive ■ 

/;A' Tl 11 K. HA TIS F. 1 C Tl O.X ! 

Part ..iliiritttei.tlon^ivilifoeinUiIitV.S I'Utnrta. 

Tt\o5" ttlsiliii; (Jt.Il I'H'TIjI.E.? iii|ii<:.l or repaired, cho 
liKve lii. ill '!•!.. «• ti, i.-,.(i.! Nt«d... 
Call .-cc ».i<tcini<-ii» t:'.i>i't« ..v.-r Mr nt t K.dlofi's. 

(;!•;<>. 11. .-FENCER, 


q I irter of tli • North w st tpiart.'r of st'etci. • j]^^ '|-,ii,„.^ a: T,t>bO, an-l the Herald at 5,000. ! 

„.|,ef.m (1?. r--^'«;'';i' '""^' ';'""';'•••,:'"''';:;:: ru. W orhM^msa m..joritj for McCiellau of' 
l>-}n (fi:.! Norih of Raoire tweiilythrfo (2..J ■» • 

..' .' .'...:..:,... I \o »:T uio ..fp. .: ..t' i:in<L 1. h. 2.i"'t'. I 

ea y. 

Steamboat Ex:'loiion-~Th3 John. Ram' ■ in the w.r wliieh th^ L* .ii .• I siai-^s is 

Sey Blown up and Sunk. i v.M::;nk: i.pon us it \< van. tj c^cpi-cl ne/o:i:l- 

\\'r.».rortainin;r l.->9«7 lOOacrvs..fl:.i.U.>-.2.i»i». I I> .,1 P,-..., -nr, • 1., .„i,i, t\e ''''''""'''''''- "'•'''•''''^' '' '''^* '''' ''^T' ^''""" ' 

««entv (•»!») aire, herelofoie i .1 1 U- Geort- ; Il is Mated that Un.oks 'i def.-a'f 1 in the , " '•*' »' » -«' ^"" ^T' ' * f"l~V'» l-'<^ „^.;^.,j j,„j „. ,,;., f,i,v. u,- ,.^.,,^.^ to de.puir ol ' 
M,,:\M.i,r. ' g,h .Comrre..^si.,ual (New York) district The '""^l '^"'t'!® '"'«"''-»^ ^■'"^■'' *^-"'* <»<?-«rtvd ! ,„,.tv8s. '1 K- lailnre jf boiM- will be at eaded | 

Da'eiM>.t .ber 2f>«h. I'^r.t. ' . .,", .,■ ., ,; ,, ' Iniv, took plat-e in the river jii.>t below tlie ; willi a sin>e .f -e.vrniess aiM exhans' ion that j 

A-,-.;csrJs Loss, K:ieeu;.r ..f i ^\;*;''' «•'«'"'''.''•'' •* «■' ; . ! ,^^ „,^^,^ ^.^.,,„.,. i.-.j,,,, ..fjen.oon. '. « il: prepare . ur a Iver.^a: :«for no.;o..iati ... - " 

Henery K MilK dcrea.M-, . i 'Ihe Albany .Iour,.ul ctims N-w \o.Kin <■ • • .liTiil ihen. and Wme tl.ey were ra.nm- ihe.r 

_! I.t lea.t .-.(.<).. FJ.punliean maji-rilv. The] '» ^^^ f=-^%'''t ^-''^'^ »'>« J"'"' Ii'-"S-v and ,,,^„^ „|,.,., ,,, ^,.u ui, r'.eir farv. and ti.n.- 

1 ^rms claims the >.ate by l,:iOi) Democratic 1 ll'^' Albany, coinmin- np the nv.r each | ,1,^ .^j, „.,i,, v,iant.n/s of vicory, the pe'ilion 
IT. I lowing two barges of frcij:! t. A-. tl ey turned | fur j.eac. c .01.11^; Irjni n-, wouid b^- a.s MiiV^l 

v3 n4l it 

In Probato Court. 

rr^TK OF .Ml.S.SFS^TA. f 


I.e bend insl below the citv. the A'.iv.nv wxs • bii;; as the sipp.ieal:n- "I'lcibC, sir,'' w;ii-.-h is 

TUAVELlNli HA (J.S— of every variety, 
RUin)i:U GOOl'S— of all .'-ort.s 
Ri: i;iJ KR BL AN KETS. 



vv)rii.i:.-Ai,K AM> iiM a;i. i»:M.r.i:s 
III Forvign itnd iJunitufie 

imOi^, (ilKiCEllIK?. 


.Tllltlt) >T..1!..T\Vj.)'. •• .:m K-.'oN a ):on! l!T, 

^^W,^ ''^>A^^.^ ^^W.^.a 

iiENTUi;i;v «;tM'Prii dlsiilled 

1. vinr. ANP TNLAMiNAvioATinx nn-Hi^fr 0ir»t ' 

now 11 « ln'r< tulii'e. Kf 1,1 !r i; 1. r :.n.. lll.craln.i.dHI. »• 

2. bfhlM^S C<.tMaCTEl> *ltlnoiirlai t .lUp-tib nk.! 

In( tiriii y. ; . » « I 1 

3. LU-iSKS al« «y:i mot with pioiniitcrsit and rnmpk-t* 

•u»Mie. ••',,. 

] iET,mi)Miy.iB[^ .; 

S.TtlE ri.AN ANP Or.GANIZAJtoN „'. ,If ,«p„ ^f 
t-r 4.' y,.ii> ii.v.;ie tii;a. i..l^.r••«l|«*•(^ t1<' j<t<«tr>l 
P'l'.lir ;i. A.ii.tMif"- aii'l .-uri-tf!. 1 1 11.. v< ri..U). »)i.trri • 
ft Ur.- Il mir/ii.c.- In iln.- ruHutry. .'t la i.i.v Uti. r 



t^iii<'v..r |.i't'iiiirrd'j. 
S.'lf.,'-(fi I.'.*- ^•!.1;lll^ Im\». hei'ii Frtlli-d ami 1.- Id 
'ILIIN .yiLI.iO.N Of O .1,LAI!.-I 



\n I ire ttt'Kf!" I.rromonr r^iiirtl- 
tll;lt III) ot :••• lliu«.- In t'.."-!iy ■:;> 
er* (live usaiMlUctore (.•.••lu"'- 

< r !i tt"" »itj»1r.r» 

• III belter lol llrii 

;«'l»e« lit 11- ti4i: 

X II 1 K S C II 1: P. ' 6 

,ated''^as concid-jrabiy siuiUerc 1 but b yon 1 taat ; 

a eUate i.f lhediceas«<i fur ihe piyinentof • •. • ,1 «. .,. ..;,.... 

": , , . ' ' piibliean mi.i«>r.ty in the State i.tnna 

hi> ilebti. : ' ■* ^ 

No'.f therTorw it i;* or 'ered. That i»ll per- .'> O^O. 
m.ns inlurested in lue estate of .sail decca>ed : ^..^ vmr.iv.A. 

be ...dapjK'ar before the J udjie of Probate of. ^^.„^^^ ,^.^ .^^, 8.-Rcturns f,om nne coun.y. at -OS omcc at T*'^''"?^"^' '7';,';^ ^,^„,.,.,^.^ ,,,,,, „ ,,,._^ l-uiou gain uver i,,., ; bered with two burj^es she wa, n.iub.e to ren- 

. .^j ljj,c.,ui will ; '^■'^ '-"'y assistance, and came up to Inc Icvcc 
! will! he.- freight, 
i Tlje Mollie Mohier, which was lyiiig at the 

no .H-rions dania-e was done to the b.jut. Si.e ^jjj^^^ j; IM pl'OVE.M KN IS l.V .-'i. A - 

pwl buck, a.s Soon u.s posMble, to tiic wreck, 
but as that was on lire and ilic was ciiciini— 

i.\G .\lAGlilNL.->. 
E M M I P E 


Piitcnted February llti;, 1P60. 

131 Uroatlwoj-, X. York. 

eonnty al leu o'clock in the forcnoim 

fifth d.iy of D''cember, A. n l.^C4, t'» shotv I Oetober election. It is believ 

cauie wiiy a liceuse should not be granted t.» ^ jj^^. ^^^^^, ^y ^ j^pgc tnaj-rity. 

luiid aduiiuistratrix to sell w) much of the real 

f^'ate of the decea^cl a.s shall be necessary to kkiti<'KT. j ^^^^.^^f 1,^^^ p,,,, ,j,j^„ ^ the wneii im.ued ateiy i 

piy the debts outrttan-lin- as,'ainst the decvrns- ; Lowwvtli.e. Nov. H.— Kentucky 20,000 ; _^^ ^j i^.^ou-iit u;. the barges w.iieii iJo Rninsey | 

r.i and cxiKMiics of the j Democratic majority. Tha Lincoln vote iu i ' .•.,'1 ,„*i ,. nortuin of ihe cri:w which ' I^i^'v.*i!"<^^'TaXMi:^';c.r..T^^^ 

And It 1. further ordered that the fore.o.nR ,,,,,aAny previous lie-publican vote I ^"^' l^'f "^^ ' l""'*^" '' ''' '"" ll^-J.: -A^S?:;-;^- - - m.. .a... a... ...• 

onler be publisbetl in the Simkojwe Argus for i " ' ^ J' , , .survived. * o.ti;iio*in«-reiue^riocipaiobJect!ou«urgeua«aiD»t 

four successive weeks before said day <.f hear- ' ev.>r cast ;„ the wLole state. .^^^ following is a list of the LilU.-d and , •"'«i'«^.-i'XV.':i!L:7i« ii.e operator: 2. to g.-t 

in' ' R W U'BuI EX, Operator. ^, „.„1.1. „„t..r r tcr; 3. J-.Si..!:.«c, ....'f.l l;iu;; lur-.- 

'"-• - ' «k. . . V , I WOUIUloil : ip.iniiL;* Im.ipanty Ij ^cw eve. y •leih.r.plluu wf mate- 

This tl chine i<i-jn-trii,.tel mi anantlrelyiew prlnct- 
l>,v ul iiKCialiltio , p >s-M-».-MntC ii.aliy 1 -rv M.i.< % -iu*iaellii 

PI.-TOL CAR rUIDGES— of every variety. 

i^jyonos, liELTs,^- hahuks, 

Gig Saddles. "Whip Lashe?, 

Harnesaand Skirtinp Leather— oaJc tunned. 
lilU'SHES & CrilRY COMiJ.S. 
Whol.'sa'.e a:,d Retail, 
Persons in the trade will do well to exam- 
ine my stock imfore purchasing elsewhere. 

ortoISC^ Ut IKS 


:f»xtii. ijia'i "2?xti^E!, 

B THE rn\ciMi-Tfo\ OK rnopKiiTY r.y rinr in 

til* I liil.-d Stu'i-.^, ai.ui(...« ..MT IHiii'US.laili I* 
y.dir |.r..p<.r!} •.\p'y..-d ^i;id unprpiin ici » 

7. ai:k vir rNsiHi 11? if not.Hi,,.,,.,!' Ti,pr„„i, 

trlfjliix ; t'le itil) In in o;!.v..<^ ii,,. r.#iiM an,,- b* 
«..iir. '...p.- f,..uir»il. ~»l,;i»!.ti»„, ,.»al i.rtKi n<i± 

polniwits J '"•'"'*'"'"'•■•• '■^'•'■"» " <■■'«**•' J.*** 

S.t'AIlTICUI.AR ATT1:.VT:oN- md rrwr! I. i-JrH, »«.. 

•""^".f'"" ."wll,.,»i.irK' ..'v Ah:.., aiil 

».ipofiur imiiUKnlal aavaiit.n;< » ..ffoi-jrU. 

,^ir Polieics isiueii withot-.i Delay..j6a' 



M I L\\' A U KK E N K W S 


FOa 1864. 

Of 'T'Tv l.'tcrlpl'o-i k. p 

Till. } 831 \V,i, In rvrry j,.,lnr of vlerr. promlnea to !•• 
t'T iliii, f..uiiuv Ihe |.lu^t luiporlm.t per.oo itaat cri r 

corrM.'.:y om bjiid «r ni.ilf | <;;'i-*'-ltut....i m, ej.n n hmie p,„ iirm biwikih ol iiiankind 

:n< ,16 tr 

t'. or.lf r. coiMpri •■ni-' Iti I'ltt, 

ifir&iiiS 'J\rj!«««. €?«alr», &.c. 

InfiCt everytntr.p ill 'he Fiirnlli.rc Line. 

of ati<ir.<M andkli»4K »<'p' -■>n»tAiitiy on liard or made 

Jlavmc on liiTid » f'-W nMe. t^rt rt"cli of nensoacd 
In-ul.'-r. 4.iltabl9 f-r t'.e ni.iii.ii.utar.- ..f rii.-iil' 
..iffn.'vi- px;>.-rie;;<» 01 fio i..i-ln.«-, an » arof-clnsi' 
w ir;nie::ln ii'T eiijp'uy, I can warrant every article ta- 

Sen .r'lii, my shop. 

^' Terms CnA or Ready Pay.j^ 

\ pit-.IUul Hi «.,-» tiiiii la to take |.|»(. Ji |l,a ymain-Mun 
lMiOL«h..IIy1«iiore.',«iid tl,e tuii.p.di:!., HiTi'* otTli" 
.;'-,.\lti 01 U,e ls.u.»„t ftuke. 1. j.i l,e ou« ol tT«ll- 
ce1l..Cilt Inien M. Iiie Ori-at Kebelllou Im. II-wlicMa 
oreaii itacnUe«.».>l Uu ait.t wealt«<. sooarkrn our lai.d 
aimonrbi.p.H-niay vo.>lbly tuiiii:! wln-n U.« 
idoooy trji.fitoy ih..iided, [bocni>,lrf •»« rcn*..!) fe.torrJ 
tii«'n win pciic- bavf ber oait'e* t.j rt;<lit. |„r vltt.iiUi- ul>, 'no Ks, ren'iwne.) than w,ir." ioact anUlcll- 
K.nlan ir.-4i;y p;ilr|...tlc pan id tlila latter .oiLih tli* 
public Diind cuMiiii be loo ijiorou^jijiir lnf..rii.i-u of .ii 
t.1e arKoiiicnts ku.,t;eirtic by ifcu clMt»!i.K pliapet of 
l;iPCrt«..». Jlieluip.dnoslty ef p;i»,ioi,, f'.r initbdn .,f 
piijn lce.lberaiK«r«jB4itii»«i4a. t»«a...Bivi«; Uxn •li>iv* 
way, !t, I'.reeltJmj thej«i»:.ejit»,,t fi>til.««,/lc»i»k»i.>iJ« 

^^r: on U0la:e. .r.t, n.-.t .....r to tbe Ao,er^.n ^^^^^^^l!^-:::^:^^^^^^^ -• 

111 be Ilia mlH>k.a ofttil* paper, in Its polj.tiral 


l),itcd, October 14tb. 1MC4 

v3 nil 41 

Summons* * wiTONsiy. 

•TAt»OTMi?fNES^>TA.]. f DNtru t Cnnr . 1 Mii.wAiUKK Nov. ID —Wisconsin will give 

■.■--,,.» ol Scott. i IJlli Ju.JUIal Ul.trtit. '. „ . -. .1 1. 

(.••niy 01 acotv. ^ , IJDColn about b.bOO majority on the ht>ine 

A»brr>*e B. Waiter, 
DavU W. Bmdt^r- 

) ( C.8. Intrrnai Uevru«r I 
> \ X O- lit*. > 


Judgeof I'lobate. Loiisv.lee, Nov. 9.— .N:i.>hville gives Lin j sey. 

' coin 1.2C7 majority "^ j Captain, M. W. llairiiJ, left leg broken. 

I'liot, L. W. llejlaumi, un'auii. 

l^l Gierk, S. S. Kid ier, ov.r left eye. 

iind " IIS. Slingiuff, ui.liuit. 

Jjl Enginevr, Win. 1/ta, mihurt. 

2,id •' Win. l>oniK*gan, unhurt. 

Aiate — W. M. Dean, unbu.t. 

('a.-jH-'nter— C. C Dunn, unhurt 

Fireman — Joiin UoUiuicyer, Irom Durand, 
Yon Mi;7.wby summoned aipl required to ' mates ibe Cnion mi.j ^rity in Pennsylvania on \v,s., inslant.y killed. 
•Hswerihc complaint iu this action, which is il.e home vote to b.; from 6,0U0 to 10,000.— F.r.-man— A m. ILiggerty, cut over the 
fiea in the" ofB.-c of the Clerk of yije .\ge ihc result doubtful ou the f'S'" •■>*■*• 
litis coort in Shakopee, in the ^aid county of ^ J ckkw. 

jtcott. and to serve a copy of answer , ""' 

thereto on the subscriber at bis offi.'c in the : DEf-iWARH. 

town of H^-Ue Plaine in the -<aid county, with- ; y^^ York. Nov. 10— Delaware has gone 

The State of Minnesota to David W. Bradley 
the above named defendant : 



pHti..\PF.t rni A, N».T. 10— The T'ress csti- 1 

rial; i- i»i»asree»ole uolsc * liilt in operutiuu 

Tlie Efflj'irc Se\»iBg Macliine is eifinpt from al':l!l|!l; 
llifsc ohjfctioBJ. 

It h.isa straight iicc lie. pHrptitaiciriar actton, make* 
tUel* kK ur».»l.iH't.Siil«-jl. wuien win .^1,11.111.1 
Kie a..r ilAVKI..aii.|l< u.i f'.l" s'les; p;rl.»rn>» 
ocrfca »<winB oa .-very utt$ rlptinii "I luateruii, tr-.tu 
l.ntiieri^lbi. 111. •■»•..'> annua M'lMiii.wtUuoit 1.1, lion. 

John King, wounded and in St. Joscpb | f^'flj*^,]^^ 

o, ,IIK ilir.«d,!i.'ni l.itf coaTicet Votiie rtneal numoer.»lnvri.OO «U tl-.aiil I le ieaat 
p.)s.-.lbie l.lttioii,U rui-»a»»uioutiiassla*". andU 


iLreinlri-a FIFTY PKH CENT, less power to drlTe It 
t:i.oi i.iv otneruiucUlne la xuartrt. A siri oftwolve yrar« 
■.-1 aseciu workitiieaaily witaoul fatigue or injury to 

its sirengttj and WONDEUFCL SIMrUCITV of con- 
«tnicii..n render it almost imp Mt.-llde i" set "Ut 01 oruer, 
i.IUUCAHANiEfcO by UiecouipanytoilTe entire sai- 

tu twenty days after the service of this sum- J^^.^;ig^l^^ ^y l.-)0 majority. 

tcons on yon, excbui ve of the day ol such ser- ^ '^^ ^^^ ic« j J / 

♦ice • and if yon fail to awwer the said com- j kkw jfkskt. 

HaiAt withio the time aforesni.l the Plaintiff PuaAPn.pniA, Nov. 10.— The rcsolt iu 

ril» apjly to the Court for the relief demand- 
od thwein. 

DsteJ, October 19th. 1864. 

■ . A.G. Oh.vttieu>, 

^3 n4x 71 Att'y for FlaintiO: 


TJinrsD States DEPtrrr Collector and 

.- »»«w«^Mafalial for Scott Oo«ntT. OCBce at FarTn- . - 

I, frsr^«?5!"||i.'^^'^^ii KfTwroa staiwi for ^^^ y, coDseqaecce of storms. 

New Jersey is about 7,000 majority for Mc- 
Clelbu— two Republican and three Democratic 
members of Congress elected. 


New York, Nov. 10. — It is stated that 
Kentncky and Missouri have gone Democratic 
tboagh bat little has been heard frou the 

' IIo.<pital. 

James 0'R<-illy, unhurt. 

Chris Fmoeity, unhurt 

Denis Hini.s unhurt. 

James Mc.M.ihon, wounded. 

Jonn McGjc, leg broken and iu West St 

Michael Melville, killed; body at Ibc Court 

Falrick Cochrane, missing. 
Daiiiel Sweeny, killed 
James Jorilau, wounded. 
Edward Kearney, killed. 
Peter Sowers, unhurt 

Fat. Drnoran a deck band on (he Bumsey in i more espooK! manner ''^ ';;'%»''<•" '^.«',Pf,\"f"- 

kVK;.%!tEssMAKBK."., c6k--ei; ^l^^^'^^;,^ ^jj^l" 

Elil-hES. siiOE Ui.\l>EHi, VEaT A.M> rAMALUOA 
allj dealt with. 


No. 1. Family Machine, with Hemmer complete. tMM 
•' 2. Small iUnulact'n;. wilU Jiiteosion lab.e, 84.00 

3. lairKe. for Leather, with roiltnf Coot.*c.. 



We want agents foraUtowns In theCnIted StatesCan- 
da.Cut)a.Meilco.C«ntral and Soutli Anieric*. where 
Mencies ire not already esUblLhed, to whom a liberal 
alwount wlU «>• given, but we make no cousignments, 
a.T.McAftTHCR* Co., 

ASt, Broftdw«7> ^' ^> 




iiOOKS &c. 

Also a good assortment of 


Tiie latest itylea of L.idies', Misses' and ClilMren' Hats and t'ntrlniuied. at 


Next door to the I'ostOfllce. 


I aiB uow opening mj 

Spring and Summer Goods, 

Particular attention paid to all orders, 


<one over in any shape' desirable, and on short notice. 

-~.V -R—rheae goods win be sold CHEAP, and for 
CaSh oKLY.aa they hare been bought exctnslvelyfw 


8h»kop««.Mwnb.l8««. T0»nol7:fl« 


D. L. HOW 

Wholesale & Retail 







All orders from Country Dealers protapttrattcnded 


»tprlc«§wb»el» Mtotttsh the People, at- 

HOW'S Druffgift 

department lo n-litr eviry nttlu^- .liii.oMuiiiij t. lui i.rn* 
its r.'ji.Ieri wah Iticse oUvmus :«(.•t^uua prt-i-nre ib^ i<iit^ 
iiclortiieurcitlcr wurk. wuica muMnttda sutieeii iL« 
lU-Nolail.jii ul arui» > 

'ilie oil), r departments of the paper-niws.nn.rf lUny 
market-, At .— w« call aim to makv uttll lofcr.- In. renin* 
and tn.ii it may a.Ways Ut a ««;i».ouje auukt at 
the lamlh tl•e^i■Je. •-»•••« 

.Now IS l!ie time foronrWen.XhroschcBt the Hate \<* 
l>u»y them^elvcslngfitini; nptlul)-, r.-iicju«ii umiitMu. 
al Hu:)gLrlpiloii%ao.iiBteroiiHuitli<i..a.l^aT|Si|!TT.i.T.^ 
.•Xl.-iid ..iircTrcij/«t!(.ii lor the ioni;t,p 'rlr A^Burh 
Clio t» will be tlioiou^u;y appreciate.', aud u.ey \ir \>to- 
dilctive of mil. Ukoo.'. 

.A?" ^'JS"*^'"" "', ^l""* ?** • '* l*^ nnrxjirp'ed in If» 
_ .. . .. itjoaaln 

past, and U exceeded by On^ofuo ottier . f' ^ ^ 

Alriady we are enabled lo present thrnopfrlfl new- 
ly ui> ami an improved tonn by tUegei.erou* rx.frtlon« 
of Ur trends, und a cuittlouauc* of this nUbllc-*plrlte<l 
aid will ensure corropoudliig iiturisou our pan to an 
bailee Ita value. " ' I . . . I \^ 

TtTM.". ' * ' ' ' » IC 

After thlsdate.antllfurtli»r notice, the terms of lb* 
.Milwaukee New* will be as loll. w»: 

DAlLi— Served by CurrlerM at t3.1.« per ituoit'r, *r M 
cents per week, hj uall, $» tor stx uouths, t2.te 
for three months. 
SEMI-WUKKM— liy mall. $«.00 per rwret %1M foe 

fix luotitUs. ' ^^ 

WEEKi-V-.-fliisie copies t2,'0 per year. Clabs af tTa 
%lJAt each per yeur. 

Igg- All subacrtptloos are iavarteUy panibU la ma. 

MitwArErr.JaIyI.U«. - . "0K*'AC1. 

I 'I 



jOV AtlWXINflll .11 

Also. WareboAM trnAs, better" Pr«jb«i, ft*.. *f 


e^tS«ear*fhIteb«ronl7th« ^entilne' ▼ 









T H E 

TO coiisr^PTiVEs. 

Con..mptive sufferers .ill rmivc a ^f^* glJAKOPEE AllCl US 

b!e prescripUo* for tUe cure ot Loasumplion ^^*-^^ __ 

Asthma, Brotwliiti*. and all Throat and Lunp, j — - " " 

affecUoiw. (free of charge,) bv epmliin: thoir, A^^l^^ 

•t::L... A. w„«», ; home I^3l items. 

WilliiinnViurjr. ; rrr— " 

King* «'•» . 
•1 d38 3m N*^^* Vojk 

Shakopee, November 12, 1SC4. 


MY wife, Fannv Sutton, having left my bed 

■nd boaM.luUlo low'n ..f Sprl..;,- Liko. f-''»' '■''"';'> • 
Mlxn.. without caun* or provocalioi.. o ii or «hout the 
1Mb ofUctob^r. I thiTelor.- w.irii all not locr^.m or 
lru»l hev on nir «ccouiit,»t I will not t* r.syoti»lbIe lor 
mar >XH>t* or l.ill* lOiitr.iit. ,1 by hi-r irom this J»t.- 
9hako{ta!i-. tXt. 2M1I, l.-<». 


M. C. Russell. 

" Be sure you're right* than go ahead." 

Jrrvlceson Suml.iy dl 10', .\..M.: an.l 3 P. M. 

j Winter i^ cuniing Willi his *<>lii chill) jJq paper.— ^Vo are uboiit to Irad.' tiff 
; brcalh (\o.,) :i- i- in.liiiit.d by tli^ ficc/.'u\c? ' ,„ir p,v.-.eiit •• (Ircs.s" of type, for tiTiolht-r- that 
ijiul,',--, anil colli. Lcin iiot"wcstci I hut liaf bpcu we have mado arran.rx'nK'iil.^ lUfg'-l in larl- 
bluwiii'.' lor mv.'iuI tl!>y:« pasl.carr\injr an eilge ; bault, in couspfjuvnce of which wo will be uu- 
sufficitnlly ktL-n lo siiavc a in:ui. The south- uble to ^'Ct oiil our regHlar is^uo next week, as 
ern porli»nof Minhi-ota.a- weil a^ \VL.roi:- it will .-onsunio most <;r the ftCek in nuikiiig 
sill, mil i-\i-ii further east niuL-outh.havr Leen tlie chai;<:e ; but Ihr-renft' r vvc will l)c furlL- 
vi»iictl bv a teriibh- ^ii<»w storm of a foot or comiii},' every S.itnr.lay ;nyrning, iu an improv- 
two. wliile the rivir at l.aCri> is nported ed fiinn. 

as bcinj' frozen over ; we can etiiiirratiilabMi 111-- - - 

sc-lvfsthal ire don't Imc d.-wn in that cold Ebction.-La^i Tucsd.iy p!»s«'^od off in a 
countrv— a hmidit d and filty or two hundred , very (|uiL-t and peaceable manner ; no brawls 
mi'es south of thi.«. where it is already the ' wc.c hcare. no drunken men seen ; but wa.s by 
dead of wint.-r ; while we up here don't expect , far the most (I'li.'l w<-ek day our town has ex- 
to'scc any -no a' to s-|.eak of, nor the river [ pe.icnecd for a Ion- time. We were surprised 


Uet. S. W. PoNP. Pantor SiTVlt-f » on Suii<!i«y at Jp. x 
P.nyer mvetliiK \V«!auosljy «viMitui;cut7 uVlock. 

dose the 2.')th ;, go . n. je 

K «il t mat the KOdd order and leeling manifested, and 

At Wholesale Only ! 



, — »«.— r 

\rinv;in W'MUMlrv M.-rcli.-mfi", Podlari, Tr.i<1er». PtiT 
liMS, nii'l tJf.i-r.i' DcaU-rs cau umlie i-ii»niiou<.pi<.U:N iifj 
on a slll;tl!^lHl•^t;llO!ll! 

.Ifwolr.- oi'iiiv p»ii-iii (irii'ulit.v «»i'l l»i i'tiy iiuaiitity 
lii;iil.t""r'l-r. '«.•/•- l•!.!llll.■ll•'^lor rti y ^.l.l^!i'.l w..rk liir 
tilslie 1. Utj" I'l'.tinflur pil 1 lo ;.iii.pi>iii>: Aiir- 
ilont-.Ts, C'Jiiuliy Pcildi-s, liiJluu Xni'ler.-, and Aruii 

Any >ty> o! fia nU m.«inif.irtnr.i l,»iK-h as Invrntlons. 
etc ;il sii'iit iiotl, I-. <;jV;-)iU'iii\:i-slii'-' (Mi ri;-*. ^ylli 
asii'i.ill .•ai'iMl.iH" """ ioii>taiil .MiiivloyuKm! lilusttrl 
rat'-il listsan I liiil iiartkulur-: l;-.o. 
Tilt: I'llOFlTIM Tilt KJTAU.llil I.S VLl.V LXir.l 

A>a!e -i'll'pTy cm U' carrii ■! in a kiiap^acU. li*i:' 
viilisi'. or ca I" I l>aS,a'Ml will 'rtil bl^ lil;t.' books- bulky o; 
liitoiKLMiiriil t'l carry I.i> ,i [jl.ufVo jilnri'. 

lvi:MKMi;i;u a.notiiiCK tiii.m; I — Tiiis busiiies 
is strictly hoiuirible ! ;^ir- T'l^-ro i- no nee' 

. , , 1 ,.,„i ..„i.,v vour " w inn " and " ire- ' licpe that Shakop >e will live to t>ec many more oi iii!>rop.os. utu-^- oi .•xasTaiu,;;. ^ 
blowdiarils, ami I'lijoy yuur w.irni, j"" >.«■•■ j i • i , , t!iriii<i-iv..i«,au'i ino >■ iiitiii*«lvi;5! I 

ur sooiU show fp 

uial " climate, this"co'untry .suits us qiite well just such day.s-Democrutic^and orderly. 


It is a Ii:!siiu~s 111 uliirii an uuple aU'J S:illstHi tor 
eqiiivaiciit ls;.iv ii I'lr llu- ii;'iiu> r.' auil ii. fi 
couiii_'lii>; l.ii'ti: i> ti"M:k<'ti-"l at tlw Kiiiic tUin'. !Ms;i 
i)ccui>.ilitiii ill will.:!, nt por^iin iimiI Im" mr.iM or nM aine., 

Ef:3<'I)oirt l)uy your Goods where rou will 
liave to pay Hie Krira Chicago Pra/it. 

^3^Biiv tVotu lliose who brin<>: Ibeir Good;^ 
lUreiTj'ivm \hc KASTEIiN MavMs. 



sad announcement of the death of Mr*. Clara, 
C.,« into the inc.,o.ur. of OEOKr.K sniM.T. .„ th. | wife of our hishl y esteemed friend, Charles T. 
\Z^r:'{^^^";:^tfltk:^n^^^^^^ Met7ner,of Hclle IMaine. Her doath took 
MBEK. RED ana vPiiiTK -'''''^^ J''^. "%";: "1 ^Jjj' phiLC 00 Moudav. October 31st, le^s than two 

•Ucrls r«iii«»liU to prove yropirly. t«> i>iari,ii., and l •'•>-^ " • . ., . 

lAit u away. moiitlis from the day of her marria-re. ^hort- 

Date.l at kagic Cr»e!t. 5cT . JJ. l»4. i ' . , i • p • •* 

u«vJ. Ufc'.mr.E sciIMiT. iv after their marr aire ihev paid a brief vwt 

to what iiortion they appropri.nv.i -j- ...v.. Arf}i,,,-g for l^cceniber, is a-^ain amon*: | «M't!i'ii"' To^MVl.■w^•'i■V/.li^l^^•■'t^l" iu^^^^^ 

.. .,« tl„.v merely cut '.he shecps throat.-, '_ •**'*''*^"^ "» .. _ ' " , f | la^^e a'l.l Jil l.mtat^, ai-.l irui.i (.«r UiiiKi'sp'rloncnra-.i 

the welcome visitois to our sanctum, and is i insiirfsiiisM' t' 

Wl-as'vtlO l>aV \'\ il'lValKC. St ito 

OfC'.l. ari'l w 

ml of 

I 1.....,'- llio liloO'l This should be a hint "'^ "*"*""■""" •''=•'""' '^ ""' ' "■ ' What siweVinrqiantyot Uii-jil, inv'wallfi'.l.aMl w,- win 

and lii.iu^ i''^- oiiMi I. jiist what it alwjns has been, a nia;;nzino cf scii'i iIk- samcaaicoiea pay by li.xprcs, ui t.ic c - 

to all tho.e ownin- sheep to be on the alert ^^^^^ ,i^^.^^^„^.^ „„,j ,i„-,j,ea a^.bions. Address ^'"-" ''"''" c;oi.l) and stM r.u >vatchrs. 

for the ctumy, and l<eep their sheep inside the | ,j, ^ Arthur. 3'23 Walnut street. Pldladcl- 
fortificr.tions. cspecidly at ni<:ht. if .hey have ^.^.^ j,^^^^^ 

Howard Association. 

to their friends in 

the'' which time any. and if not, go to work and build some. 

, p.iia. 

— -^ ">•— . 

I she appeared to be in pcrlVct laalth-and a ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^,^;,^^ j„ „,^ p„,t ^-eelj 

PHlL.%.OELPHl.4, PA. [day or two subsciiuciit to theirrctiir;i, .she was' ** ^- - ■ 

ISEASKrf i>f tho Nervous, heminal. Lri- j^l^j.^ ,j^,^^„ ^.j^jj ti^t, terrible contas;iop. 

' nary ao<l Sexual Sytt-ms-new aiil r.Uable treat; t • ■• i . • r.i :ii. ,.„. 

luTnt-in report. • f t-.r .""•"'t . A>=.o.i,^tn.n-^r;;",.^> smalipox ; and after a bnol but painful illness 

■■■ "- ' -•••'«»i> ... ^^^^^ (fonncrly 

of Mr. d. C. Mch'arland, of tliat place, and 
was loved and esteemed by all who knew her ; 


S!M^!;i^X:.HA^^uti;rN:-'"^i^'Np^^ la^t. Mrs. Metz 

street. Puiiaueiphi.. Pa. ''l'''_li^ .M i.-s Clara Frtcinai:) w;<s the 

witl. a pLficct ru-h.from botli far and near — | 
The r;irui.-rs have pot ulon-r pretty well s\ith • 

Taken Up. 

Oooil movi'fiieits.i!).! ni cnufactuvfil in t!ie 1"'st man- | 

iit-r, if puri!'-rial. all war. .luti'd at priro.< f.i.iii ft'* l« j 

Jil'j iai-!i. S-iit HI ywli-ri— jiBv ri.'ilr. t'^l bv IWiiOS".— i 

!«ail>f.«'t:"n yiiarcitro i! All wauliis atlir.-t prico; they ; 

__,„^„_ bt*lii« "f •■ur own I:- piirt.ilion. 

CU-cv.!ars free I V f.iail! fri-iiJ for t^u^m!! 

T. &. 11 •lAl'CtlAN, 
• I Ma;iufactiiri- s ail I Imp I'.i'T*. 

v3li40.1:n 716B.-;oamv.\v Nt-W-VoiK. 


r.n oral. out rU*- lit i.f .\ >v«, (Hip y 

Ihsir thr'shinjr, and we may expect to see ibe , pf,t",'„.rty. parvinr,'-san.i t..i;ptii.m away 

IJy the Mib.siTil'cr at IJloomiiiirton FtTry, ', (Hip yo^ie of nn- i'lini 

w 11 r Is re lUistcd to prove 

Great American Tea Company 

wheat trade runiiins wild about our streets 
from this on, and no little con^pL-tiiioii will be j 
e.vhii.itcd bct-.v ■'•!! ohr buyers. Wo a'e %\i<\ j 

akc .Ht of! 

sze.1 UKD .-IKl-.U.s. ill 
lopcrty, I . 
Bluuuilusi'oii .Viiaii., Nov. Ui'.i, lioj 


D. 1. Storer, 


DiiiLr in Choice 

Family Croceries 

Wheeler & Wilson's 

Togi'tbef with ai' liiiDicnM' ^lO,.■!c of ^ " 

CrJa^^ware & Hardware'. 


l,^..^;U|rj^^to^U:^.^ COMPANY. 
Tjnj:;lw .Sos.Mi.C \.-»-ys...N.\ 

Tak^ no^iiTurTii^pleasautliid unsafe M-nli- this his sad and early bereavement, and we : „^;;„;;'„,;-n,u:,j,,y i,;,,, haj ocea.sion to -o | 


ULT h:is th<> Fvaipathv of his many fri-nds and ; . «..:3„.„4. ■^T,. I^^^f» i nrn^r.- ' — 

. ,',*., •. • ' ScnCUS Accident.— >ir., a rnrp.i. ^ ^ ^ "SJ <*! 

acfj.iainlaiicis throughout H''^' <-">"'"' '"'.V. '"■ ^^.^^ ^^.,,ii,^ ^^„^,,. ,j h. puttin- np the frame of 1±^ JtV>V Xr^J. W.x>.r^ 


Tor nnpWMnt an.l .l.inz. rotm .lis. ,i.»«, use IIKI.M- 

dorti-nieul of the in»tt prominent i.hy-l. l.iii> in t..r I . s. 
I* now ollere.1 to aflli te I hniiiaiilty ...^ a <T»alM .lit.; for 
tiiefollowlMBll*e^"«"<i nyn'pt""" orl/lnafii.x- Irom 
dla^a*^* an 1 of I'.e UriM*ry or .-extal l>r!<ai.«. 
Oeneral IK-I.hitv. .M.ntal an-t Pliysl. .' I pr.-.,-...' Iio 
liecllUy I»«f«rmlnutiM. of Ul.->'l to tb-- Utail. «, .i,lil«.-.l 
M.-i« Il.»t,ria, «.-ii<-ral irrilabiat.v . K.>tl.i-M.-s>i an. I 
ti|erpIrM!ir?.« at .MiJlit. Abs.-n.^-of .Mn-cular KlU'rl-ni y. 
L..«...t Ap:..-t.i«, Kin.KUt|..n. JA* Spirlis. I> —r • .nl/ i- 
tloi. or Par.»ly.Hl» «f iheOrsannof •.'•ii-''-atl.. i. Pilp't^tioi 

• f 111.- ll-»rt anl. ill f»<t, all th." co,„ori,it .i.i^oi., N.rv- , - ... • • i . 

•«. «n.|l*<'>i:ilalelstiteof th^ syst-m - lo lii-iiu- til.- i,.'Mr Ii to llif "lOUllil. WUt H lie wa.S plChCJ Up 

««uTni. cut till* out. A«tforllKI.MI«ol.D.v T.k- "W'illinO' HaildS.— NeVCr ulIoW VOUrHll ; •^"^- **• ^ , / " ' ' .... '. 

•thrr. iur,..<uarat.u-e.i. s'reaiv..t.>en..'..tiiiai....h.T w iiiiUo iiciija.,. I for d;'ad ; he finallv, howevcr. came to ITc aii'l 

'•'•-± ' '"— "• ''^■' '•■ '■■' ^ '"■"•■. '" "- , '■'-'■■' ';?" : „ 1 Jci^rA v..! ;.ci.g .■»i,..-.i » 1. w» r..„„ I 

.»rti^^.^^s^z;'^:^"^X'ti^' :,„;ir;";i" ■•"■'•■ " '" '"'•'•'' ^' '"-' »-' -"■ «- '-"-' "■""'• '"- 

The prejnii.e .xistliiK in th.- niitii- "i m .i.y lo-r^-ti (.eni.^nils y OUr IMtm 

aif.'iln^t whuar.- .l-iiomitcl pat.-i.t ii.r.:l. in. s at ■••••. 

vr.KV n::-Tq.Mrt!.u of ti a. >rfK 
' ~ - ■' ■ oil 

cannot cffra more sontaini^ su-est:on, tuan ; ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^ disarr^n-ed rafter, and ; s./^ ^-/liri: i arVi '• vn n?:i. K:tt:irs.^Vr,.p-.^v. .on 
to remember that, '• lie dm-th all thin^js y^^l^'' ,^^ „.,,..Ji]v f. Le suspended on a ^.^t of , ^-'''-•^"'"-";;'^':;^""^'"»^''""^^-""'^ 

Since the abo^e wa.v in type, we learn that : ^,^^ ^_, .^.^_ ,^^,J ^^.;,j^ ^.^^^^^ j^^. „,,,„ i,,i,„,., .,„d '_[ ob'tlCCO. 
hermothir (Mrs. McFarland) has a'so dud j„_j,,„ ti,^. ,,,,. ration .some of the timber., be- j ^,„nn r.-t or.rvthin^n-n'ivitrrt m .nTirsT rr ap? 
fiom this dieadlul dinuse, and Mr. M. Farland , ^; ,,,,/ whi.h frightened the men hold- ^l^il^U-lrV:^,^:^'::.^^:: Jj^-^^: ^^^^^ """^ " '"'' 
is said to be lying very l.w v^iru the ,un.. ^^ ^,^; ' wher, 'up.^n the spur of the J^^^^l^-^J^^^ ^^y_ 

mon.etit, thcv let po their i.yld, pn-c pitatmg 

i c^rleelallv when aiiytliin;r "« . , , t u 

,- . ■ ,• ,/.. ,. .;, ti:at his hi.nd and :;rBi was ».;idlv 

<.k-:ii.iiin:i »./Mi ii.imi'ijiate atfcntii n ; nf\<i .-n [ . . • , ■ • i 

, : . , r . , 1 .: 1 ,1 ,'. ,f ! .si<h.-s be lU' oli.erui.«e scrii/asiy bruiSL-l. 

S7.'."tV;rrVar.l.rnt»»al.; Uut. a. It.s v.r-,,.-. an.l ro.-l 1 down and -ril v.- b. 0:.'l-.- Hi C has dcCldc. tiult ; - , . 

!:::;rX!i:!n:;;i';n.^:::::uo';:{:b/y\hr,;:^X;::;^^ yo»sha!lh.borr.r your daily bread ; ami ifj p,irEP7.-<>" M^-'^-'-'V 1^'>'. l^^^rdy. 

1— ■'• vm^e ej^Utra_luU|el^U.M.Ma,.K^r m^a ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^.,j,. ,^ ,_^.,. ^^.j^i,,,^,, ^^.„^^^ ^.^^ ,,,^,.^. : ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^.^.^^ ^^^ ^._.^.;,.. ,^,. „„.,,^j.,j .^,,. 

*"D'::J4:n^.-. vonr p.rn,U..on T « :.^ ro..y ... .»,. «" "'- ""^"^ '""^"" '" T^f^ """"'=^* 1'"^'*'"'^ ; '^^'':^ "'"^ ^"^''"^ ^*='"^ '''"' '" -'"■^■''''''''■'^^ 
;:rr::^':L!;A^7r:^:U:^^"»:piG'l^-"^^ "'"' '''^^'I'=''" "• ^' ^'" ''" ^"^ ^'*"''' " ^'=' i u..d co..sid..rable stock chan;:cd hands at fair 

• c ■•- 

a, - 

1 15,000 


this country 





ril.i.'.. if.t llAPM*.N.C:i-nr!«'. 

A C arU ro tliw Stifl^r.-in^. 

HWALI-OW two ort'.irr« hoei«tu-a.!»..f •• ISnobn 
»lc Biil<-rK." " .Sar«a:>;ir!ll.'." ' N.-rv':i 

.<tnTf coiir. or ill the iarrioi-i, asi! 111 searou j ^^^"^^^ ^^,^^^ ,^..^.., , j^,^ ^ j,„,,^ |.j-;>i„.e>s but 
- j of company tqitally d..;rim. n-d ti>- cii '"J"^" f.^:^,.,-,,! ccnntry editor, that doi.'i know enou-h 
• T... 1 trious cominuuiiy as your-olf ; f,'o to yoar I .^ ^...j^ j. _^^ ^ .^"^ y^^^^.^j j:^.:,,^,^ ^.^ su»«./V I'l.c 

otn of Ills fdiuw-i iCi;turi'-(r) 

r u widkini: whiskfy-jii;^. 

Fi-icnds — V*'*- hav.- bt -n pi '..s-d to m: ct 
.sevcra! «>: our Ik^lle I'iaino fiiind.* wit'.iii the 

*"'•'"'"•" *;,;:; hi->:no. and in.-tead of makin?<'ira joath- 

*n1 after vou arf >atis.n.-'l with lb-- r-<iilt. t!i.;n n > ■;;-; , •''" •" 
ril.l.S-*n.J br r-.tor.-.| l'. U<alth aiil vi-,'..r In l.»- than . -'""^ "'■''■ 'oni.i 

■ ■' " ' ■ li.a--ciiold wid b'- 

I'l'i VhaVtVreTVo;,..tuiit ..B. •)! I fvi V;';',';- ',;'" proud tu call you a member of : l»esy your-clf 

•ni witU atv.iMt,'t;;r. Inivo't'-.l ai'.l «..w in lUt- t / .< ' _ 

St we. k, who loi.kcd as ii;i-urul ;»s an o!il 

thirty .lav., ib.y -r- piireiv * '''^'••'i • «;l';'-''';' *■■ be all oiiiaineiil tii:»l anv 
Uke.vronipt an.Uitlutiry l.i th-ir itr-t^.m t >" l.rok.-i. 1 

4uwii .iii'l * 

:nii«i«iat«»uniTby ^. , .. '''V- ^ *'' ''v , V ^ at .Himcthiii..' that wll 1 1 autdv or otherwi.-e n.,o 
Onj:3:« «#-A.:.i.ti..rf..-ri.ite-!siit.... ! i,,.,.,.5t u,,l a,l,i t,. th- co'ir.rt of that liome; | j.^ot • th.-V were I'l hK.'<i!i'' will, .aid of c>>ur.-f 

» J A il)X .if ihr Pilii> ^ei-nrely p«''lo''l,* "'b«' i!iii'< •! ! , . ^ . 1 ". 

toany»i.Jre..onr.T-iptof ,r'..-. «Ki.h !« Of ^..-.i r j aisd if } ou have iiotiiii'.'r oi "11 jo-rtanee tli;,t r,.//,,^, «-. li, at^ i aj^peaie 1 to haVv^; plenty ( 
r^t'ir ii'.oV"i',;^n''""""' '' "" ^'"' " ■■""" "'■ ^ ; denan !> u.ur utten.:on.a,.d a ..itrhbor sia:.d« .p.^ „.,..;f^l. as m.i.y of l.e::. came d-^wi: t 

— --- j in need of a.s.Msta:i-.", lei.d him a hand. luni ' .,i(^..,,j jj.^. j.-, !„jgi li.n.l .-•;,'.(.. .lud-cvcral iiia.!e 

notice i- hereby pivenlhat I li.ive r>-> eiv..,I ji,,.^..!,^. sin-n^^tln n il.e i-„.il> .,( friend.diip inx] j j,„rch i-es We are rlwav.- ;,'h.d to meet oui 

ZrtZZ ''Lr' Tii^m'''l'!"f all 'uch ■ ^"-l ^- '^"•' "' "^^ ^""^ '''"'' '" "'"-^''^^ '••'' 'nends of other ami haj pier .Uy., atul hop- 
person'^ ure requested to c"a!l H'ri.'l ^il.'M ||ie } <-«>»'m:""l "f il»-' <:'=Men; Um attentive to ii,„t wl.en u: y t f ilium an.- in they \\i\ 
■ame at my oflh-e ui lh«* Farmers U,.nk, Shiik the liitlc reqiiTem.nts of dim;e.-,tic lifi-, ami 'p.,.,;,],^ ij„. ;.,.,. iv,.«'ed to cail on u-. uiiii 

ope«\ !'• " • Wii M iM.««, I .ii^ehurir' them with uhurity rn ! in a p!ea an: ^y^, , „ i,-ii„tce ti.fv wi 1 fn:! th ; lateh s^iiu^'on 

D-rpt. Provo. Marshal. Scott i.'ounty , ^^^^^^^^,^.^ ,^^. ^^,^.^,^ ^.^^^ ^ j,, .^, ^ .,,,^j ^,^.^^^._ j ^^^-^ , . . 

• — ' '" ' '. ideto those of vounjier venr.-; if von ate in . 

Two PirriRES (ONTVlMSlJ ONE IIIXIKI:.*,* ' . ,' , ' • «, , — #, <■ • 1 T I 

1 ikem'*<'s, .51) otlhe Fniun ^-m-rais ! t'.ie cmpl.yiiienl ol another, let y».ur enciga-; Sluko; f.G ExprOSS.- Our f-i'iid. .1 ..m 

and 50 of th* rebels; size of sheet IT liy ^1 j be lively exerted in his favor, in ail honorable ! Kr;;y K. i| . i.a.i ;i-..i«i coaiii enccd rnniiitijr an 

inch, beauti'ully uri:iii;fed, will bc^siiil by j ways ; let all your dutie.? be ptrforiiied in a , ixpie-."- a:id p i.'vscn;:er lino betucen St. Can; 

atiU SliakojK-e, and willconiiiuu' t.» do so dur- 

j to put in your tiiiie with as liltio l.dior ;'s pos* injjthe tomiiijr winter, lie wi'l leuTJ thi.-> 

._ • sild", f. r thi.-« is neither honorable nor u'ivan- 1 place every Monday n:;d Wch eslay. at nin-- 

Di»l ribll I ion I tact'ons to yourself in any .sense. Ky follow- { oVlntk a. M., and i^t I'aul on Tiie da; s aibl 


De.iler in 



Y.\NKKi: .\ or K^N.-. 


flAVl.V! ■! .w r -.•flvcl in." l-' \Vi"t."r <f 1 k of 
ti...l«, i am o'-w pri-par. tl tosll ai.ytUii B In m.* 

!:.... -t 

St. Paul Prices. 

Of them in 
and Europo. 

Tl.f?o .ire : in Ofliy machines iTinkin;* 
the Lock stitch wail iLe Rotating 

Aro profitable aud uvailablo a lifo 

Kciiial to ton seamstresses. 

An annual divicJend of l"0 to SfO 
por cent, (on their eo-^l) ihmv bo oblaiuej la 
as.j — by their possessor. 
,»The Clsss Cloth-Presser, (■^o popu- 
jir,) eao oaljr be had with tbesa llaebiuca. 
' th:: wni.Ei.iJ! .ixr> wiLsoy .vaciiim.s uv 

' rU.i' a'll if lb- v.|on..t.ii)'rjt. w 11 it i.- •■ ■'»•".• ix'-l'l'' ' 

an- •! t f iliv l!i-tnii-fi-l I 1 their us''. All MufU.4i-s itrr. 
. ir.rr-Ji.r,,;" ;.i ; f^ill itirtni-tioil Qirrn. 1 Of all Vlil'ls w,itit.-il In ex. hanv-e for guo.t. 

' ft'u \!l pT,.i.ii«ow.iii.:; i- WlWm M.irt.inr!: 1 

; can tiiv.-t'i .11 |. .1 !i-,i-ti-!.<i':i|.!;iiiii't 1: t'-'i.'.ri'vr.''' 

I !•! fi'ir lis.' /■>■•»• .•"^Vi.tCi/c. I.v iMllin.-' at t..e W IIKM.I.1I I 
! fcW'!I.-<)%' :; mMs, 111 ili-.iri-.'iil.'af ni'-k. .hirl.sTn-i-l 

.-t. Paul a {•••.*• .loorsb.'low ti,.- P. s' <'«!•<•, 


Is full of allkinas and .'^lyles of goods usually kopt in largn .storoi 

iiu.<ir.i;v .\Ni) «;i.(»vi:s()F .\id. ki\ii.< and qt' 

All nrs.,nK l....Ut.i-' f.r .eiv of rb<- abov.. ko.vIs, «II1 Uii.l It to their ..dvaotajrello < all at OfU SIOUE bef» 
pnrvliasiiis; .Ii'i-wh. n , os 

Our Goods will be sold at Eastern Prices, 

T'aiispor!ationiol.l..,l. M ,■ ha\.- !b< bej. >t -^ri.l i-'.-^t;of 

mm, mi m ma mi m m, 

I'.vcr bi»»i:.;lil t.' '' l'* nian.ei.;h pri.-.aaro l.b;h, 



i. .ie 


Shakope(\ Oct. 'i.^th, 180:?. 



.\ iar;j jt jok uf .^ewiii.; .M ifiilnu.Slliiof all kinis lor j 


2 I! 

F. M..TOnN.<ON. Apen^. 

.S.i.-.'i.l 'lliii'l .'■■■tri-i-i. : t Paul J.liJr 

mail on n-.ipt o I .00 cent-. Addrc.-s M j , ,.,.,^5 ,„a„„^.r. „,„l .;^ ,n,t make it mi .d.j.ct 
NKU-iU.N.-Ul l>UOUMLs5trec',.Ncw luik, ., , . , ,, ■» 



Graiiil Trunk & Vonuoiit Central 

J^tt.. W^ JS3L-. T3l«t •*«. J«L ST-.* 

.My i.i..tto H <i;:rK sa!.i:s bwi small Pitinr.s. j pAS,-i<;N<;Ki;.> jroiiij,' Kast will innKO sure 

The lii.-:i"St 'II ,rk. t pii'.e pal.; lor W Illi.'.T.OATS.aii.l [ L ^o i;,f ■tl.>ii« Witli I.UV< 'Ipp by t I'iiiilf oOb-rtbo Mi.V. 
Oi.N. »'! kinj." of | i;an f-!itr..l. .Mlcbt„-«ii soiilln'ri. Kai.rouiior UrmiJ Ma- 

I Vi'll '1.1, III.". " ^ "'.."" 

I .\„.li.i!ij.'of car^ffo:Ti <;h!cjjo ti?.:rn!.a. 
«>'iiy .m" liian-'.-* buTwi- .n Chi, ai;o an'l Uuira'o. 
Tw.'> biU»e..n<'':ilcaj:oaii I lv.sKi.i,lf -niiiiiii... Veriii.>ril 
•..'..•n'r.i. .ro:ii iJ^t'lenobnii,', aii'l two .mu C'iilcai,'o nn.l 
New V"l > . 

; ^MiHiid Triiiil: Line of Stffiiutrs. 

A »t ■ .•!. r ori'il< ^yl!l leiv,- Vil»Mi:'.f- «n<1 riit- 
;l..4ii .l.iib. .i.i'in.'ttllii: Willi Or.inl 'friijil; l;;.l.\viy at 

fiiiiii.i.. IV t'liiio Will 1.- rwii ii.» v.soi i( 1; 

-' r l,ik.- Ill I Kai! 

Couatiy 1- rod Lice. 

Ill '.js. for wbi. a 1 V. '.il p.; 

\v\vt::d— o V .,'H|(jr.c!i 
Ibe !i.f II -it eaali pr:;i'. 

?.uv .niU-r l«i. I'-.'".'. 

.lOilN O'.Nr.H.!;. 

, 1 /v 1 /• a1 /'i f . -iruia. 'fliilii.i.. IV t'lllio Will i.. I wii I 

Look Oui lor the Lars !i'!«^'. -'""'•""' ■"""'^"'^'•"'- 

/"//•.«.■. C, I. .;.>•. iiirfuU/:'!: .S'/.;.'c /•' <).';<.« 

;7 o'l I lioih.iilrr, 
C i.n .»v.u>;aie. 

£1 Bro. 



Tor-. lit- 1. 

tl!;.lf:i<burfr. Id 'm 1 I »;ra, IU 111 I Alb-ioy. 

S-w \"... K, l»i :(■"■ I •■!oi tnat, 

I-'orf 1- loT iMb.Tm.itloi' a:.o' ..nip oiv'j ^'fiji . . ;i 
>ta:n-t • .•■. .MIlWaUKi.-.lsC arUnir.iil.C'ib-iU'i.'.r apply , - jr^_ 
lyktfrto K. ». ifVIViiT i.\. 

'li,' .1 A.:eut, liox IS9. 

E. P.U • i-'i. r.-i^'.n! ATf'it flriinl Tr iliU Hallw.iv. 

I,. Mii t 1! • i-r.«l A';.r il Veinio:it 'VmI-iiI I. a!'.', y. 

.1. li. U'll'iii !•>. <;-iiTil v.,-.'4-,-ii I'assuiDjtr \u-n» 
i.-ah I rr'inkai. 1 Verarm: (-'..iilr il i-l;i.-. %:!■ ii 

:". -'..■'?^';;:-^?^^^j^^^..'%j>^ ;.r-.■ 

GKOVI•:.s'lJ;i:^• .t CO'- 

i>iAXo-i'oiiTi: MANi'i AOTi;j;i:us, 

4^.0 1?1'.0AI>W.\Y. Xi:W YOliK. 

Pivinos and Melodeoiis. Tr'^?wS^^ 

''MKnttenti..n of Iho Fnbiic and the trade is invi'e.i to Xi:w 

I /V.NO K-lV! I> «ht,!i f. r vohiio. an.; i.n:liv of (..ncirr uorlva'^.l. 1 
ro-y c'.r.I-iluant i.-i.iol.Tili.ii.-ovoi.i,;.^. /-,.»-./.. Vniml .Uh. , 

ri( TAVK 


ai ' i^'l I . :.• • I < •• ' •'• 
I mii.i!,-»1m.." ..1 Mr..l. Il 'J.r'x . I'.lHi- h.-a 

Chectptr [!.(tti the Cherinst 



Watches, Chains, Di-amonJ RiR,c;s 

wotiTii o»i;ii 


A'.l tu b« «oIJ for 

GHE DGLLAii EAuHIl l GolngBelow.— Mr. and Mrs. Ducks, also 

VTithftUt reward to value ! N'/t to be paid [ tJoo-c & Co., as well .-s M m.-ii ur and Madam purpose of hu.:tiii:f and tr;ipi)ia!r dnrin-.; the 
fur u-iil yju know what you are to j iviiican. are altuut taki:i^ their depa-lurc for ; rcminj; winter ; they infen 1 <^>n\v^ cut inro tlic 

j ihc South. Kvery night the air is ill ape. feet ■ Kamlyolii rejriop. wiicre fur is suppy.-ed lu ' ,_.^^^,^,^.^j^, ^ ^, , 

be very plentiful ; and if far brinju s\ieli onor- 1^ I > "V" C^ 00"0'-> 


DI'.Ald'.H.S I.N 1MAN*)-F<)llii:s MFL-; 
„_ , i.'U.i l^;-'.;ii..n'iii;:s.t'abl.u'!-Or('ati.". S' \!u. i 

T!;e •Mlr.iv.v.-leeii Fi.ino Fort. " icr-.ivod t!ie Mii^hol Aw.nd ..!' Mem ..m r a., oltrra 

;il iiR. (.'. K'br^ted Woihi's I'air. 

and noble. 

n vii • r.-1ilr;i'.nr'! 

Ean in* Party.— A party «.f men fiotn «:oFFi:>:. 

.Spring' Lake have left f.jr the frontier, for the 


UvUndid List of .IrticUs ! ! .Ill 
for Out Dollar Each .' .' 

.7// to be fold 








whistle by the winj.rH of the myriads of these 
eith.'fciwl — who have evideiidy b.^gau to find out 

i80 0ent«'0oi.iUuntineca»eWateh.-s^ ^ »:o toiisu; jj^.jj .jijg j^, the place w here wc tako thiijrs 

»W |.»iii»' lio .1 ana ».iiaiiiii«-J vase V».,itbe« ..4 
iOO U»nl*' ilUuOiK <a.<«; aiiVef WmIlUv. ia 

ISO l*UuiuU.I KiOa,« «^ 

%U0 tiol4 Vrat anu .tea Caaina •^■ 

JJIM Uo do * 

3UU0 Oolii uval ban'l Dravulcta * 

AUlM Ctia»«-.l oobl Mraien-ta . „. . 7 

yUM CUjtivlain Chaiii.s ana Ouar.l Chains » 

TOM »«lllalrr aiiU 0"ia Bru«v..rB •• 

>j7i} La»a ana Ifloreuline Uroocne* 4 

MM Coral. Upa' ana fcuirra^.l ftioo« he* t 

MP) M««iv>»et.'^*»,*""*'"'''e''tliie ^.ar-arO^^ * 
TilO Coral, opal an. » t.u>erala K.4r Ifru^a ^ 4 
4UU0 CuJiljrui* UiamonJ Hreaxt Clns 2 •'• 

9UIW Ooia ioo ana N-at » alch Keys :: iiij 

0tU fob ana » e»t UibOoU .siia>-s ... ^ 
tj») Jkw solitaire sltnw IJuitoiiii, Stu.i». At. 3 
JUUU Uul'l Ihliulile.', CeULli., A.L'. 

lOJW Mluiatur* ho,.k«ta 
4(lOD «u Uu .Magic bpring 

^jOO OulJ T'OtUpJcks. Crosses ^c. 
lOlM Flain (iol.l uint;a 
3000 Chaite I .>ol.l Ki>i>.'« 

lOMK 9ton« !4et anil .'^^uet RlngS 

lOUOO California Uiaiuoul Kill*.* ._ ,, 
7Ji« »el» Laaiea Jewelry —J«;ian<t «oia 
MM Set* LaUles' J jweiry-Caiueo. Pear. *c. 

IgUUJ UoUl Pen*. Silver lloUera. and Pei.c.i. 

igOW Uoia Peiia aiM UolJ -WounU-a ll.ila. ra 

iw! : very cool. The blackbird k;ii_:,'dom left for 
*o I the " Confederacy '' some time ago, with a car- 
lo | go of Minnesota corn, aud wc have taken the 
lake an estimate of the tmnber of 

inons prices; thi-s sca.sou as !aot, tliey will no 
doubt do well. 

PA UI.O li GEM. 

.Mn.W L. J".'.:isa Pi mo 1 lia» h.i-i.ln !'.<• b- • , 
<1m. i;.v ov: r ijyeai?. an i will s'll u-ilbliu but llrftl-il.iSf | 

tlvrij Imtrinnrnt iiill If Hurrot'cl, 

an.!.nr. PI liios sol Iby the flrni will b»> k'-p! In t'ln.'- r.n. 
..eai f... of .-h-.r.'.-, if wit'iiii a ra-oabb-ilisti.s.ri , 

t^l'i.iii.'S an.l .^l. loll .111* tunes ai.iir.*p.iirv<l. 

<i^L.?->-"ons .^ivcn on Hie Piano .Mc loiltf.i!. I.'.ty 

ir*-:C>f:HipriVu o'.i;i:i:i-A «.^ !-k 

C.licf e^.p.-I.inps. Mi:.^Pn(i.C!oH!!«, Casal- 

ni..Te<.Sj'.''ietI!«.Kiotilrkv .'euliS, 

rorf.m .111.1 M;iU'-ii lirtlU: 

ACK;..N. li.".-- i'.'.'ltM Alio I'Koj l.Ll.j.N, 

T)«e «»l»*irrsrot!s-\TC offer Clieapforcas 

11 • II . -. I . 1 r 1 nr re«t!y iJny. 

al lis suii.jib beantv. Its *-i<mpl:te i.n i ojiil- ; ^, , ■ . . fi i r ^ \ 

• • ' 1 ^q!( ,re nA- i< lo give us a cull Orforf . 

purnhiifiu^ flstirhere. 

Peterson's fr Decembvr is l>ff ir^ ns in \ 
1 its sup.jib beanty, its s-ompl.-te bu i oJ"..iI- 
irent radienee, and i s hiohtoned ela'ooratfi;es.s. 




2 M 





fo I p"»i"8 'o mil 

*ibu.>he:s that wc have thus cxarfrted for the j Sen.l fo it ; terms e^ 00 per annum. .-v.....v,^^ , «•....„, ;iw.»,ui..iato«rOi.PsrAND<.n Finn 
*!fa]lof 18C4, tho R^ult bein? mathematically ' Charles .1. reter-on, 306 Chestnut slreil. <Ti;i:Kr. 
'^1 as follows : Sujiposing »iie number of black I hiui.ciphia, 1 a 




A Pa'iDt JIi.r«c t" ei.riy liin iii:i<l. r, 
Ni no >pi:r to make him ■-•o |.:slir; 
l;u'i>a.oi.ii 1 b erl y as soon as .voil -.rriile lilm. 
iteail) »o go wh-:r. vi r > ' u „-'iice Lini. 


J I » !i,is:i. 



MnO Hold Pcua ana liol'l Lxieiiaiou llulaen 

MUO i»ll«*r Uoulet* ana DrinkluK Cupa 

JOOU Diirer Castor* 

SOiiO Vrult ana Caice Baskets 

tueO Uvxeu di.ver Tea Spoons 

§QIQ il« Table Spooas aua Vorks 

In conseqnsnce of the great stagnation of tra.le m the 
manmfaciuring airtrltls of t.u>;iana, lUroUKh the Wur 
havlnitcatoU tbeaupply of owiion, a large Huanilty ot 
Valaalile Jewelry, originally inlenae.t lor ii.e *.ugii»U 
market ha» been soul elf lor sale in this country, aua 
MUar BK SOLU at A.S V sacnflce ! 

LDdeftliese circumsunces, ARKAXDALE A CO.. act- 
t,Ji^ Ai;eats lor Uie principal turopean .Hauuuciurers, 
lavfreiwlvea upon a UltliAi Ul* i' l>l;lKmoiiO.N. 
■aolect to the louo»lD)S regulations: 

cittnKlCA rli^. nanilug eacb article aoJ iU value, are 
•la^«ainStALhU envelopes, ana well iui:.eJ. one ot 
fli!l^ eaVeiopes wiU be Mui by maU t« any aoUre.-, uu 

yt'i' KKOAUU lo \ALtt.. 

On racatpt of the Ceniflcate. yon wlil see what yon 
»r«i f oli to have, ana luea u la at your option to seua 
rhaihilUraua taaelQcarllcie or uut. Purchasers u.ay 
tkas uoialu a ion Watcn. Kiu«, or any Set o. 
Jaweiry oa our list, lor 0> li 1> Jl^L Aii, aul 1:1 no cajc caa 
tfeeygetU** than o ne uo.lar's tuere are no 
l|{,nka. The price price •! Certittcales.U as lollows : 

2i cents. 

^^^^ 10 

OoV uunvirea for l* 

. „--, ^111 be allowed ten centa on eTcry Certlflcate 

-^larad bT tbem, pruvidea lueir .eui:li*ate amoun.s to 

?^a l^lSJ Agenu will coi.ect i. cent, lo. e .cry Oertil- 

Ste!M4r«BiH4ceaUtous. '"'^^^''--^ oj postage 

jlMiU!>rJ>-^^^ i- CO., 

>;j| birds in this county to have been 2 000,000— 

which is perhaps ore fourth the actual number ; D- A. HlUitsman. at the corner storo, has 

—and that each bird earned oIT ten kernels of' received his winter stock of pood-*, and ii-.w 

corn; allowing f.OO kernels to the pint, we ! ^^^^ «^ complete a yteck of {roods, ami i.s tine ; -r^ je^ « . 0^. ^^ f% 

find a quotient of about G'23 bu.diel.s as the | » store as there is in the State. His gocds §3 E ¥.' f.-S I f £ S 
«? I amount exported from Scott county. At this ; •'^ '»" >-■" 1- «"'J l'i--= pr'^'C' "re reasonable.— ^ |^_ £ ^ § %J^ \J. IJ 
'^ rate the number of bu^heU probablv earned : ^^^ ''"P ?'"'"■ f"f »"•' produc?, aid 1 ays its j 

away in this manner from the who'le State | f"^' ^-^l"*^- ^^ <''''^ ''^^"'^'''' ^'^^'''^•'^^'''^■l^:^^::^^^:};^;^;^ 

wouM be about thirty times that number, or 


c.'i.i.ini .^ iiio. 


llrvn of the cltixtris of 
)Ur stock of 

-' -, , , ,. , Foand. — .V black siik motin'n? veil, wo.s ' F) vv ^100(1"^. Jllld 

fiot^fioperao..!..; is,750 bu.-he!s ; as there are abou": thirty oth- , , , _, , . '^ , . , ^^J' V.^^-'^J'^t-? ^^'^^ 

2UIU40 do I ' .... found early on 1 aesd::v iTiorntn::, which cau *^ -%-^ ^ -kt j» 

' er counties in which large quantities of corn IS ,,,.■,,• . Ii • <- i .;.. 

..,,,,, be had bv calhni' at this oaice and payiii;: 

rai.sed. Xo wonder the " rebs" hold out so _. .' p .1 • .• « - - 

. , . fifty cents for this no'ico. 

loug with this annual accession to their sup- , ' 

I T1i''sc'ioT:<r.= rnn r.ipl.ily over any erf i1 

i .-r narii J^r..!;:ll'^. wi'b a ;.rar<tu!.ia!.t.illif i.iol!on.7<rfr 

l>rllril nii'ivhi l-y Ihi: Kii'jl'i '-f Uic r/n-r. •ilterr.atlii? Irom 

[1 a .«.. lie t >lii..,'>-' «1.-^. ill liie ... t oi r's'iiv to tlic iMOll- Ji 

' of the lioi.NP. aii'l ivlTli abont tin- sain'" oiiii.iii.i .iT « xt r- 

' <isc t.' the rbler »»lti rblil'? «live ln>r.e. They may be 

1 lit 'iip.'.l 'hoit.i r cj'itrolle.l !•• «<!!:,.• downhill, 

i r'-y the rl'i.r. T'.cy vvlll'-iin up a tii> iW r.'<!<' .-srent, i; ihe 

A-aJ !..- h.inl an'^ firm. Thryur.- (Ilre.t.d bv tin- b'-1.:i . 

1 inl the fiiotiov.' »TC !"en!'.ral,it I* ■•■ ijiirt n<ul< i/truiiiivg 

i f„r eqr'rfriniiii'tii. Tb-yar.- ui|. unal'e.l .is a inran.'. loi 

I ,"rei-o.le I'liil h.-altl:fiil out-.ioor PM-r. :.•"•. all tie yt-ar 

- I round, lor a<li:lt» as af f>r plri-^ boy^ oi iwc 

I Vf.irr^ obi ami iipv^-.T'l. «Jir n rble by n.^iia; tbe !;li:<'-sari- 

\ ' d:e b' rn— 'h'.<< • U'I'''T!« 11 vfa-h- nln osnaily ai-trll«'. 

-' I ■rhVsiZ"ror l...yi»i<i ^trl.lli; eii..-ii(.li loc'ir;. a ninn o' K<\ 

'" I noinil' »■'•'-'''• "" ^■"' ^'Ib'WOl! •"■ levi 1 roMri. a iiisl.l 

c irriajje Wth riiibl in it .-an be .jtiachcl ati.i .Jrav. :i. Any 

'"' . u.-i-soT! havihiiliut oir^l.reanri.lep.riicf'.i we!). 

1 Korp-lv.s,lii'iiilr<- a" tl-c "fl'.ce of t■:li^ pajier.orsend 
sLaniVor. Ir.-nlar< a '1 ; r". e INt. 

S CKlMii.S' VV. i ulTlI .fJi Broa war.Nrw-york 




pj:.\M:itf IN 

GAUXi^"'?^ OIL AN)5 JiAMl^S, 


UXiUX i;l.')CK, tOHNKlI OF TilUU) AND llOllFUT?? STIMTiT-^. 

One for 

five tor 
Ki«T«>i 'or 

Yankee Notions,' Administrators Sale. 

whl.hw.arc ,enrc at reduced price, to sv.l. the times. JN the mitler of the e.slatc of Davitl Fottcn. 

1,1 abniion t ! the n.o.a, po^^s kept ,n a fry , 1 «vide. d ceiscd. 1 hereby ,Mve uotiie that 

plies, and thi. we deem, to be a very low e.ti- , Qn Duty.-I>r .1. A. NVakefield. who has ^il.^-a;;;;^^^^ OI!:s' CLOAKS \ Z^^IX^ S1^ Ih." P::^/ CoIirrS 

AXl) CI.O.lKl.XG, \ and for the cr.anty of Kan.s-j, in lI:f;.Siate of 



! been conlincd to his room for several weeks, 
with rheumatism, is again at liis post ready to 


{;-t;CCi:r5<Otl1 TO COCLi;V. T.iWKIt i ro.,, 

Wliolesak Grocers and Ooniniission ]\Icrc]ianls, 

lui^ios t< la nf Oitd Brnltrs in ^ 

FOin«;N AM) i»<'Mi;.-ii'' i.i'.-; o h-. ria.iT,-, nuth, wink^. a.-. 
Jackhou St., K.urcrn h'\'ck lUinf, - - ST. PAUL, MJI fl 

TV Tfir. r.r!MT;Tvr".T '^f<'": »= ^. ^* i"^' "=. *-."'■•■ '■T ci; 


A Novelty.-Mr. Gephardt, the pentle-j ^^j^p^^f.^,^.j^j^^j ^^,,^ ^.^^^ j^,. „.„^i p,^^„p^ 
manly grocery merchant, two doors above the pfj-^.^tiveues*. 

National Hotel, oa Holmes street, showed us . 

the other evening a novelty (to us at least) in The Prairie Farmer, published at Chic- 
tb« way of fish, which he has lately received- • ago, 11!-, at $2.00 per aunum is one of the best 
The first was a lot of very large, fine dried osriicultural journals in the countiy, aud no 
codfish, which are imported from the Norway '> western laraier should be without it. 

Cod fisheries; they are so thoroughly dried, | — 

that when fohy so.iked, one pound will increase ! Iletunied.--Mr. Herman Zumwinkle, of 
in weight four pounds, aud are pjn'ectly fresh . ^^'^ P-**^'^' ^'^ returned from a trip to Idaho ; 
—no "salt beiug use i iu can.i,', Ho n:xt ^"^ although wo have not met him, we nnder- 

sbowed as a keg of delicious iitile minnow-liko ^^"^^ ^^'^^ ^« ^^'^"^ ^^"^^^ "« "'''">■ '^"^^ "^ Q/l Of Qf Po ni IVf in n 
fish, about the siZ-j of sardines, whicii were pit good places as IJaiio, anJ a good doal better; • OU Jot.j OI. X 4lul, iTAlilll. 
down in brine, an i are icteuded to bo served and tliai Slaakopee is one of tue latter aaaed. 

up in vinegar. He also has a large qu.iniity ■ — 

of the fiae«t herrings €?er oficred iu Shakopce . ' Jo eicmptiota ullowed foe wc*k kncos. ^, ni, u 

wiT.i. !• t"r»T> i.Aj'.r ^?.l i V. 

n OOLL.y Sll.llf L>>. ' wiiriff-T for Pitlo and pell atpnhlieaurtifii. toj 

BREAKF.t^T tilLUi Li?, SO^sTTGiS j tijp |,ighcst bidder for cosh at ihe froj-t door; '" 

A.VD .^'IBLiS, {of the Court House m.-5hr.kop:^e.eourty of -, -t v t'- 4 f* T \ TT ^-f/'iT^-l' 

1\D CASSIMLRLS ■ «'>'t •'I"'! Stale of Minnesota, at nine oeU^ck ]< | ) \> A U i ^ i ' • i > * ^ ^ v«.^. , 

,"' r n \ n i >» ^^^^ forenoon, on Hat'irdav the Twentr-^'xih 

4-C., <)'0., *;-0. I j^^^. ^j. x„veml;er. A. D. If Gl, the foliowitijr -tt^t" T"'- o Xj IS3 S .^. Xj 33 33 27^ XJ O- GSr X 

9*^-> 9*^. 9^- jday of Xoveml;er. A. 1). If tU, the foliowitijr | -^ 

Perso-iswiR^^'r? to pu-f-nselTy Gov'ts will (Inl It for j described prop rtv, situated itT.'oid . onr.ty of; 
their interest to ceiue tost. Puu; an.! give u, a call. Scoti, to wit: The WC8l half of the Nf.r;i)- | 

^ x: 

^ T* 



cast quarter of sretion Fittrcn ().'») in Town- ■ 
ship Oiic HuiKJiud aud Thirteen (lir.) of rar.g* 
Twenty live (2j) containing Fi-htyp.eres inure 
or less, tosclher with the iniprjvcnioHJeiits 
thereon, in Scott County. 
Dated bbakopce Nov. Ist l?Ci. 

EuscTiE Uu.tu'KJorr, 

NO. ]:;i Tlliri- rTl.Fl.Y {dri'i^HlTK '1 IK -V 1'' ONS DANK.) 
lTi»it-3 theaM" tv.!..rr'.r-:»aarr.iii fi? :ijr„".-: inl ;.e.t *<^-Vtt'<i «Soc'- «v~f Uoanl-tte Vn.^c* j.r'-.-ste '• « « 

Administrator of the Estate of David Patteiv , '^ ''^J'/ ^ v3ij! 5»] y 








i .y!^ 

rilE SJlNUt.K ^t\VI^O MA«.HiNE. 

MAriilNKUraKl galnInK » worl.ln LI.- r.-l.utnfUi.. 
U t>v.TuDU <loul>t I hr txxl aii<l •'!><:« p*"lt ami uiiol trauO 
fdi uf .til Family ^cwiliK Mai'liliiro .v<*t ulfiTi-ittu iliv |iU>> 
. .Soother ITaniilT S<>wlii): Marhliic lia.* «•• uiaiiy u.^i- 
f ■lap[>llaticea Tur lli-rnmliiK. Ulii'liiik'. r>-llliitr, Tucklii;: 
i«atlicr1nc. UauKluK, Hraliliii;. Kiiihr<>l<l>-rlue, CurUlii): 
aiiU «• fourth. .Nu i-lticr (^iiiiljr «<-«iiii; iiiav'iiiu>- b;i!> .;>' 
utactki-apavll; fura Krt-at varifty uf wurk. It will **w 
silklOiUitf clolh. aiiU with all WIikIii ul tlircwi. tir<-al 

• ifl rri-cot lin(>r<>«rinpnts ii'.akr our F.tiiill.v Srwlni: M;> 
clilce niott rrltablf.antl iiiott darablr, jii>l ui-^-il r<-rt;tln 
'..lactlwn at all ratci ul tiM-t^l. li iiiakt^t tli7iiil>-rl>M-kr<: 
•lit>b,wbk-h la thr brut xlltdh known- Aiiyunr.Hvrnii 
ft* niu*t onlliiarT capacity, ran tt-r.nt a iclaii<-r,lii'W 
u><- tliv l.tflicr A Vamlly :4>-»lii< Ma.-hln«-. Our >'.» n 
i'tnibK M.t«blar4 are fliilshe>l In clias'r and riqal>li 
»'y t. 

Til- f-l-Mfie r.i^» of th» r.inillr .M;ulilno !•< j plfte f 
ca iiiili<( Workmanship of t>i- ni«<( u-o-inl kMnl. Ii (i- 
t-rtaihe niawt>lM<r wh^n ootiii u''-,an<l n licunhonl Ii>l> 
uprrat«*<l niav r»«' •*p^ric*l »n a ^|»a« lolls .in«l iU^^t.inCli* 
t .bio to •u^l.tln tita work. Whllo s-wnr of Ihr •'.(-•■•..iii.wl' 
oat of i>ir I'tiok'fit w>io«l^,anil rtuNhnl 111 Ihi-.tlmplc- 
anJ cl>a->i>-*l ni.irin<'r poifllilr, oti (-r* .irp ailorutMl an 

• n>ln-liuli«-i 111 tho in»'>t co.ttly nn<l ^up' rb nianntT. 

It \- .iii<»lutri.r tir\-—itar} to <•'«■ tli** F.iiiiil.v M»< liliii' li 
op> rallMM.Ho a« to jiitige of li^;;rrat >':ipa<-li> anil (><-anlv 
1l 1- fj«i th'.'iMMiiur r.4 ( lor f.imll> s. winj: :is oni 
kiaiiufai'iuriiik: marliiuraan forni.inufarlnrln^ pur|M><;i .s. 

Thf Br.tnch itifi'-ra are wi-!l suppll<-iJ uitli oilK twUl 
Ihr'-a'l. iii-'-'lb i«, oil, *!.,•*.' ttie »<pr> b»-«t ipialtly. 

Slrn-I li>r a rtMrHUT. 

TiiKsi.N KK >i.*\ryAm"Ri\»: comivwy, 

zSO-to 4V« ltr-i:t>lnay. N.vr-TnrI 

»rSt. Tnul OtIU'o, '-J.M) lliirtl St.'fc.» 

II. TlBBrrs, i.o« \j. M.rsr sii.vkiu'kk. 

E&^non't buy your Goods wlierc you will 
havo to pay the krfm (Mcmjo ProJIi, 

_ luv from Uioso who briui;- tlioir (Joods 
direct fi'om the EASTERN Jfarl'ets, 


t»ii lh» rarnrr of Flr^t A llclnir Sln-c^s, Uavo lH<t r«uirne>l fyom the Eai«»rn Cllt'** 


Nn -i KdiiliUS" HLCH'K, 


St. l*oic/. ^liinnesottt. 

HUOUKKS, huviiiir connectetl liiin- 
• '<i'<t with of ilu' bi '^t anil lur^i'it injiiiifar- 
torlfH ill till- Si:iir III \i-w Vork.ha* nuw opi-iit-il 
a l«fai lif r v.Iorf on n mon- <•.\ll•n^lvr mmIi' llnin is 
ii-Uiillor a Wi'^liTii t'll.v.uinl hi' Intriidi' t" x-lliis 
LOW att'uii III- |>iirrliii<W'i| hi Cblraifu or Mllwau- 
k»-<-,Uri-i>;l>t i\ri-|>i<il 1. 

II ivhiK h.-rn'-ii^«'4-iforililrt>-!lV(- voiirsln tin" 
l-«th>r ira.l'-, an. I i*ln^ a practhitl laiix-r by 
tr.i'li*. fi-i-l" a'->nri''l. I'riini liin kiion liUU)- unU loni; 
i-xiKTli-ni r in iii>- liiisiiii'!-s.that hi- ran brlnKKiicti 
«tu<'kli>lhU iiiarkft nR will buII all. Uivi-Usa 
rail (..■fort' yon liuy yimr Mtofk. 

« i"l!i- stiff .mil iiiiiiilr^j for the .\ York I.ta- 

Ihii Sinn, \ii 4 Hiitm' lilixl-. 

il. RUnEIlS A, Co. 

I'.H. Allklio'.o- lli.'i-a iH-Uh'lil loroiir KaKteril 
T.niii»-r.\ , i.ifH'iiirh ihc U!l'Uv»' prlvc Aill 
In- p.iiil. 

Ir yuu « :int 


: l.i-:illi.-r-i -r.-. \o. 4 RMerH' Block 
.1 iVoiu .1 lar>!i- iot. 

eo to till- N.» \ . 

w Uvrr voii ran *- 

If > o1; \^ lit !)• 


R?al PhilaJelphia Kip and Cair«9kin8, 

IfttUf N<-»" V-i'l l.<-.itlirr >ior<>. 
r foil w.iiit a nil I- drtU !•■ ui 

se iiw '= " •*> 

iiw lie 36 " •> 

sw ne " " 5 

« lie " " 5 

IIW IIW .. «• 5 

ne sw " ' ' •'» 

IIW sw " " •'> 

sw sw " " 5 

.<csw " " ^ 

ne sc " " 5 

IIW se " " r> 

9W se i' " 5 

sc .se " " 5 

BKIXi: PLAIXK.— T. 114, R. 2:i. 

lots 1,8,9,10,11 36 Prairie $5 

( ; IlKDIT RIV KR.— 'I'. 1 1 -l. R. •_' I . 

i lots 1 4 3 of nw 16 IViirit- t<.s 

lots 2 7 8 uw " " ft 


V. L V. 15 l> I. I» • S 


(jeiniiiio Preparations. 


I Tu^-.tliOf nitb anlniBirnae «:<>ck of 

C'roc-kery, fiilassu are & Hardware. 


r »¥Pf»CNi>rJ.riI»f\TK.»«^TI«l rHT,:i P».Ii.r.^.-<nil 

• ^• K< ni.'.ly i-.r .!;-rj»^a ;i Hit lilaoili-r. KMin > n. 
Urarai.aii.l l>rvi>af 141 -wrlliii«:.«. |» M» lUl'ic ii..r.-a»«r- lli«r iMWrrrf Wjf «tioii.s:iil ^x- j 
wUi- tn-- Ai»^i>r(«f iif.« Into lif.kiih.i artlon. i.y »(.i, li the | 
«».il-ry .ir <'alrar>-oU<-l«-p-.s|:|..nii, ami .ill tnnatni.-il Kli-^ 1 
lar;«uirni»ar» r.'iiu<.>*-l. ax ».!! a.> K\iii aiol linliinaiioii. j 

Hrluil»ol4l*<>« i::i trait llucliii.j 

K.»r W.-akii-»«M-« ari'liiK tronj KX'-r««r>. Iiah|t< of PN*!- 
paiKm^ kUrfy In liwrrlloii wi A'lU-i-', atl-inlni »itii the 

'^rZ^^x^l^^^^^:'',^^:^ rw,r., M,-n...-' Ts fuIl of till kiiils uihI ^tvlfs of frocMls iisnnUy koi.t in Inrgo storo.s 

. j>. IHM.iiiiy oi Hrraliiiiix. IM-'.K", I r -fiiilin*, . 
I>. iii'iraa.'f If !<ioii, W tki-l'ilio-x. W.ak N-rt.-i, I iiiver- j 

• 1: I..4a>lli>-lr •'.' Ili<r .MriM uiar .St,.|, n,. Jioi llaniln. I 
l'l.i>)ilfis or the H«»lT. f ryiir««i>r th* SKIn, i;r'.pilnn.>on \ 
Of la.«, T'UMl'ouiU'-tianrc. , 

1 h«-«" «vni|>|.tni«. il alloMr.l to B" on whli b (nli>ITi>->ll- ' 
rli««- liivarl iliiy rrlLovi--^. Soon fi.(l.>H ^ iM%f4rV' y^ thhiit^, I 
XfUrplie y>ll,\n oio-^of whlrb tbr p.iliiiil nij.i i\|.irr. ( 

kViioran«ay lh.ii t.'o-* arr not lri.i|iiinll» i.j||o«irj l.» : 
th»'*«"illri-fi|l.|l«.-a»rH.-' ' ' 

'• l*sit,iitif and Consinttption."' 

M\nr .tre awar,- ol thf i'mu*. > . I t!o-lr «utTi-r. I.iit ar,nr 
9^%U ■ *»nj*ta "hf r^C'*ritt ttf thf Jhmihi .t.<vf">M^. A'nl >li-l- ' 
a.rliolv I'eatti.i !.y l'.>n*iiiiiptioii i,far aini^N- wltii>-«>lu 
Ilir Taulhoi llir a>.s.-rtioii. 

Trt OttuiUnhon -m-' f^»rU't with itr<j-'nir H'l «,'«•••.« n- . 
(li|lri» l>ir iMnf Mvilrli..- f> .-Ir- n -Ilu ;■ «iii| lti.|l. oralt- ' 
t .r .<4>«t Ul. wAir* IIuiumiLp'h KXTKArT 1(1 fill itir.i- 
kjWy duti. A 1 rji.1 will roiiviii- . Hit tii..«l .uFitlral. i 

FKM AI>;.<— FKM A [J!.-— FK.M .\ I.KS. ; 

ImmuH'j Af't'iontprcuJMr t.. FtiHi'ltf \hi- KXTR »n III ! 
cue l> n n-<jnjllr.l t>y aii> oth.-x . .i^ In i;iilori>:>l> or 
Kj'i^i.ti'oi, Irri^nlarily, I'aln ulii>-.«, or ."tippm-ii'ii o, 

• '■f'uiaary KviiuailonH, ('U'i-it<-<l or ."Vlrrhi.ii^ «iaii- o 
ti«» I'turu*. LrucliorrhiM-a or niilli**. Sti-rilili, aim lor a|f 
viit|<lalnl«inr|.:i'nr lo ihv arx. m-lo-thi-r arUInt; iroin in 
JiatrttUu Ual<lt«ol ll^alputlon vr In llir 

j>Kru.\r. OH rff.tyoe or urt:. 

SKcniKT i>i.-i:a.-k.- . 

I-. a'l ll|alr*t*£-«. At l.llllr Fxpriis^.f 

L trirur fiul'hangr In Dl»f. No Incotixrtiiriu-r. I 

Antt tM Kj-posyrr. j 

It ca.i»e«» f^eqii. 'It 'l>-*iri: an-l .:i«r<<tri-ns;th to Crln- 1 

*••; III* «!•» reiiio, |.|g lll>4irc< ilona. rr^v.-iitiiii: He Tii- ' 

r.firf-ti.ltur-^of ih.- I'r.-thri. alUyln^; I'.ilnaiiil lull. una- ; 

tioii, •« rri-qnrni In tt|>- i-l«»« of .|ts.-.i7«-.i anvi <'\|>.-liiii;: 

all I'-is-'mim; Pit-JtalitiHi W.raoHt Mut.f. ~ : 

r-riKtii i« up >.| t>i.ii|4:tfi.|« wi,o liaw.. hr.-'i t;n> v!i- , 
tl>u« .>f^-ja.:k«. in I xrholiavi- piM hi-svy leis |.> In- riir- 

• ' lu a ->ltoi t tiinr h.a*r foumllln-y w-r'o i|ri-i-l«>~l. nint I 

t1 il t b« •■ Koli n ■ ha», hr thi- ii«I of "|»o«|.rfiil a«irln- 

«rni» ,•' li.'rnilrlr.t lip In thi- .yi.l.111. to brruk oMt hi an 

aili(r:\_*.»ir>lfwriii.atMl p«rliap.«.ift>-r Marriaxr. [ 

V*» ir-fimftUiTt Lrtrnrt ^<<cA<< . <r all air.i f ioin an.! .lis- ' 
Pa*a4 ••■' Ihv K'riH'tr^ Or-j'iHt. wli'-lhi-r >Ti>|inK in U-f 
M«ia nr rv.iiii-. iMiii « vi-r rau,.- .,..|'.;|i,a|iii;: ,(i„| 
i>u matt-r 01 H-w l^mt) St.ini,,-}. 

t>l4«a«-< ..f the«<> nc.-ina r>-qiilri-« th<- :il.| ..f n OII'ISK- . 

Tir. iif:L\iii<H.K-.-i.:.\TK«« till fill i.<tiik<:i:kat 

l»«>t<»lh» N'l-w Yo'-k LoalliiT Sti>rf, wherr /on can ^elert 
I from ni'ii-fii lit) -I'l-tiC UralnlK. 
j Till (I'.uri- to liU) 

if a'l kin.i", i-i :ii ilie \iw York I,i-,itlier ?tor", \'<. » 
Kug^rs" Uii.rfc, In .<t. I'ai 1. Oft ».>iir 

I. A s r s 

Jtlhe\.-H Vort L'lilber Stor*-, Xo. 4 RoRPrK niocir. #f 
, I'anl. Mi. I--. Vo::i i»3ii;tl 

I Chicago & Milvraukee Ry. 

j I'rral I'liiUd Sttiii.->.M<ill i]' llzpraa Haute 

'The R(-lialilc ami .\!I-Rail Rojuc 

KA.<T. .SOITIl A.\[> SOrrnw KST 

Aii.t Hip only lluo Ma;ln« .-I'RK ("i(.\XKl"riO\.«. 


lot 6 nw " " " 
lots 1 2 3 4 sw 

lots 8 ft 7 sw " " 

lot 6 sw " " 

SlTJNrt LAKK.— T 114. R. 22. 

lots 1 A 8 sw 16 'I'imher $ft 
lots 2 ;? 4 5 C 7 " Trail ie ft 

IIKI.KXA.— T. 113, R. 23. 



Mtrh. t>nt-R. l:. 

M.S..t N. I. K. It. 

I't'l.u' Ft.\Viviii-.l 

t'lllra.'o K. K. 
rin. Mr l.ii.f I'. It. 
Mi. LnniK. Alt..n A 

Chtiato U.K. 
lll.'Vii'. i;.K. 

KAri\K.n XC. I AT KKMi.iJHA 

KIIU j «l1ll 

l!.icln-A .MI.s.R.I Ki-n .-ha It. X I: 

U IT I I. i:.I(. lor 

|i-', I Ion. .a. 

Kr.-.-|H,rf, j ll>-hroii, 

li.ilma. I ll.irvar.l, 

l>iil.ii.|ii->, I I'lli-.loniu. 

I,' n irk. I .orkfonl. 

III. I iiili'nniMlUte I Kii.1 liitfrniciliatc 

an I all u|li<-rlin'; 1 fCallonK. | i<lat|oif..| 

• *>,T>allv trnlii" li'.iVc .MIlw»Mk^p!n "Urrct c.nun'rtlon 

niilli irain-i ir.'I'i Ihf N'iri!i«i-^i forCliii'»iio, inakiiiK a< 

(foo.l tilln. n- a.iv .illo r lliii', 
Tiiti-l» 'ii.iy Ix- uii.-.t l.> lhl« P'lpiilar roi:li> at til 

l«r crlwwii- 111 111! \ort),W'-i. 

S. C. UAI.nWIN, S<iii»rli:t.-ii.|.I.t. 

A. V. JI. f \i;iTNTKi;. "* 

floii-'rickft Atfi-lif. » ."!! 2-!y 


I-J oov> e^'T^^i ^n.1 133. oi-rvl SlaiLls^tei, 

IIO.SIKHV AM) (;l.(>\ l-or ALL KIND.- AM» i^IALlTV. 

l>,\.v>-.>.^ ^\>.-.\^. •=-^^\='5,^^^.m^.'^?.'i^l%= Saieof Scliool Lands. 

ri.f al.ov. „-,, w. I Un.l il lothelradvaillJ,'Ot>c-:i«tOlR ?TORm.»r" ■ jx PI" H.'^l' .\ N"( "F OF L.VW, I. Ciiarlis 

Our Goods will 1)0 sold at Easli^n Ibices, 

T''r'atUn aihli-.l. W i haif- tin- larjrst an.l \<f-i% «t»)i-k of 


\\\ p-r»oii« tonkin;; for any "' rii? al.ov. ^i.j.l-i, w. I Uiol II le ttieir ailvantJ.' r^'l at UtK :*TUI%l 
pnrh.i-li>»«-i-" whirl-, »» 

Lnml l»ni<M- of ilio State uf Miiincsotii. 'lo 
licn-liv ilii hiri' :iiiil ni;ikr '. iiowii, that a Piili- 

j lie sale of the .^i-lunil Lands will !■« lieM in 
tbe iiit<l(-riiiPiitioiifil CoiiiMt, at. the phue ami 

' lime In riiiiiirt'r <l'-.-i;.niale<l, to wit : 

SC^O'ir COT' XT V. 
AtShakopee. Friday. November 4, 1864 

The f-illiiwiii'T i|i-.M.'ribeii tracts and jiraifis of 
luntl, viz.: 

_ ullnhali:.— T. lift. II. 21. 

WE WILL SELL AT A VERY SMALL PROFIT .s.^:. Vai.ic, r 1... ,- 

W r 01011, -It 11. il:i» loarLrl. Thonwh j.r!. <-4«r<" MkN, 


lO Prtirie ff. 

If all kin.U n TW. •! In »Xihjin,c f..r noo :*. 

SIiako|>ee. i»et. 2Hlli, \<(,X 


; nenv 

I ( • I : I » .\ i: 1. .\ K i:.—'!'. n 3. r . 22. 

ne pw M". Prairie ?.'> 

; i.w 8W •• •• ft 

' sw .sw '• •' 5 

S6 SW ** *' ^\ 

SPINU LA K i:.— T. 114 II. 22. 


.1. -Irfi . fit! I in 

I'lrKKrir. an.| l« rf-rliln t.i hjM' 111. 
»'.l Immtf f^ir irhuKil it t!ri-;miMrm''il, 

Y.tiirnt* of till- nio»t r>-llaMrainlre>|ionsll>lci-hara<-*t-r 
• I'I a>'r>«ni|>«ny ihr niroltlni-. , 

Price SI 00 per bottle, or si.v fur ,9ft 00. 

I*-! irvrrti |o any ««Mrr««, • •rnr.-|r |ii<''<i-.| from ol>«|.rTa 
tloa. fVj.i-i/t* SymiMtfMt in ill 'oaiw/*.**".,//*,^,*. 

l''irt-» liiiaraiiterd ! Ailvii-e <ir;ili> • 

•J.!raa«.'%n li-lii-ri> ftu tnforiii.ilion In 

IL W. IiM.MIU>LI>. Lhenii^t. 

iii4 Soiiih r>iitii->i . i..'i. rti. ~iiiiii, I'hii.i. 

MKI.MKo|.i>-'« Vf,li,.,l th,..i. 

Ukl.MB-H.DS l>r.;fn>i'!, W.,;j,..„-f. 

ftlM liroailway. New- York. 

l"l rli '"KlI.Ki:-; «rS-,i,.|..,v..r to.!, i^.... ••,./■/*,,, „„.„•■ 
%\.\" .it,,r" ,tii:.l,, ,,„ It,' r-ii'il'j;:i,,if>,ti,...l hj 
l|. ntb |.r>tir-iii:iti>' l'ri'|iaraii-iui. 
Y.' ira.l lliii^.ii.« ii.iir.i, 
ImiTovi.i ;;o.|- Wa>."i. 

f t>l>l.l> RV 

ii.L i>:.t i.i.i.\r> yj t i.'Yw/fft.r. 

ASh Koi; MKI.MIMI.ns. HKK M.oTlIM 

t ulo>.l Oir .iK.|\. rtu noniaii.l ivn.l lor .1. nol av ..!• 
J il— -nli.ii jii.|..,n- ..•; Ml .•.•iio>i:iv 

'Pi IK :lt'«- 
■ K i.-KUOi 

I'lW n 1 

h . I 1 |i .1. II 



in'' lie 

Wii. r,. ■r.-r.' f X mill" ; :..-• riiin.i 1^ from II,.' i.c-l 111 .k(«r« of I,i-i.|...i. I'l'I'.ii-'ni.inT. I*hllail«-lp!iii. R..!l niii' 

l;....'..!! a-fi N' >v \-.rW:aiil it-" -i 1 1 |,..r/i.-.i,» /ii.<fWMir.»iv>rr <r»i"f j.*i"r»i/< »■''. ih«- >:"l'l aiol >li»»i loiiial* ir"iii lie IIW 

lioili -I Ahi. »i li.;! I. ■ *'-i> il -nr » tr n.-. , . . . . , ■ , 

B« I'll" i.'ir.«lii.o loll ,,, iii,;,i,.t ..|ii,-iti> «v.- iiia''» .-•-till ni-.T iw-rf*. t I", am. Irr'i-.| I « maiiilai oirli-i ljr;«-i> 
«-!l a »i ririlv ,• < -i.'iii, it" .'tii'il.-iliooH r Im-^i" iii>»riinifiii» iI a iiili p » liii It will ».ri-i lO'h- all lotiH.i ll:|ou 
i*..K».-. X--.I. .S-V..I1 ••••J IV. .'•■•llii.l r.i.-iif 1-4. i;ii-i h.mmI J.!.iin 1 «»< ♦-.•.Vl. 

No.i ».»•• II ikt IM-. r -n-ii ..rii >-. 1;.-' >» I h'- •» v m .m.iiii.: J-;?'. 

\.>..'5. S.x .-no • 1- ■-, '•■•'I 1 I ■■ T'l. r.. •> 1....I I...MI-. \l V ^t . Ii »;iiii. a fa. «lfiilV of ll;r alrt.v rut- 

r».UM!'»: Mil «>\Slt. IN «LUi:i:NI II N1>S. 
«*-'>I~<'Hli*TlVr: fli;iTI,A KS .-i; 

•In Ounce 0f ?reTention is worth Pound cf Cure. 

A NKW WoKK BV int. tilNN: 

linmr.s Now DmiM'sflr Piivsirian; 
OK, H o V ;;■ r «.* n \ >> r // /. i /. /• rr • 

A <'-mpl*l.- i;u .1.- IT faoiiil.- . niinv \ ilnaf.Ii- 
-rifS •.ii..r .. |..r Awjl.t.:- I>|.».i,.- jii.i I'roloiiL'iiii: |,||. 

«"ti .11. Ul.- l•i^B|o^.. il. 1 nil. r..n. ». ir -Ml 

• .I I .e.i O' f,*.; i^'Vl.-: I i! \V..iiii.t<. »'oN.,n;i,-.;i. ,,|„, 
(lututlM: out III fain It ir laiiLiia:;^ Ibi- .'..n-... Sj'n.i.. 
I- ■>■>, Tr-.ii m-at ao-l I'nr. ..f ili.. lii^...,^. , ir„ |,|,-„. ,,, 
<r -. W..ii»».1 «1iIi.iP»o ; T,,-. tl„ r \. illi i rrt-ali-- 
•^1 I «.• l'i.«|.. .. ami Kir •>! (....a.!. »i .. , l...u.-. I|..p.-,J,,. 
A' iiij'r, Jf!al.-ii.«y, liriri. r ar. l>.— p .lr,'.*\ ..' 
rl.-.-. lli«riiy.Cli.-.-naliira'. I:«li'^t.<ii. . 'r..!* In'- fhi- 
InH.i. 11. -ft; » Min.l .•: t;. ll.-ii a* i r n*,- of (I,.jiii, 
i.r iiiH* •••. \.y \ 


<»r I.Nl-.i all lUr I'rlitrioa- !:• iik.M. < •■., .• In iloTrrai- 
n«.-ii1..[ U.^aFV. in. lu liiis n-,rl\ Ti.r.-.- IIiiii.l".-l ^,.,. 
c»i Hanta. M.-'l i. aii-l T.-i-rf il.;.- W. ii..-.<ii-. mm), ,|,». 
• rlpll u»m r*. Oir . tlo..jf..T |>r. p.,rli '..inl r*!,,.. 
t .Ml. .»lm an »>i.'a:.t in-; I'nrrri 1 (.K»i.r>» ..1 ii.I 
*«t^.r. »yJ<>«i«ri-.i.f>,. .M J... .. I., n »Tt tf. K> tii- 
^^.r.^•t r .1.1 • or., known ui, - i.r,i.,,-, !>..i,i,.vii.' Mr.ll- 
el'i- >>IIM a " ii.p'rr riiiary Tririfii. on 

.&»•••■»>, Hb> aloloKT •"•! ll)Cri>r. 

AS-P •. i 

Ni:iisiN(i rirr: -,i< k. 

«^n iiir 
MA?(40K.HF.:«T UK TIIK SltK-noO>l 

W:t:. hlritaai, ibi. 1rn*> «:# .if p-p| i|>.-a, ,),,. ,,r .i.-r »cii 
t tit'oi. .>r ■l««ltin.;«. -I . oiakins a larci- »o'uiiir of n>.- 
!*«> ,.«i»<. wi:h nui.i-r.j* aifll rii<raviii;ia au.l illUjira- 
t*.ofi«..r Plant*, .-f-. 

It )• k,-'l.-r«l ihittU- «ii.i«lr.|.fr tmp^rir.liM tr>r..r 
P«;*«.»i lh»« of l'h> -•'.lo.T ant llrnlili, i|ion-!> it 
l»v- In a Main an-t l«iiin!.,r wyv, wI) i,e w.irih iotn« 
-It • f h.t:i tbr w mir I U..I .'I thu book. 

r:i« w.m l.-rfiil .«.■.-. ,,s ahirh na< all.>n.|.-.t l-< p. -o-nt- 
a'i<»i. "aia Ni.--n a-i -i" -r-pnai-ot In.-.ntlvi- to mak- ih.- 
w ..-» a< i«i.arly p^rf , t In I»« r..T,!e.,t.- ,., 
a iapt*.< tn til ! wa-it>..f iliosr n iiogi- |„.||, j), 11,,. \„. 
t i»rhi# wriitrri.aa i»-a.iiM».. W 1,,.,, «».. hunlr-l tlioii 
aaial ii« > at- 11* at a n-M.k. •he la. 1 ho n.j iini>rr*« an 
•al't-o- a a<r<n( «.-n.«^ of ri-»|».ii«!h|lijy. 

l-i I'*- i>T-«.-nt e-lltl.-o. m.iTiv .iiM.i4r>ar- fni>ii.-|.inr.| 
Mr t'i» tlT*t ■lin'- ; »n.l ,t'i I'I t!r»ilT 'n w f r- .t'«e '- .;(ri.ii 
T».ri»inx a r.»iiipvt» .-Till.. ;.» t'lO luio tn.-niriil '.f ti,^ ' 
•'.:» r-.- i\ : t*a.-tilMs Hi- .ar -I'll r.-ai»r 1 ,.r " lloW Ti» ' 
MMtSK l>4K HlfK;" than *hlc»l lljt !■ » Il li-i;* ,-..|, n,- 
mtr III >i iitivii or il'.sira'.|<>. To rr V\« viii^rin.'. i.» 
«.? t»Iity a n.»!>!<» nil»a:»n! o.ii' that th.; ;.• .tli^r 4'-x it 
l-»»', aril many .f t'la «troii-f-r. •»'i..nlil b<- lU i-i i..r.- 
T i.i» ;ui» iMi. y.-l'i'ii-- i.ior- .'.-.•ir V than .'M-r .|.-iio'n 
atil' It««'<i4t p'a tl.-ai u^ioin.'* t i.t^ liAitnrr.ilil.ia.l- 
fnlri-r<. in.! exar wl-li»iilr.s .-Irrjrof fi i n.|«. 

T'l • >».»rk rmiatltnl'a a i-«inpl^ti- l''m<;y V»i//ri// // 
t.-i.-y-. »*Iir5I»M*\ l\ TIIK llorsK. ri-a-lyi. i..r..ii 
an I" I a' any tH.-n* -nt. w'i..n -n I.I».l .ti»...-i<.. ;,nil iinlori- 
a •i»n r»»o Utl.-a r«ii.1. r luini- iiUiti- raUef Ih.- u:iv llii-n: 
a-i-iibt lor aliov.- all .-!«*. 

Th.- p»ipi» wh^n fh.'v at* n«rn an-Huve r a.l Ih.- 
•■• ik.arr aa rr»ty aa ih-- pnnitah^r* f .. «;i» tuat It l» no. . 
•I'la )•> <•■•■ anToth*r ur.rli .•! t').- kiiolin »xl.4t> nr.-. >l i- 

u'ro:,"*"* """""'*"*'"■''*"""'""•"""'" ' Jackson St., BfiMTfn L<voc& Third, 

([j^4..i,i .tnTy hy .Inly x'it»i.>r1»».| a-i-nt^. .<tn.| nol ob- 
taia,. • thr»'irflk bouka«lli-r-. -.r liio |iiii.ll-h.r«. »•■" ■■<.-' ^s -^M^aai^^i 

j^. ai, Fi.o\vRR.«, 

<:i:()VK.STLK.\ .V ro- 

iTANO rcMrn: M.VNriwcTnuais, 

4'.»9 P.I{(>AI»\\ AV. NKW VnPK. 

litJ tl'.e traile is iiiviieil tn mir Nf.w .'^i'MK 7 OCT A A L -•'»«* 

; lie 


1 liw 




' H' 





























< 1, 

2. a. I, ft 







ACLF. ( 

11 w 














10 I 



'l^ilK rit'i'inioii of i!.e PiiMie an 

MH* I" \No K.»I:TKS. Willi ■. I'T v.. Ill III. -a lot pn'tiy oi i..ii,-ari- ii.irl* iS-'l bv >..y l.iihvrlo «nir<'l m 

Tio-y . —iI nil all th- iii'i li-r 1 iinpowininl». AV"«i*. .«r'i.,i, lla'n' f--'"' . /<■• " A'.-w- . O.-. < ■ 

if . i-i-l ■• ».-ii i.i-irnio-ni o m.- iimIi- iiii.l.-r lli.- p'r-io ,1 -iipi-rN l-io., ..1 \|r..l. H ii.r..v. . r. n 1... h. » 

.r Tl »«■ ir» i'l Ih.-ir ni.iin'ariiirv. i« .>'<4/'y tr:t rnnliil in {irri, fiilix-"!' r. 







. " 5 

" 5 


K.-T. ILV 

I'tiiirie C-'I2 






\ii»-rii--iri' .i| 

i;r.>vo-ti'<.-n Piano Foiti-'" reei-i\etl the lli<jlie>t .\w.iril t>f .Mei il ovt-r all utli ff* 
al till" <\-!eI»raliMl WoiliLs Fair. 


EAtM.F CillLKi-T. :i»;. II 22. 

•S.". ftO 
■ I 113. It. 23. 
I'r;iiri.* i?."i 

liit> 4 ami ft 

11 LLP. \ A 


CW ||\T 

SVC r.w 

V nw 
ir.v '■w 
•-W .>w 
In- rO 

IIW iiir 

sw n*» 
ne sw 
nw sw 

<w sw 





m: M.r.i:s i\ 

in n I • « » \ » » J -»-« t i\ J » » • *. A I X •> , 

run: It n\iui: 

L.MON |;LniK. mllM-.H oF TlMllP AM» liOp.KlITS FTRFFTS, 

sT.-PAiir., - . . . ]srTT<rsn:soTA 









lot 1 sw 




lot 2 sw 




lot 3 .«w 




lot 4 sw 




lot ft sw 




lot« C 7 S sw 




lot 1 se 




lots 2 4 ft .se 




\<)\.i 3 G sc 




Iota 7 ri SO' 





.— T. 11 

ft. P 

lots 1 2 3 IIW 


Prairie -SH) 

lot ft sw 




lilt 1 nw 




lot 3 nw 




lots 4 S 13 14nw 




lot 9 nw 




lots 11 IG nw 




1 jt 1ft nw 




lot 1 sw 




lots 2 A 14 sw 




lots 3 A .S sw 




hits 4 A 9 sw 








uro ami i>owrrfii' tonir"", rsrrrrlioc and i!l<i:i:if i-lllriHT ill ilini-asi-.s of tlie 

Stomach. iJvrrand Battels. 

rtirc« Pysppjisln. I.ivrr Coinjiljiinl, IlpadacbConsti- 
lii-lilllty, .\ii\ousiii->s, In-j.ri-.sslcn ol .^plriti* and 
pat. on. ciic, liiii-rniiiti'iit Ki-vpis, C'rainpsx, 
.■"l>.i-iii>. ..11111 all (oii.iiiiiinii. of i-iilur.So 
uriilii;; ironi lloilil.\ Wrakm-ss whpther 
iiihi-ii-ni ill tlii- .».. >tcni or prodlict'd 
l>\ -piii.ii iaii>cs. 

i Nothlns Unit 1-^ not »-|io|i-viino, jrcnlal and rc-tor.itIvi- 
I In it> natiiii- i-ntiTs .nlo the l•oilll.o^ilion ofllOSTKT- 
i IhUS .-^TOMACII lU ri Kits. Tlii. popular pri-par.itlon 
i cvntainsiiu iiiiiirral ol .my kln.l, im .li-.i.lly botaiiirali-lr- 
. unoit: lull It U a i-.iiiiiiiii.i.-loii oi thr l•\lra^l^ of arc 

l..iNaniii-lic:lisan.l plant., viithi- pn^^•^t aiidnilldtetof all 

diini-iivi. sliliiiilaiits. 
I III-. « li; to 111- I'oirarni . 1 .-i-.'.ilnst dispasr, .iml so far 
! as the hiiiiian >y~li-iii ran l.i- |ir-,t.-rt.-.l I.y hunian nn-ans 

M.M.nst 111 1-114. iiU-r liy an n.-^ivlioUsoniPatinus- 
I pUt'rr.iiiiiiiiri' natrraiid ol<i|.r<-\i).riuil cause.*. 


Sewing Machines 

These machines make the alikeock-stich 

on both sides, and um 1c»s tJian half the throad an4 
silk that the sinele or double thread loop sUtch Me 
chlncsdo; wilt Ilpin. Fell, Oather, Cord, Braid, Bind 
*c.. and are beitpr adapted than any other Sewin 
Machine in use to the frequent change* and ereat ta- 
riety of sewing required In a famllr, for they will gear 
from one to twenty thlckae8.se8 of Mameillea witheef 
stopping, and make everylslii-h perfrct, or from tb« 
nest ganzv to the licavlrst bearer cloth, or aventothe harness It-ather, wltbont rhaiigtng the feed, 
needle, or tenitlon or making any adjuatinen) of Me 
chine whatever: ! ! 

They are simple In rohstrnctlon, and easily aadrr 
s'tuod ; ahd if any part U broken readily 

These are PErttmi f.*cT<, auJ nlll go far to delef 
nilue <he choice of any intelligent buyer. 

lleuM Call and ICraminf, .>r SfuU fur Circular. 

X. n. Local A:.;fnts wanicil In aectloi.g nat yet et- 
cupl.-d. Addrei!.«, 

Xo. ft38 imrvADWW. NKW-YORK. 




i . ,_ Michman Central K. K. 

(••O aii'i<an.l> « :i.i iT..(.ri |o it iiiiii,.rai.;.rilu-i ^l(.ll <■ 

an altar... i-.MMp.. (hr i.. i.uij;|. , i,i,;, i,,o.-'ain.s who nrt 

•Mil to .w.i. i.irniMl\,N o| i.ioti. lixp ijnatitii-s in u.l- 
, Van. .-..i:-. .iirii- hy ■ v.-ry l.rh-l rojirsp of lhi.< iii^rMl- 
. ottJl inri.iiip. li-xr all.l A-.;!!,- lal ienis, aliir hi-ini! 
( lipiii |.,ii- I with qiiiiilin- lor moi,il,> ill v:i|i,.nii|ll ii.l,,.. . 

i«ilnr.;. . «iili n„i lan-.e.-ons :,i),:,i„i.|. ;„,. „„t „ii.v-|.i «,-,»». - ir , i -v.- r. >i 

qnon ; '-l.-r.-.l |o Ui-.tllii » it liin a f.-w ilay n liy tin- .\ ira ' I^fd'OII. I Oron/O. .tlliltfrrttl. .^ lOKlna Fullf, 

JM).S'ii:i T'KII.S P.inKIIS. 

Tl>p \v,-;ik -l;.ina -k K rapi.l ;n\ i.-orarnl an. I the npi.ilitr ' 

•.^sy= ""^^' 


TliPjin-at tliroi/..:li rontit-i 


IhiJJ'<ilo. Hlmini, .ilf.iiin/, Stiriilof^a 

l^prhii^f, .^V»^• 1 ork, lioflnu, 

PlOn !!''*'",':■;' ','•' "'** ■<-■•■•••• 'I'-l'- Tonir. ami IiriM-i'.'i',"';;'„V;; l An.lalliM.inninXi-w Y..:k.Xiw Kitgland and Iht Cana 
noii.lP., iM .M..- oi lU.|.»-|.,ia .1 Ii.l Inl,.,.,. .■oi,||riiM-.| ; .las. AM., t.i 

Li'iraycllc, luilianapliV. CinriRsali. I.tiuisu'lk 

...iiiis..! hi.|i...,i|oii. Ai-'liil-. :,> a •-•• mil- iiii.'l liiVinllVs I 
a.niiiir.t, .^ -v.- i .,h np'.'i f:i.- li.jiT it aU.i inv.-i; iai.h rt i 

Value |>er 

A (-re. 

lots 12 a IC .sw 15 PraiiK <?20 

lotFtsw " " 1ft 

lot Ift.-w '• " 1ft 

No iainlS will be sold lor ll-.-^S than tluirap- "••*« ^ "l"- ""-Upati.M. >ii|i rin.:ui-,| i> lrn->;n!;,r.otloi 
, , . "I iliK i!- '^iM- all.l M-.-r- t.»'oi-.,i,.,. 

[iraiseu value. . ivi-.. - .■ i-riiipii.ii. i.ii ii,;.- f.. .\.^lous..1ttarl;s,I,•.w- 

Tlle term, of the snle are sm-li llv.'t lamls '"— 'S|.ii i .n.i Kitv .,i i..,„.-iior. ,ii.] pi-oinp»ai..i iM-rma- 

, . ^ , ,„- ... n . . 1- "•'"'■ 1 ironi till- liitt.r>. I lo- ti-siinioii> on ihi> ,i..iii 

i]e>i!;:iateii "I miner, .<^'ven!y-tivc per cent, ol , i<mo>!^ivi i.i m i.oihs ,. 

(la,, !,.it/> fiiniiov mil. I l./C i,-uil it tlii> tliin>' Tiic ai:o'n ol Itlllii.ii-i'oili i» iiiiiiiiili.iti-'v a»siia»<-d !.v 

Xm" ,)llieil>SC inOIlt} niU.-l l)0 |i.lHl .U im imii^ a -l ..:l. .|..^.-oi ih.- Miimil. nl. in.l |.» ..rr.i.lo.ilv n.x..rt- 

of >ale ; Imt on Ian. Is ile.sjfrnateil "Prairie," . in;; to H.thri-iin.' n m.- ..„i|,,.., it, ri,.,,y i..- i-r.-ri-nu-.i. 

i>i,!y tifieen ikt cent, of the |>iirohase money i j^^ ^ (^oitfral 'lN»ni(', 

wili he reijuireil- In e.ieh ea<'\ the lialiince , 

of the niircha.-JC nionev ea;i be |iaitl a! aiiv "'*"TKTTki! s niT'i i:i;s pr-.-m.-PHii,, i.„i,i, i, „,„,, t„ 

time theivaiior. fi-oin ■ to u^^'^, y^\^\^'^^::^ZTv:1:l:Tl^::::^^lz^■Z!l:^^^^^^^ 

,wi-n.v yenr-. at the option of the inirchiisrr;, J;;'-;-'J;-i|!;y;;;;^^ 

provnlcil iiitei-i>.<<t in ailvancc at tlie rale of .-lai.-. ...f «..-a.i. ii..-i.ti" oni •...•am 

^ov.'i. per rent, per annum, on the 'Mn.-.i.L ^l.;'V:.:;;;;:;::::r;,::;,y:;;y;:;.;^^^ r.o...,on. 

balance is f)aiil to the fir>t ilay of June,», i...t i,a-t, 

ami annually Iliereafter. 

Purchase, money luiyablc in Lgal temli-r H i'i «lie {)li!y SaiV- .SJiitiKlactl, 
mite--. 1 

P.-:sons pMrchaHntr lands upon wlii.-li otii- ;,7/|;";;;;;.;i;;''"..''';;;' '/ ^ .'r,M.n3.n..r.riaiH, 

« »" . I ... .111.1 • nil i-l... IMT lr..|li t|..- iMl.t . I OiP (:.prt-.,i:f ,111,11. or 

IT parlies have inuile improveiii'Mits, mil be i"--^'" '" i*"- "Din .rv i .i.!,. ,-, i s .,„,.„.:, i.i,.,,,, i.,,.,|.,,_ 
ivipiirotl to pay the owner of the .an,., the i iii^^Jill'Vl^;:'!:;;:;!.;':!^);::::;:-,;--'- 
appraisoil value of improvements, om hail to t-noi i ■.' . ,,,,i.:mi.. .,. 
be paiil at the time of t)ie .«ale, ami ilie bal I 
aiiec witltin .-.i.\ inontlis llierenfter. with inter- 
e-t at seven per cent. p'Taiimim. j 

The (ini.-ring of sai«l lands will rominenep : 

at 10 o'clock A. M., at the usual place i-C Ind- 

.liiiil ''onrt, on the day speeiticd. ami will pro-' 
"•red iiithe onler in wiiieh they are adveriisi-d, 
niifil .-ill arc ofTered No sale will be Ui-pt rn -|r: 
ipen loiijfer than leio day. nod no lands w'" 
be sold execpt at paliiie s:d<' 


a^S'Tialiisli-avi- ilri-al ('.iitral lipi.ot.Cil. l.n^-oJMorr.- 
lnuai"! Kvi-niii):, inakliiK rIoM romii tiioiiMur all 1 1 kf 
••rn p..iii7. 

IJAtitJAtIF ("lIKi KK1» TriK()F(;il. 

Elpjrant Slp(jiiii«( fars fu all .\iirlit Tra"B.». 

Ill TANS I'lfiit Vpiitll.i|oi> an. I IlnMorM.ii all fata 
of l».i> Triiiu. 

Tlir..n..|i TI. ki t« for s'lh- m all utlinn of rohnrrllr^ 
li!M>.. In fMiafo. at I nion I'lllii-. in Trt-nionl llukia 
III.K'l at'olof l...k .-in . I. 


lien'l \Vl'^t. I'Maii. Awl., t bir.T*. 


Frciuh liirjiklast jitkI Diiiiur 

Qwim; tn the very liitjli i rii-e of ("^ff'.-e, ami 

iiii'l 111.- i:!i-it .lirl.'triy III i»r..r'Miti/ M iro.».l. nrlf.-nn 
aii.l rrllal.Ii- ..i«irlr .iir rii»i..|ii. r-. li i . • ..Itiii .-xi-ii ►a.-.l 
a n t-h I Ik. I llii-.\ • ..iil.l h.- 'ii).|.li. .. l:..iii tlr»i liaiula. It 
vv..* 'io' inli-nlioii ot 

The Great American Tea Company 

Pr.p.-irr-.! :.N l!iiSi-i;Tii;i; .V .-Mini. n!|.linrj;h.r;i 
»*^--'ol.| li\ all lliii,-^-isi,', I 
-vvi: H inr,-. 

• ror.-r.. .III. 


All hi'i- ,' /(•'. „t it ii'l 

i. S.nii- li:, l.jon.l t\,,; iy \. ,. 

('HAS. Ml ILIIAlll 
32:td Commi'Simcr .State Lniid Ufl'iee. 


t.i.|.> a -'.rli tly T<-a tiii«liip<i-'. I.nt a« wi- h.ivr h.i'l aop^ 

lor. ' rn.»|..iin-ikli\ iiiL- .it a .li»»:ii.i •• li..| li..\. r- Ihil '.n a- •■• 

\< *riii.'i-:ly ' -n|i|.l» till 1.1 .'N. hi> vi-ly will. T. .i au.l « ..It. •■. Il l.%inii tr.- 

roii\ inli'iii lor III! 11 toroiii.t. N. k York, ll.r fiiral 7'<* 

ifii't t'rjf'ir Kntj.iriuin i.| lilt*'.\ -.-.lilt ..^ wnr T. r»'r v.i- p. -M-.'^.-.l ..I liiprni .i ion rtlaliii'-' Io a r. flm 

|iiut I'.'iil.l II' rniiil'Ii.'.l al a iii.i .i (.r'l w .niid u>\r 

ii.ilv. r>:il i..ii«i.i. lion. ,iii.l lit II,,- -Mill, i.ini- .illi r.l ihi- rr 

l.ilhr.l llall.N..|l:i-'' u I* i:i\«- t«. rn i • II 1 r lr#1 |.. 

»il(ipl.\' flioHf. parlii'H 77.iV #>//»* U**t K^f-ih* n< p ptihtr 

Willi our . llxtoliM r.- "IliI Ihvli'S ii..>i- Ir. r'.iMd tu 

•ill. !i ai-.M-nl lliit «i- h.-.v.- Ii-fii i •.iii|>.-.|.'il \n mala 

' 1.1, i:r al. till. M.s N. .inr iii.i. Iili.i-' >, 'whhh w i|i i-iihIiI.- iia 

I lo --iiiiiily a f. « iiior.- <"niilomrr> h.iIiii. W i- « l;i thi'i-« 

■n'l-ifriiil It to ibo.*e who nia.> or.l. r. 

r.-,.;.,i;„ ,. 

rm: w iiJi.ii. ... wv.hh ti..- .%.■« v.rk >JW^/ .(,-«», 

'■■'■ ' "iir. ...;,..> to-. .,> iiM-0»„,., II,,. 

Il is Fa.»-l Snpercediii;,' all other ('iiireo. 

\ ,'..!.. A 1 Ci ».. I ... I T) . 1. . !'"'■" I aiiv i/'lHo."ial''ii !.V .'..T'.".l "t »''.'^nr«'''.'r.'..!l I Tills Coir.p h..^ l.<-.-n tn.-.M..r more l'r,n n r.i.tnr-J lu 

CUUC OUI ( 1 n hooks ; '' -1-^'- >;.-..;,> «,..;,". n...r;..',;i: -.'/i , ",V, r : I'o.-.a,i..,lMr.-i.slii, „.... Il.i.. ri.„..t^y..-h-- 

nntm.'»V/ k.'H.wivmi <t t.r ^ \ ."i.. . ..ii,ia.,i ,,„,. I...S. r, :,M.| |,.„| , ;..,^, /'„!,■., u,,i. ''rn in MX- l.> ^niif of ihr lia.linu Krr!,rh l>!itauraiiM 

I .'ox' r.-.i.l. Ti. Xl illi th. .|.a.i\ in. r.-iti- 111 i-lr. iil-.l i. i. h.-ri-. Tin- l'aii>i ins arr kal.l to l.i- Ih l.i-«l Jii-li:. « of ... 1- 

P<>n ITSniVIDl' AIjS .\XUK.VMII.IK^. j "I'';;-" """ '•,).„.,, I.,,,. ,,,.,; ,«iiU.,oi, irt..i.',',I,i.!,|" Ir.-: liiNoi 111 «lil.h 

1 .N.|.iii:j I'.-.-lliaii Ilil> :-li. .1.1.1 k,ii:-i.« 1 1 «M \> i.o 1,1 li..\i' I hrsi r..r.'iiniii iirtnlloii thai !.•• pr-..!!!. i-.| lor Ita Una 

HiII.I<IIi:Ti I.Y j '"^'l "'<■ only |i..|i . ot I.., tori. I. ili.. I 1.1..11 .n.i Hi, jo- lla^.|^ aii.l lii-;.ltli\ illi'. I> 11 11..11 1 in liiiniaii k> st> in. 

Ml., il.i .li th.- ^'•.|:^,l ov.-i a i...w .ll;.|r .1 ti-.l - n.l M f pnl 'ip h'lt oin- ot IliU f..i;,-i-.Bn.l ili*! \* nl a 

! li.V ■.';''■'■. "■"■."' '••^"•••i.u Ihr I n,..ii.,„ii,|,.. .lU- 

1. , •,'" "'.' '■■'•^""■'"■n -vn w,iti-.| M..I 

.IM.| y..r.. h, „r..Mi.i |.o. ..,■ ;r..i,i tl,« liaii.S 
•Il I.../-.- «i,..,..|.,.ji.t|,.i.,„, ,, si;,. ,„..! I.. p,.,vokr. inxli.. 

n |. ..1..,..: 111.. «,,r; aii.l ili;,tt....r pllfh n.i, ,.,,.| 

m.-..ii . I- ..,. . ir... in,-«« Ih. il'lliiM, I,, i;,,.,iii:|, ai.i,. „,„| 
.-.llr.pris „, |.,.><,|,.,|.rl-. .1 .. nh.l ! liiiil k!i..»i.dvp 

.m.m.:.-ilii- .vioki;,- niii..|.,..,,.. 1,1.-11, and th.- vo 
: IMi.' 111. -11 o( III. \nrth. 

pr;-i'. Ill\ .11;.! no. I.-. \> ilU.r lii.prary ix 
t-mli- 1 III mak. lii.- \V..r.i th.- I., .-i in « ■.p^.ii.-r ti. Ai'inri 
i.a. II.. I., w.<ir.iii IV. i> [..rlofiii. noil., wili I ;,,-:|- 

IhMor a n.l hraltliv rllr. t> iiim.ii i in h 11 man k>st. in. 

\\ e pill <ip h>:t .in<- ot lh<> l'oi:i-<'.an<i ilot U •>( a 
inalfty that oiir rllslollll-r^ h v.- |. 1111 I lr..ii. exprrWiiv* 
uill .:lvr prrti-rt sa|i4lari|..ii niiii n e> I ill il>i. I'l mai,. • 
of Inolp. It it tin- l..«. »l prir.- that »• lan m 

W I- .|o nil "lir>i|iirH< on Iht- mii><I pxIi liaivc »ri|p,h|'r 
hy till- i-ar' I ami srll al only I «• 11-1, f» | pr p. iiiol |>|. fli. 
AVr put lip till- CllPr In I ..rr. Ih oi,n...i l:S p..iiii.i< 
.-.till. This niriho.l ..f pnlllin: It np «s\r« In. in 2 to .1 
.-.-III- I'lr poiiml t". tl.r I ..i.Mii.ii r, l..\ |i» li.-iiiirln a 
'ai!.-p <|nai.ill> II n-t iln- IL II... II .- .-r niprh Ioi.l. rln ti.'a 

Hiii.i<iii:t> i.y 


3 9 IJiai VliW AV. \. V. 

TiiK Ii.i.f.sTP VTi:i> livpiinr'i \Ti> F.vrvi i,"!'.:: 

nu : a •y»lpni of ||\.|!-.iiialt.y aii.l ll\..lii.'. <'onta'.iiin:.' 
.•niliiir. .(f Aiiloiiiy; i'liy-i..!.ijT .,i llo- l|.|iii-|0 ll.i ly; 
llv l.-iil" ^.-.-ini.., all.l 111.- pr. .rrxaOsii •.! II'-a'H. ; 
ti:. t. rilrs. nil ll\.!r.iiiliali. ('.■.',.•.>: TIip. r'. nli'l 
e-.i.!l.i- ..f W.iipr-Tn- itiiir-.i : Sp.-. : ii l*.ii;i.ilo._-> . aii.l 
ll\.'r..-rh. rip.nii. -. linJn.l'i.i: I ••'-.-. ('. n-.s. 
Sun.)!.!!.- a.i-l Tr.-.i-mi-iil ot all kn..-vii l»».-isi-; \ p- 
1. i.- .11.11 01 l|%.|r. p ahy t". ^li l« i ■ . V an I iln-Niir-i- 
r>. Iii.'i ii.-.l n a <iii|.l.' to r .mi;i.» ai..l Stnh-niN. all I 
. '•• M-llo.klor rinsl.lins liv |;. T. Tra., ^l. l>. I 
i-.-lr. t".l 'vi'li i|..« .' U vi .".'I K'l-r IV 'lU* a:i-l Co'.in-I 
I' ..t •«. .-i|i..' i-.iial.v hoiiiiil In o'.i- l.iri;<- vulnii"-.- 
I'l .. .-. pn; l.» mil, f« .VI. 

Of all 111." iinnii-roii-i i.tiMli-aMo- s •> M.-h h.'Vp rttlali. 
"I "UCh -. «Mp a'l'ty, .IS N-U--I !..v M.«s- «. K.nvh-' 
s-|.| *'. ili -. o,-rl a|.. II..I1.. afi- 111. ir- . lapt.- 1 •■. 
ilililv ilrin Ih'.-. rl.h. .■.■m|.r.-l. ii-lr , mi.l « ril-Mri- .11 
jf.| Km v.iop»f-.||a.— .V. )'. /V,7/<(«'. 
11- If if \i -If •.■•.....-....... 1.1. 0..01 y *i. r i.| 111 i . ■•iniiiiii. ',s orooi 

U onK.< or Hon. ILikai-k. Maw, melmliti«_r , 01 ,t. .-v.- i.m . ih i-iiM.- p.ii. iii, i»;.i/.Mi!i> .-ii^m,!, 1 

I,.- %.-si p.iiilii- 1... tiir'-.sni.Hi.'v.!il. Il ar.-Tli"U,'h'' I'-r ' "I' ■>.'-<l -^'-p 1 Imn.i .1. w.",-.; to »; rl.iilMir.-. iiilni' umi, : 

. M 1:1: l'--\-r< ..111. I liiili.-. Ill W.nii.".: Ii..|ii.i'i.l> • •■•"■" lal i.ii.l.., .•oiiiiiiiini.aM.iii. 1 om prirMrai l.iriii.-r- 

.•1 I'll; \i;. ..II foil. •:• «: in. h ii.i I K.|m 11.-.! ; I' ■ I'f ;"i -•• p.ti- I mall r, nnMi. ■;«»;, n .;.|. .i^.i i,,,.),,) ,,_,j, ^ j _ . .. _ _ 

l.'M..rj'ii: 1: i.r .la.l'.-ai.- A I trr.^. .-Ir. Tti.-- ;•■.• nr.-s. ''-.i: tn- la: iii.r- a:i.| i,-,-, »,.,„i, . ,,| , |,. ,...t|.,|,v ' TI' ~l» '« T « «^ ,.v TT^„ ^-: .^ ~ A ...^^^ .^^ a... .. 

n. tlrnli,-;v liip ili«t i«...h..v.-iii th.-sp ..-;....• !.• I - ' "• ».<r in v..,:.|, ||„. „„,,,,., 1, ii,;:a .. 1 a.;alii«i nrnip.l X ISil SljaJTip XlOUlltlg^ iippa,ra.tU3 

1.1. Mm II-" i-ir. nljti..". a:i.l arp iir.iv.r- ,:.» a. kii..\vi " I Ini.iiti i| -.i li...„i., ..,,.1 n,,. ri.| (lolii v of th.- ad- I __ 

Ml,-; i., 1,1 of I h- vai.i.-. *:; i«i. . I'''''';' -oi-ni w ilri, ., .,:.,„i.„ ,t, i,,,,.- , .ins.,in-.| to i.ilii» ■ , „ ... . ..|.t•,^,. vri-mvr v:ti 1 vivr « in « 

,. ,, ,., , I, • - 1 I- .'i'lh.-r .11 01 plithirn. al.-or.. .»a».M-. I iiloi, los. ! "^"•l^t'-^'>' ' *-- f "l-^' - .^T • ' » '^'' - »» n " 

ImMi ATION : Its hlenp'llt.niy I linciph". |-<.llll- In^' an.i t ..n [ini..!. Inh.^ m-i.. 01 v.lial.-\cr|..riii,r 1 ml tn v.. 1 IMI l.l<;in« T.IL 1;..»>I 

.1 ■ till III.- X.onrpof Mill, r.v ' S|.iir.hp'.ni, M. Il, ' n mi • ami .-.-p -.1. Many of f'^.-i... nli... v, ihln tlip ili.,|i ir l\ . .r J ,Vi .' , 'V'"" "" "''" i I'll III t,aiilnai.T..|lipr. W. s. i,.i »lihia. t, ham 1. 1.. «r 

iV, .^ ,"..;;• i''^''''' •'•.i-'-l-l' ••'''•,'"'"•"■ '■ 1 I rin!s.rirrnlar-«m' p...|.-i s. to ah-i t th.- il.ahr lolnir. - 
.-ri'iT.- ' It 1.1 ."r ' ■'•„ V '- "•'•'•"• I--' " '«• ' .nupit 10 1.1s r«.t..i«.rs. W. hop.- . •►|».. alll 
,..|, - \i I, 'i;,.,'1 •'"/ "" ••"••.'"inls ■<•■!. .;r . l.Kp p...|, > p, havi l>,i in will ii..».i-.l i.p and .nMm.Ml. .1. 

«r:r. it:, at-iir . on.!i-..l- .m.i r. p..rf.-i% In .-v .rv 'i.nlil- ' ThKC.ifp.- ».- lo ..-h . p..rl< . 1 s^.tMiull^n. ami 

.a iinl ..ii:iiii.-i. in '.m.-un... ii|.| !■ iin.i,. „ |,,..,. , II II -lo.-. ii-.l | tin- pur. has. r has Ihr pri* i|p|ri- -f 

li^p i-'h.*^ u-ill Ip.i-. I- ii.iiii..,,; k, .,r. il- .ir II.,-.. iii.'i ... .... I'-liiniii/ tin- wholr or any i.ail i-f 11 » tliii. ffi-lay*. mol 

toi|.,r.-.,.;r ,. • ■'■'""''"'"' >,:i\ln... hi- iii..M-.> n.!nii.1..l.i..v-. 111. r nan all iha ixppu- 

Tlii- M » I k I'T fili.ii.T.- . .. ,1- • . ' -.r- '.1 (r.ii:>p« rralloii l.i.fli «,;.<". 

ill. 1:. 1,1 i" In. I .,;..■ "' ' • •' ^".V "'■■'.'• •"™- 1 «'.- l,.m- . ,.r.. r 111, iilar ..f ..iirTr;.. »...! f • ff. . ».whTrh 

V 1 . .■,.,,•.''' "•••'-l-..|;i. TI.P K.lil..., 1 ,v,arrU,.|IoM-„.|!«ho«i-h II.- t, ..f 

'.".'" v. ""'••".'.*■'""■'"'" '■'••I- "•'•r' !.-loil...h.i..poi|, ;!iol.lpii.|nln torih. fVr.-W, Hfr,.l/..,l ,.,.,/ tHv,.tr 

•T;. .111.. .-..Ill f\ IV.pIikp : <'„j/;ran.l h<- -nrr It is |.Hr. l.;.s. .1 ..I thr 

ol I I.- l\ill|.- I-, !• 

M..rU.,.||1i. \i..,„y il. r PI in i 

f.rtKAT AMKIiir.tV TKA CoMfAW, 

isil-oi. i.M;> I Ml J..nii! R-, 

<3:iI5.Siii a^ i. 37 V.a. y ,««..Xpi. Tor'. 

Willi an Ap;«pni|.l. roll' ilniiii a I». ».rl; ol (hr 
r.i.ip.-riim-'ils, an.l in Viial.i -^s of the I'lii-.-nologi.a; 
Y 1 nli.i-.. MnsMn, fl .'.il. 

V». rp-.-,ir.l I. lis \..!uiio- as ..n.- of h'- lin:>orlai.l 

that ' i..|-n-li. th ■ |.:i .ilr f .1 111 ;.,y yp..r!t. It 

U ;n 1 •■( joiinl d'K trnl.-- ml ii' irli. .il w < ...ii.. 

- •/;...'*'. ■! M,i/.itttil >iit'j. J-'f'fifil. 

PHUKNO|.fv;v I'p.tiTKO. 1 I.I.I .iTK \Ti:i) and A I* 

fi.'r;!i: i.-P'i.iiii.ilp 1 hy a r'larl.pinh/a-in.' nn \ni|y»i" 
o| 111 • I'rim iry Mnital P .wm. in liirlr \ i.r|..ii- Or.TP— 
..I |i.'\ .'lo|.mi-|.t, thr I'll. noil., iia pro.'n. i-.i I.y Ihpl 
I ..mMiii-il .\. Ilvit\- aipl ll.p 1.0. .||..ii "i: Hip I'hr.-iioloul 
pil orii.tiis III tha ll.'ail. TospMi.-r «lili a Vi-T\ ..f II,.- 

t l.irl 01, St I'll;.. I.. I.ll.lil 11 > l,;.|:;i , ol 11.,. |.,,|io| Im.v 

ilnih-r Ih.- ipa-l. ishlj. ..i t!io«.- (.air;..".- .1 il..-iir-i, o| .,i|,. 
pra:i.l I. I.r \.y~. Il.i r. fi.n ami I)., i.i « .-i,., |.,_ 1,. 
■ "- Il r\>.ii'!ii 11. ..-•.s .»lii.... prill, ip,.. « .-r.. tho'i .ii 
.i|.li|..ii i.ii. '.ii.r. » .1.11 k-oi .11. . I U.i.i.iiii I,. >.'ar. «, .-si- 

.:» Wi; .1 III I .-IP .i.r.i A. II,, II ki., liol •.l.|i|.|<t.oi||'lpr 
|.. -h..ii|.i.r niP.o 111.. ...I.,.. pi.,i,...i.,:,|..' ii.i.i, , 11... s.imr ' 
nviii-r. Th n •! ... ..1 I- a pl .i; If 1.. |.i n ./..,<//,« ' 

I t>f>,t,ii,i Ih. I •.ll.tiu'i-l'.'il-l 'iliri If,, /of',.-, j 

W i.a'. v- r i.-ia!..--. fir Ills ...1.1. ,||.- i-.p ii«|. of lorr.- or | 

the llollr> i.t .-..111 i'i .t...|,.||iP ir. ,-W» .1 ,.|»o, ill.; WUat- 1 

.•\.'i ii.,il;.-s a.r.,|i.s| :t till- lloW'. V.I I on;.'...-. . 

il -.vlll I |,p 

' * * Ty I'll- Jaiiip of a i-oniinon lamp, at thp cost of 
a ■•■•nt's wo. ill o| o|i. a vrrv . oiiitortahia bri uktast ran ha 
rooki-il. » * * • .V. )■. /•/ i7,..;,f. 

* c * ,Xiin|iii. Ill .'oiisirm lion, pa'i'y fcppl In ar.l. r 
n-a.iy for n»i- In n iiionipiit. « » * rrnrpiit. nl lobaii* 
•111 iiaii'l. « * • —J/riij/gl/t'i I'lrinh'r, 

* • * Ki.h'.< lainpl- om- .>i Ih.- nioht potmlar n' 1 '1- 
lirs of Dip.lay . * * « til.. uiiPiy or II is ni..tnr.>ll-.f. 
.ilil'. .1 '.I.-'p .1 (avinuls mu'Ii In : ratlii..- anil • i»'b<ni;kaiall 
a"-'!' .an l.i- inailp t.i <«..k nipal» for a nrpaf t 
tii-i's..mi. whi.'li is a*''u. it!v .Ion.- 00 Ih" .n.e • ar4 
will' hrarry 111. silk -'..Liirr-. * •" - .'•■>Vw'>'*r.lBi»-»i-.„. 

SAN I' t i;llk— r. ii4. 1;. 

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Prai'io S'l 




ne i;c 


[SHTItf-ioR? T.* (^K'l-KV, TiiWKR k TO.,; 

Wholo.^ale Grocers and Conirnis.sion Merchants, 'wne 

lni|iai-ters of niid Dralcra In 

FORli.N ANH DoMF.-riC LH>rO. ?. FIJLITS, NUT.«. WlNFS. Ac, 

- . ST. PAUL. MIKN* 

I LOUI^VILLi:.— r. 11.-.. p. 23. 

I.swno l<i Prairi.' Sft 

IIW M' " " .1 

P.FI.Li: PLAINF..— T. li;«, H. 2L 


-\tf«st«r ll»ir .'*>.>»iit *.'i 

liil(Tnal li(M{>Dijc Notice. 

>yr. \cz ' 'ott.'CTon T'«rra\»i. R.v. Nrr, 1 
Ht IHsi.. Mins., Ml. Ik..!... Aug. 21. h. I,s;t.; 

i\ TIIK iii:p\i:tmk\t orfinAis. wixis. .ti.. orn st'TK wii i, tt.. rorxn t.Ar»:K ami vc 

IS.i-.TK it Al.l,ri»I.>.AXOATl'Klt»>Tl»»CIT Till: \ IKUSOt \ ilK 1 I.O.siKJT llLYKh.H 



sO no 
I ne nw 
: nw nw 
■■ .^w fiw 
.se nw 
nw sw 
sw sw 
sc «w 
nc se 
nw se 
sw kC 
sc se 
gw ne 
r.e nw 
ne sw 
se sw 
Dw so,.to soT,.-K ts tiKUKiiv «, V. KD WARD II. RIG GS, 

J K.\ tbat faa. tnn ml .111 P4 an-l ia\ a nn.lar tt.a a.t \J^J 
f t! .iwrpsa eilltl'U "An .4. t to ^r..^ i.i,. |iit.-rtial rrvp "^ t' 
r<u« to «n..I>"rt thai'oxariiiiirnt. an.l 10 |iiv Inlrrrat i.ii 
tie ..II III. .iei>t."appm*».| July 1. I.afij. an I an act to 
pr-i. I ir inti-rnal rc.i.rn* t.. -upiiort lup lio-.-prniupna. 1 |i payliii»rptt «»u Ihp puuito dahl. m\,i tor oihpi' 

^.irp.,t^4. approTe-l Jan* .Hfi. I,-**. arr now .|nr aii'l . CiT' "T^ A T^'^T' 

p%rai>l», an.! I will .sit.-n-l. pithrr In |M>r«on or hr . 1^ J • -J- -£-\. I_ I J> 

n^pntv, at tha i>a-P'>f II. H. WIULI \V.<i. thr Ik p>ity * 

fill*, the J|lPT" Ihvl.stonoi thf lat f.>llPction ' ...... w#w ........v...^.., 1 

nuirlct 01 iha Stata of »liimr-k.ta,at the stor- of trait In"«*» «>>• attcntloBof pnrchaarrs to the largest snd beat Mlecteri atock crer brought to Mlnoeiota.roeaUtlng ' se nW 
A lodbakup-e.ln theConiitvof SooCt. from the ., _ ., . .» . >-. ., m . -»»» I nw cw 

t;-i:'la^::V:rt^\^;,^\l^iri'?ht''e,r/r,St;''^^^^^^^ ^'•"//-'s ^Vedmnes, Pamts, Oilsy Turpcnhnc, TI mdow Glass, Pvity, "'' ''^ 

U'i'lar act in aald O-unty aav9S.>d In the Annnai ' 

Tiliibi r $ft 

Praiiic ft 

5 aii.|Th-n|o-4ii il l..arlii): ..I Hip S. i.-iii«. I'rir.- 1.7.-#. 

Tiir .N'k'.v ."-^Ki.f-Iv-Tiarrn?; i\ PiiKKNoi.otjv 

\ ^1. I'lO '|.>l...<^T. Il ...i.tal'is \ .l.rliiltio.i ..f <M. h iH- 
. .rt\ "Il ti"- mi.i.l, full ■ f.i i.p I li-nr, yrt >.i slmrl 

1. i...t to »....', : i.>4. th.T uiih .|ii..tioii- ..1 lh.-fa- 
r.iiti •-. an.l Urt Kn,ra»ln^-s lo .Iriw thp or/ in> 1 1 -,o. 
aol »iiia!l ; 111 TKliy i-'ia'ihiri all o.-r-on. nit 1 llllh- 

-tii.iv, >.. I III.. ir.|n iliii.. I w :tli I'l-.i, i! I'iireiioio. 

•iy. A'l r\. pfl.-iii HTork lor stn I'-i.t... 7.'. .l". 

Itn; .N lAv .-tuxtkh Fkm'I.v livMwsuM 

Wi!'. :;iiiii r-.iis hn.Tcx i 'lu-s : i ..,.t ilnli.;; tin- iii..<.l Iln 

p'. t' >l III. t !•> I- of appyhi/ t;y.nna-l'.-. Cali.-hp.ih-. 

Kiii'-»i|>af !ilr, .iii'l Vi~- .i t>prils •. i.i Ih- .Ir^ rLipiuput 

o. 111.- i.i.llly or.'ii.n. tiip liivi.i.i.ilS.i.iof til Ir ii|iirii..ns. ' Its .i!irii....i|i..,i i.i -i. 

Ih.- pr-s- rv.itloii oi Ji'-i'l'i, an I . nrr- ..I dUpas s jiiil I , |,;„„'.j7i,., 

rt .'.-1 piipi.iy to (UK I .Moy, wliplhrr 

iri.ip.l 111 r-l.ri;iiiii : 1 (||. ^'. Ntli > r I -I i. iisly piar.tin- « » * For fiinily ils'-, Im-pital. O-i.l. I.arra. k plii.l. ■. 

tlii-s.-".!- ol .iiviiiioit Mill 'iliil .li.lovaliv III Hip lislilhi;. iiMr-rrr ..i -irk ro'-ni. It Is atlli h- ..I . nn.tort ta 

\orih. y.iml all pr.lioriio.'i ul li-ro.t. • ' - ll.iU'r Ih il'h Jiittr. 

II wilt ..,irpi.-^i. .-v.-r^ V-..I .i|oi...rTIIi;(':iN.«TITI'TIOX I ■'■ ■• ' I hav.- irl. I 1 i|.p.iralu«. .sn.l ni.\ «v If.- and I 

•■••111. h Is 1 1.1- ..ri'y h .p- .iii'l ho... I .1. I1.I..1., nn.l on • onlv ' l.i'o'-l-'hnl In- » mi.- a ni..t.l valnal.i.- a^•l int.i.p. n-ahlp ar- 

iiitJiora^ lor rx'ioiiii.K .'t tii- allp-lainr of II. l-.aml now w..ii.'i-r hov wp roiiM ha< p .|o|.; <u loiiy 

l!ip!i. " a II. »• * » tJI. I'rKil ttil firniliir. 

It «il: .i.p..c^PV.-r^ Infrartliin.if TIIK. I-AM: In hl;:h i * * * An .-r.n.omiral . .iiiirivr.ii"- fr.r L.oiilni-np brat 

pla.-PB -ir III low, f..» r.-i-l,| an I iiil«,.i,i :,..; [.aiiisans.or I I nh'-.t n<iili-r tor imrM-rv aivl j; iions. Iiol.i pnrpo 

o.v Ihi-a Itn' I' 1 -aiir iha. I.n-lr px iiiipl.-. 1 ps. » » ■> om. Imiiortart polif |.. ihr .ai lat- Ir c«»- 

li w-li. irl, ..I;. PM rti».- t-ii- r,r.,i,.,„,,ni,, j;r.,; u ! v.-T ..oalhrrH, » •» a _.V. }. />r„i,.g /•„»'. 

»! 1.01. , all ..npliojl i.„.|,:,,-e,..| /•,„,•,„,/ .S;„,,7,.„„| ; .. 

/.<.../#, 01 <., Il.ll-,t, I 

•!r|or:ii!l|p9. Byl'r.Tial. I'ri.-r ?l 7i. 

\VKVVKt:'s WoiiKs For TIIK Vfi! \o. Cnmiiri 

m.t.- Hop. a ^nl If In 

I, • im I'.ir. { 

1 I.r i-r.-..l p pni.i'ity 

.\l'iis a'.'l .1 w.i. Ill ' \V i\ 

t. il. r .1 I.I V.-., il s ill spoiir 
i li:iura!l..(; ..I II, .rati. -.1 p » ..|_il.. njl.ri n-lon . ! Ho- 
sit.-;;»t it p»r//-o.;;K,y„„.»//,7,r'./. Ii will • i.ti.<i.«iiilv 
.inp .K • il.p Ip'ii r.-i.i.! til. '.I ,i:t sij,,rpn.e la«- anil 
:lip „.|\-y ary of soippi 1.,.. ,|;i.-. 11 iti: Ainrrlraii frreiiieii 

111 s' i„ r.>ii» -.1 (.. fi • 1 v.-ry.., rh. -r rii-hl.. tl.rlr lih- 

i <..rl|i-. th.-lr I -ws. ji,.| lii.-ir liii.iii-.i .iii.| w.-ll-halan. p.l 
1 Iln- Wriilrra of Mr. W.av»r , -o^ k-riiiii.^ it, i.y thr r --i-i r-t- r|, , isioii ..f h.illot. 
n'li .ir. .%oiiii.- (..- Il.i III 111. Pi ns I.I p'lh'i-h t.i • l'r..|..ui|.||> iiiiprps-p.l hIIIi Ihp .p-slrr t-i rT.nfribiitP ah 
p.lnr. In whi.'li torni tlipy ••'Pin lo L,.. nion- if-iii-rally I t'i.:l It 11 IV t.> imp «.>i'i ..f il.',. ;.t.-.-iI t'ovc-n;tiM nt.- 
apl.rovi-.l Ih in'l;-. ' ' .1 •mi'l.i . t.i I-. i-t'.i !• on: r. t'.>Iial 11 .|i.' . .ii.; to pi^cp tin. 

I-"i ir-TiM..»t Pcvi iiiiim V • Tta IMmIi. on.l ''"'•"' --t 'li-« araiii forPim-l 11 n- l!ip nation." ol the 

I.I.KrTKIl \t, I SM Hor.O",^ . lll!o.-0phy anil , p ,rt!i, .iml ri -g- li. i!ip p.- .. p. pr. '.prit v .iilI haii-inpss 
l'r..itlrp fully Kx|i!>inp.l. Ity li,-. .1. K. ■•.►I-. I>r. I>.. Is ', -.f I'-. i-e-.|>l.'- Tm ^^ nai, .rp'.s I'loin iIo.n.. ni... .ipsin- 
hi- aii p\tPii« vi rppu'ati'.i. as ..i.p 01 tlip ii. .St iinvir- ■ -n.-h IhPi'.-s th.-ir 'ymp iitiv iti'l -ui.p.iri. ..ti>l, .iImivp all, 
f'l! l'-< rho'.,t;|»ss a< w.ll a.i-l '••... of ihi- cli-ar -I ur-'iipr* ■ to.- f.iw.r •>! illi.-i i\ ho . r.i'.vi> 1 •.•.•. ■. jo ij T\-ork. 

I-. Ilip roniifrr. Thin \v..rk -tKO.Is at Ih.- loai of a'l j - 

tlip. h..<i '-L'-n written on thp siit.J -rt. I'r.cp 51 S-i. .'J'IMi.MS. 

Knn ATi'iv CoMri.FTK. Fmbra'-inj Piiv.>io|- ; '»orT yv..; i.n -jn-.s.-i .. ;!ioy ma;?. >8 

orr. A'.-nial^a.l MPi.lal. a,.,.i'.-.| to ihr-Pr ^alh.n ^*V •" ''ri'. .V'/;':'Vr^l''^!';.i^'''''i''":;;VJ;7 ■•?"!:! 

riol llpsioratlon ol llralilio K.«!vatr! i'..w'i'r • f .Mtti.i; ' 
VpI -(■illlilii , an I I'rrI". 'i'.n ot f iiar.i. Irr. iiirlii lin.- I 

siih.-i i;!..'... prr anniiin, $2 fiO. 

ToihP.:Mvrp.,.o,.off.. ....„..'o..,, t,.... i,s,ri.iir ,v \ '/niCI'-S FRO.M TWO TO SIX DOLLARS 

i*i;r;,,"::':;;: ;:";:/lV.:^t;::.';^'i,^;y.:::^•;;:l;.';;;;H.i i ^ ^»•'^< «T^ fkom oxk to rof„ q,-a,:ts. 

$.•? •«!; 'l«or. |. s (.. 01, >a.l.|r.'--. $'• IKi; Thri-p r..pip.s 
I.. ..IIP a.lir.-s-. $7 .Vh Fivp rop-p. to -nr a.ldrPMi Hi oil; 

thr .Miiiasmi. nt of V.-uti. : Mnnory aiil Int.-IIP, In ,i ; tvTVK.'7'\Vo.'.V'^''<i';':;r"'- *" '*'■ 
Inii rovp.iii-nt.api.ili-d lo>rir.K.iiii Mtionnnd Juvonilr ' "i""' "!.■!--• nun 

inii'T-ovp.iiPiii.apniii-n io:-rii-r.iiurMiioiinna Juvciillp ri 1.1. r..i' -. . iiri-Vi- 

Iii-i.u.tion- I. ..npUr«rv.,lH:i.c.?l.r/} ! i^.'''^, U, ' t:..,'';.':'7:' cl.'^Ji'M;.:'" V ^^^^ l-iverop- 

" -. i"^ *'• I '-n <'rtp|,;s. 5l.'> i^J ; 1,1. iiH tuplea (tuulie 
., ir /. -1 1 • 1. , . a.l !n»; *Ji IH). 

l-ov«iiTt"Tlox OF .ALw. I onsidi-retl in Kchtlion j fm;.* of mpmy omver riiiiiavprt.iirrs* put on each 

Thnf. Arliclii I'm,! i,l nl ,nir limt .i-illi Out Unrn'r 
Arraiis:p.l lor Kptosi up or foal I'll, Ad'sirlp* 
Ihr pniiiphlpt ol ll.lity p.iK'» lvrnli>h.-.l tiraOt. Abu 

T II K L \ ION A TT A (' II M K N T 

Trlrr Vl.'pnts. 

To hp altarhr.l t.'i ft i">!iiiiion K.-ro-^OP [..imp. nr Gat 

If.irncr. by whlrb walprmay I.p holipp, and 

food cookp.I; also arraiige.l t'l n piMTt a abanau 

r.v rity fa m t i. y \ k i: i> s o \ i: . 
W. I). RL'.^SLLL. Ap-nt. 

X0.2O6 IVar! i-A., .\p<» V.-rk. 
«9.-lf./:.Y7-.V ir.I.ATA:/). OalMl 



























to E\fpl-nal iMJ-rif. Bv f:p'.r;.-p Copii,". ThP mil 
aii'!i..rizp.t .tni.'iiran p-lllloii. \V lih Twi-iit.v F.i:/ra- 
vlii.-«, ani a Portrait o! ihp .\ilhor. .Mns'ln, jl.Ti. 
Tom; lli'Mir.KnT-ioi siNpr-.i-ir- 01 t'liscrpi work 
ha\r h.en solil, ami tin- ilPiiiati.l r-tlll Incrr.iis.-s, 

Hthkopatiiic P'amii.v PiivsiriA.v. A Ilendy 

Pns.rihpr and Il.vslPiilr .Vdvlsir, '-'Ith n-f.-rPiirp to tliV 
Xainri-.CaniM-s. Prpvpnilon an-l Tn-atMiPi f of I)i>. as.--, 
.\rci.i'-nt>. aiplfa-miltl. s of pv.-ry kind. Hy .lo-l Shpw, 
M. D. l:iiistratp<l «ith marly .VK) Kiivr.nin^s. $(,(W 

Pkincipi.ks of PiivsioLfxiY applied to the 

l'r.-sprvat!on of llrallh, .-»n.l to th<? imprnreinpnt of 
Physh-al and Mpiitnl B-liicathm. Ily Dr. A. Coml.p. 

papf r an j.|.|it|'>nal ihar.'p of ipii «--iits each. 

F..I' p-.-.-ry llllh of iw-.'iiiy jui ixira copy will be added 
f..r th.-:;ett..r npof tlr- rlni.. 

Fo» 'v.-rr cln'i of ilf y. r.i.. Si-mi-V.'ppk!v. and f.irevrrv 
< liii. of onr hn rpl, thr .iailv will l..'"....tif, when rr"- 
<|ii.-i".p.I III II. u .,f ilic p.vtra rop p. 01 ilip Wppkly. 

.V.hlitiom. iii.y t? at any ilmr at tin- same riites. 
P.ipprspanm.f I... chan..;ed fr.iiii oi,p rliii, to another, 
hill n-'iiips't 01 Ih.- prr-on oplrriii.- tin- cinh, aii-l on 
rp.'.'Ipt of flfiy n-r.tse.Mra, »iiii.'lr pap.-r.- will be tafci-H 
from Ih." (111!, an.l soul a x-iiarati- loMn-s, 

.\ll 'ipl.-rs iiin^t l>e .'icronipaiiii-.l l.v thr ra'li. 
Al'lr«^s» 'J' UK AVOUT^D, 

;'.') Parlt Row, .New Vork. 

This Work ha.s a long tliiip bppnjnsflv|prp.| ' .- _ 

en- of thp bp.i work, ouo-euerti I'hysioioty 'v, r ^janhood : liow Lost, liow Restorcd 

written. Prict $l.7i. 

ijM: a.i !f aat I doe.^in.i^ taj^a wa^not Md a^t ^ ^ And pveiT articlo ronpri=cd in a well fiUd Pmu Stoic, and aiiinircs allof satiffactionin erery 

ll^ia piaca.taa u 

jou.s' norka.-^ ham.. 

C>;i»-'-»f flra* Cjtia Imtrl. t, MInnpa* 



ST. LAWREN'CE,— T. 114, R. 2^. 
ncnw 36 Prairie 8ft 

nw nw •• •• 5 

KM 5 

" •• 5 

sw 8W « .4 5 

BKLLK PLAINE,— T. 113, R- 2.'?. 
D« nw 16 Prairie f.'S 

nw nw " " 5 

Combe's MoBAL PhlLosOPHY; or tbe duties! gence or sexual pxtrkvVganco: 

<Ka-.Prlce. In a sealed euvclo'pe.only 6 ccnig, 
. Ihp celebrated author in thlsadiniraMe cssaTclearly 
aemotisfrates.froiii a thirty ye»r» suc.k-i.»ful practice, 
that th-; alarming conseiiuehcpa of sclf-abuae may be 
radically cured without tbe dangerous uae of Internal 
medicine or the appllanaes of the knife-pointing out a 
made, at once simple, certain and cltcrtual, bv niea.m of 

tl oa of tbeanlten Sulea, with notea and'latrodactorr *"'<:" every gulfprer, no matter what his condition may 

Kaaay, an da Historical. $1,75. "'"iSl •'--- 

of .Man considered in nls In.JivI'lnal. Domestic. and^So- 
3lal Capacttlea. By George Ojaibo. Reprinted iroai the 
Kdtnburtrb edition with the A uthor's latest correfctiuns. 
Lar^e lliiio. $1.75. 

Combe's Lecture ox PHRExoi.oor. iDclading 
It* appllcat'on* to tha present anrfprospectirecon.ll 

_!av cure hlrnsplf cheaply, privately and radically. 
, *W"Tbl» lecture should be lu the hands of every youth 
Sovlpg f the aroolaor part of these works, will be sent i ■'JJ' eyery mau in the land, 
post pahiBT mar KAO, on receipt of tbe price. Agenta . ' tinder seal. In a plain envelope to any address, 

wanted- Adthvaa with stamy, P<>" P»I<1. on recelptef six cents or two post-stampd.— 

FOWLER A WELLS, Address the publishers 

«»BROCWAV,N,r. 6-ly] 

A PatPTit Horne to carry bin niastrr, 
Nc eda no spur to inakr hliii p.. i.slir: 
Itiiiis aioii).- rlipcrhy as simiii as .voii i.ir1<I« him, 
Kru'ly '<a go wherpvpr you guh'lc blui. 

fcnAS. J. C- KLTXE k 00.. 
127 Bowery, New York. Post Office Box <58f 

Thrsi" horses run rapidly over any pond rnad.aMe walk 
or park Kronn.Is. with a t'rarpfiil,iai'.tprfne nioli..ii,/»r».- 
jti-Ueil mninly l,y Ihr vrighl t,f (ht riV/r/-, altrriiallin: In. m* 
thii Kaddleto the pplals. In the art oi rislpj: to the niolh c,' 
of the liorKP, ami with about the sain > aitioniii of rxrr- 
c\se te llic rider a«ln ri.lliiK idlre horsp. Tiny may l-a 
"■lart'-.I.Ktopppd short, or controlled Ir- poln;; donnbi'i, 
'• y tliprhlPT. They will run np a nnilf ratp ascent, if I ba- 
rn i^il Ih hard and firm. Thpyare direi tpd by tbe brMU; 
A» the motions are l.leiitical,it Is a i/wW worfr n/trainiiif 
firr tQii'ttrioni.'Vt. Thryare iiiir.|nallp.l as a niranii for 
aprerable and hpalthfnl out-door e.\crtli>e. all tbe year i 
round, for adults as well as for Ririsand hoyaof tw*' 
years old and upward. Vlris ride hy iisin;: the side-f ad- 
dle tiorn— thorn- nmlerten years old usually ride aatrM*. 
The .size for hoys Is strong enongh to carry a man ot u4^ 
poundii wpisht. On the sidewalk or level road, allcht' 
carrl.ige with rhild in It can he attached and drawn. Any 
person havlnKhut oneleKcanri.h'pprfpctlr well. 

For pricps, Inquire at the ofllccofthla paper. oraCBtf 
stamoorrlrcnlars and price list. 

SXEPUEX W. 8.>»ITII .498 Broad way, N'aw-Torls 

Notice Under the Pooi; 


;f*- under the existing Poor I.*ws, most applrtd « 
County Commissioner in the District where such appli- 
cants reside, or to the County Board wbco In aeaaloa. 
By order of the Board. 

„ L. B. HAWSIKS.Chalnata 

VtjKAm. TtBWetf 


' «\ 








. 1 






















1 ' 

Date: ^^ 

)v 19, 1864 









--M. --..■■ 1- - ■ ! 




~— — ^— — — 











1— - . . %lSTtH-'-r 


- - 






.. J 

■^ J ' JJLL.- 

^ l E - '■ X- 

-i ' -ty.m^uh , i ji Mi 

■^ '■ '■■1- » 

i u i: 


Publfked every Saturday, at Shakaper [ 
Scott County, .Miunrfota, by I 

H. J. PecU. 

M. C. RiiMcll. 




HatCM of Ad%ertisifA|(. 

1 7Vn Linetar Uttnutke a Stuart. ^ 


one r'Jju.iie 

1 $i ao I i oo > WHO »>"oo i nooifio^t 

TEltMS: Sla.OO iiv Aa%-auo«, or 83.00 
irpuid witUiii tUe Ye«r. 

.1U kinda i>/ JOB WORK neaUy and 

promptly executed. 

ur^K'K IS TITLiiS BriLKINO.OX LKW li vxRutT 


Umtkd St.\te.s Dkpcty C<>i.i.e<tor 

iMpuly I'rovom MArHh^H 

t. w.oo«»»icn, 


Vol. 3. 


No. 46. 

I hir<-e Square* | ^ SO 1* OoJ 6 iw i 8 00 I WOO | »0 00 

*i 1 S'OCI 6 to ! ' 9 W l"n 00 j ts' 00 I it 

i j Colimin. I 8 fl O I 10 00 1 13 00 | H 0(1 US Qo'l 45 00 
(tpa fuluiii, I HM ; 15 00 1 »j>0 1 » 00 I fiJW^TijW 

iivv«iiVT Vnv?Rri-iKXic:«T*, Ticout'ppr ^nriar* forth. 

flrUtn'lertlminjItOi-etKsior rAch aJ.! Itlo nail rigor #>^ 

to b«p»M I'iirlnvarttbly in ail«-iincp. 
liC/ijiL A[>viBTt4Ci(tcNTS.r«iH>i ax trdn*loi>t,«ndmaii*l4; 

•!L-as«ibepiU for befoie .n.njavit ofpubUcktloii 

wlllho (tlv.'n 
BciiM!PsO*ttP». not«xc<'ortlng flvcIttiPR.fSperaDniim 

aii'I •-.ich aiMliloiialline SI . 
I Blaiiks (if nil kliulit:;lv'ay< o:i t^itJ or printed to oick v. 

From tUe New York TrI hun*. 

Sheridan's Ride. 

m.irriaga to Napoleon, and it was by the • The Military Weakness of England, 
iufluouce that she exer(ed that he was From the Now York iierau. 



Cnrnor Caat Wnt 


A Widow's Lamentation. 


cloud ; 


f! air ; 
me.tncit thing 

1 fro, 
round '.be hivft, 


WoaMliiitirni i lie ritlti:nBoi!;hakut<eean>lvl<it>liy, that 
lie Ik<-(l to 

KE 3? A. I H 

\VatrhB«.rir>ck». and .lowolry.of every it<n«ci1t>tlns. 

SuoP— Twoilourtkoutliuruie Xaltuii'al Ilutt'l,.Shak<'pe. 

Dry Goods Groceries dx. ' -^"^^ *''^" "'•'" t'»««'^>iiio»« of war 

•^ '1 bui;<lcrpil aloiiif the hor:2'ii!3 bar, 

Ration 1iaa<t.aii'lk.e.*«Unt!r r«*etTlr.f freah aop \,,,i |,x„,l,.r , ..» ^„^^,. VV:,.,.k.. .„. - M„ l 

'«^;.., ^.., -i.» -1 II V •. . 1 L' , ". .-,.*"■'"» "P^" •'«••. 'dier.Hiid is a fine example of what a wo 

i point out what should be Us true aims ; and Kol' and cm irive h«»r ijo ass stanr-n l.--J» ^ .. .i i ■ , ; 4 i t <» \t u . i < n > 

. r , 1 r> J 1 • 1, . , ';"b'""" ^'"' *»'\>'7'^ "" HssiBiance. ! nian and moll er can do m case of neces- And I ? My hcnrt was ca in y b c»t 

(but he was an Lraperor, and dosired^lo Alas ! (or the good old days when Louis BJtv =" "• iic*.t» ... j . .J 



Charles Hartman^ 


Groceries, Dry iiuods 4( 

The rour of that red sea iincoiiirollcl. 
Making the blood of the listener cold 
As h»- thi'ujjht c.f ilic s'ake in that fiery fray, 
.\n«J Sheriduu tweiily mile.-i avray. 

Hut there i- a roadJlVom \V im-hester t.)wn, 
A {roo«l, broad hiji^hway It-ailing down; 

And there through the tlush of tlie morniiijf seal both their fates 

jb« the founder of .1 new empire. ' j Q.iinze said tlml England "paid for all, 

j How well her iiisiincts told her tliat and fouijlit for all.' Those dars are gon^ 
'the lime was rapidly approaching when by, and that England is dead a:id buried 

1 knew afar the war-cloud rtdlcd 
I Lurid and dark, in ficrre unrest, 

The Christian Soldier. 


E 1 A .\ U A K D 
or AU, KIM>.«. 

Aiao. Wareii'iue Truc^ca, I.eKor I'retfen, Xc, A« 

- i7j r.AKt: sruEtr. ciiica<;o, ill 

pjBSBe carefulloluy «.iilj tl.e 

< I 1. 1 < 


Keapaconatanntly nn hanila '<tn andrnmpleie aaior« 
meat ortb' abuTr iiaate.l arilclra lu aciviuuiudatr ti t 
•1(U«n(»(So«tt t'ountr. 



A .'"tt'.'iil, as black ."..': thestead:) of ni^'ht, 
Was s«,'fn (0 pnm «s with ea^Ie flijjhl — 
•Vy if he km-w the H-rrihle need 
ill' stn-tch-d uway with hi« utmost .speed; 
Hill rose ai.d fi-!I — 'ml liis jit'art was gj\. 
With .^Leri'liiu fifli-eii niilov away. 

sir fates. There was no Ion- campaign as the me.isurfl of England's ^^^^ doing on Commodore McDonough's As round onr humble cotfajrc home 
fidenee of the past between resources — a campaign in which Eng- *'''P- The look-out told him that they I nioved, on household Uisks intent. 

gor the con 

j them ; no longer the seeking of sympathy land's weakness wnu dlsgiacefully proven ^'^^^ gathered about the mainmaat, and ^'^'^^ thonghts of d.iy.s when he should come 
and advice. ' I —and the Times roundg'the wh«de story ^''^^'^^-'J lo bo at piawr, "Ah," saijj To bless me, with nic went. 

; It was on the twentieth of November, by the declaration that England cannot Coniodoie Downie, '•that looks well for Unr little girl came late from .«^chool 

1800, and the court was especially gay ' supply mtn for the wear and tear of a '^>^'"' ^"^ ^'^<^ for us. And so it proved Laden with hnds and hlossoms Bwcef, 
^ iu honor of lli« visit of ihe Kingol .Saxo- single great battle conducted on General '"'' *' ^''® ^'^^7 ^'"1 shot »rom tho Am.'r- 
I>K. J. L. W.\KKFiLI>. i J, ... ,. r 1 f K 1 J^' ^'^•*P'''n« sat at ihe window of her (iianl's principles. : ioan ship, which was a chain shot, iho 

PIiy>SICI^^\\XDSl:J:aKO^' ^^Z»K!''"''^ '^ boudoir, looking om upon the river.' England has given even later evidence 'R'it'«>> Comodoro was cut in two aud 

Tbedu«l like the smoke fnmi the cannon's "'*'*" *^« ^";*'"'^ a step nt the door, and of her impotence as a military power ! ^''""J '"* moni^ut. Comodore McDoii 

Photographs ! 

j I am now prepared to take I'lioloprripli?, 

Aioliriitypct. aiiU .^Iclalnityiji-F, tii a tt\]e that 1 warrant 
I to elve 


Particular att.-ntlt.n 8 Iven to rlIlI,IiHE\'.< IMcturca. 

TlioJie wishing OI.I) I'lCTfKES coj.l.-.l or r.|alr«tl. ran 
have th»ni d'.ne In e<«o>l stvl.-. 
Call aud arc speclmeiiit. Ituouit over ."irtit t il«l)oa'a. 


That, iiestlinij in the fdiTPst cool, 
Jlad thither lureti lier feet. 

SH A KO P K 1 :, MINN. 

»«.;.- S#«£!lf«r ir<<t jf n.Wa Orus ?t>fe. Ti 


rose to receive Napi.leon. who caught than the cimpHign in the Crimea. tSho '^"gh was a man of prayer, and bold as a 


; Or the trailer li commt-t . sweeping faster and her in his arms, with more of ihe olden has shown us how absurdly little would I'"»i '« battle. He died as he 

j taster. lime embrace than she had known for be her power for war on lliis sido of the "^'"P''-' l»<''*'"led, earnest christian 

MOULTON & CO., i K.)rb..din^' to lr.iitor-< the duom of disaster; months. She led him to the sofa on Allaiitii-. Her game was all bluster when ^,.^..,^ 

The heart of thi- .t..«d and ihr hourt of ibe which she had b«cn siuing. and seated trouble was thiealeii»-d or. r Die Trent' 


ComimSSIOUMcrclnint.S,. ,'«=»:'"• ,. . l.erself by his sid.. ror a few moments affair, and then, by way of a seasonable 

Illinois. ] Impaii»'nl to ».e »1 ere the battle fii-M calU : » , o 

Kwry nerve of M.c cL:.r-..r wa-. sir.dnrd to ^re you unhappy? " ; troops to Can.ida. At greni exi.enseand {riT.r.ln ;« .1 ^ r u 

fnll plav. ^ . "No. sir ! nol with you. " by great ellWrt. she managed to send ou. ''^ '""" '" ^'" ^''""^'"^ 

•*Noiisens<' ! JosepliiiiQ who do you 

24t ].KKK aM 


show of what migl.i come if n.gouH.ions T'''' "'''^'^ 'f "1 "l". 'T' T''"'"*'"^'' 
"Josephine, y.ailuve b..en weeping, would not do. England reinticf-d h.r **" •■^- "^'^ '"*''-'' -"^ " "^ ^^"""^ "' **'*" 

Cheap Vinegar. 

le i.<i ot the most 

arely find it of g< 

pass:ible quality. By fallowing the rules 

I took the flower hf loved ihe bei't. 

The .VrbiitHS — «'hild of .May — 
\iid with its p<'rfHmehalf oppressed.' 
'I'wined many a lovely spray 

Al)oat his picture on the wall ; 
j lli.i eyes were on me all the while. 
'; And when 1 had arran^rid '.hem all 
1 thought he seemed to gmile. 


R. M. Wright. 

nour ^ SHOE m.ikkr. 

1 With .Shrridai' oulv irn inile.s a.^av. 

Tii'IiT hi-, fpuniinu iWt. tIh- rf^ad 
I. k<' an uir>-w_v Alpine r v«t tlowrd. 

; And the la'.ds.ap*' sp» d awav lifliiml 

; Liki" an o«ean flyini: Ix-fi.-c ilie niriif ; 

i And the i-fetd, h!.c a baik fed ivith furnace 

I ire. 

i >wept «»n with his wild oyps fnll offire. 

; r.>t In I he i^ nf:irin:j his In^ait's d.-sin — 
.LVD REi'MRKR, i ['''.;' «j;"f«"K' t '"".nok- ..f the roarin- irar. 

I \>ifn M.e.idau oulv ti\e nules awav. 

The National Hotel Stand, 

A t •♦jAk-i ••*. !'»•.••!•«'. • ■ 4.-.»eM !iii:uc.rately. 
lit^uuc w: ..r a . Irraa 

T. J. M'KFT. 

*3 .3:tf Sbakail**. W\. a. 

SllAK01'i:i:. Miiin 

» force of 10.000 men. .She fen t 10,000 
call sir ? Of late you are making these to hold her frontier agiinsi n pow^r lliai 
forms overshadow all our happiness." loses twic»« that many ni^-n in a singl.' 

••TlK-n why should ih^-y nu be forgot- battle, and hardly fetls it. Hut Engiaiitl 
tt-n by both? Y..u have now readird was also to he defeinlcd by volunteers. - 
tha' p.iint of amhi;ion that should con- (rreat efforts were made to sAi-ite lli.^ 
tent you. Will you turn the unquiel English on this suhj^c-t. to get th. ,».,■»•.. id 
Ood from your bossom and own our own John Bulls enlhusiasiio. and to Imve th« 
happnieob? " ; whole mass of the male p.-pulation fall in 

• \ou misund.'rs?and me. lady." he as ll<.yal Rifles. But ii wouldn't do.— 
said, quickly rising from his seal and England coulJi.'t be brou-jht out t^ any 

t . 

g receij^e any 
one may make the ailicle «)n th»;ir own 

O rhrist, be pitiful ! 'I'hat hoar 

Saw him fall hleediiijr on Ihe sod ; 
.\nd while 1 toyed with leaf and flower 
His soul went up to (to<l ! 
premises : "To eight gallons of elear For him one pan^-and then a crown ; 
lain wat.M- .add Uiree quarts of mojaeees. Tor him the lunrel.Oierors wear ; 
put into a g.)od rask, ehaku well, ilu-n I'.ir hiiu a name wlnme |.iii<r renown 
add two or ihr<»e spoon.''uil8 of \eas!. If -"^ff^'* shall onwnid bear. 

ill summer, place the cask in the f-un. if \: ., „,_ ,k«„..^cc „;.i ... .i . 

, • , , . , . « "' ii*? the cross wiiiiont tni' oro'vn ; 

>n wintei..noar the chimney, where u. Eor me the dnar and l.-mlv Mfo ; 
may be warm. In ten or fifteen days ()t;od: .l/y sun. not ft/j». wim .Jown 
add to the liquor a sheet of bro.-. n papt-r; On that red field of strife. 

lorn ill strips, dipped in molasses, and - ^ ^ ,. 

good vinegar will bo produced. j The Biggest Gnn in the World. 

Till' l';;ird 
li»« Jii-f ri tiiriie'l rii-iN tl a 
V..i>x « 111, .1 n» K »'iip > lif 

^ Dental MateriaL 

an^I !• pr-par'-.l \n <\„ .,\ 
operntlun* .irourllncto the lnti.>t liii|ir"> . n,- iiif. .^;■o 


whirhuii acrouiit <if lia rtfaiill... i>s ireaj.i i .-- .m , .iii'a- 
I I'liltv. iK rHptilly taklTiK tli.' place of ynH i>l:He"f(.r In.. :t- 
I Ipf artlllrlal teeth. .Spe. Imetic oi ibi work can L«-.«>f a 

almj- •■ri. p. 
1 I'ers'jii.' ir'>ui a 'li>t«iic« boar.tcJ free o-" rlmrcc ••• lii"a 
; havltij: wt.rk Jmie. 

j «*" w'.wn .lejlrivl. I'rI. rj r«.i»», J\,r 
I (urluer pavlUularc.i-ailon «r H-MrLVk 

I 1>K. K. BKAY. 

t rj.Inof ff C*rvM.Mltt. 

D. M. Storer, 

_ w 


lloLVKS STltKKr, - 

Di-aUr in Choice 

Family groceries 

Shorts and Sharps. 

.Vi.d the 

<.4iiiuiw at«t a. »u. I<«, Tniar marf t, 

Mji.ST t'jrL. msMjyoTA. 

ri::«.tl..a p-MHpt.y attrii<^*4 i). Tlllr* li.TvatlKaterf The «i;rht iil the m.l>lcr COinpHlcd *i» to p. line 

KFf EttKNv'KS.— ll««. fleiirT l»uilAr .Suprenie r.,«ri 
• f KrfHra.Conn.: lluO. (trertier. llr<.i.aoii,t'«rk>. Ciiftr i 
»f Jl.wV'.ra: M'»»-». Blrnev. rr.-nit»»A C<>.,5i w-^. rk; 
4 •*. r.. SaiMiiion. W a>."ti»iii: J. A r. i) <.;i Allan, St.l'aui; 
A. J. xt-.-le* Co.. Chltax..; H't. Saw. i»-i.-~.d, l». li. 
M*i>-Vur«. _ r»:0><'X tf 

(!an*iiltaiionsin En^jli.vh, Frenrh andtierman 

from you. not only a true wi.e, bul m doubtful tnalfor. 

th. n l';;L'e " " "' '""■"' ['.^'-•/ricnd ! ThinK n..r .1... ] !.«ve I n Let England and Canada cmparo tho 

blind, sire, to thi>». .My nlarmi-d hoart force thus shown with the f..rre thai wc'T ^** '*^''* *"• ■"• **"'' ''♦^bete thai I am of- n..w 1 
" fering n<> piotesl in y.iur w 

With foam an. I wiih d i^t the bUek 
W;iS j;r:iy 

■ — A nice 
wearer's facb ! 

— The best "essence" fur siek people 
■ — C'tnvalesence. 

— Mutter is sold in Canada at ten and 
tw<dv« ccnia per j)ound. 

The grand testof the twenty-inch Rod- 
! man gun at Fort Hamilton yesterday 

P 11 ( ) V 


I S T O X S 

thin^r in bonnets !-TheT'-«^-*'*''^^« «"«"''•■- «"«'''^''''- ^^ ^^['^^^^^^^^^'r^l-l'^rl}^^^^^ 

. hour announced, 12 o'clock, for the first , ^•""J''^^*- «-''"'••« T'""""*"'"""'!.'"''! c.^^.u^ 


P. F. Mcquillan, 

. . . . but oh, f«»r<o that i* now proven that the i^iates 

Ly 'bedash of his ey.- and hi-, red nostrils •••"<?. "Xamino w»-il ) our h«-:irl b-^fjie you poss^'ss. Kanry En'W.'iiKr< little pipe 

ii„ ,„-,.!!'";'.- .i._ _i^ . . *'*'^Vi" • '•lay.'d big-it.dleof t.Mi ihousHiid mMH fan 

Ho stood silont whil.^ shf' wis ^p^ak- 
ing. and then, wi'h Ince Mirn.-d full on 

Hr w'CTiu-"! to tho whole ^r'af armv ti sav. 
'• 1 l!i\.' I.rin;rht \r ji .-heiidnn all the mir 
Kri»m Wi;,clie>ter d«.»n to .sav-- the dav !'' 



^:. VI. Ki'. IN 

ia>\vi:r i^hvki:, 

ST. P.I I' L . - - .l//.V.V/;.vf>7'.l 

Domestic and J m pa rf f J 

llnrruh. hurrah lor Sh«*r'dan ! 

Hurah, hurah. fwr horse and man I 

.\nd when tlnfir,s'a'«'c-( ar.- piacrd on hljrh 

\ nil«-r the dome of the Union skr. 

Till- .Xitii-riiaii sodri-r-i'Ti-mple oV ram»>. 

Then- with th<' ploriou* <;. n -r.irs iiauu- 

IU- it .-aid 11. leitors both ItoM and l>ri;;hf ; 

•"Il«fe in the stud th»l .-uv^d the .lav^ 
Uy t»rr\iii^» .'-^hi-ridan into tho fiijli',' 

I From Winchester— Mreniv mile> 

o Kireaming moonlig'it. he dtt-w uwav \\if. 


his hands. Slu' went on : 

".\nd oh, sir.-! belli ve me. that tliough 
I am to leave your throne and side I 
shall never ce:iHit to love you lu<i d 


to face t\ith iho army under Grant. 

loiight '(111 Grant's principles ;" or with 

army under SheiidHii. fnn.rhi on 

Giant's piini-iples or .Sheridan's ci her. 

loading of the heaviest piece of ordnance ! 

ill the world, the parapets of the Fort i 

were thronged with distingiiishcd officers j K*?i'K;;r*',VVM".J^^^^^ 

and ladies and gentlemen, ail anxious to r''»h'.^.p"i:r.'rh'l^a'u 

witness the trial of the great gun. Con-j 

nideiable delay was experienced in tho j I'' 
per'H feliop, what Would he want? He proper adjustment of tho piece, and it ' 1 • 
would want muzziin. i was not till half past two o'clock that ' /^ i 

A machine is made in Bristol for '''® ♦•"' discharge, a blank catridgo of 1 V 
roanintr chestnuts or coffee. Ri,d popp- "|^« hundred pounds of powder lired. i • »" 
iii<:^ corn. It runs by clock • ork. ' ^'''* concussion was slight and the recoil i i 

, , . "f ihc gun much lepq than was anticipat- i -L-'- 

*"■'.' '!'. '•'^' everytl.lnjrinually In m V||:feT rt.A*% 
Ala'.. Viiikr.- .N'^tlniia and \ loL 
xaMil'.i.- {.>r < jUrteOea. 
'*''•♦• v3 1.1(11/ 

lave in auUial seivi.-e. orwiihtho' — If a b^ar were to go into a linen dra- »ideiable delay was experienced in ll 

X H I It s c H j: 11 • .s 


. . 11- • I he piece was then loaded with a' |^ 

KeiiN-mher. aUo, that these a.miea would l" ranee a young lady, aged twenty-three charge of fifty pounds of^r and a ' ^^' 

-At a recent plowing match in s,| 

b.? reinforced by a column froin the She- ye.nH. carried off the piize. Tli*» irinl thousand pound shell. The time taken 

I ri~i 

shall never ce.tse to love you lo.i deeply nand..ah Valley- -bv Uih foice that he '""'^ I'i'**-'« «iih a plow drawn by four in loading was about half an hour The! 

for my peace. Therefore ii ,s tl.«i I sieges Cliarleston and the f.-n-, thai "•«^"- ' second trial was as successful as the first, ' aF* TI 

plea.J ihal you wilMook well inio your besieges M.d,i|e_by tlie gari isoi, at Mil- • \ young bride of eighteen, in ! the ball, in consequence of a consideia- i ofeverr-i 

( ) 

i'> a-vax' 

The D3:ttiuy of JosepUiae. 

V ,. ' .. T 1- "■•.»o-i", • i%.;i. uiii, niiu rea««ou. i „». power Comp-.^Pil of M-a.HOUed. vet^-iai 

wines, tinUOrS CC tiaaVO J^'^ny^^, interest* everybody, and good of the individnal must vielj to the in.opa. As I(h Eni{hui'!s onelundro, 

TM.Ro .-rMeaT- T* ^ ' »"**' *"." readeis the f.dlowing good of France. Fart-well I" ninl forty tl,..usind v..luntee.s. and Can 

TMiRo eTHee 

ST. P.IVI., Mi.x.y 

«'..n.'.-\i'tM ..n hafii afnll aari'l^ •' 

NtBIK kEfliMllt A\D Oil* B«)IRBOmD k^KKBISkl.TS 


l,..Qri l..>r,.r.. .- i. .-; II. .... r.... .'l l . iT i i . / " r ' •" ^ "■ •••- "• ■.^.. ...... ... ..n.-, ^-.... ... ».w...^vj..,;.,vw ui » ^^uoBiut-in- , Ofeverr'le»crlp:lon kepi rf...»i.-inily .e. hand •rm«i» 

heart before tou viU.I voui fuiuie to bad ton Head — by the fore- that hojds .New seillf>H. was burned to death on the morn- ble depression of the gun, Striking the '""'"''• '"•"*''•''•'"•"•"""• 

^■'*""*''*- Orleans— by iho troops in Miobouri an-l ing of her marriage bv treading on a water at a quarter of a mile distance re- i "'***'"*' TahlrJi. Chairs, X«-. 

" ces scattered up match, whicdi igmiedand .sei her chlh#a coeheling several times. The gun ^^ j ''*'--' '••«^>''''''f^''Y^''|'.J';^"^^^^^^^ 

e Mi.^si.'.siipi riv^r — .ind on fue. cx-tmination, being found to have receir- : "f-»ini7e» ludkin.iakrpicmiKUntiy on hacd r.r mid* 

— \ fnw filer in New Bedford« "^ "" '""*'"• preparations were m.ide for '"liavn'q nn t.ind -. «..ii <He....d *ir„i. .,f .e.....n.j 

mrr Ml .■«.>» l.eaioro, Whose ,|,g .;„-l .f.,. AL fiv« o\.h.<»L- lh/> I'l'Hl'r. ^.ilt.iM. frtrti.e^. inr.-..| Kun.l-.,r,— .a 
ninctlc« !.-« quit* eXten<«IV.' in doCtorintr ' . , . . ** ^ ^'"°^ ""' P'*^' e«te.,»l*-,. .-x ...rl.-me |„ tt.e I..i.....k,, .in.I ar-t.i...a 

dull .aws. put <.ut a Mgn in the form of "^«;'i?'';" J^«'^**d with a charge of one ; -;:^/'-:i:,V';>:.-'P'"''. ' ".-.,rr..t. ..ryar.i.i. ... 
H hand^nw with the Words -saw denli.i" , ''"l'^.''*^ P*^"'"'* «f P»«'«*;«- ""'l « l>all i Ji-ifTrnn» t.'.uk or R.ady Pay.jf^r 
painted thereon. ' "■^'J?'""? one thousand and eighty lb.<. ; Hhr.,, on ii..'M.ea airc.t. n..xt du.r t.. ihi A,.e^f,n 

Hrt drew qiickly fr..m tho window and the nuTib-rless .small fore 

walk. -d forward to tliecenter of the room, and down tl 

• Vou cannot^ M-nipaihiz. with me. that the p..wer thus a!ra\Vd w-.uM b- ,» 

m:idam; I kci only HJih reason. Tiie power comp.-^pd i.f M-a.Houed. 



.k.-oa '. r K a :>C;kLi.a.- i;« 

Crockery, Glass & China, 

• i .-I r"RV.I.AMI.'«.WiIi J K.-'. SU.VJ.KII. \T».l>Oo«'l>S 

RRiT.i.y.XLi n.un:. 4-r., .fr, 

Xw.41 > a«t a-.r-ri. r>t>|...iUe the WaUrr Ila-ii« 

Mili^aukec, "Wis. 

a correipondeulof the Kiiitkerb.)ck- 'Stop !'- said she .and Josephine step- .I'i* .-* cnliie lighling population, ihej 

*' ""i»'^*"''" • p<'d quickly across th«- and caughi would p"i!i:ips b • a g-od . jfi .ient f..r.-e 

ri.o history of NApoleon is yet to be his arm, drawing him as she did soagain after half ..f them had died in c-mip or 

written and by an American. Tha world to the wM.dotr. "Do you see that star?" , '»<?f''i l^'Iifd in bati!<> ; f.-it let them be 

has been amused with fables of ihis 

Weighing one thousand and eighty Ib.s. 
-one of the largest ordnance projectiles ! "*"'**• 
— An Iri.shman who had been askod ever cast. Owing to the rather impromp- 
> iMriiihh proof of his mar ri.age. took off; tu arnangements for raising tho ball, it 


Hi) M i: 

n. ut;ELi.r.iL 

1 S9:.1ii. I 

-». t-riii.K'K 

her simple story is smothered in the 
more brilliant oi.e of her husband, yei it 

J ANGLEY k 1 AMVJ E, • '• *«" Jt"ow" thai long before Napoleon's 

I J.' P r^ • • ••^""K-''^' claimed for him the destiny he 

Auction iV ConUni.SSlOn ^"*"-^. "c-ymplished. it was a common 

story in Pans what we are about to tell. 
MKRC HANTS. ■ It was while almost a child that Jom- 

ar(ckB«itdiBg«BThir«atreit. nt-r Mrrcbaaia Hot* phine. in sotne of her waaderin<'s wiih 

her school-fellows, camo across a raf rant 
Gipsy or fortuoe-leller. The woman, at- 
tracted in some way towards the beauti- 
ful child. insisted upon tellingher fortune, 
even against her will am' without reward. 
She told her that she should vary soon 
be a wife, a widow, and afterwards Queen 
of France. The prediction in iiself was 
common enough, but as simple as it was 

CASUAVl.l.\C£l> O.V CO.\ .v/C.VJfr.VJTT. 

Tftuon BtoiHS%», Buacr ai'HAHPiiX, 

•uarrauasu, J. C. a II. 0. Utaaa.^K. 

v3.<JU:tr Jiai k-sera. CuOi.Mcrrliaula 


Ftrwartflif k €•■! nissitB, 

anddcalar In 



Napoleon gazed almost in terror at her 
who stood like a prophetes gaxing out 
wiih eyes of file iifx.ti the heavens, and 
with a heart clouded almost to sickness 
he turned away and left the room w ithout 
ft word. 

Ten days passed before he had nerve 
to strike ihe blow that broke the golden 
chain that bound them, and from that 
moment, as he .-.fierwards confessed at 
St. Helei.ft. the fall of Napoleon began, 
till he died a broken hearted exile iipon 
an island in mid-ocean. 

Signification of Ladlei Hamet. 

ety of her taking ii'more dirocilv to her- S^""'' ''"' '"'- ^""'V P'"'';«"pl'y ; " ••'♦•»'• and all concerned in tho man.ngfment of. 

self. We may extend the advan'iag. s tf ^"'Jnf''^'*'"''' the best law ; hon. v.y ihe best the piece were warmly congratuhitod.-- ' 

our iii>;iiiuiioii8 to Canada someday . policy ; and temperance the best physic*. 

- - — _.,*.. «^ — Ilw.isone of Coleridgf-'s truthful 

V^i n»».....„ sayings that the fairest flower lie saw 

iivij Company. i- k- i . • • 

' clunbing round a poor man h window 

The following beautiful allegory i.s was noi so beautiful in hia eyes as ihe 

translated from the German : ' Biblt which he saw lying within. 

"Sophronius, a wise teacher, would r» t- i «■ • , . 
not suffer even his grown up suns and . "I>^- ^Z*"^'""" «"""".ng the domes- 
daughters to associate with IhoBe whose «";«v.I« of drunkenness, says: -Houkps 
- without windows, gardens without Innc- 

es. fields without tillage, barns without 

conduct was not pure and upright." 
••Dear Father." said the geiitio Euli- 
: la to him one dav, wlien he foibade her 
j in company wiih her brother, to visit the 

Tiw following are the dimeubions of this ' 
lasl giv-al achiev. ?.i>Jnt of Captain Kod- 
man : Weight of gun. i ','i.-|97 pounds ; 
length twenty-one feet; boro twenty incli-" 
fs; usual charge of powder 100 pounds. ', 
I'revious to the trial of the gun, the rev- 
enue cutler, Bronx, Captain Marcel, ar- 
rived at the Government dock, having 
on b.)Hrd a large number of ladies and 
gentlemen. Prominent among ihe latter 
were (ren. Dix. (»en. Hays, Gen. Dver. 


J. K, THOMPSON. Tr.«Mir.r. 
I.. W. KKM>tl.l,.Srir.-»..i-«. 
.M..T. .VOinilKl 1. l-r.-lirni. 
r. UKlfll, y'...-Tr.-xi.|.i.«. 
W . A. Wl.l,l.>^.a;.:iier«l Ajtent. 



ni: M.fR IN 

or manners 

roofs, children Without cloihwtg. mora U r „«..,;. i r- .- j i/ i i o ' 

..► r..o...,..,o •• '"'" Smith, Comodore Paulding. Coinw 

dore Wise, (.^omodore Rodgers. M.ijor 

{ *ol«iile Lucinda. "dear father you must i — The SenientiouR Mrs. Partington, Van Fleet, Captain Rodfiian. and Peter 

;. K-j :,. ^ff - J ,'. , :~- Mary, Maria, Marie. (French) signify think us very childish if you imagine we after piofoundly meditating upon the na- Cooper. During the afternoon an ele- 

unaailsetfeclupon Josephine, who im- exalted. According to some, Marj ; would be exposed by it."' ; ture of the BeV»t Bpo'ken of in the gent collation was served on beard the 


(suuT'a (TO!!! Blocs.) 

^uld for^. T^^^r** ",i,*"l* fftct and means lady of the seas ; Martha, intef- 1 The father in silence t«K>k a dead coal Siripiure that seduced Eve. says she is cutter, and to the mnsi« of th^ Fort Ham 

I -I-. ^^ """^ '''•"* "■ nothing preted. is bitterness; Isabella signifies ' from the hearth and reached ii to his 'ully convinced that it must hmve been a illun Bind the guests joined ii. a dance 

lovely, July and Juliet, sofi hairsd ; Oer- , daughter : boy constructor. " on tl t — Piifsbi'ry.h Pott. 

Some kind friend of an editor has giv- '"^" • ' — -- 

en him a riding whip. He iniimati a that "DcDiestic Rcceipta bi Josh BiUingf," 
notliing but a saddle, bridle, nitd horse. 





LiqVORS 4- CIG^IRS „V° .]"*"'''*'?'*' ^°/^'•^"^^'"^^'*"'f»'»':Klenor,«lNr^ "It will not burn you. mv child 

.u , ?'«!*'<'"«"• .»' of coarse originally the Greek Helen, chan-ed 1 ' 

• ATWT PATTT lffTlffTffX.CArr a anr5.„T.l V '" "i °^ 'i^' "''' ^J« ^^^i" i°lo Hellene, signifies alfuring. Eulali. did so, and behold, her boau- 

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA. *»d even when in prison and under sen- though according to Greek authors It tifal while hand was soiled and blacken- 

'""''**'■' __ifeo!.\. J**'^-*"'*^,^*'- ^•'i ''" .t»«'en means one who piiiea. The iaterpreta- ed. and as it chanced, her white dress 

GENT S CLOTHING. ' TJlT.f ', m' ^"/"•'"^* »!,"? ^o'^'-- « • q«««n; CUra, brf^ht or clear eyed. "Yes. trnly." said the father. - vou 

t?ou J sit ,"'' .1". K '°' V"^ ^*'*' *^* ^S'^*' '''^»*'«; Amanda, amable; Laura, a 1 we my child.' that coals, even if ihey' do -.^^^^^^ ^^'^^' K'^o"'; 0''^». peace; not burn, blacken ; so it i. with ihe 

*Jd wK.- fv M^ '^^ f Robespierre, Phoebe Ught of life; Grace, favor; sTrah ; company of the vicious." 

«no- t! ^•J*''°^«"' 'i«"«>on. called or Sally, a princess; Sophia, wiadom;! — 

upon her to name bar uaida of honor. ' Amelia and Ami ^ ' ""• 



HOLKBa sraiKT, saAXorn, mmr.. 

and then tho u.«e <»f a barn and fodder, Ih 
wanted to n-ake hia lurn-oui and hibhap 
piness complete. * 

— Epigrammatic retort : — 

'• Von UK-n arc unfrrU when yon woo |h 

But drrilt when the marri.a>;e voxv i* s.ii.|." 

The lover, nol to be ouidon*, replied 

Tcw serve upcowi-umb-rs - pick tlum 
when thudew ison 'em nicely, siiceiheni 
•'lin, add sail and lei them titMiul for si\. 
IV minutes, pepper ihem Ireely. aild j.>.M,d 
hharp »inegar, and then- -rai.*.' thw win- 
dow kerefully and throw lh<'ni ou». 

TfW make w.afennrlon.i the oj.l fasji. 
uiied wa~sieal them hy inuneliglit, and 
eat ihi-iii in the nexi lot. 

M'irU Sim I Hhukupft. 

Allkii.-N <.f 

JOH iroRK.i.xn i:r.r.>rr:i.\r: 

n» T.> ..r-l<!r i>% the Sl| llCri's.' \ol i 1. » ::'• I't 


I. M t: .<iii:i4\« i\. \. « n.i 4 ti v 1;. 

Dry Goods for Cr..sli Only I 

■•tag lae«amaalcaU*awi*k tk«:aoat fMbI«BAi>I« 

Vm »imha*' *■ **• *^ .ciouuBf n.4« r>r w 

1 la« Mtr«a«f • of th« publtctf rM»M(f«llTi«U«!lc4 

bMD ona'ofthe victimt : had he li»*d nn^ nf^'..^:»°\°''°-°*^ *^^' ^^^^ bnghinaas by accideat. shooting her own leg. then (riend, who was there on a visit. 

!!:1!^!L...•!!.*""^^r*.*^/•*•^*f?°^of"P•«^•l^^^ gotcra«y, pointed it at her husband, i been trying for the last ten yeart .. _ ^. 

pulled th« trigger, and abot another wo- ! eoma one who would bs silly enough to * 'few kure hams— bathe th 
Bsaa who enUrod the rooai at teat int-j have me," waa the reply. "Then you lettir'a bitters. 

d.j;i..g., .h. wo.i.i k.« b«, „^i.; -u.T.viim.rr^^Z'^^Z^tZ. Si"'.V: .S"™.?. •A..'":..'i!'^°^- 1 ^j*. ':?!"«/°'_"'.f,i*;' '•:i.^-" '».«'"' ^r- 

of them 

bat little lapae ot time be- 

tween her liberation from prison and her 1 Ta, thMte. 

taader. Gatbariae, pnn; Franoea or Faa- 
ny, frank or free; Lydia, severe so Miner- 

taot, right in the nose, 

I^obHiers want tew be briled wholfi till i^VM rNLIMITIU l.'l.SOrKCES AND 
ihi-y ar«* dead, pour ice cream over iheni, 

send for the doctor, eat ihcm he'ore go- CONSTANT REPR[SLKTATlON IN fHf Uh?.UJ, 
ing tew bed, fell yuro friends the n*«x. d« T.«i::Tnn; with hik 

Rapid Increase of Our Salci, 

Emttle u« witlintit detrlniejit to onr Itiiere ,t(, to 

O F r r R T O T II E T R A D K 

d lhat}e have been threatened with an at- 
•lor lack of the — rebold. 
!**« Tew remove goose pimples — kill the 

em in Hos- 

Tben she sub- 

bavo't been down onr way, 
sJDtuting rojoinder. 

was the in- Tew bring up a child in the way he 
should go— travel that way yourself.' 

a Bea-« «f rrlcf, t. 1th whtr h 

!Vq of licr ^^ri*ic ci'.JS *X" 














■ I. I .,'— "fc 

U. Ul ■ !■ Lil-!. 2 * -^ 


iBiiMir m -mv 


^"i - ^ - 

I u i: 


Vuhlxahtd every Saturday, at Skakapee' 
Scott County, .Minnnota, by 

II. J. PecU. 

M. i '. HixHefU. 



ltaii.-<4 oi' A(iverctsif2i;. 

I />.•» /.tjjti .,r Irn i.tiiUr a .S(/I<rtr(.> 

1 3a- I 4w ' Siv I I 


I un y-'iu'u- i»"iau i ;tf ;|n(iij fit wi y.ttiOi >"iO'< 
T«v/ >»v. I 2 6u l_3 iw I < so ; c (a^ i lu bJ :_i6 00 

! '"'''•«-'' ><iu Viv<~ I sTso I Too ! 6 <«» , 8 00 Tia 00 i"»< OO 
»» Culumii. _ 1 5 <ic"l 6 (JO ! 9 (jO ! U 00 ! 15 00 f rfl 00 
% inm.' t 8 no : 10 00 1 13 OOJ 15 On ; J5_00"| jl$ 00 

Oi>« iXuMih. J « o« ; js'oo : art 00 1 is oo"' « oo' t^w 

il'puiU w-itltlii iKc Ye«r. 



.lU kinds </ JO/i HO UK neatly and \ 

promptly rxccuhd. \ Vol. 3* 



No. 4S. 


flrst lrn'»r!'.i!i jii.I iO-<»iiis">r f.t';hil lli|r,ii»;iiig,.r^«> 

to liB p^M f'lrinvarlsbly in ;iJvi»ikp. 
I.ii.tL ArvHUTi-irMKNis.rtd'.l 35 tr^nvli'ii t ,«nd >Hur*l4; 

•!l:ai4a)io;) ili lor b«'!"jic hii adl Jitvlt oi'puMlratloii 

will 1.0 jflv.n 
BcsiNKKsiVittn', iiotcxc'fiHng flvplliirF,$5porfttiiium 

HTi'I •■.i>.'lia>l'Ulloii;iHin<'$I . 
Bl.iiiks of all always o:i h*K<l or pr'.iitrd tooidfv. 

H. U. 1¥ILLIAH:»$. j 

UsiTEn St\tf.-( Dkpity Coi.i.r<TOR am> 

Ivputy I'rovmt M:ir> fur Si-.>ii Ciiii::v. •>[«>.' st r^rn.- 
»r's UauW, :*hJkk"if*e. M" inlerual lUvoK Stakps fur 
•aUt. v3 ii37 If 

From tU«- Nfw YorkTrlhtino. 

Sheridan's Ride. 

What a Woman has Done. 


Wholesale Grocers, 


r.irnor Zjii'. VCnivr im! t'.r'.r Srr-PtK, 



Dry Goods Groceries dr. 

K*!>ou hkii<!.aii-l t* roaJt«nt'.7 rrrelTlr.g freib icp 
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13IIAK.0PKI: - - - - MINNESOTA. 


m.-xrriasje to Napoleon, and it wna by the The Military Weakness of England. 

iufluouce that she exerted tliat lie w.i.s From the NVw vork iierai.i. i j^j^.^ Sarah Owen f CI" t C l I 

Tue follow lyiic WMS Written by apdointed to the command of the army in ; England, as the London Tiinefi speaks ' culiivated the mst Jinn i^^'Lm' 

Thomas Buchanan Keed. a,.d deserves to I-')'' f '" ^^•'•-'' "- }-'»' ^'-^ '^^^i,'.'-- ^or ha-, is disposed to warn Canada of of e;e"^ ac 1 tL ^ "^^^^ (a 

and ^^r\'*:?w'''"" r"' """^•"' ^'-P"«fi't..s and dangers of a future ,ette says: Slfo had Ir XT Lv at 

destiny she had insisted upon nc- war with the United States. Her aruu- a„H J,«/l.ovi„., .o -„,, ,io f J, 

ro„,U ^ co„,plisl,ad and ... or„w„ o,' Fr.„c„ .a. no„. U .hat i, .he U„i.o„ S.a.os .hail^be Z'. '".1'^ .tfu^t" I?r;: th: 

Charles Hartman^ 

i» kali: II IN 

Groceries, Dry liuods ic. 

ll»»pif o!iat«nnlly on li«n>I«'«i; an-l cinipl'I'" «»!H>r« 
Mient ortbJ atioTf ri»>ur-i arilciK lu aciu/uiiiKUati a t 
tltlient..! ^.-att I'.im.f. 



I)K. J. L. W AKKFiIJi. 

SH.VKOP 1:1:, MINN. 

I rank with " Voung Lochinvar " 
j and Browning's "How They B 

the Good News from Glient to Aix." 
I .Vrir York, .\ov. .'.. I'^Gi. 

I Up from the .-^niith at brt'a'K of day, 
I.rinj,'iii<,' to \V wichrstt-r frt-^h disinuy. 
The nifnnrlited air with a shuiiJer bore. 
Like n heinid in haste to the clilefi.iin's d 

■ 'Iho terrible ijrunible antl nimble niij roiir, 
lelliiij^ liie batlle was on ojue more, 
A lid .>Lcridun twenty miks uw.iy. 


' .A lid wiiler still th<).s/> hilluw.4 of war 
Thiii;4lcrei| alon^ the L<>r:2i>i:.'« bar, 
Ami louder }«'t info Winehf-^'er ri»!le>l 
'I'he mur of tliat red %t.\. iiiii'DiitrKllcl, 
Makin;r the blood of the hsteiier eo!d 
A-i hf thousrht of !lie s'akP in that fiery fray. 
.\nd .Sheriiiku twenty uiih.-i uwitv. 

P.ut there i-a roati'lrom Winchester ti)wn, 

.V ^'ooil, broad hii^tiwiiy Itadiiij; down; 

And there throtiyh the flush of tUe morning 
' li-ht. 

' A st«':nl, as bl.icl; r.:: thi' stejids of iiit^'ht. 

Wa> seen to f>a*s jis with t-ajv^ie flijj'hl — 

.\.-. it he i^ll<•^vthe terrible need 

ifi- ^lrcteh"d nway u itii tii- utmost .«j) ■•■d ; 

Mill rose ui,d f<-!! — 'ml li's li.-art was jjav. 

With Slu-ii l.iii firti-fii luil. V awav- 

A Widow's Lamentation. 

BY MnS. Jfl.I.VC. B. I>ORR. 

How benutifnl was earth thta dav ! 

Tiie fair bine skv hud not a cloud ; 
The river rippled on it.s wjy, 

Si»gin<r sweet sonj,'.s ulou<l 

placed upon lier head. 

But thore was one thing more which past all endurance she mav, "^v-and-by, oi sortrum and a 
Josephine had foretold for herself which when the present war is done wi'th. strike season she has had" a "hired man ." She It touehed with .race the meaW thing 

irritated by Ktiglish insolen.-e'and injury usual ciuantiiy of Irish potatoes, a patch I The delieale beauty of the smnp 

ofsorgum and a garden. Part of the' J'ervadi'd all the iiinrmurmp «ir 


d '.he hive. 

i point out what should be its true aims ; and Kngland cin give^lifr no assistance. 

ibut he was an Emperor, and dosired^lo Alas' for the good old' days when Louis 

I be the founder of a new empire. ; QninZG said liiui, England "paid for all. 

How well her instincts lold her that and fought for nil." Those davs are guiio 

the time was rapidly approaehing when by, and that England is dead and buried 

that ambition would nuke him put her under tho taxes. England no longer 

away ! Then came the close of the cam- fights for all. and acknowledges that she 

ptign of 181).^, and she saw that the hour cannot even tight for her own di^penden- 

WHS approaching still nearer that was to cies. Canada is referred to the Crimean '"''^t head to see what tho Americans 

were doing on Commodore McDonough's 
ship. The look-out told him that tluy 

man and moll er can do iu case of neces- 
sit V. 

The Christian Soldier. 

On the Sunday morning on which the 
bailie of Lake Champlain was f..nght, 
tho British Comodure sent a man to the 

And I ? .My heart \va.s calmly blest. 

1 knew- afar the war-cloud rolled 
l.urid and dark, in fii-rce unrest. 
Laden witli wocs untold. 

Hut on that day my fearx were stilled ; 

The very air 1 breathed vvu'?j.»v ; 
The rest mid peaee my soul that'fiUed 
Had nothing ofuloy. 


WonM Int. .rill ilic. itltmsolSti.^kui.Kan.l vl< aiiiy.that 
lie is<-(i 10 

R E 1^ A. I H 

Wat(-hfts.('i..cliis, .inil .I«'wolry.'if«-vor.\ il'iculiitlir. 

SuuP— i'uoilourtituutliuf Uic Xalluimi Ilu!t'!,?-liak<-pe« 


F i A .N It A P. r> 

or .VM. KIMi.«. 
Truv;%a, I.Ptlcr Vifsnt. Xc.k* 

i:: i.Aky sritt:t.r. anr.njo. m. 

ojBtn<- careful Itilii: ••il.» Up . i ». i . • * 

Photographs ! 

seemed to bo ai pia\er. "/\h." BaiJ 
Conu.doie Downie, "iliat looks well fur 

w f.t - N««r; 

it n •■•'« l»rU-. 

St IT*, ft 


Coiiiini.N.sioii Mcn.'liaiil.^, 

!21t I.\ht: »M. 'Id'' .^^o'Tii WAfi.s ."~i= , 

Chicago, Illinois. 

¥ " 

li J'. K \ r 

^ti!I .-ij run^ .'rou: tlios«" -wift iio'.f^, thnrtdenn;j 


The ihi-t liKo the smoke from the rannoir.s 

Or the trail i>f u coinmft s'veeping faster 

Eirb.idin-.,' to traiti-r- the dnom of ilisa-iter; 
The heart of" tfii »(i-ud and ihr heurt of the 

ma.-fi r 
Were beatiitjftli^ke |>^i-o:l^^^ as-aiihiii:j their 

lmp:itifnt to be wlen- the battle fu-lil eail.<* ; 
I'.vrrv iierve of 'fic ch:iri'»:r ■Aa'4 .^ir.iin'-il lu 

full f.lMV. 

\\ itii .Siirii'iaii oiilv Irii iriiles a.iav. 

seal both their fates. There was no Ion- campaign as the mea.suirt of Englaiid's 
ger the conlldence of the past between resource.s— a campaign in which Eni--. 
them ; no longer the seeking of symjiathy land's weakness was disgracefully prov °n 
and advice. i — and the 'iimes rounds the whole storv 

It was on the twentieth of November, by the declaration that England canm't 
1C0I>, and the court was especially gay supply mtn for the wear and tear of a 'hem. but bad for u.s. And so it proved 
ill honor of the visit of the King of .Shxo- single great battle conducted on General *'^'' ^^ the very first shot (r»>m tho Am-r- 
ny, Josephine sat at the windoiT of her (iianl's piinciplefi. '<"»» ship, which was a chain tsliot. tho 

boudoir. looking out upon the river,' J^tgland has given even later evidence '^' '''*'' Comodoro was cut in two and 
when she heard a step at the door, and of her imp-jtence as a miliiarv power ' ^'^'"^ '"* '""ment. Comodoro McDon 
rose to receive Napoleon, who caught than the campaign in tho Crim.'a. Mie "^"ph was a man of prayer, and bold as a 
and her in his arms, with more of the olden has shown us how absurdiv little would 
lime embrace than kIic had known for be her power for war on this sidu of the 
Hi'mths. She led him to llie sofa on Atlantic. H 
which A\ti had buen sitling. and seated trouble was thiealened on r 

affair, and then, bv wav of a 

I I am now prepared to take I'lioiopnifiha. 
j Ainl>r'>(yi>i-«. ami .^ll•laiIlt tyj .>, in a ti; !<■ lh;i« I wnT.iijt 
J to clvc 

t:.xTi n i: s.i ris i\ic ri o.v .' 

Particular atti-nl Ion 3 Iv.'n t 

.\s round our humble cotta;re liome 

I moved, on hotischoM tasks inttnf, . _, ,., ,, „„^,.„,. 

, , , . ' /'I 1 .1 1. r 1 1 1 . <• Tlioso I'IfTI KK" c 

were gHlliered about the mainma.«»t and -'''"' >iif>"glits ot (fay.s when lie should come I ha^c th,md..iif hh.-...),! st. 

• IllI.l'KEX'.'* IMoturr*. 

l,-,l ur ri-ialml, .^n 

li'Mi in baillc. He died as he 
simple hearted, earnest christian. 


herself by his sid.*. Eor a few moments 
there was silenci- and he Rpoke. 

you have b-.-en wfi-jilng. 

ler game was ail bluster when 
the Trent 

t ■'Uaki "f. 

i'«..-i>«' . 



lu>.,i- C-: 

-a . ir-ta 


J. MTl Y. 

»: .1.;.' 

M>aa<>«i»v. m: 

ten bv boili? Vol! have noi 

The National Hotel Stand, I'u-ur ii^ -pcmin- v-h. •!„. 

I. ki' an airi.wy Alpine r ver th-wed. 

And till- l:i d>«a|i^ :*i>'i\ :niav b«'liiii<l 

I.iki- an o( ran llviiii.' bcfi:-.- tht- w.txt 

An.! Ihe;.te.-d. "hie a baik f.-d nith I',- ''"»' P"'"' «-»'" ''nibilion 
; irr. 

i jSwi'pt "M V. ith Itis wild i-yes fiill of fire. 
; P.U io I h«' i-> n-ariiiu hi,^ liisirl's d>'~in- 

He ii <niil]iiij^ the Miiok"' of the roarin.; 

Wjtii ."^l.e.i'lau uulv Ji\e n.ihs awav. 

hIiow of what might come if ti.-".,UHtii>ns 
Would not do, England leiij.u i-.-d h.r 
froop.-i to Canada 

by grcHt ellorf, she nianr.ged tt- een.l oul 
iisense! Josephine who do you a furc" of lU.OOO m^u. She ^ent l<t,000 
call sir ? Of l.ite vou are makincr 


Are you unhappy "? 

■ I 

'No, sir ! not with \ ou. 


3 - 'o hold her frontier Hgainsi a power that 

forms overshadow all our happini-*i9." loses twic^ that 

many ni.-i, m a sing 
"Tiicn why should th.-y n )L be forgot- battle, and hardly f.-cls it. Hut En<riHiii 

reached was aUo to he def-nd-nl by voluiueers - 
>uld . ~ 

R. M. Wright. 

Tutor 4- sunt: 


.LVD RllI'.miKR. 
Sif AKOi'l.r.. Minn. 


r A^f ■•■■w :.r[-|>tr»I t.i >l» aU hindaqf work to ity Ilr*- 
o I »h . t i..,ii, •. »iia III th" lM«t aii-l Uirsl i>>rl'-». -Ail 
k u J Ml r''Di\:'.ui ii«-jt'y <1ui.», aij a'! w .rk w.irr4iitr I 
It. !■* *•!■••> .«« Ol.' IIIU'* "..i pTir:'.!. fall al OiV « 
ou l|.<.N»-a »:rci-l, as-l rtaiulitr Vit Wwtk cixtir. 't.l i tl 

n H « miTliXDEN, 

I 4iii'jlt< ill .» a, <<•>. lit. Titiar atttrr^, 

MUM 1.1 rt . H U\.\ LSO TA . 

rs.;«.t!-in p-»iMpt:y ttlrn-'ta l>. 1 llira liiTcgllKati'it 

KFI' KKKVt'K!*.-- H'T . ririirj Iii.i lAr .Siiprenif i'..iiri 
• f Krnira. CuTii.; Il'jfi. <»rr»iif I'. Ilr'i.iaon.l'iirL. ('••in tr , 
••' ?<"» V"r« : M'sii. niriii-y. TfiiiUf A C"..'i v»Y. rk; 
<t .». K. •<4:«i>i'.ii. W at..ti»lii: J. 1 C. li <.l ni!»n, St l>ii'; 
A. J. "fU* Co.. t-'Uka,-.. ; fli-r. !«aui. O-i.— • 1. I>. !•. 
Nao V»ck, ri.:(i. i J t f 

('i>nMiUaiion!(in l!n_i;Iish, Freirh and^ierman 

P. F. Mcquillan, 

tent you. Will vou 

fJxl from your bossom and own our own 

happiiiesb? " 

'Vou misund<T«!and me. lady." he 
Haid, quickly r'--iiig from hia scat an 1 
loaning against the window. I am seek- 

that uliould con- (treat efforts were madt« to eAciie tin* 

urn the unquiet Englihh on this subj-et, to \i>-i th.,s id 

John Hulls enthuHiahiic. and to have th" 
whido mass of the male p>.pulatioii fall in 

as Royal Rifles. 





nC llUZ- 

coin- '• 

'■ . \1 KK IN 

c«ii.ut-i:i<iKs«r KVKiiv kkhckiption 

i.(>\vi:ii i.i:vKi'., 

ST. p. I 'I. . . - .W7.X'.V/j .V f / 7. / 

/> »a r sf i c and / ri, p <, r f »■ J 

lllinco,t;iqiuno ^' vtigavo, 

iiKi wrK\ .1 \tiv-o\ AMI Kon»:i:T .»:ri5i:ns 
ST. I'M I.. Ml.X.X 

«*-n«t.-»ittH .«Ti hmtfi afntl rarp'^ of 

wiBir mwm \\\) oii» B'>ir.BouM»kUHiiiskns 

Crockery, Glass & China, 

hif»! tn'tii. 
Then strilvin;: bix wilh a trriiblt 
III da-hed fhnva 'he line 'mid a .-(..rni 

.\i.d ihf wa\c of lotieat ihcil.tdits 

til Iv b( call-!* 

Tlie »i;.'hf .if the nM-lcrooinpoIl.-iI it to p hup. 
\\ itli foam ati.i >vi!li d i-I the lil.iik ( uap't 

Hy 'be |fl.Mh of hii ey.- and hi, re I iio«tril- 


, H«- «roTiu-d to th'" wnofi- :.'r<at army t'> .-av: 
■• I l.-iv.- bri'n;,'ht \i.i! .-heiidnii all ilie war 
Krifn Wi:,ehe-fer dnwii f.. 5av.- the linv !' 

Hurrah, hiifah lor Sh<'r ! 
Muraii, hiiinh. for horse ami man ! 
.\iid \.hti! tlieir s'ii'n'OH ar; plart-j on iiiir'a 
1 iid«-r the dome ot ihi* Uni iii skv, 
Tlic .\iii»Ti.-;.ii <.Mirir>' Timplf <iV Uamr. 
r!ic!i with th'- plorioiiH Inn-ral'.-. naiin- 
H<- it >iiid II. leil. r< borb Imlil and bri'hf . 
•'litre \* the sfnd iIihI r;.v.I ijie dav 
I Uy iarr\;ni.' .-lirndan inti. the fiirh', 
i I'rorTi \V im-JR'.vtiT — >;'vnf\ mile-. ava\ :" 

The D?stiuy of Josep!t:ue. 

Jo.<epl.ine inteie>'« ••very body. an. I 
ladly gi»«- i>ur re.ii|ei.-« the following 

But it woiil.ln't do. — 

M t be broui^ht <ut to anv 

puch tune, and the whole eiuolimeiii 

UOU men. Eng 
men willing tu 
Would fi^'lit, and whether 
evi-ii numb. 1- 
liai.d in her<*. "that you wonld put away scratch fur a-luai 
from you. not oidr a ?ru«* wj.o, but H' doubtful matter. 
Iruc- friend ! Think n..f .Iihi J husf b.-.-Ti Lei Kngl.uid and t'anada c-mparo the 
blin.I. sire, to thiv .My .nlHrm.-.l h«urt force thus shown with the f.r.e ih.-tt we 
has told m« all, and br|ii-\e dial I am of- n..w hav» 

Cheap Vinegar. 

This ariiclo i.s of the most necessary, 

and yet we rarely find it of good or even 

.. . , passible quality. By f<'llowiiig the rules 

Atgre.ntexp.nse..».id i.-^ij .i,,,^ in the f.,|l«wing re.eipe any 

one may make the aiticlu on their own 
prcmi.s'-s : "To eight galloiirt of clear 
lavi wat, r add three quarts of mohisees. 
p:K itito 4 g.Kid ca^k. Bhakti well, tlun 
idd two (■! ihr<»e ppoonfuil.s of \east. If 
ill summer, place the cask in the f-un, if 
ill w inter. ■noar the chimnev, where it 
may be warm. In ten or lifteen days 
add to the liquor a slu-et of bio.', ii papi'r 
lorn in strips, dipped in molaaSes, and 
good vinegar will bo produced. 

To b less me, with me went. 

Our little girl carno late from ."-chool 

Laden with buds and blossoms sweet, 
Tiiiit. nestlinq: iu the lorrfst cool. 
Had thilh.'r lured lier feet. 

I took the flower hi-lo\ed ihc be.t, 

The Arbutus — fniivst child of Ma\ — 
Villi with its perfume half opi)r«-s.s«'d,' 
Twined many n h.vely .-pray 

.Miout his picture on the wall ; 

1 1 is ejes were on me all the while, 
And when 1 had nrraiioi d ! hem all 
1 theujjbt he seemed to smile. 

t'hrist, be pitiful ! That hour 
Saw him fall bleeding: on the sot! ; 

.Villi while 1 toyed with leaf and flower 
His soul went up to lio'l I 

1 "or him one paiifr — an<\ ».hen a crouu ; 

I'or him the luurcl lurors wear ; 
I i>r hiiu n name lnnL' i'eii<i»ii 
-Vgi's shall on« md lieur. 

pMi me the cross without thi' cro^vn ; 
I'or me the drear ainl hmely jifc ; ' 
« • God I ,\fy sun, not hn. went .Jown 
Oil that rcl field of .itrife. 

Call aiiU ten sjiei-liiiciiK. IU>n;iia ov.-r Siriit i Iloi'oa'a. 

GEO. 11. .^I'ENCKR. 


;i. d 


Oir ii-.I ri. I . (' » 

Dei^tal Material. 

1 rt(U'r.n«l.iii«.irv',,r llii;:!. 

.Tl ! ;» j.r •tinr".! in (li. . 

I will, lion ac.'uui.t of li» cliaiili ., s. ,l,,-.,i.i , .-.n, , .,\;ra- 
I .•tin V. 1 1- r.i|.l.||y lakini: tl.>- plac- ol j-oM j.:-. li- f..r ii,». -t- 
' Ivx Hrtlll.lal tiTtli. .Sp.-. iimnt. oi tin Work lai. li .--■• i 
' iit my •CI >•. 

IVrsoii- ir"iii a 'li>laiic«? lioar.tcl free o" .-linrct ■• ".•'a 
havlii;: >. iirU iloni-. 
I «**V.»H.-iii.i.|»> «lr>ii ■Ip'iIt'vI. I'rl.ry't . I tf 
I fUIl'iT in lkli)ari..i-uilOli er I'i.Vi^fc 

I'K. i:. HRAY. 

; v.S.ior ti ri.Ml. tl 

D. ffl. Storer. 

■II \K >rrK. 

HoLVKs .'""TiirKr. - _ _ 
Dialtr in t'lioi'-i- 

Family Groceries 

The firsi that the peneral saw were the group • . r ,, , 

Of sTa-Kifr- -"id then the ri-trcating troops;— "'i,' nothing for tnyswlf. but everything amounted only to llU.t 

VVh.;t wa dom— -.vhat to d. — » I'lam-e told ^^^' Eranr.-." hind only had that mativ 

h is for J-'ramo. N'apoleon," she said say that they 

Shorts and Sharps 


P 11 ( ) \ 


I s 

r < > >c s 

drawing clo-»o to his side and taking hi? 

Wijuld cofll.* to ihe 
seivi't) ia u very 


we ^ 

fering no pin;fr<t t<> your will, bui idi. 
sire I '1X31111110 w»-l! \..urhe:irt b-r^re vou 

He stood ailcitt wlii!.* kIk- was Kpp.ik- 
ing. atiil iliPM, wi'h luce :iiiii.-ii t'liU on 
'he Kireamiiig moonlight, he ditw aw.TV 
liis hand.-*. ."^he went .>ii : 

".\ndi>h, sire! bidiiVi' ni»j. that tli.>ui,'li 
I am to 
shall riev 

for my peacf I Tli'-refi>ie it is that I 

pleal that you will l.iok w.Il into your bes-i-ges MubilH— by tue gam 
licarl before Vou yield your future to bad ti>n Ikad— by the fi 

lb* ilniT ij lukly fr.ini tho wMid.-.w and 
wailod forward to th.-ci-nt«*r of the rtmm. 

' \-'U cannot^ KVinpalhiz ' with inc. 
(u.^dam; 1 net otil\ wiih reasou. The 
good of the indi\idiial nmst \ i.-l J to tlu' 
good of France. Farewell !'' 

Ml ael.ial seni.'o, or wiih the 
'C that irt iiovr proven that {].o Stnre.'j 
po^s«•ss. Fancy England's luile pipe, 
clayed b-ig-uello ,,f t-u thousand m-n la. e 
to tnrv with the artny under Grant, 
l-'iight '(Ml (irarii's piiiiciph'S ;" or with 
tie army uiid.-r Sheii.lHu. f.mght oii 
Giani"? ptinciptes or S!i.Tidaii'» < i ler. 
Retii.mlicr. uloo, that thene Himie.H wiiuld 

ce be 

cave your tliron.,- and aid-* I be reinfuned by a coliim-i from il 
r ce.-tHrt to l.>ve y.iu too deeply nanduah Vall.-v- -bv thn foice tl, 

sicgpK CliarI»Hi,,n and the 

— S nii'o ihin;^ in bonnets! — The 
wcarer'a fact I 

— The best "ebsenco'" lor si'-k iieoplc 
— C'lnvaleFonce. 

— Huiier is gid.l in Canada at fen ami 
twelve t^cnt.-* per jiouiul. 

— -If a b^ar were tu go into a linen dra- 
per'w hh.ip, what Would he waul 1 llv 
woulil want muzzlin. 

.\ machine is made in Bristol f.»r 
roabtiiiLT cbeslnuts or cflce, hikI p"I'p- 
iiic: Coin. U rut. a by clo<-k ork. 

.\t a recent plowing match in 
I'r^nce a young lady, aged twenty three 
y.ais, cariicd ofT I lie joize. Thn trinl 
piac'i wiihaplow drawn by four 


ry MTc. .M« . 
C ill an I PX.Mnli 

. o. I :3i. is>'.4. 

ikv .N .fl'iiia ai„i \ i,,j, 
• } /Ur»f|.e«. 

X JI I i: .S C H E II '.S 



.V y-^ling bride of « ighteeti, in Mar- 
wx- liurned i<> deaih mi the morn- 
treading on a 

from a corn ipondtut ol '.lie Knitkerbock- 

* Stop !'• said she and Joseph i no Mt.'p 
P'^d quickly across tl;«' andean 
Ihc history of Napoleon is yet to be his arm. diawi- 

• r magazine : 

written and I y .an American. Fho world |o tho wifd-^w 

lif him 

' i<»om, 
an she di. 


has been amused with fables of ihis man 



so again 
vou see that Star?" 

wouid p"i!i.ips b 
after half of ilicni had 

- A B.Ta filer in New H.-dford, wlmse 
p'M.Mi.-v M .{uit* exteimiyi. in doctoring 
dull i-awrt. put out a sign in the form of 
a haii.lcaw with il.c woriU"saw deiiii»i" i 
paint' (I ihereon. 

---.\n Irishman who had been asked 

n fHv.i ^Mi.'.w il 1 1 t;-". III. VI. i; ii. \ i».i.i,.«-i'> 
RRII\LY,\I.I It. IRK. 4/-.. ,Sr. 

.O .-a^t M-.v..r a-.r—:. f..,,;e tv., Wai.r H«:i« 


, . «nd hV.e p*!iiirtd at on- ih.ti fehono with 

ul destmj : which hare been transmiii...! with mark.-d brigluiM-M<. • That i« mv 
as heir-l.ionis until ^hey h»vo le.-iched destiny. T 
!.: m who -.uw »' 
^ lance. nrid ia p 
man of desiinv. 

1 ilia though a favori'.e idea witl 



o i; was prumi"»»'d a 
!'•* #>">i th^ ihrone of Through m» \..u have ;i(:compIi>lied ji ; 
ead«4w:fh ilie (•,'.- "tiie p-trt from rae'ai. ' ww full. Vi-i?. f^ll iti 

Ue ••! •'-\'-r...c .,,...1... 5 ...■.'..»• }Jg 

1 every 

Mil'waukeey Wis. 



1. srjii.ii )v 

Z\". '.V. aOTToiv neglccl aiiu exiio 
memb'T iLis. Napoleon, and rememiier 
these words when il ia to la> to recall 
the act whigh no words of mine can 
■»▼ , 

p re- 

class of Frenchmen, undoubtedly 
from ihe story of Josephina. and through 
her atlatchmetit to Napoleon. Thou^h 
her simple story is smothered in the 
more bnllirint oi.e of her husband, yet it 
is well known that longbelore Napoleon's 
. . admiiors claimed for lim the destiny he 

Auction ct Commission r/'ir.s'l^-S'i;.;:.:!,:,.";:'^',;" i-vr-^ '-».v,„,i!e„.,,. .„„„„,.„„„ 

It was while almost a child that J'i9e- 

J^ANtJLFY k -W'.HVW., 

?Hap.)leon gaz^d almost in terror at her 
who stood like a propiietes gazin-' out 
with eyes of file Upon tiie henvens. and 
with a heart clouded almost to sickness 


f.-re.* that 
="1. at Mi! 
.e tor.'.- tliat li<.ldt .Xi-w 
OrleanH— by tho in .Miobouri an! iiig of her marritg- by 
the i.u'nb.-rlcs^ ?niall fmces f^catfere.J up niat<h. which igtiUeda" 
and down the Mi.<f.issippi ri\ .^r-- ruid <"'n l"i -\ 
that the pMwer thus arraje.l w-.u'.d b- ;k 
power compMsed i.f ^cH.sonc!i. vo;.-ii:i 
iro.ips. As tor En:»Ian'l"s ,xuc I iin.lrfd 
and f.rlv tlinusind vi.lunteeiK. an.i Can 
rioi'.H ciiliio lii^hliiig population, il.n 
a g'oil .lli.-iiMii f.iice 
died in c;!mp or 
been killed in batt!-^ ; t.;i! let ti.em b.- 
counted at their fu!! numbern. wI,.ti d.„.^ 
that am. .lint to ? New V.ik .SihIc al.^ne 
has ncLu.lIy s.-nt itit< the li-i.J -.lunf huu- 
died thousand meti, and l'<n: s\ Ivmii.-i 
nearly a-^ many. W.> h-p i -.. im further 
to ahow hi.w utterly rontempuble in the 
n";iiVl?.'y t'jwer of E'ig'.aii 1 and h.t pi.iv- 
ince as »(.mp:iV"' wt'Ii ours; .nnd hs 
England contitiuahy jK^nVre '.I in Ies8"ii 
for (\inada, wt; may suggest ll.epropr; 
eiy of her t.^king it more directly to her- 
self. We may extend the advaniagi s tf 
our iiistituiion.s to Canada sorn^da v. 

The Biggest Gun in the World. 

Tli« grand test of the twenty-inch Rod- 
man gun at I'ort Hamilton yesterdav 

proved to be an entire success. At tl^ ' ,,:•';.^^; i:::r^?^^;;;iV;[,iV,N^::i:i-n::.^'.lf= 
hour announced. I2o'clock. the first j ^"'"^'•'•'■'"'"•"^ "^ '"'"•' •"""""'«'"" «^"-*'^ 
loading of the heaviest piece of oidnance ' 
in tho world, the parapets of the Fort* 
were thronged with distinguished officers ' K^ltVi^r^^;;';^^^^^ 
and ladies and gentlemen, all anxious to | "y'/iiVi' 

witness the trial of the great gun. C.jn-| 

kideiable delay was experienced in tho 
jiroper adjustment of tho piece, and it; 
was not till half past two o'clock that^ i 
the firot discharge, a blank catridgoofi 
one hundred pounds of powder was liiod. i i » 
The concussion was slight and the recoil i i 
of the gun mutdi l<'S<» than wa^ anlicipat- j ->^ 
I'd. Tlio piece was ihen loaded wiih a "i^ 
charge of fifty pounds of powder, and a K' 
thousand pound shell. The lima taken . *- 
in loading was about half an hour. The' 
second trial was as successful as the first, 
ihe ball, in conserjuence of a consideia 



< > 

of e.cry i|<"tcrli.:loii ki-pt rfiusfiiilly 

lid set l,t;r 

• H 

ble depression of the gun, striking the '••"'•"•r. '"■"•'ifi i"i- 1" p«". 

water at a quarter of a mile distance re- ' » «•**"•'♦' Ta!»!««H. «-lisili.<, 

l.„,: ^.1 .■ „,, . lu .'a.i «• .cryt.iii.c I'i il.e Fiiri.ltiirc l,!i;. . 

h.iii.l "r i?'ii 


several times. The gun on 
examination, being found to have receiv- 
ed no strain, j)reparations were made for 
the final test. At five o'.dock the piece 
was .again loa-Ied with a char<re of one 
hiinderd pounds of powder nnd a ball 
weighing one thousand and eighty lb.<. 
- one of the largest ordnancw pn-joclilea 
ever cast. Owing to the rather improrap 

• cryt.iii.c I'i ll.e Fiiriiltiirc l,!i;. 

i <;f>l I'lN.s, 

nf all ii7cii luil k* pt co<ii>taiitly on liarti '-r n; ula 
I'j i.r'liT. 

tlavliii; "Tl t. iii'I 1 v.Il <.M...ii.i| <to,l. of ihm«.i,. j 
liiin'ir. -Hilt it. 1" (rtr- III.- iiiiimij. tiir- Ml furiil'-iri - .n 

p<l"■I.^i^■•• i-x "TIiiu » III tl.-' Ml»lii<sa. H'il U.^IaIio* 
•w..rkiii<Mi 111 my iiiiiiiny. I • in •.. irr.ii I ■ m ry uril. \- t«- 
k, .1 I 'iiii Ii.y .il.'ip 

JitO-'Ttnui (.'ath or R>ady /'"j/.^i' 

i)!i llo'it.e.4 air«>f, n-vt .ixu 


^i f.lf 

to fnru;»ih proof of his maniage, took off; tu arriangements for raising tho ball, it 

was found to be anything but an easy 

bin 1 .'It ;.n<! .-xlibiicil n, scar <•? 

"Here," >>aid li< 

cale. Thai's Jud\ 'ri mark." 



IS me mairiago certifi 

— The horror-loving Frenchmen 



<1u,''U) Christ-'pher Delar.d, but li. din 
lt)2I b.'tween strata of guano, and ar*- 
exhibiting him in a glass coflin.Ht I'aiiti 
for lift) cents a sight. 

A fi 

d l-.le 

tin faiih is the best theolorry • a 
c t)-st philosophy ; n clear 



.•onficieiii-e the best law ; lion, v'.y the best 

policy ; .md temperance the best phys.o. 

taxk to adjust it. Howeyor, at the hour 
mentioned, the piece was loaded, and ev- 
eiy body stood (dear for tho list grand Tho gun was laLsed to an eleva- 
tion of twenty-fire degrees, and the dis- 
charge was deafening. The ball w^as 
twenty-four seconds in tho air. air.j fella 
tli.stance of three miles and a half. Con- 
sideiabl- .applause followed tho fitial shot, ' 
and al! concerned in tho manngement of' 
the piece were warmly congiatulalod. — ' 
'i''i« following are the dimenbionis of this 

IT <) M ! : 


'I'lll' only or;r:ini/cil Iii.'^iiraiirc ruipaty i 

' III- »ihli . I^l^^lr ■■,■.■ Ill ^. r.i;>. I'lii lir-' 1 !n'^ ,.■•;« r. y 
««-UiIi'A- In On.. ■ rl 11..;! i:i<a 1.. Ill »t ll>: I ..«'. . Ol. c. 



Brick BnllUtafoaTblra mrcct. ^t^r >tfrcbauta lira 

St. X'A'ULl, TVri-riT-fc 

cj.«i/ jpr.i.vci/* o.v e-o.^.^/(..vif*.vr.s. 

Evil Company. 

phinc. in some ol her wanderin.'s wiih ^*" ''''*-' passed before he had nerve 
her school-fellows, cam.j across a%a<'ranl '? '•^^''T '^® ^'""^ '''■*' '""'^^^ '^« «"'''<'" 


TaaHJ-i^ BaoTnfVf. 
■■jKcr a oatu, 
*9>fi^.tf Haik.-rrt. 

Gipsy or fortuoe-leller. The womati. at' *''"*'" '''*' ^""'"^ ^^*''"' »»<* ^ronlT that 
iracted in sorce way towards the beauti 

Voarr a CiiAMrt;>i, 
J.C. a II. C. UlKkirfl. 
C'utn. .>ler>'hai;t« 

H. :siorti:isr, 


F*rwar4iig k r*niiBl8si«ni 

and Jcalir lo 




<!iBUT'a eT< :>t itoci ^ 


ful child, insisted upon telling her fortune, 
ever, against her will and without reward. 
She told her that she should very soon 
be a wife, a widow, and afterwards Quoeu 
of France. The prediction in iiselt was 
common enough, but as simple as it was 
il had its effect upon Josephine, who im- 
mediately embr4ced it as a fact, aiid 
could for a long time think of nolhin» 

moment, as he .-.fterwaids confessed al 
St. Helei.a, the fall of .Napoleon began, 
till he died a broken hearted exile 
an island in mid-ocean. 


translated from the (German 

"Sophronius, a wioe teacher, would 
not sutler even his grown «p boms atoi 
daughters to aseociate w ith those whose 
conduct was not pure and upright." 

"Dear Father," said the gt-niic Eiili- 
la to him one dav, wiion he foibaile her 
in company with her brother, to visit the 
volatile Lucinda, "dear father you must 

Si^fication of ladlei Vamei. 
Mary, Maria, Mario. (French) sijinifv tbink us very childish if vou imacine we •''ftof piof.iundlv mediiaiiii'' upon the n 

— I: wa« one of Coh-ridge's iruthful last guat nchiev. ^.i-Mit of Captain Hod- 
man; Weight of gun, i',':,I97 pouiul.s; 
length twenty-one feet; bora twenty Inch- 
es; usual charge of powder 100 pounds. 
Previous to the trial of the gun, the rev 
eiiue cutter. Bronx, Captain Marcel, ur- 
rived at the fiovernment dock, having 
on b.iHrd a largo number of ladies and 
gentlemen. Prominent araotig the latter 

_ / I IJ 1,1 I ^^'''■e (ien. Dix, f»en. Hays, Gen. Hver. 

roofs, childien without cluihihg, mora m r „ ^ :,i r. j 1/ ii /■» ' 

»* (»en .'^mith, Comodore PauMin;:, ('otiui 

anners. , .... ' ., , i, ■ ^ »/ • 

.lore \>, ( oniouore K.nlgers, Maj.jr 

The Penientioufi Mrs. Partington. Van Fleet. Captain Ilodiinn. and Peter 

MJ'.f • loKs. 

.>f. J. Niiril..-iij.. .lO.. i,>.v It ii«: .T r 
kr: .\. \V. Kriil.ll; .1. 11. St. A«rf. ^In 
W. *,Wi-ii, ; K. W..I.I.. atlOlu^;. ..M.i«': 1 
Tl.- 1 .MarilLii. lim-t.pst.r. 

on Kl.K.-i. 

J. K. Tll'>MI'-o\.Tr'ii-i;r. r. 
I.. W. KKMHI.I..<.-.r. 1.111. 
■M.T .\Oin 111(1 1. I'r.-I 1.1.1. 
I. W Kl;ll. V;. . V,-..,-.|. . 1. 
W. A. Wl I.I.'-. «;• I.. r.«l A.«.m. 

il. I'll ).•.,'■ 1 ar 
••' ..•' .-.. rai. 1 

.1 rv,,, I , . 

,1.* fin 

psyings ihat the faiiesl flower he saw 

climbing inuud a poor man's window 

The follow inir beautiful allegory is was n-n so b<'autifnl in l.iu eyes ns the 

Hiblfe which be saw lying within. 

— Dr. Franklin in summing the domes- 
ti<; evils of drunkennebs, says ; "Houses 
without windows, gardens without Imhc 


Ill \i lit IN 

PS. fields without till 

or manners. 


barns without 

When the fulfillment came to the first trudo, all truth; Elenor. all fruitlulEI 
^1 .1 ">« Fediclion It of course originally the Greek H«Ien. chan'red 


strengthened her in the belief of the rest; ths°Lnin into Hdlenirs'ignifiera'lfJrm^?' 

andeven when in prison and under sen- though according to Gieek authors u 

, i ^"«\°f J^*'^'. a"d lier bed was taken means one who pities. The isierpreta- 

GENT S CLOTHING, "t ?r^' •," It *^''V^"«"'^» •r! «°"^- i« » q^een; Clara, or clear eyed, 
Jn«v ^rnxv a ptv i tf .. S . ''^"''["''S^* «°' f'^^ that she Agnes chaste; Amanda, amable; Laura, a 

JOHN riCHWAKlZ, I .'^ouldsii upon that throne then in ruins laurel; Edith, jovous- Olivk peace- 



exalted. According lo some, Mary would be exposed by it." 
means lady of the seas ; Martha, inter- I The father in stie'nee took a dead coal 
preted, is bitterness; Isabella signifies froJ" the hearth and reached il to his 
lovely, July and Juliet, sofi hairad ; Oar- , daughter : 

"It will not burn vou. mv child — 
take it." 

Eulalia did so. and behold, her beau- 
tiful white hand was soiled and blacken- 
ed, and ss il chanced, her while dress 

"Yes, truly." said the father, "you 
see my child, that coals, even if tliey do 
not burn, blacken; so it ig wuh the 

TAILOR, i ^Jn'h.n''fi,«S/?!^ ;L?^?-^"P.'^7.^J "^'^Fsi* ^"«"'"°( »'•''« °«race. faror; Sarah company of the vicious." 

roon'w 1^«J*''-'- d-r"; -n«d or Sally. 'a'Vrin;;;;r'^;hir wiBTom J ^ 
r»f.t .iTA ° uf r *"". '^*^?" °f ^°°°^' ^'"•''» »"d Amy beloved; Matildia a no- i _ 

,^^.;.cei.. ... .„ .. ,..,.,, .„, ,,„,,.,. h., ,b.y xnight be ready wh.n .he wai ble maid, M^g^e^ rp;.^' Rebecc.: ' otll^r d.7 

Spwig ^ Summer Goods ^^ZZf^-^- ; ^-^t::;:^^n^:;^T^!^Z ^^i 

■a t. now prtPATtd to m. .n -.. .J On that rery niffht Robes n era fell.— umA ^ri^inoi ...-,^ ;..- j .°: \. 

A woman in Boston was married the 
Three days after she began 
fest such a dislike for her hus- 
band, that she stole from his pocket a 

;ure of the serpent spoken of' in the 
Scripture that seduced Eve. says she is 
fully convinced that it must have been m 
hoy constructor." 

Some kind friend of an editor has giv- 
en him a riding whip. He iiiiimaieH that 
nothing but a sadille. bridle, nnd horce. 
and then tho u.^e ..fa barn ami fodder, is 
wanted to irake his turn out nnd hibhaj. 
piness Complete. '" 

— Epigrammatic retort : — 
'• \ Hi iiieii arc auf^rlt when you r.ic. th 

Hut dtvils when the marri.a«'e vo<v \* sai.I." 

The lover, not to be outdone, r.-plied 
as follows ; 

•'The change, dear pirl, is easily f.irfrirei. — 
We find our^elvei in /ifr// instead of Uruvn. 

Cooper. Fiuring the afternoon an ele- 
gent C'llalion was served on beard the 
••utter, and lo ihe music, of the Foil Ham - 
ilton Hind the guests joined in a dniiCrf 
on tit <l\.cV.— Pitlsiiiryh J'oat. 

"Domestic Receipt! bi Josh Billings. ' 

Tc'W serve upcowiumb'Ts - pick ;In-m 
when th<.;tlew is on "em nicely, si ice 1 hem 
•'lin. add sail and l.-t them wihikI for .siv- 
tv mifiiiies. pepper them fiv.dy. add jj.....! 
shnrp vinegar, and thru lai-i.' the wii.- 
(low keri-fully and throw thenj ou». 

Tcw make waiorinel. 111,1 the m],1 faRh- 
niied w I —steal them by 



■•!«■ locommaDlcAttoawt^a ta«>oat fAabloaAbIc 


1 1k*»»(roa«f«oftliepTib:tc:ir*«7*ctfallTiolict1ed 

On thai rery night fell.- ume ©"rrginar^if 

Jane signifies dignity; ; 
; star; Lucy brightness 
or Louise, one who pro- 
♦.«^- n .u • ' ^^^ protects; Emma, pulled the trigger, and shot another wo- some one who would be silly enough to 
tender. Catharine, pure; Frances or Fan. man who entered the room at teat ins- j have me," was the reply. "Then vo-. 

muneiiglit, ami 
eitt ihein in tin? next ic.t. 

Lobmers want tew be briled whole till olH rM-IMlTII* l;|.si»I j:r| 
the}- are dead, pour ice cream ov»>r thi-in. 
send for the doctor, eat them lie 'ore go- 
ing tow bed, fell vuro friendn tho n^x' da 

Slxoot-Ir*oi3. 'V^T'i^x'o 

I'irtt Strttt Shukvpff. 

AIIkh,.U of 
Jon noRK .i.'\-/f i:j:i\uj:i.\r: 


I. M K ,-lii.i;\» l\. \. >( ••! I .1 |., , ,•; 

Dry Goods for Cr..«-h Oiily! 
:mii w .\r'Ki;i:. 


',, shooting her ow 
daj^longer she would hare been another ; te oVsTEmii:;;.^;!:; p^^tVcU; Trnm;.' ilu'S't ,ltll^ Jh ILl'Y. J!?^^*"'^' ^.^1" 'll'^^^''^'. \'l\ '^^J^'^^' ^^^-' &->« 

lier, Jossphine's husband would not have Tda'thT ^n''ri^'lZ '.7.7- "iT.Tl.^T'"^ ' ' ^ ""'^.l'"*" >' •'W^warUs. discharged it s young lady the other day lo a bachelor tack of the 
^" • - ^ "*® ^'**' '''• "'^'^"'''S ■'ff' L"cy *>"«htness by accident, shooltng her own leg. then friend, who was there 

b^n one of the victim. ; had he lived one of aspectrLo.^a^rLouli^yonrXprr- gJtra'zT 
oar lonirar ahe would have bp«B ^m^tu^, ♦— .». i? i . . t:, *^ s"*/-'^^*'*; • 

on a visit. 


Tew remove goose pimples- -kill the 

twI^„T.TK*"*!- ''"J* ''P" °* ^'"•. ^' 1°^ f'"^ ^' free: Lydia'. severe so Miner- 
tw#en her Iiberstjoo from prison tn^ her ta, ebagt«. 

Tew kure hams- 

4 » - V . • I rw. • - .- tot tir's bitters 

taot, rigfit in the nose. Then she sub- j hsro t been down our way." was iba in-, Tew brin 

*ii*4.: ' sinuating rejoinder. 

-bdthe ihero in Hos- 

g up a child in the way he 
should go— travel that way yourself. 

1 "iMiM:!. w mi 1112; 

Rapid Increase of Our Salci, 

£'iil>t» u« witluia: <:.«ri:n'-:.t to o-ir 

F I' !• H T O T H E I U a D I: 

a araor.'rr'.cfa " ith whirh 

\r oilier A*;»rixc c^.Xt *y. 





I ^ II _»ii!'S! ?-' 


r 11 K 

ProclamJition ly the Governor. in.filc. « ^f^ai nJrtny fa.llies ♦r.iil.I ttf- This does not Jispose of the rumor tbat ., n 

- - - , . 1 .•... fVr lor Joud. Oiir eoldterH trade ihtir be will eucceetl Mr. Fessenden after that i V* 

Onr LKT'ITR A TAMILY ^^WIN OT I A ^1 I P K K \KG L S ^^ >'''-»- '"^^ » i'-'^'"*'"" ' '- ' ' " ■' 

]• 1! O A L S 

fu...f»ii».»'"Hy'**""-«^'-»'''""''>"'""'"'''""'""''°''i OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE COUNTY 

. N., faiui r.-vAum M.»thlii.' hii^-" m.iiiTU4r I ^ - 

. , • lifr lor Joud. Uiir eoiatern trade u»tir be will Bucceetl Mr. l-essenUen alter tJiai >-/• 

Gov.>!ulerhH9,.6...Ja,..oclam«s. ,«,i„., , or «ueh produce a. the cuuotry ^^^^^ j, j, thought that a new loan ! «m $/tt)LERV W AaE KOUCE 
offering f/.ne hnnUehloUvr. reward fo. ^^jj.^^^,^, -f he counuy about here .s very ^.^j ^^^ ^^^ .unounced. ^AVUIiOT ¥¥ A»«* nWW**«- , 


la: n.plijiKF'.iV.r JUiiimli!:--. BluJi! -•. K.lliinf. TiickluB i 5 
w ith-riiin. Uausliijr. » .Inc. K»iil.r..liU riIl^•.C .rlliiB | 
a!i.|*.<i«artU. N...illi.T fjliill> •»■<•!>>;: h:i» ii- j 
iiiU.t»ca^ui-ItTf«ra^r».il ••• »"'"l'. It »ill*e» 
aukiii>l>oi tl'>lb. aii'l wilb «:i kin.:» ul lir.a.l. tir^-ii 
j;i.trec.-iil ImiT.viimnli ii.ake K.imir> ■'rwliij:M« 
.tjlr.onj..«trWiubI.-, ml m i-t .lii ■.•'■l<'. «'ii m-<i ••■•rmli 
V, utWn at all r.ti.v. ..i ,;..o.i. tl iii lifs l***- .m»Tl<--We. 
,tit> b, whUU l> till- 1j. ft -lit.!. kii-.« II- Aii> ..i.f.rv . I. 
fie ino-il ••rJliij-y .■.ipa«iti/.«Mii »•■«•, nl a it';i""'*.'"'*' 
LNr tU*l.<tter A K.iiiilv S.»!iu Mattiln*^. <»"r •• m 
^ wins Mawlilu.-.. art kl liih.-^ in iln-'>- •■"I •sanJ^l 

Til- FiiMlnsPa** nflhe Tin-Uj M ..'.tnr •» a fl- . < 
runiilas \v..r!:ina:i>l.;|. uf l!i- i'.-<i ii«.l il k'" i. •• I" , 
l.-lHlIi.- fuaohliiP wti.M iM.t » 1 iii.-,Hfl whrt- i>.-.ull«l.. I 
u-^rratcvl nia; •"• open.-.! ;«« a i\nK-\< a- ah-l » .!.*f tn»i»l • 
|.bl«-:.i -.uslai.i '.i.« w..r'-. Wi.iU- *.|.e..|-|».- «'.-.-. ntailr j 
unt of t'lP .-U'.l.-.^t i»-."i.l.».aTi.< :Ji.!,..'UiulU. ^IinplrSl j ^ 
« '. tl. *<»♦■. ; m—.n-r )«<..-ll»:.'. •tl-r- in- atuf . •: i.i»I - 
«■ .ucUNU*-.' ill tii^ iiM-l — -tlv an.: -tU' ri- i:.anii. r. j 

It I, a->-.«"ol»> •-.r.-H.iiiryfPsri r>i.- Knint'.v M.i. Mi»» il» j 

fjKl..i..*...*t,.>u.iie.l ii>ir.Mt .aj.u. li> a^.Hl•flll»^ ' 

U S f.«»ll.<i<*in(in.' i-i-l"!'"' '••f fai" '> •"«'i.'«-'^""-T ; 
Ma .u.a. tnrli.-' marliii,. < .r.-f >fios».'rt..< i»rlii? i«uxim*.>. . _ 

r;..- r.rii.vSi oai «••» i^rc «•• :: .*tii.|i!i..i » tii .-ik i»i.-i ■ - 
l„r.-irJ.ii II' -,,*i-.,'»! Itio ».rj j.-tiitAliiy. | 

5-11.1 t-»r a *'«>»fHi-"- 

TrtE SIN.:SR M.»\rK AtTtKlV; ••OVf.XNV. I - 
, .i).fo 4V llr..a.i* -y. N. w-Y..rk : 

»*-St. Paul Ofllf.-. «oO ««."%» 

II. Tl BHITS, \AK:.\h A«iE.\r ^iiiAKUfKR. 

the arrest and conviction ol Patrick Moe- poor, being hardly 6u4h:ieQi to suppbr;^"' 

Ian one of (ho n.urden?r8 of Oeo. Ar- iho sparse population. I do not know ■ abmv o» PoxoiiAC. 

nold the soldier murdered at Wdlouiih- ^'.'^^ ^•'"^ ^T'", ^" :»'«" "'« ^-".^ '7)^" Vou ttay rest assured that as soon as 

nold. the sou er m il,.s pari o the Country and I l»''"k (Jen grant is satisfied that his ablo lieu 

! bys. Dacota t<«.. on the UiU 01 x>ov. iiif ^j^^^ ^^.^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^.^ j.^^ digtant. We : ^ 

Corner 0/ Thud Jh Robettstt, 



— * • • - 

S.-itunlav, November 20, 18C4 


" 'I ).•■ < 'oii-t ii iitiou .•mil tlif L iiioii 

Mii^l t,.. l»r.--»-fv«'il. \vlnll••^■♦-r limy Ix- 

til.- ••<.-»l, ill I iii»«', Ti-.-iiMtiro itiitl Hlooit." 

MAJ.Ol.\. .V •ll.t.U.A.S. 

I have no idea where we will go, a sol-', tersburgand Richntond, and movements 

dier has but iiiile chance to learn the frill undoubtedly be made having as their 

Home Insurance Company. • movements of the army beforehand, but ^^ject the virtual imprisonment of Gen. 

I Amon- our home in8titutioa.s calculated for ' i ««> P'«tty ^ur , some '-''^^^"S'^J '"7«- Early in Virginia, either at Lynchburgh 
I '^ . , !•„ „ ,1 :„ ! ment Id on hand, .'18 all of our sick and i ^ ° . , , 

the bentlit t.r our young state, we l.el.eTe this , ^^^^^j^.j^ ^„^ j,^^,^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ si^„j a I or in the Shenandoah, so that he cannot 

C.-mpany is second to none, and the niorea.^ ^^^^ niartdi are ordered to the rear. : proceed Southward to intercept Sher- 

ing popularity, and the patronage it is recciv- ^y^ ,,^,j ^^^ election for President on ■ ^^^-^ advance. If the Augusta theory 
i r, U certainly ;.n indication of its snccc.*.- i,,^ o,^ ^^ \.,,^^ u,onth, as near as I can ' ^^^^.^^ ^e the true one, you may look 

i Hayii!».^onic of the first and tblest bosncs ^.aru about two ihirda of the regiment . „^.„« ^.,,^,„ v-.r 

•* •., :..ii-ii rT- I rt r> ri-.„ f„_ ' for active operationsin southeastern V ir- 

' men of lli- Stsifo at its head, and established went for Lino« In. Co. G g:ive htty for I . . , ^ ^ , , . ,- 

■ „ .<„, a nntuai i Ian and svstem of the first ! Little Mac, and nine for Lincoln; Co. 1 1 gwna, and the best of reasons for believ- 
ordcr it hasoui-iripcd all coniiKtition:iu the I went about half and half; Co. A. a little : ing that this is the only rational solution 

. _.;_ 1 ".<r.. ! nvfrlialf for Lincoln. Aniaioriivof our ^f ^\^q "miatery" of Gen. Sherman's 

Great movement. 

state.' an.I is now know andrecognized aL offer, over half for Lincoln. A majority of our 
in. . .......t and most complete protection to f ^-^'^ "'"^ Lincoln men. and aK^>'>; 1 of 

'"o ' . *. ' I il e oaoera we receive from news dealers 

K 1, M I? O I. l> ^ 


Gciuiiiie rrepura lions. 

lie papers we receive from news dealers j 
are strong Ailmini^tration, with the ex- 

" ' oil jtcrsons who insure with it 

A!l h...^s an- i.r,,inplly met (and we hear ^^^^^^ J ^^^^ ,1.0 Louisvile Journal, I 
The ArgliS. i:« n.a;.y parts) W tlieir gentlemanly I ^j.jj^j. ^^j.^ (.yp, 3 yf xXy^i paper are sold ^ 

The poliiicil campaign of 10G4 is at ^^^^^ ^j.. Wtil, to the Fati^^action of all -,„ ti,e army, than any other one p.^perj „ 
an end, and we are glad. Glad indeed tie« 


The raiuny season has begun with a 
storm that reached every part of the 

.- .r ... ..;..i •!—.•-. .rii:iu :r.. Ill K\«.i -. !i..lii- « ••! I'i~»i- 

|. .>l..l;, K.l'y I I ll« r.-lH<ll U. .i.»II--i . -M'M».l«-.l Wltll tl..- 

f...'^!:!.: O'"!' "Ill--— 

I, lip .«lti.»i. t . Kt rii'iri, I.. -.>.f P'.«-rr. (...-o -i M. ni"- 

rv l> :n u 'v ..I Hr.-ifiiiii. ll'irr.-r..: Ki^.-.i" , i r>'ii'''l";>'. 

1> II I -.^ .t"Vi,...i, rt ife.fu.i W.-UI. N'-'J;". I "iv-T- 

... l.i^.ilH.!.- "I IK" .Mll-.ti'ar .-t-!.1ii. H-.I IIjih!., 
V. i.'i'ii: 'I '»r »-ly, ■ ry i.>»..l tli«- 3«il>, Lrii!ili<.li> •>« 
I'.i- 1.. .-, I'lli i '.U ilf:i.imi-. , . .. , tl 

rit.-<- «v .1 .t .fiK. it alli'Wf.l In S">'i', wlinh li '> !»■ ■!.• 
. ! 1.- Iiiv .liiljiy nil.. *•••>. •■ ■•»» i..|l ■«■« Imp'-lri.rv. h.ilmlj. 
ti't'-p >'■ *'./.«, Ill ••iifS"! wlilih tin- iiulii 111 uiay exij.rf. 

>i... HI . ly I'.iiTt'i V ..r- .r-'i'i lit;} i'.>ll"»'«< I'y 
II,.. -f ".tir-l .1 ll*..aM--."' 

-Infiiuili/ and Confumptiun " 
«liii» ire..»rir.-.iitii.T.iuv!...i lii- ir iiiiT r /•«' j»f »•• c tavMi" our coHipai a' 1 vely ruined coun- 

.i.l."n.'itii!« i.y l'.ii!«i|uipli<.ii i.r.>r aiil,>l.- •.t.l«^^" 
ti.- ra'l''i'-Hi"- 1-^ It"!-. 

C t l'.,nt-l'iHt.i tuf'^jf •■l"l "•■lit l'r-J"n r U n, i^rtt rr 
«li-.-«t •:• .1 i..r •! "It.-lii.- f.i .■'tr-iltli'-ii a:i.l lui|U"'-;.lr 
t ..• -v-t-^ii. "-"Vi ll.tMB.'i.i'*- KYTIlAl'l imilt .-•« 
;i;/>.y ./.»•.<. A viil r'>iiv;i.. . tl'>- iii...->l •■r.tuMl. 

fi:m a lks— rivM a i.r,.-— fkm a li:s. 

I.I miM-j 1/ '»;•»».' :trrMli-ir !•• t>m'il- .' tlii- KMr M i III 

i'ledideniial chair. ...j.,^^. IlmtVord I'irc, one •WIL.r to every 

Eul now the battle is over, and we f,f ^, „i„e „, ri:<k. 

fir d ourselves among those who are beat- .'-pi ^ pUu-nix of Ilartferd, oi.c dollar to 

en. still we have not a word to say, but evi-iv tif'y-onc at ri-k. 

, jiaieily and w illinyfy tubmil lo the will 'Tlie Home ..f New Voik, one to cverj 

of the ni!ij>«iiiv, and hope and pray that rirtythrec at ri k 

the U.puLli.a.. paity will p.ove iiscll. The Liverpool of London, one doMar to or- 

1 with .l.e Hid ol all l^>\ n »n. mp-ble itJ' forty-four mI ri>k. 

' • -nie MOM i: of sT. PAUL has one dollar 

to ivi-ry lliir'yiiine at risk " 

lor fill till r re r.r."ijce» see Adverti>emenl 

in anotl er coIumii:. 


The ihciion las passed off sniooil.Iy, 
wihoui riots or nn^s, much to il.e feur- 

pris.; of ever> on.-, amid the terrible ex- ,^^^^ ^:^yer6 of New Jersey are urging 
citemeuf. And whil- we irgret the re- ^,^^^ ^]^.(.,i..n of MoClellan in the United 

.Ml u.i.riu.ii.-ii.v . ly.iiir^.- V. „ii, (•,i...-...i-..r Bill (,! ilu- fliTlion, WW lecl ^allstlea ^ 

l;.-u.-.ili».i, inriillarilv . I'mi iilur-.., 'T ^n,.i> .>»!•■ ' ' 

- *■ ' '■' - "•"•' " -'■•••• ii-.^; pei.ple rulr:*. 

We »l..iU. lor the eon; wii:ter, diop 
p:»rty discussions and disputations, to a 


The weather is very fine, the trees are 
still as green as in raid-summer. Were | - _ 

it not for an oixasional cool night. I j Butler given a place in ihe Cabinet, 
would hardly think November was upoti ^^ j^ j^ „^, ^ g^m^d f^d that Jeff, 
us. Until you bear from me again, l' ^'^ 

am yours truly. 

L. 11. IL 


Allatoona, Georgia, ) 
Not. 8lli, 1864. ( 

Dear Urotiieh : — We are about to 
cut loose from all communication with 

i Davis will put 300,000 blacks into the 

I Confederile service giving to each a farm 

and his freedom at the close of the war.* 

Thus Jeff proves himself the greatest of 


Uuiue IiiHiirauee C'oiikpaiiv, 


A Mr. A. C. Austin bavlnx |>u>)lUl'.i>.l a »!at<-D »i.t •'• 

ru^mtory to tblc Company. ».isuniliiK Ut'i Iw unJir il:» 

! control •( •oin* ii*T»oii» wli» formerly wi-re airn t»r» tu 

the Uock Bfver losnranc* Company, of Wlsconglu, llii* 

, following expllcltdMilal uf tlie charg* ba» b*ru furMsb- 

C^rp PAXJIj IVIINN rJ by bliu.atthe rfiiuiblot the UouiB lUKUraucCom- 

: any :— 
Where can be had everytbln„ pertataluKto lb. bu.l ;;;*;rc«?*;]::"vWtr'lUrB»"-is^ 

f^rent coiupany from th» Kocit RiTPr Inmirnnre C-nir*^ 
I iiv of WUioiwIn.atKl that they nr» liolng bu»lutb» lu »c 
torilauce with laws of thU State. ,. . p ai'vri^' 
"Mtnneapolta.Mloo.. July i», lbo4." 

1 hive this dST reoplved from tnf Ilcmf 

CitntpHiiy of 8t.Paul, Minn.. l>v the lr..iid!> ul Ihtlr A^riil* 

W.A. Wf;i<i, $4U, hf in? the ^I'll amuuul of lu«ii un niy 

i n VI- stock, kiHt!d by ll»;btn<iiK. And »«»> tbiir yntmyt 

} aiul eenll«-iimiily itiD'iition In ki tliinK H'''' 'O"*. ' ihrcr- 

j full) rf< •iniuicml tbrni to tbr favur ol the public a» bring 

a Kaf*- and roliatilc lompany to lusuri- with. Tin- loi.» 

was ndJoiiiPd tbn'e dayn aftornutlrc of It wa»r»crlved bf 

the I'ouipany. Fatronlzf homt- liiRiltiitlons, and kf(V 

yimr money in the Stale lu^U-ud of sonrtlns It away. 

Pleniant Orove.OlmUrad County, > 
Mlnufsota.Julyznb, 1S64. / 

LaCRE»ciisT.Miitl«.. { 
June2»th.lM4 > 

(!«•. F. PoTTMl, Es(l., Oerk B«prcinc Co«irt. Minn. 

I Dear .Sir:-l have taken out a pollc y «f li'riirr.n<-» In 
I the Home Company of M. r»ii|, for whn-b 1 pvM (3>i A). 
{ rlncrlaktiiR the poller I bavr s<-rn a coninmuft-ailuu Ik 
I the niw»pape In oppffllton to the Company. I'url'ic 
; your stay In St. rmil 1 wutiM (eil olillpnl It you «i.uid 
j make mliiUKC liK^uiry as l»liie tlandlns and cuudlt.on I't 
the Coiupauy, and Kivc »M TOUT ophiiua la regard tuth* 
»ant«. I!i->pc«;t fully Yonm 


OrncF or Clctk or StpiirwE ror«T,\ 
:it. Paul. Mian. , Ju. y Cih, lc«4. > 

James K. Kkkivax, I.*. Crrkcont, Mliin. 

/Vnr.Sir; Jn rt-aponce t« T»ui rcijueit.I 'ia»e carrftl- 
ly examined Into the itan.iliig and tondltion of the tii w 
I'liaurauce Coinpjiny r.rfntly <n>:niii7rd In tbU cliy, 
kooWB by the naioc of the"Uoiue liiauranc* Cituipani 
iif i't. Paul," and Snd, 

1st, that tbi- C"Uiiiany In duly organized folly In accor- 
dance with the laws of llil<i Slate. 

2ud. 'I'hnt tli<> l»lrre<tors arc r«nipo.»ed of Mlnne»ol« 
men, the must of uliMniare aiiioiu: the nMrM ritixri • 
•>f this .State, and bear th« reputation of Leliig Ko<>u 
UnaiK'ial niiMi. In n-Ktrd lo tt.v condltii'ii '>» th» i»m- 
paiiv. 1 hare to !My that 1 have personally i-xaDiinttl 
and tnve»tiKale<l the hook»orth« company, being ani*- 
te<l therein by the p<illlinie*s of the otttier* ot the roiti- 
|)«nv. Ihe result ol wlilch exanilnattou »lio».that I'.nt- 
Inp ihe abort period of tb< Ir exUteine, It haa leaned »»> 
iMillclis covcrlni! rl^ka hiivlnp rri.ui one to live yeari lo the amount of $C*2.S37.(iO.— About oiie-nlxlh •.( 
tliNanionnl only «n bulMlncs. the balance al rUk beliK 
on HoiiKchwld furniture, tarnilni: ulcn.-ll>, i:r«ln. Iia> . 
: iioclt, Ac: a clans of Insurance wbkb Urrgarded ar !>•• 
I ireain of the tiiiMiie<k, the chance t.>r aalvage Kt4n« 

iiiMvh greater 11. an on buildliu'ii 
I 'Ihe oiuoBIil of Premium rec»:ve.| by Ihf r.inipiiii> li Ha 
I ioIIdws. Incash »iii| shart tlniu uiit«>, •9,V>S,00: In prr- 
; MllBlu notes $J,4T!.00. 

I From thl»e facts I rccifl thl»-c«nipany» s heln» a »«t* 
1 and reliable cino to ln.<nre with, it Im-Imh ex.l\i«Uri> a 
lii>me lni<tltiithin. andaa such conimen.N It.eli to ilw 
• earnest >np|M.t of all lh«se who dealgii to f-.sler, eni'Hr- 
1 aue and pjotect Ihe lndn»fry, eiilei prlne. wealth and cap- 
i llalof our citii-ns lu prelerein-e lb patron Uiiii: lisilni 

¥!....-»<. r..|»1ira<ed RrncatlilK Iliac. t!..iiRand bullilinc »P loTt-lm ccnipanici.. niai y of »h< i.i. 

Ilcury'a Ccleoraiea Kepcaiiiis iviuc, .^,,„^^_,|j „^,. j,jiru„ntp „, ,|„- p, ..pie oi this .>-taie. wouM 

It %l.I.*nn<<: KIKI.R. j Iw uiterly unnlile to maintain Ibrms'h.s In the M»i' 

U.VlaljAHU S IVl r J.H., I ^^^^ ^^ ^^__^ j^i^^^ ^^ ^i^^i^ ^ 1^^^ ^^ l,u»lIle^». 

rrtT 'I'M l'-.;"Tni < with a statement of theje lacls, subiuiited for yon r 

t,Ul..lo I .->,! wi..-', gratlflcallon, I remata aa evor, 

HACONB riSTOI>«,i '""""llvx, f. HrrrF.R. 

OCXS. as wellas 

EiUtary Goods, Ic, 

Among the naniercn* articles are. 





A (Treat variety of 
\Vn\VS—nh»l(Mle and EettiU, 

TRAVELING BAGS— of every variety, 
RUBBER GOODS— of all sorts 

Fine ilver Plafcil She! 7>//*, 


:ut loose Iconi all conimunicaLion wun i • ji /^i x 

•God's country" for a short period. The TllC HCSt IS tlie (JlieapeSt 
act is the old "fl.inker" is not dead yet, 


but proposes to make another *'great 

raid," in the direction of tie bowels of 


• 'Ut oi.i .rv kv 1. ii.iii -11-. ri«e:..l.-.l ..r .•.irih..i|.' >'at 
t.i- I'trrus. I..-1U ii..rrli.H-.i nr Wliit-v. Merlllu-,ai|.ii"T a I 
» • II iliiii'-i liiei '.••ni r.i ih.- h.-x. w i-i'ie. ari^iii;; u»ii. nt 
.»U.-r.-;i.>ii ll.ii.ltS'il l«i.>'p.iti<.n -rill the 

///.'X/.v;-. "i: III i.v/.;. oa' i.irr. 

se(;ri;t Di.-KAsi: 


l.itllr iNliel-e 
lucliVeLlt-hi e 


1-1 .I'.l fhi-lr ■=ta-ie-. 

U>«*li.iii,,e in iM.-t. N 

Ami r» Krit^-if.-f. 
Ir .-aKe^.i f.-e<|;i -,il |f*'re t-i I ,'ivea-tri"listb f-i tMn- 
B'e I ) • ••iv r.-ui'i. i I-' •> i-'rei. ti'.'iH. I'r'-v, iitiny t eiu- 
r' I • 'I 1 tl > >i t I - i'l -t.i.M. 1 I I'll ■ I'liii aii.l I 11 iiiin- , . I, 1, .'iiiir 

11. ,.s. iv ii'ipiii ii. I'l.- .-I I «"i ii"» aii.i .-xp-iUiiif Lcftl ii»'W» and iiom« iieuis. oeiioiUjj 
.•'/ /'«<..#«'i«', /*•>'*••/ ■i'eMr..-,('<'jr .V '•''!-. . - 1 ,1 ;, , 

.*! .1*1 . i> iii>. 1 11. n 111- -Viihiv,- b-.-n t;»e vie- J. :,,^^^j.gjj^ ^,g iJeiiiical wun me inic- 

:i iM..|itl»^-i. tti I * 1 • ii"-pill hea\y le-.< t .lieeiir- 

r..\;h:"';i!.v:>^;::!:v';c::v:>:X;;;v;^ re^.^onhi, ciumv. we simii make the 

l:::;:>a:::".;ur\::ii':.^lV'ue"M:;;:';:r" Argus a paper worthy of a place by every 

silt o! the elM-iion, w« fecUaiistied that s;,an.g s^i.^te i„ ii,e pl.iee of Mr. Ten- the confedir.ncy. at all events that is the ^^\OWv 

Ihe people rule. y^, .,,,. n,. j, very popular in that State -pi"'^'" ''' ^'^^ """)'•. Tl|is niuch we do :^ ^^> 

yy \ II I ii^ «>n Mi.-r aiff«^r IioD ' -, . , i it kuow, that wc ai ordcied to be Tcadv lo - Wgl'i 

We SI..-.U. lor the^r «„.ter. diop ^^ ^ .^ j^ ^,^^,,^,^^ ^^.,j, ^^ ,,^^,,j. ""Larch .at a moments notice with fifty '^-|£|/i 

-• -- => I march at a moments notice with fifty 

^"*^'""*' '** ^ would b<» an In. nor to the State and a | ,},j-8 with orders to turn in all 
great ( xlciii. ui.d d. \o e ihtr columns of ^^^,^^ j^ ^^^ national council. We hope i c imp ami garrison equipage and stuff, 
(his paper to general news that are of in ^^^ ^^.jj ^^ d' cled '"'" •'' ""•^- «'>ich / think will be in the 

teresl to all our readers. _ 

We bhali give particular attention 

V-' //''«v*r» Kr/r-f^f fl-rA.. f.rju air.rti..i.« md.ii-.- hearth Bioi.e ia ccult County., be they 

.-.«•*«..■ the /Virt.-y./ nra-in'. wUelher ^xl^i'mr In tl>e ,, , ,. > ^i,_ll _,,. 

Ml-...! Koiiii-. ir..i >v ill -V.T ciu.eo,i,'inatini! aii.i DuHiocrat or iv'puDlican . aiiu »ll«II eo 

l.-l mitt.T ol ll'.iP l.'.l.g St-IHIHIJ. . • 1 >n w 

j>u ,.... nf t'.e,- rin, reqnr..t',.aii..f iMinK- dcavurto chn-iiicle pHBbii.g events, in 

•ritJ. !IKI.Ma»l,l»SE.\rKA» r lil ftir ».-TIIK(iKKAT .1 „i . ... n:iiM.r «:il Im' .jf 

nirHKric. iM.i u rrtm i .b..vr iii.-.ieMrr.i ineriin guch a manner, inat our paper ».ii u«. oi 

KvHe„.e..,„.r„i..air-li;.Me..l.dre,p..nJMe.hara.-er inteUbl. J.HI6 tO COHie. lO IhoBe H IIO ai 6 

wl I a> 'e'.iiij.iny the li<e.:|'ltir. 

Pii<e?l 00 l»oll!e, or si.\ f.T .?•"> i-O. 

I»ellT..>vd !•• any rl 'r-««, •< -rn-rly pu'k>'d f ■ini "li-i rv.i 
li-m. l>rsriihc .Sjfm^MMi IM ii'f I'tmmuHirxil it»u. 

r>ire< Gimmiitrctl ! Advice tlriitis ! 

*.| i.-e-.> al! litlrrs foJ l.i:..rr.l;.».o!. I > 

H U. H-LMBOLD, <; 

I j| ■< . jtli Tvnth «t . tK-'. Clie-t'ul, IM i:.i. 

HKI.MB »I.I»"S »:lir.'l Prinl. 

ll.-::.Mtt i».|V< l>i-.i;-i,„iri, aii-tl Wirhou!'. 

.'.'.>» BiiKtil'vay, Nrw-V..ik. 
KKivtiiF. of r.ti \tki:i-kits .\\i» i Nrai^i'- 

f'., :l» t*i;\!.KU-* >v i-i 1 |.-. i.-r I'll. I ••./!>••!, u.i-,,'. 

a. 1. 1 **.''.'. •*' i.lrf''-lr!t .,.i IJ.r r.'i..'t'4!"» 'ilt'liiteil t.j 
ll.-^':i'> .111. .•■-■■ 'i'le l're|l.<r.irwi.«. 

■• :»,ir«.p •-•";•. 

Im irovi..! Jle.. \V.i»1j. 

Let'er From Idaho. 

We are jermil ed to publish the f<d- 
U'wipg extract from a Utter of one of our 
townsmen. Mi. James Hair, to his par- 

Mr. Hair went out to Llaho last spring 
with tliM train under the direction of Un- 
cle Tom. IK.lmes. 


Pkuki V 


: Peak Vallkv. V 

.s..pi. 23th. inct) 

for a race, which / think will be in the 
direction of Savanah, G.i. The last train 
leaves Atlanta to morrow for Chatanoo- [ 
I'H, and then jr-md by United Slates fori 

^ rati 

a season, and then. "^0H> 'f/r^O'< rtb<. ____ 

I guess 'here will not bo any jayhawk- i ^ ^^^^ ^y^^ int.anpnavication itisK? accept ed 

ing done, "oh no." It is reported on 1 ; ^.;w^j;^ret^^^r n.te.^^^^ 
I good authority that old Tecumeeh Slier- j ^ j-n-'-v-,.^,^ „,,, ..^^ prompters, .ndcompteu 

man takes the loth, 1/ih and 20th corps i„stke. 
j with some 20,000 cavalry with him, lea- 

ving the ballance of th.e army cons'sling 

of the G ' , 14tl-, and 23J corps, with the 

recruits ail in charge of Pap Thomas to 

take care of Hood, who is ia the vicinity 

of Decatur. Ala. 

You liave. no doubt, n*ad all the nc- 

coun's of tlie battle of AUatoona, ere this 

readies you. The account in the Indi- 
ana Siaie Journal is the most correct. — 


Fiffols and lioirie Knin-s of all gorif, 


PI.=?T0L CAR'rRnMH>'— of every variety, 



Gi^' Saddles, Whip Iiiishes, 

IlarnrfKind Skiillnfc Lealhrv — onk tanned, 
Wholesale and Retail, 
Persnn.« in the trade will do well to exam- 
ine :ny .-ituck before purclin.-'iiigelscwliea'. 

ottob8M IttlSCI v<.2n...' 



4 THE PT.AN AXn OniiAMZATTON of the jfAna, af 

t -r t.^ years Aivcre trial. ha< r-nllied tie ».'i<-alc-«t 



K S W 1 P B 


Patented February Uth. 1»-C0. 
iialck-Room, 454 Broadway, >" . Yorfc. 

This M chine U coi?>lri;itC'l "i" an cnllreir i" » p 1' • '- 
p'pof nlel■hallU^ll,p•>^.•.e^.^ 111.- iiiuny rare aii-l Taluabl. iMi- 
pr.iv.'iiiei.l-. Iiavini:be'iie\.inilne.i by the »n>itpi" f ni >l 
. xp'-rl-, prxni'Miired to be .>«lMri.K Tl^ bikI 1 l-l 

The f.lli.wlni- are tl.c principal objeclliB»»r(;ali.« 

Sewlm; Machines .— 

I l-.xc<.-.s!ve labor to ttie operator; J. I.labllll} t-' K'l 
■ 111 of 'T'ler: S. Kxpeti«r,troiili.e,au.i i">NOl ItW" In r- • 
palrin-: i In. apacify t- srw^vfrr •!••• •H'.ll..n oilMrte. 
rial; 5 Ui-iii;rceabl. nols. w bill In oporatli^n. 

TLf Einjtirc Sewiaf Harlinf is fitnijit from ill 


Ini'Sf (ilijctlions. 


Boors .S: SHOE.-^, 

It hiss «t-alKlit nee lie, p.-m-adl. ular ■•>f«''";. '",•''• 

ihVi''K K .■i.-<.irrri,K.<Tlii?ii. win .nkiiiik - 

KIP nor IIAVKI,. iilidls alike o.i l-oth •••le»: p.ri»iio* 
i,»rle. t * Willi: "11 every de* riiiti-n ol lualei bi, ir-i I 
Lnlberlo the HiieslNan»..ikM-uhn. with c.U .ti.'lner, 
.,1 »llk ihr»:".l,tro>ii tliec...iri<»t i.. th* Unesl i.iiii.l.cT. 

nVvliiu.. ruber CAM n..rC«>0 W li r.L.anl l» e lea.t 
P'lh.ible friitlwn.l' run*"-* M"o"tb asslasr. at il l^ 


a<tiuainltd andinleiested in this vicinity. 

We thank our fiiends for the p.tlroiiage y^ ^^ I'akests. * * 

Ihey have L"ven us, and judging from W« ariived .... th,- 23J in this Valley. 

our lar!»elv iniieuMil tubsei ipiioii list. I lie tligi^ingH p. y , j > • Rjia o.aie jminiai »«* uic nuiav. vuncv-v. — - the ro\«rM»Tl0N OK vr.orFRTV «T iirr. In. > 

5... ^10. and ^2J per . > to thehami, ,,1^,, . „,,i^.r of Gens. Sherman .it How- L ^lE vcr ixsniKn? ir uot.why not? Thecosiu 

l«>r. ..1,1 nii.iuea II II U It Will ba as trootl a , . •' - . .> . i . i-„_i i ' '.rin:,,.. . Hw UiIt is minKcl : Ihe rcMilf niiiy b« I 

Ilrenulrea FIFTY PKK CENT, less power lodr ve tt 
than .Mivoth.rmmbliielnmsrkM. A Kin "f W'-'r'- >•"•• 
"I ;n;e.:au w..rk it steadily wit faO.<iie ..r li.jury l- 

"lis >'tre.,gtb and WONWKniTI. SIMrUCII V of c"r.. 
»,,,. ■-..... . . -itfmll.M. ren.Ierit«lMiM»i liii,r..-..|bl.- I" «' ..MI of-rdei, 

Y .\N 1\ KE NOTB^NS i »-■"' laiiUAKA.NTKKUby t^ie cuui|.Bn> loijlir ei.llr*»st. 

BOOKS Ac. rib.l^MamoreespoclalniuJinerd..w.s^».l|.^ 

.i.» . iMKrCll \.NT ^All.'Ml^,l "Alll MAKt.ll."', Il<"'r 
Also a cood r..K.,rt.nrnt nf KM T M.INlVAn IHF.HS, -'"l l'''.-*^ ".fl 'Vv^ .*'. V 

ttsvi-ars severe trial, has r.., Hied tie «..-».. St ,,^_ _. ^ ^T "T^ T^ ^T ^^r\r\X\^ '^^-«'- I''*''-'*'' "A'i^ •^,,*J''^ r^T txh^AsV^aHIN 

pnbllci.ivauta;.'eaml!-mce^aof lb. vwrlonssvstemsl AfTT T T VT T? T? V l4lll II IS | Kl ITLE^ SHOE lil.V nKK;?, \ I..^T A.N» FA.NrAI^HO 

l,J Hre Insurance In the. ountry. It is now belU r 1 i>l 1 J J 1^ I JM]i 1 V 1 VJ V/ V^' 1 / O, , M t KKU.-i. , ,,i.,..ii,u,i..n. wlllbe IK-i - 

than ever preparcl f'.r.iuiy. ■ • j(,^U,.U«l'.n»MidCbarltabl*Iii»!llunon» « ill M .t»<i • 

srismol.oss Claims have been settled and paid. SIX ■ 'r)ii>utp«t stvl.-s -if I.,-«ille>.'. MlSNe»' andClilb'.rcii lluls d!) .leali with. 

• fEl.N MILLION- OF DJLLABS! , T,„„,„ec .-.nd tnirtmm.d. al ] ,,,.„.... .^j, MACHINES, CO-WTLKTE - 


Ne.vt.loor to the I'oitOO.e. 


old niinera ll ii k it will be as goot 

We n.iw send payers to every town m „^^\^.\^ as Virginia wi«. They have pros 
the County, and hope lo receive more ^.,.,^,j ^jjp i„.,l .,f i|,e Creek and got 10 
earnest support. Whatever advances j,,)d r.O els. lo the pan. and in one phce 
Ihe interests of the people, we shall give as high as 71 .en'., and did not get ^o 
V . n- e» ;n,l« lo the bed altl.a;but It will cost a 

ahe.,r..y.and -'' "'^^f. ;^^; ' / ^ ; g--' d.-al of m.>ney and labor to open ,f ,:, ,, H.. re'pulsing a whol. brigad-i 
lure .18 we havti done i» Ibe pn-t. Oein^ ilie ,ic. k DUr.r,,.' <rod isn't as easy a... , / „,i „..,,.. owi,. T 

ill*; ill.' h. '■"oa' no . , "^ ' of lebold wlio cliaiffeu on our side. 1 

)ose: It lakes a' , . . ''_ ,.., , . i... 


aid. ill ref.'rence to the bravirv displayed | V^";';.';,:,p;.'f,',;Vn\Ill^-■-»'biieH^lav andi.^^^^ ■ 

in defeildinij ihe post. T!ie Old 'kh won : Imv..'v.-v.,„ |„b,.nkrupt.y. poverty or cuel dlsap 

,= r . j poll. tl. lent. 

as much gl>ry as any of litem, capturing 

. ruot.wnynoir > ne cosi is i ,„,,,,, ,, MIW 

; the luty lsminl(e..l; Ihe rcMilfniiiy b«'!?Mi\K.UI I'-I-, .in.i.'. 

I am now "p^tdn; my 

two sells of colors out of tliree, andeigh- ; 
ty prisoners out of 150faptured. besi.h-s | 
many other lrophi*'S. Wo held our side 

intrtntlt. ..TTKNTlON snd retard 1. given loSn 'dVA Slimiller GoOflS, 

siiaM r-^'-!- .IS w.U as l.r,'.! <>ii>s. Able se.nilly aii4 , | O 

,-ipcrl..r . ot„m.T.lal advantage, aflbrdcd. | „rei,nr...l loexhlbll Ihe l,r.r. ^< and beat .elc t.fl 

rir Policies issued without Delay. ..^^^ 

I an-l am prepnri'il loe^hlbll iheb.rtf. .^1 an-l beat «ele.ttfl 
,i.,Mk iif'vpr bvnvhl !■• Ibis i.i..rkit 
I'jitl. uliir.ilienil..ii I I" all .>r..rrs. 


I \o. I. F.imll* MiiLblnc. wlih lleinmrr coroph ir %iij(^ 

I •• 1. fiiiill Manulavt'iW. with Eatei.sloii Ti.blr,(ue» 

" 3 I ir'e ■* .... ,-i.ti» 

1 s.i.nru..fir Leather, with rolllnc fool, *c.. M.i-O 

CAHINKTX IN KVKltV VAMII TV .i;:enti.feralllowi:sln ll.eVulte.l Si«l-..«»i- 
ll Cni.i Mrxho. Central ai..l .•*• uth Ai-i.rba. «b<T« 
.;je'iule.;r. u-talr-.idj . ..,l.bll,he.l. to «'•"'"••»;:'** 
iiacouniwlilb* given. but »e make ii<. c..i.«liti.inei,l». 

J.T.»le.%RTMtK* <•., 

S.U.ii KV 

Air. />;;/ «.(.7.nT.v EvrnYvini r 

A>;K Fill IIKLVIB il.f>"S. 

as little pergonal :ks possible. 

mailer as one would suppose; 

Lettin.' b\ L'..ne8 be bygones, we go month or two to op. n a claim, scone can 

„.... .■...^....^.. ............ .. • o . 3 , • 1 1 woik it W« are at work now putting 

*-KF,iiiiKLv,B.u.-.v TAKKNoimM, i.cariily I" ""^ «'"»«• *'^'' * «'"*^''*' ,,9„pa|,ouse 1 cut twenty-six hous. 

r::'::-;r:,::;::r:V';.i''"'"'^''''-^^C^^^ .t„„dini; invitation to allwho visit sin- J'«^»P « '»•>"*- ^.. 

kopec, to give us a call, subscribe for 
t e Argus, and oblige, jours truly. 

have noiliing more to say that would be 




"An Ouace of iTevenr.on »« woriL Pouc,^ of Cun». 
A Mi.v w.iKK i:i !>:;. .;i -..v . 

fliinit'-! N< \v D.'nicsfic l'!n>ici.Tii : 
f> r. H '■ V i. ■ r. o n K '1 r u r. i /. 7 // .• 

J x's'veslerday and to day. Montaniais 
jusi about as I ►•.\petUed to find it — just 
alKiut .•»» Holmes represented i), Tiiis 
is a tfi">il place to winter stock. Goods 

I remain your affectionate brother. 


The News. 


4one over 111 sni ibspe ^»e^lrab1r . .ir.l on Oiort nidli e. 
j ;^r"N 1< —rh-«e i.'..o.;s will b» sold CHEAP. -^nd I . 

Ttl 4 • r\ ^,.^(\*, ^ 4- rASIl"o\ Ibey l,e -n Ixn/ht ex.lBn».ly l«i 

ho American Loniiict. <-> 

4.14, Broa«l«vny, K. V 

gjT'^ li — rii-«e i.'..oc;s will b» sold CHEAP. -^nd for 
■Sll'o\ Ibey b.ive l,e -n l><.ii/lit i-X' IBH »ely lui . 

, , . . ' C. KALVELAGE. 

I'lHOrOH the Rebellion is not clo.«ed, it if I f;,.,k„p,,.M3> 7o.. i>'<. ..,si..:;«.n 

S-. far ci -ishcl thnt the latest and best hMory there | ^_„.,_ 
ol laalmut t.» 111- pulii!.-.he'l. ■ 


w Ir'i •li* lit-' n"r« 

• M > -1- iJni.t.- ftr F.-i.iiI"e . tlift.ic ma'i* Vatnablr 
■.ll'.:.s r r .*\<.i d- ; !»»■•.•:.«• ii .1 l'r>.^'H.-^ii.- I i|.-. 
. liii. .. ll. ». - '.| .-•m-r r'-. . , I:..|,( 
»■» I i." 1 !>--«- i»- , I. «i .-Itl ti W-ttll.U. Pt.l—ililiiL'. r. .;;li.| 

l>.ii:ili I.' •.II I.' f.ii'i' Ui!.;ii i^e rb." .^m.. >. ^y m].- 
' . -I.. Tr-al ii'-nl .lift <'«.-.- ..f ilf !»i».-:,«.-» l';.i !.ii |.. 
*Kr.. .»«nii n. in.i Cilhlr.-!. ; l'..iitl'>i" w ir.i a T-e-ili-e 
•• I t - Pi-^-«i • ■ • i"l E ' . .>. » .. \, ..-. I...1I. . i|..|>. ..!..» . 

<:-v-ii-.!.. lri.r r. l.-al--»i-.y. liri'-*. Fa-, l>->p .r. A »-.-- 
r:.- -. «"?»a. 'IV, C I- rinbi.---. i:»!i'.;t..t>.>-ie.. .«li.iwl,t'.{ 11..- 

l-llt . —iC" "I O.e M.ii<|<.ii lu • BihIv a>a I' Ux- ••! II- 
..r i» ..■•:.•. ■. \:> ■. 

Five Deserters Sentenced to be Shot. 
A court marshal, silting at St. Paul 
r'-ccntiy, c.mvicted and sentenced to 
d.'a;h !or desiTii..n ami b..u»ty jumping 
tiif f.-lhiwiii'' named individuals to wit : 

«>r L!-.l "1 ail Ho- I'r 


.11. 1 

5f Ki>ir.*, 

be higher. b»;el'. !."> lo 20 cts. cattllo are 

tvoiiir§7.'> to §100. cows 830 lo 40 and 

oLher things in accordance. We got 

through all right and met with only one 

Patrik Kllv, J..ihu Lenuou'and James loss, (and th i was our cow. she got be- 

, x,.,,„„ ,. ' I hind was lost .lie week before we got 

V f, c . I .1 r «««,. to Fort lk-nN»n. Ilnrrv Cole lost his at 

The 1 ,'ih of last S,'ptembor they cnme »o r . 

... the same iim*!, aiiu lliiee otiier cowb;. 

•o il.H Provost Marshals oftice and enlist- .^^.^ j^^^^ ^^^^.^ ^^^^ lui^ky, wilh onr cat 

alKiut .as Holmes lepreseiiitJu ii, aims a. ix^ *.*...... ^ | 

is a ,, / place to winter stock. Goods where is sherman? is iho grand query ' ^^^r:^X^':^^:^:::X^1:Z^?::l:S;.^::::t ' H AK D W A K E 8 l^( ) H 1% gold, about tlueetimcs as ,^ ^,^^ ,_^^^ ,p,^^ ,eb..-ls are evidently '-rfiVi,^^^^^^^^^^^ _ ..^ 

mutdl as iheV cost. ftUgar 7o CtS.. COlle I . , , ,. ■ j lordeilv. rv UlIuIj nett;the»eron.| as »oon as conve. l ^"f^jfi^^ir^ 

\r. ,, a 1-. e«» I on I »-;ii ! worried about his movements and are ,,i,.„, ..„.-rt ie.c-.«iii"iiofii..stiiities. ^ ' %'*SM*V''^a^i>* - 

•to to Sl.tO, fl-air ?.'o to 83). and W IIP «"r"«^" *"""•• "*» '' ,u,.',"„, .,......,,.. y..rlI.M,nepin. Scolt.C«rv,r. Siniey, f ^ iT WiMJ^LT. I 

lUv'!,«ih- .:->i..y of lI'Minepin. Scott. Carver. Sibley, j 

preparing their people f.r -alirpng news. ^-^^:^-:;>^r:i^:^\^^:':^:^';;^^ 
Most of the Western papers assume that ;*'"- J.-;!' Cl^!: '.'::.?, rndV.I"TliV.;T..;r:r.^^ 
Sherman is on the march for Charleston ^^i;:;^"'''' '"*' """ "' "'" *" ^*""y"j"" "•"-'■<'»''! 
or Savanah, destroving his commuoica- j '^''' ' vJl^iMLy ^"'^^''^^ ^ 

lions as he 2oes. The first inkling from 

D. L. HOW 

"Wholesale & Retail 


the General is a letter to the Western 


Sanitary Commissji;.';, in which he savs; 
, - -' ' 



mil. Mwm, 

\: -:,:■<,:::.:.:. ;,:,;; {-Z,;,y^i:.n:^:.:;:t. .., th«ProvoslMarbl.alsotticeanflenlisi- ^Vo have been teiy lurkv, wilh onr cat- , T. ,^. .,-1 ,i f 1.e.;iK ' ^oum.> u. — . » 

e.; p;..,t>. Hers, am;i.. •..,„.,ii...wri, .).,. ,. . ^ ... ,,, n.,-,.ii;,.„ 1.. "'■""^^'^S*" ^ ,,•-'•„.„„, ^i,), . I'.'jder (tale of Oct. 2uih. 4t Gaylerville. . ,.^ „,,t,.,. of the E.statc of Newton South- 

.r-.,.ii.,i-...i eiet..aivii»ir-.t...nst..r i-r.p.n..a:..M »; .i od Ul t i.e Ij I St Uvt-imf-iital balialUoii, to ^j^. Rud taking cvii v thing into con5!i.':-, - i i- c . in Uic mam-i oi m., ri.->ioiv. vi . 

t . -111. I vv'tii an Kie.:.i!i .in-1 c..iie.i i.i ..-.,■■.. ... i:„. ,. i-, - m, i • i ' i' ' ; ' I _.:.!» Ala Fi>€'akinL' about scnd ncr leliel to worth decease.;. 

..,r...... My.i..nviM:,,N.M.p....,i,,u,r,ie.Ky.-n. , he cr.-dit. of the to w n ..f Pepin. Waba- Htion. how *e wA;e .VneiJ around wiih Aia., speaking, aooui b v' n J«.lin.» andfilin-- thcoetiiionof Rho- 

V'V^.''^.r:'l»;."l-..Vrr;.V-'C\'":'''>. «>••"'••«" >-"• .. ..:. . ,._.„ u .=.» m.i .;:..,u. „,wi ,hp mads we traveled, it our prisoners at AndersonviUe: "I thank , . ^P"". '^•»'' ^^ " 'V^ '."!."!;*lP!r^^ 

In Probato Court. 

'"^^Si.UyoVliS'r'i CORNER OF HOLMES 4 FlR.ST ST.«= 


larg« Unti^^ oij ^ully. and the"roads we traveled, it our prisoners at AndersonviUe: "I thank , . ^^^ -S^-r^lJ^^n^^^^ 

.•-"••.•.-•.••" '-> Tre.,t:a •.:.' ,,,„,, (\,^^^^^■. uHiing l«rg« bounliee.-^ V\il bully, and tlie Mads we iraveiea. u our pn«on«r» ,t —-;" -■ / •-- ; ,;,^ ;i;>,„hworlh: adinimstratri.x of the e.tatc of 

Ai»«t»i.i}, PUy.toios) aii.d ii'stme. . ' i-' ; .. v . is a wonder to me t hat we haye got an OX you for the prompt fulfillment of the re- ,.• ^^jl^^.^i-ll, jcccascd. praying that vKTfM 

^\-^)- -"r. r.nM.x.A n^ ,u.i ^ui io For ^^ ^ „.,j,,„ j,,,. Eight days without as ; ^ ^^^^ ^^ ,Jj J,,,;, ,,,i,,e, for our ^ril^sed toselUo much 0/ tu'e n-.l es- ; I 
N^=tt^fXr+-FfHr J^CJK, S-eWflig. i- r. m that post they deserted ^^^^.j, ^.^^^^ ^^ ^ , hicken could eat. and , ; .^^„^^, . Andi.raw«ville Thimra ; late of the deceased as sbHll l.e necessary to , a 

v^ v^.-'lEXT ;;; THF suK niH.v -... ,H.rwaid.. and sarled fot Chicago ,„Uiing but the strongest kind of alkali- ■ F'««"«" / "Td / , , .. Zin^'''^ '^'' '^^'''•■' """^ t'T^ '"'^ "^F^^'TuJ^l^ 
\XA..!s..ii%.\T 01. TiiK suK.noto. ..... „ „ xf ' .._ *..i ..^. i...if ..?..n„K nf iro- h.ave cliar.jred Since, and / >/^'y ^0 «»; ' wbcnby it .ippears itiat there «<,u, 



W t 1 .1! it-k>ail|.' "Irai-i.-i'-'e of p-ei iis>-«. the nr-.p r \"i :i 
I i .il.Mi ol l.c-Iliiii-., eit, making • l.iri.-e v.>lunir..>'4\ r 
l-m .fct :..^. »v :!i -ii .i-r»ii« »t^-I. i-n.-ir.iVlM;;!. au.l -;;■•. r..- 
t .»ii-< .»!' t.i • 11. -ai PI inT^. '-le. 

|. is U-i-vel III I' Ilif k i.»w'.-.|.;r Inip.irle i in t:>.-.r 
p lie-. .. 1 rh.. I,nv-...| eii\"'.!i.|.. » a:it ll«*alili. th.-u^l- il 
b ; !!• a ifl >i:i .1-1 I I -.rne, x-i I inf Woriii .ii..rc u...;.! 
...I' IIVl:l lb - W i.i.e «-..»t '4 Ilia lio .:», 


s.i.,»i»H..rwaitU. ami sarieu ioi^.nn«go „oi,„nj; but me 8irongesvM:mu. i»ia»M-, - . I ,,ay tlie tleljts of the deceascil and c.Tpenscjs or| 

I . . .o.t..l hv n».ni Prov Mar- w Iter anil not half enough of that, so- 1 h.ave changed since, and / >'^'y ^0 «»; aa,nimslrati.,n. wbcnby it .appears there , |p|^^,,,„,^ „„rf j,,|„<| |>r«^^ 

' * * ■ .11 - J I aevtr saw i ud nev«r wil . 

Milwaukee, brought back tried and con- ,^,|^^ ^^^^ ^j^^ j ^^-^^ j ^^^,1 j^^^ 


I TrnrK.y'Ti.xK, 

milTH Lhl.lD. 

oii.s, r.7«.v/.v//f:.\ 

L.M//^s^ i'i..isTr.nL\a 
OIL. r.rrEXT .MKi> 

WLXE.S, l-\1.\( y GOODS 

K\\ ..rtr-rs Troui r.ui.try Pcabrs pr.<nipll> attenia 1 


atprlceawhicb astcUb tl e People, al- 

! HOW'S Druggipt 

, , T n I 1 I .1 !„nv the dcbti? outstanding apniust the deccas- 

e„. In the meantime I wdl hold tl>em I^ J ^^^ ^f^^e administration and ' ZT^ 7^^^ ,,„,7 CutlerU [aTTPT^rt^ &L 

for that purpose. I can make no use of it « ucccUary to sell a portion of the re- , ^«> Ull Ul 6 UUU l^ Ul ICI If \ SHEEHX & 

I." . .T i... a n-.'.b. iiii->.*:o.. ! ..le lint t'le'.tlei s •% .1 
I- i-.!. :ii« I iil»ny "f I la »t.-'> i-.-r. *'i<..U-l !••■ flt e.| ... .— 
V lis iu iv t !-• V .1.1 .1 - 1.1 -r- el.-aiiy th.ii e\ .-r .leiii. n- 
fclil.- :!•> ivit p'.i.'tl.' tl U'i-:iil.|i->a ♦.1.1- In.iiini'-raMoa.l- 
i-,;-.-r-. > I I .iv.;' «i biiiTi!; .i-.-lenr' f-i. n N. 

r»i» jt-.-K c->'i»»itilt. ^ a c->m:»e'.' I'lmi.!'/ J/nlioil Li- 
Itrt.'-r^ IMVSUMAX I.S THK IML'SK. r.-a- y i.. ti.- . .ii- 
a.| f-l It .« •*■ >'i '11 ii'.**'"-"! »u l-'e I .SixM-. • a'l.l u;i|i>r.- 
i • -1 i-.«»a lit!' » ri.'i b r iuiiu diate r"li<-l liie .i.te t'ul.i;: 

»-• i;'i» I'l.r -iIhiV.- all .-tV. 

r'l.- p- •.•'■• «■''■•" IIm-v once o vii .-•nil Inve r'.-i.l t'le 
B •"'e as ."el ly J» ;Im' pu!i'l»'i.-t» |.. -.av ii,.-.t ii i» une. 
,j Mir I bv * i<" '»t:>er w .rk •«' Id.- kin I In etSteu. e. >I.i- 
sV htve refut - 1 l» pari Willi iC l<ir .«<r an t errx tra tlH:es 
tf » 

l^^-l .>,| .filv hv .liilv iTlOmr»e.I B-r^nt-". ..:i'l ll' t -/b- 
I ua IOC t'lr .ii»a t»-..«Ii»?ller-^, .-r ibe |.n-.:i-li.- 

Ud. "'ore about Ihe country. Holmes, Irume^^^^^^^^^j^^.^j^^^^^g^^^^j.^^^^^ for the payment of 

Theoth.r iw.> are oi-nbs named, Henrv, lurgens. Kennedy, and we are J u„:.„ .. tT ' „ his* debts. , „ OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 

H.itim mn ami F t^.brook Thev came building our houses all in a row. Eve- -o use it in your noblecharitj It can- ^.^^. ^.,^^f^,, j^ jg ordered. That all per- 1 ami i.i.iurooR. ii. ... i. j*,..„ <i...i...„., . ;. w«ll W« I „«♦ K« m«nv dava d..fore Shermans no- =...,» ; in the estate of said deceased | 

obate of 
said \ 

„.„,.,„ jf there .ire any. Irume oiraii is j — P- ,1,^ ,q ' cau"3e"whv"a license si«>iild not be granted to 

ar.. to be shot on the -JCih of this month well, he is pulling up a house next to us. | Latest from Sberman says, on Ibe 18 , c^.^, „,iJ„i,t,^t,i, to sell «, »«k of the real 

arf to be shot on the 2r,ih of this month wen. ne la put.... y up ««»«.».....,>.«--. | ^-.-— , ■ ; said administrairis to sell so awh of the real 

.. V rt attPlH. cr the other two on the He sends his best respects to all bhako- 1 of Nov., he was sixteen miles from Ma- \ ^^^j^ ^ Hjg deceased as shall be necessary to 
mi rori ..ncimig, »i c „..„f.:..„,u • • • Write soon. I :_.-:_•!.« j: .:,,.. «fil,«» «1*o«i - . . .l j 

fifth of December nrx^ 

Iluiyroann fas written a letter publisl 

pee friends. 

• Write ?oon. 
Your Son James. 
p. S.— Grant is going to Virginia City 
ed iu the St. Paul Press of Wednesday ,„ morrow, it is 120 miles. Direct to 
last, staiiig that hie true name is John Virginia City. Monuna Territory. 

Weid « 11, asking and imploring lliat some _-, -♦■♦••^ — 

iriemU will interfere in his bthalf ^nd if Letter From the Fourth Kegiment. 
z. M. Ki.on-ER^. possible procure his pardon. He de- The following letter wa» received last 

,1 Au-u. 1... ."-.0.1 ^.jjjr„ tl at he i3 not and never has been ^^^.\, but as we issued r.o p.iper, it bad 
--_ XT ~. » "■^•^' '''•**' ^'^ "^** forced into rebel set- to lie over until this week. 

Int{M-i!:u Kcvopuc ^^tll^^ 

COD moving ir. the direction of that place pay the <lebts ootstandrng against the deceas- 
" t> ' Tj' „ J „,r.o.i<iAe nf the admiDistratioo. 


wilh 50.000 men 

The Herald's Washington special says 

ed and expenses of the adininistralioD. 

And It is further ordered that the foregoing 
order be published in the Shakopee Argus for 

/« Foreign and DomrtUe 

Stove. Tin and Seeht LIQUORS, GROCERIES. 

j TOBACCOS, &c. 

. . . i^^^^"^ ^^^Vi ^\t^tk. 

A^ricnltiiral Implements j^«^^^ ^ \^ ^ 

W« hava ccnsUrtlT on hand • Urje Stock •t 


it is reduced to a certainty that Iwtween ! four successive weeks before said day of hear 
this and the sitting of the Supreme court i '"^p^^j^j^ October 14tb, 1864. 

on the 6f8t Monday in December, Mr. ' Hesrv Hi.vDS, 

"' « ., *. Judge of Probate^ 

\ ice but at the first opportunity desert- | 
ed and joined ihe Union army in goad 

1 r WisT.. Mi.<i.. ManSat'i, Atij. Tt h. i»ii > ... i •. _ .. _ ' 

p-jni.,; is ilKRKiiY niv- '"";■ -f, ''f P'""'' » "l- -"> » 

i r:N that tv„ .»..« I .inesan-i lax s nn.ier tt.- ,.-, batilc fiolj ; that b* iicver deserted our 

Or r.;.' ''oLtr-eMii l.irr.BN*! K^v^\^••, i 
I r ViiT„ Mi.<i.. Mankat... Atij. !l h. I»ii , 

Allatoonv, Gkorgia. ) 
Nov. Ist, 1864.f 
Editors Argvs:— Since my last com- 
munication, very little of interest has 
transpired in this Deparjment. The reb 

"'.e;,?:;;;^;r;V!'-u.iv^A.:UiV:.?;eM-'lJy'i^v^^^^ at the lime he >a8 taken ' ;ig'i;^;;rieft this paVt of the country, 

\X^u^:^:^::^T'd*^^s^^'^^'^^r- was'u? n •. spre..» Says his home , with the exception of a few guerrillas, 

!r.,.|,^ py 1,1 un lue pn.ic de;.:. ami lor ..iher r r " I . . j »,< tn rtirlr nn 

pir.MS.'^. a-.provel -inne ».t:i. I.^l. are now doe and 
pivit,!,-. :i,'i tii.t 1 >r.ll stcn l.eitlierln personorby 

..|pl*.e.ltfapcri:eitm.i wllIbea1de;llI.ercfo. TeaSOn l" """ :„k;aK*l,«lf 

JOHN >o«R-s HALi.. fhiii'» wi'l be done in his behalf. 

C^!>;*. »-7. «: •:.!i.- '.101 lilitr! r, Moai-M Ui'"a " '-* 

v3n41 4t 

Stanton ia to be appointed to the vacaot 
Chief Jusiiceship and Maj. Gen. Builer 
brought into the War Department. The 
choice was between Butler and Gov. 
Brough, of Ohio, but the latter was drop- 
ped on account of Gov. Dennison being 
already in the new cabinet. 

The Tribune says the report gains cur- 
rency that Mr. Feeeenden will be sue 
ceeded by R. J. Walker. 

W^AflHWOTOir, Nov. 16. 

It is reported at the Treasury Depart* 
menttbat Mr. Walker wrU not replace ^ixtt^ii^v^Vi\*^^^^^^_j,c,n\ASt_ 
Mr. Fcssenden, before Congress aeeU. My] i!7fl»w.ry,N«wY,rk.Po«v«c. 


And arc ••tta««d. from our Mperlenct Irthabiiilne* 

that no other Il-use In the my ran dohelfer for I-.. 

era «>i»e usacall bt-fore»'"<H>e» here iM; 

Manliood : how Lost, how Restored | Shakopee, Minnesota. 

JUS'^ published, a new editien of Dr. CUL- 
VI4aW*:LL'.-< Celebrated K»^av Cia "»« J^'"' J"r« 

( wltlntl me.Jlclne) of SpermatorrAoea , or .eio loal weali- 
ng nwluuiary aen.lual loaaes. Inipotency.niental and 
rf', .^ih r iiiacltT.lmpedlmentato marThnre.eU.,al«o, 
ij^i^ltu'ivuon. K,L^;Uj.*'»1 fit*. lndac« 

••;ilpri^'"n"e*'«''»'^"^^^^^^^^^ , , 

'Kb-^cilTbrated author In this admirable esf.vcleiTly 
d/mon^rttes,trowi • thirty yeari •ncdesjilul pwcUce. 
?hi^ i(!e^rmln« couseciuencea of self-abuse may be 
i** nV.'il ?{fred without the dangeroua Dae of Internal 
«in?^i^^ ^tUe appliainea of the kDlfe-polnting out . 
■•^L" ?. ^ce Sim pie. certain aod b» »«•.»• of 
-hfA' tier* antri-rer, n« in»lter wh*l hU coudlUon may 
which oV„7"^" ,gei cheaplv. prtrateli and radleally. 
••"iiSi-Ttd. i^t<l?i «ho^ b. ii the h*iMU of every youth 
•liuTvery pau lu the Jand 

•^St"i*nlSr";^Cl^' ....^ ^rUtt^ir*' ri7..^eTrro'?bTo;»^'^Bo.Td When U 
p^t paw. on recelptef aix ceaW or two poitftafflpa.- g^ ^^^^ „f 4^, p^^rd, ^ ^ gjiwiWB^ 

it-ttaispa.— I 


Geneial Forwarding and Com 

mission Merchants. _ 

Remember the Old SUnd ; cor. PianOS and llclodeOIl S. 
ner of Holmes and First Streets p. O. WILDER ii CCk j. 

ODKO.NS IUnii»«lun>i.CaWnet-()rtstiP. Sheet M«- 
slc Music B.>ok».*c..*c.. No. 230 Third Rrcet.coruer p» 
St.'f eter Street. 

k2M,M-ri, ST. PAUL. M!MH. 

AfenUfortbecelcbiaUd A.U.M'PBl'L ICO.'S 




Mk. Wl LnER ll a Piano 5Ialier. and has been In tj** *;"• 
ilnesf vrer »yeM«, and will (cU nolWbj but flrit-ci««ft 

Ettry ImtrumtHt teiU he WarrauUi, 

tod ell PtAnM wiW by the trm wHi be *•?• •■5** *** 

Job Work and Repairing of all 
kinds done at short notice. 

Notice Under the Poor 


A under the exWo, P«?l,,^A' JRJSi S?h\iil* 

County CommUslonertn_th_eblrtrt«wb««^.F»ll 

Hn S.UM. 


••«''» <♦ >• 


- - - - 

i !•. 

»— ^■^»»a^»ajwi > w 

I n ■IM r ITI I 1 

j-\vr\»i MAt ii.Ni: 

T II 1-: 

Praclamiition ly the Goveiuor. ^♦ ,'f-^ii ".?r.ny fnallied tv.uKl «uf- 'ihl.s due. ..ul dispose of the rumor tUt /t 

... , .• .. !Vr lor h'ud. Our suldier.- iraJe llitir he will suct-eed Mr. Kesseiideii after llut | ^» 

1' It o A I. a 

Millor Khs i»t>u«^a a ,,u.c!a.niiih>n ^^^.^,^^ ,^^ ^y^.,^ pp.duve a:* il.e country 

Tlie rounirv Hboutlieru is very 

event. It is thought that a new loan ; J|^^ SADIERV W AHE HOUSE 

•> t>t-VC»?|i 

.1 .loul.t lUr 1>."«" a'll vli.ap.->l Jii-I ui<>»> •^••atil i — 

.jaii>..i.ii>srw.isMavi.ii..i.v^i»u*rfii««h«"pn''j QppiCI/^L PAPER OF THE COUNTY 

Ni. .tU-r ►ami V SvAi.iK M.ui.lii" h»--"- m.iiiT u<r 
lu. »;.rtiaii.r»!..r U. i.iiuli ::, IMu. ir ;:. K.lliiii:, T.icklue ■ 
». iCh Tii.!.'. «i;niilli;:. Kt.i iJi--. Kiiil-i'i"'' riiiK.*" -rllUE I 
ail-i.. i'».i;tU. N....i:i.r faiiill> -o:!'-' iiiai»i!ii< h:i» ;«• 
i: ■.!.;• ca^j»llyf«r. I -r'.tt v»ii.!»..i w.i.k. It •ill **•» 
a..kiii'l>"l i.l'>tli, :«ii'l Willi a!i .iii'S ul I ir- .'.I. «ir«-a«c.iit liiiiT .vriiin.l» II .«l;.-..'ir K.«iiil:» ■'»-*i:ij:M« 
, iilr.i lu-tl r.-iia!.;.-, «u I mi -t .lii m .1-. I'li 'ii-*l <-.ri.»li 
Vi lotlu'i At ailrn.-oi s;i,,..l. Ii m iXfs t»if itu.-rl"<lcr' 
►fitvb.wUUh l»!»i<-l.>i.t-iit.!. »ti' »ii. .»i'.«"i «.••».: 
t'u* iiio-it ■«rJl!..i-> .-.ip.M itj;.<Mii »••!•, at a i';i •'•■••.'"•* 
tMtUtfl.aicr A Kmiilv S. »>i»i< M^hlm. ""r •' i i 
>»iiii >U«UIU' !• arr il :i-«h-^ it: i'4«-'»- •»'••! ••.■l"' 

Til* l^'MlnsTase •rihf r<i!-';> M • '.ii.t % * I'l- . 
> innUii; »v-rHitiai>li.|' ..1 t!i- '••-" i-" :•'• >•• 
I.- tritlK- iua"hli»^ wli.ii ui-t ri u-»<-, «»••' «!••••■ ' 

..;»t•r«Il.•^l ilia: »"• ••I"' I »- ■< ':•'"■'• '•*■ J''' ^ 

litilrt'i -iUifaiti !i.» w..i-«. W..iW- -'i' •• 'I'lnf*'' 

t.Ot of fir r'li-.».-<'!<t xr— »l.»,ari.t :k 

s N.:;a«l«-. m«'.rt-r )»<-.»lV« . ■■(! 

c- ucliWU.'.'imJi-m «»l -.-It:- UP': ''.H' rl- it.anii- r. 

It Ua— •■»11»» •..r^is.irytojMi "i- Ki«ii.*'v •.•m» i». 
^,.-l«I-i'.*'-it->u-iiiKl ti- ;r^al .a|..i<»i> a'.l li-.iHx 

I: ;> i'%«4 :.t^«t»!i«r i-i. i"»t'"' «' f-f faii' •» <• «-..«fj-. ■■: » 
«.. .i.a. !nrif-'m,»«-lii<.. « .r.-l -tin'i.'n.x ■iirtii? i-«n»»« ►. 

r:..- »;ri!i-.ii •►Hi «•> ^re xr. ; .*t.|.i'';>'| » H' > 'v^ »*i.-» 
t.,r.-vl. »• •,-.iI,*i-..'>! till- »'-ri :"-Ii i.ili'?- 

-: -11. 1 l-r a r«j»Miii.». 

rrriisiN. sR MiNrm-rt kim; "-omi-anv. 

, .....J 4.-< llr-..i.lA •>, N. wVort 

«rf-Sl. PiMil « )ii:. .-. •-':•<» J'l.iitl Sl."t» 

H. Tl UBir."^. ;.ii.\:, A.;K.\r .•'ii vkiiiTK. 

: the arirsliuidcuiiviclJoi) ol I'nlricli Mof poor, bfing li.-iidly suffiT;ieui to support 
'l.An. one of iho n.unleiere of Ueo. Ai- i lie sparse population. 1 do nul know 

will soon be announced. 

Corner of Third Ji' Robci I sis , 
ABMY or POToiiAC. 

,.old the soldier murdered at W.lluuji- «hai'ihey vviH do wl,«n the army loMves yon tray reat assured that as aoon as ' ST. PAUI., MINN., 

: bys.'l)aco,a C.. on the Bel. of Nov. i:..v. ^;^^ ^;^^^^;;l 'l^ V^rrf^'dlstant We ^'^'" g^^"^ '' '^''''^'''^ '^''' '''^ ''^^' ^'''" 1 w.ere e,n ue Uaa .veot.,.. tu.uu., 

Said Ueehan is an Irishman about for^y ^,„ u,.j,.r earthing orders, and rhere is j tenant has penetrated well .nto the heart 

tiveveai8-'« n"e, five feet eight inelics h rumor, that wo are to abandon this • of the Confederacy, the Army of tht Po- 

Home Insurance Company. 

vital importance to the success of Sher- 
man's movements that General lise be 
compelled to retain all his troops at Pe- 
I have no idt-a where we will go, a sol-', tersburgand Richmond, and movements 
dier has but liliie chance to learn tlie will undoubtedly be made having as their 
movements of the army beforehand, but ; ^ji^j^^.^ ^^^ ^.j^^^^^ imprisonment of Gen. ^^^^y^ SADDLES 

a«5.<>.as wen as 

Military Goods, Ic, 

Among the nsmf rem articles are. 



•' I 1.. 

I ii ♦• fo-*l 


K 1, M I? O I, l> S 

Cu'iHiiiie I'repanUions. 

t »Mi' »fM» K!,Iin K\Ti: \rV m I |IT. i P .»itiv.'.if! 
fi,. :tJ- U'lll -iv IT .ll-c.i:> ■% >•; .'•.• «.la..O. 1. K' !■■••»■-, 
!• iv... Ill 1 l>.o,.-.l. ..1 .»« •il'.IC^. 

1' .U »lf II. i .rimr.a>.-ili.-4. .»•• r.i |>i.-i-*>i..'....ii.I •■%• 

C!t- t .•• A >->r'K. ,1* i It., ii.- i.Mi> uli.ii. '•> »■ '<• " «;"■ 
.» n y.T ;a;.ar.-'.u» .c,.-.i.i I ...... «"i.i ..: : ii>.-' i.rai !•.•<• 

1 ,1 .•.-m.-iil-...rf r a.wr.-. ■- * -I ••> >*•■•>" J-.'.i H.tV.mati.i.. our home h.stitulioa.s calculated for ^ «™ P>«^"y ^"^ ' ^<'"--^ 'f ^°''Ili!"3 ' Early in Virginia, either at Lynchburgh 
■ » 1 r» »i;= ment Jd on h.Hiid, as all of our sick and' j b » j a 

ti.L- i>er.tat of our young state, we Wclieve this ^^^^^^^l^j^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ unable to stand a ! or in the Shenandoah, so that he cannot is sc< oi:d to none, and the m.rea- j ^^^^ niarch are oni. red to the rear. proceed Southward to intercept Sher- 

it.jr popuh.riiy. and the patronage it is rece.v- j ^^ , ,^^,j ^^^ election for President on : n,j^„«g advance. If the Augusta theory 

le true one, you may look 

operations in southeastern Vir- 

„ K,„ a n nniai j Ian and svhtem of'thc fir.^t LiaTe'Mac,"'HnJ uiue"for Lnicoln; C^. 1 gi'<ia. and the best of reasons for believ- 

• „r,,^r it husout.iripcd all e(|)etition"iu the | went about half and half; C:o. A. a little . jng that this is the only rational solution 

<o..,-i..i.i.... :.M.i Ti... LiiioM '■,-,;,,,,,, ,,,,,,;,an.irccogmzed;I offer-, over half for Lincoln. A majority of our if ti,e "mi»[erj" of Gen. Sherman's j 

l»f.--.M-v«-il. \\ Iiii»»-A-»-r limy >■<• SIUU , aim l> i">" m' "» «" " ^-"-^ ft _, .,,„,., T i.-i/>r>ln r»ati ami oirtii ii -il nf 

:.. I i.ii... 1. u,........i H1.....1. • i„, ,.,,,..M and n.o^t complete protection to "5'^*-''« «'"-' Lmcolti men, and again ail ol ^^^^^ movement. 

iiui.j V vti.u./.A.w " . ,. lie papers we receive froic news dealers, 

uli iK?rs(.ns who msnro yith it. ^ ! are strong Administration, with the ex- ' califorsia. 

a:; l..--e- art- i.r,.inplly (and we near i ^,^^^-^^^ ^, ^.j^^ ,1.^ Louisvile Journal, I ; The rainny season has begun with a 

iloiiie Insurance C'oiiipaiiVif 


A Mr. A.C.Au«l!ri bavlnx put.lUln'.l a »!u*.-u *: l I'r 
lOh-atory to till." <^iiipan.v, M-^vumlni; U t.. hf utioir ii:K 
coiitr.ilwf •oiii«;'<T»uu» wlio formerly «■'r<:dlr«'<.lO[^ It* 
til.- Koik Rfvcr lusurani* Company, of Wl>coii»!ii, tl..« 
folliiKliii; cxplUltUfiilal iif tlie chnrst h» l>e.-u furntaU- 
rJ by the rvqilfftlol the lluuiu Ibkurauo- i «». 

111.} :— 

•from an exaiulnatloi, I •lu iiatl>fl"»i tlial ilio J/.ma 

iaturaiict CoMpa»v ol St. I'aul. Mian., U an tiitltoly <1U 

r.Ti'iition.p.iiiy fniui th» Moct Klv^r InmiriiBie t "np*- 

i i.y of VMm oiisln, uml tlial th<-y »■« doing bualuibs lu ac 

; lordalioo with laws of tUUStati-. ^ _ ..•■•i.iv 

" Mliineap«>»»K, Minn., July l», ihO*.' 

I 1 hive this liav re.-flvi..l from ttie Il'mif Iniurai.ff 
] CuMjmnij of fit. Haul, Minn. I.v the li»iids ol Ihtir A^rnl' 
! VV. A. \<e;i>>, i4u, hfln? tlio fV.'.l aniouul of lo»» on my 
I llvrHtoclckilVil |yi- ll«li»iiiiip. And lro»t tUilr jnowii-l 
I and tfUtli-niniily nlti'iition In fc.Hlinj; tliU loss, 1 iln-i r- 
t full} r<'( oninii'inl tln-ni to (lie favt<r ol th>' putfllc n» hrliiK 
a rtaff- and rolialilf roiiiiialiy l'^ Insure w.tli, The lo^• 

■ was B.l.lustPd thn-f day » afii'-r nutlet' of It wasreeeix'd hy 

■ the Company. FatronUc hcnir liiKlllutioiis, and kny 
i >iu: uionev In the .Stale Instead of sondln;; it away. 

I nwniui xoouooD. 

_PIe.T»anl 0rov«.Olni»toad County, j 

I Mlnne.-.ota,July i7tli, 1864. 

' 'r> l'"'l • ' " »^ •; iiciu uui citv-iiuu lur a j^oiutm. vi/ mftu g aUVaUCC. 

Stjtunlav, No\ tmbcr 20, 1SC4. i .-. i, eertait.Iy ;tn indication of its 5nccr.«».^ ^ ij,g o_>j „, \,,^^ ,no.,ih, as near as I can jij^j.^f^^e, be tht 

._! _ _ : Hayii'jr-<«^ii'c of!he first and ublcst bos-ne.s ' j^-aii, about iwo thirds of the regiment . ' 

1_ _ TVCW^T* ' men of th- State at "its head, and ' went for Lino In. Co. G g:ive f.tty for '"'" ««t've operat 


65thjiI>i»l<IN lAtiMCl ICi'.iSiii. 

Th« Argus. ^f ,j^,.,., ..^ „.,,, ,,„rt,) by „,,i, gcntlenmnly j thfnk' more copi.s of that paper are sold \ ^^^;^ that"'reach7d "eve'ry "part of the 

The poliiical campaign ol J.^b* is at ^^^^^ y.. ^v»ll- to the ?nti>raction ol all ;„ ^],g army, than any other one p-^per' 

an end, and we arcgl.^d. Glad indeed \\^^_ j sent to us. 

•u Le able to lalk lo our rradera about The c-mpanv ha^ now boon orpnn'zed about j \V« have rebel hospitals here, : Greenbacks are fast coming up in reb- 

-omeilni' «r'*« than poliiies Duiing sjv ,„onihs and has issued over 2.«i()0 pobnes ^ and three rebel surg.^ons to wait on their ' eldom. as blockade runners will take 

^ , rj.rn WA ui.rlL.l laidandcar- and t.Un mme Ui ihe first tiass ri>ks. wounded. They aie dying off very fast, ^^^j^j ,3^ f^,. ^^jgio^di. 

that camja^gn we worked. Lai d anil c.i. a , „n,»ari^on with other cm- , Most cf our own wounded have been sent \ ^ ^ 

,.esi!v.f..r the bi-st interests of ihe.cour.- As repar.I.- its on.pan.-on «.t 1. ot h^^^^ to Home. Several of the rebel ladies! Fremont. 

irv as we viewed i' and f..r il;e man we 1'"""^ *«'mak.- th.- tollowiiig i\ i.u >. ^^^^ volunteered their services and are | It is rumored that Fremont's conomis 

ir>,as.e».e u . • The Aetna ot Hurtfr.rd has on-' tlollar of 1 _^ .^ i..r„ »..;,;„., nn iheir afflicted 

k . 4l;>i 

•>^..^ in hi:; :r..i'i V.\'<' 
1 1 lU r<-l|i.!i u. .\.i\l^ 


(h'.njed the most c.ipiible of tilling the 
l'iesid>nlial chaiv. 

Eui now the battle is over, and we 
tird ourselves amongthose who are beat- 
en, siill we lave not a word lo eay. but 
tjui.-ilv and williny'v eubmil lo the will 
■i^Tv^^ruVv:;*.^^:':-^:;;::::"::^'^^^^^ ihe'n.aj..,i.v. and h.-pe and ,..ay thai i;, at rl k 

''t^::'^';:l'\^:'r:y^^^ U..puUi.a.. pa.ty will piove i.seit. The Live.po.l ..I' I. 

with ll.e ol all h } » I n ♦ n, t-Pfible 
of saving .'Ur ionipaia:ively ruined coun- 

now in here wailing on 

...-. ll..l..-»'.t l'i--.r 
, ..If.-l I nitl. !■.• 

I up .*ifi.«i. t . Kx riii.T.. I. *-i..f I'owr. I...»- -i M- ni..- 
-. iVM u 'V ..I Jlr.-itini.' Ilori.r..: l«>.-.i< . i reinnnr;/, 
l>':ii-... .(ViMi. .. tt ili.fu.iii'-. W.-ak .\.-tT.». l:.:vir- 
.1, i.i.*..|-.i.l.' 1.1 111" Mti-.HMr .-»-t.i!i, II'.' Il.ii"i», 
r. 1...1 I.- ••! I .le,! r. i.->j..l Uie .S«iti, Kriiiiti..!!:- ••11 
r.i. 1.1 .-. I'llii '..11 ilei.iii. ••. . .. ■ II 

I*, ii .«li..w.-.! I:. So lit, wliieh «i '!• m. d." 

a.-ets to every .'..rtysix dollars at risk. , ^jojimrj-men. 

The llaitlor.1 I'irc, one .loltyr V. every -pj^^ weather is very fine, the trees are ' 

sion is to be restored to him, and that 
he is to take command of the army of 

still as green as in mid-summer. Were I t'^e ^'^'^^^ '» P^'^^^ ^^ G«"- ^"'1«'' ""^ 

fif y nine at risk. ^ _ __ ^ 

••The rhti-ni.N of Ilartrord, oi.c dollar to j jt ,jot for an oocasional cool night. I ; Butler given a place in the Cabinet 
evny linv-one at ri-k. j would hardly ihink Kovember was upon I -^ j^ j^ ^^^ ^ settled fact that Jeff. 

••The Home ..f New Yoik, one to cverj- us. Lnlil you hear from me agani, 1 *^ 

I am yours truly. 

L. if. II.' i Davis will put 300,000 blacks into the 


lir -I .1 li«< 

••/rt.'//.»i/// and f'unfiimptioM " 

♦liiir ire .w ■•■ii>ll:i.'. iu> >..l t.iir -.iiit r. I-"' i-"^ 

Will ■f,,.t''- .-..»•..■../•./» ...^'.'Ai /«*.K« .tfil »• ■ \ ml .»•<•• , 

a . .■.i>"u..u:i» '.> l*..i'«'itiipli..n icit aiii,>l>- ».t««>M«' 

:i.- faT'i-i •-- ■■■t''V. 

•111 ■.-■•» !:• .1 i .1 -I -I'.-li. '•• >ir-ii t'"-'i a 1.1 l'-i.|U"';i'«- 
: ...'iVrA ll,.I.Ml:i.i>'- r;\Ti:.\«"i nuiii .«.» 
ii!'>.y.. '■»•■<. .* »r».il •••i'l ."i.* t." lli.|>i">l »ir,t:.i«l. 

fi:m a l!-:.<— it:m a i,i:.-— n:.M a i.ks. 

I„ mill-/ l/'»M,«/:ir.<»/i-<r /.. A;«.i/. tl.r KMf«.<i 111 
• '11 i- 14 II- |ii"illi-l !•» • ly ..I'l' r -.•III.. i> . 1- ill I' iliii"-i- • r 
i:.-u-.ili.>.i, lni..:illarit> . J'l'ii nine-... ..r - u..). . -..f i. ... 
I'll.. Hill rv Kv I. ii.iii 11-. I'll ••^t.-.l .ir .■"! irTli..ii- -'..I. ... 
J 1- k'irc.i,. I...I1, ii..r. li.M-.i "ir Whit-^. Mertli!v,mi..i..f .1 I 
v • u 1! iiT- i.M-i :.•«> t" til.- <i-\. w et'iri- ari-:iiu ii'-in m 
.|i..r ti.iii tl* Ii |ii-^'piln.ii -r :ii tin- 

i>> > i.iy; III: <ii iM.r or i.itr. 
SKtMlKT l»l.-KA.-i;.< 

ii .lU ' ■'tail '. •*' l.'i'l" I Ml-' -« 

t. '1,1 ..r ii.»»'u.i 1,1- la I>i.-'. N- In. •••ivi-i.i.-iii .- 

.ti-l »<. /.■...«•'■".•. . 

r .-ai*"*! f.-«|ii -il I'-s're n I ;i ..■!» -tr-iisth f.i IMn- 
a'c I)- -..v r.-m'«.i I- •» i-T'- I'"*'''- I'r-v. urili;: t f i n- 
r- I : ■•I I 11 .. II t I • >': •'.!.■ 1, I i t- ll - '•.iMl ail.l J II illM- 
ti . I. «» iV i|iieiil ill I'l.- ell -.'.I |i..'-a-i—. iili.l .-x ii-lifli^ 
.- ; /•«>./(•..<-,/>.>'«.•./ im/ ir..-,»'j«r .t/i./. r. 

."■ . 1.1 I I.. ii]M I (i.ii 111- 'v'lihiv- I. --n l"i<. »it - 
:; ii* ..Iii I » ^■.. fi I « I • I I..- p il 1 h'-a-. y I.- - i . li- 1 iir- 

r. I I .1 -i.iit I 111", h ivr i-.iin.ll 1 -y w r . 'il '<•.••. m.l 

I til » '1.^" •*•> * n" \\ !••. i.e I'll- II- I "I ■*iM.w-riill n< rlii- 
.: ii':« 1" iM-rn irii-<1 Up in t'l- »y-I.-lii. f.' "i'l- ik ■•«! in .«li 
:» :.;r.. va'.-.iiiriu. i.iil p -r'lip- .Iter .Mat ri.i:;i. 

v.- //. 'utVi/.f « Kr'f"-I //"-n.jf irall :iir. r|-..i.< iml •!:•«- 

Ml • Keii.i-. ir.ii a 1 ;i -ver e m .i-o,uinaf iiiu aii.i Oemoerat or lli^publicaii , anil sluill en- 

„!,., ftS.-..- r-.n, r.-.i.iri-l'-. alli.f iI'TIirK- dcaVurlo llll nil icle pHhMl.g CVenlS. Ill 

•!n: llhl.Ma M.ns K.\rt;A» I V.\ flir l.>IIIK<iKKAT 
forttKrir, im.i *« r 't irititi.ivrni.-ilei.irr.i itli-itiii 

;.M I'.'f I.I.. /■.».■ Tin '• '' .'■ /.•'•■■'./H ..<■»>»/•<'. 

1. 1 i Ifnif "I I' "e llli..*l r-ilali'lr .111.1 '•.-^ . lufai ".r 
n\ I ai I .nil' int ibr iii.-.l liie. 

IM. e s^l t»« !•' 1 liwflli. iir si.\ fi.r .*."» (O. 

X»»Mv-'-i-iI !•• HIV i-t 'r-.-<, < r«i-ely pnU.'l f iiii ..:i-iiv.i 
Ii III. /*n-.i'<: .Ssfm^tiHt in nit •■>m«/ii««»<-.(/i"«j. 

Th*^ ih ctii.n I. as passed off, 
wi houi riola or niwbs, much to the feur- 
prisif of ever\ oin^, amid the terrible ex- 
eiiemeuf- And whil-' >ve i^^ret the re- 
Sill <)! lh»- .•l.rlion, W'-- feel satisfied that 
ll e pet>plt rul-.'. 

We sl.:il'.. I"i il.e con.iiig winter, diop 
party diseussions and dispulalioiis. to a 
"Meat I xleiil, ui.d d. \ O « ihe coiumtis ( f 
ihii, p;<].»-r to general that are of in J^^ ^^ .,j ^^ ^ ,^ ^.,^^, 
terebl ii» all our readt-rs. , 

We fahali give particular all« to 
Lc'il inw* .ind home iieuis; believing 
our inlereais are identical wiib the inie- 
ri's'H «jl ihi-. t;<iuiiiv, we shall make the 
Argus a i>aper worthy of a place by every 
hearth bioi.e iu Jcolt County., be they 

indon, n:ic dollar to ev- 
ery ftirty-ro'ar at ii>k. 

•The'llOMK ol ."fT. PA I'L has one dollar 
to ( v>Ty tliiry i.ine at ri-k " 

I"i.r liiilhir n-r. r.iiccs see Ailverti.-einen'. 
in aiiotl er njliiiiii;. 

Tho pTpprs of New Jersey are urging 


iNoT.8th, 1S64. f 
Dear Britmek: — We are about to 



A pre at varirty of 

W n IPS— /r/,c./< .«/;/<• and ReUiU, 

TRAVELING RAtiS— of every variety, 
RUBRER GOODS— of all sorts 


Fiue ilvcr Plaicd Slid 7>'//^, 

Ileiiry'H rrlrl>ra<cd Kriienttitg Klflr, 
nVLtiARD'ii ItiKI.R, 



LaCBtfckNT.Miiss.. • 
Juiir^«4 i 

I llE«. F. POTIIR, Esq., Ct*i-k Enpronic Court. .Minn. 

i /Var .Sir;— 1 have taken out a polii y of ii ; iirM'-» ti» 
I »lie Home Compitny of St. rani, for whnh 1 pai.l 11' jU- 
; ^-ince takiiiK the pollc.v I have .M-eii a eomniiuileiiilon In 
• tlio new.spape 111 opprtiton lo flii" Company. I'Uri'i; 
; your stay In St, rmil 1 would leel oMli;ed II yon »i.uM 
\ make nilniise Inciulry us t» Hie btanding and eoiidll .on i.{ 
1 tliu Coiupany.undKive Sit yonr opiiijoM tu rrgard ti»tb» 
I »an:e. Itevpeclfuily Vonrs. 

i JA.<1I.5 F. KKKNAN 

Orri.-ror ("lkhk or Srpiiy««r.>r«T,t 
: ^l.^'aul, Mioii.,Ju.i 6ih, itW. > 

J ^Mts r. Kiii.:«*N, l.a. Cre»i ent. Minn. 

IhiirSir: In rei»ponce t" Tour requnt, I tiavp carrful- 
ly c.^itnlned into llie ■IailIIii); uiid coiiOilion of tliu lii w 

Confederite service giving to each a farm 
, and his freedom at the close of the war.* |>,)>;i,-^ rST01.S, 

; Thus Jeff proves himself the greatest off SMITII A- WESTON'S I'lSTOLS, 

I abolitionists. j Piftuls and Hmcic Knins of aU norlt, 

cut loose from ail communication witli ! ,• ii /n x ! PI.STOL (^ARTRIDtJES— of every variety, 

-God's country" for a short period. The ' TllC OOSt IS tlie ClieapCSt „,,.,,„,,^. ,,,. , 7,.. , s' ISHFS 
faci is the old ••fl.tnke," is not dead yet. ! i Sfl ORlhs, BhLl S. .J- S.hSHLS, 

but proposes to make another ''great j 

the eh'C i.<n of M.;C!lellan in the Uniieil 1 raid," in the direction of tl bovirels of 
States Senate in the place of Mr. Ten- 1 the lonfederacy. at all events that is the; 
,.,,,- „ „..!„..;.. ii,u» c;i..fa I opi'iion ol the arinv. This much we do : 

F..\ck. lie is verv popular in that Mats, f ' 1 1 . i j . 

■J , ! know, that we aie ordered to be readv to 

and it is thought will bo elected. '»" 1 „,,„.j.i, .^l ^ moments notice with iifiy 
wdiild b.« an li'.nor to tho State and a j ,{^j.g raii-ms. wiih orders lo turn in all 
piiwer in our naiional counc'l. Wehop« ! c imp and garrison equipage and stuff, 

lor a ra<:e, which / ihink will lie in the 
direction of Savanah, (i.i. The last train 



f ly c.^i 

I limuruiue t'oinpiiiiy r.eenily in>:,ini7rd In tt.N elir. 
• Wiiiiwa tiv the naiue ol the "Uoiue lo^uran«:v Cuuipaii* 
I iif St. l*«ill,"«nd And, 

1st, that Ihi- Couipaiiy \n duly orgaulied fni:> in arei.r- 
I daiier Willi tlivlaw> of tli|.<Male. 
1 Siid.'l'hnt the Ilirre.tors are eoinp.»ed of Mli.n*»i>'a 

men, tlie must of i>lii.ii«re am. int: the (ilizrin 
' .if tills Siiitp. and hear th« reputation of l-elnif itoi.ii 

tliiallelal men. Jii n-i;«ril i .) tl.e coliditiuli ft lh» i«)»i- 
' paiiv. 1 have to say Slut 1 have personail> ixuDiiniS 
i and liivei»Sii:aH-<l the hool.stifth* conipuny. lieliiK as»l»- 
I ted llieri-in hy the polllei,e«.i of the ollli »n« ol the eolii- 

JMIiv.Ihe riNUlt of wliieh ex.-iiiiinatiou khon.that I'.i't- 
I iii;r ihe »hort period of tin Ir exUteiu e, It ha» l-miei; ».1-> 
I i<<illili s coverin;; ri^kn li:ivlfir one lo live yearg l.-> 

riin,io the amount of tC"2.W7.tiO.- Al.out oiie-Kivlli ..t 
1 «li;»iim..iiiit only «ii hiilldt!ii;«, tiie l.alaiiee at rink l.rli n 
Ion HoiKclmM fnrniture. larnilni: iilin.-tl>, crjilii. ha.> . 
' :,|ik1;. Jko.: a rlas.iof Insiiraiice whiib UrrKard'd a» 11 • 
, ireaiii of the IhinIiip*!, the rlianee ti>r aalvacr lH-*n» 

iiimli ^.-re.iter II..111 on liuildlii-s 

I ln' oiiioniit ol I'reniiiim rrr»'.v».| Yy the r.inipHnv 11 i.» 

inllows. in ca<li niei sh»rt llim; imt*?, ♦'J.NiiS.ifl : i n p;»- 

iiilnm notes S3,47i,IM. 

Froii) thisefaeU I reori thI*r«iTnp.iiiT» » helnd • »iit« 
' and relialiie Olio to iiisnre with, it li.-iiin ex.lii«u nj n 
: leime instltntion, aiidaa ?neh comn:enl« il»eli to i! « 
• artiest >npp.ii of all Ihrtse who deaiKii to f.Rier, in. .iii- 
Hje an. I pJotect tin- indniitrv. .iii.rtirUe. wealth an.! e..r 
italol our eiiiz-miiu prelerrioe tl. pKlri.nlitiiie ti«iii<i 
tiiiiKaliil liuililiiit: a-p lo7»-ii:n ri.miiaiiies. iiiai y if win i.i, 
wlili..nt till- pattonate ol the in ..pie i.l llll^ ."-Ul.-. woii'.l 
!»• iiilfny niiulili- to niaiiitain liiii!isihi> in th« M»'' 
wiilili iliev lUlm a» tlii-lr plai e of llU»lfl.•^». 

With a <tati-nieiit ol Ihi-fe Ui Is, subluuled for yoiii 
Ki'atlttiation. I reuiatn a» ever, 

Vouis irulv, 

t(K«> V rOTTKR. 


y. M V I !• K 


ruteni.-d Eebrnary 1 1th. 1^C0. 
Salck-Rooni, ■15'l HroB«l»v«> , >. A«rfc- 

Let'er From Idaho. 

leaves Atlanta to liiorriiw for Chalanoo- 
•'•■i, and llien j/ood hy Uniied Slates for | 

Thin M rhliie l< cor?>tri;ete.l mi an enilrelr in » p 1' ' '• 
ii'eof ^le,■llallUlll,p••^>eI,., iiL- iiuiny rare «ii.| Talnhhli nn- 
|.r..v.iiiii,t».li.iviiii:l.ii iie\aiiiliie.i l.\ the nioilpnT. JI' 1 
. \p'-rt- ai.d pronoiciK e.i |i. Ui .•"l.Mrl.UTl ^ uml t Ll ■ 

n.rno.N foNiuiNKn. 

Till f .ll'<wiiii-areti.rprliic1palolij».-iur.»»rwi .aiiaii .« 

SeWliitf Maehiins :- 

1 hxei .>slv<' lalii.r I" tlie oj.erator; 5. I.lnl'.M'v t.» i;' '. 
• lit i.f i.rder- .T. KXpriiM. ti-oiii..e.«ii.i i..»s ul tllni So '■ • 
luirln-- • lii.apiirlivt.. mw ■•» rie .!••« rl •H'.ii ol iHi ti-- 
•ill .'i. bi-nKreeaLli lioHi v Idli In operatlf n • 

We aie fcrmiiedto publish the fd- I a .sea.son, and ihen, •'Aoip ///p yo'< ;f6.." j 

liiwip- exrait from a Utter of one of our \ I g'>«3ss 'h^re will not bo any jayhnwk- 1 ^.^^^, ,^„ iNT.ANi.NAVi.;ATinN nicK^.reep^^^^^^ T miV^ (JTOPJ 

fiwn:.,.... Ml. Junes Hair, to his par- ' '"^ f-«; ":'''-•: /,^ - J^^^^ - j . ,iV'srxK^V;^^i/^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ 

i ^'"^^ «»tlH>rHy that old lecum eh Slier- ^ j--;-^.,.,^ ,„,, „,,,, ,,,„.,,^,, ...dcotnpie,. Lj^y ,.ood.^. 
cnts. man takes ihe loth, I /III and 20th corps: Uisiiee. (JIJOCKRirS 
-.-Til. V ... ppiing j „.jij, gonie 20,000 cavalrv with him, lea- 1 r Tf^T- ,Vrrmn T I VIT fniT 1 pfl 


S.'pt. '23tli. IRGl 
K .ND Pakr.vtr. * * * 
Wrt amved I'M the 23d in this Valley. 

I« I I'laniiiti-etl ! 

»•! !.■••- 

Advice Hr.:v<'. 

ll t'rr* fiia I. I'.i-iii. •'.":. t » 

Ii U. II-LVBOLD. «;iieii.i 1. 
I I •< .jV T"if?i-r . '..•'.fit. !■ iir. PI i:i. 

t|»-!,A!II >i !••«» V-^-lif I Iti^il. 

II ,:'.'.lll »i.l>'- /'.••',../'■. Mii-tl W^rhi'u-'. 

.'i'.' I Buiad'vay. Ni'W-Vnik. 
K-.tviur i»r- fill \Tn;; i;:r< .tMi t\rRi>f 

f'.. :l> fi.M.KI!-! >v .- i I I-. ^ I'-i ! I ■ ••■./tl..;, u"-,,' *•'•'.• ••" 'lrt''-Ut Hit f-'ir r' ;>*'l'4r-witt'tinfft I'J 
il. •.■:.'' .1 I'j. ..11 .ilie l'repir.iri«i.». 
¥'.• trail llu.h'i. 

.-l-.-p -"■ .. 

~ Iin iruve-l JI i-i Wi»:i. 
<i>l,i» I'.y 

,1/ T. in.i (;».7.^r.'> t:rri:y\' lit i ;• 
A^^r; r >ii iiki.mb >x.\r>. rsar. Nimri'it 

I'l.t I'll fill- .iTMe.* '- n? 'f ip.; ^•^. ' \ .- r, .ttrfiv..;* 

Bueh a manner, that our paper will be of 
in'.eH'ftl. ^«HlS to eume, lo iliope who are 
a.-<iuaiiil<d andinieu sled in this vicinity, 
W« ihank our flit lids f..r ihe pr.tionage 
ihey have given us, and judging from 
our largely iiH leasi il tubseiiplion list. 
we know iliev have an initieht <ii lln- pa- 


We Tiuw send papers to every town in 
the (.I'un;*. ami linpe lu neeive more 
larnest supp^il. Whatever advances 
the interests «>f the people, we »hall gi\e 
a li"artv antl willing support, in lie lii- 
lure as wu l.a\»i in the p-\-t. b<ing 
as \illle personal .-is possibl". 

Leitii..' bx-L'-nea be by g-nes. wc go moiuh or iw.. L, op- n a cla-m. so onn can 
hcariilv to "ur wik. wiih a g- nera 

Mi . Hair went out to Idaho last spring | wjih Bome 20,000 cavalry with him, lea- 1 ^ 
with the tiain uinlvr the direction 
cle Tom. llolniest. 


! (Ji.' Sadilh-s, Whip La.shes. 

j Uarnrnfiind Skirtinfc t.fulhei — onl: tunned. 
\ BUUSHr.S.l CUlll'iY COMBS, 

I 'Wholesale and Ketiiil, 

I'cr-ions in the trade will do well to exam- , _, « . o • it i • • if u 

I ino :ny .<!ock before p,iici..i..ingcisc-wii. re. | TLf Upn SfWiBjf Baflinr is nm\\ from «!1 
I ocfohH6:tuiiso.i v.,..i,...ic... . Ihcsf (ilijeclitm?. 

I . j U h->siM'al>:ht iiee lie, 1,1-1 p.Hill. .liar .•irtloi.iiu.l.i 

th.-I.HK .1, Sill TTI.KSrl It'll, wliieh will .NKniU 

1 ic<* i SI'KlNt; AND iSU.MMKR \<l\l I me nor i:.\VKi..iit.di. o., lotn .ei.-: i-r';-;";* 

' lo()4 '^'■'«" ,,,,,„,. loOI. ,„rlr, 1 , wloi: .111 .-very d.- ll,itiiiliot i.l..'el la. r." l 

I ^'^^'^' IliMlI,, ll,..„,,„.ri.,tlielli.e>tN.n-....l.M-i;l'.ei.. 

— •■ ,,, -Ilk ilir«;"'l.'ri. Ill tlie«i >l t.i tU» Iii.eM iii'iiiliet. 

I n,MiiKiiel.iier<--AMn..r.-.Hi N\ II I.l..an1 O e le,.» 
[1 ih-ilih fri> tioti.l' ruii»iiSNiiiui.lh a»::lan!.. ai d i> 


Ure'1'llr.i. ViKTV TKit Ci:NT. leys pn»er todr •.e tt 
I'laii.-.iivotli.rina. hliieliinoirkrt. A Kirl'.ft Wf ly ."ai» 
•I lije.iii w. irk It steadily «it mnt fail;"e t.r lijiity t.« 




HATS A r\)'i^. 

lia,tre,u.'th.v>dW<»Nl»Klcm. SIMIUt-nV .if ror.. 
I.II. '1. Ill r.-n.lerital.ii.i<.i iiiii.-.>-ll.l.- I" «■ 1 ■•Ml .d "'di i , 

MfifilO I.||^s Clalui^ li.ive li.-'ii Rettled atid paid. SIX ']■),,> luteit si ■. Iin -.f l..idles', M|%srh° aniU'.hiMrei 
■ri:i .N .MILLION OF I).iI.l.AI5s: r iinniei and tiiiirlninieil, .1 

,, , , I readies you. The accjunt in the Indi- 
•I'he <l.i.'.,'.ngH pay ^'^ •^\ 7'' ' ^''^^ [•;'''' ana S.a.e J„nrna] is the most correct.- ; ^ .^ui: rovprMmoN ok ir.orKirrv iiv >ir,K. m 
n,ii biM n woikiid mncli vet. and pay from | ^^ ^^.^^^^,j ^^^_ ^,^^^ ^^ ^^,^^..^ ^,^^ congrat- ! t r , „„. d srate.. ive.ave. -ver fn».....odai)«. ii 


Ne.xtilooi I., the I'os'Offi. t. 

"^'» j ll!} oeiili Willi. 

'prices of MACHINES, CO.WrLKTE 

' \o I F mill* Mil. hlne.wllh llfinnier cojnph te. »:.«'fV 
' i SiinllMaiiUlait'iU, with K»len»i«>ll T aide, «i IJJ 

Il.e CK- k. Higgi'ig 3 '1'' '-^"'^ 'I* ^^^y " 
m-itler as one would suppose: it takes a 

I II ..•-PI..II jll.|..'ll ;* .-.d 

'••-^•.■•jii.u otaiiu 

din' invitation to all v*ho visit Shi- 

•Aa Ch;uc? of j."re*eBr.(,B »s wor-L Pouc.^ of Cur<« 

\ M.V WilKk Ml !•:; Ol -.N 

" /• 


in >;«•:;! n : 

V i. l: n >: K '> /• ///. I ,-. 7 //. 

woiK it. W« are .-It woik now puMin 
us up a house. 1 cut twenty-six hous*- 
1 »-'s vesterday and lo d.iy. Monr.ini,i is 
jiisi MO'iut BN I e.xpi'cied to find it— juat 
about as Ilulmes r.-pi.-sented ij. Tiiis 
is a »/«""/ p'.ace •!> winter slock. Goods 
^*"*"*" ~ Hre w-mJi, in gol.l, .ihiut lliiee linu'S as 

Five Deserters Sentenced to be Shot, jj^^j^.j^ .,3 ^j,,.^. ,.,,^, Sugar 75 cts.. coffe 

~ kopce. |.> give us a call, subscribe lor 
t e Argus, and oblige. 3ours tiu'y. 

of rebcl.-j who cha'ged on our side. I 
have noihing more to say that would be 

I remain your affoolionate brollior. 


The News. 
Where is sherman"/ i-< '.he gratiil query 
of the liour. The are evidently 



4nne liver In nn.i >-hlire fip.lrnlih . .Ti! iMi Oiorl nntU r. ' 
0-^X H,— Ih.-«e I.'.. lid* willh»iMil<inir.*l',-'nd for 
ritl ( • r^.^^^iW, ^ C.^ Ih.y h..vela'.|i l*.Mi.!h|i %iltlMVi-ly lor 

Ihe Auiorican Conflict. -... ^ s^lvelage. ' 

PlaKfipe e. May T'li. l'^.t. ».,:vi..:; <i.ii j 

' '■rnorc H th- Rebellion is not olo.'.cd. il is 

» S.I.I! el is'ied that tiie latent aiel l-e-t lil-lory there 1 
' .11 Is loout l» I"' |iulii!.-lie.|. 



A'" -III -I- i;!!!'!*- I'll- ^'.'.lil'^e . tl^tr.i; "l.i'l» V.;'-lj'.V 
-■•I - .H":-! I r A>..1 I*. ; W-..-.». iMI l^r.. oi.'.l..-' I i|.-. 
wil'i »li- Ut.- ll'r. . •;..; * \\i «, , ..T .■•i-i-- e- ; . I: '.111 
•I 1 1 .e 1 l>'-i- !••• . |. .1 .-111 ll Ik' Nll.l'<. i'l.l^.liiiu-. r- ,.ii.| 
I' ••11 I'. i.i-.|''li^ l.l;?-_'ll i.e 'be .'. ..«i -.. >y ii.j.- 

•••'-. T--..? Ill '1! iii.i til .• ..1 ll:- !ii» .T.-» I ., T :."i I t.. 
*»,, .ttiiri -1. .■••! i'.iil>li'i'ti ; |...'.tii.i- "Mr I a T-eilt-.- 
I >: ■ 1*1— .1 . > II I K'--iri •.-.••.. i.i. I...U.-. Ip.p' ..!.■«. 
: •••ll-.' . i'l- I-, l.-..I'-».>y. 'iri- -. K -.» ■, U—p .■•. A.-.i- 
r •-■.•"'>.• I«. •' I- riii'.i.---. I!»!i.t..i.,.ii ., ,i,.,>viii.' ell.- 
I'lii . 1. • ..' !'•• "•! .1.1... 1 \\. ■ H...i^ ..>..•■ 11,.- ..Ill ..t I 
...- 1. -.- . \ . 

A «-0>lPI.KTK .1J.\TKHH .nnOUA. 

• »r I, -.t .1 ail ilie Pr It. iiKil id In. .;i. .4 lis, >i III I'll' 'ri^. .tl 
Il ll ..: !».«-. -e. iiiiiii ! ..; n • rl> Thr-'- ll.liwi •-■! • .:i- 
. ll I*, i.if^. Ilei-i ■«. an I V.-i-taM.- '. itiie lii .. w ;|i .i. ,. 
. . -.iti .1- ••: e ■..•ti.a-- I l»ir -. l...ii*!..r Pr. pin. ; an.: ! .; ^ 

I -.11. : W't-i all KI.-..1 I .I'll f.iiri-il I.i •.-•.... f,e 

. ll' II.-. Hy .l.»n» f. <Jf*%. ^1. f>.. .11 l,-.u i«rt 1.-. K> . 'n- 
t i..r ll I e .1.1 «...->. I.II....V 1 n't " liii'iii's l><.iii."irii ».e.;'- 
ii»i . • rt ir^i .1 *-! '.II..-.. . if \' \ TriMtjt » 1 

4n«!«>iity, Phyitiolo,;) ana II; ;;riir. 

A -.I. • .\ 

l\.. : If. 

.M V\!:.\T OK TlIK <«l(K-ni>UV, 

W t 1 .ll ll-. »:iil».' dr ii-i.i--'«* «f p-i-i.iis 

A court marshal, silting at St. Paul '.10 

1.1 Sl.t'u.'fl.iur ^?J.-. l°o8.3». and will; worried about his movements and are 

BvliiRtCIvJ r.KI.V.«i!;i.enrM»ertontl'iep.p.r.aid |y » -|^ T ^ \V^ \ \> V < !( \\\ V 

l.-,,.,i ml" .l-ir-ev.lnmes.o/ ,>x liniidr.'d doiiM. ■,..,- ilAl^l/>T aVlili O i ^ / I V I' 

mill Of.'. ^.eiiiNTi.t. IN Tlir BK.ST .STVl.K. wmi UNh ■ ■* * 

M\P.- |i| \i;it.\MS. .ir. The flr«t vo'iMine t.- le r-a '5 —_tf''^^ ^ 

lordei'viri iii.ln'.j ne\t; the Kerond as »ooii an toiive. ... -'~j/f_i<<V/«-<\ 

I,.., ..( '....iiiiiiii.ii /\ ^c^'^T'i^i . a 

lor .lervi ri iii.ln'.j iiett; the Kerond as »o<.ii an toiive .4II-" le. <--*llionolil.iKtilltie». 

Ila^'In! I'l • « r-nyof U.-nnepin, Sentt .rarver. Slhley. | 

rcciitiy, c.iivicii'd and senlenceJ lo 
d-alh r..r deM-ni-.n and b.uuity jump>ng 


eeJ ll, be higher, bcel. I .^ m 20 cts. caliihi are preparing their people f.r ••ctirring news. ^-[-;:^-::^^-^:^:^\^:;^:':^-^^ 

w.iiih -"3^7.") to >J!100. cows 830 to -10 and 
Hcc'irdancp. Wn got 

.lier lliiir'S in 

Most of the Western papers assum*^ that ;*--..' -|!::;;;\;;;-.';i:'::;;;:;:i*^'i,',:;;i;;r;^'*^M; 

.1 M 

*ri>n» V, 


Sherman is on the march for Charleston ' tu.^'V'-'' •'*''•'*''"'•""•'''''' '^^^^^^^ •>-'iA^A 

i,..i. /"' • HENRY ELLIOTT 

, .V'l i/.ofi'f . .'"•" '". . .Vm. ll nil. ISC I ! 

hii d a-id was lost on" week before we got ! tions as he goes. The flist inkling from ^ , . « a. • • 

In Pro oat Court. 

„ , , -. , . ,:,. the same lim-, and three other cows).— i Sanitary Commissi.,-;, in which he savs i '^V-nniWv oV'^-'^n'r'' C 

M ,1.1, I' Marshal* ofhce and enlist- ^.j^^ I .j^^. i^ I . t ,. .,.', , ,. , ..f i Couiitj of N.'Ut. ^ 

.dinti.efi.stl^gim.ntal BattalliMi. to ^j,; «,,a ,, king cv^.ything into confiJrr- ; ""'^^ ^'^^^ ^^ ^^^^ '^ i„ ,,,,o matter of the E,tatc of Newton South- 

.i......,i,..fll..Mw„of IVpin. Waba- «ii..n. l.w w w..-..:.u arountl wiih | Ala., ^P-'''"^ '^-^ -";^ j'S ;^';^f ^^ ri^'n'i^dnrand filing the petiiion of Rho- 

0!J Sullv. and the nads we traveled, it our prisoners at Andersonville: "I thank i pun ixa nn^ .an i » „ i _ ^.i 

li.e fi.linwM.g named indivi.lual.s to wii : ^,,^^,^,^,,, „ i..,,i ,„a ^,, ^^h only one ; ^ dostroving his commuD 

I'atii.K K-llv, J d.n Li-nnrn'and J imcs (and th t war. nui cow. she got be- "/ "^ •"'" • " - » 

hind a-id was lost on" week before we got tions as he goes. 1 he ttist inliling fi 
to Flirt Hen'. m. 11-irrv Cole lo-^t his at j the General is a letter to the WfsJcrn 

D. L. HOW 

V7hole»ale& Retail 

ITe IJth of last St-rtembor they came 

.-hiiw Ci.unty. gelling larg« bounti»-e,— 
tl.iv Wire Ii UHieied ':; .imi sent to Kort 
.■^ c-M.'i-.i;. I'l' m that post they deserted 
s-.n *»:.-i wild-., and s arted for Chicsi^'O 
but w. le ariebted by Dept. I'lov. Mar 


• "U.ler 
»..• » i' ily a >i III! I iiii»~:.>..! ..i.- lii il tie .:eit!ei ; 
I- i-i. ill I Mtaiiy 'if t t« »t -.» u.-r. »'i-.,iM !h- at ei 

are to b« shot on tho Jfiil. of this month well, he is pulling up a nou.e "«---• | -»-w ...... ........... .»;.. ^.- -^^ -^ , ^^.^ ^,i,^i„i,tratri.^ to 

,,„ ...IV ,1- v.... .1- i,i.r- ii-aiv f v,.r.i..-....i. ., v rt «iellii,tr ihe olhcr two OH llic He sertds his btfli respccts to ail bhsko- ! of >ov., liG was sixteen miles from Ma- . ^.^j^tg ^f the deceased as shall be neccssarj- to 

^'■""vr.V^^'aV.'.v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ '■ ?.,,,,;' w„,^, peefruMids. * • * Write soon. , ^on moving in the direction of that place pay tl>e .lebt.. outstanding against the deceas- 

htihot December nfx». ^ -Your Son James. ! - . nt^-, I ^ and expenses of the administration. 

Iluirm.inn fas written 8 letter publish- „ c _ Grant i<^ ccinff to Virginia City , ^"" ^^•'^^^ "'*^"- ., ' And it is farther ordered that the foregoing 

ed i« the Sr. Paul Press of Wednesday ,, —,,^, „ i« lt>0 miles. Direct to , The Herald's Washington 8pec«l says ,,, be P«bUsh-l ^n [l^f^^^'^^^^.^^f^^-^^^^^^ 

last, staiit - thai Lis true name is John Virc.ii.ia Citv. M>.nuna Territory. I it is reduced to a certainty that between four successive vseeks before »aid day oi 


mi CIEMlClilS. 

n liiTh: Li:.ii). 
CORNER or HOLMES 1 FjRST sTs , fjjjs, r.iH.yisniis, 

! i.JMi's. ri..isri:iii.\G 

ii.iiu. KKiiosr.Yi: 
on.. iwrnxT .VK1) 

icixtis, F.hX( y (iOOItS. 

All ..H-rn rroin I'liintry p.-alerii pr..nipli> ai;«n la 1 



atprIc»»wUich aalo-.i^l. tl e l'eo|,li , at - 

HO W'S Druggipt 

dware and Cutlery shbehy & BROTHER, 


VERY DKSCRlPriOS. Jn Foreign and DomnUe 




'^^i'^^'^ ^^^\.l "^\^ti. 

it«/ Retail nralfrtn 

1 --r-. 

« ; h nil-.; .i • h-n- fi u i 
■lUilil'i .-. a c-ilii;ie'.. i"<«..''v .Vr./iC'.'/ Li- 
lkr'-.~ IMV.-^!t:lAN I.S THK ll.if.-JK, r-a y lo In- e .i|. 
VI '•• I at •« •^' "' '■•' '"'. vv'o"i -n I'' 1 .:i»'-as • a'l-l unl'ir. - 
• ■••1 I- i-n lit!- >» r"ii !■ r luiiii illati- r"!ii-t lii-- mie tlii.i;: 
Ifc , 1 -"if I'lir .iImiV'- a'l .-!.»•.. 

r I.' p-i.i'e w'l-ii tluv iiiiei- o \-n .in.l h iv< n..^.! (',(. 
It •..!;. aiv .»* -el iy aa rhe pnti'iit'iri* f.i -.iv tint it i. U'"- 
1, ia;lr I hv il IV '.tier »- -rk .»! I ^l•■ kin Hie '.(-.ten. ••. >S.i- 
•./ h»ve retui ■ I to pari w.ta it an I frr,i tni tin:' s 
tt - .- i-i. 

e%^.j ,■.! .»-iiv l»« «.'.| t-r.-n'-'. .-lol n- t .io- 
I liatu.c t ir .il.-i '•■"•'^••il.-r-, .-r 'lie ii'1-.'.i-li.- 

Z. .11. KI.OWKK-s. 

I, » -ill .\4r-u1 f.M- ."-"i-iiii i„i>'iiiiy . 

Stoves Tin and Seebt 
seii SO aiteb of the real ; Ag^Hcultiiral I 111 pie me nts 


General Forwarding and Com- 

WViii . 11. ashing and imploring that some 

this and the sitting of the Snprcme court ' '"^pj^^cd, October Utb, 1864. 

IIexrv Hi.nds, 

W«hav«rcn<>ta!itlTf>nl.and alar?e Stork ©f 


Andar* »aiua«d. from our e«perl«nce >''^,^» ♦>,"!' f/! 

: that no otlier Il'.une l,i the eity ran do t.ettrr f-r I'. • 

era (»i»H naacal! t.efnrr pijr-lia«'-«i-.M-» l.ere i M; 

vJn41 it 

Intonial KcvtMHic Xnticc 

iriendi will interfere in his bthaU ;:«nd il Letter From the Fourth Regiment. ! ^^ jj.g g^g,, Monday in December, Mr. 

»M(i-iib'.e procure his pardon. He de- The fallowing letter was received last i Stanton is to be appointed to the vacaot , 

Clares tl at he is not and never has boon ,.eek but as we issued no pr.per, it bad | chief Justiceship and Maj. Gen. ^"^^^ i ^-^^^^^.j^^^^Lost,hoW Restored Shakopee, MinnCSoU 

mission Merchants* 
Remember the Old Stand ; cor. PiaUOS and llclodeonS. 


Or H" •"nt.t^:erm l.irriis«il!fT>\r», \ 
: »Ji-T.. Ml.»\.. .Malikat.., All,'. *! !i. Wil > 


■ i:\ iliitt'-tt iniiij I Ixx Minder tl.' .ic-T 
ll- t'.:i;r-*>.- •: it.-4 ■ -* ' A I to provi.l^- ill'.-na! n-v.- 
• net., Ml,n> .ft t 1 •ii.»ver:i.iii-itt. .'I'd '" I'-iy l:>'vreHl nil 
1 i.'i'U'i.i- le t ■ .n»ir.ive.l Jn'y I. Iiu-. am «>» aet t'> 
I.r.i.||.-liit.-riia. re i.iiie l' -uppori Lie liova-iim.-ii;. 
^•.I». ^iiyi.i e ..t o'l tlie P'l ..ic •><;■«. «:"' "f """' 
.| .nine ait:i. l.^l. are now .In"- an.l 

It lib- 1. that he forced into rebel set- to lis over until this week. 

\ ire bu: at the first opportunity deserl- AttATOoxv, Gkorgia. ) 

ed and joined the Union army in good '^"^^'^ ^1'^ i>.l, Lm 

•• , , . Editokb ARGfs:— biDce my last com- 

faith, and hns proved U upon many a ^^^^^.^^^ ^,,y imie of interest has 
batile field ; that he never deserted our . . . -. . m.. _-i. 

brouMil into tho War Department. The, 
choice was between Butler and 
Brough, of but the latter wag drop 

Judge of Probate | ^^^ ^^ Holmcs and First Streets : p. o. WILDER & Ca 


ODKO.SS IlamitniUtuiiCablnet-OrMti^, aUret M«- 
alr Mii«lt BooVh. *c.,*c.,.Vo.2lOTblr<l Ptrctt.coruft "f 
61. Pett r Streat, 

AttATOoNv. GKORGIA. / ' ^.i^, was between Butler and Gov. | JUST puj.lished.a^^^^^^^^ Job Work and Repairing of all i ^^ J^q^jj^^j 

( wlili.iut meitcine) of .VpermatorrAoea, or fetnlQalweak. 
,»iuatary.c.,.lua..oa.eMm^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^•^^^^ ^q^^^.^^ 

arinv. but .-xt the lime he 'was 

' ""•■ transpired in this Depsrjment. The reb- 

tal;en gis iiave left this part of the country. 

Sa\B his home with the exception of a few gaerrillas, 

all his wl'O ^'o^®'^ around our pickets to pick up 

i-.i.i.i ri.iMve. t> re.reive all tba Vai I diie-. and uses . -.gtgnjents are true, aiiil we have no 

VI l'.»ii!iiy »»s*!-4cd 111 "" Annual, 1.13 oiJaio""-"*'' ' 

• - -••-• ■ •■ «- — — hoi>e lonaft- to 

Notice Under the Poor 


A. unier tbe ejtoting Poor Uwi. muat applT t~ - 

It is reported at the Treasurr Depart- ^^I^rl.V^'^T'nY^^^^n ^^^^^^^ ^TaV^e.^e'?o^;Vl>%"f"^*B-'^wirenTu'^.o.' 

-M.l i'T Slid ae: in sal<l 

meDllhal Mr. W«lk«r will not replaw K"«V&«p»wi»>""i,„is j.c. misl 

si.p/i'JL. i/iINH. 

AgenU for tbe celebratcJ A.M.M'PHA'L ACO.'B 



ME.WI LOER U a Piano Maker, and ha« been In »)>• <jn- 
aliiess •verWyeMl.Md win aeU notWbf butOT«<i««» 

^^ ^ Every In$iniment udU U kfarrauUd, 

V'^'m'^LXll t'rDilt^ct where.-??b..PP'<- 1 „d all ln.n.. .014 tj th.. Am w.nji, kgjtln !«• •«. 

|jsi:a:»j M-aiil .l;ii-/aid t.ix-» ar« not pjidalthat ,p-con tO doubt ihcm, We hOM iOIUft- tO COme lO lUtJ > luawic, «. 

i,i,..d.u....:oi..r.e.'u.^w,i,j...^^^^^^^ u?'?^iM be done in his behalf. ^irade. If it were not for this 

O.'.-' 1-7 j: •:,; •:ioi iMjtrl-.!. M'ou. »• i" "o " '•' 

come to the vidette, tfr out ^^.l to ^ ^^^ p.^^^den. before Congress meeti. mt] 

i:7 Bjwer.v.Jf** Vark. Pot* 



I4br«l>« Arm will t»«k«vttn 
»«« free of cbarca.lf withlD a rea»oable aiMac 

L#««oBa«fT«i«nt»«rnin««ntllt«i«««»». »•-'* 


» - 



P -L-IB P U 



T 11 E 

TO lO.\^rfIFTlV15S. j sufferers will receive a Yalut C T [ \ L" HPF T A R fi 1 ^S 
, prescription for the cure of (^onsomption U1J.X1-IVW J. AJXJ ^l.J.V\.l ^^ KJ 

ble prescript 
Astbina, Broficbili>.«uil a!I Throat and Lung, 
aflectioos, (firec of charge,) by sending their 
addr?8S to 
Ber Edward A. Wirnov, 


Kings Co., 
▼3 n38 3a New York. 


MY wife. Funny Sntton, having left my bed 

•nd l»o«rU, inthrt town of Spring Lak*. Scott conntJ'. 
Mian, without c»u«e or provtKratlon, mi or about the 
lOlh otOctoWr, l.'«J. 1 therefore warn nil not tocr*<Jlt or 
truHi hfr ou my acrount.a* I will not br rvapvnalble for 
•or Jebt« or l.Hi» . oiitr..cteU by her from tlili >l«t f. 
Sh»kop«».Oit. r>tb. 1*4. OKO. H. 8LTT0N. 



■ r^% * m mX. m - 


Shakopee, November 26, 18G4. 

M. C. Russell. 

" Be lar* yoa're right* ihm go ahMd." 

<i«rvlcpson iiun<lay at 10,'i A.M.: aoU S P. M. 

with a Stout htarl try to help themselves DorgS.— ! Crowded Out — Wc OfnlUed iu our last ; 
ait down and mourn over their misfor- Ii Btrikes us that there are j„ore i=-^»»' '» "'^""'^'' ""»» «'^ »i*'l f^*^*^'^^'' * ^"'"- ; 
tunes, and with a l«iy. slothful inclina- I worthless 'dorgs' yelling and howling niumcallua fn-m Judge Mcrionald. in answer r..,..riu.u..csy..,.t..r,.,uy....^,,..o^^.^ 

tiun complain that they are the pitiable around this town of nights, than tlie law 


Taken Up. 

!;v the fnhsrriltcr at lil<«>m!ii)fl<in IVriy. 


Old Subscription Price, 

objects of an uncharitable community. 

Thanksgiving — 

This day, we are pleased to record, 
was most strictly observed in Shakopee. 
Business bouses of erery description was 
closed the entire day, and seivice was 


L.i,mra A.vD Gentlevkx. — If you wish to 

mtrrv, a<tJrr» the umlrr-ilgned, who will send you with- 
out money and without prke, valuabW inforiuatloQ that ; 
will etiable you to marry happily anil 

pkesrttxrtav cnuRcn. 
RiT s w Post.. Pastor Sf-rvk-BKooPnodayat Jr. M tend their hospitality to others, were 

- ' themselves the recipients of an invita- 

allows. You can meet short-tailed dogs, 

long-tailed dogs, big dogs, little dogs, 

white dogs, black dogs, gray dogs, brin- 

dle dogs, red dogs, long-haired dogs, 

short-haired dogs, bull dogs, chicken 

dogs, rat dogs, sheep dogB, poodle dogs, 

...-._,., „ and regular whelp dogs, everyr/ here vou 

he d in the different churches. Eyery- *. • i, ,^,.,„w j u' • 

....,,. J . t Ro ; and occasionally somebody who is 

body and bis brother had prepared to ob- ** • t . v. «r 

oouy aiiu , , ; . , . oat on a 'reconoissance,* gets bit. We 

serve it in the good old style— at least 

so far as good things, including turkeys^ 

were concerned. Those who did not ex- 

, a .■ lilt . f s z.mI UKl) t'TKKK.t. 'n.r ..un.r ii rm iBhied to jhom; 

to the rtnecluMi^ sought to be cast upon him ,,r„|.i..rfv, paychur^saiKi t»k<ui.ii. awiy. 

, ,. . 1 I . i_ t, ^< m.>uiiilui!toii Mliiii.. Not. Uth, ISOi. 

m the electiunoeniig circular winch .Mr. fecD- ■ " ' u.ciiambkrs. 

ccrbox bad published and circulated in thin i 

couHty previous to the late election. O'viug 
to il3 length — Mr. McDonald going into a 
lengthy history of the election of Senator in 
this county four years ago— we are compelled | Look Out foF tllC CfirS ! 


Tie mo.xt widely birrula'tHi, fho nio>t inflarn- 
tial, !li<' lll■>^t eiii> rpn-liii.'. mill (hi- n n-t r< I nMv 
I A;;rtciiiturul, llonlculfiirHl nP<l Kaiiilly Jvunial la ih« 

: .Nul tllWt'-t, !.<• still pIlhllHlMtl lit 


By EKEBT * CO., Chieac*. I1U- 

Prayer "nieo ting WednemUy eveuluei* at 7 oVlock. 

have one consolation, boweyer, that the 
sausage season is upon us, and we flatter 
ourselves that many of the 'dorgs' now 
"lying around loose," will be introduced 

to decline publishing it. The conimunicitioii 
shows conclusively that what he did that year 
was without any pecuniary reward bt-ing 
sought for or received. Mr. M. received (.nly 
from the Republicans, (and that for prin- 
ting and extra copies of the paper) the sum 
of twenty-five dollars, which was paid him by 
draft on D. L. How of this place. 

Mr McDonald says that he never made any 


Internal Revenue No! ice. 

to the "cutter," and we can say that we ■ bargain or bad any conversation with any re- j 

■Tiff- Subscribers not rrceicing their paper tion to the board of some friend, so that 

'si,f^my7'iirW^V- rei;uliirlu, are requested to give notice a< ! i^]^^ it gH around, almost every one had . , , , . . , i .• »u t. ui- i .i . i 

tiTe of »«e. wealth or beautv. Thuinform.»tiouw,iico,t^^^' = '"» •, . • as our shsre. for the Sake of getting rid portiiig the Republican nominee, and that lit you wi»h to marry. I will cheerfully WW 0/;nCf. ' « rhance lU. OH Cither ihcir OWn Or SOmO I ' * ° I i j ., i i 

aasistyou. .\ii letters strictly eonnieiitiai. The desirrd a ciiaacB lu, »u cimvt niciivn.. v. w w ofsuchspest. j otily opposcd thc regulai uomince, when COIU 

CoUer & Bro. 

InforiuaUoD *ent bv n-turn'l no questions asked, 

T3n«oiiii .Nicw \0KK. loun DUTY.— 

one else's turkey 

We, the editors of this sheet, were 

• J are perfectly willing to oat six or eight { publican during that campaign, about su}:^ 
' ' - ' , * . • *^ ' porting the Republican nominee, and that lit^ 

only opposed the regnlai nominee, when com- 
pelled to do Eo in self respect. B ut as no 

Cheaper than the Cheapest 

Groceries, Dry G-oods, Etc 

I V. f. .\«.>«»:i»ok's OFFirt . Viwr r<.i.l.ltfllo.>i D'i 

I IkUChi'ste', Minn., Nu«., IW4. 

N'oll<-c Is hereby tflvvn lliiii ilie AlpbaheiUal I.Ut of 
; taX'-y 8K>c^s•■)t tiiiilerttie Joint Rcsoli ti'^n i-l <'«iTit:r« f», 
i iiiip<iKliiK a .'Special iMcouie ilu:y approved July < h, IK4 
for Iilvlnloii No. KIrTvn. ronipri'-lntE ft.e Ct-uiily <>l hiol' 
I will lie opi'ii lor lii>pet (loll III iill pjirll- » lr.leri>feu l< 
llie iiu:i< t' ol till (ItOibys from llils date, at th. • fllt-e cf 
<*. n. ^^lt•r. c»ti., Aioi^luiit Aai.e5aor In the rlilo. • «i 
Itclle I'laiui-. (iKtiKtiK V. UAKLK. 

AiM'SMir Klrst DM. Minnesota. 


Sewing Machines. 

TiiKSR iBachinea make the alikeock-stich 

Petersons Magazine. 

StpFa^VGd- i Can anything be plainer. Nearly thr«« ! jj^Q„g those who helped 'punish' some- Lf thi.s popular Lady's Magazine for December, in the circular we presume thia notice will •i<»ription;at 

,,h^j weeks ago the "remaining" American , jj^j^ gj^^'g gQ^j ti,ingg, ^g we were in- It is a splendid number; with a superb litlc- suffice. 

We ire in rppolnt one would believe the iniimtatious contained <^'»»-l,KK A iiKO.iii.vton hai. i,.ii..i areoo.i»>rc ; on both »lil«>«.«iid n.c '.ras thau hdf the thre.4 ••« 
» eare in receipt ^ one wouia oeneve tuc impuiaiious coniainou ^,,,,^i„^,,„,,,,,i^^„n,j4Yuoou:-ttiiuuuocKKiK!- or ai \ 

Ca-re1ufothe Inclosure otiJKOK'iK .SCllMTT, In 



pproacues it in 

1 1 1 _ ^f - t/v k» ,....,., icheapne??. Its stories and novelettes are by 
. citement, clang and clamor of a, to be j^ ^ ^^^ent, that our friend had display- : ,,_^ ^^^^ ^^.^.^^.^^ j^ jgg, p^„^ q^j^j„^, 

TSEASKS of the .Vervous Seminal. Uri- historic political campaign, has come an" ^j excellent taste in the selection of his j Connvright Novelettes will be given. Its 

:::;::::;:::':^[::n:::::r:::::^^::^:!Z:::'t ?*"«** = ^^«'' '^^ ^^°^!'^ '° ^^*' '•'"« ^, company ; and our surmises proved cor- 1 f,s„;o.v8 .k. a..wav.s ^k L^t^t am. Trkt 


Our friend, Maj. L. L. Baxter, left for'. sUG.iJt 
Chattanooga where he expects to join hi:* \ TE.i. 

command, on last Thursday morning. — 
Success to the gallant Major. ! 

Prices to Suit tho Times. 

iiioiic whlch'ara 

C. E. Bussehns just received llf- 
to make i ^^ barrels choice apples, which he pro- 

SrS'^^^^^^^^ ** °"®* a"d shall unity, harmony and rect'; for a more pleasant and jovial time j t, Every neighborhood ought 

isircct. FhiuJeiphu. 1-^ ^^""^^ , good feeling prevail ? or shall we have ^^ ^ever experienced before. After | up a club. It is tiik for the | P°»«s to eel! at a small margin, whole- 

sale or retail. 

■:ik that the sliiRle ■•r ihiatlc thread Ibop aUtrb M* 

chlnei-do; will Hem. TeH.Ukt rr. C<>r<t. Itrald. Blad 

Ac. and are Uftt^r a<l^ted than ary otV.rr Srwin 

Machine 111 use to lh« fr«4iueiit rbancet «a<I icrcal r«. 

rltly of sewliij: reciulroUJn a fanii'y. f r II. »; wi'< iew 

from on* to tweuly thlvkueMt-cof ManetlKa witbovt 

•lopplnp, and make ever}- itlch perf'cl, or freat tli* 4 

■est gaUT.e to the heaviest beaver cluiti, or «\en t<- th« 

■toulest harnetk leather, wilhiut <'liaii|:<iiK tue fcc^. 

needle, or tension or luakin;: anj adjv«ln eM of Ma 

chine wliaterer! '. '. 

They arc ilinpla In ronatructtoc. and rrcllj iM<'er 
fiiirchdfiiig elseuherr. 
WeiAM ilw«ysl.efunn.|atourOI,I»»TANPonFIRSTi«t<»0'l: and if a..v p.irt 1. brot. n by «crldect,lt rea,U)#, 



yLVF.Clii, 4c. A'c. 

.\lso a ecnstanl supidy of 


CaIIci eH.D.lanes. >lii»lli.s. flolhti, Cuhbl- 

nicres.Satlni-tts.Keiiliirky Jefciis. 

Cultiiii .An<l l.iiiiien Drills: 

Tlir aboTrgeodswroflTer Cheap forrasb 
or ready |>n)-. 

AUwearlc is to ij/ie us a call before 

im-nt »nl 4ivou Uri{>! or l.-r 
ftte1sc«lle'l the '' Krench lire 

^^u':t'!:n"'il«?ierCoff.'^^^^^^^ proper time, pointed out the man of their, feel proud of possessing the rare a':cora- 1 ..^VASHIXUTON PAUTIXU FUOM HIS 

^?:?br.enai:i'i/.r^^^^^^^^^^ choice as . hader. and as loyal citizens ' pi.^hment which enabled her to get up ■ (,^.^.'^.jj^,^« .. ^', ^„ ,,,^ J j-^^e M„g- 

OKKAf amkkicantk* COMPANY :„„ii„„„j„, »l,o» »),a /-mintrv -..-u ji. ......:..-. „f , J. i:..:,...- „: ... . •., " 



Ju V ll,JSJl. 

- - MtnnesOtUi ] replaced. 
COM.KRX iir.o. 

Tsn»;iw **'**'*^ * .\o«.«4 37v;,eysi.:N.V. believed in all candor, that the country such an endless vaiiely of d«,licious vi- 

~ , , ., „„.i „„a„fi. \i„h; 'fould receive the pre ite$( benefit at this gnjg better than which we never sat 

Tiike no more UDplca.<ant and un.<>ale 3lcai-| -^ . . , . i , , ,. 

ciiics. particular juncture, by sanctioning their down to. After fully and at length die 

^rTlV."gxTKA^"B^•»^:'Xht«^^^^^ VK' decision ; and this we believe, under our j cussing the merits of the real feast before 
i;'dw'Mt;eVlo'am':l.Ti:;n^^^^^^^^^^^ they had the most perfect right to ' ua. we adjourned to the parlor, where the 

the fullowiHC illse.t!ie:< and nvmptonis orislnatlnft from I r. • • l mi l .l...» .1 « ^~ I . .. « , • i rr • i 

dir-!i*'"rniabut or i:.e Vru.ary or .•'extiai Organs, do. But, It has becu Willed that tlic op- ballancc of tlic evening passed off, Wllh 

iK-ner^l l>-t.i:itv. Mental sn.l Pliysicat nepn-.-slon. Ini "=" "^ 

beclilty. |>.-terniliiatloii of Blood to the ||.-;ii|. Coiifiised 

aziiic for 18G5. Address post piiid, 

ClIARI.U J. Petkr.<!ox, 
3()C Chestnut street, Philadelphia. 


Capt. James L. Fisk, who started wiilr 
the Government expedition for Idaho last 
Spring returned to Saint Paul on Friday ' 
of last week. ' 

We noticed a few days since a num- 
ber of genuine Dakotah ladies, with red 

1^ O 8 t . 

„. — „ , '^'■•'i posing party should be successful, and n^uBic, irames, and other amusements; 

M>-*s ll.steria. 'ieiieral IrrltabMliy. Be..tlf.»ness and r t> r J ^-r : ° i • 1111..1. 

weepie«Me«s..xijcht,AM.Mceof .MM^HM.iar Efflici^^^^^^^^^ ^q jjopg „,,d darc Say honorablv SO. >ow ii,e ^ale portion of the company, true to' P«n"««> «»" blankets that were once no 
'^'"""^ii^X;:!^^^^^tnX:!^"::^^Xsi^l^ what is our duty ? A* a highly enlight- , ij.eir editorial appetite, filled in the inter. \ doubt, intended to be white, passing up 

of the lle:,rt.aiil.ln tJct. all tn-orK-.Hmjnisoia .^erv-, - ,, -, ., o . i...... vv. ..>./..-. ..^^^ .■.-, ■... — w , • , . T ir vI-tJvSJA eve. aiiv one riHiaiilnuor Klvinji if,- 

:."o«.ne'?T.MhNo>r''\VI^v^^^^^ cned and civilized people, operating un- , vals with an occasional muj of gen-une > ^'ountry, accompanied by some half- 1 f„.^„;;7r:r,lh^wiineadt.. the recovery of s.ii c.!i..o 

B. iiiiun. » " I •. -^ • s. i. ., liiaiiotlier 1 . 1 j m 1 1 r t.i liini. or T. .1. DulTv,, will be •.nl'ahly re- 

!^j«mB^ I mouth der a superior form f>f government, we -lager,' that had been thoughtfully pro- breeds. They had a young span of steers j w.,rd..i. .<hak»pce .Sov. 2.i.h. .miciukl Nf:K. 

BY the subscriberin- 

Sprliis Lake Town. on or about the ' 
USt 1)1 II. t.. one UI.ACK ('OI.'l',i.iiir 
jrars oM. wllh white dpot In li..e. 
Iipad, mill a ^ninll li;:lit i<|>ol in im h 
eye. any one reliiaiilncor kIviiij; :ii- 

«»-A number of ei,p.ed sine the intri believe it our dulv, after having bee 

,|..n.>f U.i»t.tter'« Celel.r.itr.| Itltters to the publlo 

and walk 

n ; vided by our host, and he and his lady. Htlached to a light wagon, upon which j 
k I '-long may they wave," Ac, and may ' ibey had their 'irap.s,' together with a. 

D. M. Storer, 

lIul.MK.'S .'^TKKKr. - - - SllAKOPER. 

Dftilt r in C^hoire 

Family Groceries 

di, ,|..n .>f Uost.-tter « l.'e|eI>r.iH'.i imiers 10 iiir puoiio : » . , . . . ,.» ./-«»» 

Tim p?elu.|"e VxUtir^- 111 the nilu.Ss ol m ir.y per»-f. 1 fairly beatcn. tO "front faCe, I 
aualiist wh.«t ar- jl-ii 'ii'te.l P"' •'" nie.lkinesat -eiie I 

isreiitiv reiar.le.l t.s;.l. , bnt.a!. II, virtues and me-l i braVClV Up tO the SUppnrt OI OUr 

by lending a willing hand and strong arm ijnje, j,,' the year as it cnvenienily can, i *" '"J"" Ih'Usc, and no doubt were on i 



Wi-ime known this '.nrn-n.t prijuilre was ov.rj.-rJxf 
•ii'l thedeniariil hur.»>«l »•. rapid y that In a feiii.Mrr. 
■carceiva villaKC existed lu the tutted SlaliSiiit Olia ; 

country; Thanksgiving coma around as n.any | «uffi-ie"t "umbcr of loT,g poles to build -i^»»ON <>r«^'>"L«l^« ^ 

T^ R C) V T S I O IST S . 

li-uibiT. OXK CiiW.ln color l>r(wn.v. 
larce, with one e;.r bitten "11. olii- will. •■ 
loot, lud Is six venr»old p««t. Any i.i > 

to the support of the Administration, -nd we will endeavor to meet it like a • ^''*''" **>" "-^ ""'"*' S'^'^^ locality for , ',f.'y,"''r.':Vo"vin! '^V/bcVVi^^^^^^^ 

'' ' ' .• rpi 1 1 J .1 1 .1 i ^, X..v.*icti. J. il.iiOKXF.X. 

lunliiig. They looked as though they ' 

TI..VKUV ltKST.i'isi;ti.» If TKA.H <Ar.((F?Tr 
.sp e-, l»rii.l in.l i' > WKO F!l 1 I'S, •<yrii|>-. <'.irl»oii Oil 
i:.tii.||e«,i.'iii>ii'i' iir.t'i I' 111 .■Miiiikliii: nii.l I'ln hIhk 

Dit»RSiR-witbvourr'rmi>NionT wishtosayiothe while in power ; let US not l.arry and loi- i brave man that fears nothing, more es- 

rei.le-sOf V. ur pai-er t-it I w II s-iid by return mall, to 1 r , , , I 

?.l'n^".r,;:.lii;i-7:i;^^^^^^^^^ ""^^ ""'^ "S-J® ^''^ pecialU-t-u-r-k-e-y-s and (l.ic) b-^A-r. 

V^::^;^^'IXMCu:.::::i^n:Vu!V;^u!'w whys and wherefores of this and that act ; 

'rir^^'k^^'mMt^^vlo^'^uM Bald ne.i„...r; of Mr. Lincoln during his coming term \ Schools.- 

Bire Kiees, »lniple d.reclb-ns and Inforuiallon that will ; 
raibletheui to start a lull 2r»wlh of Luxuriant Hair, 
Whiskers or a .Moustache, a less than thirty days. 

All app'ilcations »ii..w'rel by returo mail w.tboul 
eharce Kespectlu'.ly yours. 

enarge. « 'xUOii.».«nAfM AN. Chemist. 

r3i:7 3n .•«»Bro.4.tway, -New \ork. 





A C anl tn tUo fiutlVtriua 

SWAttOW two or t'iree boRsIieadsof " Bucbn.""T< 

jc Bitt*rV'*'»'^r"'»P"''"*«" ■ -Nervons AiitMotes. *e 

III after vou sre satlsUe.1 with the result.theiitrvsii* 


of office ; but let us bend low, and get i Our winter schools are just commenc 
our shoulders firmly against the wheel, ing in the different towns through the 
and at his bidding push with all our unl- county and State. The school houses 
ted and simultaneous strength in the en-' are again thrown op<^n. and the 'little 
deavor to extricate our country from the ' rustics," wilh their bright and hsppy 
mire. L-!t us not murmur or glow weary; faces, are gathering from woodlan/J and 

very properly clarsed thenieelvcs among ■ 
the 'dogs ihat had seen their day"— <le- '. »,^^^^^ 
jecled and sad. "Big Injun, me." has ^^EmE 
played out. and Little Injun, somebody 

Taken Up 

else has been substituted. 

CAME to my enclosnre in 

Kintle tVeok oil or nil nt the dr-t m Jum-. 
i.iie two yi'jr o|.| In coloi ni li.. a 
liltle whl:eiiii the tMik. The owner Is ii- 
i <(nesied to t.ite lilni aw.iv or he will be dls-ii^e'l <f «• 
I lor.lUic l« U»- to. partUulnis In^ilri'Hi iliLsnitlre. 

Ati.| l:i fml eri»rvtIi|ii!r«iNU.ilH ki I't In •> FITST CI.A.H 
K.iiiil'.i 'iro.i ry More. Als... V:i'ikee N-itions and \ lol. 
.'»TI(i\t4r'. I'allaii I evs nine lor yomnrlxe*. 

^ih kopee. Oil a, l(i»4 ».1i.<0ly 

ff It'? di"li'^/ifiv'' ar' '^^'^^^^^^^ ' •f'l'S'"*' *^»y» overtake us. or dark threat- prairie, from cross-road and by-way, to 

ii'rrr^'iihrtS^^^^^ o^<=f o""" heads, let the little temples of science scattered | ^re sorry that it is our i.iisforiune to be | •.'.'jV;^^^^^^^^^^^ 

r.u'e'i'dute^'lp.y'l^r"*'-*'"^ '"T;".'». Bprhlitl" "'- \ not our courage fail ; be always prepared ! here antl there over the land. Children, given a leelle to the weed ourstrlf. Ikil ; " - ." 1--— 1^_ 
T3D2::3ni ^i-.vsei.'t^T'the'cniie.i Stales. , for sucl timcs, bv laving Bsldc sU parly be at school, and remember the yo„ niay lake all the e\ils and dibadvan- , T a Ii « 

Chewing.- | T .1 k o n 1' p . 

The habit of tobacco chewing is a F^^S^BY the subbcrihor in the town nf 

, , «,,... . '■ W^^-^ 'sprlns l.ske. one YoKK of OATTl.E, al>i.u< 

loalhsontC, filthy IHJUIIUUS, e.X pensive, ; -I*e.U... k,,,,, y,ar«oM.Ueiliind white. ThejTsin.ts 

... J iMV .-iirlosure on or sNMit the 15 h of S'lV. Theowueri» 

and wholly uncalled for habit; and we! re^n suti to ion. eforwani, prove propeity, iwvchar..F 

•' _ _ , I and t.ik.- Ilnm iiway, ',r they win bedlspn*.-il_i_^_ i»rc.*.i 


Jut^KfU .\HiUAL'UIi. 


In all 

I P 


Tbekc are rrci'MAK »*rTs, a«U W.l go far l» deter- 
mine the choice of any Intel'lyect t«ycr. 

llenie. Cull ard trominr, jt fnJr .fnr C'r.-v1»r. 

S. B. Local Altents wanted In aecfvi.! net ycl •#• 
cupl.'d. A.ldrr«», 

FINKLE A L70N 8. M Co.. 

No. .'.38 BUO.VDWW. NEW-YORK. 

vtoiT Iv 

I Michigan Central II. 11. 


Tlieyreat ihrouKh riuti to 

Detroit, Toronto, Mnnt eal.T^Tiugitra Falls, 

Hvffiilo. FAiniru. »'iU:nny. Sarotofra 

SpriufTS, mXeic York, JJorfou. 

And all points 111 New- Vurk.N.w luticlkiid and the Can* 
das. A so, lo 

Lara\dtr, lodianapolis, ("mciiinati. I.«uisTilIc. 


ali~Tr.'iliisleave tSreatl' iifal l»ei.c.t.iVUIiaBo;Mon.- 
Iiit: and r.veiitiit:, making cloe< kou<».°:'.uiif lor ail I att- 

er:i jioliij. 

IJAtiti.VtJK ( MK('K.!:U TIIKOICF?. 

Ei^jraBi Slfr|tiB« Cars M all Mcbt Train. 

KI'TAN'!" Patent Veiiillalors a»id Dustorron all Cat. 
.if l>a> Trails. 

TliroiiKli Tl. k. t» f-T s-<le at all oaif s .>r rulmettli ( 
llu.'S. In O'lU-aco, at ( i.loii i Al< • . In I relutiiit llcva* 

. Kloik.aiidallt'P-l.l.H.lMi latkMn . t. 

II. c. WKNTw (unn. 

(;ei,M w ••»♦. rut,. Aei..< i >»••, 


;.fy7td^e.''son?e'c^Iu%Ti.r''e^^ !•«»"' "•^'""r prijudiccs . at.d doing our utmost to as- scholar who ia habit imlly late at fchool, ,j,j,ea of tobacco chewing, at* above men-! l^^vftfA while CALF wilh red ears, on j 

u:;",rnr:^o"""'" -"•«'^'"'"-"-""- ig,3^ t,,^ Administration in rescuing our will invariably be behind in tho class.- ; ,ioned. and multiply them bv ten and ! !i^L:^t;'},:ihe;!,;;M,ra7w^^ 


,. If. le. fi.*'. II. I. . I I ,1 I ei N n (111 -ste I lo pav riiarces un'l laKe It a«rny. 

nation from the llvl^g coals of treason, I'arcnts, visit your common scliouls.tliat y^u have the ex.ict product of the evils | i:«4'ieCicek. .\ov. sjtii,i«64. pknnis o'LAniiiLiN. 

Notice 1* horvl.y pivcn 'j^! lIl**ii!„T^T,!.!.r ' and then if we fail, we can be proud to ' by your presence you may cheer and \ of (-^.^ chewisu ; a habit that is now so j 

\ otii'UiTs to oe oigiieil "> i'i>ru«irov,ii I'lui i i • i ■ i i 

tod Person!} for Traveling Pay ; all such j say the fault was not ours; and if success ' encourage the teacher in his or her work , f.jjii,ionable, especially wilh the female 

FnMuli l>re.Tkf;ist nn«l Diumr 

O ^ iF^ IF" 3E3X2. 


; (^\vi.\i; lo the very liieii i rite of TaffiT. «i i| 
and the great .Hm< UX\ In girorurttiK • g".>d. aitllorid 
. ami nllalile or«li':e ..iir iii«i"iii rs Ii .m .>it»n •■xprr>.ae I 
: a wl.h that tin ) < ouUI be >upplieu from lirarbautl*. M 
' ^VH^ the Inlenllvii oi 

pcrfioniare ntniestt-d to tall u"d hijrn the j^ q^Jj^jj^^j j^ j,^ 
Kaine at inv ofTue at the Fanners Bank. Shak ' . , . , 

H. II. Wiir.iAMs, i not bo the proud 


CAME t« tl'e enclos'ire of Frani ."wolsi la'hl'il! In the 


D'-pt. Provo. 

to tall uutl Mirn 1 he -^ ordained to be our reward, then will it '■ and show the children that you have an ■ portion of humanity that it is fast becom- \ xowVof ii"ietra'soo7t Coun."^^^ i".\«. 

; runners Bank, ^hak• . I • . . • .i • w ,■ . . .. , , .^ , I unst last.ote pair of ralle: ore, « mixed ll-hl mi hfrd 

II II \v',,r,,Msi not bo the proud exclamation of every ; interet in their progress. >» e notice a mrr heraditarv to such an extent that the »iii'e. and white i.env; the oth.r s .laru nd an i bi.ick 

11. II. t>H.I,IAMS I • , , e 1 1 I 1 ' 1 b.llv, ri.lh h.i.l»hi»i»on. FHA \Z SWomjU.' , 

.Marshal, Jrcutt (.'ounty , one lo say , I assisted in this great work . number of new school houses that have first word a child utters now a-days is 

fe...r ^ 4) ^ c„'d s,i> sje^ M^ <*r 

The Great American Tea Coinpafty 

Let our tiust be placed implicitly in the , been built this summer in the aouthern "come, old dad, where's the gum? 

•'eherai.>» Almighty Kuler of the universe, to bring ' part of the county, and in many cases 

1 ikonci-scs J'> of the Union „ , 

and 50 of thv tebel.s: size of sheet 17 by 21 us safely thrcugh and out of the gurg good frame buildings are substituted for Oodey's Ladles' Book f'T IVceinber, has 
inch, biautit ally arranged, will be sent '•> Img and howling billows of civil war ; the old log ones. This is a good work, l>een received, .and if ii.tcndtd by the publish- ; 
rKrsl)\'7i\VlOU^ir^^^ «*■">' command of'andmay it go on until this oountv shall cr.-- as a foi-erunncr. of what we may oxpod I 

d,v ■ ' ■'>»'• ^^^ ^^^.^^.^ ^^^ constituted author- ' be second lo none in regard to educational ' ''""''S '^c year 18C.\ we can a.^^urc nnr rea.l- 1 

_ ^ . . • I . . .1 1 • •. .• * I I 4 .u . ! crs they my look out fur soinctlniig from that 

iiies, wiihout turning our gaze backward ( institutions. And remember, too, that i _ ' , . .,._.. _ :.„" ./•. Gift Distribution! 


Walches, Chains, Diamond Rings, &c. 


, , •,,-,,, .... II. . (luarter, d'lrintr the next rear, ill <Ar »/•<!»/ o/<i 

upon tlie beautiful city of Peace, we wi 1 , there are no exceptions in the rule that < !. , ■ ,, ' > . ', . ^r ' 

^ ■' I "^ ./iifhioimhlf tind fuund Itttranf .Miigtizmii 

be doing nothing morp than our duly to you cannot have a successful school, in „,j„ ,,^^ ^^^...^ ^^., ,,^^.,^ p^„„„,.,i ,,y ^ ^.„ ,j^, | 
our counlrv, and this will be doing nolh- an uncomfortable house. •' •• •■ -. ' 

, ins l^s.s than our July to our maker.- 

' Skating.— 

dey himself, it is. candidly siK'akiiijj. one of the j 
most hijrli-tonrd. complete and best piiblioa- ! 
lions of I he kind m the uorld. MuKe uj- 1 

_„_ «a>TTTTnikT "nrvTT A"DC t 'f*i«". l''"^ reader, be you Democrat or ^^"^"*&- tioiis ol the kind in the uoi 

ONE MILLION ^ D0L1.AK5 . j^^^^^^n^.^^^ ,^^ ^^^ ^,„„^ ^^ ,^j^„ ^j,,, Hurrah b«y.. noWs .he time for your ^ y,,„, ,,„,, ,•„, „., ,.,,...,., ,,., 




^Vitb•ut regard to value ! Not to be paid 
fur uutii v«u kuow what you uie to 

I hope, ond our batlle-cry be " our coun- 


. i»» 

iron shoos, before too much snow falls : 

to prevent the enjoyment of this grandest 

of all grand sports — so considered by 

many at least, but for u», we can't see it. 

r^.^.^.jve ^ Worthy Example.— 

Splendid List of.lrlicUs .' .' M to be sold Now that war has snatched the head Never shall we forget the first and only 

One coj>v one vear 
Two ••' •' '" 

Time J 

Four " " '• 
FtVL> " and o!ic c.\tra. 
Kijfht - " " " 
i;it;ven " " " " 

Fall and Winter Trade ! 

jor One DoUw Kuch 1 1 ! of go many families from their homes — ' lime we were persuaded to imagine the 

ICO Gents- Gold uttntinc-ciae Waich s %M tSVi'M many, alas ! never to return — thereby sport of skating No. I of all other sports, fj^g Weather.- 
.^'w('^e;"sV"uui\"'i^«t'^^^^^^^^ ,i« leaving their families entirely dependent and how boldly we struck out upon the 


.'...-.O { 

T-.'iO . I 

10 00 .2-?'l>oirt buy your poods where you will ■ 

14 00 , ''"''■^ '" l'"y ''"-' l-xrKA (.'hicngo Profit. ^i' } 

2100' , , : 

27 00 ' J5*'i'iiy from tho-^^e who brintj their Goods •>,] ^< 

DiKKfT from the Kastern Markets.^Aii' •1*1 Ol.^ 

loilo .1 s'.rii I'v Tea business, l.ti( n* «re have had M.*** 
I'lislonieiklivlui; at .1 ■lik';ii.>.e tli.<t \i. \ . r< II. .1 ati i.s f* 
>iip|ilv Oieni ex.-lii. vrl> wllh 'lei Kliilt'oflie. Ii bein;: r- 
i'oii\ I nieiii I'lr ti.ei'i ii.i to N. w Yi-rk. ihc frrot J-M 
•III'/ «Yjtn Kmpiirii'M of this •-< ui lr> — and »» our '!•• 
Taat«r «M- |.< -sc s«i-ii ■■! ii.i.rm iilm; relaiiiti: to a l'« flew 
XV.> «-.ii:l.| <all the nlleiillnn of the ritit-nt of S«-i.u thnt could be ruinlslied at a n-o er.ite pr'cv and al^• 
an la-iJ.lnliiKi'oiliitli« lo our -.1 irk of ' luiiv. r.^.il ».itlsr.i, Hon, and at the ....nir |in e aflord ihe ir- 

I talli r a liaii(l>oiiie prolli — we la»e I-. in ci-li | e I'd Im 
I sUJipIy those pnrilrs Tlitt'Jln her h"''1'* tv p-J/ili r 
\ uillioiir riisi.iini'rs tnd ihelr tales na*« inerenani tw 
-ut-li a|. . xieut Ihat »e li.ive been coiii|>vlle4 14 a 
larxe ,> l.llit.ins to our ma. hlne^y. nbltl, »ir etiabU i.« 
losupph a'feo iiiore<-iii.l..iu.'i« uittilt. t^ v «}'lllMr:«- 
uic.eiiu it lo ih.<»e alio mat Mrile.-. 

It is Fa-l SnptTcediujj all other Cufft-e. 

Ttiisf.ifr. e bs« been iMi-d f.-r nif.r. t'mn a r.-ntn-ylji 
i'nil-. .111.1 sinee its iiiiro'MK'tion liii.i iliik iiuiilrv il baa 
I. .en in lit" lix K'lllle icr the lialli.;.' 1 rel>ch i'.e.i.iir.nia 
h.-.'M. The I'arlsl Ills are >aid to be III best jt>':if' >•! trf- 
ice; nn.l the iireai Ui\<ir In « hii II II la held b> lb. m U tl>* 
ii.'sl rei'ommeiifliiMoii Hull 1 III, be pr»du>rd tor It* Uv» 
tl .^ III II ml healthv iii.'i !> iip.iii ilii- bun. nil s\v|. m. 

W e itil 'Ip le f otie >.Tsdeot tlii« • 'nfiio. and tf.l Is Bf a 
.|iialii> thai our t'lisionir' ^h4Ve |. uul Iron. c\|n-rivi<L» 
will ,-lve piTle.t srielloli and I. e»t sll »lie • efniiBi'g 
ol III! ir trade, li I- liie luw .1 pric< that wr cat. re< i-m- 


\t e iln all our bn>1iirs^ on lli> most rxtii »<« • scale ,hpy 

by ihe larg I ainl sill at only I w« r<'i.t> r-*e P" H"^ pruti. 

We pill ii|i this rcdee l»i l-i.rreU ontx.u; ripniii-. ( 

eaih. lliis iiii-thoii of piitliii;: It up h.i\vs Inni St"* 

! niiU |iT le.iind to the •••■nsnniev. and I? i s lM-l|i(ln » 

|',.rs.iii)i wlshiiu; to pnrrhase Itry will find il fof larjte i|imiiIIi.v It retaiti. in line ll.i\ or much loiiKri In tl '* 

Pn-ir interest tu ceme to .-t. Tan I «iil ni^v u- a lali. ^ niriii t an In any oib-r. We >« ■■„ stiib i-nih b.srrel .h,.^ 

' .ards, 1 il^^ am' ponlns, !•• .iB«i 1 the di air r to In" • 

Uf^URlIllEll TIII'^ Pl.iC'E. . in.elt .n,t..,„er.. We I.opi- .«<|. m. r. v/* 
I.. Tg ■<.»■• KJIW BBBa.. ■ ■> WW W.. i tjKppallSt.i h:.Mt: •in Wellp. f Id i.p «lld dlslrlli*'.^. 

j as It will Im- f.' ttielr Hil\ itnlaie to do S". 
! 'Ibl-t'otlie Wi warraiit lu fclv. pwe. t s.nll.fflctl»n. »i 4 
I if It 'lues n.o pleas ', ih< ihe prl\ lire,. , r 
! reta ii|nj£ the u hob i,r any i.ii I ef It witlili C^idats. and 
j havlni; lils nioi^tv refund. ,'.. to^-i-iher «ltli all ih« • xi-eu- 

Drv Goods, and 

Yankee Notions, 

w'.ie'i we .ire selUii-,- al r-'-IU'' •! prlres te suit lite time'. 

I In a.l'lltlon to the ii»n il cn<ids kept In a Krytioods 
1 Sf ,r ■. -v- have .1 ro'i.l s ork of 

JKXf) CIAhlKJ.Xa, 

\iuhMOHJL .'/.v/; uoor sKJirrs 
i nooi.t:.ysn.jni.<. 

liHhUKF.isT sH.iin.s, sti.y'ras 


tyc, 4-c., d-c I 

WK have Ju-t recelreil from the Fasten) Ciltes. acoir- 
pii t« Klock of 






^j Ul.tiiiuuo KiuKS 
3UIW Uold Vcstaau .Seek Chains 
>JUU do 'lu 

JUUO lioM oral ban. I Braiilels 
SMU Cuased lioM Bracvleta 
SWO Chalelain Cuaiiis .-U't Uuard Ch&ln* 
7UJ0 .>»ilLlire and Uold 
auro l.ava and lloreiiliue brooches 
4IWJ Coral, Opal and Kuierald trouches 
4JUU .Mo3*ic,Jet,La»a,aua ki.irciitii.e tar-drops 4 
7S lO Coral, Upai and tuirraiU tar l>ro|;» 4 

4UJt) CalU'oruia Ulanioud I'liis 3 Xl 

SuUO Uold *'ob and .Nest Wale U Keys 2M 

♦WO Vob and Vest Kibbou SlKlr. * 

6UIIIJ acta ».jliLalre Sleeve builoDS, Studs, Ac. 3 
jjiA) Gold I'hliu.les, reuiili, *c. 4 

lOuOU iliuiature Lo..Ket» S W 

4Uua «u du Mastc Spring 3 

ajUJ Oold Toothpicks. Cruaaes Ac. S 

aijUO Plain liold l.injta 4 

iOOO t.hajted iuld linn,'* * 

lijgUC .>toiie rift and ^s'l^et Rings I W 

lOJUO California Uiamond KiUKS * 

7JiO Sets Lallcs Jewelry— Jet and Oold ft 

»nO Srts Ladles' J jweiry — Cameo, fearlAc. 4 
KXWl Uold feus. Silver Uolders, and I'encllS 4 
liJOWi Uold fens anil Sold .Mounted Holders 3 

i-no Uold Pens and UolU Kxtension Uoklers t 
H>») Silver tioblets aud Unaktug Cup* 6 

»#) liilver Castors •* 

auuo fruit and Caiie Baskets ..«,*".. 

JUCO Uoien Stiver Tea Spoon* $10 to SM per doien 

•000 do Tat>le Spooos aud Vorkg 3U Ut 4li do 

This institution has " played," frozi j 
^^ upon their own exertions, their own smooth ice, and how we were congratu- up. congealed, got cold, salubrious, , |)py fjlQ^Jg 
,J; hands, for a livelihood, we will quote an lating ourself that we had been so kindly healthy, shirp, the opposite from agree- , dJthillf 
Jli instance right in our own community as and correctly informed as to its merits, able, stiffened things out generally — the J^fjo^js 
i» a practical illustration of woat can be when all of a sudden — oh, hotror of hor- bug and beetle kingdom in particular — CrockeiY 
b done by even a woman, when it happens rors— wo saw with our star-spangled vis- ^nd makes the touch of one's under gar- 

]»j that no more able one is left to the care ion a new and strange firmament, lit up ments feel as though a tin pan had been ; ^"^ Hardware. 

J and support of a family : A woman in »»ith all the hues of the rainbow, the blown against his symetrical person.' 
^ j the town of Eagle Creek, whose husband | view alternating between beauty indis- ^ ^hen he has to " roll out '* and start a 
11 ; has been absent for several months, put cribabU, aed all the hob gobblin hide- 1 g^e ©f a morning ; good gracious, last 

// c 

a a 

t p 

s, s. 





r 1 i f-> ..I "Xri.-..* ; se- of traii»i,«rr tl'in l<»h »..}*. 

Nl. I iHll 1^1 inn Welssue.1 i.r .. .lr>»satMlOC.«S,wbl«li 

>^l'. J. ilin, J.TAI1III. , ,,,,r,...i.,.||o»eiid:ri. t..aM_wh..»Mi It -r.,n.tri^.,s«r 


t r.itleeshoM en. mire f.-rthe Prt) rh ttrral/i'ti »n4 Pi,iftr 
Ci/yrr and be rure th.t it Is |.ur>hus.d it the 



.15* .t: V.ifcy ft..New Tork. 

Our Drcs.s Goods Dei)artment 



STArr. <>r M?>NKWiTA,l 
I'.uiity BtSviitt. > 

; nistn. t r«,urf. 

1 -.III JiniWIal strut. 

in this season, eight acres of corn, a ousness that imagination could conjur; Tuesday mornintr just naturally froze tho 

}* quantity of small grain, a patch of pota- ^ but soon our dream was brought to an ^jjjte population up entirely. The river 

*^i toes, and a large garden, and with but «nd, by a tingling sensation in sensitive j^^g jjnj ^g bosom buttoned up, so that 

ju little outside help cultivated it in a tho- ; portions of our person, and w« made the foot-pads can take all the liberties imag- 

rough manner, as soon as the corn was remarkable descovery that we had got a ^ jnable wilh the old dame, so long as they 

ripe she, with none other than hor daugh- 1 fall ; and waa sitting our whole weight jon't approach too near the air-holes. 

iSi?iac?u?n"*dVirtcu*yf'^SiI^^^^ ter— a young lady— to assist, cut up the I upon a terrible sore spot in the ice; after j gince the above was in type the thing 


Is full of aU kinds and styles of fioods asually kept In a 
lar^c store. 

HOOll L>Kirr's HOSlCrV -uinm..ns lor lle-lef. 

XS.KJ\J^f kJCVlli;?j XM.yjOl\^l^j TI.Maiel Mii.iu-s..t.i|oJohnJ.('l 


Of aU kind* aud (luallty. 

^Hl?"/eVilSW^^^^^^ shocked it, hauled it off and husk- sitting a moment, heaping epithets upon ' has taken a turn, a^nd rain aiid thaw, and YiiW and Winter gtvlos of Hals 

Mcs^-VK"]t:u"tA°Y^"al"o;!e' '""''• '°"""^' "" J ad it out, taking care of both fodder and the bead of the /ri,,id who had thus se- raw is now the or der of things. 

i„^«*^a'li'i:!r.oriSeTr'rn^^^^^^^ besides digging, gathering and duced us. and wishing ourself of tvi&c- -^ig, Bigger, Biggest— 

'^liiSlEiBvkB^^iciZl'^^^^^ '^« p*>^'°«« •" ''^« ^«"*^' *"*^ 'r' ?*^'*"' '"^ ^^''\ ''" "'" '''° "'*''' i ^« ."'' ^»^« °'>'«^ ^''•y' *^'« ^'"ss^"^^ ^"- 

firs:''eu°Tl'^Hi*'^m"b;t^'a^^^^^^ i **'''"8 «*^« °^ ^^^ ^''*''" "'"^= *°** ''^^" ' * "''*'"' '^® ^''^''"^ °"' remains to our | -^^^ ^^^^ g^,„ jjj b,g ; «nd if it had 

JeclTptofssceut.. considering the dry season, had a large home, fully convinced that stocks in ice g^own any higher it would have been 

.i.t,ARTicL«s|OLr^Aj^o«i)OLL.iR«ACH.wi^^ The heroine of this and skalCB wer. Considerably below par, Jj^^,^^ ^^5,,. ^uJi ^as bi- enounh for 

and Capg. 

j Fish's Lamp Heating Apparatus 

i UdMSti-KinPC-.'^TI W IM:-eiliriN( - Wr. II 

I 1H> I'LMIt. 11141 unnis -,:\r koeM. 

j • • . ny the fl.iiiie w! a c'imnion iMinp. :>t the Cost e( 
• .aiil's w..rtb ol »H.a vvrv •■•.iiii.>itabl* breakt.4at rati V* 
icoiikel. • ♦ • - y. y. Ttitiui.f. 

I • • « Simple 111 ootittinction, eadly kept toardrr 
I r'-»-'y for usr In a iiioiiient. • • • i,<iiveii|i-iit loh'.^a 
j un b«n<l. • • • — OntgoUl' f Crrulin . 

j • • • Klsh's letup I- one ol the niiMd |W>p« li"T.4* 
liik 1.1 the day. • • • the utility oi it l» «nour»tlff - 
ante, a uneliiK is ina'ie In "iitiny atui , u.-ktBH rlUa I 
I a»lli-|e<,:ind can tn- made t.i ook m>^ls fnr a vrral nianT 
1 |>|.r-. .ns, wli'ih i» aettit! y .Irte.- n'. Ihi aPO.ul "tH e • ura 
' wrilihcarri lhe«!ck»nl.ller«. • • - .VVN#i;/lr <lBi/-i>- t. - 

' • • • l''<>T faii)ll> n*-. li'»p t.i', tri.i, bkrraek pIcnI'S . 
i.ilshihi:, nursery or «lck r •.•ii'. It i^ nr'U le uf lomfori (» 
lark the -.iMive named ■>""•' "'I •""»"»'■"""•>'"■"••■« * * H-'U"' ik ilth Jimi .; • • • I hav-- lrle.1 tee at>f<arain«, awl n.y wlf- and! 

Voii are hercl y Sunnnonedaitd requr-d tnansw i the i.rn.'ialin the v inie . titosl va>«j>iiir and Inpl.-),. usable .i'- 
ro'itplaliil In ihiV acti'-n, wh'chls Ob « In lhioni,i-..f tli« f|,.| , and n<>w wn-'e how »•• eimi.i hare dor.* tu teii< 
( lerk of lilt. Court lor the .ouiityalo-esiiil, ,•! -hakopee wltlo-ut It. • • • Kd. CkiI <^l Cirmlor. 
I. .fcl.l.. .«..».. and to ..erve a. •.•$)' "«>';'','' ■'';'"•^!" li't • • • An »e.»inmU-a! • ontr'vsn. e r, , reMlrf ep hr«» 
salt 'OtiM.lf'lIt <n tlie Mllairllir .-.l Ms o|,.,e In the ,,»,.,-. loiilre lor iiara- v .ii.d ....i.e.1 »...««..K-«.i i.iJ 
,..,. , II,;, in-hakop-. «ITh'n.«M..v ..„ys at., r the ^*^ ^^ i ''a^V,?; )m,!:.r .''VV^ 7' t ^. .^^^ 
» rvi. e I., tbls> o„ y..u. . x ln»|ve .. the oa> of , ^ g , ', ', '__ y "^ 'i,,^,,"- /^ ' '"^^ 

I mh»<rvic:i»<idi«voii roitoaii-w-rthei,.|.i,-..i!ip..hil ' ^' >*i urea. .-». i . <trTt.>.g /wrt. 

e Ihln the t in." toresa!.', !h.- ptalniin in th'Kait'on »i'l 
iiipy t- i: e I onrt n.v tiio rel ei i. ini.n ed in -aid fon;. ,»„,,.,.. T-f>r»tt "i-ii-zt .«■#.» ^i ■«- v.. .. » . ..l, 

u i.ev.i.i the co-t of this aitvji. PHM K.^ FROM m\ O fOJ«f\ IM'I I.AT.S 

Ifcite.' >..r. Jutb, l-Wi. II. J I^M'K. . 

lit.', li IMaInt Ifs Alt'*. 

Miry .ir ark) 

<i\litinil r 
,lo 'II J. t'Inrt.) 

f Inter, l:. V. Stan p. ' 

ill'. I tit 

All persons li o'-ln? for any of tlie almreeomls. v:V.\ fln'l 
it to their u<lvaiil.<i;e tuiat. at our .Voic beiore pun liua- 


I urU'MXls w II la 


igger siiil; but it was 
"i^l^t^^^^.T^nVi^i^iJ^To^^ S^tiou'w i^nd f^'l. "^a *>■« Pleaaed to add, is one of the so far as t his American was co ncerned. . ^j,^ ^-^^^^^^ ^^-^^^ jd.. of any man; it v as 

" most refined, educated and accomplished' ^. .^_,_^. .„ an.. __.,...-_.,' so big that when weighed it waa found qiij qi "PaofpiMi PiMpp^ 

bollar aad uae th* arllcl* or uot. I'urchaaer; may 
tkus obtaia a loia Watch. Diamond King, or any Set of 
Jewelry on our list, for O.SE UOLLAK. aad In no case can 
tll«7 get I*** thaa o d« doiUr** worth, as ttaer* are no 
ftUaks. Tit* poc* price e( Cvrilttcates.U •• tollows : 

yie« lor 
BeTen f«r 
Talrty for ^ 
fixty-ft'* wr, 

IS cents. 



Oa« nun«lro<l for 

Amm will b« •lle««4 Ua cenu en eTery CcrUIcAU 
<n?aradb7 tMm, provided their remittance amounts to 
One Dollar A««nU will collect Ii cents for every l/«rtif- 
Icate aad r«Blt l» c«aU t« ms, Mtbcr tn cash or postage 
Staroim TanSSJm 

1«7 Bro«dw^, N«w Tork 

, J. . -J . • 1 u J t- The Pmirie Farmer. — The poblisherB of - ... 

ladie. m our mida a. i. alao her daugh- ^^^ ^^.^ ^^^ ^^,^^j^,^ Agricaltural and Hor- \ to be big enough lo weigh ^xUen ounce, 

ter; and, especially when considering | y^^^^^j p^^^j^^j j^,^^ rm)lved to cary it ! a»M^ « Aa y, and wreral bushels more 

Ihie, we desm bar a model woman, aa j through the year 1865 at the old established 

well as an accomplished lady ; and aaeb i rate of two doUars a year. It is now pablish- 

• noble example in the way of depending • ed at the lowest rates of any paper of its class 

upon no one but yourself, we' cannot al. in the United States, and is by far the best 

low to 20 by unnoticed, and should thiak \ P'PT '?! T?*f™/"?*"! "? fruit growers. 
' » ' e . , I It should be in tbe bands ol every fanner in 

it would put U> shame all those of both | t^i, country. Address Emery k Co., Cbica- 

sezes whe, instead of takiag hold aud r*t IU- 

Transportation only added. 

that were all of them, nearly big enough , 
to be as big as this big one. We saw | 
them at Gephardts. 

J9-<-Strait h Helton's Old Stand." 
See their new advertisement elsewhere in 
to-day's psper. 

, '"AJ'ACITT raoM *NK TO roi B Ql U Ts. 

7"',r'« Irlifltl Cttntftl at irf tinn wit' Out Hurt rr 
A-rnncP. ''or Ke-o-« pe nr *'.. |i |t, ,.rtla< ( •'sr <i». 
<lv« p.aiophlH <.f thi i« p ^'% luritl.lM. Krall. Ala- 

T II K r N I O \ A TT A r II \I K % T 

1 tWi- S I •■.•n's. 

To he eltiehel 'o a rntbwiwn K.-rt-en. T,«<|in,.r< (V.a 

lU'rner. !•» woieh w»ier wtay he l,o;i«». an ; 

(iwl eo .ki-.i; alxi i-rai^(^,< \ . .. pi|>..rl s ahaoa. 

rrrKT r^vitr \Ft:nx oxr. 
W. I). UrSHKIJ^ Ar•n^ 

to. r« I'earl bt . >#« V .rk . 

e%.ic/yr."^ ir.i.vrr;-. vjui** 


Of ill Ufida wanted lu rzcbaiie* fri^gooda. 

Shakopee IVc. 1st. 1864. 

\3 n37 

Strait & Holtoa. 

In Probate Ccuit. 

Pale of Re il IM 'f » by l:Te, n:..-. e' se h.. ■> iiijr Neb diil> .rriite.: by »U.- Iln-i. I'.r. 
I..tni.en .In i.-eof |',«l,j|e liijin.i t'.r iti-..U!ii> o' Kan - 
s>.- alii! .-t !•• of Sllll- e».lli t" .ell Ibe i.ilHt lie-<-!fi. I • r 
.:...,• It.,..! !. l..liL'lniC to ti.e e<isl<' .'I ||e|,r ¥.■ Mil-, d. . ', t~»>t s:> drUa«4:uiii«t 'b.- s l-i . >t..i<- : 

^f.v ilie, r f.'. 1 do Ii.Tii.' civ ■ ii..«l. • t'l.t under nkl,i ..i I ,• ofler-t'.ii"! I »■"! • tJT t'-r -J. li 

an.lwills'd I |i»b!b- an tlon. » . th- 'iU-!i.<i Ml.h>r'r.r 

I •.h,at Ibe ir" t doi-r .dthela.url ll"ii- . In Ihe t..>«n 

itS;ia'«..jie.-. I , tlie conn v of f'eof. ;.! leli '.'clork l|i i e 

f.iie'MiO'i oil M.n-lay th. twent> -flr-i de^ • f AoreniiKT, 

1. P IdfW.f'ie l".d'..»ln):des< r'te^ fraets ..r p:ir.el»..f ,an ! 

s tu. t.' I<'1| .ili.l twin;: 111 the i«n- l» of -eo I. ^tafe .il 
; MititieaiM' . ■ t! The (•Jtst hall ot the .\..rth e»-t <|U .r- 
1 t« r an I Ih. >.>rlh west onrirter o: the Nmlb ea'tq'iarer 
■ .. ^ftlrtii I w iiie-»iinr CJi Town ..o- liiiii ne I a-.l t ilr- 

t f i. (ll.'Ji l:a •^•. t«eni.»-r..iir cji . ..nd ihe t»oiiih.» r»i 
• qn T'er .M' '»• > quarter ••! .--ecllo:! tdu- 1 en 

' (IJVriW «li''p"tiel»ii"'lre.lan<l lMrii#ii <ll.^' Xi»rth -f fKk_ «^ «.Ai^ «.1 tV\>«> C A _ «. . _ 
;'etw n.l-thre m W^t.c..nlnl.iini;l*.»7lt0-Te. , p^fiMQ4i|l3 Wfillttf) jjlfiACPa 
■: wf land. les. t*«nij <*JJ« Ui-retuCre .01 ; t.. Ue„r<« I * ' 77 , ,. ** *^* •M«*kV t » 

.Shi-tfebtrr. ' ^'•«»Ml"l'fW«.l'»«ltlxen«o««hak»»pe«ani(**(IMi*.t»«at 

I 1-ale.l.O. teller SOlh.lR-.l. t he I. preiare.: t* 

AfW Tt> l»*W?, 1-> IT* -a-v A -f- -f-» 

I 1.4-1 4* . Kxe.«it0T of llerry K. resse.J. |t J<j X -A. .1 Jv 

'ihe al.iT- sale I." un'!! t e ipih uf Pt ~.B|. , Wal4-tia».ru<ek«. <ind .fn«e|re.nfeverv doffTtnttr". 

li«-. I8S4,«« tt».-«aanieh'.nr»»Wl I'laet. "H"* -T«edt>«r*«nvlh aI the 1iait>iill IIclrt.l!heV«Bt« 








• m 


MACUIKE l«f«»tg»inlng « wotM-wlU* rri>«t»tl».L. 
U beyonU doubt the b";»l »na >:tj»-ape»t luJ inoKl beantl 
ful of »J1 »«i>»«y ^wlug JUcbu.«'» y«l otffM.llo ihif pu » 
.. No.»t(>.T »"4mlly Sewing M*<Ulnii ha»so many u.*.- 
I ul«ppllance«t'or Heuiinlng, UtoUliig. rrllluK, Tucking 
tMtberIng, UaiHliuM. I»»al.U»g. EuibfoWe ring. CurJIii* 
•nit**fci«r«b. N^otln-JfaioMy »rw;i.g m*cfcine li»s«i. 
luoeh capacity for* great varl.ty ol nr.rk. ll » 111 •^••w 
»'.lkluJ»of cloth, »ud with all kin.!* of itir.aJ. <;r«r*l j 
Mttl recemt ImpTOTumi-iit.i ittke our Kuuil'y ?»w'iig Ma j 
rblr.e mo»t re<liibl>-,nrMl n«<Ht tluraMf. »nil uiu«t certain 
Inaction at all rat««a of ♦icf I. It njak*-« theliit.-rlocki'd 
stitch, which luthc ti«.t<fit.hkii<.wii- Aiij onr.i'vrno 
the mu-U ordlDary o.-«i>acltv, «■ r,»t a gl«m<-,ti"W 
UMtheLvlter A Family S^wIik MaiMnr. Our I'm 
J^wUg M««h!B< 4 ciri- niiltfUcU m iliaa'e and i-.\.|«!sll 

The FoMlng Ca5o of the F.n.lly M.»- liiiif Is apl.. fo , 
running workmaii.'^lilp of the ni«si u«i>f»il kind. It pr j 
t^t^the MachliM wh-n ootln n»«',a'id \vhei>ab..«ittob» j 
•pi-rale'l may tw npeurd a* a spa. !uus and «u)».t4ntl«! 
(.bl<- to SDStaln tb*. work. »V hllf »>mr of ti.e taJ«r>,l« 
i«%t of the chnlct-at i»iKHl5,»iid llnl<h.M In the»lmpi»ll 
and clia*tr»t mann-r po«»ll«lr. otln> arc adorurd 
*nif>rlM*lie<i III tl»<" iu»)ot c.'i«tly and ■.i»p>rl> ni.»nn»r. 

It UaU«>Hlt<;y :i>c.'>iar> 1.*^^ si..- K..inliy M.i.-hlne tn 

ami be.iiilT 



!g-^I)on't buy your Goods where you Avi 
have to pay the ExUa Chkofjo ProfiL 

Jg;^^Buv from those who brin,^- their Goods 
direct fnmi \he EASTERN Markeis, 


«■•' On ih»r«ni»rof riiatinolmp «rcir«.ha»r lm»f raiurneU from the Eaiter»Cli:e« 

wp^ratlon,«>a«l..ju.:«e.d ltM,;re.»t»ii>". '•? •T"'^"""' J»^ ''j*^ \'4/ ''t^ 

Tt la fa« h'ooraln;ra«l..M>"l-i> '•■' '■'""'>••'"•■"= »*°'"' ll | *^ yU I ,_ 

Manufacturing ma<!".rmsnutUitiiTli.gpurp«».». |iJ P % [W \i 

The Urancti UlBce* arp u.-U iupplKd wltli allk IwUI ""^ J .* LB s_«^ 

thr«"ad.needI.'!«,uIl,4c..of ttie »ery beat u'lull'y. 
Send tor a I'v-MPiiLrr. 

,.3IV(o *''^ Ur'inilWiy, N.w-Ti'rV 

»*-St. Pdiil OilU-.-, 'i50 TJ.irrt St.'fc* 

K I. M U O T. I) • "^ 

(ieiiiiine Prepanitions.| 



In Probate Court. 


("uuiitv of Sfott. (f 

In the m«t(«r of lUe i^atale of N'cwtoii .Sontli- > 
worili, docca*'(!. I 

Upon rcadiDg and filiiijr the poliiion of Klio- ! 
lia Siouth worth, admiiiisiratrix ul the f^tute of 
.Newton Southworth. decca«>d. pnyiii}? tWnt , 
-he be licensed to sell so mu<'h of the n'.il t-a i 
t!itc of the deceased as shill be neceiSttry to 
|)siy the dt'bts of tlie deceased and expciicje* of 
.ulIiiini.slration, whereby it iippcnre thai there 
i;i not sufficient personal e.<ta'.e in her hanfU to . 
pay tlu" (Krlits outstanding ii;rHinst tlie di-ccas- ; 
nl':!!!'! i!k- ixpcii^cs of the a.jiniiii^tratioii and 
ibal il i> iir'ri's..;ary to sell a piir'ion of the re- '■ 
d e.>lalf of ihe dtrcciswd i>)t ilie p lyininl of 
\\i tk'bts. 

Now liur.Toiv il is or ien-.l, That nil j>ir- 
inns iiitcie-tcd ill ine eviatc iff said dcct'a»ed 
leaiid ajipi-ai before the J udj^e of Probate of 
wid eiiiiiiiy, al i>is oflii-e at Shakopec in said 
couniy al ten uVloek in the lorenonn of the 
fifth d"ay i.f l>.*Ce»wUr, a » 1864, to show 
cans** why a lieer-w shorfld not be grant til tn 
«tid ailitiiiii.-.lrrttri.\ to .m-II >o much of Hit- iv.d 
.•■stale of laed.reeased as shall be nece«:>ary to 
pay ihi: "kbls uii! St nndiiii: against the deceas- 
ed and tXjH'MSis .>r the adminii»irati<in. 

And It i.- fiirthvT ordered that tin^going 
■ •rder III- piilili>l»ed la the Shakopee .V.rgii.-« fur 
fciur suec'ftaive "c.-ks before raid <}.»■■% uf lieai- 

Dated. Oc'.ober Uth. 1?'*4. 

JIkskv Him w. 
v3nll 4t 

Valuable Standard Books 




3c9 BUOADW.tY. N. Y. 

Judi;e ol I'lubate, 


Tasfttef with an?mMieBie..t»K:» ..f 

I liiHiri. I ('»ur'. 
iMh Jii.lKlal in>li'Kt. 


omput'ND ii.iiD KXTKAcmmrr,! ri>»!i!vr«i..i 

hk.'CiUc K»-iii»-l» |..r .tl^a-n-K ol ;li« iJi»<.U« r, Kl-il.ej *. 
Wrarri.nn.l l*r"i..-.iMl ^wrlllIl^•a. , 

i:.i» H? llclcir iM. r.?a»eii ih.- p -i^rcf I'U^ttlor'.ariil •>%• \ 
eS'r t !«• .%n..orfHriit* liitu li"i!'i:y aitl.«ii. '■> w'ttch tlir ; 
U»t.-ry •>r<:4lcari-.>u«..<:i>.»l !■ :i».«ii.l nil l imaiitral ti.-» j 
la.'«;iient> ;«r« r.-duci-.!. a* weila* faiu aii-jlnd .uiatl.'U. ' 

lleliuboldN i-:\tracl Uiicbu. 

Crockery, CiJIassware & llarchvare. 



Intcriial Krveuue 
*i f.nU. 


K.i l'l»;-! 
wltti ttic ! 

K«r \V.-akri.--»<.'n jrl-l'i;: ir-.m ».•-■»•«■■<, 
■^iiu:i, Ktr^>' l.i-M* rrli'U «i .\i>lli- , att 
^il'jrfiiit; Iviu!" ni.i-; - 

Jrli-p>.>*)tf.»n t'. KN.-rtl<.n, Lox^iof Pow»r, I-'.^a -f Mrmo- J 
r», UilU.Uiiy "t l;r.-.itiil!is. Il'irr.-r "f l>U--a<.-,'l roinl.tini:. j 
U..MiK-'<t'>f T:,-«loii. W «krfulij.-s», W'ak Srix-t, liiivtfi 
■•tl l.ii-ltn.l.- ■.? tr,.- .Uu.-cii'ar .""fyt.-iii. ll"t llaii.lii, ) 
Vt laliiii:; "f ilir Koily, trr>iri«»i the dsUi, Kruptii.nk.m ' 
lili- f.l.r, I'llidL'-'UiilrlialK''. ! 

nic«» ■.yiii;.f iiii.i. It allowi-l to C" "n, ulil. h ttiin iM'dl- 
t'.if III varl itdy r.'iii'»Vf». >'M*ii i.-iI«i^Vn hntftttt/n j. i\it»ity, \ 
K.tUflu: >•/». ill ••If* u( whkh llir patlrul may rxyirtt. j 

t\ li»..tii ^ly tiul |ti y ayv liwt I'rrqttrnii} i-dlutk n^ by t 
tl.»i« "<Urt-fttMtMra.'iP«," ; 

'•Infaiiity and Consumption " 

Miny ar'' swarr 111 the c:.i..«'« lit tli'lr »'i!T r. non- 
Vt7/ c^ttfr.i* iJir rt^'itnls *t^ thr Iitsanc Asi/t hh/, \iid Mrl- ' 
• irtS'ilr lleattlH It;. «''.li.s'iii!plt"li l/r^: witu«SSIu, 
III- T.iil'h"f Ihr.i-i».Ttl..ii 

A« f'-»'lit-i'i''a iiT'-r 'j^i-frii trilU Oi-ffitit'f It'.wi »'Ur<"- ! 
%<ti'i*4 l>i<> .III '.t W '.iKi;!'- I * .*tr-ii-tti.ii an-l lu.|i.i.rni' ■ 
(».• <l;»*.iii. »/<•>* lUloaolK^- t.\TKAi T Ull'lll 'wru- 
b.«Wy>iaa». .11 rial «rlll loiivilii. lit* iui>st Ak*i'tUal. 


full I.f all kiu'ls an.l st vies of goods u.siially kopt in large stores 


3L_ o o 15 «. xx c5l 

HOs'lKHV AM» 4;i.(>VKS Ol" ALL KIM'S AND (ilAMTV. 

^VVV'h'^^ ^.N>.^^^ ^^^'^^z^^ ^'^. '^^^'^^ ^ ^^'^^. 

g«.>li. will An.i :t to their a.lvautatelta rail at OVR ilOKK L»i» 

All P f^'>n* !•" 
|.U'> hsai»grls>*l< 

.Mn," fur 
r> , •» 

any ot r!i» aV'i»* 

C«uiity ui :V'aiu 

I AratTow B. Walter, 

I it<;ain.<< 

' Da\ta W. Uradley. 

' 'I'hc Stale o*" Minnesota to David W. DradKy 

I the above OHined defendant : 

I Yoo »a' hereby smiuiioned aihl r^cjuired to 

j ans^ser the complaint in this arlion, uhieh i> 

I filed in the office of the iMt rk of 

I tins court in Shakopee, in the said couniy of 

I S^colt, and to S'Tve a copy of yur miswer 

I thereto on the subscriber at hi« oiriec in llie 

j town of Utile Plaiiie in the s: d nunty. with- 

I in twenty dnys after the tk-rviee of thit suin- 

; mom on you, exclusive of the day of s^uch mt- 

' vice ; and if you fail to a iswer the said com 

phvinl the time aforesaid the Plaiutifi 

will ajiply t.j the ty'ourt for the relief demand- 

';d therein. 

Dated, October 10th, Xi^&i. 

A. tj. tJKATrj!:i.i>. 

v3 i;l! 7t Att'vfor Plaintiff. 

Our Goods will be sold at Eastern Prices, 

FK.M.XLK.'^ rKMALK."^ I-K.M.M.KS. ■ ^»n a.l.!rd. We hara the targrat and beat stock frf 

In maH'j Xj^'-'i-nipffHluir fit t'mrUtWw rTTiurr l:i 
t*r U u .»«jii tll.-l It. \ny tttli'T rruii'.i. . i- l-i r'i|i.r"«l« ••! 
B<i.:iiti>>ii, Irr.-.'Ul ir'ity, r.;lii ut;if.-!«, nr ^l:|•I•rr»•.l.•n i-i 
'.'ua'ointry Kv «i-n.til.'ii>, l.'i.erati-i >r >vlrTl -lui atntv "•■ 
the I'liru*. l-fiiclH.rrii'H .tor WMt.->». .»t"rll'i»', an-'fur a t 
e-»n»;>l.«l:>ls 111. IViit t.. ih* .rj, »ri.t?i'r ar.»'.: g fr-tniiu- 
A:acrvtl'<i. Il'iiiirioi |>l.>lpjti ji. . r '.n thu 

itEctist: '>;.• rn.t\(.r or lur. 

sKO'Hi.T i»i.-j:a.-i:s t 

Al L'fi> rtp"'re j 

N» tlM •I'.v. lil-iur 

1-. all ih-.'.r StaiPJ. 
Utile, r'vj '"*u*u,;t--.i l';--f.. 

Ait-I r.» £j:>03urt. 

It e«'i»*»« fr<.'jii.-t.t l'»'-.- I'-. 1 x!»'i.-a'«tr.-;.«-th t" I'-ln 
»:•; 111- r-T.y rfMi..''iii«: iNijirt?' tl >:iii. I'r'v. nllng t> e i"u- 
r;i«i ^fi-tar •< nf t';- l/'r-.-itira. ii: ivliu I'aii aid li UtiiM- 
Uar.,a« fr'«|'n-it tn tti- r!a«< ..f .lli-av a aii'l fap<-htng 
•tl l^HS'iH"!^', IHw-tril iinil H[>rn>ut M iif'r. 

rii»>ii\u I* il3-i'i fi-.u-vi!" *■!•• !i.i»- !"•»»» thi" tIp- 

• It.i >tH 1 icW<. »t> I ■v'l •< !i I i! ivtt 1 lif.T > y It- a t'. lie . ur- 

• ■' In a ali'.rt time liav,* f'.un.lili-/ «f -r.. •Ie.'ei»-d,aiid 
».i»t I hf " l^>l.•^ n li.n, *.t tl » 'ivl 'f •jH.wKrfiil a^irln- 
g.-aiai" b-«»:>..rlf I up I'l til." s. «t-ir . t. '.r.-aW »■! lu ao 
ajjr^a^rale'lt.jrni.tiid iMrliapa alter .Harnai;e. 

V«e irilmMiTt KHracI RurktifoT %\\ a* -tlo''.^ sn-t i1l»- 
»a««4 o.' thr I'riniirj Or-jtnt, wlirlher iixl"llii« In tl.e 
.M il« or K*!ii.«l». fr.tiil wh«|.-ver can.!.- u^l^-nLilIng ami 
»<i matter uf liiw hm'j StoHimj. 

f>l«fa4e.« nf th<>*e rt.ins r.^n-ilr.-* t'i»> at.l "f a I>H KK- 
TI»;. MKLMBol.D'.'iKXTKAcriU nil I..^ TIlHUIiHAT 
lUrKK'I'H'. ■111.1 l!< I' -rt.tlii t" l< .vr III- .:i->tre 1 ilTeitlu 
all Duiii%et f-ir wkicfi it is liieitmmtntSti, 

F.v|.|-n. - I.f iliemfat r<'llaMFai>dre«p.>n>iblech3rac'er 
wl I ».c.iiiii..iry lUi- tii-.lfclne. 

Price $1 00 }>^r bottle, or »is fur .?'. 00. 

l>eI!Tered »o any a4lr.-»«.»».-i:-eIv p'wke.t from olwe. »a 
ll"li. I^j'Tirit-t Symfiluuit in a' ( O'Ihikhk icitii/nt. 

t'nrcs tinarantecd '. Advh-c tJratM ! 

adJrraaali letter* foJ inf.>rniatlnn to 

II. H. IIKJ.MBOI.D. f;hcmi.,t. 

lut.s.iu'hTinlh-st , ;>«:. Chestnut. I'l.lta. 

nCJ.>lIB>I.I»VH .VrW/.ni /).»)/. 

tlkLMOH.))-.^ Itrttfanrt a.fmUal Ultr'A.,ii>'. 

.'.yi IJroadwny, NCw-YorV. 

rtl'O l."K\I.KW» w(m *o.1»ar .r„«i. ••..fthrh sun'. 
att'i "Wr" nrtirlfs mi thr. rtj>-it"tinn itttnintUhi/ 
llr'i':li l-raliinulii.- I'll par.iti-iK. 
■■ ■' Etf'act lin.'liii. 

" ■' ?'-'r<.i|>i''l"a, 

ImprqvF.f Kt'i-- Wa»h. 


A r. I. ni.tct.isrs Evr.i: r^rnrrr 

A«« r 1R !>. TAKE Mt OTIIM 

t'ntotil the.iK.lT(»t'«j-ni''nt ati'5 aend for It, md av..!t 
»« VuSii.iW-.Ir 


Et' r hrouiUt tu thl» martet. Though prUvaar* high, 



Of «:i lilnli w.intf.l !i> et4liar!i;f f-ir gi'o a. 


Admiaistrator s Sale. 

IN the nutter of the estate of David I'ottcn 
and«'. dece-i.-ieil, I hereby give imliie tlial 
under and pursn mt to an order and licence 
hcrctofurr made l>y the Probate (Jnmt, in 
and for the county of Kain.s'y, in thcjSMt'" of 
.Minnesota, for the .sale of the real «-.iate be- 
longiii'T to said ts'ate, to pay tlebt^. .<•••., I 
will ofl'-T for sale and sell at piiblii anetiiMi, Ui 
the liij^ bidder for ra.^ii at tlie fr..iit 
of the t'ourt H<ni.<C in Shakop'-!', eonity of 
, Scott and .State of Minnc=o'a, at nine o'clock 
' in the forenoon, on Saturday She Twenty-si.\th 
i day of .\o\einbcr, \. D. 16G4, tic following j 
I described prop' rty, .situated in i-aid coiirtr df j 
: ScDtt, to wir. 'I'h' West half of liiP Nur'h- 1 
! •f'larlrr t)f*ciion I'Hteeii (LVi in 'I'uwn 
sliip Oiie Hundred and Thirteen (Hit) "f rangr 
Twiuly live {2^} containing I'.ijiliiy a<Tes more 
or less to'relher with the impr J^.■nlea1ellt|• 
thereon, in Scott County. 

Dated .Shakopee Nov. Ut IPCt. 

Kv.vHit Ubal«kjo"k, 
Atlmini.-trator of the K-stale of D»vid Putlen 
audc Deceased. 

TiiF. iLLfSTKATFn Hyprophatic Enctclopj'.- 

pi\: a syslfinol Hydropathy and HvKleiie. Contalnliig 
OtnliiieH »i Aimt'iiiiv; f hyMloloRT of the Hniuan »t>iiy; 
lly.l.-ulc AKtiKie-, and the prcM'rvatlwii ol Kealtn r 
lM«>toctlc!i. and Ilvdropliatic Cookery; Theory and 
Practice d vVatt'r-Trcatmeiil ; .Special PathobiEy, and 
llvdro-TberapeJUl.ti, liiclBdint: the NhHito, C*nM;», 
>.viiiqloins and Tre.itineut „( x\\ known Diaeasps : Ap- 
pii.ation of Hydropathy tn .Ml.lwUery niid thc>ur>e- 
rv. Designed an a' to Families and Stndonts, ami l'liy»i>lan». Ily K. T. Trail, M.t». I!- i 
iintr.ited with ui)>Tards of 3 «) KiiKravliii;a and Colored ! 
Pint-*. SuiKia-.tially lioiMid In uiie larse voliiine.— ^ 
Trice, prep.iiJ by iu.*l, ti 30. 

Of allthe nnr»eron» publlrntfoiis which hatresttSrln ^ 
I'd -itifh a wide po|iii;.irj|y, tn jssu.'d hy MftsMH. rowler , 
ail'! Welle'., p.-rtiaiis iioiu- arc inor.- adapted to general i 
utility thuii till.- rloh,roiiiprch.-ii<ivc, anil well-arran- j 
ged Kncycl'ipac 11.1.— -V. i'. rn'6./n«. 

WoKK.s or Hon. HonAcK Max.v, including; 

hN he4t public licture.s, ain.iiii: wuich are TlioHglits for ■ 
a Y'.niip Man; I'o-vcrs and Oulieji of Women; I>eniand* , 
of I hi! .Age .Ml CoIlcKen; Klch and Kdutnted ; Poor and | 
I/iiorant; Baccalaoroate .4.ldro«. eir. Tli'-se Icciurea, ( 
pattloalarly the ti'rist two, hayp in iliose .«.'i>arat« lorinii j 
h.1.1 liiini'-n:4" clr.-BUIIoi', and are universally ackuowl- ; 
L-a;;ed to be of the i;rcato;«t v.ilue. ♦■" 0*. i 

KinciTiON : Ds Kleinentary Principles Fonn- ' 

d.'.|..n the Nature of Man. By J.O. Spur, helm, M. P, { 
Wlili an Api.eii.llx, ront-nliiiiii.' a l).'Krriptlon of the 1 
TeiiiperaiunitA. and an Aiiulvsla ot* the PUn^uologlcai . 
K.i<-u'.tlo«. .Mu.iliii, *! 50. ' 

We reganl ilil»volaiue aaonenf the nmat Important : 
that has ii.;.;-i oiTored t» th.t jMiMic for many years. It 
li full of *ounJ Joctrnlcs ami practUal wisdom. j 

— DostouMed.auii .S^trff. JuMr:»al. ■. 

PuREVOLofiv PnoTEn, iLi.iSTR.tTEn and Ar-j 

riiEii; arcomp.^ by a chart; embracing a!) An.'^lysls . 
01 tlie Prim irv Mental Powers In their Vurloiis Decree* | 
ul Iieveli.pmei.t, the I'lieiioiiiena produced by ihelr , 
(..iitiblne.l Aillvltv. andlhe Location olthe Phrenologl- , 
ci! OrgaiK in the Head. To-ether with a VIrw of the | 
.Mural and Xbeoluglcal bearing oi Uie bcleuca. Price l.Ti. 

Tiif: N'f.w Self-Iv.stbcctok i.v Phre\oi.ooy ' 

ANb PHT-ii'-l-HiV. It contains a d<^flnltlon of e««-li fa- | 
cultv of the luliid, full enough to be clear, yet so short 
a< not to wearv ; tosether with coinlilnatlomi of the fa- ; 
cultiea. and 100 Kngravlngs to show the orgaiiH laige ' 
and auiall ; th-rabv emtbllng all persona, with lltth; 
study, to become aciualntcd with Practical Ptireuoi*)- 
gy. .\n excellent work for students. iict». | 

Tun Nkw Iixustrated Family (jYMSASirM. ! 

With niMo.r'Mia Kngravlnt*; contalnlag the tnf>»t loi- i 
pr.'V..d melhodi of applying Gyniiiaslic, OallalliWili-. : 
klneiili>alhlc, and Vocal Exercl^ •», v> the«iit 
o.' tn« lit.lHv ori:.iii8, the Invlaoruli'iiior ih.dr lun. ll"ii<, 
th.- pre«.'r»*tlon oi healtli. mil ciir<. "I Jli>ea» a and . 
'li-ltfriuitiea. ByDr.Tral. Price $1 7^. i 

WKAVF.n's Works for t»k Yofxo. Cnmpri- 1 

«iiir llop-i .Hid ILdn-i. Alma and .\W<,ani 'Wayn of ' 
1. • *>ne v.d. Piicc (3 Ou. , 

'i lie fTe;it p.ipuirtrily ..f the Writings of Mr. M ea»er 
.-.iti'.tig vouiu- people Indiicad u% to publish them to 
gether, Vi » hUh li.rm they »«ciu to be more geiierally I 
apjirorcd than sepjrutely. | 

KLKfTRicAi. PsYciioLOOY : Its Pliilosopliv find : 

Prj. tlce fully F.xplalned. Ily J»r. J. 11. Ho 1<. Pr. Dods , 

II i« nt\ ext-iiii'.ve r.'pntat. Ill ai> one ..f the iiio«i powir- • 
till Ps>-cl.olozis»s 3-1 well ii'id one of the rlear.-al writers i 

III ilie lounlrr. This \v..rlc ft.snda at the h.'ai' of all haj '.cen Written on tlie tui.J ct. I'rlce il 5). 

Kia-«M7irt.s t'oMrLKin. Kmbracing Physiol- 

o^-v \i.liii:il M.i.t.-i!. api.ll.-d to tho PreMTvatli.n 
i.h.1 Kesioraiioii Ml Jl.ailliu and Power "f Mliel ; 
.seli-rultur. , nil I P,-rf.'ctlon of t'li:iri«rtor, Imlutlliii: 

til- .Manas .ni of Youth : M.-m..ry :iiid Iniell.-itUJl 

lliicrovi 1. 1, applied to.'»elf-Kdn<ation.ind Juvetillr- 

ll «l.Uvtioii. it: one Urge v^laMie, $1,(0 





FIN km: i LYuN'.S 

Sewing Machines. 

TnE.-«t niAchiaes make the ulikeock-stieh 

oil botti atdes, and use leiM than U.^lf the thr'-ad and 

i silk that the single ot double thread loop ►rit'ch «» 

chines do; will Hem, FeU, Oat' er. Cord, Krald, Bluo 
■ Ac, and are better adapte<l than any other .'•ewln 

' M.iehtne In ucse to the freqiuent clr«n„e.« and great Ta- 

rlety of st'.wing Trqnire* im a Camilv, f..r they wiV aiw 

' from one to twenty thlckDe»^ea ol Marseillra wltliout 

; stopplncr, and m-ike CTery'stlrh perf'ct, orlrou tht 6 

' Best gauze to the heaviest heavtr doili, or avcs toUta 

I stoutCNt haroe.'s leather, without rhanKlns 'he f-ed, 

j needle, or tension or inaKlug any adjuktu.eni ol M» 





sad poa-erful tonic"', rsrrertloe aid 
V onderiul eHicary In rilseaseii oi the 

('••NSTiTiTioN OF Ma.v, Con.sidered in Kelation 

I . Kxterii.ll i>lJ-.-l>. Wy fie T-e Comlie. The oiih 
11 11" 




PIANO ro in i: manvi actitkkus. 

l.ii;i.>^ltl.'n jiidosn* 

'An Ounce of rreventioB u worth Pouni of Care. 

A m;w work iiv i>K. r.iw 

(.iunn'd Now Duuu'slic Physician ; 

OR. no M A- no O K OF II K .1 /. T // .- 

'FHK attenlioM of the 

A RitriKWiAH* P'A.No »i»l 

ACim;! "te r.uMe f. 
•">!».:«••:.» I't|.» l"t A» • 

>»itt» .li-'iAe Iiir'i 
»'i Me-i t>*<eis ■. a. I 

of the Public and the traiK- \i iiivi-ed to onr 
wUrK.-.wliteli f"r v..lui.i-aii.l t.tirliv 
t ii:. .i..''.e:. r..v c .i,:al:i all the lift lrriilmpr„.«Mie«l». /.-«. 
i'-MV «<««. .* vi.le*>i Pi.tiuiiieok i.-toi( m.d.unl-r lli 
hid a pra. tl. J e < .«■ i loo. •■ .tf uver 11 vein In. their i.iaiiu 

i; Piano Forte" received ihe l!i|;hest Aw.inl 
at the (,'eh'brated \Vorlil> F.tir. 

.f L>.|d i.o. I*iri«.i»-r»oitiv. Plill.i.Irlpld.i. Il.illln.nie 




N>w ScAi.r 7 OCl.WK; 

of i.ine.srfnorlvaled It. aiy hiilori.' •ni-i^' In. 
t. (.'rutiii .lc(t>M, Wai-l< t'-d-il, In.i, J-r.ii,.r,iittT- 

.r-ioil 4iip.TvI*l-.i. ... Mr.l ll li.rovr. I«» 
i> /itifv ^orr.iMl- J i>' iivry purtn.u(./r, 

of .Merit over all ofli r« 

IGraml Trunk & Vermont 

.\SSK\fil*'.US sroiiij; l".a.<l will niaKc »-iiie 

c.ini.'i.ll.>ii- w.tli tills line l.y I iltlng .'Ith.-r ht M. h- 
ii;.in ^llcliisan ^oul!;^■ril or Or^ml IIj- 
veii lO.ute. 
N".'li»ii.'e .if car* from Clileiifo v., .Xarnl.i 
OiiTv ..iie.liaii .e i)et»»C;ii t?1iV..iK» .iii<l Bnllalo. 
Tw.'i li.-lweei. CMc«<oaii.l llo-too.lf .'oiiiK I'-c \eTi 
I I'eiitraliroiii M;l<.i.»liiiig, andt.v.., i.ttweei. t^ilca,'. 
; N.w Yov>. 

iirand Tritnk MAttr of Slrtitnns. 

A «tesm.T 'f IhiK will '.rtrr M|l«i«k.r :ind l."hi- 
ca»ti .lall'.'-«i iii'-ctlni: with lirml Truu:- Kjlw.iv «< 
^arnl.i. »» tlilllne wilM.' 1 \VO lU V.* CllfrK- 
I:K t.i all Et>t.'iii potms than .t'ly atli.-r Lalie aiil it.ill 
It. tut... 

F'lrf, Fifft n>irr, including Stulf lt< 

It'iif to, f7 001 llo.-li. iner. •« 

T.iroiil.i, 6 IK) Sviii'i.e, !■ 

iigd'ii»l>i:rg. III in. 1 rt 1 I. n 

Un .in. I'i '>'! ^ll'xny. I -•. 

JCrw \..rk. V. 3*1 M..iitrii.I. 13 .Vi 

Forfiinht-r .rif.miattoii nl i»?i.-..t' >'sitrti. ..;«'. 

Main-l-'»'. ^lilvr.lnkee, ».'« k itrft»,l"^iVar«<. "T*^,!. 

!.y Utt-r to K B. ItTI^';r. >X, A;;c. t. I'.ot ,M. 
K. P.H t.-.h. UjiTst A sen I Cli-ilnl TlllllV li.illr. ;i\. 
I.. Mills iJ!i' \<«';l Temiiiil r, Mt' .1 I:,i|1w.t. 
J. II. Wlilttiiiii, "l.-n.-ral M.-si.tii P.tsieiifr \i rl 

• Irah.l I'riui II. I V..'rmoiit '>'itr ll Line. \.J iJ 

Aimrl.-an edlllnn. With Tw.iity Enur i- 
an.! « Portrait "It llie .\iillior. .Mus4lii. *I.Ti. 
r-t«ii IIC.>PP.i.PTiioFSiNbCo»lKS<>< I'll* (tre-ai WMk beeo ....'.I, so I tlij demand still liioreaa.'j. 

HYiiuoPiTHie Family Phvsicia.v. A lleady 

Piescrlhcr iiid ll»,-leiiV Advls.-r.'-'lth reference to t!ie 
N iiiin',Cau»-s. Pre*'entlon and Treatmcot ofDiw^anes. 
A'-. id.-iiK ijidC.isnaltl.-sof ev.ry kin. I. Ily Jo M^Ih-w. 
M. I>. Illnstrate.1 with nearly 30i) Eii«.ravlii,x. $1.00 

Pki\(IPi,k.« or PitY.siOLotiY applied to llie 

Preservation of Ile.ilth, rtiid to the luiliroveniant ot 
Ph»>lcal Slid M. iital Kduratlon. I«T Dr. A. t.'"i«t*. 
Tlii«. w..rV. h inf.r a longtime iM-enjustlv coiibl.lered 
tne of til* hr.Ht w.irks oii ien-.-rll Pbysioloiy ever 
MrA'.en. Prii.c $l,Ti. 

rinTnt:F..\; Tluir Hydrophaiio Mannpenient 

In'llithail D:i;i«.-.' A Ke-rip'tee and Pricll.le I 
\V .rk, 1. sli'..' I as a»iu..le f.r aii.l ' 
With nnmer-'ii' c >»s .|e«cril.e I. By .IvjcI I'l.e , M. V. 
lia... VJlug ». .Mti..-lin fl.Ti. ; 

PmLofti-ipny; or the d?jtie»| 

.if M »'i eoinlleret In Indvl D 'loe^itic. an. I So- i 

.d.-ii Cipaclil s. Uv I'.corcei'onilM.. K.-prlntel the 

IClliiliargti e llOo'i with the Autllor'»l«t.•^l . orotiions. 1 

Lsr.- I2IOO. fl.TJ. • 1 V : 

("oMBKd Lk. TII'.K OS I'llRKNOLOfiY. ineiudlll},' . 

llsap.dlcaf.ns to th« pr-Sent nn<f j.rosp. it 
tio-i ,.i the to't-ii ."<tal»*. wit'i nolv.-aul iiilru 
E»-av, an d a lli.t-.>rlca;. »1.74. 

Stomach, tJt'fraHtl Ilourlg. 

Cures Dyspepsia, Liver fMioplflljit, Jli ad. rlii'i.t:*;!- t 
Uebillty, .NervoUMieiis, liepri >s!<. ii ol ^plrll'« jiid 
patlon, Odlc, Interiniiiei.i K< veij;, ^.l..lll].^x, 
:?pat:ins. and all Coll'^ il elth.r.^o 
•risiiij; iroiii Bo.llly W raSlicKS nlieth-r 

iubereut In the »i!itriii or i^ro.iiKca j 

by . auien. | 

Notlilrij that ii not whol..s..iiie,i;ei!l3l .iiol rfiilorattv. I 
In lt» nature iiiterb Into the composUion of IKLVIKT- 1 
TEK'.« STO.MAt'M UllTKI!.-*. This poquUr preiar.dlou i 
loiiljliiu no of aiiy klim. no de«oi\ b-d iiiivali-le- j 
uieiit; hilt It Is • cotubiUH^K^i ul the extra. !.'> el are ; 
baI<aiiilo herbs .in.l plaiita «lttc purest and i.ill.iesiof all I 
dlllii>ive Ktlinulauts. j 

ll Is wli; to be lorcariucd a;:HlM>t tlUiniie, stid f far ' 
as the human system can lie pr.lict.Ml by hiiiuaii nie.iii> 
against mala lb-, en^jcnder l.y an iinnlioLsoicie .itmos- ■ 
l>here, impure water and id :.e rex erial '. 


Hosletlcr's Bitters ma\ lip rfliriloBasa.^aft-Cuaiil ' 

IndVtrlcla In'eHid with terer and acue,'! been ' 
fo|»ii I luladtlile lis a pri'\entiv. .iiid lT:rr»hlnliia.«« rem : 
ell and thouian i^ wli.. resort lo it tlii.ier »i.;' rlio .. 
an atiac!;, esiii|i.u:i- s.ourge: alia tnoguii. » » bo n. ;; 
Jill to ai.ill tluliiKilw-s ot protective tilinlllifs lb a.l- 
van •.•, ir." ciiree by a very l.rl-i course ot iliU uwrvel- I 
oils iiieii.iiie. Fev.r and Anue pailei t>, af.t-r bcli.t.- 
belli; (.lie I with qiiinliic for months lii\n|. uitlliufu. 
satiini..! v»itli;eeous alkaloid, i,re not uukI •> [ 
queiii y I !n..».'d i..|.ealta»-lHiliiaf. » dajabv iio.vir.i | 


Tiie ive.i?c .-tMmavl. Is rapid liiil}:oraIed ami thr.spl.'litr I 
re..tor.-.| by tlil« agreeable Tonic, mid hence It ».r.» 
won.ifis ill ,..«-« of I'lspepNia ai'd lii li-ss loidino... 
forms ■•{ Indl.ejitun. Aoilu,; an ii<etitl. aiol l.lllnI^^^ :.s IV ,'11 .i< iijoiii tii.. ijirr It als . i'lvai i.iMv ii 
lievts thfl'..nstipa(i.iij .ii|m rlii.ijd e-l b li reguinr aitloi. 
OI IhU .ll.'.jiive and se r. live orni.HiS. 

pfr-.oi...., ft'eld.-h.'ibil, II ibl.' |o .Vmi'.Uf att.vt., I.''-.- 
nesuSpliii tnd Fifi. OI'U.". tl'id prompt in.l D.rm.i 
tieiii r.lif from t'o- Hitlers. Tli,' ti»iiiuoi..> ..ii tlii» ,.oii. 
Is Ro'Sl .■.iiiiliiiiUr tr.iiii both seiiea. 

The a;;oii\ ..I Mllll..ij-i\.d. Is liotn.-.ll. »e y «s«u.s;...I l.i 
a »l igle .lose «t the Mimub lit, ali'l by <Hca-loi.|_r re,e.rl 
In; to 11, th.-r.-ti ru «■ lli« cmpluiut nny be pr'T-nl..!. 

Ah a €;t>>»4^i-s»i Tonic, 

noSTLTTKR .■^ RITTLIt.o pr dure ,.flr,t •« 1,1, 1, nms! 1.. 
expcrleiii ed or iviiio sseil !■•■ • re tin j .an be nn'j appr- 
i'iat'"i. In'k o| r.tinsiitiiiioo .1 W , a imh-. I'T' ni.stnr. 
l».c::>,.iiid lieblllFyaii.l liecrcpltii le.iri»'tiir ii.>dio|,i Kf^ 
II • X.-rilses till- .■:, , irli ii.ilu, ii.c. I>' tie .wi al.-»i ^ti' 
^lagef of all'llseaa.-s 1 1 operat- « a<a.lel!cliii . i.'ir-.ram 
M ,-ii til- pow.T'. •)! ii.inrr' .iri- rc'iii .', :i rat. aJ'r. 

eiil'r.eaiid r *I.tI|!.-I. Uinn. 

Las:, bu nut b ,s>t. 

Chine whatuvertf : 

Xlit-y are simple In ronslju.flwu, uud e.'»i;y ui<. e> 
ytood; and if any p-irt U br<jkeo rea.M jr 

These are I' r.^rrs. sud will go far to detci- 
mlne the choice of any mteld.-put buyer. 

Pldiu Oill and Kiaviine , jt $e%ii for Cir-ulur. 

N. B. Local Asenls wanted In sectiot.s uei )il 6«- 
cupltd. Ald-CKJ, 

No. ."<38 BP.OAinV \Y, NKW-YOllk* 

iMichisrau Central K. K. 



iit^ ^^ '•^f*y*~"^3s» o 


Tlii'trct i!.: -'.n-h route ij 
Pftroit. Torottio, Mont rtil,\i%tf^,ini Fu'lt, 
Hiiffulo, t'Aiiiiia, .-ilhinn/, 
Sprintcf, AV»r Yoil:, 

And sV. !■■!'. tn ll 

New Yo k. 
da.1. A 

N. w 



bfa\i'lle, Iiiiiianajiolls CicciDnali, i.iiuisiil!i 

.\M> POlNISlNtmiOi; KLN'irt K V. 

AyTralj'.sleaVf Ur<Mi t'.-M al Dui'f.t.Ci Vl,»',o" lIi 'i 
ill. HP.l I'.veninc, iiiakil'g cli'*' . •juni t tp-li; |..| a).}.i^- 

i;a»;'<;a«;i: t'liKCKKU 'rmtori^iL 


ant '^Ittfrn 

.t'-ui Vt.iriialuiA a 

fars n all .\i!;l!t Ti3ii.<. 

.1 II'.»loi» oil »',', Ii ; » 

11 i»flic>Oal)-:»'ur«f .SlliiiHl;:tif . 

: ueliip lonnnf.i.tnred from <..ii o! an,l |r. oi-.'oi .tmaferljlf 
I sml .Mitlrely free ir-iin 111.- ti. id .d me t» prr^. i,t m-.r.- .!■• 

1 It -s i» ill ll r llnsr> I'.ivl.-- md s'oni aiiii. Iis».i i: f dm. 

Xo laiiillr iii...|i. iiic has Im- ii *» U' snd. it io.i. 

betruly .id le l,'fnic>-''»/'i/ poul-r with tb. lotetlUeni p.-i- 

lioliol the couimuiii' < a< 

i III TAN'."* P. 

1 ot It.iv Trail's. 

i I'tiroiik-h Tl. kits for S":le .••! all oflln f o' «■< tilt g 

i llii''*. In Clii. .ICO. at I iiloli ofllie, In Ti , in.iiii liui ee 

' llloik.Midai 1>. p..|.|.».| .it L.ik ."in. t. 

i IL«'. WKM winnii, 

t C.ll'l Wefct. V.,t- . .«;'.. I I .11.. 

, Frt'iivh UrcakOiJ^t :iii'l l)iiitn v 




(")\vi>f; to llie v.-iy iiioji i rlii' >.i I'vH"*'. n' 

aiMl the itieNt .lilU. u l> In pin nriii.; i r t. ui II ■ 

ami r.liable ..r'iile ..iir cust..m.r.. b i . i .tilio .-xintf* 
a wi-.], thnt tbey < oubl U ^H^plied 1: vm Ural itatu's. 
«..h ?lie|n» ••! 

The Great American Tea Company 

I'oMHI.'d -MoRlI. 

Prtii.ired l.y IM: 
tt9-'*old l.v ab 
cveiy where. 

TKriKi; S 
l>ni;,-;--isU, I 

, Pllt.s'.ur/h. I'.i. 

an 1 M'.r kefpt r.> 

PlJnsi'KrTL.s Fo't iJ^fii 

toil.. .1 »'.rli Ily Tc.i tl .sli'f.'., 
. u.>liiiiierslii iiit: at a 
>iipply ihi'iii ■. Xi lii>,v.'ly i»itl 
coio 'nleii ;i.r tin i ■ i" . ..nif 
■xiif t'rjht >'i,.p<.»i'i(«i <t till 
T;i.<er Wii- p. -f. S-. li I.I lilt 
tilt t ciuld be I'liiiilKlied at 

t ul as w- have 1. -i" ►■ i jf 

■ tlist li.iM T.db (1 eii li» I * 

Tea :ii;d ('..fli e, I' 1>. ini: ll - 

t.. Ni w V' rk. II.. (tritit J .1 

• . ai I ^•-a^d I » '.iir 1 • • 

rm it ■■•li relaiiiii t-- .. « • r- •• 

H'o I pr c> «'•' 


I «'<><i'v<) 

wji! be arrt 
c. .igents 

Covl'-s f t It woolsor p«rl of ilo'^s' irorka, 
psstpildBT rill., r Kill, on r.-eeipt of tlie pr 
.eaiil.' I- Ad ireaa with bt unv 

iyy iii;oC» AV.."« 

FNION OF TilK WOHI.It am. .\r(;rs 

iinUi rsaUailstio tl..i ...iiid «i ti..- s.n:.- I^uie ..n. r.l 'b. ^. • 

• talbra ballll^ irnO ^ <■ 'in- I"" . ■ »i | e i. d « > 
I s'upply tli...-e p.irtbs Hit i'lflrt hut l—'-xir .< J> fuh'' 

• H lib our . i.<ioii<T» iFii.l ihfii »al.'» tl-' . t'.r. .». 1 '► 
-u- ll ar e\t.-iit ttiiit »• hsv. be-n r.ooio 1-d lo ii'sV* 

1 l»i.'- :\<blilloi,« r,, ..ur iioo li!i.i"y, »hl.b ll! i.i.ibb ii« 
I lo »l»|'Pl« .1 f"W «0'»e cilsl.'Ult Tf- %»llU ll. V. c wli. :1 c *• 
' or< ».-nd It loltm.H.- i> ho niJ.< o:d. r. 




At Wholesale Only! 
\\' A Tail I : s ti- J i: \v jo l. u v 


u- I 

ljv;e3i prices for ca 


Chicago AMil-waukeo Ry. 

L'liut I'ltitrd Statrt^liiil ^\• l^pre/j Itutitr 

r Panillle . givtiig matiy A'.ilujble 
i'li'g l>|i»as.' aii'l Pr.-n.hcli.r |,||. _ 
lions ill • s«-< i>r -Hier .■•!:' 1 . tr.ii, 
nt ll \ I'i.!s«.;,ii,t-..'|.. .an. I 


IHiliittx i-iu III foil liar laiiKUaiie tbe .'in>fs. Si mj 
!■• '•■». Tr-al o-iil a'd I'n..- ..f the I>i<.-n>. - in. |.|..iit t., 
Ne 1. >V..rn-o. aH'l L'liIMrfn ; Tog. th. r w If h a Tr.».iil.'. ' 
•■I l*\'- Pis»io'ii t'ld l!'r..ttiiiiK. s;.li ai. I.<>ii.-, l|op..,.l», , | 
A(f;ctto!i, Aiig».r, Jealo'l-y. tin..', P-ar. iN-spilr. At .,- . 
ric-. niu.ity. rio-ertuliie... ., .. sIiuhIik thr ; 
J -laaeiic-j vf the Mtil.i vu ttt'- BihIv .tj 4 •■ ,aae of licalth : 
••r Ui*'Ht- . \\i'. 

kvVVl'V;iioc';.«Xm.^!.i:^»eMt:'i";^nal.e a. tdlni.ire perfect n^ slid , y n.a...ts. tUTl.^ I.r..|y | 

*,,!^M;e.^V.sVi'V.:."iu..;;V"..Vl4ea.:...n r .hf»,.a.aprice * -ii: fr.. ln-le a.. i.n.p,.l.'...n 
PUKM.- ->!•.». S<>.-tf»e.'OiJ;l.l 


i. .HeVt^lllK I .» 
i. .•.••en') 1 1> 



: $iIS. 

, a fae »lmlt» <»f »tie alutT ciit- 

>.n»r*. n ■>-<•» ••••I rl*"'" ease SJV. 

r .irid'-.-r ii.ra,'n..*ew • 'd he^vv m ..iblin-j 

r.>a:i.U •ffti. o»<*-«l l,..uls.\IV ,lilejw, 
t'lHILlK.-* sK^r TKir. 

The Only Iteliable and .Ml-ltali Uoule 

Ti Tur. 


Aiidtbeonly lii.e >Ij :1ns >r UK C'lN.^ i:n IONS. 



L sf! all Ifte Prll • 



«»T Lst-!all Ifte Prii • p.ii K.nie.H. . i:st .1 111 tlie Tr.-..t- 
in.!iit tf IV«eusr. tiK-l*lini: nt.rli Pire lluiHlrel M.-ii- 
e.«l PUnU. ilerne, ami V-iMe.lli:.<. w:lh .1.... 
iTtptl >it»..f IHr— . tl..Tj,f..r I'r. ^-irr.-.- .sii.| t'»iii« ■ 
» .fiti. With an ^Uruaiil ai«d t'.w-re.-i I.UiMi-.-^ »i ibf! 
Autlior.; By Ju«!« (Miris. M I> l.-n:^t|il.-. Kt . *.-.. 
tHwr.M t Ml .<M wor'>, know I aa'ila'o • OoiocuSt' *Ie..i 
do-." with a ■'upplwrneolirr Tri>*fl».- ..-, 

Aisalunej-, Kkj-BloIoKy Matt Il>|;rne. 

NIlt.SlN** 1 HI. SICK. I 


W th Miits.>n th" "Irai'iaie .>f p'»i il.s.-s.the priip-r v»y, 
til ili.i'i it .l.*elljiixs,.tc.. makl'ig a larre v.tlnnif .if .n »?■ 
|i»» pa •. -. w.lh ml .i-eoi!.* ...itfll en,Tav|:i;;» au.i ill«iiir<f 
tHtna uf lit -Ileal Pl.tuts. .tc. 

tl Is » : i-!V..i tl>sl lii» kt»ow:iN|/» 1n>[vin».| in »lie«e 

t»i-» m the baw4 of Pbi-^i.i|.>.y aii.t Health, i|ii.u.:h l> 
• iH I Plain ant faiaill.ii rtyle.iri.i ,„. worth more l"in» 
"1 ' ihiii lb • w i»i.* co>r .if the tv. .k. 

tnt « .i-brfBl incc-ss wh'vli '.ii* ait<-ndtsl lis p'e<eni- 

•tl«» I. ;».s b-.,'i> An ev .r-priainit ll live l.i ui tk> ih. 

w irk *- ne«-ty p^rf-ct In IIj eoiiteot».-a^ ;hlT 
»:«;it«l t > HI r w.ints ..f th'^sr f..r wli.isf iwni-tti llir Aii- 
t 1 .r l».u «.iit.:n. as po.s.sible. When tive ha> -d tlo.u- 
•an 1 p.r'i>le sre iislui; « bo.ik, the 'act boiiw impress an 
»ilt!l.>r wit'i .t Mrjnx sense ol r.-sp.>H.stbl!itv. 

In ta* i'r-*'"nt eilltb'n, ni.sny disetse- are metit»..Ti#«l 
'■•: ih.! ar«t tini- ; ^tl an ei,il,.e!y new f r»,iti.«i' l» ;:.T««n. 
t^r.itlii:: a co.nplet'! iini le to the n^eiiieiit ot th4 
•j-«ri»n>: l«ti-hlntt1e -ful rea-lt-r. I isl " ll'iw tn 
S*' i.*X t'lIC "iH'K ;■' th»ii which but frw iLlnvs . ..h be 
w .-n n» ■iu.'..l->il* .'r .Iffin'de. To tedn e .^uif-rlne. » 
u- til it" ■» niM.» iols»'..'i : .^ne that th.- tfitter s » tt 
l-»«', %-vi ni»iiy"{"i'i >t.' t r;.T. .^'loul'l n« tifel— 
Ti«s miy th." v.l'i;n ; ni <re elt-ar.y than ev.>r .|.-iii.<ii- 
Kite 'Is /"c*! p *."ii'i! ii--inliie«s t.. If iniiuinerabloa'l- 
i'l'-'f . «n.! aver wl leiilns: . Ir. b- o' frl- n-l-. 

f J- w .r*; c.»«l<»lt'it.-? a complete i'lmily .¥'<iiV'iJ t.i- 
hrtfy ■ PlIY.Ml'l \\ IN TIIK l|i»r.'«K. r.-a > i- he c.n- 
s«.t-M it »-»y iiv»'i»-'nt, wliei iinblei di>.-as- ao'l uiifore- 
k-en c«»i!tlli'» re-nb r luiiu dial.- re'lcf the one thiiii; 
VLi jtit for «'e>»e aH .-Ist", 

file pk«-ip'e arhen tl>ey wiice n-vn siHl have read the 
)te>V are as r.-s-I.e ^s the pal>)tihei* t ■ sty t. nat it Is nnr> 
<l'ta*l« 1 bv ».ie other w->rk "f lh» klo'lln esl..|en.-e. 

WITH ' »n? 

Ml. h fe ,1. R. p.. f Racln.- A M!«i I 
M..-'.* N.I. P.. I!. It 1-r 
Pt"l.»: »t.VViyii« A i i:*..dt, 

Calca.'o U. K. Pre-i«rt. 

f'ln- «|r Line 11. U. : liaien.s. 

:i|. Louis, tlt'ili i I Inibuoiie, 

ChI.-a<o U.K. L-nsrl. 

Ill.t>ii'. R.U. land li.lerme llati 
an'l .Ul wtbi rlin > I station*. 

; AT KI^No: 

I n I tH 

V K-w .b.i l: i I. 
i. i;. K. fsr 

1 <!• iio.i,, 

1 ar.'. ItitfeineJiati 

I Rtat'oi.* 


i.tironxKus of 

CLASS & EARTiiKX WARE.i^'^i^K.if^^::,:'::::::::' 

t^Daily tralm. bave' eeln tllreef .viiinrctloi 

iiiltti lr.:ioair.m tiie X'olhWMt .''.r I'M. ..»". >iakli ». ..> 
<u*t<l tltne a>aoy other Ui> 


TiKtl.P.PiS IN 

A. V. 



. ri.ket A:- i'.. 

rj Mr 

ri}!0\ OIL AND TiAAiPS, 

t'l..iTKD W.IKL 


ST. P.VIjI., - . - - 


Ml I . w A I ' iv 1 : r : n k w s 

FOR 1865. 

Arioi .iM.l '"oiiiitry M.r.-hants. P,-.llari. Tr»! is. Pnl- 
p-rs, ill Hteii.-r.i liealem di. make eiioriuou»pr..nts up 

III! ,1 SMSll'-ll'-MmWHtl 

.IpHi'iryol -ir patt'-rn or quality and In a«y qnanilt" 
lua.b I" " Ca' K»ll:ii»i.-s Pt .sny d !►« .i w .rk fur. 
idslie'l. »<r Pait^uliratieidioii pill to II. K Am 
lio .,-. r.., t''i'iii'..y IV'llar.-, tnliaii Trad>-r., and Army 

Iieali-rs. ..... 

All >lv|e o' i>i.-N msnnfacture'l.such as Inventions 

ell siiort ii'i'l. ••. **•'»••» If 
a •mall .-ai'iial,.:''. Ilu.l . ou»taiit 
raf-1 II-' s a'' I mil partiiul.srs Ir"-. 

Tiu: pr.»k:tth tiik kktailkr is vf.iiv lauok 

A wU.iieiMil« .i.pply cab b.- < arrbd In » kn.ip-a. k , ban-l 
eal»* •. ■•■ «« i"t l.a.-,aii.l will iiftl be lik>t b.>uks !Ulk> or 

in. Oii***'ilrlit t.-cl'T} f;-ofli I- t.. p!a.. .'. 

Hi Mi.Mii; K \\oTlti;p. iHi.Nt; ! — 'I'hix bu.Mnes!! 
isstricJly liimornbh' I ;.*-^- There i.< no need 

01 inisr.-i'VsM tins Ol exa;.-r.ii!iii:. '.lur £ood» sliow for 
tiiciii<»lv.->. aiol pio .e Ibeiiiselvcs! I 

it IS r. 'iii«iiie.« in Which an ample and s.ilU'irtory 
e.jnv.i . ol I- .;.* ii !• r tbe ineiif.! .snd .I'l en- ^ 
i...u«riii.; jir -ft' l» ('"■kitid al the Kaiiiillmt. Itl.iatii 
oc'iiip Iloii ill wliii L ir» i.ereon lOfd be airald or ishamC'l I 
III c.u . I s ll.'- » 111! • a.-id a^ilii nU'l a siii.l'.r »"••!>• om e 
onrif..t O ir- ltiiri..:uce.l. a jieruiato-ot Jird coiilliiiiuua I 
.IcmaielK' r'- t -i. . .. . ! 

To S'd. l-is ill III. Aimr, '.r thnKo nt home d's.iMed I'> , 
the b.i-i'jlilp o: " ir. to '' irsyii.eo i n' i.t br.i th. leach I 
Ts, P-'floiaft-rs, or .-iiij per».<ii wlio wl«'ie» filbir loci.1 : 
■r an a. V ■•' -i op ii aii, .m i om- that i.i in : '^ lib it 'inrst ■ 
pccixunv i.-spv.i.Mi Ml", tut* pr-s-'ots an ..ip-iriuiiPi ; 
lit t'lm met mill. Try It ! An.l s-e l..r y .ir.. 1 ■ e- 1 ; 

Cart-fiil'y srJe fd lots 'f .Iewelry.ciiiiliti>lii-."'iiT new. 
eststi eiini 111 i-t .lit ibl.- variety ol ?oorts. « I'.I I.f sn.t ; 
tnyw iier.- In tie Lovai .'^tates. We "re C'> istantlT IlUlii:; 
•r.Iets fi'im I ers.ns lea»ln< the chob e of lto« Is wholly 
witii lis. lo »ii. h we iiroiiilne tin- 1" t.t ,\er<l-e ol our i 
I4st« and jii-l-'iueiit, aiol from 'inr lonj; exptTlenc' can i 
insure satm'ait.oa. VVesitViio pay In sdiaii. .-. bI ite | 
what istyle aU'IqiaMtv nf ti.jods ar- wauio.l. .in.l we will ^ 
•end the •.sill.* ao.l ...! ei I pay by E>. pr..-i- al Ihi. cu'l of ■ 
tk* Ba*te. 

GOLI» \\J» ejT.VPR "W tTCrirs, 1 

Oool»-iis ind nixnufact'ired in tlw best man- i 
ot-r, of p'l •.: iiial lis', ai; vr.irraiited al prln-s fi .|:i *Io lo I 
92.'.Oea.'li. .'••Ill snywh'Te— pay rolleii'-'l I'T P.»pr<-ss.— I 
.^ailafa. tion miavaiiire.l! All watches sttlrft prices ; they 
Udiiic ..I ■ Ul .»n I p-irtstlon. 
Orcul ir> tree •■< •■ mai'. '. .*end f.-r t'lem ! ! 

T. A 11 l.Ar<;HAV, 
Mannfact'O-ersan I lmt>'.rl.r«, 
v: til0 3m Tir. Bkoapwm .NiwYoKX. ' 

nv h«i-e refal ! I to part wit'i it ior.*«s .\iel • i^h ttn tin 

f|§[_*i><.1 snly by "ItJly tr.t'mrlt ••! 
talaaji* Ihr »iu i U.oti!ietl.T-«. -r 'be 

Ia*>.'Yal .-Vijorit ti»r S>.'c«it t."«>i»»it>- 


*-'o'». in 1 not fth- 



;3PCi ESpOU-I TW COtLLV. T jvv»:r 1 CO.,: 

Wholesale Grocers aud Commission ^lorehaiits, 

Importrrs of aisd Uralrr* tm 


Bfiwffn LcTff & Third, 


Jarkson St., 

InU^iial R^'veuuo Notice. 

IV Ttir liFPtRTMKNT OKrir.AnC. WINr..«. Ir, f)li; STOCK will lk FOrMi LALOr ANP vc 

Or-t;« '''»tv':c:ii r>Tt»'»a 
m »»i<r.. Mt:«:»., .Mankat.'. A'l 

.-.t<h. !*>». 




ST. i>A.TJL. ..... Miisrisr., 

In sites the attentlob of purchasers to the lartestaDd ketteelerted tlork CTer bronshtt« Minnesota. eocsUtlcf o 

Dniga, Medicines, PainiSy Oihj Turpcniinej WindcK Glass, Putty, 

And every article conpri^td in a well filld Drug Stoie, tai assures all of saliefactionio erery 
re!7^t. T3nl6:ly 

"\f T'ST'^W T^^SO'J -kV TIIK y<ai IM*, In every lidDt of view. prAmtaes In be 
-*-•*" 1 f«r thiscuunirv the |.|«»t iiopir'ai.t period thai t re r 

\ constitute t all epoch In the p.d,tUal aoi.sls of uianklmi. 

I A prcal.l'-ut al e.ectbtn ts to lake place It the coustin tluti 
1 Isiiot whully lknore'i,aiid the minpaltrn. In v!ca oi the 

' t,-ravlty ol the UaU- S at .take. iMU.tle one of Iran 

! cen.lent liileresl, the tirt at i:elieMl»n lla»-If-- wUos«. 
•iread sairia'-ea.,! lltr aiil wealtl., ••. .l«rl.en our larol 
ami "tir bopi'S — may pus^lbiy euiiuiiinte.siid when the 
blosly tra..«ri;y Is tended, th-emi'lre ..! reason restored, 
then win peace have her baitirs tonnht.her Tlttoiler lo 
achieve, "no luss reiiow ne'l than war." ToaC' an iatrll- 
(«ul and reaUy patrl.<tlc part in this latter . ut.tesi, tbt 
public miti.l b« loo thor.'UKhly Infurbied uf all 
the arsuiuents sUKSot'C by the tbanceliic phases of 
the crisis. The liupelu.islty af p;.SNioii, tlie Incubus ot 
pr.Ju Ice, the rancor ufaectlonai iiatr,nimst then all glee 
way. If, toncettliii: the pas:, except lor thesoleum le»..'i.s 
It Uastausht. we WMiii.l act with a wise retard to the 
• Interestsln the fuiureof our whuli: people and •ur 
whole C'luiilry. 

It will I* the mission »(tbl» iiaper. In Its pAiplleal 
departmeiit m »-lle evrry ftttiuit .ii>p.,rmnlty tn Im press 
Its readers with these oomuus faitsali.lprei.are the pub- i 
lie for tlie ifreatt-r wurk. which must ueeUs succeed tfce 
desolalkin of arms 

The Ol hr r departments of the paper— rears, mtPceJlAay 
m.irkets, Ac.— weshallalmto make still mure laierealinc 
and useful, so that It may always be a wekonie giie»t at 
the latollv Ore-I ;e. ^ ,. . . 

Now t* the time foroiirlrlends Ihrotishont the state t< 
busy themselves in g.ftlnit up club-, rm-wine IndlvldT 
al subscription*, and Interestlmt theniseUv generally t/ 
elteiid oiircirculatlnii for the co'iiln? year. All suci 
•■To ts will be thorouKhly appreciated, and loay be pro 
durtive of nofh noort 

NUTS. WlNF-S. Ac, 


Wheeler £c Wilson's 

■ TIIK WOKLD. to «!•!. ll the XiwY rk tr.,,'/-/ .t-y"' 
1 bur iM-eH u ilii-u. Iij.« ii.-m. n\p times tl.r uKki-Kal.- i li - 
j cul-ll'iii ol aii.i II -111 .rrat'M .ir i-iins"!'- i*. n. \» s|...|,vi-. 

It .i'l'IrrM'-e wteki.i a'...»« m.ire tliar Ht.i' 0' JUll^• rli-iri, 
and 'itnsi.niil |.iiri has ra nm »eai he» ;.t ee#t /.ir'f o tmf 
I'loii reader^. \\ Itl, Ilir -I .,.iy If,. ».■«.. • .i, ri. .-Iiluii..! , 

w;liii:b il i.i.rt . I Ji,>p,ib.-..r 1,1 niiiriswilli- I e iiuubU.i'. 

] N dlllll^• lis- ili,,i, iliiK >b..ul.i sali^'i !i«...i \ i .. bt-Uev, 
I tiiat the ..Illy hop'- i.f rt'.i.rlnii th- I ide|. .,i ii ijii .-lu 
jib" It., ul III.- l.'.ii.Iltutloii ..ver n lion .tlsTr , i.-.J ii.| 

■ dlvblfd rouiil.y. !;e> in wrt-pllbk powt-r tit. I. 
ot ib-'i, ll il-. I fiui.iii.i.Mii !..'► Iie'p'-.i t. •).,.., ..; '. I. ; .- 
.11 I pi..loii(, il„. w.ii. toat lo sii on pli.b ij.,t ni-! 
nieair. 1- •.■i.ff, I V. J.. ii.i..otfii>l,.r, tbi Vjb a»d. sn.l 
eiilerprls.iii- I't V s,.ii|.,i.. i-l vUlid po ti.iil 1 lioW 1. d;;e 

j amoiiv: tlie «.irKlr< i.lti. thlukiug ni.-'i, ami tlie v.. 

• llnic Uieti ,A (1,1 .Ni^rtb. 

! Kiiterpr'se, li,.|ii..|ry nU'l iiionoy « III t.t- llbi-raty » x 
I . en le 1 io 111 lk. il,.- \\..r-, Hie bt-^i luv-j . ;,.-i ,\, .tui.-ri 
I 1.1. Its ill ll, 1 ,i,i r V. ly |..,rt .d the « .-rl.. » HI be . aril- 
I .iii.iaisioinil. . W li, rr». r ilff telii.ra|>b . ii. r.i.: 
I ro.iils im or Me.nilioi I- |.l.t, ll «MllK..ti e. til.- .'I. .1 « 
: tidlli<.-iii e. It hiialsr.:e .1 fl of ai i ..ii.|.i!il.eij ■. o r s 
i |..i idi'llN V Itil .lil I lie Hf.ov ll aruil'S, \v i.k .-. l.i teie^ll^l. 
' iiol « rite l". us till- l;.t ••I 11. \v- ir"m Ho i .u ions <• .its ,.t 
I tt-..r. it I'oir. s.."ii lei.t.ait'l r port'r... in ■ > rr.i puill- 
j I a .1111 lOmin.-r. lat . .-nil,- In \m. .ii.-a«,i.i l.ut.p. .« Ii..>e 
.li»(. tell".. Will l?!ai.. Ill iiii^ic wor;hy or n.itt. niikiit>»'ii 
iii>.i,sliu' CI. r*». wlili !'• •'■• rt-silers. 
mpl... iiit-nt! llmairt | The MAIiKUT I; P.P- lUTS oi tH.- Hbr'./are ni.,„ .nni 

I pl'i.f Ibaii tl ..I iny ..»!,. r lo^»^llup. r. Tiir K.litort. 

Iiivile c.iiiipirls 0.I1. tills re^p"cl aii-l point V. tbe repoiV 

■d til- Cat lb- *l iri. t , t o- , r il .ind j P .. in,e 

.Mar'et-. aii'l I'l M'.ot-j i|.,r ei ll. Its 1 ' 'uini.*. spi—.t 
"I it' ex. ell. u. e ill tlil< ii. 1,.-, I. The IP r/r/ 1.;., .Ij... • 
»|ii.l ll i.p.iiti' .|. ll e.i tl. ALrl.Ui.ur. , b.l'-il wll, 
i-.iltorlsl art 1.-1.-1.. . iiiiinuiii. aitoio' p«i tn tl i.irio. r-. 
in I SI- 1*1 tc 1 Ill/ill r, iii.ikii,:: s \.iiualile (in.l ii.,-ial p -p r the tiirin.-rs J'l-I m.-i h.ini. < li tb'- • "Jiinty 

Tilt- 111 wlii. il ih.- iisii-.ii is 1 im.ii,-.i rijalii.f 3r3w-'l 
ati'l iiiiatii ited K"it.-I>, .iiol ibe ridbsl poli-» <il ihe a'l- 
iTiini>iia(l.i>i -A- ll. ll |i .)!..:.;.-« ll, b-iv.- coi'»|.ir.- ! ". brinn 
I IX. III. r upon oii'- |-lili«i-m al. . '.iiser\el .« , I'lii-.n J... 
!nx aii'l t'.»?i»lii uU'-ii b.vliii. 1,11-11, ot Mii.t. -. f r :...fiit-r 
name aii-l 1 .-tr.. <l. M.n,; ..: i',...s' n im, w- 'li'n tl..' IImiIi. 
.1 III.- Const. |i. tl" r, I'lulit tl r b.-t'lis 01 |t|.- >- IL.i |.".s 
U idvr 'lie lea'l-isl.ip '.I fh'.".- pairlut r tt.stes'oeti of oil- 
-rsn.l b -t'er •l..y>. II. 1 r. 1 'av .ml I».iil'-I \t.-i.» ov, t.,. 

piln* ipler » . I. tl 
all. I tV ill! tm L. *l«r. y. -s.. 
IH> Wll i'l I an I Ml, .be 1 \ . I>i>u .las. tiov.' »la.'0 s "iitu. t i 
to shoul'i' r ui.'Oi ih.i-iiii. pL;t "'I' .iii'l n;..i. r till sal,.. I 
ti.iiilii-f. Th pi.ti.irm I- a p' ilii ":..:. ll i... l. r- '■ y* //,< • 
t',ii"V,ii''tiut'iiti t/'* #'oi,..ti*,e'i».7., '!?.</ './/o/c.; 'At l*>v**.- \ 
Wll u.v.-i iiial'.c* f •! tiii< .-Ji.:. Ill- ■.\riils.. ut \i.->',,,T i 
li.e oollc* ot ..iiii lli.ti"! .Ili» Mi.r/'f w.lla'li .•■ . t- ; w.i.,r- '. 
.vr iiiak.-s M.-aliist il.llo lloi/" wl;l 'ipj.'.st. 

II will''|,p fi-i- .'iifiiiyio TIIK I XliiV. w'ieil-,1 r 

.srme.i In r.-bel ioi. .11 t.. rt. stii ..r Psi toual; puntiiij: 
I tli<- -.-"'It of 'liatl'iioii .in; •-.■.s.-nliui dia!^ .it im- 
1 N.irlii. 

U » III op;,..,c .-v. r» v'ol ,tlon oj TIIKC'l.N.''Tn I TION 

i Wbl. ll 1% til" oil '.I il-.l».- alll l»ol.| of irili-.n,*!! : ..11' "oil 

ailth-.rit.v lor I'Xhoitli.K ur coliip.-llln;.' lb.- al!i ;i..I.n ot 
I llie .-iouili. 
I II « ill opp( .-e .-v. r» 'ufracf.on .. TIIK L A V- : 11 hiirl 

pi-.. '» or III I...V, by :-.-. ktrs- ;n I lids 'Hi id i.artl-a'-s.or 
I by thi- a.ln>liiU'iN'l "I .vVtcii has litiii C ■■.» ■•.%.'mi.if. 
j It will f ■irl.-<-lv ' y-T> '*•- tlo' T,t"l:m 'it Vit /',» t ; It 
I will rol SMlit^ ,liplo.|'> lli.l .Iclclio iV»<""i»« ■;' :-ft-U AW-: 
I Fi-t'iii'tH <tf /t-ilht. 

To the la» le<f «< t« of ihe a.lri>*iil-lr»t;.i»', ',ts ar'.itr ry 
'and •nju-.l arI•^t< Kt,.i e.\p.t -i tp-ii. Its ib i.i.i: i- tbV 
. rl;:lil to the wr.l'.t /iil'»-<(»cu/p.'». It- llb-„»l proialliali'ilis. 
Mt- abr..ff:itl.»n ot .-ll'. ami it<|.r.i| Uw«, lis derpoib- ae- 
' . umulatlori nf um-iiiiet p wirlU siibver?. ••i. .t the 
sil'Ifii.ird- if HrH iinti jtTUmnI lilu Hu.W. will ■ onstnit'} 
a- the letter ai'l tm >pliit "I "Ur iUirem.- Jji-. mm 
o-.i<y fif s<.iiii'i.|o,-irliie,n .ti: .\nieri< an ir.-enier. 
I s'l.ill '.' runs -.I t" li.e r«i iiver> ol th.-ir rljbt .ibelr iib 
! crit's. tbfir I.iws. «ii.| their liiiilu'i w-l'-iia'ai.. i.l 
I C'.i .rniii'- it, by the r-'.-l-tless di clsion n: oall-ii . 
' ns-fowidly lmpre>scil tilth the 'le.ire t;>en(itrlbiait'-Kll 
I that It liny t'l tbe work of lids (.'nat ^.•'l^ eriiiiit Ilt.-- 
'l•ln•■ly. to resUire oar n-tloual Isidly.and io jkJai < the 
I L'nite.i ;ftates «»alii r.)ren;.ost amorn the|..ii? nf the 
i»h. and firs' itl tbe peace, j.fospe;!t3 "'' I happ n. s« 
iif I's pe-iple- Till! W'lKIb *e':kairoin Ib'is.* isho dt-slr. 
siicii tliliiK* tli.'ir .sym)..)tiiy an.] support, sti'l, abov e all, 
the favor of lllin who . niwiis ever) g'.o'l w.,rk. 

I II is' Fa-l .'^np'Tcediti;: nli oth.-r Tpfl" .•. 


i ThLsCofl. » b.«s Ite, ll os'.-l f- I mort t'l '1 n .'»«•« !»\ 

P.irla. aii'i sill, e ll- lull ifiuiib.n int" this ..a nix it lo.* 

I Ite'ii in tise 1.. som4 .1 tbe badi'iK l'r'»«cli F." »t I'.r .iCs 

■ ii.-ie. The I'srifiao, 11 . .al.l I" I.... Ih le-t Iims. » 'I ej i 

■ lc«-i and li \or In * h it isli-l.i l-.i Ib'in I- f •» 
' lost ri-eomiii'iKljtb'i. ■I'll b.- t-.l tor U- i.i • 

Itni.r .-in.ll.e I'lbi- ' If.. It i.t.-.n ibi l.uii.. Ii ^:. t- m. 

tVf pnt 111. b I .'lie >.'riolf ot HO* t ••1 .•• .amltV .\ \r "' t 
•in.ility tli'.' onr . iniomei sli .ve f mil tr.'ii' e\pio>.. 
^ill . i\e pt rt" t (.iisro'l-in and li.erl all ilo i.i n ai • s 
"1 thilrtrtid-. It 11 ihv prlc. th. t » r c«:i ft . . n ■ 


\t e -if, all «"ir l.ilsllu'S- on Ihe n.osi^ . sralf.'i.T 
|.\ the care ■ »i"l si 11 -.t 01. 1> tw • re t. 1 \r f iiin' i-r- il' 

\V.. put Ui' Ibis Ci Tee iTi liirrels lon.i . oi I i f-.-Mi •* 
e«. ll. This mrlb.'.l of piittlni: it up sa\.s l|oio 2 to '- 
ct-nis per p'.uo.t »o ti.e < i.s^iio r. suit I } r.« ■rf'iiiK in •» 
;.iii.-e 'liiBiiiWi it I't.'iiis It* ft II ll I 'i li'tc I I' t'.ta 
|..rm I an In any other. tVe s.-ii.l Hill, i-ai h b.-.m 1 «i...«i 
. ar'U. . ir< ular- am' p' sti s. I" '►-! t 'lo- .lt-..l. 1 t-. in-' 
line-- d to Ids .u-t..ln•r^. M >■ lo-pe oiir . Wrl' no r »i:i 
tak'- pill k 1.1 b: > •■ I'll 111 Well p. s fl i p an't -Jlsir.l ult . , 
■IS It Wli! I»- t'l tlieli .I'l-. 111. I. li' t,. do »' . 

Tln-ColVe' w wirraiit t., irtvi-pi-ro-i 1 n.tUfactioi . i.i ■! 
'.t itd.iein'.i, ilii piiibiKi I ,s th- I Hub ,-- f 
rt-lariilni: li.e i. iu'li- ..T ai.y .1 It • tbli tf 1 .!.'>•. o I 
lia« li't Ills UiMi-.i re'illi'l' d. tot.ll.i t >Mt!i all tiii. . .\i #1. 
»e- ..f lrsll^|l. ft .»lo" l"ili « :•' 

tV. l^.sue a pr.ce iln ulni e»«.LrTe»< .11. «1 f < Jf. . ».»b".< ■> 
» an- rttd 1-. !■' .11 •> h-'Vt.b ll.-C..«i: i;n'.fs -.f 
C,iTt.-e sh'd'l enMiIre I irili.- trfi^il Jlff'lJ'rimirtl'im •' 
f'Jttr sii.l be t.ur.- th .1 I' l« pitri b. 5 it ..I the 


i<»ui.Ti;rs \>|. j'.iiiiKli', 

• .1 i;.V«n ■'•'• -i "T \ . s ;■ .••"t..>. e- X'W- . 

Fish's Lamp Heating Apparali:^ 

liiILIN(;-rRVIMi-H11 \\ INC 

Till: rt.lMl TIllT LKillK 

STI 1 VI Ni. 

iilk la.oM. 

t\ r. ri 

.-e liT wllii tin- iii.i.-, < .ih..i- 
• 'icb paiibits IV JaikS"! 

I *r !• r 
• n ;. . V 

a'l'l.nH'" ' 
..,f./.- Irte 

oppi.a- t 
: tlie a'lvc 

j J KKMS. 

I HiIlT WoBLb.— Sntifcrll.ers oy mall, t8. 
i r'rvi-Wr.cKi.T Wosib.- .«!ncle anhsrrlbrrs. j er «nr.i:m, 
j tl <J() ; Twi c>;.l.-s '" "lie .iddress. t.-, uO: Tiir.f . '■pte< 
I to one ad.lress, $7 .Vh Klve iopii-.»to une a-ldre s il: Ol>, 
'■ Tell copit-s tu our ■• ..«, $2J Hi. 
WrniLT WrtKtn.-Slntle subscribers per annum, f* f«. 

Klve <op- 
-« C'j nil--- 


Tlie circulation 0/ The News Is now anezampled In in 
past, and Is exceeded by ihat ot uo other » iscoush 

Already we are enable.! to present the paper lo ne» 

type and an Improve.! lortn by tbe ;;ei.erous ekertlon; 
of Us a contlouaitce of this public-spirited 
al.l will eoiwire corresponding cffur'.s 011 our part to en 
hauce Its valtse. 

TERl«?- ^ ^ ,^ 

After this date, nntn further notice, the teraif of Tbe 

Milwaukee New.s will be as Ibllows: 
DAlLV-Serxed by Carriers at W.O© P«r snsrt*T,er M 
cents per weik. ily mftll, $4 lor *1* i»ouilis, |>,M 

for three ittonttia. .._„ . 

BEMI-WKKKLY-By mall, $4,80 per ye»ret tX,00 for 

six months. _, . 

WEEKLV-aingle copies $J.'0 per year. Clubs of tre 
tl,M each per year. ,^, , . 

tf All BHkicrlpUooi are Itvarlsbly peyable la M- 

'""" LY05*PAVl 


1 15,000 

or them in use ia this country 
and Europe. 

TbcM are the onijf maohlnos makinf 
Ihe Lock Stitoh wiih tbo Rotating 

Are profitable and civailable a life 

Egual to ten •eamstresaes. 

An annual dividend of 1 00 to 600 
per cent (on their coBt) may b« obtained ia 
oae — bjtneir possessor. 

^The Class Cloth-Presser, (ao popa- 
SI,) can Qol/ be bad witb tbaae Macbioea. 

rlgot and If thcv do not operat--: well it Is because people 
arenot fully lnstmcte<l In their use. AU Madiima* art 
Warranted. (Md/uU intlruetiont giten. 

as^ An persons owning Wheeler k WIIsmi Macblaea 
can have them proper atQiuted, and full iDSir^Uoaetven 

ttueWH." " 

In tnelr use Free vCkarge. by calltng a 


iwiLSON ROOif^.ln the Greenleaf Block, ihlnl street 
Bt. Paul, a few doors below the Poat OfBce, 
A large stock uf iiewlag .Machine SUk of all kinda for 

''* F. M. JOHNSON, Agent. 

tatf-tfii ho.3«i Tbird Street. Et. faal tUaa 

riire- rople.. Tad'lr.'s* •■'ii each naprri W (* *>. Tencoplas. tliOii; Tb"iii> cup 
addr- s») tss 00. I 

Clahs of twenty or over can lis ve Bil'IreKS put on rach j 
pap?rforan ad'litl' ch.%rKeof ten ceiit- .' j 

For every clBb of twenty en t-Xtra copy will o« a'ld'd i 
for theiretter up of the citih. , 

f 01 every club of niiy. the Semi-Weekly, and for every i 
Ctub of one hu .re'l, tbe dally will be eenl, when re- j 
quested in Ibu of the extra cople^ o( the W'.-ekly. i 

Addition* may be mad.; at any time at the same rale.4. 
P.-ipers Cannot be cbaticed fiomone club I'l aiii.lber. | 
but request of the person onlerlft»t the club, an>l on 
receipt of ftfly cents extr.i, single p ipcrs -^ill b* taken 
from the ilab and sctit a separate a<l<lress. 

All orders be accompanied by the cash 
Adilreaa J'liK WOlil.p 

New lo 

_ s e • ny th" llitro- '.! 1 oor.>v..-i. li.nip. tt tl,. i 

i a •-•-■ifs ^••' til it ..ll. a v rv cobii.til.iMe br. lul.iH . 

.looke.l. « • s -,V. 1'. Tiif-vnt: 

t \ • • « (l||ii,ilr ill CO' slmellt.ii. e.isl!y t.-».t In 

• t r'-a..v ,1.1 i.s" .11 .1 n"'il eiit. • ••* I 1 t '. 

on hii'id. " • * ~ Iti-iiital'C' ar^''t"f- 

• « •' rWh's I i'»i. I- ..|i'- ot til. tl"-' i.oj.a; ir I'. • 
>.|i» of tbe .lav. • a s tbf iitilily ." it .s t,niiii<--il'-' 
i able.a .•!•• .1 favlnxis omI' J'i 'jtii.i: »ii'I . .« 'Wrt,. .11.: 
! a'lb I' s.iii'l i-rtli I- »5>.ile I., ixik nnal« Im a fie.t :ii» 

■ I'tr^-ii*. '• ii'Cb Is'r 'I'lie on iht 
.; arid, li.arry Ibt i»:c! ?-/loii )». *•-.*»■ 
I c « ♦ |'..r f.iiui?y III', 'ii'i^p la', t.-lil. i-arrs. '. ].;'•• t 
: fl.<h.hi.', nnr-i-ry or -I. k ro.-ii , !t i.. siM.-l. .if ro,iit..T" : » 

y I ad i.r.'portim, '.; iiM i.-t • * H-iU't IhjilS J'-- ■ 

• « • I 'i.sve in-.l tee spi.ara--„. .sii.l n y "if- .I'"! I 

■ pr..ciaiii' . b'- . ini.- a m-'St v.. V.bir in 1 I'lil p. n s'j't ." ■ - 
II'-I . tml ii'W Won. • liow «. ciM iit-e lui t I'l '.o: le 

'will,, u' it. «■ • • EiJ. i'<vl Oii Ctn^lur. 
i * * ♦ Ar •■.•'ssiHe b-r k-f'tii r ' i> ■•'- «t 
- C ii-.i-t o'.ii' >■ ^01 iiiii— -rj atol e-ii. r.«l h-Hs- b.-bl pmi- . 
' f,. * ♦ *■ '..ll lm|.-.u.ii I I id. 1 l» li' sa-iiai: .us 
I wr.u.lrlr-s. * • • — -V. V. t'rfTiiff t>»l. 

i'itirE>: Fuo.M I wo rosixiK)i.i,Ar.-^ 

CA)'\f nv ritf'M »'.m: t^ fiiu v'a'^^'''''. 

77.r« ArtitUs ry>->l nt tit oft liVir with Hi> . 
Arrnniee'l lor Ker"--. «■• or < o ,| iilt, orlias. 
tl< 1- paui(il'lrt of tbl.t. p p-» :u;ii!»l.».; i:r»-!s. Also 

r li K F N I O N A I I A (• II M E N I 

I rice Silretits. 

To b.- attarlked to a c-'mniou Kir»ene I^mp.arGaa 
Hull. rr, by wlileh water may t>t b'.llet. a:!! 
food c'wike.h alto air.i:ived tu si:).^ort a ahaae. 


Ki. D. UUtSSELL, Agen*. 

No. 3j« Pearl St , Ne>» York . 
^f%,ACENTS WANTF.T). vJi.lVBi 



A Patent Horse to r.irry bis msftr-r, 
Ni t'ls no spur t» make idai co f.sirr; 
ituns along cheerllv as si.ton ar yuu .tri'le hltn, 
Kesdy to go wherever yoa Kub.c hin.. 

?S Park Row, 


Manhood : how Lost, how Restored 

JUS'^ published, a uew editieo of De. CUL- 
VKRWiiLL'.*; Celebrated Kssav on the radical cute 
(without meiflclne) of SptTTHatorrhora, or semlnalweak- 
ne»», involuntary semlual losses, tnipotency. nn-iital an'l 
physlcatlucaparlty.lmpedliuentsto marriuge, ete„aiso. 
Consumption, Kpllepsr.and Fits. Induced by selMnflul- 
gence or sexual extravsKance. 

a^Price. In aaealedenvelope,ontr6renta, 

Tbe celebrated autbor In thIsadmlraWe esraycleariy 
demonatrates.frofD a thlrtv years Kncdessfnl practice, 
that the alarinlaK couseqiieuces of self-abuse may be 
radically cured without the dangerous n*e of Internal 
loediclue or tbe appliances of the knife— pointlnc out 11 
made, at once shnple, ceruin and efleiHual, bv meaas of 
which every kufferer. no matter what his con'lltion may 
by.may cnrebfmaelf ebaapJy.prlvateU and radically. 

f^lhlslecture should be tu tbe bands of every yontb 
aad every man In tbe land. . .^ 

Sent under seat. In a plain envelope to any addreaa, 
post paid, on recelptef six cents or tw« puat-ataiops.— 
AtWrea. tfce PnblUbcrs^^^^ ^ ^ ^^^^^.^ ^ ^ 

My] 157 »«wery,K?w York, P«tOffi:e Box iat% 

These horses run rapidly o^er acy f'"' read.sllt «»a;v 
or park Krounda. with a Krac-tul. rantering inotioi. j,: r 
jM-lird viciititi/ hythtwtiyht ■ftlit rirfcr, allt-Tiatlnr tri'«» 
tha Baildlelo the the act -'! r^alng to the Hiolti « 
•f Ihe borse. and wiili al-owt Hie sjni ■ amoiiiit ot exer- 
setae te the rider aaln rbi!i.?.ia»e I. .rs-. Tbey nae be 
Uarteil i,V)p»fd shtrt.or controned i- Rolng .lownhill, 
roy 111" riiler Tbey will run up a niedtrnle atcet.t,lt th.- 
A«id is bard and anil. They are dire- ted by thf brio 
nd tbe noitlonsare bientlcaLIt tnu g"nd mode tflraivit^ 
fur rauef'rn'Hiiti. Tbry are ui,< quallt d ns a u<f»\.t for 
aarct-able and healthful out-sloor exertlte. all iheyea; 
round for adntts as well as b.r ciiir and boys cf iwc 
rears old and upward. Clrls ride by using tl.e tlde-Md 
die born— ihoae tinder ten years old utaalty tide astride . 
Thesixefor boysls strong enoiiKh tu carry a man ot X 
pounds weight. f>n the sidewatk or levi:l road, a Ilrht 
carrlape with child in It can be attached and drawn. Any 
pttraon having but one let: can ride perfectly wcM. 

Kor pries, Inquire a" tbe officeofthls paper.itr send 
ataujuor circulars and price list. 

aXEPlIEN W. S>iITlI,<t(5 Broad wsy,New-'\ork 

Notice Under the Poor 


■^^ aader tba exUtiog Poor Laws, must appiv to a 
County Comntsstoner in tbe District where such appli- 
cants reside, or to tbe Ceunty Board when in sesaloo. 
By order of the Board, _ , 

»7 uruer 01 »u« wv I,. R HAWKINS Cbalros* 

Maya3,ieiM. T»Bl»Rf